Doctor for Fukushima workers: When going into danger areas they don’t use radiation meters — It’s hiding amount of exposure — “Real radiation count is much higher, that’s a fact” (VIDEO)

Published: August 19th, 2011 at 3:55 pm ET


Fukushima Safety Fears , Channel 4 News (UK), August 18, 2011:

Transcript Summary

At 3:30 in

Host: Doctor running clinic where plant workers can get medical care says many employees hide amount of radiation they’ve been exposed to by ditching personal monitors… the reason? If they exceed the limit there is no more work.

Doctor: … When they go into dangerous areas they leave radiation meters behind, the real radiation count is much higher, that’s a fact.


Published: August 19th, 2011 at 3:55 pm ET


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22 comments to Doctor for Fukushima workers: When going into danger areas they don’t use radiation meters — It’s hiding amount of exposure — “Real radiation count is much higher, that’s a fact” (VIDEO)

  • Edward Edward

    This is absurd. Knowingly damaging your health for money. If we knew the truth about what is going on at this nuclear nightmare we would be shocked I’m sure.

  • nohobear nohobear

    If true, this is very sad. I don’t know, I somehow expected the Japanese, given their history with Hirsohima and Nagasaki, would be better informed of the dangers of radiation, and not take chances like this. I suppose it makes sense if some of these workers are less educated, less well off, and are eager to capitalize on making as much money as possible, which Tepco will gladly throw at them,in the attempt to keep the disaster under the illusion of control.

    But that money won’t mean a damn thing to them or their families when they lay dying in a hospital bed asking for more morphine. Very tragic.

  • StillJill StillJill

    BEGGING for more morphine–yes, you are correct.

  • markww markww

    stupid in stupid out

  • shaktasna999

    It seems insane but think of it this way:

    You are a parent. You have kids. ALL of you are dying.

    Do you stay at home with the very little money you have(because the damn government hasn’t offered full support yet) and let you and your family starve?

    Or do you say:

    Screw it. I’m going to die so whatever time I have left I will make money for my family.

    What would you do if this was your family? Remember that these people cannot just catch a flight out.

  • StillJill StillJill

    There is ALWAYS another way,…anyone from Japan,….who can get to a computer,..could blog that they want out of Japan. I know our own xdrfox offered a small place for a Japanese family-2-3 people,…no takers to my knowledge.
    Are we to conclude that no Japanese person read that? They do not want to leave. I don’t know WHY,…but I judge by people’s ACTIONS. Inertia has set in like concrete boots!

  • shaktasna999

    I can appreciate your frustration but would you really pack up yourself and your kids and leave your elder mother and father to die there? Or your aunts and uncles? Or your best friend that cannot go?

    I swear I am not trying to be confrontational.
    So go here, book a flight for two adults and two kids to America. Make it for October.

    Then ask yourself how much money they have to do such a thing. This is without shipping a single thing.

    Do you think the average Japanese citizen has this kind of money saved? Especially after five months of no work?

    Then the family would have to be given medical care here. Are you going to pay for it?

    Is it the government?

    How long will you keep them?

    Will you bury them with honor? Will you cremate them and send them home?

    How long will you commit to a family with cancer?

    Now make that amount 12 million as that is how many people are in Tokyo alone.

    Again I am not trying to be a downer I am just trying to see their perspectives.

    • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

      I SO much agree with your post, shaktasna999…I really don’t think we have any idea what it’s like being there, in their situation. It’s easy to think of them as weak or subservient, but it must be really difficult when they are getting no help or support from their government. The responsibility for all of the cost of evacuating is all on them then, and where will they go and be able to make a living, support their families, etc.? It’s not so easy to be a refugee, I’m sure.

      I also feel like we slam the Japanese government as if they are any different from most other governments, in down playing the risks, lack of information, etc. We already see this happening in the US, and it didn’t even happen here. Would our government respond to an accident like this any differently? I doubt it…

    • mungo mungo

      over 32 million in tokyo alone

  • shaktasna999

    Westcoastgirl I didn’t come to those thoughts easily. I came to them after a relative there asked me what was so great about America that she’d want to leave home.

    I couldn’t answer her. We’re racist, we cannot manage our own economy, we don’t take care of our homeless, a lot of things.

    Then there was getting visas approved to be here and the learning of English.

    I had to think to myself as a Californian-what if I started getting sick?

    Would Canada take me? South America? Europe? For how long?

    Now having said all of that-I am still going to take her and her family if they want to come. Hell I’ll take anyone she wants to bring and work it out when she gets here-but I understand what she’s saying and I have to be respectful without becoming the “Super American” that looks down on the unfortunate Japanese and is coming to “save them”.

    I wouldn’t dishonor them with that type of thinking. But, like her, I’d for damn sure want everyone to know what happened such that preventative measures could be taken.

  • Cheech68

    High everyone,
    I was just wondering after these 5 months of nightmare in Japan ,how we all would react ,we the people of the North Hemisphere first ,if they tell us all,one day ,that we ‘ll better leave our lovely homes because of the radioactivity coming from Fukushima and than even if we decided to leave ,next question : to go where ???
    Because ,in my opinion ,as soon as the North-Hemisphere will be too much contaminated to stay here,how much time,do we believe, will it take to contaminate the South Hemisphere ???
    So ,perhaps ,if we could try to imagine ,how it may be,sooner or later,here for us too,to leave everything,perhaps could we certainly and easier understand how this decision to leave is for the majoraty of the Japan people : just unimaginable and logicaly for 100.000.000 people just not realisable,even if the situation gets worser and worser. .
    Never forget that Japan before this nightmare ,was in Technology the 3rd most evoluated country and now they should better take their bags and leave the whole country …???
    If anybody has here the answer how to make a whole country understand that it’s better to leave everything and now… ???
    …without knowing if the problem,on the otherside of the planet ,is much better and for how long … ???
    So ,no-one should believe that they are completely irresponsable or even stupid to stay there ,they just don’t know what to do anymore ,they are like us and every-one on this earth ,just overtaken by all what had happened to Japan and so to the rest of the world too !!! All this in just 5 months !!!
    Tschernobyl was not only an accident,Tschernobyl should have been THE Lesson for all country to stop not only the extansion of nuclear weapons but ALSO to begin immediately without anymore waiting the deconstruction and the decontamination of all nuclear reactors and praying that nothing happens …!!!
    Instead of that …

    • Steven Steven

      Well said Cheech.

    • Anthony Anthony

      The only chance humans will have to survive will be to return the substance back to from where it came. It must go back underground where it belongs. It is the only environment where we can live healthily with it in our mix.

  • shaktasna999

    There are a couple other options. (In regard to returning things from whence they came) one is the aid of nanoparticulates to speed up the immersion of the substances which can isolate the heavier elements while using laser technology to carve a physical space in the seafloor for transfer/storage of larger contaminants.

    It could be done-but every government would have to fund it-at once. Then they’d have to move very, very quickly to do it.

    The plate movements are speeding up…

  • Cheech68

    Yes,there are many other options ,why not put us all on orbit for the next 250.000 years ,till things get better …
    Why not through all that radioactive rubbish through the universe and at the same time send the others civilisations a message in a bootle…

  • Cheech68

    More seriously ,what I believe is ,that the problem is already not how to battle against the contaminations of Fukushima anymore,that battle is already lost ( at least for the moment and I really don’t know how they could turn the situation )but rather how everybody will have to live with it in us and so ,how everybody will differantly react on it and that during the next few months and perhaps few years for the most “luckiest” of us.
    I hope to be wrong but as the things look like …

  • Cheech68

    Risabee :
    In my opinion,definitely not the right place for fishing,anymore !

  • Cheech68

    No sorry Risabee,you are so right ,what a degree of contaminations !!!

  • Anthony Anthony

    Reduce risk of radiation poisoning

    Published: Thursday, August 18, 2011; Last Updated: Thu. Aug 18, 2011, 10:16am

    ***The Japan nuclear disaster is the worst catastrophe in the history of mankind, but little is discussed about documented radioactive impacts to U.S. air, water, and food. A U.S. nuclear engineer calculated that Fukushima meltdowns could release as much as 20 times more radiation than Chernobyl. Still, EPA limited meaningful testing and the media pays little attention. Most states aren’t testing. Others attempt to minimize risk.

    Radiation leaked unabated since March 12, 2011. Radiation continues to spew into the air and ocean from Fukushima with no end in sight. A Japanese nuclear engineer admitted meltdown began hours after the disaster started and the situation hasn’t been contained. Three Fukushima nuclear reactors melted down and could emit radiation uncontrolled for another year or longer. ***