Doctor “removed 6 thyroids in recent months” from USS Reagan crew exposed to Fukushima fallout — “Over 500 sailors ill after mission in Japan” — Officer: “There’s sick soldiers everywhere, many in hospitals in San Diego or Hawaii… I don’t know what’s going on” — Veteran in wheelchair thrown out by physician, “You’re faking, you need to leave” (VIDEO)

Published: February 12th, 2015 at 9:28 am ET


Excerpts from Spiegel Online article by Alexander Osang, Feb. 5, 2015 (emphasis added):

  • Master Chief Petty Officer Leticia Morales, aboard USS Ronald Reagan during Operation Tomodachi: Three-and-a-half years [after Operation Tomodachi, she’s] trying to remember the name of the doctor who removed her thyroid gland 10 months ago… In the last year-and-a-half, she has seen oncologists, radiologists, cardiologists, blood specialists, kidney specialists, gastrointestinal specialists, lymph node experts and metabolic specialists… It was the endocrinologist who asked her if she had been on the Ronald Reagan. During Tomodachi? Yes, Morales told her. Why? The doctor answered that he had removed six thyroid glands in recent months from sailors who had been on that ship… [In Feb. 2014, doctors] found a malignant growth in her thyroid gland. Morales… found that many of the symptoms she had been suffering matched up with those experienced by people exposed to radiation. “Some of the doctors I visited confirmed as much,” she says.
  • Navy lieutenant Steve Simmons (Ret.), aboard USS Ronald Reagan during Operation Tomodachi: [Simmons] was in a military hospital in Washington DC together with three other men who had similar symptoms, he says. They had served on nuclear-powered submarines, but they disappeared from one day to the next, and when he asked what happened to them, everyone acted as though they had never been there… “They’re leaving us alone. They’re closing their eyes, keeping quiet and waiting for it to blow over. There are sick soldiers everywhere, many in the hospital in San Diego, or in the medical center in Hawaii.”
  • Paul Garner, attorney for US military personnel exposed to Fukushima fallout: [They] contacted over 500 sailors who had become ill after the mission in Japan. Two-hundred-fifty of them answered and their stories form the backbone of the case… a variety of different forms of cancer, internal bleeding, abscesses, tumors, removed thyroid glands, gall bladders extractions and birth defects.

Interview with Lt. Simmons (at 11:15 in): “There are individuals out there who are in very similar situations to myself… progressive muscle weakness that starts in their legs and starts to ascend. There are individuals out there who have developed different forms of cancer, leukemia, children of service members born with birth defects because of their service over there… A lot of these other individuals who are suffering [didn’t] get a medical retirement… All too often, we’ve — each and every one of us — have run into doctors at some point who try to play it off that there’s nothing physically wrong us, and it’s all psychological. I went through it — a friend of mine is going through right now. A friend of mine has even been escorted out of a clinic by security because they told him he was faking… That is actually a military facility… His situation is very similar to mine… he had a doctor who recommended that it’s time for him to move to a wheelchair… When he went to get fitted for a chair, there was another physician [who] made it a point to say, “You don’t need a chair, and you’re faking, and you need to leave.” And then called security and had him escorted out of there. I don’t know what’s going on… My friend has had other doctors who told him that they’ve made a conscious decision not to align themselves with the doctors who are trying to convince everybody that it’s all psychological. I’m smart enough to read between those lines, and everybody else is smart enough to read between the lines — that there has been something said at some point by somebody that either A) We need to just make this go away; or B) We need to keep this out of the press.”

Watch interview with Simmons here

Published: February 12th, 2015 at 9:28 am ET


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438 comments to Doctor “removed 6 thyroids in recent months” from USS Reagan crew exposed to Fukushima fallout — “Over 500 sailors ill after mission in Japan” — Officer: “There’s sick soldiers everywhere, many in hospitals in San Diego or Hawaii… I don’t know what’s going on” — Veteran in wheelchair thrown out by physician, “You’re faking, you need to leave” (VIDEO)

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Well, surely few knew what man's creativity would/could bring onto this sleeping world..

    The song is a very old song and the current stage play is still very ancient.. 🙁

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Sure they can, and yes, creativity does come in many/other forms.

    We should have controlled our creativity and our ability to create.. better.. 🙁

  • rogerthat

    Things to know about the federal government's nuke dump
    Feb. 13, 2015

  • rogerthat

    Panel: Radioactive fracking waste-dumping is safe
    By Keith Matheny, Detroit Free Press February 14, 2015

    …"Southeast Michigan is the new ground zero for radioactive frack waste now that the state panel is done with its secret meetings," said LuAnne Kozma, a campaign director with the nonprofit Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan…

    … "I'm shocked and appalled," said Justin Juriga, a Van Buren Township resident who lives less than a mile from the landfill.

    "There are higher forces at work here, political higher forces."…

    … Wayne Disposal takes materials at higher radiological levels after an adjacent USEcology facility, Michigan Disposal, mixes them with inert substances to reduce radioactivity to an acceptably low level for the landfill…

    – next up: ''diluted'', ''spent'' fuel rods, ha ha ha

  • Sickputer

    "So these sailors literally were marinating in radioactive particles," said Attorney Charles Bonner. He represents more than 200 sailors and Marines in a class action lawsuit against TEPCO, claiming radiation from Fukushima has caused devastating health effects, including cancers, tumors, brain defects, even death, and a whole host of other difficult-to-diagnose complaints."

    SP: It's a classic David versus Goliath lawsuit much like the famous Hinkley lawsuit against Pacific Gas & Electric for chromium-6 contamination of their well water.

    See an update of Hinkley from 18 months ago:

    However, unlike the Hinkley case, the USS Reagan sailors have a harder case to win. There is no doubt Fukushima Daiichi blew 4 reactors and is still leaking badly. Still totally out of human control by many observers.

    But the litigants from the US Navy don't remain living over a contaminated well like the Hinkley victims. The proof of their poisoning is going to be subject to the keepers of the data and that is the American government. The ship itself was ripped apart at Bremerton during a 14-month retrofit after 2011. There is no defense money to hire specialists to check the other ships that accompanied the Reagan and the US Navy would likely never allow defense team inspectors even if there was defense money.

    Virtually impossible to beat the nucleoapes in the courts.

    • bo bo

      I wonder if the sailors can get this Japanese guy to represent them..

      ( Repost on super anti nuclear lawyer, Hiroyuki Kawai )

      Documentary film 'Japan & Nuclear Power' ( 'Nihon to Genpatsu') by Hiroyuki Kawai

      I translated some of the description from what is said by this Japanese reviewer

      At this point (after so many anti-nuclear films having been made post-3/11) when a director attempts to create an anti-nuclear documentary they might try to stand out by 'approaching from a unique viewpoint' or 'a unique style'.

      However Kawai has ZERO interest, or need, to stand out through artistic expression since he is not a film director & he is not interested in becoming successful as one. He also has zero monetary need. He comes from the dark side, as a wildly successful lawyer who represented big zaibatsu corporations in their messy litigations after the bubble collapse – & through which he had amassed personal wealth. He just had a change of heart after 3/11. (after 3/11 → assumption by bo). Because of this history, he is also in a unique insider's knowledge into the networks and operations of huge corporations like TEPCO.

      • bo bo

        He is sueing not just current but EVERY SINGLE LIVING PAST TEPCO CEOs 5 trillion 5,045 billion (←'probably the highest amount the world'.. says the article I'm taking this info from, but not clear if it means highest amount ever sued ever, or highest anybody sued TEPCO. Also not clear if that amount is total, or each. I hope each. )

        Kawai's ONLY aim for making this film was this: to create a film that debunks every single claim about nuclear power made by 'suishinha' (pro nuclear proponents) including scientists, engineers, doctors, politicians, journalists etc. – & unravels lifetime of brainwashing, in just 2 hours of viewing.

        He pulverizes them.

        He doesn't beat around the bush, he names every 'suishinha' by name, & doesn't hide names of companies – he is able to – he has no sponsors for this film. Along the way many professional movie makers & directors had offered him help in making this film, but he knew if he had any sponsors he would not be able to do that, and for this reason he made sure as hell he declined every offer for help & he paid out of his pocket for EVERYTHING. 'You have no idea how far reaching the tentacles of the nuclear village is.' he said.

        • bo bo

          I guess a Japanese lawyer can't work for Americans.. but perhaps Fukushima victims and sailors can work together and unite ? Is that a dumb idea?

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

            How can he win any lawsuits in Japan when people go to jail for speaking the truth? It would have helped if he had won many lawsuits before the US trial. The lawyers themselves and the court decide who the lawyers will be. And lawyers only have jurisdiction in certain localities. A lawyer has to pass the California bar exam in order to practice law in California.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Pretty nice scam that "rule of law" turns out to be.. 🙂

            • bo bo

              I know the idea to bring a Japanese lawyer to help an American lawsuit is kind of dumb sounding – But I think the guy can brainstorm ideas to the lawyers & activists here. Kawai is creative with his attack and full of ideas, as well as inside scoop on the workings of Japanese corporate culture.

              Here's an example of the city of Hakodate vs. J-power ( Oma ) of his many lawsuits, which focus on proving restarts of the nuclear power plants in Japan as being totally illegal.

              'Lawyer files rare suit seeking halt to nuclear plant construction'

              In a first by a municipality, the city government of Hakodate, Hokkaido, filed a lawsuit April 3 against the central government and the Electric Power Development Co. (J-Power) to halt construction of the Oma nuclear power plant in nearby Aomori Prefecture.

              Hiroyuki Kawai, a lead lawyer for the defense team, said, “The importance of a lawsuit filed by the mayor after being approved by the city assembly will be understood by the judges.”

              It is the first lawsuit to be filed in which a local government is the plaintiff seeking an injunction against a nuclear plant.

              “We want to make the appeal that it is unreasonable to impose such a risk on the city without allowing us the right to say that we approve or disapprove of construction,"

    • bo bo

      This thread went all over the place and I'm pretty sure somebody posted this but I was just reading this article

      Documents Say Navy Knew Fukushima Dangerously Contaminated the USS Reagan

      • bo bo

        Quote from article:

        Cunningham writes that transcribed conversations obtained through the Freedom of Information Act feature naval officials who acknowledge that even while 100 miles away from Fukushima, the Reagan’s readings “compared to just normal background [are] about 30 times what you would detect just on a normal air sample out to sea.”

        The the FOIA transcript is in this article ( I haven't read it yet myself, just posting for people if they want to dig ) →

        • bo bo

          More quote from article:

          Serious fallout was also apparently found on helicopters coming back from relief missions. One unnamed U.S. government expert is quoted in the Japan Focus article as saying: At 100 meters away it (the helicopter) was reading 4 sieverts per hour. That is an astronomical number and it told me, what that number means to me, a trained person, is there is no water on the reactor cores and they are just melting down, there is nothing containing the release of radioactivity. It is an unmitigated, unshielded number. (Confidential communication, Sept. 17, 2012).

          The transcript then contains discussion of health impacts that could come within a matter of “10 hours. It’s a thyroid issue.”

  • rogerthat

    US Confirmed Existence of Israeli H-Bomb Program in 1987
    Report Raises Questions over US Refusal to Enforce Own Foreign Aid Laws

    by Grant Smith, February 14, 2015

    … Informal and Freedom of Information Act release of such information is rare. Under two known gag orders – punishable by imprisonment – US security-cleared government agency employees and contractors may not disclose that Israel has a nuclear weapons program. GEN-16 is a "no-comment" regulation on "classified information in the public domain." "DOE Classification Bulletin WPN-136 on Foreign Nuclear Capabilities" forbids stating what 63.9 percent of Americans already know – that Israel has a nuclear arsenal.

    The 1987 report’s confirmation of Israel’s advanced nuclear weapons program should have immediately triggered a cutoff in all U.S. aid to Israel under the Symington and Glenn Amendments to the US Foreign Assistance Act of 1961. Although 100 copies of the tightly-controlled report were apparently published, none seem to have made their way into the office of the President in time to cut off any of the $82 billion in aid subsequently delivered to Israel …

  • rogerthat

    EDITORIAL: Bring more parties aboard in reactor restart process
    February 14, 2015

  • rogerthat

    Untested chemicals are everywhere, thanks to a 39-year-old US law. Will the Senate finally act?
    Many chemicals that are restricted or banned in Europe remain in use – and in some cases, untested – in the US, thanks to federal regulations that haven’t been updated since 1976. A new bill to overhaul the law is expected this spring

    While the Keystone XL pipeline and power plant carbon regulations are grabbing headlines, another environmental battle is brewing in the month-old 114th US Congress over the future of the Toxic Substances Control Act.

    The federal law, also known as TSCA, regulates chemicals that Americans encounter daily in electronics, furniture, clothing, toys, building materials, cleaning and personal care products, and much more. It was enacted in 1976, and – in spite of the introduction of thousands of new chemicals, as well as enormous progress in the understanding of chemicals’ environmental and health impacts – hasn’t been updated since then.

    While the law has helped reduce use of some of the most hazardous chemicals – polychlorinated biphenyls and lead, for example – it also has made it extremely difficult to take many other potentially dangerous chemicals off the market.

    Unlike the current system in Europe, the 60,000-plus chemicals in production when the US’s TSCA took effect 39 years ago continued to be used without any safety reviews…

    • rogerthat

      Most are still in use today, although some have since filed toxicity data.

      The US allows the use of many chemicals that are banned elsewhere, and its primary chemicals law has failed to keep up with thousands of chemicals currently in use, including the approximately 2,000 new chemicals introduced each year.

      The vast majority of the 80,000 chemicals that it regulates have not been thoroughly tested for health and environmental hazards. Only 25% of the chemicals in consumer products have been fully screened for health effects, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, which administers the law.

      “This is a problem,” says Environmental Defense Fund senior scientist Richard Denison…

  • Important one here folks….original work by stock.

    The new "game plan" of nuke is to saddle ratepayers with extra cost while threatening to "leave them in the dark".

    Ginna, should just be shut down. They were convicted of Fraud and Rate Fixing in 2012, now they are bitching about not making a profit.
    Ginna Nuclear Plant was Convicted in 2012 for Fraud and Price Fixing

    They were fined $245M

    Now they say that they have lost hundreds of millions over the last few years. And they want to stick it to the rate payers. They want to keep this 45 year old plant open for 4 more years, charging rate payers up to $17,500,000 more per MONTH!

    This is covers their fines for Fraud, and make up for lost profits. Disgusting these pigs.

    Fraud Info

    The latest calculations from the de-liar, the Nukepro, shows that their written submission could see them charging customers up to $43.75 extra per month, and keep in mind, these people have been convicted of fraud and rate rixing. So why would they not charge near maximum amount?

    Ginna states in the article linked here near the bottom, that the cost will be $3.89 per

    • customer per month. But it could be $43.75, only 1125% more than their minimizations.

      Whole story, links, spreadsheet is here

      • AirSepTech AirSepTech

        They need to turn off their meters about 8hrs a day.

        Play hardball and quit fooling around.

        Let them charge $1000 a month service fee+kwh, so what, leave it off.

        A customer controlled, organized rotation, blackout on the SUPPLIER.

        See how that works, it's going there sooner or later anyway.

        People need to quit acting like beat dogs, stand the F up, and kick these morons in the balls, their moneyballs.

        • Ya we like some rage, we should be angry, but channel it into effective action

        • Shaker1

          "A customer controlled, organized rotation, blackout on the SUPPLIER."

          Non-cooperation is an unappreciated form of the societal power. It's the only real power collective society has and it's proven to do great things. In the case of electricity suppliers, a small contribution of changing personal routines could go a long way to reversing the current silliness and irresponsibility of the collective in not retaining control of such an important component of what is also the collective. We've allowed more damage in the last 35 years in allowing ourselves to assume the really disgusting political philosophies that on the surface with actual consideration are nonsense for the whole. Promise a few more bucks and a little comfort, some entertaining violence in the form of attempting to dominate all others (another sadly sick philosophy, but an old one) and man, the masses are yours.

          Why allow things to be so bad that your worst fears either way are inevitable? May as well take the high road to get to the same result. Most think the 'high road' is paved with money.

        • 53rockwell 53rockwell

          I like the way this guys thinks 🙂
          Kick em in the balls 🙂

  • AirSepTech AirSepTech

    Or we can wait, wring our hands, and see what is like to be 3rd world.
    "In the meantime, some residents are better prepared than others to deal with the blackouts. Most wealthy Dominicans have backup generators to provide electricity when the lights go out, transforming Santo Domingo into a crazy-quilt upon nightfall with leafier districts brightly lit up while most of the city smolders in the dark.

    Then there are those who illicitly connect their homes or businesses to the grid to siphon off what current might be derived from the ailing system, transforming the rooftops of some neighborhoods into a labyrinth of wires. Jesus Nivar, a 40-year-old mechanic in a working-class neighborhood near the Luis Eduardo Aybar Hospital, justified this approach.

    ''It's not robbery when the desired object is hardly even there,'' Mr. Nivar said over the blare of Spanish-language rap music from a radio powered by an illegal electric connection at his garage."

    Place is still a madhouse. Unless you have your OWN power.

  • I am writing to oppose a consumer subsidy for the Ginna nuclear power reactor, owned by Exelon.

    I urge the Public Service Commission to honor its mission to ensure “safe, reliable service at just, reasonable rates” by delaying a decision on the contract currently being negotiated between Exelon and Rochester Gas and Electric, which would force Rochester-area ratepayers to bail out the Ginna nuclear reactor.

    Now they say that they have lost hundreds of millions over the last few years. And they want to stick it to the rate payers. They want to keep this 45 year old plant open for 4 more years, charging rate payers up to $17,500,000 more per MONTH!

    This is covers their fines for Fraud, and make up for lost profits.

    The latest calculations from the de-liar, the Nukepro, shows that their written submission could see them charging customers up to $43.75 extra per month, and keep in mind, these people have been convicted of fraud and rate rixing. So why would they not charge near maximum amount?

    Ginna states in the article linked here near the bottom, that the cost will be $3.89 per customer per month! But it could be $43.75, only 1125% more than their minimizations.

  • Sickputer

    When you have nucleoape foxes guarding the nuclear henhouses what do you expect?

    We (the general public) have zero say in what the government decides will be the publicized causality of the numerous species extinctions. Even the human species.

    A good example of the latter is the American Department of Defense decision to Operation Tomodachi Registry (OTR):

    "The OTR includes nearly 75,000 DOD-affiliated individuals who were on or near the mainland of Japan during the period from March 12, 2011 to May 11, 2011, along with their corresponding whole-body and thyroid radiation doses.

    SP: Good idea in theory, but when they whitewash the entire registry it becomes a mockery for the sick soldiers:

    "After extensive environmental monitoring and analysis, it has been determined that none of the nearly 70,000 members of the DoD-affiliated population (service members, DoD civilian employees and contractors, and family members of service members and civilian employees) who were on or near the mainland of Japan between March 12 and May 11, 2011, are known to have been exposed to radiation at levels associated with adverse medical conditions."

    SP: The DoD says ZERO excessive radiation effects on 70,000 soldiers. Soldiers exposed to the world's worst radiation event in history. And still out of control.

  • I recommend 2 books,

    Never be lied to Again by Lieberman


    Liespotting by Meyer

    Many techniques are most useful in person, but many work just fine in a phone conversation or email or blog setting also.

    and a third book

    7 Habit of Highly Effective Troll Spotters by stock out

  • Dogleg Dogleg

    Administration: Wanted to share this post on Facebook, but could not find it on your page. Did it get posted there?

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