Document shows high-profile nuclear experts under Japan gov’t surveillance

Published: December 28th, 2011 at 8:21 pm ET


List of people and organizations under the surveillance, Fukushima Diary, December 28, 2011:

This is the list of the people and organizations under the surveillance of Japanese government from 2008 to 2010. […]

Overview of the list. […]

  • 原子力資料情報室 = Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center […]
  • 広瀬隆 = Hirose Takashi a science writer […]
  • 小出裕章 = Koide Hiroaki, an assistant prof. of Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute […]


SOURCE: My News Japan (Babelfish Translation)

Babelfish Translation: Government watched as for “counter nuclear” intellectual citizen group ranking 1 rank each person of the atomic energy data information room and Nishio, Yabe, accompanying and Hirose, My News Japan, Dec. 28, 2011:

It is the electric charges which we supply that government watches “counter nuclear” reporting of the media in the fund, in order that the actual condition of “conformity type information offer business” is known, when Freedom of Information Act claims, past in 3 years, it understood that truly speech and behavior of 77 human thing intellectuals and the group which is climbed in 67 is dealt with supervisory. Totals the frequency of supervision of the intellectual and the group and ranking it does those which the right description. Most being watched most frequently, also atomic energy data information room with the Yabe Takao city discussion which is the Nishio vague/wide person and the Kashiwazaki Kariwa nuclear opposite joint representation which serve the same body chart, together as an individual 5 times. The atomic energy data information room was 12 times and the top as an organization. Also Takashi accompanying English happiness person and Hirose went higher rank. […]

Google Translation

Government media containing atoms of our electricity costs, “anti-nuclear” that monitors the media business “type information readiness” was public information request 知Rubeku the reality of the past three years, also 77 observers really had been found that the behavior of organizations to monitor and up to 67. Experts, was ranked the right to monitor the number of aggregate groups. Were the most frequently monitored, as an individual and his community of Baku Nishio serve tables Nuclear Information Center, at City Council Yabe, T. Kashiwazaki Kariwa nuclear power plant is co-leader of the opposition, both 5. 12 times and topped the Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center as an organization. With Mr. H., Mr. Takashi Hirose entered above. […]

Download the .pdf document here

Published: December 28th, 2011 at 8:21 pm ET


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42 comments to Document shows high-profile nuclear experts under Japan gov’t surveillance

  • Kevin Kevin

    These translations are frustrating.

    However, no doubt anti nuclear advocates are surveiled.

    • Enenews Admin

      The first source is not a translation. The translations of source link were included as a supplement and to provide documentation for the Fukushima Diary report.

  • brilli

    The PDF contains no info about the people they are following, and looks like a super old document from at least last year…

    • Enenews Admin

      Did you read the post?

      “Super old”

      The first sentence makes clear the document concerns “2008 to 2010”

      原子力資料情報室 = Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center
      広瀬隆 = Hirose Takashi
      小出裕章 = Koide Hiroaki

  • arclight arclight

    HOT DANG!!! remind me never to go up against the nuclear industry……. oops!

    • arclight arclight

      dear nuke industry, i would rather be paid off than hit over the head! so to speak.. just for the record like!! 🙁 youll find me most agreeable…. oh and i love the japanese secret service too! love what youve done with the place!! ……..
      love arc!! 🙂

  • arclight arclight

    this little link from fukushima diary is worth a view.. so im posting it where it can be got at

    and its appropriate to point out that cnic havent released any press statements or news from about mid may!!!! ??

    right post for this then

    my respects to these heroes unsung!!
    oh and actually, i didnt like what you did with the place jss!!
    just saying!!

  • arclight arclight

    mind you green action japan have the same struggles too! everytime i go on the fukushima update page it freezes the browser! dont know why i bother sometimes.. but then patience is a vertue they say

    things the jss didnt want you to know!!

    Radiation contamination found in dust from vacuum cleaners and children’s urine
    December 27, 2011
    Association pour le Controle de la Radioactivite dans l’Ouest (ACRO)
    Press Release
    December 15, 2001

    All the dust from vacuum cleaners are contaminated
    ACRO has analysed dust of vacuum cleaners from 13 dwellings. Excepted Osaka, chosen as a reference because it is located 600 km from the plant, all dust samples are contaminated with cesium 137 and 134 following the catastrophe of Fukushima.

    The evacuation criteria set by the Japanese government are solely based on soil contamination on the outside and implicitly assume that once at home, residents of contaminated areas no longer run any risk. Our study shows that it is not the case. It seems important to make systematic measurements in homes and to consider these risks in managing the disaster.

    Urines of the children are still contaminated
    ACRO has also continued to analyse the urine of children at the request of Japanese citizens. Even if there is not 100% of the urine contaminated in Fukushima prefecture, which is good news, many children continue to be contaminated at levels that do not decrease from the levels we measured in May.

    Some of these children live in homes where we controlled the dust from the vacuum cleaner. But it does not seem to be any clear correlation between the contamination of dust and urine. This leads us to point the finger to the food as the main contributor to the internal contamination.

    • arclight arclight

      link to acros report

      6000 bequerels !! blimey!!

    • gr81 gr81

      All vacuum cleaners are not created the same.

      Some bypass and or stir up about as much dust as they trap, thus creating even MORE airborne hazards.

      Variables are:

      Suction pressure/attachments: variations in the available suction of the unit itself and/or from the business end of the chosen attachments

      Efficiency of filtration media: Actual rated efficiency varies by manufacturer and means of mounting with seals.

      Leakage from pressurized portion of vacuum cleaner: how precisely the vacuum cleaner is manufactured and assembled and/or abused in use will affect the volume and location of leakage.

      Direction and velocity of the filtered exhaust: the vacuum cleaner’s exhaust may be perfectly 99.9% HEPA filtered to .2 micron, but if the exhaust is of sufficient velocity, it WILL stir up particulates in the space.

      (Cleanroom microcircuit manufacture experience: before those jobs went to China and Japan)

      • gr81

        How much training do you have on radiation detection?

        Should we on the west coast of US try avoid vacuuming?


        • that is “avoiding”

        • gr81 gr81

          Zero radiation monitoring experience and I’m not certain just how fine a HEPA filter is necessary. I’m thinking .2 micron (normal bacteria is .22 micron so it would stop bacteria which might concentrate the radiation.

          I would believe vacuuming is a MUST, but avoid stirring up particulates as the particulate dust just may have hot particles in it.

          Sweeping floors, brushing furniture, feather dusting, only tends to cause smaller “settled” particles to become airborne where, of course we get to INHALE them.

          It is also best to keep your home slightly more pressured than outside by bringing in HEPA filtered air from outside via a ducted fan/filter unit. Keeping the home slightly pressured keeps “leaks” happening towards outside, and away from inhabitants.

          • truthseek truthseek

            I cannot .believe. that I am reading this…
            much less that I’ve been thinking it, “the tapes
            playing” in the back of my head…

            I am keen to this info, and this has been in the back
            of many thoughts as I do these chores, but this is really
            …ridiculous… (not meant to be disrespectful)
            what has happen to our blessed world?

            [I completely agree with these suggestions]

        • Vacuuming is much better than sweeping, but unless you’ve got a well-filtered high-end Kirby or something, you might be better off removing rugs and damp-mopping bare floors daily instead. Best option is a water-filtered vacuum (like a shop-vac with a water well to trap the dust/dirt before exhaust). I had a Rainbow once, and it was truly a marvel. I could turn it on in the middle of a room and it would filter the entire air every few minutes to remove dust and pollen and such. Made noise, but worked great when Mom or my sis visited, they had bad asthma.

          Limiting pet in-and-outs (and wet-wiping their feet when they come in), keeping ‘outdoor’ shoes only for outdoors, meticulous surface cleaning, rinsing kitchen utensils and plates and cookware before using, rinsing food can lids… the methodology is fairly simple. Dust (seen or unseen, assume it’s there and dangerous) is your enemy. And whatever you do, do NOT sleep on or within a foot of the floor. A lot of concentrated work, but you do get the perk of having the cleanest house on the block!

      • arclight arclight

        hi gr81, mind if i cut and paste that on the rad monitoring forum for discussion?.. i was wondering about that too.. gotta hepa filter hoover and 1 thats not!
        good advice here

        open all doors and windows before hoovering.. remove the cat to safe place, don paper mask at least! begin hoovering… best done on a windy day with low gieger readings.. if possible!?

        • gr81 gr81

          No problem on the cut and paste, but if it is at all windy outside anything in the dust outside becomes airborne.

          It could, of course, become very expensive to create a microcircuit manufacturing level air cleaning and pressurization system in our homes. The knowledge of EXACTLY what “brand” and level of isotope is out there should be the steering force in the direction of HOW MUCH MONEY TO SPEND.

          That said:
          I’m not sure if the proper level of instrumentation even exists which can be trusted to continually and accurately evaluate just what radioactive hazards we need to protect ourselves from the most. It IS ALL BAD, but it’s present distance from you and/or it’s ability to travel to you or to INSIDE OF YOU are all factors in each individual’s dosage.

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    A profile of Koide in a UC Berkeley paper from May 2011 says this:

    Hiroaki Koide, a Nuclear Reactor Specialist, has held a position of jokyo, equivalent to assistant professor, at the Research Reactor Institute of Kyoto University since 1974. When he entered the Nuclear Engineering Department of Tohoku University in 1968, like most Japanese people at the time, Koide believed that nuclear power was a dream resource for the future. He soon learned, however, that nuclear power was extremely dangerous, and that construction of nuclear power plants was based on exploitation of the weaker strata of society. Since this realization in 1970, he has continuously appealed for abolition of nuclear power generation. For forty years, he has sacrificed possibilities for academic promotions and research funding in behalf of this honorable and worthy cause.

    Sounds like a good guy who sacrificed career promotion for the truth and for life!

    The other names on the surveillance list which I can read (only about 10) all seem to be musicians, artists, authors. But I bet there have been more names added since this original publication. How about the scientist who did videos on his anger of what was being done to the children. Can’t remember his name. He was featured in ENE…

  • arclight arclight

    Saturday, June 18th, 2011 | Posted by admin mothers of Fukushima Call for help
    Dear friends
    We are in Fukushima city just 60km away from the Fukushima nuclear plant.
    Now, our children’s physical condition is in danger.
    We see symptoms such as swollening of the thyroid, nosebleed, diarrhea, cough, asthma, etc..

    We, Mothers of those children, believe it is a very serious situation and worries about the effects of atomic radiation on our children’s health.
    and worries about the effect of radiation on on the health of our children.

    Our government have been announcing that there is no effect on our health from radiation at all.

    We cannot believe our government’s safety standard any more.
    We cannot wait our children to have a cancer from the high risks of exposure.

    We have decide to start up an organization in order to protect our children.
    We are planning to research on health issues by ourselves with the cooperative scholars and experts with our own independent network
    On June 19th, we will invite a team of doctors for health counseling sessions.

    Please, we need more doctors and experts.
    Please, we need more of your advices,
    Please help us protecting our children from the effect of radiation
    for our and your future!!

    Representative of FUKUSHIMA Information Center for Saving Children from Radiation

    on the list?? 🙁

  • arclight arclight

    busby?? 🙁 and i think one or two others from all walks of life in japan..

    japanese secret service.. turn your attentions to the corporations and you will be doing the japanese people a service bar to none!

  • “Beforehand: organizers were forced to change the planned route on short notice. During the demonstration: according to participants, police imposed constant pressure upon the protesters. Afterwards: the sad result of 12 arrests, among them Shin Futatsugi, one of the organizers.”

    The Japanese government and police are not just watching people. As the story above illustrates, they ‘pressure’ people and visit them at home, questioning them personally.

    I remember reading about an anti nuclear blogger in Japan that was being harassed by police on more than one occasion. Anyone have a link?

  • arclight arclight

    dont like lists me!!

    “A U.S.-based international neo-Nazi group of white supremacists has posted a list of “influential” Italian Jews to its website, the World Jewish Congress warned last week.

    The list on the Italian-language gateway of the “Stormfront” forum website included journalists, businesspeople, politicians, artists and others.

    Italian leaders expressed anger and solidarity with the Jewish community after the list – dubbed a “blacklist of hate” by Italian media”

    General Franco gave list of Spanish Jews to Nazis• Register compiled in case dictator joined Axis forces
    • Archive find undermines claim Franco helped Jews


    security Police will not release Stasi list
    Halonen remains non-committal on topic

    think you get the picture

  • The next step might be to make all anti nuclear and peace activists ‘terrorists’. This makes it possible to just cart everyone off to ‘camps’, to get ‘reeducated’, like they did in Russia at Gulags and in Germany at the concentration camps.

    Because the US Congress just passed a law saying the US military could detain anyone inside the USA, even if their are US citizens, it is totally up to the President to decide who is and who is not suspected of aiding or supporting or acting as a terrorist. (It just so happens this is against the Constitution and Bill of Rights, but hey, that did not stop President Bush either).

    NO US court can say boo about it, and the military can hold all US citizen’suspects’ indefinitely, without trial, without charges, and potentially also torture them until they confess. (Does this sound like the Salem witch trials to you?) (The legalizing of torture was never repealed, and it was made legal under President Bush). President Obama did not reverse this, and he actually said he had a right to use this law as well.

    We are losing our freedoms and rights folks… Part of involves controlling the flow of information and truth.. The media control is almost 100%.

    Need Proof?
    There is little or no news about Fukushima on major news media, and anything you see on major news media is very short and provides no details, while staying positive or neutral. (This is good for corporations and their profits, right?) Guess what? Huge corporations like GE own all major news outlets, so they get to ‘control’ what information gets out there… including FUKU.

    So my prediction is that you will never hear a negative word about FUKU on any major news channel, about 99.9% of the time, it will be either positive or neutral, if you ever hear anything at all.

    To know what is going on, you have to watch this site and bloggers. This is sad… truth is relegated to one small dark corner, tucked away in a news world filled with minutia.

    • James2

      I fear you are correct AGR

      I know nothing about “occupy” but I know enough about the effects to see that it scared the daylights out of the government.

      The US congress immediately passed the law you describe, and the internet is the prime target for locating the “terrorists”.

      It seems somewhat ironic, since the United States would not exist if not for actions similar to these, and for that reason specifically, the protections were written in to the Constitution by those who took the chances and formed the country.

  • Personal info hacked from science ministry website

    Japan’s science ministry says personal details of about 1,000 people have been illegally downloaded from one of its websites.

    The ministry says one of its servers was repeatedly hacked from computers in the Chinese city of Nanjing on December 15th.

    It says the illegal access exposed the names, titles and email addresses of registered users at universities, research institutions and science museums.

    Also leaked were email addresses of 24 ordinary users who …

  • Japanese fear authorities hide ugly truth about nuclear risks

  • Kodama named as one of worlds top 10 most influential scientists


    TOKYO (majirox news) — British science magazine Nature named Japanese scientist Tatsuhiko Kodama, 58, one of its most ten influential people in the field of science for 2011. According to Nature, “Tatsuhiko Kodama damned the Japanese government’s studies of the radioactive fallout from the…

    • arclight arclight

      thats a brilliant post xdr

      the names were building up on this list could vie for the peace prize in norway (where lemmings come from)…….. oh wait! didnt i hear that the specification hasnow inserted
      “must be about to start multiple wars for oil and persecute the american people and not give the downwinders (most of america) a civilised healthcare system!
      so it stays as a list of criminals then.. blast!!

    • Hogweed

      Here’s a link to the Nature article

      And there’s an interview with him which he ends with:

      He also says that the government is still not releasing enough information. A ban on entry to the exclusion zone has kept scientists from sizing up the true situation in the area and has hampered the work of journalists. Kodama calls it a “censorship that is quite unusual in democratic countries”.

  • jimbojamesiv

    Is it possible, admin., that one day we all announce and/or have the option to indicate where we live?

    I’m so intrigued by the potential backgrounds of some of your faithful. I won’t mention any names, except I believe someone (at least one) is Scandinavian (I hope that’s not a derogatory term), and I believe I’ve only met one Swede in my life. Well, two Swedes, and while I understand, or only learned recently, this is a site based in the US of A. I’m still convinced that this forum could be one of the most eclectic communities that I visit, and the only one that might compare, although much more Euro-centric, is the Guardian CIF.

    I’m betting (and I know) a number of folks live on the Pacific Coast as well as Colorado and I believe Arizona and/or New Mexico? Hopefully, there are no, or few, Texans. Joking, although not really.

    That’s all.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hi jimbo, there’s a box in the profile settings where you can add some info about yourself. it says “can be shown publicly”. This might be the right spot to indicate where you live. Go ahead, others might follow?

  • arclight arclight

    “….Japan gov’t surveillance.”
    “…..indicate where we live..”
    “…Go ahead, others might follow?…”

    i am from london uk london
    ethnicity irish
    children imprisoned in norway for rampaging with other lemmings
    likes lady lemmings
    dislikes radioactive mushrooms and lichens and infact everything when im angry (see angry lemming attacks.. on googlies )
    (back on topic 🙂 )

  • americancommntr

    It would be interesting if the Japanese people passed a law requiring all elected, appointed, or otherwise hired officials to wear wireless electronic ankle bracelets which kept them gps located, listened in on all conversations they had, and provided real-time measurement of their radiation exposure. Maybe require all nuclear officials to wear a hat with a camera on it, too.