“Don’t be a chicken” mayor tells parents who are concerned their children are eating radioactive lunches

Published: September 11th, 2012 at 7:35 am ET


More from the Tokyo Shinbun report on Sept 5, 2012, translated by EXSKF:

Mayor Takao Abe said during the regular press conference on September 4 that it was important for children to learn that they were living in dangers, and that he would continue to use the frozen oranges from Kanagawa and canned apples from Yamagata that were found with radioactive cesium in the school lunches in the elementary schools in Kawasaki City, emphasizing the educational aspect of using food [known to be contaminated with radioactive cesium]. […]

the city has been serving the frozen oranges in the school lunches since April this year. The city will start using the canned apple in September. […]

There are parents who are not convinced, but to them, the mayor said, “Don’t be a chicken.”

In the post — which cites several other similar situations that have occurred around Japan — EXSKF writes:

It is worse than the worst that Professor Kunihiko Takeda of Chubu University feared exactly a year ago, with his short poetic prose titled “A girl doesn’t talk“; he pleaded with teachers and educators to do all they could to protect children. His plea has fallen on totally deaf ears, and here we are. This has got to be the end. […]

The pace of descending into deeper and deeper lunacy seems to be accelerating in Japan. Maybe this is what people must have felt like in the 1930s, right before the last world war.

Published: September 11th, 2012 at 7:35 am ET


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36 comments to “Don’t be a chicken” mayor tells parents who are concerned their children are eating radioactive lunches

  • Scotty Scotty

    As long as you people don't start taking showers with your clothes on, I guess there is no reason to worry at all.


    it's hard to fathom the level of greed that's overtaken this world…

  • CBuck CBuck

    I'd say it's a safe bet that he doesn't have any children eating those school lunches. Maybe as a show of good will and to back up his words, he should join some of those students for lunch.

  • markww markww

    ALLOT of people need to go to the mental Wards telling people it is safe to eat radiation JAPAN GUILTY OF RADIATION MURDER.

    • kintaman kintaman

      I agree but I think the brush used for blame is too broad. We cannot blame the people of Japan, rather we should direct blame at:
      – Japanese authorities (Edano, Hosono, Kan, Noda, etc).
      – TEPCO executives (past and present).
      – GE.
      – Nuclear industry/IAEA.
      – Nuclear "experts" (Dr Yamashita, etc).
      – Mass media which perpetuates the lies and propaganda.
      – School authorities for slow murdering the children of Japan.
      – Food industry and farmers who distribute contaminated food.
      – Any companies who allow contaminated products to be sold to the public domestically or abroad.

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        And General Groves, Edward Teller, Glen Seaborg, the early AEC, and other proponents of the early nuclearization.

        But I hope we can understand and forgive those early scientists like Oppenheimer, Einstein, Szilard, Fermi, Gofman who were intellectual geniuses and combined a deeper appreciation and compassion. These are the ones who cautioned against flagrant use of the energy of the stars.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    In another words he is saying: Don't be a chicken, in putting your children in a dangerous heath risk. Do you want to take a risk of your children to have lingering heath problems?

    I think he should be invited to have lunch with the kids every single day and play in the playground outside.

    There was a nuclear radiation fallout and it's still spewing. Read about the medical out comes of radiation fall out. Look at the out come of the people in Chernobyl.
    You have a choice believe him or believe the many medical reports.

    Just don't smile, get out of there.

    • Anthony Anthony

      Absolutely correct WSP. And its gonna get MUCH worse than this. They are out of options to live normally there, there is really contaminated food to eat.

      • WindorSolarPlease

        I believe you are right Anthony. My personal belief is also that, it's going to get much worse. It's all still blowing towards North America.
        I think we are in big trouble also, and have been since day one. We wonder why they don't leave, when we are still here?

  • or-well

    "Don't be a chicken – eat one!
    Eat anything you wish!
    If it's from Fukushima
    it makes a tasty dish!
    No imminent threat, don't worry.
    It won't kill you on the spot.
    Get yours right now in a hurry
    while Fukushima foods are still hot!
    Help afflicted regions recover!
    Let's make good from the "accident".
    So what if we later discover
    we have to death children sent.
    Let's kill all Japanese children
    with homegrown radiation!
    Infanticide is our passion
    in our suicidal nation.
    That way we'll die with honor,
    for having polluted the world.
    There won't be enough bone-marrow donors
    so lets kill all our boys and girls."

    Head of mayor, on a stick, good for roasting.
    Who will raise a glass and be toasting
    the inmates who run the asylum
    in Japan – Insanity Island?
    The psycopathically ammoral,
    thosw who hunger for profit and power
    who will return Japan to pastoral
    emptiness in their final hours.

    Will rage of the fathers and mothers
    pull these fools from their thrones of deceit
    or leave them in place to devour
    the innocent and all the meek?

    • omniversling

      Don't be a chicken! Be happy…SMIIIIIILE!…no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger, no immediate danger…SMIIIIIILE!

  • kalidances

    Contact the United Nations immediately for human rights abuses in the form of children being deliberately poisoned with radioactive food.

    The American site is here: http://usun.state.gov/about/contact/index.htm

    The rest of the world you are here:

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    School lunches, known to be contaminated with radiation, are being served to children in Japan.

    And the mayor is encouraging the children to eat the lunches.

  • ion jean ion jean

    School lunches have been radioactive in the US since the early fifties when the AEC said "Oops! Now the SR90 is in the kid's Wheaties and milk and bread and there's CS137 in the french fries and applesauce and cheese…let's get the PHS to measure the amounts…but don't alarm parents cause it's in the food in their kitchens too"

    See nuclearcrime.org's Scribd pages, public docs from 1960s for evidence of this fact…

  • chrisk9

    Dear Mayor; What is the educational aspect of eating contaminated food? It could not be the savory taste, because it's tasteless. It could not be the super human strength it gives you because "The Hulk" was just fiction. It could only be the fact that you will get cancer if you eat radioactive food. So dear mayor why don't you investigate the "educational aspects" of putting a gun to your head and pulling the trigger. Please tell me what you have learned when you have time. Thank you.

  • Maybe we should be looking more closely at the lunches of kids everywhere.

    Why is 'milk' even on the menu at schools in the USA?

    Question and Answer:

    Q: Has cesium been detected in milk due to fallout in the USA?
    A: Yes

    Q: Has/is proper testing being done by agencies?
    A: No

    Q: Would it be prudent or safer to avoid milk?
    A. Yes

    Q: Then why would you give it to kids?
    A: hmm… (no answer – silence only!)

    • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

      We stopped drinking milk a while ago at our house. The general public will freak out if you tell them not to give their kids milk and so will the kids. No politician or government agency has the guts to shut down milk production in this country. The lobby for dairy products is huge, the propaganda machine that kids "need" milk has been drummed into our heads. Only when people become knowledgable about the fallout will they individually choose to stop and then the social pressures to consume that you see in Japan will start here.

      I can't appreciate the social pressures in Japan. It is such a different society. How can the parents be prevented from sending their child to school with a lunch that they pack themselves? Now that is crazy.

    • kintaman kintaman

      What I want to know is why have no independent scientists or universities done tests on the food and presented their findings to the public (youtube, etc)? I suppose though that no one would pay attention unless the NEWS told them there was a danger (which will never happen).

      • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

        Here is a report from TheBowRiver on your question: Turns out the nuke industry buys the silence of the universities.

        March 20, 2012 at 1:54 am · Reply
        You are quite correct about what we should expect. What I have a deep ethical concern about is the coercion of our Universities etc. Like other ills currently in our society, these connections to nuclear energy are an absolute evil and against the public good. Maybe I am overstating how tight the bond is, but, as an example from the NEI member roster, Does the University of Tokyo have the freedom to publish anything which would place the nuclear industry in a bad light? Other university members below.

        University of Alabama
        University of Alberta
        University of Antofagasta, Chile
        University of Arizona
        University of Bologna
        University of California
        University of Cincinnati
        University of Colorado
        University of Denver
        University of Detroit
        University of Florida
        University of Idaho
        University of Illinois
        University of Maryland
        University of Massachusetts
        University of Michigan
        University of Missouri
        University of Nevada, Las Vegas
        University of New Mexico
        University of North Texas
        University of Notre Dame
        University of Pittsburgh
        University of Rhode Island
        University of South Carolina
        The University of Tennessee
        University of Texas at Austin
        University of Texas of the Permian Basin
        The University of the District of Columbia
        The University of Tokyo
        University of Virginia

        • ion jean ion jean

          Ok so these are all our big universities across the country, and nuclear physics is only one small department of many at most of these colleges.

          Every year there's a fresh batch of 18 y.o.s who could potentially get riled up if they were better informed. Most Americans 95% or more are AGAINST NUCLEAR POWER.

          If we have a meltdown on U.S. Soil After Fuku, the protests will get heated…just look at India this week!

          We stand in solidarity with the people of Japan, India and any other group that opposes the destruction of the planet's genomes and mothers, fathers, babies, young adults cannot stand by and do nothing. It's Unamerican!

    • WindorSolarPlease

      ChasAha, the public is not allowed to know the official levels just like in Japan.

      It's more important to protect the corporations (sarc)
      These corporations are owned by the highest elites
      Yes there is Silence…can you hear the shhhhhhh…

      philipupnorth I don't think you are over exaggerating the connection, I believe there is a bond there, that should not be.

  • minkxy minkxy

    dude is a literal maniac.I think the japanese need to take an angle of dealing with someone disengaged from reality.As mind blowing as it all is, he isn't competent.

  • Michele

    The Japanese educational learning experience of feeding children radioactive lunches is in juxtaposition to the American educational learning experience of letting children go hungry by cutting school lunch and WIC (Women/Infant/Children) programs. Both are representative of greed and sociopathic tendencies. After all, the children involved do not belong to the men making these decisions, so their health and welfare do not concern them. Both nations use the mantra, "children are our future"; but since children have no voice, they are easily discounted. It has become a reality that the young are disposable with the exception of the fetus and the people against abortion. Once born the children are put at risk. The ignorance about nuclear energy is astounding.


      @Michele: " After all, the children involved do not belong to the men making these decisions, so their health and welfare do not concern them." Really? Please tell us, whose children are they then? Could it be the innumerable men who've chosen to walk away from their responsibility to raise these children? Perhaps it's all about pumping-out millions-upon-millions of these children and then fobbing their care off-into the benevolent arms of the state?

      It never ceases to amaze how quick some are to capitalize on the misery of others as means of pushing an agenda. While you're scrambling for answers (if able), give us one instance – within the natural world – where welfare exists. And don't bother submitting the existence of social organizations as argument. Even the 'lowly' ant must exhibit initiative (work) to maintain its place in the nest.

      If one is truly interested in seeing a return to the natural order of things in this world, then you must accept the consequences of violating nature's laws of survival and balance…

      • Michele

        The children are not responsible for their birth, and if the idea of birth control or abortion is abhorrent and the life of the fetus is sanctified, then the child outside of the womb becomes the social responsibility of adults as taxpayers. Obviously, as a member of our society, the "former breadbasket of the world", you would agree with the idea of allowing children to go hungry and face malnutrition. As a mother and a retired educator the importance of nutrition and learning makes sense. If we say, "children are our most valuable resources" "children are our future" than we are lying to ourselves when we allow them to suffer. Which is worse, feeding children food that will eventually cause illness and death or ignoring the problem of the poor child who is hungry?

        If you are a follower of Ayn Rand, her philosophy is becoming a greater influence on our culture. Then, of course, I understand your position, but, I do not agree with it. Her belief system is one of survival of the strong and the weak are viewed as "human debris" "parasites". In her final years, Rand took advantage of all the social benefits available. In you case, I hope that you never weaken.

        As for examples in the animal kingdom, watch "Meerkat Mansion" it is a life and death struggle but the young become the responsibility of the many adults to feed and protect. When a herd of elephants come across a body, there is a time of reflection often a bone is taken in remembrance.

      • Michele

        Aftershock, exactly why are you on this website? With the attitude of only the strong should be given benefits to survive, what is your interest in the Japanese people and the crisis of Fukushima? If these people sicken and die, they should not be your concern. Their demise will only provide for more resources for those who are left. Of course, once the realization that the whole earth is contaminated and the weak are destroyed along with the strong, there will be plenty of toxic natural resources left behind.

      • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

        What population explosion? I provide research that questions Main Stream Media's claim of a Population Explosion. http://www.scribd.com/doc/104585200/What-Population-Growth

        Yet even with population Declines Worldwide before Fukushima, Billions are spent each year to prevent More births & to push women to work…no education, Corporations only want low paid workers which forces world labour prices down.

        hmmm seems there are Billions of dollars being spent in a number of ways…that are used to buy elections, change laws & regulations & control how many children are born. Not including money used on polluting power sources like Nuclear, Coal or Oil & Gas. Or billions spent on poisoning our food supplies.

        Use that money differently & you have a very different world.

        ~Jul 14th 2012
        So a summit on family planning, held in London on July 11th, represents a big change. The meeting, called by the British government and the Gates Foundation, a charity, won promises of $4.6 billion from donors and developing countries, to provide modern contraception (coils, pills, injectables, implants and condoms) to an extra 120m women by 2020. This would be a hefty increase on the $4billion spent each year on family planning in those countries.

  • TheBowRiver TheBowRiver

    Very fitting prose or-well, you are amazing.

    I wish I could say the same for Mayor Takao Abe, Dr Shunichi Yamashita, and Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda.

    My last post was regarding the ghoulish testing on fetuses and children in Fukushima several days ago. Way to go Yamashita, you pig {oops apologies to the swine).

    So now we have Takao Abe, in a position of authority, using shame and intimidation to harm those under his control {kusottare).

    I know that the nation of Japan is an honorable one and holds the lives of it's children sacred.

    Can we as a species curb our own greed and lust for power?

    Again from my last post, internationally we can, within days, decide to remove despots from power and apply pressure to curb bad behaviour. This was at least the initial justification for institutions like the UN.

    The Japanese people are being used as lab rats for the NEI and IAEA in what looks like a long term genome survival test.

    It is time for the IAEA to release their control of the WHO and allow our civilization at least the chance of survival.

  • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

    Well, 'newsers, settle in for a long nasty ride. Japan is intentionally spreading radiation among their population. School lunches, support by eating, incineration of radioactive waste. We will watch an entire nation sicken together and die. Volunteer doctors and nurses from around the world will go to Japan to help the sick and the dying, only to sicken themselves. In the end, the weeds will grow over the roadways, and the wind blowing down the streets of empty towns will be the only sound. Instead of evacuating Tokyo and Japan after311 when most of yhe people could have survived, they have waited too long. Their leaders appear to have gone 'round the bend into mental illness.

  • richard richard

    you can find contact details and a photo of this fool here..


    write to him and tell it like it is …

    • richard richard

      damn, the email address is invalid (it looked suss in the first place). so my email didn't get through to him. damn.

  • irradiatedinbako

    Make noise that counts against the bullshit.