Emergency at US Nuclear Site: “Unusually high” radiation levels reported — Worker: “Everybody’s freaked, shocked, surprised” — Governor: “Alarming incident” — TV: “Major event… Sign the plant is falling apart” (VIDEOS)

Published: May 22nd, 2017 at 7:24 am ET


KING, May 19, 2017 (emphasis added): Another Hanford emergency: signs of another leaking tank… The U.S. Department of Energy is scrambling to deal with the second emergency at the nuclear site in 10 days’ time. Signs have emerged that a massive underground double shell nuclear waste holding tank may be leaking… Now it has been holding hot, boiling radioactive and chemically contaminated waste for 41 years. KING 5 has learned that a… radiation specialist on the crew detected higher than expected readings… Detection equipment was then used to check for contamination that might have become airborne… They found radioactive material on one worker in three spots… “Everybody was freaked, shocked, surprised,” said a veteran worker and KING 5 Hanford source who is in direct contact with crew members… Thursday night’s incident means this could be the second double shell tank to fail. “We are of course concerned it might be a leak,” a Washington state Department of Ecology spokesperson said… The AZ 101 contamination event comes just 10 days after a tunnel collapse at Hanford that caused a site wide emergency… That event could have spewed radioactive particles across the site and beyond… “Today’s alarming incident at Hanford elevates the urgency of the federal government to prioritize and fund all critical cleanup at this aging nuclear reservation,” [Governor Jay] Inslee said in a statement…

KING Transcript: “For the second time in less than two weeks there’s been a major incident at the Hanford nuclear site. Tonight, new evidence of a possible new leak at a massive underground nuclear waste tank…. This is the second major event at Hanford in 10 days time… Yet another sign that the old weapons plant is falling apart.”

CNN, May 20, 2017: Maia Bellon, director of the Washington Department of Ecology [wrote] “We’re calling for an immediate investigation by US Department of Energy into contamination & potential leak”…

Wall Street Journal, May 19, 2017: U.S. Department of Energy officials said unusually high contamination was discovered when a robotic device used to measure the thickness of tanks containing radioactive waste was being maneuvered by a contractor.

Watch broadcasts here: KING | NBC

Published: May 22nd, 2017 at 7:24 am ET


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425 comments to Emergency at US Nuclear Site: “Unusually high” radiation levels reported — Worker: “Everybody’s freaked, shocked, surprised” — Governor: “Alarming incident” — TV: “Major event… Sign the plant is falling apart” (VIDEOS)

  • Everyone should have a prebuilt emergency "Shelter in Place" Box of supplies. Ideal if you use 2 boxes to keep them light enough to throw into your vehicle if an evacuation becomes necessary.

    I have been working with Peter Daley for a few weeks on improving the Emergency Shelter in Place Checklist, and we are near final. In the meantime, review my original post Fukushima checklist here—

    Comments, additions, improvement suggestions appreciated. Review now as your comments could still make it into the final final.


    • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

      Thank you Stock!

    • kailii

      I'm somewhat into survival skills and so called primitive skills, so you might want to listen to me when i tell you that all catastrophies come down to four basic needs for anyone involved:
      Food, Water, Shelter and Heating. Order depending on the emergency.

      As for the last one, all you have to say (on page 3) is that BIC lighters are great to start a fire.

      You know what happens when SHTF? People act erratic and dumb because they are been thrown out of their daily routine.
      So they need clear instructions. Fool proof. And you tell them to light a fire in a mostly sealed shelter?
      You don't give them ANY advice how to stay warm and dry?
      One word: Suffocation!

      stock, you usually do good work here, and i like your new Forum Avatar, but this time you messed up big time.
      If you want me to help doing that list right you only need to ask, although there are quite some people out there knowing more than me.

      But for now:

      P.S.: First rule when any emergency situation comes up while you are at home and unprepared? Don't flush the toilet! (No Kidding)

      • Kailii, TY for the feedback. Asking for your help. Are you Hawaiian? what is the name>?

        having the ABILITY to make fire is powerful.

        But I can't fix every type of stupid. I'll add a note to be cognizant of fire risk.

        best yet, email me at stock@hawaii.rr.com and I will send you the doc and you can do edits.

        I would like someone to do a study on volume of air, estimated infiltration rates even in a taped off room, respiration rate and volume and percent oxygen in the exhaled, and depletion times to say 17% O2, 15% O2, 12% O2. Should be easy enough to handle in a spreadsheet.

        Anyone game to try that one?

        • AirSepTech AirSepTech

          What do you think will work, as a guide?
          There are a lot of variables, too many to be exact/safe without monitoring. People,,,their individual physical health, is a big unknown.

          Co can kill you with 20% O2 available, it inhibits O2 exchange.
          Co2 is widely variable, some can handle 5000-10000ppm, others???

          There is a lot to it, and an enclosed space increases humidity, a very small space becomes miserable quickly. An open flame in a small space, is foolish.

          4 exchanges per hour is 'minimum', although homes range 1-2/hr
          A 10x10x8 foot room is 800cuft.
          A bathroom 'fart fan' moves 50-70cuft/min
          So 15min of run time an hour. How many people? hahaha

          This may help:

          Less than 18-19% O2 is not do-able for most people.
          Less than 19.5% is not allowed under OSHA guidance.
          Less than 17% mental impairment begins, for healthy people.


          I got plenty more if you need it. 😆

          All bets are off if someone has bad gas, methane while not poisonous per se, does displace O2. 🙂

          • Air, thanks for the information, I will start a draft article with that.

            At 8000 feet, there is about 25% less oxygen. I have skied at such heights, hiked heavy packs through Haleakala at higher heights, and never had a problem.

            So 15% (25% less than starting point of 21%) should be manageable for most people, especially if just sheltering in place.

            • AirSepTech AirSepTech

              Most of the problem will be humidity, depending on amount of people/space, and how 'tight' the space is. If the outside air temp is below 70f, it won't be long until it is raining inside that space. Think insulation and/ or 'airgap' to get there.

              Air exchange is your friend, the science and math are just numbers, and who has O2 monitors other than airsep guys? haha

              The problem is how to filter the air, and how to change/clean/replace if it is an extended time frame. This can be a challenge, to not contaminate what you want clean.

              That is what most preppers tend to miss.

              • Just ask WIPP, never had any plan to replace their filters, ran there filters pass the US Gov code limits.


                LOL I do have a CO meter, I am kind of a mad scientist, without being mad

                • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                  WIPP— what a bunch of losers. They on the 4th, 5th, 6th? project manager by now? Fxxx

                  I remember the day/days following that escapade. I was new to comment, been 'lurking', but that and the USS Reagan thing had me really pissed off.

                  So I said they should just drive all the shit around in circles, buy more trucks/drivers, boost employment, run up the debt, etc. I figured it would be years when they said weeks. 😆

                  Hows that working out now? Loadin' her up yet? not

                  Trucks would have been cheaper, everyone would be workin', ObamaCare would be fully funded.

                  Oh well. 😆

                  Nuthin wrong with mad scientists, it the .gov funded ones to be skeered of. 😉

                  • Ya sure, just drive them around for 10 half lives, awesome job creations, and think of the truck PMS work and truck sales…

                    you sir are brilliant….throw in a couple wars and we will be so freaking prosperous.

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      So stock, do you feel like writing a letter to DT about the bayer/monsanto deal or explaining to him why the indian heritage should be respected, or maybe why he shouldn't use nukes?

                      Come on, you can do it, you have closer associations there.


                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      And you figured Trump had his finger on the button.

                      Whooops. You backed the wrong horse.

                    • FM write it up and send it to me in .doc form for my review/revision. I will fax it to Trump. He has read the 2 things I have sent him.

                      Loves to read paper stuff on those airplanes….

      • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

        "So they need clear instructions. Fool proof. And you tell them to light a fire in a mostly sealed shelter?
        You don't give them ANY advice how to stay warm and dry?
        One word: Suffocation!"

        I understand I'm not the most likable person here and that I talk a LOT of crap.

        But it seems like spiritual asphyxiation, or soul castration is the result with the consumerist mentality of "survival".

        BIC lighters disappear btw, everybody knows that. Because they're thieves.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    They want money..but IT NEVER GETS CLEANED UP.
    What is the sum that has already been soaked into Hanford for supposed clean-up?
    And how's that working?

    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

      Well, they've managed to clean about 4.5 billion gallons of 450-475 billion gallons (disclosed) of all of 8! contaminants in about 70 years. Progress, fucken-A!

      They just didn't mention that most of that has by now affected the soil and groundwater.

      • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

        Pity that 4.5 billion gallons of "cleaned" water was an optimistic, vague, ambiguous and disingenious sentiment. It's not like Hanford is having troubles, is it?

      • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

        OH sorry, only one of the cleaning units there was capable of cleaning up to 8 (wow!!!, I have to mention that EVERY TIME, considering) *isotopes and chemicals.

        *Isotopes or chemicals may or may not include many hundreds of other reactions and related byproducts, toxins and have radioactive isotopes as the minority.

      • FM those are fake numbers, it is not helpful

    • Dazy Dazy

      I'm watching the MN State Rep live now regarding Mn Senate File 1456 Omnibus Job Growth and Energy Affordability Finance Bill. According to one Rep, Lyndon Carlson, Jr, renewable energy was to have a permanent fund as long as the Prairie Island Nuclear Facility stored it's nuclear waste on-site. Because Yucca Mtn. became a non-option the waste is still stored on site and accumulating, of course. This bill is attempting to severely deplete and misdirect this fund.

      Other things are tossed in the bill like internet privacy violations. Apparently MN Rep members spent the night under the $$harp eyes of lobbyists such as Xcell and large Internet corporations. They were still going strong at 1am and released the 1 1/2"-2" thick document to members and the public at 6am, two hours before session went live. Apparently lobbyists remained during session and accusations against the lobbyist/member relationship were tossed around frequently using phrases such as "Big money is flowing!"

      Irrelevant, Repubs are for the bill, Dems against. In Minnesota Repubs have more bad actors than the Dems do; at this point in time anyway.

    • razzz razzz

      I agree, these highlighted leaks and cave-ins are an attempt to extort more money for a cleanup operation that has no solution.

      Hanford news reports of elevated radiation levels in the work place are monthly occurrences there if not weekly when including downstream radioactive pollution reports.

      Clay, in various forms, is the most effective way to contain radiation and dangerous chemicals but even that is only temporary.

      'Chemical waste'

      "…Sea urchins were used to check the levels of metals in the environment. It is advantageous to use green sea urchins, Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis, because they are widely distributed, abundant in many locations, and easily accessible. By investigating the concentrations of metals in the green sea urchins, the impacts of produced chemicals from salmon aquaculture activity could be assessed and detected. Samples were taken at 25-metre intervals along a transect in the direction of the main tidal flow. The study found that there was impacts to at least 75 m based on the intestine metal concentrations. So based on this study it is clear that the metals are contaminating the oceans and negatively affecting aquatic life.,."


      • razzz razzz

        I get so tired of following links as one leads to another but it always ends up involving big money.

        What do you do when your canary in the coal mine dies off or instead urchins in the sea?

        Salmon and the like were depleted more than 50 years ago with dam building and then the onset of using seiner nets thus salmon farming was invented.

        If one was required to take salmon only by skin diving maybe the species would have a chance until some kind of pollution wiped them out.

        Japanese know all about stripping the oceans of sea life, they are pros at it that leads to sea farming a depleted species to appease a ocean based diet as an alternative source.

        'Aquaculture of salmonids'

        "…In 2007 the aquaculture of salmonids was worth US$10.7 billion globally. Salmonid aquaculture production grew over ten-fold during the 25 years from 1982 to 2007. Leading producers of farmed salmonids are Norway with 33 percent, Chile with 31 percent, and other European producers with 19 percent.[4]

        There is currently much controversy about the ecological and health impacts of intensive salmonids aquaculture. There are particular concerns about the impacts on wild salmon and other marine life. Some of this controversy is part of a major commercial competitive fight for market share and price between Alaska commercial salmonid fishermen and the rapidly evolving salmonid aquaculture industry.."

        • razzz razzz

          I started out looking for dangerous chemical treatment or storage thereof but already knew the answer, they place it a dump and leave it there hoping it never leaks out a-la burying mining tailings with metal leeching chemicals in a 'dry' dam mix. Left to hopefully be undisturbed pretty much forever.

          This does not portend well for sites like Hanford where even moving or transferring the radioactive deadly brews is to be avoided…leaking or not…70 years later from inception and counting. Makes Chernobyl look like a walk in the park.

          • razzz razzz

            …And of course any toxic holding pit they place a special barrier (tarp) over the top with a layer of clay and some topsoil for grass and call it a park with a monument extolling their accomplishments of cleanup standards set up by the lobbyists they funded to write the rules and regulations they were to conform to before the project even started with a sign next to the monument that warns "Never Drill This Area".

  • rogerthat


    Nuclear disaster fears as deadly radiation leak at ‘most toxic place’ probed

    THIS site’s been called a nuclear disaster “waiting to happen” – and now it’s feared a radiation blast is imminent.

    By Michael Havis / Published 22nd May 2017

  • rogerthat


    “Band-aid” fix for Hanford radioactive waste tunnel

    BY ANNETTE CARY, acary@tricityherald.com 21 May 17

    Heavy plastic was pulled over the top of a Hanford waste storage tunnel on Saturday, helping keep the radioactive contents of the tunnel contained while a more permanent fix is planned.

    A 360-foot-long tunnel at the nuclear reservation’s PUREX processing plant was discovered to be partially collapsed on May 9.

    “Since this event began, our focus has been on protecting our workers, the public and the environment,” said Doug Shoop, manager of the DOE Richland Operations Office. “Installing this cover will provide additional protection as we evaluate other actions to further ensure the safe storage of the waste.”

    The approximately 20-by-20-foot breach in the top of tunnel already had been filled with 53 truckloads of sand and soil to prevent any radioactive contamination exposed in the tunnel from becoming airborne……..

    It is planned to keep rain from soaking into the eight feet of soil above the tunnel, which would add more weight to the roof. It also should help keep radioactive particles out of the atmosphere should more of the tunnel collapse.

    It will be held in place by almost 150 concrete ecology blocks, each weighing 3,800 pounds, and cables from the ecology blocks criss-crossing across the berm. ,,,

    • rogerthat

      Blocks had been placed along the plastic on the western side of the tunnel as it was rolled out on Friday. By 5 p.m. Saturday, a crane had placed ecology blocks along a third of the eastern side, with sandbags serving as temporary weights.

      Work was expected to continue through Saturday night to place the rest of the blocks. The cable lacings are planned to be added on Monday…….

      Next week DOE and CH2M will work with the state Department of Ecology, a Hanford regulator, on additional actions to ensure the safe storage of the waste until a decision is made on permanent disposal of the waste.

      Department of Ecology officials have said filling the tunnel with grout is being considered.

      The tunnel, built of creosoted timbers, was filled with eight flatbed rail cars in the early 1960s. They hold large pieces of equipment contaminated with radioactive waste from work in PUREX. The plant was used to chemically process irradiated uranium fuel to remove plutonium for the nation’s nuclear weapons program during the Cold War.

      Annette Cary: 509-582-1533, @HanfordNews http://www.tri-cityherald.com/news/local/hanford/article151783367.html

    • Dazy Dazy

      I am not an engineer by any means but…these are rated for radiation blocking, then?

      "ecology block (plural ecology blocks)

      A large concrete block with a groove in the bottom face and a tongue on the top face to eliminate slippage when they are stacked. There is also a steel loop on the top face to facilitate lifting. The blocks are stacked in an offset manner to create a wall for retaining earth by means of their great mass. A wall built with them can be readily dismantled and the blocks reused (in ecological fashion)."

      • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

        The basic idea is, don't separate uranium from lead, gold and silver.

      • razzz razzz

        Reminds me someone couldn't understand the speed of light is affected by water as opposed to going faster in air or at the light speed in a vacuum (outer space could be a vacuum but it is rather dirty having particles and with gravitational field effects).

        Basically, light slows down in water (Put your arm is a pool of water and it appears bent, that is light slowing down in the water).

        The confusion had to with spent fuel pools and how the blue light from Cherenkov radiation appeared in the pool. Simply, some other particles can travel faster than the light is traveling in water.

        So, when some particles in water are moving faster than light in the water, a sorta shock wave develops when light is being passed by that creates interactions and excites water molecules to cast the blue glow caused by faster moving particle.

        There are interesting uses when applying this affect, mentioned in the first link.

        'Why Is the Water Blue in a Nuclear Reactor? – Cherenkov Radiation'

        'Why Does A Pencil In Water Look Bent?'

  • Sol Man

    How long do they anticipate the plastic will last with the degradation by UV and various radiations? Likely more plastic on top of that, and all so close to one the nation's most beautiful rivers.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    400 % Spike in Rare Birth Defects Near Leaking Hanford Nuclear Site


    "The Hanford Nuclear site in Washington is attracting renewed attention as rare birth defects, including babies born with parts of their brain missing, spike around the facility. An epidemiologist assigned by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claims the incidents are not focused near the Hanford site, prompting the question how it can be that the CDC official failed to notice that the Hanford site is located in the center of the cluster."

    Lack of empathy provides for not caring UNLESS IT'S YOUR CHILD.

    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

      Yeah, I don't have children, I don't want children, I look at them walking the pavement and I feel sorry for them, even if I shouldn't. But you make the mistake of thinking someone like Joe Biden wouldn't sacrifice his child to satiate his sickness, as he did. It doesn't work, they think it does, but hey.

      What's that sentiment about socio/psychopaths and their perspectives on what they perceive they possess? So yeah, I know, I see, I don't care anymore. Because those children "grow up" in the image, as a reflection of their parents and "owners". Like a global village of idiots, trying to raise a child.

      "Millions of children have been born in the United States with the help of cutting-edge reproductive technologies, much to the delight of their parents. But alarmingly, scarce attention has been paid to the lax regulations that have made the U.S. a major fertility tourism destination. And without clear protections, the unique rights and needs of the children of assisted reproduction are often ignored."

      "Parents may survive the terrible twos and the first years of school all right, but the teenage years bring entirely new and alien creatures. So, parents have a choice: either send that teenager to boarding school and visit him when he reaches normalcy again (in about ten years)…"

      As a generalizing sentiment (yeah yeah, it only accounts for about 99%), show me a "good" person, and I'll show you at least one liar.

    • Dazy Dazy

      I think that the agricultural contaminants in the Hanford area combine somehow with the facility wastes to create that pocket of contamination. I read that it affected mostly agricultural families. Very much like the "Zika" scare that was mosquito poison applied to an already severely compromised water system.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Oh, my ..old news.

    6 underground tanks holding radioactive waste leaking in Washington state


    Governor Inslee running his mouth about it not making groundwater for a couple of years.
    Even though untrue ..guess what?
    It's been a couple of years.

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog


    …Our states are eager to work with your administration, and both parties and chambers in Congress, to continue to increase funding for Hanford cleanup and USDOE’s Office of Emergency Management. This funding should reach levels that will allow the federal government to meet its legal requirements and moral obligations to clean up Hanford and other nuclear waste sites across the country.

    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

      …Dear President Trump, Secretary Perry & Director Mulvaney:
      As Governors of Washington and Oregon, we write to urge that your final federal budget proposal for federal fiscal year 2018 (FFY18) include sufficient funding to accelerate the safe and efficient cleanup of nuclear waste at Hanford. This U.S Department of Energy (USDOE) site is the largest and most contaminated waste site in the United States. New legal requirements require, and recent developments at the site have emphasized, the need for robust resources to ensure the federal government continues to make progress in cleanup.

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    "Hot and Boiling", really? IF it is boiling, it is producing 'steam', hot gasses will be coming off of it. Where are they venting those gasses?

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    "Dear President Trump", not for much longer I hope. The guy is an idiot, a moron, a racists, and a right wing extremist unfit to be dog catcher. Republican voters sure are fucking stupid……

    • RememberThis RememberThis

      MAGA Fool! Poor Triggered Little Snowflake blaming all your woes on Trump.
      Democrats have RUINED this country, looks like we can count you in as one of those.

      • Fake News! Trump Plus Top 100 Global Warming 'Snowflake' Denialist Groups Like Heartland, Are ALL Funded By HUGE Corporations, Scientist Caught Getting Paid By Them For 'Deliverables', Debunking IceAgeNow

        • Doc, rather than worrying so much about the funding sources….why not look at the actual temperature data, from 1880, it can be found here.


          • Temperatures Rising, Global Warming Accelerating Since Industrial Age, Quack Hormesis Theory Paid For By Huge Fossil Fuel Corporations Like Koch Brothers/ExxonMobil Promoted On Mass Media, EPA, Rex Tillerson, Rose And Curry Debunked

            • This is just one example of temperature sensors under AC units, in the middle pf asphalt parking lots, etc. The site is filled with examples if you search under how not to measure temperature.


              The North Pole was once tropical long before humans came around and destroyed the planet and somehow life survived and thrived, even when the temperatures went the other way. If CO2 is the problem, plant more trees. Problem solved.

              CO2, climate change, global warming, etc. are just useless bits propaganda to keep people in fear. Talking about carbon dioxide does nothing to alleviate the toxins and VOCs spewed into the air and water supply, yet the mainstream media that hasn't reported on Fukushima is trying to tell the world that CO2 is far more dangerous than radiation or the GOM blowout or any other environmental catastrophe.

              If they lied about 9-11, then they would surely lie about something like Global Warming (renamed Climate Change because there is no global warming).

              NASA admitted to fabricating climate data because their data did not supported the concept of GW. GW only existed because Ken Lay gave Al Gore 20% of the carbon trade exchange in exchange for not contesting the 2000 election. Al Gore had one science class for which he earned a D. GWB took the same class and got a gentleman's C. Gore is a hypocrite and a con artist pushing the GW scam.

          • THE GREAT PACIFIC GEnocide; kevin D. blanch PhD March Fukushima news; May 25 2017 THE BLOB IS FUKUSHIMA, COOPER RIVER RUNNING AT 95% COLLAPSE!!!

        • Isthmus

          Dr. Goodheart, The above StPaulScout is a perfect example of the emotion of hate that can cause colon cancer, catch my reply to Iconic a couple pages back, yesterday. It goes something like this. Every organ or gland in the body, which there are 24, has an emotion attached to it, the emotion of hate effects the colon, Iconic posted that it"s unexplained why the millenials are getting colon cancer, it"s time for the medical profession to start understanding that negative energy coming from the subcounscious will cause cancer, just like the external radiation inpacting the body does. How long has the Liberal teachers been teaching hate Bush, and now hate Trump, I expect when Trump won their trauma laid in an implant into the subconscious, and the constant Liberal news fired up more hate triggering the original trauma, So look in this direction and you will probably find a common denominator, hate . I have a lot more on this as I know how to read the past trauma implants which are a liability.

          • razzz razzz

            Isthmus: Beg to differ about emotions causing cancers granted mind over matter might work in less than a half percent of the population.

            The body functions down to a cellular level to constantly repair and replace or another words heal itself. It's innate

            There are some very healthy haters out there seemingly unaffected by their own emotions, health wise.

            Your meme is almost like the Japanese telling its people to cheer up, radiation poisoning is all in your mind, smile be happy. Or like punishing a crying baby for a poor attitude.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

              Emotions can affect the immune system negatively. Cancer is a disease of grief. No, the emotions don't cause cancer. But you can strengthen your immune system by your emotions.

              The book, The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles by Bruce H. Lipton, is based on scientific studies.

              I'm surprised in the reading lists given lately that this book is not listed. There are also foods that guard against environmental toxins and foods that chelate heavy metals, etc.

              In an age of nuclear radiation and other toxins, books with that knowledge should be on the reading lists.

              • Isthmus

                Good answer Dr Ann The Spirit can always override the animal mind, even though so often it does not, it's really a matter of handling energy, the more energy you can handle the less you become the affect, I once held two 1ive 110 volt phases, one in each hand, and for me as a spirit there was a moment of decision to handle the energy or be the effect of it, and that decisions happens incredibly fast because the electrical flow happens very fast, any way the point is that in handling the electrical energy I felt very alive, the same as being totally healthy and strong, every one will be able to do this, the key is stop being the effect of anything, just cause good things to happen .

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  Isthmus, is there a limit to handling energy? Everyone agrees there is a limit. Your animal self wont survive it when your spirit grabs the main electric lines, you get burned with the sun and a magnifying lens, flattened when driven over by a tank etc.

                  WHY is the gut the organ of hatred? Its something you read.

                  There was a book by Louise Hay about the emotional causes of disease. Some of it SEEMS intuitively correct, and its clear that emotion is both cause and result of biological states. But what we want is truth, and it seems that people may just be making some of that stuff up. For example, its now known that the gut is a neural center and everyone has heard its a second brain. Microbes, nutrition and immune factors cause ALL SORTS of emotionally related effects, not just 'hatred".

                  There were some beautiful books written by Mantak Chia on the taoist or oriental ideas of organs and emotion. Probably there is something to it. They have a whole system associating colors, emotions, the five elements and so on. Its a system that seems to work, like ayurveda. But then, the Indian and Chinese have DIFFERENT colors and elements. In the end, it seems that the humors, the five elements and all that stuff are not easily matched to the scientific unraveling of nature.

                  The best is to keep an open mind, try to find the connections, if there are any, but not to believe without question or proof. Your mind is already fixed. You are certain. Others make that…

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    others make that mistake too. Just like the nuclear health physicists have been simple minded..and, well, wrong about a lot of radiation and biology, so the esoteric, spiritual or new age concepts are bound to be found incorrect. In fact, science has delivered a fatal blow to philosophy…all of your assumed ideas of philosophy. Time is not the river upon which all those anthropocentric ideas are based. Karma, life after death, all of it…they are ideas of an ape man looking through the pin hole of his pupil into the unknown, trying to make sense of something in a way that includes him and his suffering dreams as an important player with a purpose. Hyuk yuk yuk….jokes on us

                    • Isthmus

                      Code I am only here to tell the truth. I have lived a very subjective life, for instance, once I was free diving, setting a stern anchor and passed out before getting to the surface, found myself at surface opened eyes and knew I was a wounded animal. So I kind of dog paddled to shore, pulled myself up on a rock, coughing water and my hearing switched off light a light switch, my vision became perfect, it was a very, very ugly experience, now I know why the bible says fear no evil, it was very black energy as my body was dead, but I didn't go anywhere .

                    • Isthmus

                      Code I'm being censored here

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Isthmus, but how do you know that what you studied is the truth? Did you study Kundalini? Maybe prana yoga with the 53 nadis and the tri mode caduceus? Maybe you studied the accupuncture meredian system…or Randolph Stone and polarity therapy…or maybe youre just a run of the mill reiki 'master'. Maybe you read up on Chopra, or maybe you wandered the back roads of China, picking up on taoist secrets of the dantien, the chi, circular orbit breathing…or maybe you just read new age stuff from the book store. Did you see how many chakras there are? A LOT more than seven. Did you look at Leadbeater? Notice that Pierrakos' chakras are not Leadbeaters and those are not at all like the tibetans? Did you ever ask yourself HOW WHY and what PROOF you have that your belief system…and thats what it is…a belief…is THE RIGHT ONE? I will take a shot in the dark here….I dont think its the right one. I think a neon sign transformer will blow you clean off your feet, and any of the high voltage transmission lines will kill you door knob dead in an instant. I think if you look at the sun at noon you will have eye damage….and on and on and on.

                  • Isthmus

                    Code handling energy does not have a limit. Again, if a scientist says something is impossible, then they discredit themselves. I have done some very strange things, The ability to handle energy can be monumental, and that's an understatement, Interesting that the dawn is always at 3AM . If you can increase your spiritual horse power, you will find that you wake up at exactly at 3AM, I don't do it very often and don't ask me about daylight saving time, there are harmonics to this, like April 1, beginning of third month of the year . Say A it's counscious, say a it's the unconscious version, like uh, notice on tv they say taday, dumbing us down .

            • Isthmus

              Razz What you may have missed is the Trauma, the very second a trauma happens, the total recording in the trauma goes below the conscious mind, it becomes more content of the animal mind and stays there until the body dies, yes it's a liability because when any of the original content appears any later in life, that similar content triggers negative energy in the incident to inflict it into the organ or gland involved, and by the way, if your female it's because your female hormones were created by traumas of losses, and if your male it's because your male hormones were created by impacts, both types of traumas are polar opposites in this two terminal universe. There's a whole world of knowledge that people haven't been exposed to, hope they never make me go to school again, I don't drink, but I'll drink to that .

              • razzz razzz

                Isthmus: Don't think we're that far apart in opinion. Lots of people lack direction and are three sheets to the wind in life. Then there are actual maladies in need of correction or oversight being institutionalize or not. Thinking one way or being able to think a certain way is not always possible on a continuous basis. Trauma can reorient sometimes, not always or you can relapse to a former self.

                Shock therapy is meant to erase (permanently?) very short term memory and restore basic instincts, temporarily erasing feelings/thinking ex. anxieties. In fact nowadays, for electric shock treatments, they give you a strong sedative so you won't bite your tongue off or thrash around then they shock you usually at the temples during any number of sessions. It is quite the in thing to do even if you don't suffer any real mental problems which it is meant for.

                'The Sickness' [bipolar]

                'The Cure'

                • Dazy Dazy

                  Between electric shock 'therapy', all the drugs they gave her and the helpful helpfulness of the shrinks, they turned my sister's brain to so much mush they had to scoop a bunch of it out a few years ago so she's walking around with much of her brains missing. Tried to save her from them, couldn't.

                  Best not to do the shock therapy.

                • Isthmus

                  Razz The problem with me is I know too much and most of it has been subjective, I'd leave reality behind if I told you what I know, but I feel responsible when I see here a desire to know what I know, so it's baby steps for now. There was a girl from Toronto Ca. Married and came by herself to get help in LA, she had a problem with constant twitching around her eyes, very distorted face, nerves wouldn't stay still. A big intelligent German lady came to me and said "I'm going to find out what's wrong with her. Two hours later saw the girl and her face had completely relaxed, her beauty had increased, wow. The story was what had happened to her when she was 1 year old, she was set on a couch to watch TV, they were trying to rope a horse,

                  • Isthmus

                    So being that young, 1 year old, she was still able to act as a spirit, and she went into the TV screen, and didn't see the horse that she wanted to save and came out, but they were still trying to rope the horse, she went in again, no horse, the third time she went in she got the cathode tube right in her vision, then back in the body. I heard of another girl that was given a lobotomy for similar troubles with her eyes, scary world of humans .

              • Isthmus

                Code Recently have had whole paragraph removed, computer hacked several times, so I'll try. Kundalini, Hindus have a red mark where the pineal gland resides, after I had a Kundalini experience I had a red blotch between and higher than my eyes for several weeks, it seemed to fade away, the environment is filled with dark energy, probably from people broadcasting it, yes it can go out a great distance, it's ok to not know everything about that I just keep keeping on.

    • StPaul, so you are calling me fucking stupid?

      I am going to have to go find a safe space….

      Funny how those who think they hold the high moral ground, are so blatantly horrible to half of the population. I guess you could call it a "basket case"

      • Isthmus

        Code Is it permissible that I can remember the doctor pulling me out by the neck, If I'm not like most people then that scares them, but if your all the same how are you going to advance, look at humans still using electric shock, those poor people weren't ready for that, When you say I can't handle this and that electrical, your evaluating what I can do, so it's seriousness that makes you believe that, very normal assumption. I had a motorcycle crash into solid rock at 16, and popped out of my body and realized I never die. Nobody had told me about this. I once was above my body while walking and it scared me and immediately was back looking normal. Anyway handling energy is how much of the force you can use, which is how Alive you are, seen as dimensions, which are part of Chakras, and the colors are very illuminating in brilliance, sorry no links.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Isthmus, apparently everything is permissible. For my taste, there is a big difference between saying you can handle anything or saying your spirit can handle anything…because obviously you CANT handle a fatal dose of electricity or being run over by a train etc etc. Your body…can your body survive being run over by a train? The rest is interesting, and a valuable first person account of consciousness existing outside of the physical body, the very crux of all spiritual quests. But in my long life Ive seen so much delusion. Even in the people that had super powers, like being able to read thoughts or light bulbs, see inside your body etc. Even those people were deluded, despite the abilities. Ive known other people who have left their body and looked back at it. But even there…they werent actually dead physically. Life, 'self' and death, spirituality, these are all concepts people take for granted. Maybe when you peel off the layers, starting with the body, evaporate the water back to the atmosphere, the minerals back to earth, the persona goes back to the primal forces that created it, and now 'spirit' if there is a disembodied spirit, perhaps if you peel away its association with individuality…it dissolves into whatever the primal bindu is…and essentially you have nothing left. No time, no space, no self etc. The wise ones were very specific on this point; its all delusion. But, again, I wouldnt make the wild assumption that the body can handle…

        • Jebus Jebus

          Humans are an hallucinogenic species.

          In my mind, anything can happen.

          It's really to bad we are not more Earth centric.

          Because of humans, anything can happen.

          Nothing to do with the finite physical reality of life…

        • Jebus Jebus

          Just think if each and every one of us could wrap our minds around just how very far away and alone, we all are…

        • SadieDog

          Isthmus, What color is hot?

    • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

      St. Paul, try to focus on antinuclearism instead of allowing yourself to self trigger some type of CNN Fake News inspired Trump rant. Hitlery was all about nuclear so know that. She is also a treasonous liar who put US in danger by covering up the massive fallout from Fukushima. Killary approved that massive sale of US uranium to Russia. Killary is in bed with Toshiba and Westinghouse nuclear. All these politicians become more or less corrupted by the nuclear cartel. Hitlery was ULTRA CORRUPTED so know that we are lucky to have gotten the lesser evil choice in Trump. Move forward with stopping nuclear.
      Ban reactors forever.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

        It was Obama and the NRC which approved the sale of uranium to Russia.


        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

          “…Final approval was given by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which noted that the mines would remain under the control of U.S. subsidiaries. ‘Neither Uranium One nor ARMZ [the Russian firm] holds an NRC export license, so no uranium produced at either facility may be exported,’ the NRC said. (Some uranium yellowcake is extracted, processed in Canada and returned to the United States.)

          “We asked the Trump campaign for evidence that Clinton or the State Department had more of a role in the deal than any of the eight other member agencies of CFIUS, and did not receive a response….”

        • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

          US State Dept under control of Hitlery had to approve the sale of Uranium One to Rosatom (Russia). Killary's State Dept approved the sale of US uranium to Russia AFTER they shook down the Ruskies for a bunch of $$$.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            Its not wrong for Hillary to make deals with Russia and Japan about nuclear poison, whats wrong…you see…is for a Russian to leak the info through Assange….thats when it ruins democracy!

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

            That is all totally untrue. The money a Russian paid to the Clinton Foundation happened before she was even Secretary of State. Of the NINE agencies involved, the approval never reached as high as the secretary of state. And of those 9agencies, they didn't have any authority to approve the sale. The NRC and Obama had the final approval.

            And nothing was sold to the Russians anyway. The company as part of NAFTA was allowed to run the Wyoming mine for the US, but no uranium is allowed to be exported anywhere outside of the US.

            No Secretary of State makes any decisions or deals. Only a president with the approval of his advisors and other party officials can authorize any deals.
            Anyway, Hillary is not president. And the past doesn't excuse any mistakes Trump makes.

            This is what I meant when I said the way Republicans make excuses for themselves for present action. They point to the past as wrong, and then say that they get to be extremely corrupt and treasonous even though it didn't happen in the past. Stop scapegoating Hillary and own up to the treason and corruption of the present president, the only one who keeps his businesses and doesn't sell them off into a blind trust. Neither Obama nor anyone else in the previous administration (Hillary wasn't even in the administration for 5 years) tried to stop an investigation of wrong doing. There weren't even any charges of wrong doing.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

              And as for the email account of Hillary's many of Trump's team use private emails now.

              • Hey people; did you know that Clinton is now a PRIVATE CITIZEN, just like Obama?

                Unless you believe she is running the government and controlling the Russians now, the focus is on Republicans and Trump, who are in CHARGE now, totally.

                Republicans will either fix what Obama did wrong, or they make things worse. They have no one to shift the blame to anymore.

                Which way is it going?



                Why won't any Republicans get on TV anymore to defend Trump and his firing of Comey?

                CNN "President Donald Trump bragged to two top Russian officials last week that firing "nut job" FBI Director James Comey eased "great pressure" on him, The New York Times reported Friday.

                "I just fired the head of the FBI. He was crazy, a real nut job," Trump said, according to the Times. "I faced great pressure because of Russia. That's taken off."

                Trump's Oval Office meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian Ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak came one day after Comey was fired.

                Doesn't that sound like a completely guilty guy, trying to take the 'pressure' off?

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  which president was good? Which one put the environment first, worked for the people instead of large corporations, insurance companies, big drug, chemical, agribiz and bankers? Which one?

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                    Well I just voted for Bernie Sanders to be the Democratic nominee and Dr. Jill Stein to be president. Neither one accepted any campaign money from corporations or special interests. Both were environmentalists, against fracking and against nuclear energy. And both were for single payer health insurance.

                    • Jill Stein put her money into dirty energy.

                      "According to the financial disclosure form she filed with the United States Office of Government Ethics on March 30, 2016, and the first two pages of her 2015 federal tax return, Stein and her husband, Richard Roher have profited from investments in mutual funds that support big multinationals including Exxon, Chevron, JP Morgan Chase and Pfizer.

                      While Stein may profess to be against the Dakota Access pipeline, she has invested up to US$2.2 million in energy companies like Chevron, responsible for the disastrous oil spill in the Ecuadorean Amazon rainforest, via the Vanguard 500 FUND.

                      The Green Party leader is also a vocal opponent of Wall Street yet her investment portfolio shows she has up to US$2.65 million invested in funds such as the TIAA-CREF Equity Index, which has significant holdings in Wells Fargo Bank, an international banking firm accused of abusing U.S. whistleblowing laws and funding the Dakota Access pipeline."


                      Stein has between $500,004 to $1,100,000 invested in funds that maintain significant stakes in Phillip Morris International.

                      She has between $50,001-$100,000 invested in a fund that has Raytheon Corp., which is the fourth largest defense contractor in the world and derives 90 percent of its revenue from military contracts and manufactures drone systems.

                    • ya Kelly, I lost all respect for Stein after she took whatever 2 bit bribes the DNC offered her to show her "support for Hillary" after she was out of it.

                      Almost NONE of them are "working for our common good", almost ZERO

                  • Its All True Its All True

                    Stock – William Henry Harrison?

                    • it All True,
                      Ya, the only "good" president is the one that only lasted a month in office, LOL

                      Did you have a specific point

                • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                  It is always much more pleasurable when someone you like and voted for fucks you over. It is the way things work. 😆

                  Now, democrats have to take it like they gave it, and sadly, they are poor sports and mostly sissy acting, crying about everything they are screwed over with, mostly from their own party.

                  Why? Because most of it was a lie.

                  Cry me a river, quite entertaining. 😆

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    Makes no difference whom is in there..Americans are screwed either way.

                    Capitalism always guarantees a few winners and lots of losers..why they designed the pyramid the way they did and slapped it on our dollar bill.

                  • HoTaters HoTaters

                    To everyone posting about politics here, please take it the off-topic Forum. Please.

                    The discussion has derailed the thread.

                    Have scrolled through about 100 posts and NONE of them are related to the article or subject here.


                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      Okay so let's see, how is japanese/us/other government and very close relations with government agencies related to nuclear crap not related to politics?

                      You will really have to appeal to the site owner…

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      To Anne, Code,

                      I've been doing grounding for about 10 years.

                      Plowboy Grown Up also does grounding and I think suggests having the feet in contact with soil for 30 minutes or more daily.

                      We have grounded tile floors inside our house, and sometimes cement porches are grounded.

                      We also use grounding sheets, and they seem to have improved our sleep.

                      Having contact with soil, or being in the water daily is best.

                • Isthmus

                  Yes Dr. If we assume that, it might make an ass out of you and me. ASS U ME – ASSUME .

              • Isthmus

                Dr. Ann Last year I saw a Hillary email – Hours after 3/11 in Japan by Wikileaks . Hillary talked of never mind the radiation in the rice, we can't upset the stock market, Hillary is evil. I only buy rice grown here in US .

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                  But Trump hasn't changed that policy. Hillary did things for the environment when she was a senator for the state of NY. She would never have allowed the oil pipelines from Canada. And she was for adding environmental protections to NAFTA to benefit the US. And in 2008 she said that there should be no more nuclear energy without solving the problem of nuclear waste [which will never be solved].

                  Trump has never done anything for the environment. He is giving Alaska away to foreign energy companies. Hillary would never have done that.

                  Hillary fought to get all ingredients listed on pesticides and herbicides.

                  She would never have destroyed Medicaid or Obamacare. And she is not a racist or a mysogynist. She did win the popular vote by almost 3,000,000 votes, so the majority of Americans agree with me that she is or was the better candidate. She would never have given huge tax breaks to wealthy and increased taxes on the poor, especially the single heads of households with children living in poverty. And she is extremely well educated and would know what the majority of people want.

                  Under her husband, the budget was balanced.

                  I didn't vote for her, but my state did vote for her, so my vote didn't hurt her.

                  She always released her taxes for public scrutiny.

                  Trump had 75 ongoing lawsuits when he assumed office. He creates his own problems. The only book he read is Hitler's speeches. Racism and misogyny are evil and against the Constitution…

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                    and are unAmerican. His campaign was extremely evil and his executive orders destroying the environment are evil. And people whose annual incomes are over 1 million don't need tax breaks which they got under Bush. It isn't compassion to give them more money.

                    How is America great if 1/2 of the children live in poverty. It isn't greatness to take medical care away and to take the food out of their mouths. That is extremely great evil.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                    Robert Kennedy Jr. said that he first supported Bernie Sanders. But he second supported Hillary because she had done great things in the past and was capable of doing great things in the future.

                    Many other great people supported Hillary: John Grisham, Richard North Patterson, most people of color, etc. Many Christians were also totally against Trump.

                    What we should be discussing are the actions of Trump in office. Are you for the huge cuts in the environmental clean up? Are you for his proposed budget? He is making deep cuts to social programs in order to increase by many billions military spending? Are you a war monger? Also do you want the 1% wealthy elite to take money from the children living in poverty? Are you for Trump's illegal bombing in Syria? Do you support his taking taxpayer money to enrich himself? Do you support his receiving of foreign bribes and his enriching himself whenever a foreign dignitary stays at one of his hotels? Do you support his disregard of the Constitution and his obstruction of justice?

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      Report: Donald Trump notified that House committee has begun impeachment process

                      Sat May 20, 2017
                      “…the earliest stages of the impeachment process have begun, and Trump was notified before he departed….

                      ” That’s the word from liberal political pundit Claude Taylor and conservative political pundit Louise Mensch, who despite being subjected ongoing dishonest personal attacks from news outlets who have been late to the story, have repeatedly demonstrated that their inside sources are valid. According to a joint statement from the pair (link), the House Judiciary Committee is now in the process of considering Articles of Impeachment, and as a result the Supreme Court has notified Donald Trump that he cannot pardon his alleged co-conspirators in his scandal….”

                      Articles of Impeachment for Donald J. Trump
                      A first draft of an impeachment bill for the president.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      NYC's De Blasio: 'Children Will Die' Because of Trump's Budget

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      Republicans give Trump's budget the cold shoulder

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      2 Anne, a quote, please explain:

                      "Do you support his taking taxpayer money to enrich himself? Do you support his receiving of foreign bribes and his enriching himself whenever a foreign dignitary stays at one of his hotels? Do you support his disregard of the Constitution and his obstruction of justice?"

                      Do you have any links for these assertions?

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      AArladsue have put up links for all those points.

                      Right now, I'm extremely tired working on my garden. I still have plants that I ordered in Feb. online that came bare root that I have to plant.

                      I have about 7 or more plum trees that started in one of my greenhouses from plums that fell from a tree before I built the greenhouse.

                      If I find the links, you won't believe the info anyway. Or you will complain about the news source.

                      Haven't you and Code exchanged comments in Slovenian?

                      People who are so pro-Russian are extremely blinded.

                      I'm really ashamed to be commenting on a website with people who are so pro-Russian and so pro-Trump.

                      I find people who lack of compassion for the poor totally inhumane.

                      When Republicans, and there are already some, fear that they won't be reelected because of Trump, they will impeach him. My arguments with you obviously fall on very deaf ears.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      TYPO: I already have

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      Matthew 25:35-40King James Version (KJV)
                      35 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:
                      36 Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.
                      37 Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink?
                      38 When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee?
                      39 Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee?
                      40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

                  • Isthmus

                    DR. Ann About 3 weeks after New York 9/11, Bill Clinton was on National TV and he said with a chuckle in his voice, that it was America's fault, yes when this nation was still in shock seeing the towers come down and the person jumping out the window to his death, Bill Clinton could laugh about what happened, that's a cold, cold heart, I was shocked and outraged at his moment of insanity.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      Clinton's father was a Rockefeller.

                      But let's also remember that 9/11 happened when Bush was president.

                  • As Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton failed as a diplomat and ordered the assassination of Gaddafi. She wanted fun credit for Libya – it's in the Wikileaks. She laughed about his death. Meanwhile NATO dropped Depleted Uranium weapons into the aquifer that provided fresh water to all of Africa via an underground river that took 40 years to build at a cost of $35 billion NOT funded by the IMF, World Bank or Rothschilds.

                    She killed one of the few world leaders committed to organic farming and women's rights. He wanted a commodities-based African currency. He was a treat to US imperialism and the global banks. He wanted to get rid if the US dollar as a valuation for OPEC. She killed him. She laughed about it. The Secretary of Stare failed at diplomacy, assassinated a world leader and got a US ambassador sodomized and murdered to cover up the illegal arms that the US supplies to ISIS. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Truth.


                    This video of the underground river sums it up well – all the way to the NATO bombing the critical infrastructure, which is a war crime, by the way.

                    • In all of the Wikileaks, there is not one in which he or HRC express and concern for the American people, the environment or anyone but themselves. Her staff used her for access but they didn't think highly of her personality or intellect. No concern about Fukushima, either. No concern about he BP blowout in the Gulf, which was a failure under Obama's watch. Matt Simmons mysteriously died, too. Now it appears that the Seth Rich murder can be traced directly to the DNC.

                      Hillary lost because she is an evil, lying, murderous psychopath. The Wikileaks show that her staff and donors thought she was a weak, pathetic, sick candidate. And the people she surrounded herself with – John and Tony Podesta, are the most disgusting pedophiles. Google their art collections of traumatized children who appear to have been raped and tortured that are prominently displayed in Tony's living room and photographed by many. And then there is the fact that both men were in Portugal three blocks away from a house the night a little girl was kidnapped. The police sketches are dead ringers for the Podestas. Their exact likeness is indisputable. Bill Clinton went to Epstein's private Lolita Island numerous times, and HRC went there 5 times.

                      These are not people who would do anything better than Trump. And for Trump, it was obvious when he was at the WH meeting Obama that a spokesman for the PTB had just briefed him on how the game will be played. If he resists, he will lose it all.

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      Thank you, Kelly Ann. Western Governments and intelligence agencies have a habit of doing away with people who don't march in lockstep with the OECD agenda.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      Hillary was never president and she never will be. She is not part of the shadow government and she never will be. She is a convenient scapegoat for the people who make the decisions. A patriarchal society loves to scapegoat a woman. Just listen to Trump's irrational campaign rallies. Whoever wrote his speeches and one liners appealed to the worst in society.

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      Sorry M(R)(S) Maziar, don't try and pull that. She has been involved with a lot of bullshit, including Trump, BillyBoy, Watergate scandal, Haiti, board of directors for Monsanto (along with Donald Rumsfeld), Libya, Syria, etc.

                      Oh and just like you, she's a robot.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      Haven't you seen the youtube of Hillary spaking to the Council of Foreign Relations? She thanks them for telling the politicians what they should do.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      Hillary Clinton admits the CFR gives the Orders

                  • HoTaters HoTaters

                    Did you see this, FM? The US has rejected GMO rice. To the best of my knowledge, it isn't accepted in the world market. Are you sure about this? (From Wikipedia, your link.)

                    "As of December 2012 GM rice was not widely available for production or consumption.[5] Advocates claim that since rice is a staple crop across the world, improvements have potential to alleviate hunger, malnutrition and poverty.[6]"

                  • HoTaters HoTaters

                    I have been a member of an Organic and Non-GMO consumers group for over 10 years. Have been receiving the Organic and Non-GMO report for the same amount of time. Was one of the early adopters.

                    Please get your facts straight and don't publish outdated information. It's a form of fear-mongering, and it is very deceptive.

                  • HoTaters HoTaters

                    This is a trustworthy source of information on all things Organic and non-GMO:


                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      For everything you always wanted to know about GMO products:


                      Bill Gates can push for "golden rice" all he wants. People are pushing back.

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      " Faced with failure, GM seed companies are merging and cross-licensing their seeds and traits to stay viable. Soon three agrochemical and seed giants – Bayer/Monsanto; ChemChina/Syngenta; and Dow/Dupont – will own over 70% of all commercial crop seed globally, including all GM varieties.

                      'It's time to accept that Genetically Manipulated crops have stalled and to move on," Mr Phelps concludes.' "

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      GRRRR, don't get me started.


                      March Against Monsanto 2017

                      Genetically Modified Golden Rice: 15 Years of Failure
                      By Nick Meyer On November 9, 2015

                      "Despite the cover of TIME magazine proclaiming a decade and a half ago, 'This rice could save a million kids a year' and the project having been launched as far back as 1985, golden rice still is not ready, as is clear from the revealing collection of quotes (read here).

                      And it’s important to emphasize that this delay is entirely down to over-promising and failure to deliver and not, as the likes of Patrick Moore like to claim, due to push back from golden rice’s critics.

                      The New York Times reporter Amy Harmon, who has reported sympathetically on golden rice, confirms that she has never seen any convincing evidence activism has significantly delayed the production of Golden Rice."

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      Shit sorry dude, I didn't see the responses. Too much crap.



                      In the summer of 2006, the USDA detected trace amounts of LibertyLink variety 601 in rice shipments ready for export. LL601 was not approved for food purposes.[24] Bayer applied for deregulation of LL601 in late July and the USDA granted deregulation status in November 2006.[25] The contamination led to a dramatic dip in rice futures markets with losses to farmers who grew rice for export.[24] Approximately 30 percent of rice production and 11,000 farmers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Texas were affected.[24] In June 2011 Bayer agreed to pay 750 million dollars in damages and lost harvests.[24] Japan and Russia suspended rice imports from the U.S., while Mexico and the European Union imposed strict testing. The contamination occurred between 1998 and 2001.[26] The exact cause of the contamination was not discovered."


                      So, they tell you it's non-GMO, I dunno, I have my doubts. How do you verify that? Trust omission?

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      Anyway, I don't mean to demonize your sentiment but I don't trust anything.

                • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                  Btw, the soy, afaik, is more like 90-95% GMO crap. But hey, who'd mention progesterone?

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              the U.S. has been selling uranium, enriched uranium, plutonium and other radioactive stuff to
              Euratom, Russian Federation, Canada Japan and Taiwan


            • Isthmus

              DR. ANN I need to remind you that there's a devastating amount of Nuclear weapons aimed at us, and you better hope Trump gets it right, anyone that contributes to his troubles only lessens his ability, that's the real world . Can't say otherwise .

              • DUDe DUDe

                The whole system needs a reboot..no individual on the symbolic wheel can be of any good if the rest of the selfaware + distance controlled machine don't change..start with kicking the foreign agents out of it..

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                Trump is an actor. The military or/and the shadow government will be making all the decisions. American presidents are just the scapegoats for those who make the decisions.

                • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                  So explain, why was Hillary such a pandering bitch to guys like Kissinger and even worse, the CFR? Come on, she was on the board of directors for Monsanto. Get around that, go for it.

                  Why would you appeal to admonition with sycophantic gesturing if not a measure of complicity?

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                    Trump has already met 3 times with Kissinger.

                    The story now is the illegal take over of Neocons. It is the present and the future now that matter. Dwelling on failed politicians of the past is a waste of time and a deflection as to what is now happening in the world.

                    Don’t forget Richard Perle.

                    Neocon Invasion of Team Trump Fully Underway

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                    I'm not peddling the Hegelian dialect. That is what you have just put into you propaganda mix. Republicans always tar every discussion by accusing anyone who is not a fascist as if they are a Communist. This technique was used by Richard Nixon from his first foray into politics.

                    Yet it is the Republicans who get the most money from corporate welfare and welfare to the most wealthy. They privatize the profits and socialize the risks.

                    This is seen in the attempt to resurrect Yucca Mountain. Every nuclear energy owner should bear the responsibility for the failures of nuclear energy. They should pay for every person who gets cancer from nuclear energy and all the other diseases caused by their energy.

                    The latest budget proposal asks for "compassion" for the very wealthy. They would have no money if they weren't conning millions and receiving the benefit of many laws which give then tax loopholes. Greed isn't pretty. And the propaganda which supports that greed is even uglier. Modified capitalism is far removed from Communism.

                    So own up that it is you who are promoting a Hegelian dialect.

                    It really hit a nerve when I mentioned a patriarchal society. The US has also used the meme of racism to control the masses. Racism is a great way for Republicans to deflect their motives and methods to divide and conquer.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      And all the people promoting pro-Russian propaganda are those who love fascism and Communism and the reign of very rich oligarchs and privilege of the 1%.

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      Actually you didn't hit a nerve, you've been incredibly deflective and tried to polarize.

                      You've ignored, you're confused, you've used omission.

                      You continually argue as if the "conservatives" are the only problem, the very same polarizing sentiment the "liberals" try to project.

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      "And all the people promoting pro-Russian propaganda are those who love fascism and Communism and the reign of very rich oligarchs and privilege of the 1%."

                      Isn't Bernie Sanders openly quite socialist and in favour of government delegation? How about Jill Stein selling out? How about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton and their associations with Russia?

                      Ever seen a proxy war? Because I have seen quite a few.

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      I thought you were looking for a messiah, sheep?

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      As you should know, there will be no compassion for the "wealthy" ponzi schemists.

                      Regardless of the Pope or leftist (or "right") dealings and appeals for acceptance.

                      We are not equal.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      I'm not looking for a messiah. I found Jesus at an early age. If you are looking for Jesus, you can find him in your heart. God has ultimate control over the earth. We are all sojourners on this earth. The only lasting kingdom is in heaven.

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      Remind me of how you were ignorant of a direct reply linking to a song named gamma knife and claimed to not be able to find it.

                      What you found was supposed "freemasonry", I know, I was born into protestant culture. They talk crap all the time. But I guess it's a bit too threatening for you to be able to deal with.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      People whose income every years is $1,000,000. already have enough to eat, enough medical care, and enough shelter. Why do they need "compassion" To buy another jet, to give lavish parties, to buy another mansion?

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      "Why do they need "compassion" To buy another jet, to give lavish parties, to buy another mansion?"

                      Well I dunno, because they won't get any, ask Jill Stein and George Soros, maybe Bill Gates' or Rockefeller (oh wait he's dead right?) "philanthropy".

                      You continually miss the point, these "people" are genocidal sociopaths. They sell land you never owned, you delegate rights you were never allowed in their systems, away to them.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      There are many different Protestant churches and there are many differences. Do you read the Bible. There is no freemasonry in the Bible. There are supposed to be some masons who pastor some churches, but those pastors are not teaching the Bible.

                      That is the problem with lumping everyone into a single label.

                      And this is all off-topic and another deflection from the horrible deaths caused by the nuclear industry.

                      Why threaten me with a gamma knife. I found the lyrics and right next to them it explains how a gamma knife is used in cutting out brain tumors. And I never saw your link the first time to a song. I don't read every comment on this blog.

                      I your better half pro-Nuke also?

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      I absolutely don't read the "freemasonic" bibles.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      Are you my fat stalker that I haven't seen since December except for yesterday on a bike 2 blocks from my house? That person certainly didn't emote any kind feelings.

                      Praying that someone will become a Christian is giving some the gift of life.

                      You know who many of the bloggers are on this website. But I have no knowledge at all. All I wish for is that people will find life, truth, peace, and joy.

                      Go with grace.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Sad ..isn't it?
                      The wealthy have long ago, have taken the 'cream off the top'.
                      The masses, based in Human greed, by promotion and propaganda are taught that life should look like the self-indulgent material laden existence of the wealthy,
                      no matter unattainable.

                      Silly ..like a farm girl trying to bunch her dress about her to pretend to be princess.

                      Humans live vicariously though those they idolize.
                      Leaving their personal lives vacant.

                      I personally ..don't care if a person is wealthy or poor.
                      We instruct our children against envy..

                      But ..if we live in a country ..that truly imbibes 'freedom and liberty for all'.
                      Wealth should not effect the vote.

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      Well, I live in south africa, I barely eat. I weight about 150 lbs (probably less, people tell me to eat more and that they're "worried"). So, I'm guessing I'm not your fat stalker.

                      Maybe you should look at your "fellow" americans, for a clue.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      Bernie Sanders is a Demoratic Socialist. Fascism and Communism are dictatorships. Capitalism and Socialism are democracies. There is no pure capitalism in existence. When oligarchies run things, it is no longer a democracy, but fascism.

                      If Bernie Sanders were president there would not be a dictatorship because of the Constitution. We have seen how dictator Trump can't run the US as a dictatorship. If he keeps wanting to be a dictator, he will be impeached and then voted by the Senate out of office. Local governments still have a say in governing the US. The federal government is not the only governing entity in the US.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Typo.. of course.. "through' those they idolize.
                      Their lives are, your lives ..type thing.

                      The wealthy are leaders in the temporal.
                      A 'cautionary 'tale..

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      So, still with the hegelian dialectic.


                      Couldn't search for that.

                      Nice try though. My sober "friends" are surprised at my memory.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      So, FM, why did you accuse me of killing your better half. I haven't a clue as to what you are talking about. I'm not a war monger, and I didn't vote for any war mongers.

                      It is you that is pro-Nuke. I'm trying to get ride of nuclear energy, uranium mining and enrichment, and nuclear weapons.

                      I work continually to keep everyone alive including you and your better half, but especially all the children of the world.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      TYPO: rid [not ride]

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      How hard is it to understand that as soon as try delegate your rights away, you have no rights, as a leftist?

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      "I work continually to keep everyone alive including you and your better half, but especially all the children of the world"

                      What a load of crap. You call me pro-nuke even though I've bitched to my national fisheries council members about that. Even though I've bitched about Fukushima and nuclear garbage for a few years. Even though you're in denial about clinton and obama's support of nuclear crap, etc.

                      See, I don't need your vote, you can call me whatever.

                      Go on, piss me off some more.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      By the way, Frank, I really appreciated the article you posted on mutant rice. I read all 4 pages. I ate some rice and organic tofu last week and got sick and immediately gained 6 pounds.

                      They say that 80% of soybeans are GMOs so even the organic soybeans have been tainted with GMOs. They use petunias in the GMO soybeans. And petunias are a nightshade. So another food I have to cut out.

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      My accusation of you trying to kill my other half is related to yourattempts to propagate the polarizing hegelian dialectic. Certainly not just yours, either.

                      I do have "family", whom I sincerely hate.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      Farthington MacMananus
                      May 22, 2017 at 10:34 am

                      “…Yeah, I'm pro-nuke, still gonna gamma knife you, but I won't use a NPP for that….”

                      I don't have time to argue with someone so drunk he doesn't know what he is saying.

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      I should get some ghost chilli again.

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      "I don't have time to argue with someone so drunk he doesn't know what he is saying."

                      Or, I know exactly what it is I'm saying, and you're too full of shit to acknowledge that say, Hillary Clinton was on the board of directors of Monsanto.

                      At least the rat poison will kill her.

    • Its All True Its All True

      stpaulscout the stupid fucking democrat voters are responsible for Trump being president. Mr. Ed or Joe Stalin could have beat Trump. but no, they have to have the one person in the world that looks worse than Trump. Global Mass Insanity, infuckingdeed…

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      My, I seem to have touched a nerve. Anyone that voted for Trump is an idiot, in my opinion. We can all talk again after he is impeached. And FYI True, it would be 'MEGA FOOL' not 'MAGA', You're stupidity and in-breeding is starting to show…..

  • 😐

    I used to be amazed at the lack of ANY factual realistic content in reports about Nuclear Issues. Not so much any more.

    It's always either elusive or VAGUEly contradictory!!!

    from above: ➡

    "hot, boiling radioactive and chemically contaminated waste"
    (if it's boiling, it's steaming, where is it venting and how much?)

    "higher than expected readings…"
    (Okay, how much, please specify in Sieverts or CPM)

    "might have become airborne…"
    (It either did or didn't, there is no room for assumptions when it comes to radiation measurements.)

    I don't like it when 'others' make decisions about my safety without showing me the actual numbers (detector readings). There ARE numbers. We never get to see those numbers and that, IMO, is morally wrong, unjust and negligent.

    The story remains the same. Officials call for studies, billions of dollars get spent, nothing really gets done, ever, because nothing really can be done, but they cannot admit that and they never will.
    – simple summary 🙂

  • There is no more bigly and bestest science than Trump's science; pro fossil fuel, pro nuclear and anti renewable energy. Trump denies global warming.

    Onwards to the cliff, lets all jump! The law of gravity will also soon be declared as 'fake new', or so the rumor goes.

  • Largest Wind Turbine In The World, List Of Ten Largest Wind Turbine Manufacturers, Largest Capacity, Tallest, Highest Elevation, Most Rotors, Most Productive, Largest Floating, Wind Turbine Accidents

    As the rest of the world moves ahead into wind and solar, the US is moving backwards into DIRTY, TOXIC, RADIOACTIVE, DEADLY, coal, oil, and nuclear, thanks to AntiScience Trump.

  • nirakenna

    People around nuke facilities need to get a copy of Sara shannon's book…Radiation Protective Foods. Good for all toxins we get exposed to every day because government no longer protecting the people…just corporate profits.


    Look over here, out of sight and in need of massive funds (with map of hanford and tank diagrams): "These big underground double-walled (and already beginning to fail) storage tanks contain enough radioactivity to utterly ruin the entire Pacific Northwest, and all waste combined at the Hanford Site, if not dealt with properly and timely, has the potential to practically render all of North America uninhabitable. The Hanford Site is among the most pressing challenges to be dealt with on this planet." In (May 2013) https://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/2013/05/30/the-hanford-site-holding-the-pacific-northwest-at-nuclear-gunpoint/

    Do not look over there, stay an mainstream news cue, cause… We wouldn't want more people to start asking what site is a lot hotter than boiling… (May 2017) @ https://wordpress.com/stats/post/7395/allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com

    Now go at it again, trolls: BURY THIS.

  • Wow I have tried about 12 times now to posts some links for Doc

    lets see if my text only makes it.


    Comments on how Trump voters have been fooled..

  • papacares papacares

    Hanford is a mess, there is now no fix. There possibly will never be a fix. What should be the next step? Are Portland/Vancouver and all other cities down river preparing for the inevitable? Is there word from people in the Tri-cities area being brought forth? What are the comparables of statistics over these 70 years?
    For you posters using this forum for political purposes. Best way to kill the message is make it political, but then you already know that. No elected politician will ever say no to nuke, as my dear old pappy used to say, "the United States has the best government money can buy".
    So get over it "Baizuo".
    Thank you to all who keep threads on topic, this phrase copied from the forum's topic is key, "the old weapons plant is falling apart"
    If memory serves me right no politician or religion to date has fixed it, so what is the precious agenda of posters attempting to divide this awesome collection of energy devoted activists? "Baizuo"

  • nyc

    Hanford tank leaks FAQ from the Washington State Dept of Ecology …


    "One double-shell tank (DST) AY-102, was first reported to be leaking in October 2012 …

    "One single-shell tank (SST) T-111, was first reported in February 2013. Note that 67 tanks leaked at least one million gallons in the past."

  • nyc

    This doc "Final Results of Double-Shell Tank 241-AN-105 Ultrasonic Inspection" includes details on the ultrasonic crawler and the inspection process …


    The crawler appears intended to test tank structural integrity (e.g. wall thickness), not radiation directly; contamination on the crawler itself was measured separately after the crawl, from what I gather so far …


    (Good background and overview on the tank farms in the article above)

  • Jebus Jebus

    The Legacy of Hanford – By Robert Alvarez – July 31, 2003

    Washington continues to evade responsibility for forty-seven years of contamination.

    In mid-October of 1805, after being saved from starvation by Indians, the exhausted Corps of Discovery led by Captains Lewis and Clark finally reached the Columbia River Basin–gateway to the Pacific. The success of their two-year quest to chart the nascent American Empire was now assured. As the powerful current pushed their canoes to the ocean, they entered the high sagebrush desert, teeming with deer, elk and wild horses. They were astonished by countless salmon, some weighing over 100 pounds, in the crystal clear water–more than in any river of the world…


    • Jebus Jebus

      According to Timothy Jarvis, a scientist then with the Energy Department’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, enough dangerous materials were dumped at Hanford to have “the potential to induce cancer in every person currently on the planet, 208 million times over.”


      • Terrible. Thanks for that, Jebus.

        • Jebus Jebus

          It's a long story. It is really the nuclear story.

          There are many tangents, but this, Hanford, was/is the dump.

          The Columbia.

          Please, follow up your research with the stories of a once great river.

          I have lived on this river my whole life.

          It was not only Hanford, or the Dams.

          It is the sum of the parts. And Hanford is a very large part given the actual lack of most of the river killing industry of most very large rivers, then or today. Especially back in 1940…

          Does anyone believe nuclear waste was not dumped into the Columbia River?

          Hanford has the very first nuclear waste.

          It is still counting, too…

    • HoTaters HoTaters


      "Meanwhile, the Hanford downwinders, whose legal battles against the federal government have been thwarted at every turn, continue to suffer. 'The people in this area have been forced into poverty, they fall through the cracks and they die,' says Kay Sutherland, who suffers from numerous cancers and has seen disease kill five members of her family. 'I am a Holocaust survivor of the American cold war.' ”

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Also from your link above, Jebus,

      "According to Timothy Jarvis, a scientist then with the Energy Department’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, enough dangerous materials were dumped at Hanford to have 'the potential to induce cancer in every person currently on the planet, 208 million times over.' "

  • Jebus Jebus

    And this is the DOE's vision going forward…


    The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Richland Operations Office (RL) has adopted the 2015 Vision for Cleanup of the Hanford Site. This vision will protect the Columbia River, reduce the Site footprint, and reduce Site mortgage costs.



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  • "…concerned it COULD BE A LEAK.." (emphasis mine).
    Are these people kidding?
    COULD BE a leak?

  • jackassrig

    Does anyone have a link to a drawing of the tanks? I have looked everywhere.

  • freebywill

    This is the EPA budget – supposed to be announced later today http://www.4cleanair.org/sites/default/files/Documents/EPA_FY18_Budget.pdf

  • rogerthat

    you can tell they are making real progress at fukushima:


    May 23, 2017
    Jiji Press

    TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc. will probe the inside of the containment vessel of the No. 3 reactor at its disaster-stricken Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant this summer, company officials said Monday.

    The aim of the move is to confirm the expected presence of melted nuclear fuel debris in the containment vessel.

    TEPCO explained the plan at a Nuclear Regulation Authority meeting on the decommissioning process of the Fukushima plant, which suffered a triple meltdown due to damage from the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

  • rogerthat


    Asian Review

    May 23, 2017
    Nuclear taxes get new lease on life after Fukushima
    Japanese local governments extending taxes on reactors into decommissioning

    OSAKA — Japanese prefectures with nuclear power plants are moving to ensure that utilities continue to shoulder a tax burden on reactors even as they are being decommissioned, dramatically raising the cost of cleanup efforts that can last 30 to 40 years.

    Five nuclear reactors have been approved for decommissioning since the 2011 meltdowns at Tokyo Electric Power Co. Holdings' Fukushima Daiichi plant. In each case, the host prefectural government has received approval from the ministry of internal affairs to apply a nuclear tax during decommissioning.

    Ehime Prefecture in western Japan, home to Shikoku Electric Power's Ikata nuclear power plant, has decided to change its ordinances by the fall to enable it to collect taxes on the plant's No. 1 reactor. Shikoku Electric decided last May to decommission the reactor and has applied to the Nuclear Regulation Authority for approval.

    The continued stream of tax revenue will help the Ehime government maintain evacuation routes and other facilities and safety measures until the reactor is fully dismantled and nuclear contamination risks eliminated. …

    • rogerthat

      Of the 13 prefectures that host reactors, only Fukushima does not levy a nuclear fuel tax. Prior to the disaster, most prefectures did not collect these taxes during periods when reactors were shut down for periodic inspections or other reasons. The handful of reactors marked for decommissioning before the disaster have not had their taxes extended.

      However, prolonged nuclear power plant shutdowns since Fukushima have prompted local governments to tax reactors based on output capacity even when they are idle to try to wring revenue out of idle units. The moves to extend taxes into decommissioning mark a further step.

      Ehime Prefecture's nuclear fuel tax generated 1.46 billion yen ($13.1 million) in revenues to the government in fiscal 2016, 264 million yen of which came from the inactive No. 1 unit at the Ikata power plant. The government seeks to collect at least half of the full amount during decommissioning.

      Fukui Prefecture, home to three reactors approved for decommissioning, expects to collect an annual 370 million yen in revenues from its revised nuclear tax, which comes to half of the standard level.

      With the country's nuclear regulator imposing an in-principle 40-year operating limit on reactors, decommissionings are expected to continue at a pace of one to two units a year. The costs of taking a reactor out of service and rendering the site safe are generally estimated at tens of billions of yen. The tax burden could add up to billions of yen per…

      • rogerthat

        reactor over the course of decommissioning.

        "While the taxes may have benefits for communities, if electric rates go up as utilities' costs rise, residents will also feel the burden," said Tatsujiro Suzuki, an authority on nuclear energy policy at Nagasaki University.

    • rogerthat

      March 4, 2017 1:30 pm JST
      For Japan, there's no escaping Fukushima Daiichi's shadow
      Six years on, nation gropes for viable energy policy as cleanup costs soar

      TOKYO — Nearly six years after a massive earthquake and tsunami crippled the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station, the catastrophe still looms large over Japan's energy policy.

      Most of the country's nuclear plants remain offline due to safety concerns. The finances of Tokyo Electric Power Co. Holdings — the operator of the ill-fated Fukushima facility — are in a shambles. Cleanup costs continue to mount, with no ceiling in sight.

      On the night of Feb. 16, footage from inside Fukushima Daiichi's No. 2 reactor containment vessel was beamed to Tepco's head office in Tokyo. It was captured by a robot nicknamed "scorpion," due to the camera on the tip of its tail, which can be pointed forward a la the arachnid.

      After moving forward about 2 meters, however, the robot became stuck in material deposits several centimeters thick. It was unable to approach its intended target: a spot just under the pressure vessel, where some melted nuclear fuel is suspected to have leaked through.

      Tepco hopes to decide this summer how to remove melted fuel from the plant, but as things stand, simply determining the location and quantity of the debris is a challenge.

      The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, which supervises the electric power industry, estimated at the end of last year that dealing with…

      • rogerthat

        the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster would cost 21.5 trillion yen ($190 billion). That figure, which covers decommissioning the reactors and compensating victims, is roughly double the 11 trillion yen METI estimated three years ago.

        The financially strapped utility will never be able to cover the costs on its own, and its straits may well grow more dire. Many experts say the costs will rise further.

        Decommissioning work alone — including the disposal of contaminated water — is now estimated at 8 trillion yen, up from an earlier projection of 2 trillion yen. If the costs continue to swell, Japan's consumers could pay a heavy price.

        Forget "cheap" energy

        Meanwhile, the central government is still urging the heads of local governments to approve reactor restarts in their communities, but it has stopped using the word "cheap" to describe atomic energy. …

      • rogerthat

        The government's written restart requests used to emphasize that nuclear plants can generate electricity at low cost. But "cheap" was missing from a letter Saga Prefecture Gov. Yoshinori Yamaguchi received in January.

        "Given the costs related to safety measures and other things, we can no longer say loudly that electricity generated by nuclear plants is cheap," a senior METI official said.

        Saga Prefecture, in southwestern Japan, is home to Kyushu Electric Power's Genkai nuclear plant. The Nuclear Regulation Authority in January gave Kyushu Electric the green light to restart reactor Nos. 3 and 4 at the station. But even after meeting the watchdog's requirements, utilities must still overcome strong objections from the public and local officials.

        Before the Fukushima meltdowns in March 2011, Japan drew a considerable portion of its electricity from 54 nuclear reactors. Today, only three are online: reactor Nos. 1 and 2 at Kyushu Electric's Sendai plant in Kagoshima Prefecture, and the No. 3 unit at Shikoku Electric Power's Ikata plant in Ehime Prefecture.

        The case for restarting reactors is difficult to make, in part, because Japan has been getting by with very little nuclear power. Barring the days just after the disaster, there have been no serious disruptions to lives and industries. This, coupled with declining electricity demand, has many arguing that nuclear fission is no longer a necessary part of the power equation. …

        • rogerthat

          Thermal dependency

          Does that argument hold water?

          Since the disaster, Japan has significantly boosted electricity generation at thermal power plants. The negative effects of relying on this type of power should not be ignored.

          In response to higher fuel costs, the country's 10 major electric utilities will raise their rates for the third straight month in April. Crude oil prices have surged following OPEC members' November 2016 agreement to cut production. Prices for liquefied natural gas — now a key fuel for thermal power — have been climbing in tandem with oil.

          X-factors for crude and LNG prices include Middle East instability and the energy policy of new U.S. President Donald Trump.

          In addition, continuing to lean on thermal power plants would run counter to efforts to fight climate change. Finding the right combination of power sources — including renewables like solar and wind — is crucial.

          In 2015, the central government unveiled a long-term vision for the country's "energy mix." According to the breakdown, nuclear plants will need to provide 20-22% of the country's juice in 2030.

          Given the importance of a stable energy supply, going nuclear-free does not appear to be a viable option. Recognition of this may be the starting point for the government's efforts to revise its basic energy plan this year.


  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

    “…nuclear power is a ‘stumbling, inflexible dinosaur’ being overtaken by 'fleet-footed mammals' in the forms of renewable energy and battery storage….”

  • Interesting to see Doc "Goodheart" and PT Anne just unabashedly throwing shit at Trump.

    I take it that you folks never meditate?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Further collapses will be unseen.'

    "A protective plastic cover has been installed at the US Department of Energy's (DOE) Hanford site over the roof of a tunnel that partially collapsed earlier this month. The cover will provide additional protection while longer-term risk mitigation measures are developed and implemented at the site in Washington State."

    Cover installed over collapsed Hanford tunnel
    May 23 2017


    • HoTaters HoTaters

      It seems like we're always hearing the phrase, "until longer-term risk mitigation measures are developed and implemented at the site…."

      Is this another way to say, "We haven't a clue how to fix this, but rest assured, it's swept fully under the rug now, so no worries" ?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    A hefty budget for a crumbling situation via a bunch of incompetent NUCLEAR SLOBS.

    Trump Urged To Propose A Strong Hanford Budget Tuesday
    May 22 2017


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose


    High Levels of Cesium Radioactive Material Migrating Down into Soil Around Fukushima
    May 23 2017


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    It's in the soil, it's in the water.. it is stirred by the wind.
    That's how it is..

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The wind and RAIN.

  • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus



    Nope, still don't buy the "liberal" or "conservative" agendas. Fucking priceless.

  • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

    So, it's your soul now. For that, I prefer you to be dead. I'm not offering any money, neither do I promise anything good.

    So, it's either me, or that other guy, he does have lots of money though, so I won't blame you (I'll just hold it against you, forever) if you choose incorrectly.

  • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

    Astral gate and the unknown is fucken insane isn't? Welcome to the twilight zone, forever.

    Moral of the story, don't fuck with immortals.

  • Actual radiation readings from Hanford site tunnel collapse and surrounding area

    All hormesis theory believers; it is time to come to this site and inhale deeply the health giving plutonium 'vapors' (sarc)

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    DOE drops plans for test to dispose of Hanford waste capsules
    May 24 2017


    No borehole ..keep stirring.
    And stirring.. both the stirring and the borehole are stupid ideas.
    Because production of basically non- storable waste is STUPID.

    Stir because of heat…HEAT.

  • SadieDog

    "A Nuclear Power Plant Warning that appeared on television screens in Salem and Cumberland counties in New Jersey Tuesday night was an errant message, the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management tells Action News.

    The Office of Emergency Management says the message was not meant to go out and there is no emergency.

    On social media, NJOEM called it a false emergency alert."


  • jackassrig

    MVB provided a link http://www.hanford.gov/files.cfm/Attachment_2_AY-102DSTUpdate_110712.pdf which states on pg. 8 "Since AP-101 transfer in 2007, evaporation rate has averaged ~ 77 gal/day, or ~ 28,000 gal/year." So the water vapor and other gases are being vented to the atmosphere at the rate of 28,000 gal / year. I would imagine these vapors are radioactive. Other thing the soup is caustic. Caustic is a bad apple. Caustic on the other side is as destructive to steel as sulfuric acid. The heat treating. Where are the heating charts and the procedure they are using. I'm not that good with Section III Div 1 but I don't think that part of the code covers atmospheric storage tanks. Not that is a big issue but they may be spending money on complying with a nuclear code when the money could be spent on eliminating the cracking of the welds.

  • Its All True Its All True

    Don't remember seeing this one on here. If'it's a repeat, sorry…. worth re-reading anyway. They knew…

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Leaking of tank A-102 was big news last year. It may have been around this time. Enenews had a story on it.

      If this is discovered around this time each year, why? Is it because there are more inspections in the spring? Or could it be a change in the weather brings expansion in the welded tank joints, and that's when the leaks develop? Should this tell the operators anything?

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        From April, 2016 re: worse leakens at AY-102:


        Most of the single-walled tanks leak. If memory serves, the waste was being transferred to the double-walled tanks. Now the double-walled tanks are leaking.

        "The U.S. Department of Energy released a statement Monday calling the leak an 'anticipated' outcome of an ongoing effort to empty the tank in question. The Washington state Department of Ecology said, 'There is no indication of waste leaking into the environment or risk to the public at this time.'

        But one former tank farm worker said the leak should be considered a major problem.

        'This is catastrophic. This is probably the biggest event to ever happen in tank farm history. The double shell tanks were supposed to be the saviors of all saviors (to hold waste safely from people and the environment),' said former Hanford worker Mike Geffre.

        Geffre is the worker who first discovered that the tank, known as AY-102, was failing in 2011. In a 2013 series, 'Hanford’s Dirty Secrets,' the KING 5 Investigators exposed that the government contractor in charge of the tanks, Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS), ignored Geffre’s findings for nearly a year. The company finally admitted the problem in 2012."

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Had posted here twice (or more) in the past four years or so re: the number and nature of the leaking tanks. 70 or 70% out of 100 or 110 tanks were leaking. Need to check my stats on that. It was a huge number, and really disturbing. Officials are CONSTANTLY trying to minimize the scale and urgency of the problem.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          This article states six tanks are leaking, possibly seven or more now. Note: date of Governor Inslee's statement, February, 2013.


          Now Six – Not One – Hanford Tanks Leaking Radioactive Waste

          Governor: "This is disturbing news"
          by Craig Brown, staff writer

          Six aging, single-walled underground storage tanks are leaking radioactive waste, threatening groundwater below the Hanford nuclear site, Washington state Governor Jay Inslee announced on Friday afternoon.

          The seeping waste adds to decades of soil contamination caused by leaking storage tanks at Hanford in the past and threatens to further taint groundwater below the Columbia River, officials said.

          The newly disclosed leaking tanks were revealed by Inslee just a week after the U.S. Energy Department disclosed that radioactive waste was found to be escaping from only one tank at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

          "This is disturbing news for all Washingtonians," Inslee said in a statement released by his office. "This certainly raises serious questions about the integrity of all 149 single-shell tanks with radioactive liquid and sludge at Hanford… We received very disturbing news today. I think that we are going to have a course of new action and that will be vigorously pursued in the next several weeks."


          • HoTaters HoTaters


            The Energy Department issued a brief statement acknowledging that six waste tanks were found to be leaking and adding that there was no "immediate" public health risk.

            The Energy Department said a week ago that declining liquid levels in just one tank at Hanford showed it was leaking at a rate of 150 to 300 gallons per year.

            No "immediate" public risk. Well of course.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Um, why would anyone be surprised or freaked out by the current problem?

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Oct. 1, 2014:


              "The deal agreed by the Dept of Energy and Washington’s Department of Ecology will put off pumping nuclear waste from the AY-102 double-walled tank until March 2016. Once the removal begins, the process will not be completed for another year, AP reported.

              Hanford, located along the Columbia River in south-central Washington, is the site of 177 massive underground nuclear waste storage tanks, making it the largest collection of nuclear waste in the US. For four decades, the site was home to plutonium development for use in the production of nuclear weapons.

              While many of Hanford’s single-walled storage tanks have leaked, AY-102 is the only one of the more recently-installed double-walled tanks that have shown signs of leaking. The Energy Dept has said about 30 ounces of nuclear waste per week leaks from the million-gallon tank’s inner wall. The waste has not breached the outer wall, the department has claimed….

              'Every day this tank leaks creates additional dangers,' Gerry Pollet, executive director of Hanford watchdog organization Heart of America Northwest, told AP."


              "Documents: 'Significant Flaws' In Hanford Tanks Could Lead To More Leaks"
              By The Associated Press • Feb 28, 2014

              Waste IS being transferred to the double walled tanks. 'Reaching end of their useful lifespans.

  • Poor scientists claim the death of the Pacific was caused by global warming, toxic algae, domoic acid.

    REality….Fukushima radiation played a big part, and here is the scientific proof.


    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

      You know I don't like agreeing with you, but, in this case…

      Correlation, in a web of deceit is often more telling than supposed causation.

    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

      IF you start looking at the numerous correlating factors. You may notice that the problem is perhaps intrinsic to society.

    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

      Otoh, you may want to mention corroding barrels of nuclear waste dumped off the californian coast, your "US" government, DOE, hanford, ORNL, PNNL, GE, Westinghouse, Dow Chemicals, DuPoint, etc.

      You have nukes, well, I have nukes too, but I also have lasers and ultrasonic stuff.

      Even better, I have a horse.

  • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

    It's almost tomorrow, tomorrow I get to be angry and start PROPERLY exhibiting my true nature.

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