Just In: Emergency closure of fishery along entire West Coast — Almost no babies surviving since 2011 — “Catastrophic crash… Population decimated… Crisis… Collapse so severe” — “Latest in series of alarming die-offs… mass reproductive failures… strange diseases” — Official: “A lot of weird things out there”

Published: April 16th, 2015 at 9:02 am ET


NY Times, Apr 15, 2015 (emphasis added): [Regulators] approved an emergency closure of commercial sardine fishing off Oregon, Washington and California… Earlier this week, the council shut down the next sardine season… [R]evised estimates of sardine populations… found the fish were declining in numbers faster than earlier believed… [Stocks are] much lower than estimated last year… The reasons are not well-understood.

Pacific Fishery Management Council meeting, April 13, 2015: Ben Enticknap, Oceana senior scientist (1:08:00 in) — “We’ve seen a significant change in recruitment [Recruitment: The number of new young fish that enter a population]. There’s been practically no recruitment in recent years, and this was not expected.”

Undercurrent News, Apr 14, 2015: [A]ccording to the report on the emergency action from the PFMC… “the total stock biomass of Pacific sardine is declining as a result of poor recruitment“… [A California Wetfish Producers Association official said] “little recruitment was observed in 2011-2014.”

Oregonian, Apr 13, 2015: Pacific coast sardines are facing a population collapse so severe [fishing] will be shut down… [The] downward spiral in spite of favorable water conditions has ocean-watchers worried there’s more to this collapse than cyclical population trends. “There are a lot of weird things happening out there, and we’re not quite sure why they aren’t responding the way they should,” said Kevin Hill, a NOAA Fisheries biologist… Fishery managers are adding it to a list of baffling circumstances off the West Coast… NOAA surveys indicate very few juvenile fish made it through their first year. “The population isn’t replacing itself,” Hill said.

SFist, Apr 14, 2015: [T]he population appears decimated… As the Council writes, “temperatures in the Southern California Bight have risen in the past two years, but we haven’t seen an increase in young sardines”… Sardines typically spawn in warmer waters, with cold water decreasing their numbers.

SF Chronicle, Apr 14, 2015: Sardine population collapses… [There’s] evidence stocks are going through the same kind of collapse [seen in the 1950s]… The sardine population along the West Coast has collapsedCauses of crisis — A lack of spawning… was blamed for the decline… Severe downturn… things recently took a turn for the worse… because of a lack of spawning due to poor ocean conditions in 2014… The collapse this year is the latest in a series of alarming die-offs, sicknesses and population declines in the ocean ecosystem along the West Coast. Anchovies… have also declined [due to] a lack of zooplankton… Record numbers of starving sea lions… Brown pelicans, too, have suffered from mass reproductive failures and are turning up sick and deadStrange diseases have also been proliferating in the sea…

Monterey Herald, Apr 13, 2015: For the first time in 30 years [sardine fishing] will be banned.

KPCC, Apr 1, 2015: The first time that sardine fishing has been banned since federal management of the fishery began… Many are worried a… catastrophic crash is happening.

Full recording of the PFMC meeting here

Published: April 16th, 2015 at 9:02 am ET


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591 comments to Just In: Emergency closure of fishery along entire West Coast — Almost no babies surviving since 2011 — “Catastrophic crash… Population decimated… Crisis… Collapse so severe” — “Latest in series of alarming die-offs… mass reproductive failures… strange diseases” — Official: “A lot of weird things out there”

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    We must all stay the course.. 🙂

  • curly

    I was relating some information from enenews to a close family member and he got very angry at me. He felt that I was trying to entangle him in the same negative frame of mind that I have. He felt that the world is run by criminals and the earth as we know it is being destroyed but there is nothing anyone can do about it. He said I should concentrate on the beauty that still remains and continue in a positive direction. Don't bring everyone down with facts and figures, take action to be positive rather than negative. He said that I feel that I am superior to those that either don't know whats happening or those that know and don't care. He said that I feel that "if everyone would be, do, and think like me, all problems would be solved." This was a slap in the face for me and an eye opener. I chose at this point not to try and defend myself and let it go. I looked up at the sky and it was full of those unexplainable white lines. There's those who aren't aware or don't care, and those that know but refuse to even talk about it, and a very few who know and feel there is hope if action is taken. I feel the noose tightening around my neck daily and I am powerless.

    • We Not They Finally

      Newsflash: Your difficult relative feels powerless too! You did not do anything wrong — you just put it in his face, so he pushed back. He doesn't sound apathetic, just reacting to being powerless. Most of us don't know for sure whether we are doing good to block out the bad, or doing good for the sake of good. It's a balancing act. But so long as you care and stay aware, you're doing fine. And if you (and everyone) eat organic food, take anti-oxidants, and whatever else works for you holistically, you'll still be better off. Just remember that you are not alone.

      • We Not They Finally

        Yesterday I did an experiment. I was on the Boston metro, but above ground. The clear cloudless sky had been turned into a white haze by chemtrails and I wanted to scream. So I stood up and asked our section of the car to look outside the large window pane and look up. I said that the day started out cloudless and blue, and these were NOT clouds — they are called chemtrails and raining down poisonous aluminum on the population with no knowledge or consent.

        People looked at me like "Who's she?," then went back to their social me-me-me-media. But I'm FINE with having done that. Curly, don't let others rattle your confidence while you learn who to approach, who not, how and why. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT. It's you who is fine.

        • WNTF: I've been on the Boston trains. Had I been there, yesterday, on that train? I would have agreed with you, loudly. Sometimes it takes more than one person to speak up for others to get past their discomfort in speaking. But, it always starts with one.
          So, good on you.

          • bo bo

            Oops excuse the religious reference : P

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              a priest a minister and a rabbi walk into a bar and sit down next to a blond. The bartender jokes, "you guys are lucky you walked into my bar because I just had the edges padded last week" The blond says to the bartender, thats just silly, everyone knows pads are for bras not bars.

              Anyway, after a few hours and as many drinks, the rabbi says Ive been too tight with money and gives everyone a diamond wrapped in paper, the blond hikes her skirt to display her "I love diamonds" tattoo, the priest confesses he prefers boys to blonds, the minister brings out a midget piano player from his overcoat…and finally they all go home. In comes a beautiful long legged brunette at the end of the night and the bartender says where have you been, you missed all the action? Brunette says;
              I was reading Enenews

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

              Personal attack. I'm not Admin. God bless you, bo.

      • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

        Look at each day as a new day to do what you need to move forward. That is why today, my day ooo, I am getting up, showering, going to the dentist and then going into work to improve security of the world. It beats being here beating yourself up over stuff you can't do anything about. Happy trails all.

        • Homolumina Homolumina

          JapAnd so on, you outrage me. Because of people like you we are were we are at, too many "good" people let it all happen. Do that what you can do, that, what is right in front of YOUR DOOR, and things will change. Act local, think global – that is the mantra of our time. Means – go to your City Council, talk to your local folks, get together, inform – start a process of education and realization – from there appropriate action can arise. This is the first step – from there you go. You remaining ignorant is you being guilty of allowing all the suffering to happen – you are an enabler of the worst kind. Now that you know, you cannot cover yourself in innocence anymore. And – how can you allow your narrow mind to conclude that nothing can be done about this, just because you are not able to see a solution ! But before a genius can come up with an idea, this genius has to be informed, activated. Now – this is your call – you decide on which side you stand.

          • There is no way to stop meltdown+S+, Homolumina.
            The water flowing under and through FDNPP goes right into the Pacific, and there is not any way to stop it. This is one of the main reasons anti-nuke people have been anti-nuke all along. Anti-nukers saw this coming, or wished it would not ever happen, yet expected it.
            So, I'm wondering; what would you expect JapAn-200-Alex to do, except carry on? I'm just as frustrated as are you,,, or, I was frustrated. Then I had to accept it as the terrible fact of life it is, now. What we can do, however, is fight to stop ALL nuclear reactors and all nuclear munitions.
            We cannot stop Fukushima. Nobody can stop Fukushima. Clearning up debris from the site will not stop the radiation. It is what it is. And it is a harsh reality.

            This is why I say, all that is left IS the grieving. I got over (most of) the anger a while back as the anger was not doing ME any good. I think this is essentially what JapAN-200-Alex was saying, too.

            It's gonna take a LOT of ZEN.

        • Does this mean you have decided to quit coming here, since it is just a waste of time for you where you beat yourself up, and all that?

        • Repost just for you SHILLFACE. 🙂 The Colvilles and other tribal folks are the ones who pushed so hard to get a group of old uranium mines NE of Spokane super funded years ago. Seven mines if I remember right, there are thermal images of them online somewhere. (I don't have a link…saw the aerial photos when I first moved here.)

          When I was looking for raw land to buy, a couple local forest management agencies would print me out maps for whatever sections I needed with all the survey info and names of claims and boundary lines. The mountains are riddled with open sores of mineral tailings that include uranium, lead, copper, silver and even arsenic leftover where gold was extracted. It's an eyeopener to hike and climb around rusty barb wire, looking for section markers embedded in old tree bark. And wasn't easy when exploring land that was for sale, to find any 20 acre pieces that might have safe water sources.

          These shills that blow off our concerns regarding the extreme dangers nuclear industries have wrought, really anger people once they realize the enormity. From start to finish, we suffer their greed and refusal to acknowledge the amount of life their filthy obsessions destroy. The reality forced upon people alive now and for millions of generations to come is why we fight them.

          Shillface! I'll pass along any "self styled rebuttal" you have to the young people I know.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          200 alex is interested in security, and who better to describe nuclear safety culture than Lady Barbara Judge. She was sent in to help TEPCO and is a friend of her majesty, the queen of England!

          Join me now to hear deputy chairman of TEPCO Nuclear Reform Monitoring Committee, Lady Barbara Judge;


        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          J ANUS 200; Whatever your "true" role as a "security professional" or your security clearance level/paygrade might be[?]-I doubt your assertiveness displayed here finds anyone in the world feeling "safer" or "secure" knowing that you allegedly play a vital role in global security[?!] Anyone tasked with such duties during this dark period in human history surely would not have the time nor be inclined to be an Internet troll even if you're off work today for a scheduled appointment with the Proctologist to treat your halitosis?!!
          But here is where the jokes end. I have to give pause to credit you with restoring my low self-esteem & lifting me from the clinical depression & other issues that would probably see me diagnosed as a "crazy man",for reading your posts & "reading" YOU has made me realize how much worse things could be & leaves me grateful that I don't suffer from whatever it is that you obviously need to seek professional help with or get back on your meds again for[??!!] 😐
          Try as I might,I cannot hate someone I cannot help but feel sorry for,and I hope you consider seeing a Behavioral Health Specialist if there's one in the medical building you're visiting today and don't forget to reset the "shower scheduler" app from 000 back to day 999 again for the sake of co-patients & co-workers…Good luck with that butt tooth! 😉 …

          • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

            My friend's wife died from glioblatima multiforme. Neither he nor she blamed radiation or Fukushima as it was long before it. Unlike you, people in this life don't second guess God by removing his will from the equation. A little faith can take you a long way. Oh ye of little faith. Most antinukes are atheists.

            • bo bo

              Some people say passengers on the Titanic died of hypothermia & lack of oxygen ( drowning ). Others say they died because the ship sank. You might even be able to argue they just didn't pray hard enough.

              Just different perspectives, I guess. I just happen to think ( as do Johnny I suppose ) they died because the ship sank. That's all.

              • m a x l i

                You cannot die from drowning. MetalBeard would say: Water is natural, it exists everywhere in nature. My guess is the passengers died because of psychological problems. (Fear of drowning?)

              • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

                We know what people on the Titanic died from. You cant argue that a particular single bit of radiation caused a definitive cancer unless it was a massive acute dose. This the proper science teaches us.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              200Alex, that was one of the weirdest posts to date.

              "Unlike you, people in this life don't second guess God by removing his will from the equation."

              What does it even MEAN? Comedy right? Its comedy…I get it! By removing "his" will, we second guess his will. OK, whatever.

              Change your line yet;
              "I poisoned the snow monkeys, the birds and butterflies and whales and your kids, but you cant prove thats what killed them, so you cant stop me from poisoning more embryos. Nah nah na na nah" Just so you know, Im not second guessing your will by removing it from the equation.

              What a psycho

              • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

                No, you remove his will from the equation because you dont believe in His will.

                I didnt poison anyone. No one is being poisoned by Fukushima. There are plenty of other poisons floating in the atmosphere. CO, arsenic, cyanide, ammonia. Lots of other poisons you dont want to mention because to you they dont exist. To you, only radiation exists. Go ask those that had to bury their loved ones from Bhopal.

                Try again.

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  How long ago did god create the world Alex? I have it on good word its about 6k years old. But let me ask you this; do you believe god will save you? Are you going to be saved Alex? Are you going to rise up in the end of days? Rise in a rapture of ecstatic love and joy? Will god intervene and solve the nuclear crisis? Whats the hold up anyways?

            • Yep, no deaths due to Titanic sinking.. just a coincidence that all of those people died in the water next to it.

              Dr. Busby; 40 – 60 MILLION Downwinder Deaths Due To Global Open Air Nuclear Weapons Testing Fallout 1945 to 2003

              Yep, no deaths due to 2,400 nuclear weapons detonated in open air, with TONS of poisonous heavy metal radioactivity in HOT nano particle form, that went all around the world, BREATHED IN BY EVERYONE AND MEASURED IN THEIR TEETH.

              Just a coincidence that the cancer rate shot up stratospherically, genetic diseases, birth defects and more all went up after that.

              Yes, let's all sing together now…

              No one ever died from nuclear ANYTHING

              No one ever died from nuclear ANYTHING

              No one ever died from nuclear ANYTHING

              No one ever died from nuclear ANYTHING

              No one ever died from nuclear ANYTHING

              Do you believe? AMEN, Brothers and sisters, AMEN…

              • There ya go, Doc.
                Have you noticed, lately, the nuke-pukes pretend to be on the same side? I've had them asking me questions and seemingly agreeing with me, and then, they show their true colors. It seems someone gave them classes in how to make friends of their adversaries, then twist their words to mean the opposite of the original intention. Or, it's just one nuclear a-hole coming back for more, often, with different monikers?

                They ARE sociopaths, Stock. I think one has to be a sociopath in order to work for the cartel. (I know this comment will probably post above yours, Stock, but I wanted to let you know I do agree.)

              • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

                Dr Busby is wrong. That is why he is an outsider. That is why the scientific community wont take him seriously. Its the funny thing with science types. They usually dont suffer these types of fools.

            • Most nukists are sociopaths

              • +1

                More specifically…

                The current 'entity' = Arrogant rhetoric spewing sociopath whose only purpose is to maliciously disrupt and attempt to dominate ENENEWS comment forums.


              • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

                Why not say all nukists are sociopaths. What about airline pilots? Surgeons? Teachers? Priests?

                Cmon you said 1/25 were sociopaths. There are 25k people liking this site. Thus 1000 must be sociopaths as this population represents the Law of Large Numbers. I know the ones that post here usually take umbrage yet pot, you are black.

                Black. Black. Black.

              • Yes, they have MUCH MORE THAN THEIR SHARE.

                HIGHLY CONCENTRATED.

            • So let me get this straight J… wanna make sure we understand this…

              God made this world, right?

              God did NOT make man made heavy metal radioactive poisons; all of the synthetic poison, toxic radioactive elements above uranium.

              But is it GODS WILL that people die from these man made poisons?

              Aren't you blaming God for killing millions of people with the poisons that your ilk created, and then tossed around the world?

              Wonder how God feels about killing childrens with poisons….


              Wonder how JC feels about killin peoples with poisons…

              • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

                God made this world.

                God made actinides and every element on the periodic table.

                We dont understand God's will no more than my dog understands the stock market.

                I dont blame God.

                God loves all his children, young and old.

                You dont believe so how can you relate?

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                  He didn't make all the isotopes that man has created. Every radiochemistry book states that there are artificial isotopes which are not natural.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                  God doesn't create pain and suffering and death. Death and pain and suffering have come into the world because people don't listen to God, but just think they can do everything they want. Nuclear bombs did not exist in the world before people created them. Also Oklo is not a nuclear energy plant and there is no life possible with nuclear energy plants. When people came on the earth there wasn't nuclear waste all over the place.

                  • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

                    God allows pain and suffering to test people's faith. You never read the book of Job.

                    Chemical weapons did not exist, biological weapons did not exist. Yet fire existed.

                    Man always found ways to move beyond sticks and stones.

                    Yet Cain killed Abel with a rock.

                    You think nuclear energy is of the devil, yet uranium is naturally spontaneously fissionable. That is how fission products are produced, as well as plutonium, from neutron capture.

                    God invented neutrons as part of the atom, and spontaneous fission as part of uranium.

                    Try again.

            • So, Dude; most anti-nukes are atheists? *I am an atheist and I don't need that, "a", capitalized.., as we aren't a cult, J-Alex.
              Is this because most atheists understand science? Is it because anti-nukers don't believe in fairy-tales, including the one about nukes being safe?

              I think this is why many anti-nukes are atheists and those who believe the nuke-cartel are, "believers". Of course, making such a blanket statement isn't right, either. People from all walks of life are anti-nuke. And people from varied backgrounds do believe the lies of the cartel. It's like anything else…

              • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

                No. Most antinukers are athiests because most of them are liberal. Helen Caldicott is an athiest.

                There are some antinukes that are believers in a God as there are some people that work in nuclear that do not believe in a God.

                The point is that there is no "cartel" as you speak of. In fact, most of the people that work in the profession are very decent, loving people. Just like any profession.

                And yes there are outliers, as Professor Sutton from Stanford would describe them. They are everywhere in any profession.

                Just because you dont like nuclear power, doesnt mean you can castigate the people that bring you the technology you demonize.

                It makes more sense, and is more realistic that people choose their professions for their own reason. You chose your profession for your reason.

                Its a pretty old one I bet.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                  People in the nuclear industry are not taught the biological risks and consequences of all radiation. They are totally uneducated about what is happening in the world, or they have closed their eyes. When they have horrible cancers and their grandchildren are born with anencephaly or even autism and Down's Syndrome they may keep their eyes closed or they may wake up.

                  Actually there have been and are nuclear whistleblowers. Dr. Gofman is one. There are many others.

                  • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

                    You are very wrong PT. People in the nuclear industry get trained on the biological risks of radiation constantly. Because you have never had 1 day in the industry, you do not know what they know.

                    Cancer comes from many many different sources.

                    Gofman had sour grapes, and thus wanted to enact a scorched earth policy against the AEC. Its all well documented. His funding was yanked because he could not corroborate his findings down to one lone radioactive atom. At best, linear extrapolation makes good conservative regulation, but poor science.

                    Gofman's plight was sad. Such a gifted professional that went downhill in his old age. It happens all the time in many professions. Some people who are put out to pasture by their overseers always look for a way to take them down.

                    It wasnt that Gofman was right or wrong. He chose sides, and when he lost, he wanted to take those down with him.

                    It happened to Gundersen too.

                    You really think he had a Road to Damascus conversion?

                    Heck no.

                    He was pee-ohed that his career had been ruined.

                    Look, no one has had a perfect career. Everyone has to do their time in the barrel. If Gofman, Gundersen, et al waveanted to get real satisfaction, they would have gone about it in a different way.

                    They chose sides because the side they were on saw that they had reached their apex and was going downhill.

                    It happens when people outlive their usefulness.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                  We don't have nuclear energy in Colorado because no one wants it. And 75% of the people in Colorado are Christians.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                    And then there is Germany and Italy.

                    APES Alex, you just mimic anything Atomic Rod says, but he is not truthful and neither are you.

                    • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

                      The examples I gave are forms of nuclear energy. They just are not powerful enough to put a turbine on them. They do create fission products and actinides. where do you think used test reactor fuel goes after the reactor is decommissioned. It goes to Savannah River not the city dump.

                      You really dont know your physics.

                      Try harder.

                  • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

                    You have a lot of people with poor manners. Columbine.

                    Also, I think CSM has a small test reactor. They have an active neutron physics program.

                    Air Force Academy has a test reactor.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      I specifically said that Colorado has no nuclear energy. The examples you give are not nuclear energy. And the two shooters at Columbine are hardly a lot of people and there is no indication that they believed in God.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      As to the people with bad manners, Colorado has over 2,000 uranium mines and had one of the highest spikes in radiation specifically from Fukushima. The beta gross chart readings were spiking off the chart so many times the EPC took down the charts. Radiation does effect people's behavior. Also they stopped filtering the uraniuim from the water in Denver because a mine owner complained that it was costing him too much money. Also we had an atoms for peace explosion in Rifle, Colorado, and there was Rocky Flats plutonium pit production facility and the wind blows the plutonium and curium still there, and the plutonium readings are still as high as before the clean up. They spent much less time and money for the cleanup and they just covered over many of the buildings.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      Colorado has a very high rate of multiple sclerosis which is due to radiation. So people in Colorado are educated enough to never want nuclear energy.

            • unincredulous unincredulous

              Most generalizations are false, including this one

              —Donald Rumsfeld

    • 😐

      IMO – It's not a 'negative' frame of mind. It's a 'horrific' subject that, if not addressed (mitigation/awareness), in the coming years may/will make a difference in the quality of life for themselves and their loved ones.

      If they don't want to talk about it, then there is nothing you can do except to let them know, if they want to know more, that you're open to discuss what your knowledge of the ongoing out of control TRIPLE MELTDOWN FALLOUT situation is. Compliment them on the fact that they are a least aware.

      Learning about
      1 – mitigation
      …is a simple first step.
      (It can't hurt.)

      Gaining further knowledge about…
      2 – how we got here,
      3 – where we are right now
      4 – and where the future of this debacle may take us
      …requires a more 'in depth' look than most have the time or desire to learn for themselves.


      • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

        Yet very little, if any fuel got out into the environment. If it did, it was because it was tramp microparticles in between the cladding and gas gap between the cladding and fuel. For the most part, if oxide were in fuel before the disaster, it probably stayed in fuel, why? Because no one here has shown that they found zirconium in any aerosol. It would make sense that if U and Pu got out of the fuel matrix, that the clad would go with it.

        • J; blaming it all on "tramp microparticles"

          Not nice to make fun of the homeless…

          Santa may notice eventually..


        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          japANUSrelations lost all credibility. He makes strange and incorrect statements and writes outright disinformation.

          Radioactive Zirconium Found At Fukushima Confirms Exposed Fuel Rods As High Level Radiation Emitted From Broken Core

          "The evidence that melting in the heat of the fuel cladding, said first find. Will come from a spent fuel storage pool at," he said." Shortly thereafter NHK spokesman admitted that this is why large amounts of radiation are leaking into the environment, making attempts to control the situation 'very challenging'.

          Kyodo reports that high-level radiation is now suspected to be leaking from the core of reactor #3, implying reactor damage.

          Co., the plant operator, said it found eight different radioactive materials in the water of the turbine building basement, where the men were attempting to connect a power cable. The materials are made through a process of fission, and include cobalt and molybdenum-99, a spokesman for the power utility said.


          Aug 9, 2014: NHK admitted pieces of fuel rods and reactor vessels blasted to at least Ibaraki to contain Uranium & Zirconium […] NHK announced that pieces of nuclear fuel […] were blasted to at least 130km away from Fukushima nuclear plant. It was 2μm diameter particle. The ball-looking shape proves it was molten in high temperature and quickly cooled down…

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          For the most part, if oxide were in fuel before the disaster, it probably stayed in fuel, why? Because no one here has shown that they found zirconium in any aerosol

          Iron clad logic.

          If it's not written on Enenews, it didn't happen. We are practicing black magic and voodoo here at Jonestownews.

    • D.C.

      Curly, don't let that get you down. It is unbelievable to see how many people will discredit anything they do not want to hear. It is easier to go on their daily routine in life pretending everything is ok. One of the reasons the world has become the way it is.
      I work with Animal Rights and sorry to say how pathetic even my family is when it comes to animal abuse. It is easy to pretend when they do not see.

      • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

        DC are you a vegetarian because of animal rights? I love animals but tonight I ate a hamburger. Why? Its what some of them are here for, my opinion. My grown children, have their own opinion as two of them, are vegetarians.

        • J, are you in Fukushima yet? Have you found the coriums?

          If not, get busy… time is wasting.

          • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

            You like to bring up non sequiters when you lose an argument. We know where the coriums are. They are still on the site. Why do I say that? Because the contamination that leached from the site into the groundwater contained no zirconium. Corium contains zirconium.

            There has been no news stories or published scientific reports of zirconium in the ocean or air.

            No zirconium, no fuel.

            Chernobyl didnt have zirconium fuel rods.

            Try again.

            • unincredulous unincredulous

              Is anyone testing for zirconium? I guess if they don't test for it, it's not there. Therefore all this talk of meltdowns must be fiction. All radioactive material is still safely contained in the .3 km zirconium – lined bay outside the plant, correct? Educate us. Are you bwabwa Judge?

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

          Do they teach you about bioaccumulation of radiation in animals? Animal products contain 20 times as much radiation as plant based foods. Because of nuclear technology, there is too much radiation in animals for eating. Buy a good Geiger Counter suitable for testing your food. If you are a scientist you really should do research on the food you eat.

    • bo bo

      Curly.. I have gotten those lectures from friends too.

      'He felt that the world is run by criminals and the earth as we know it is being destroyed but there is nothing anyone can do about it. He said I should concentrate on the beauty that still remains and continue in a positive direction..'

      Yes, they gave me that same lecture, as many of my aquaintances are yogis artists or vegans or whatnot..

      'Ooooo I see, silly old me! I shouldn't be so pompous! So, many know, but they choose the high road !' ( slaps herself on her own cheek – then , yogi Hug !)

      Then I find out – they 'sympathize with Obama's decision to push for nuclear because nuclear is the only way to cut CO2'

      Don't get me wrong I wholeheartedly agree with the staying positive suggestion.
      Just make sure when people give u that lecture, when they say 'yes, yes, we know too..'
      what they mean by 'we know too'.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        when those positive people get stung by one wasp, or get one piece of glass in their foot, or one flat tire on the freeway, how quickly the happy song changes

        • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

          Yet I dont see any of them being dosed with a large acute radiation dose. Everyone on the planet gets a low low dose from background, and we know you cant correlate cancer from background.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

            So-called background radiation is now coming in high doses. You are living in the past pre 1930.

            • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex


              Most of the background comes from radon within our houses and cosmic rays. Thats independent of the Atomic Age.

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Alex you lose and Praising Truth wins! 🙂

                You never had a chance and you know you can not win this argument.

                Nuclear is over! 🙂

                People are tired of watching everyone die around them from Nuclear Induced cancers..

                • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

                  No I have pretty much beat her arguments down.

                  She tries hard but has not proven anything.

                  Try again old man.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                    The sources I quote have proven whatever it is they are researching.

                    Why reduce every topic to a generality?

                    For example, internal radioactive emitters are much more dangerous than external emitters. Man-made plutonium inhaled is lethal, whereas a banana is not.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                Radon comes from mining. The increase from cosmic rays comes from destruction of the atmosphere and our magnetic shield mostly from high altitude atmospheric nuclear bomb testing and from other nuclear bomb testing and from reprocessing nuclear fuel and a huge amount from Fukushima and other nuclear accidents and from all nuclear technology.

                • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

                  "Radon comes from mining" Radon is a decay product of 238U and 234Th. Fracking increases the prevalence but it is almost everywhere. It is a natural decay process and can be detected in water and air.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                    " Because radon is a product of the radioactive decay of uranium, underground uranium mines may have high concentrations of radon. Many uranium miners in the Four Corners region contracted lung cancer and other pathologies as a result of high levels of exposure to radon in the mid-1950s.
                    Health effects of radon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                    Health effects of radon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
                    Jump to Cancer in miners – Because radon is a product of the radioactive decay of uranium, underground uranium mines may have high concentrations of radon. Many uranium miners in the Four Corners region contracted lung cancer and other pathologies as a result of high levels of exposure to radon in the mid-1950s.
                    ‎Occurrence – ‎Health effects – ‎Studies on domestic exposure – ‎Intentional exposure
                    Radon Toxicity Case Study: Who Is at Risk of Radon …
                    U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Regis…
                    May 24, 2010 – Miners in uranium, tin, silver, coal, and other types of underground mines may have increased radon exposure. Good ventilation can effectively …
                    A Physician's Guide | Radon | US EPA
                    United States Environmental Protection Agency
                    Extensive epidemiological evidence from studies of underground miners, complemented by animal data, indicates that radon causes lung…

              • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

                I don't know Alex. Radon is not easily detected with a common GC. The progeny of radon has only one beta emitter.
                Although it is a ubiquitous isotope it alone can't account for the background detections. Cosmic rays? Ah. The scattering of the few that make it to ground level as high energy photons don't contribute much to the background either. What is left is primarily lead and bismuth. What else can account for the unusually high detections?

          • Definitely no Big C from laying on your back on the ground.

            Silly suppository.

            Have you gotten to Fukushima yet?

          • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

            If the background as you refer to it is radon and its a known cancer causer but you say there is no correlation to background as a cancer causer. {I see a dichotomy}. For if background is a low dose but yet the cancer causer is background ie radon how can one exist as a carcinogen and yet remain a low dose? Either the cancer is correlated to background or it is correlated to radon which is background. You see the dilemma?

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          Trouble usually comes in sets of three, making it even worse. One rich man I know is a big follower of Earl Nightingale. He said he was my friend. But when I told him a few of my interests: 1) Fuku 2) Lake Peigneur disaster 3) Bayou Corne Sinkhole he said he wouldn't waste time watching a video about that.

          I should have just kept quiet when I found the pin from his front end loader lift arm on the lawn; his positive attitude apparently was keeping the tractor together. I just didn't have the faith in happy.

      • bo bo

        Some of those people are so intent on focusing the positive that they will be raising money for Susan H. Kommen breast cancer by running in the annual police state test run marathon which happens to be scheduled in conjunction with Pilgrim's refueling schedule.

        (In case you are newish to the nuke issue, 'refueling' is the once every 18 months event and said to be the most radiation emitting event within the normal operating cycle of a nuke plant. You definitely do not want to be outdoors during this process, and the last thing you want to be doing is running a marathon, breathing in maximum air.)

        Had they not blocked me from further discussions I might have been able to warn them.
        But I'm just a Debbiedownwinder ( ←thx melting mermaid ). Now all I do is smile and say 'good luck!'

        Gah! I swore to myself I'd be positive today. 🙁

        The lesson, anyways, is it's important to REALLY know, but still stay positive.

      • Bo, I agree.
        I don't think I go overboard when it comes to, "my causes". But, I do feel horrible about what our generation(s) has done to this world and what we're leaving for our children (and if they have them, grandchildren.) My shrink says I need to not get too far into these things and to, "not let them run my life" (seriously?), so I apologized for what my generation has left to her and others of her age.
        I think she finally got it. At least, she zipped it.

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          I told my landlord about Fuku. She said she has family in Japan, and told me I should not read so much about it. Suggested I go to
          church, instead. While I am a Christian, she just reminded me why I don't go to church. With her reasoning, why would God be worried about our sin?—he should have just gone to church…

          I think you're hot. peace out.

    • zpiggin9

      Well Curly – and others – my silly passcode is a fave term of my grandaughter; 'pig', 'piggin' and 'piggest'! On topic – For support I refer to 3 volume set of discussions between a former French resistance fighter of WW II and the woman -The Mother -who helped the REAL founding father of India, Aurobindo. The author took the name, Satpem and that's how you'll locate the books. its not religion or ideology. His novels fall short but these essays crackle with insight and wit. (Aurobindo's massive tome, 'The Life Divine' might not be up your alley, but Satprem's discussions with the Mother are an 'in the trenches' instructional manual on accessing 'higher' energy/consciousness; unlike anything else I've read. No membership, no dues, no allegiance to 'something'. If consciousness really is real then it predates having a body. Has humanity ever been conscious and to what degree and why has humanity had this usually terrible journey??? As to science of the past I looked into 'Forbidden Archeology' and companion books. Simple clear deductive reasoning on human origins. What are we and how did we get here? If these are hazy concepts, how inevitable for folks to have great and seemingly futile struggle about 'NOW.' And I do struggle with the malaise; but science of self, science of energy and science of past are coherently linked fields of study. Can be of much aid in being strong with often little or no outside support.

  • Nick

    So, in a sense, our vast technological prowess at the expense of ecosystematic awareness, is actually responsible for our collective demise.

    I know it's a conundrum.

    We THINK we are improved, yet how come native people's coexisted in the environment for 1,000s of years?

    We are a cancer. We have infected this planet forever with deadly toxins.

    That I know.

    • We Not They Finally

      Most of the myths about ancient cultures destroying themselves are stories about technological advances going beyond ethical or humane ones. In Revelation, it speaks of a prior world going down in a day. But it is preceded by the likes of "selling the souls of men in the marketplace." Apparently, the more things change, the more they stay the same….

    • Even when you take the red pill, you are still part of the matrix

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    WE can only try to change the future and that is happening right now.. today.

  • They're BAFFLED.
    It's WEIRD.
    They're UNSURE.

    They just won't get it.
    They certainly won't THINK.

    Can someone buy them a clue?

  • Nick

    Unbeknowenst to hominids, neuronal cells fail to function optimally when exposed to vanishingly small amounts of wayward decaying atomic energies.

    This can lead to bafflement, confusion, befuddlement across a slew of disciplines.

    But since the amount of atomic zapping is on a scale no computer model envisioned (risk assessments stated that three awol reactor cores would happen only once every million years of operation!) the confusion and lack of understanding is, actually, understandable!

    • hbjon hbjon

      Alpha radiation= The discharge of two protons and two neutrons (4 nucleons) from the nucleus of a heavy atom like uranium, radon, plutonium, and others. It is very massive and carries with it the energy of over 4 million electron volts. Life on earth had never been exposed to these particles before us naked apes began digging it up from deep below the earth and freeing it from its ore. It is not natural for anyone to be exposed to these particles, and now, they will eventually be drifting our way in the water and air. The elements that produce these particles have been uncontained for over 4 years and we will see the evidence of their damage on aquatic life. How does it go again? Energy equals weight times speed squared of a moving body through space?

  • Skydiving@56Mike

    To hbjon, FYI central B.C., the needle is "fluttering?" between 1.6-2R, mind you this is a vintage CDV-715R that has not been calibrated in some time.
    But, it was (apparently,and please educate me if I was sold a bill of goods) fairly reliable & designed for an all out nuclear holocaust so one may see if they could safely leave & die outside their bunker.
    Another cold war era instrument I have, is T.A. "Pug",again not recently calibrated, but is wandering between 25CPM to 60+, and that on my 2nd floor.
    Low cloud ceiling with anticipated precipitation for today.

    • hbjon hbjon

      I do not doubt the accuracy of your instruments. What you are saying is probably really close if not exactly accurate. However, it is also very important to map out the deposition of fuel particles that fell out of the Jetstream in areas further inland. We know that the Jetstream makes a wide arc towards the north and dives into North America from the top during winter months. The rivers and lakes could be experiencing stresses that have gone unnoticed so far. Appreciate the info.

  • YukonRadiation YukonRadiation

    Ok i must say it is very weird that i am on the coast in Canada for the first time in over a year and Parksville BC coast line is very much alive ? the Herring season has ended with a great season here, the Sealions are plentiful and healthy ? i know it is not the case in other places after following Dana , i think he should come down here just for a break and a little burst of hope? So what is going on here ?

    • Sol Man

      At 30 seconds looks like a reflection off the top of the pool of water below the grate and at 40 seconds abundant steam coming from below the grate. The problem: the steam doesn't stop.

      • Maybe that liquid is a picture of the black BLOB, like the TV show Star Trek.. it ate people and drown them in black ooze.


      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        sol Man, yeah something strange there. Some condensing steam but the temperature is cooler than the average home. A lot less radiation than expected. The water surface is not disturbed. Somewhere there is a blob of molten corium the size of a two story english cottage. Where are the bubbles, wheres the heat? Wheres the radiation? Maybe the corium really is a few kilometers down

        • And the water level is only 6 or less inches deep. How much corium is covered by that?

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            6 inches or less? where is that data?

            a priest and rabbi are walking home from the bar when they see the boy of the nuclear power plant boss. Priest says…"letscrewim" and the rabbi replies "out of what?"

            • Shaker1

              It's amazing how the obvious conclusion can't be admitted. They expect 10 times more radiation than they encounter, standing, still water, and still think the corium is in the pedestal area? Hell, it's back to the same questions that make this exercise of theirs a bit moot. Where is the water going? It's obviously not collected and processed. Notice there's pactically a full-time crew covering the harbor bottom with concrete? Is it acting as a great settlement pond?

              Honestly, the problem has all along been try to keep the contamination down, one of which is to control the water in some manner, no matter where the core materials vanished to. Knowing where the debris is might be important, but the fact is that it's not going to be found that there's single valve to shut off at the source, and much that what has been known now for years is going to be necessary wherever the debris is.

            • Hahahhahahha.
              "out of what?"

              Your jokes crack me up, Code.

  • from a distance from a distance

    "Radioactive Spikes from Nuclear Plants a Likely Cause of Childhood Leukemia" by Dr. Ian Fairlie



    • Nuclear Power Plant Studies Show Child Leukemia, Breast, Thyroid Cancer Rates Increase RADICALLY Closer To Plants; via @AGreenRoad

      • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

        Because you think any cancer is radiation related, you will continue to live in fear. Radiation is all around us. Mostly from cosmic ray interaction

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Why would I live in fear? You are clueless to the damage your industry has don/is doing to this planet.

          Link, after Link, after Link, spells out the damage clearly in many peered reviewed studies and research papers, yet you do not see it.. 🙁 Bam some how you just can't handle the truth like so may people just can't handle money!

          All these people are dying from horrible diseases. In the next 80 years the projections are close to 2 billion dead from cancer.

          I am afraid it will be you that will be living in fear!

          That is why I am here.. to help you/yours and others! 🙂

          • Winterborn

            Thank you obewan for posting truth in dealing with this ANUS with his snide way of being crudely insulting in his choice of usernames.

            • Much like the last couple of trolls that visited here.

              Very disrespectful, just with their persona..

              They don't even have to say anything.

            • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

              Who reads?

            • Sparky Sparky

              **Sigh**At the risk of being more than a little harsh, but honest….

              J-ANUS is a most repulsive distraction. He is clearly our tedious resident troll Socref, aka MFX, FactChucker, MFer , etc., a persistent, persevering parasite that bored its way back into Enenews yet again, desperately seeking attention and validation of his wasted life serving nuclear death lords that, unfortunately, fail to appreciate his “genius”.

              He is the nuke-lords’ stupid but amusing little pet. He is allowed to scurry around their feet only occasionally before finally being kicked to the curb into retirement. (Good thing for that monthly blood-money nuke-pension check!) I doubt he gets paid for his base, ineffective little trolling snippets here on Enenews. But his wife and adult (“liberal arts” son and daughter) children are happy —relieved, really. Because when hubby/dad is preoccupied with devising crafty, titillating pseudo-porn avatars and “brilliant” tactical and intellectual virtual maneuvers to disrupt or discredit Enenews/’Newsers, then he is not (begging for sex from his wife) bothering or embarrassing them.

            • Sparky Sparky

              So now J-ANUS/Socref/troll-whatever is back, again, reinvented himself as a not-so-cleverly disguised two-faced butthole. How appropriate. Many faces, same MO. Note he has an affinity for jousting (seeking recognition, validation, respect) with/from Jebus, Stock, Obewan, Code, Dr. G. and several other ‘Newsers that have kicked his a** repeatedly, yet he still keeps coming back for more. I guess bad attention is better than no attention at all.

              Wait a while and observe. If Admin doesn’t pull his AcceSS soon, he will get sloppy: repetitive of stories that we’ve heard before under different avatars (“steam explosion”….); then becoming ugly as he fails to withstand the intellectual rigor, honesty and consistency of astute, morally and intellectually authentic ‘Newsers’ counter arguments.

              Regardless, NONE of his antics will save him from the stark, brutal personal truth that eats away at his psyche and soul. It’s what keeps him coming back to Enenews time and time again: TRUTH realization eating away at the cellular/spiritual level that he is an accomplice to murder, a perpetrator of nuclear death, disability and destruction.

              Reluctantly, we witness the death throes of a personal nuclear Hell awakening; a human being consumed with the realization (subconsciously or consciously) that he/his soul is truly damned for all eternity for his nuclear crimes.

            • Sparky Sparky

              Enenews/’Newsers cannot save you, J-ANUS, whatever your disguises and your self-deceiving craft. You are not/never will be exonerated. You are damned. Your life’s work and soul are deeply, irreversibly stained with the blood of innocents. I cannot recall a single individual I’ve encountered in all my years that was most assuredly, certainly damned (regardless of personal religious orientations) or soul-rotted than you, J-ANUS, aka whatever. I admit that I am a flawed human being: I cannot find it in my heart to say with honesty, “God save his [J-ANUS’ aka, whatever] soul” because I think you and your like should be held accountable for the atomic, endless misery you have unleashed upon all that is good and beautiful in this world.

            • Sparky Sparky

              My personal prayer: God give strength, clarity, and justice and hope to those that seek to persevere and overcome nuclear death and destruction and their perpetrators.

              • Aloha Sparky! Nice prayer, they do work.

                For those who don't believe that there is more to this world than meets the eye, let me tell you, there is more to this world than meets the eye.

                Slam Dunk No Brainer, out

                • Sparky Sparky

                  Aloha Stock, and thank you! Stay safe and well, my warrior friend. We need you now and through the dark days ahead.

                  To you and so many 'Newser philosopher/warriors:


                  All the best,

          • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

            I don't live in fear.

            Links are not truth. Google searches and YouTube are not truth either.

            I bet you never took the time in school to learn atomic and nuclear or even modern physics.

            Not enough hugs as a child I surmise.

          • Obewan, this joker is here only to irritate people. I don't think he truly believes the stuff he writes, but posts it only to get a rise out of us.
            Jerks like that are truly best ignored (as difficult as that can be.) Nothing he says really makes sense and is only there as distraction.

        • Space Radiation; Health Threats Posed To Astronauts And ISS By Cosmic Rays And Solar Energetic Particles, Radiation Shielding Methods

          • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

            You mean you agree with me? NASA has been using people with my particular skill set for decades. One page doesn't make you an expert.


            Or are you suspicious of yet another scientific government organization.

            More people died on space shuttles than from amertican nuclear reactor accidents.

            • Ya, NSA loves sociopaths….no conscience, but your lies are pretty obvious, especially when in writing.

            • Mmmm, there seems to be a hint of EXCITEMENT in our local pro nuclear apologist.




              COSMIC RADIATION

              COSMIC RADIATION


              There, did you that get you properly excited and turned on J?

              lol… Now we are best friends.

              J "More people died on space shuttles than from amertican nuclear reactor accidents"

              Repeating ad nauseum; NO ONE DIED in Amertican.. we will all live forever in the land of milk, honey and 1000 CPM man made radiation all over the globe.

              Heaven on Earth for you, right J?


              • And everyone lived happily forever and ever in the land of Amertican.

                The end.

                Nice fairy tale..

                Anyone want to help publish it?

              • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

                50+ died at Chernobyl. I had to qualify my statement.

                Large massive acute radiation doses can be deadly. But that's the extreme.

                People that cry trace radiation levels are deadly should fix their basements where more than trace radon can be their modern day version of Masrie Curie.

                Wouldn't it be ironic if your basementvwere more radioactive than the Fukushima plant boundary.

                • Does talking about massive acute radiation get you excited J?

                  Do you LIKE talking about this?

                  You seem to talk a LOT about MASSIVE RADIATION, ACUTE RADIATION.

                  Do you like nuclear weapons too?

                  Another topic that seems to get you excited is the

                  'NO ONE DIED' theme.

                  Maybe this is a subject for talk therapy group?

                  Have you ever been to therapy?

                  Are you afraid of death?

                  Are you afraid of dying?

                • Have you ever been to one of the orphanages filled with radiation victims of Chernobyl in Belarus J?

                  Have you ever had to take care of a child born deformed due to DU, in Fallujah?

                  Have you ever watched a jellyfish baby die due to radiation from open air bomb testing in the Marshall Islands?

                  No? didn't think so…

                  YOu probably can't be bothered with silly little facts like this, right J? Certainly, it would never bring a tear to your eyes, or any feeling of pain in your heart, right J?

                  Just like the millions dying in the death camps did not bother Hitler either.. Nope, not a bit..

                  The children dying on those death camps were just meaningless statistics..

                  A single death is a tragedy.
                  A million deaths is just a statistic

                • PlowboyGrownUp

                  J.."The international experts have estimated that radiation could cause up to about 4000 eventual deaths"
                  This WHO report is basically biased, because the WHO can't issue anything about radiation without it being approved by the IAEA, a marketing arm of the nuclear industry.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

          All nuclear testing, nuclear energy, nuclear reprocessing, etc., destroys the shield from cosmic rays. Then the ionizing radiation itself from all the continual use of nuclear technology and nuclear waste adds to this burden. It is ridiculous to speak of one source of ionizing radiation at a time. It is all accumulative and we are continually exposed to many sources of nuclear radiation and cosmic radiation and electromagnetic radiation and the entire soup is what people are exposed to every minute of every day. Add to that other environmental toxins and everything works synergistically to create an environment where life is rapidly no longer possible. DNA is mutating horrifically and future and present generations are doomed.

    • PlowboyGrownUp

      distance, I made good use of that link, thanks.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    See the bright light! 🙂

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Do you want to see the death by cancer numbers again?

    The math is really simple and the projections are from professionals.. just like you.

    I will be one of 2 billion and it is highly likely you will be one of those 2 billion too.

    I am sorry for all the other humans that have no clue what is really coming this way.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Ok lets do the numbers. You like numbers! OK! 🙂

    587,000 people died in the U.S. directly from cancer.
    7.5 billion divided by 317,000.000 current U.S. population = 23.66 x (times)
    23.66 x (times) 587,000 death by cancer = 13,888,420 death by cancer worldwide per year.
    (Note: Over 80 year average life span of baby born today calculation)
    80 x 13,888,420 death by cancer worldwide per year = 1,111,073,600 (billions) over 80 years
    Projection by professionals 70% increase in cancer by 2030
    1,111,073,600 X (times) 70% = +777,751,520 (millions)
    add the previous line together! 🙁
    1,888,825,120 (billions) Death by cancers on this planet over this baby's 80 year life span.

    Close to 2 billion! 🙁

    Now after Fukushima and other potential Nuclear Meltdowns these numbers may actually be higher!

    Do you see the bright light yet?

    We are talking about creating electrons on a planet that is already one gigantic big electron!

    No need to poison this planet anymore! 🙂

  • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

    Your analysis is flawed.

    There are 7 billion on the planet right now.In 80 years there will be a new crop of 7 billion times 3.

    Now if 2 billion die from cancer and there are a million different ways to contract cancer (there are probably an infinite variety of cancer causing agents) then at most no one cause can ce attributed to more than 2000.

    That's statistically insignificant for trace radiation levels. Background doesn't kill!!

    Neither does one stray hot particle.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Photons VS what you are creating..huge difference! 🙂

    We have no protections from the artificially created poisons you are releasing/dumping all over/on this planet. See! 🙂

  • danger kitty danger kitty

    Japan Alex / socref you are a lying, conscienceless ghoul. Your basic premise is bullshit. We are way past trace levels of fallout bio concentration. Mutated plants are showing us that. Each year, more species and genera affected. Higher % of leaves affected. That does NOT 'just happen'. We be mapping the 'spots of the leopard'.
    Kansas is in the rear view, pal. Your industry kills Mother and Child.

    • kitty, radiation is an equal opportunity killer, it also kills Father and son, dogs and cats (these critters are especially close to the ground and sniffing it a lot)

      Nukists are dog killers. And they don't care one bit.

      Nukists hardly even have dogs….dogs are no use to them, unless they can beat them.

  • I believe in troll jousting at other websites.

    ENENEWSERs are not going to be confused by these silly ass trolls that come here. Identifying them once is enough, then they can be ignored.

    Instead of jousting these silly ass paid whores of the industry….use that same time to spread links from ENE, AGRP, Nukepro to other sites….therein lies the TIPPING point

    stock out for the weekend

    • Everyone is entitled to their opinion.. Good luck and good hunting out there.

      No troll deserves to take over this site and be the only one posting pro nuclear apologist/shill stuff here, with nothing coming back..

      The vacuum of zero response to their 99 lies, allows them to win.

      People visiting here think that they are the experts and are the ones to follow.

      • OK doc, I feel we are wasting "man-hours" and by that I include "woman-hours" since some of the best activists are women. Somehow they understand more clearly what a clean genome means, it means everything.

  • danger kitty danger kitty

    stock, good to see you.
    I'm not leaving out men as killed by nuke, men all start out as child. Wonder what happened to old socref to leave him such a twisted emotional cripple.

  • rogerthat


    Radioactive waste in Chiba to be put in TEPCO site
    Apr. 17, 2015
    The Japanese government is planning to store radioactive waste in Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo, at a site owned by the operator of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear power plant.

    The government has been in the process of selecting a site to dispose of about 3,687 tons of radioactive waste. It was collected in 10 cities in the prefecture after the 2011 nuclear accident in Fukushima Prefecture, northeastern Japan.

    It plans to build a storage facility on the 760,000 square-meter premises of a power station in Chiba City, which is operated by Tokyo Electric Power Company.

    The site is located in an industrial area along Tokyo Bay. It is several kilometers away from residential areas.

    The government plans to find sites to permanently store radioactive waste with cesium levels of more than 8,000 becquerels per kilogram.

    It intends to build storage facilities in 5 prefectures near Fukushima.

  • Decontamination does NOT work. They can save their money.

    Time to get real about Fukushima.

    Where are those Multiple Coriums TEPCO?

    You got a clue, not in #1 or 2…

  • razzz razzz

    Our tax dollars pay for incompetence from people like 'foJapAN US relations for 200 Alex'. Even NASA had to turn to the private sector after internal mismanagement not to mention murdering space shuttle riders. Psychos have nothing better to do than harass private citizens with their talking points.

    • razzz razzz

      'Congressmen To NASA: Stop Wasting Money On Global Warming Research'

      "Republican lawmakers chastised the head of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Friday, saying the agency’s obsession with global warming is undercutting space exploration programs.

      “There are 13 other agencies involved in climate change research, but only one that is responsible for space exploration,” Texas Rep. Lamar Smith told NASA administrator Charles Bolden in a hearing.

      “The administration continues to starve NASA’s exploration programs to fund a partisan environmental agenda,” Smith said. “NASA simply deserves better…”

  • rogerthat


    Advocates seek to kill deal that sticks ratepayers with San Onofre costs

    April 19, 2015
    Consumer advocates, outraged by a secret negotiation in Poland over the $5-billion cost of closing the San Onofre nuclear power plant, are asking the California Public Utilities Commission to reconsider a deal that sticks utility customers with the bulk of the bill.

    The groups demanded Friday that Southern California Edison Co. return at least $650 million to customers. The financial penalty, they said, should be a punishment for holding backroom talks with former PUC President Michael Peevey during a 2013 energy conference in Warsaw.

    Southern California Edison defended the current settlement, calling it "fair and reasonable." The PUC had no comment.

    In separate statements, the Utility Reform Network, known as TURN, and the PUC's Office of Ratepayer Advocates said they were shocked that Peevey and Edison Vice President Steven Pickett outlined a rough agreement a year before a proposed legal settlement was announced.

    "The Warsaw meeting was a flagrant violation of CPUC rules," said Matt Freedman, a lawyer for San Francisco-based TURN.

    Friday's action came as the San Onofre nuclear plant, shut down in 2013, and majority owner Edison are playing a bigger role in the unfolding scandal at the PUC. …

    • rogerthat

      Until recently, most attention was directed at ties between Peevey and the state's largest utility, Pacific Gas & Electric Co. of San Francisco.

      Many details of PG&E's ties emerged in emails with PUC officials that the company made public in recent months.

      Now the PUC wants Southern California Edison to make a similar release of correspondence.

      Most of the Southern California controversy centers on the San Onofre plant, which was permanently closed 18 months after new steam generating equipment leaked a small amount of radioactivity.

      In March 2014, the PUC, Edison and other parties announced a proposed settlement spelling out who would pay how much of the cost of closing the plant.

      Since then, Edison revealed that one of its executives met in Warsaw with Peevey, who is under investigation by state and federal officials. Peevey has denied any wrongdoing, but has been unavailable to comment in recent months.

      The Bristol Hotel hand written notes were among items seized in investigators when they searched Peevey's La Cañada Flintridge home in January.

      Both the secret plan and a somewhat more consumer-friendly final plan, unanimously approved by the PUC in November, roughly required utility customers to pay $3.3 billion. Edison and its shareholders would be on the hook for $1.4billion.

      The recently released meeting notes broke rules governing illegal contacts between utility executives and their regulator, Freedman said. …

      • rogerthat

        He noted that he only learned of the Warsaw deal during a private meeting with Peevey on April 10, 2014.

        The San Onofre plant's new steam generating equipment was turned off in January 2012. Two units built in the early 1980s were permanently deactivated in June 2013 because Edison couldn't fix the defective generators at a cost of $770 million.

        Joseph Como, acting director of the Office of Ratepayer Advocates, wants Edison and its junior partner in the San Onofre plant, San Diego Gas & Electric Co., to return at least $648 million to customers.

        Ratepayers might be even better served if they got back more than $1 billion, Como added. The final figure, he said, would depend on the outcome of a PUC investigation.

        "We need to see how basically deep the rathole goes," he said.

        Both the California attorney general's office and the U.S. Justice Department are conducting broad probes into activities of the state's investor-owned, for-profit utilities and their relations with top PUC officials. According to the search warrant, they are looking for evidence of illegal communications, bribery, obstruction of justice and other crimes.

        Michael Aguirre, a San Diego consumer attorney, said already released documents provide more than enough proof that the San Onofre settlement was illegal and should be tossed out. He wants the two utilities to pay for most of the nuclear plant's shutdown. …

  • rogerthat

    can anyone get this story up?

    SF BayView – Less than one lifetime: Eyewitness to nuclear development, from Hunters Point to Chernobyl and Fukushima, issues a warning – Janette D. Sherman, M.D.

  • rogerthat


    Address nuclear safety concerns
    APR 16, 2015

    The Fukui District Court’s injunction issued this week against restarting the Nos. 3 and 4 reactors of Kansai Electric Power Co.’s Takahama nuclear power plant again raises the question of who can guarantee the safety of nuclear power plants and how — an issue that the Abe administration seems to be keeping in the dark as it seeks to reactivate idled reactors that meet what it touts as the world’s toughest safety standard.

    The court on Tuesday dismissed the standard adopted by the Nuclear Regulation Authority in 2013 in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster as “too lax” and “lacking in rationality” and said that it cannot approve restarting reactors that have cleared the NRA’s screening under its guideline.

    This is a challenge to the administration’s policy of relying on the NRA’s endorsement as the green light for resuming operation of idled reactors.

    Kansai Electric was given the NRA’s nod in February to restart the Takahama reactors — only the second case among the nation’s nuclear plants following Kyushu Electric Power Co.’s Sendai plant in Kagoshima Prefecture. But the injunction, which took effect immediately, puts the restart on hold until it’s reversed by a higher court. …

    • rogerthat

      In the court ruling, presiding Judge Hideaki Higuchi said the safety requirements of nuclear power plants must be rigorous enough to eliminate any chance of a serious disaster.

      The NRA has required power companies seeking approval of restarting their reactors to raise the intensity of the assumed maximum possible temblor that could hit in and around the plant site based on the area’s geological structure — which serves as the basis for the quake-resistant designs of the plants. Kansai Electric has told the court that the Takahama plant, which meets the NRA’s requirement, is secure enough against major disasters.

      The Fukui court, however, pointed out that over the past decade, four nuclear power plant sites across Japan were hit by five temblors that exceeded the maximum level anticipated by the plants’ operators.

      It would be groundless optimism to believe that the Takahama plant site alone would not be hit by a quake stronger than the assumed level, which could cripple its cooling system and possibly damage the reactor cores, the court stated in its ruling.

      Such a risk would not be eliminated, the court said, unless the assumed quake level was more substantially upgraded and the plant’s quake-resistant features were fundamentally beefed up.

      In May last year, Judge Higuchi handed down another Fukui court ruling that banned the restart of idled reactors — that time at the Oi plant also run by Kansai Electric on the Fukui coastline. …

      • rogerthat

        Given that the only two court rulings against the operation of nuclear power plants in the wake of the Fukushima disaster were made by the same judge in the same court, his decisions have not escaped criticism.

        Some experts have pointed to what they called the court’s misunderstanding of the technical aspects of the power plants. Others have said the judge is essentially calling for 100 percent safety of nuclear power and zero tolerance against associated risk, which would make it impossible to run nuclear plants in a country prone to earthquakes and other natural disasters.

        In response to the Fukui court’s decision, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said the government stands by the NRA’s decision and it would not change its position to seek the restart of nuclear reactors based on the NRA’s endorsements. Kansai Electric, which was planning to restart the Takahama reactors as early as November after obtaining consent of local authorities, said it would appeal the injunction to a higher court.

        But aren’t the administration and the power companies reverting to the safety myth of nuclear power — which permeated the government and the power industry up until the Fukushima nuclear crisis — by repeating their faith in the safety standard set by the NRA and dismissing any challenge to its validity?

        The experience of the March 2011 triple meltdowns at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, triggered by the Great East Japan Earthquake …

        • rogerthat

          and tsunami, has shown that the unthinkable can happen. And when it happens in a nuclear facility, the result can be far-reaching and long-term damage.

          More than four years after the disaster, Tepco and the government are still struggling to clean up the mess at the crippled plant, while nearly 120,000 Fukushima residents remain displaced both in and outside the prefecture due to the effects of the radiation fallout.

          NRA chairman Shunichi Tanaka himself reiterates that its standard does not eliminate the safety risk of nuclear power plants, and that its screening is only meant to see if the plants meet the updated safety guideline.

          The Abe administration repeats that it is following the NRA’s judgment in promoting the restart of idled reactors.

          Meanwhile, a majority of people in media opinion polls continue to oppose the restart of reactors, a stance that reflects their safety concerns over nuclear power in the wake of the Fukushima crisis.

          The government and power companies should not dismiss the Fukui court injunction as an aberrant decision by a lower court, but instead take it as a cue to reflect on whether they have sufficiently addressed people’s safety concerns and various questions raised about the reactor restarts.

          If legitimate questions exist about the NRA’s nuclear plant safety standard, they should be addressed.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Judge Hideaki Higuchi is now the smartest person in Japan. 🙂

    Only fools would start any Nuclear Reactors anywhere on these islands and/or anywhere on this planet.

  • rogerthat


    Health ministry proposes more than doubling radiation exposure limit
    April 18, 2015

    By TOMOYO FUKUMIYA/ Staff Writer
    The health ministry recommends raising the maximum radiation-exposure limit for nuclear plant workers during an emergency from the current 100 millisieverts to 250 millisieverts. …

  • rogerthat


    Municipalities, in areas being considered as possible sites for nuclear waste repository, hold protest events
    Jan Velinger

    Municipalities in seven areas of the Czech Republic, being considered by the government as possible locations for a nuclear waste repository operational as of 2065, are holding protest events on Saturday saying "No" to government plans.

    Demonstrations and concerts are underway in places to express opposition to the siting of the waste site; in the past referenda were also held.

    Plans for a deep geological repository for the country's radioactive waste have existed since 1990. The facility, if a suitable site is found, would take 15 years to build.

    – ''if a suitable site is found'' ha ha ha

  • rogerthat


    Radiation accident in East Idaho acknowledged six months after it occurred
    (Idaho Falls) Post Register April 16, 2015

    An October radiation accident at a waste processing facility on the U.S. Department of Energy’s desert site west of Idaho Falls drew concern this week, largely because it took nearly six months for either the DOE or contractor to publicly disclose the incident.

    The accident happened Oct. 23 at the New Waste Calcining Facility, operated by contractor CH2M-WG Idaho, or CWI. It resulted in a small internal radioactive contamination of one worker and a weeks-long work stoppage for a portion of the facility, while an investigation and decontamination effort took place.

    It was not until last week that DOE disclosed what happened. DOE officials made a 14-slide PowerPoint presentation to the Idaho National Laboratory Site Environmental Management Citizens Advisory Board’s meeting in Pocatello.

    “It was the first time I had heard of it,” Advisory Board Chairman Herb Bohrer said this week.

    Kerry Martin, the INL oversight regional manager for Idaho’s Department of Environmental Quality, said Wednesday she also had not heard of the incident until last week, which she called “amazing.”

    The accident occurred in and around Cell 308, a hot cell where workers remotely repackage transuranic waste. …

    • rogerthat

      Workers were removing a “cell port cover,” in order to take material out of the cell after repackaging, according to the PowerPoint presentation.

      A mistake in the process of removing the cover increased ventilation flow and reduced vacuum in the cell, which keeps airborne radioactivity inside. More issues with the ventilation system followed.

      Monitors that sense airborne radioactivity, located in a corridor outside the cell, went off. Workers evacuated.

      One worker later was found to have low levels of internal contamination from the incident, roughly the same as from a chest X-ray, CWI spokesman Erik Simpson said Wednesday. …

      — no bananas were harmed in the production of this six months old sanitised ''news'' ha ha ha

  • rogerthat

    what's all this about?


    Search results
    (3 found)
    Search Criteria: Legislative Session = 2015-2016; Detailed Category = Environmental protection, radioactive waste

    Search within these documents for

    Document Type Description
    SB 0014 of 2015 Senate Bill Environmental protection; radioactive waste; storage of certain radioactive waste in Michigan; prohibit, and require study of impacts of repository located anywhere near great lakes shoreline. Amends title & sec. 1 of 1978 PA 113 (MCL 325.491); adds sec. 2 & repeals sec. 2.

    SB 0277 of 2015 Senate Bill Environmental protection; landfills; disposal of certain radioactive waste in landfills; regulate. Amends sec. 11514 of 1994 PA 451 (MCL 324.11514) & adds sec. 11131.

    HB 4469 of 2015 House Bill Environmental protection; landfills; disposal of certain radioactive waste in landfills; regulate. Amends sec. 11514 of 1994 PA 451 (MCL 324.11514) & adds sec. 11131.
    Last Action: 04/16/2015 – referred to Committee on Natural Resources

  • rogerthat

    – best wishes to all

  • rogerthat

    Nuclear power is lunacy – two minutes is all it takes, just show everyone you know this drone footage.


  • All we need to know about Fukushima & the Pacific:
    “A lot of weird things out there”

    And this came from an, "official source"?
    I think someone (whatever name & avatar he chooses to use) should WakeTHUp!

  • Greenish radioactive smoke/fog touching ground on field now http://www.futabagun.jp/futaba_camera/cameraliveunit?observationPointId=173

    TBS/JNN still obscured by layers of yellowish, green and pink fluctuating pixels. Cam tries to show treetops in foreground every once in awhile. Only 3pm in Japan at Daiichi and so little light in areas beyond plant. No wonder they sent guys out there at Futaba intersection to measure again. They kept their suits and respirators on as they drove away afterwards.

  • rogerthat


    Second robot captures glow inside stricken Fukushima plant
    By Naomi Ng and Yoko Wakatsuki, CNN
    Updated 0855 GMT (1555 HKT) April 20, 2015

    Eerie footage from inside Fukushima's nuclear plant 01:17

    Tokyo (CNN)A second robotic probe sent into the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant has captured images of a strange green glow.

  • Sol Man

    All babies will have a very much more difficult time getting born into our world, and then to live a healthy life once they are here.

    A glass of fresh pure water, and breaths of unpolluted air, will be impossible to find! This is our legacy!

    But, some people did make a lot of money getting the deals done!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Police: Seal or sea lion pup taken from Los Angeles beach, but cute doesn't mean friendly
    April 20 2015


    Who ever did this is a pathetic excuse of a Human being.

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