Engineer: 6 experts say nuclear explosion at reactor is possible — NRC: Fukushima Unit 3 explosion had 3 loud bangs, much larger than Unit 1 blast — Tokyo professor’s presentation adds question mark: “Hydrogen explosion of Reactor #3?” (VIDEO)

Published: December 28th, 2013 at 10:32 am ET


Presentation by Mitsuo UEMATSU (pdf), Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute at the University of Tokyo, May 9, 2013 (pg. 5):

  • March 12, 15:36 Hydrogen explosion of first reactor
  • March 14, 11:1 [sic] Hydrogen explosion of third reactor #3?

Watch Uematsu’s presentation here (at 6:30 in)

Fukushima Disaster March 11th – March 21st Chronology, NRC, Published May 15, 2012: NOT FOR PUBLIC DISCLOSURE […] 2011/03/20 at 18:04:33 ET — “Watches youtube videos comparing Unit 1 and Unit 3 explosions. Unit 3 much larger, initiating event and then 3 loud bangs.”

Chris Gifford to Infrastructure Planning Commission (UK) (pdf), engineer and risk management consultant, March 14, 2012: In my paper Fukushima Dai-ichi V4 I quoted six authorities who share the opinion that nuclear explosion of fissile material out of control is possible. […] Zhores Medvedev in a preface to the 2011 edition of ‘The Legacy of Chernobyl’ describes the Chernobyl explosion as a nuclear explosion […] the record shows that Dr Webb’s [who worked on US Navy nuclear reactors] assertion that nuclear explosion was possible was not disputed by Mr Rimington nor by two senior HM Inspectors of Nuclear Installations. […] Professor Jack Harris, FRS, FEng, was a nuclear metallurgist involved in the design of British gas cooled reactors [supported] Ross Hesketh’s position on the possibility of a nuclear explosions in nuclear reactors […] Sir John Hill when Chairman of the Atomic Energy Authority in the UK […] wrote in the house journal of the Authority in 1992: “When the Americans chose graphite moderated water cooled piles for plutonium production they recognised that a failure of the water supply or control system could result in prompt criticality and a nuclear explosion such as happened 40 years later at Chernobyl.”

See also: [intlink id=”reactor-designer-it-was-a-nuclear-explosion-at-fukushima-unit-3-plutonium-was-scattered-after-blast-abc-theres-willful-denial-and-lying-going-on-here-even-at-the-highest-levels” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

And: [intlink id=”study-nuclear-explosion-may-have-occurred-at-fukushima-unit-3-after-supercritical-condition-sudden-increases-of-plutonium-and-uranium-were-seen-in-u-s-at-several-epa-stations” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: December 28th, 2013 at 10:32 am ET


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91 comments to Engineer: 6 experts say nuclear explosion at reactor is possible — NRC: Fukushima Unit 3 explosion had 3 loud bangs, much larger than Unit 1 blast — Tokyo professor’s presentation adds question mark: “Hydrogen explosion of Reactor #3?” (VIDEO)

  • Socrates

    #3 detonated. Big chunks and small pieces flew. Some aerosolized and we breathed it.

    • Grampybone Grampybone

      1,2,&3 Reactors detonated. The spent fuel pools had hydrogen explosions that added to additional particulate matter to the overall release. Unit 4's reactor either released from a meltdown or the fuel storage above the reactor collapsed spilling golden uranium over the top of the pressure vessel. No details on that yet though. Hatrick Penry's suspicions are worth looking into.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Hi Socrates & all, responding to your comment re: detonation because that's the only comment in the thread I see related to detonation & poss. nuclear explosion.

      Just wanted to say the verb tense used in, "is possible" doesn't clarify whether the author(s)' statement is it already occurred, or if there is an indication it could happen in future.

      But going on what was said re: cpomparison of Unit 1 and Unit 3 explosions, this would indicate it is past tense (already happened). Really wish these authors would use their verb tenses carefully so it's clear what they're actually saying.

      Or maybe I'm just having a "Doh! I don't get it day. Sure looked like a nuclear detonation to me, when it happened. That was always my "read" on it. But others said other types of explosions can be similar ni appearance, esp. chemical plant conflagarations, petroleum refineries, and such (i.e., the big fireball expanding outward that almost looks like a nuclear blast).

  • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

    Lol Of course it's possible!
    Just look up gun-type fission weapon on Wikipedia!

  • Flapdoodle Flapdoodle

    So… Hiroshima and Nagasaki were likely just hydrogen explosions?

  • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

    The primary explostion was hydrogen & that compressed the racks & triggered the 2ondary which was atomic

  • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

    Call it what you will but my guess is buckyballs to the walls & everyone falls.

  • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

    Plutonium buckyballs that is…. Sorry I got caught up in rhyming mode which is back to where I'm going now 😉

  • Lion76 Lion76

    Some "experts" we got these days. Just a bunch of foot soldiers for plausible deniability.

  • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

    "Tokyo professor’s presentation adds question mark:" Hahahaha
    We are making slow progress?

  • Socrates

    They said there were three loud bangs….

  • ruppert

    I agree with Lion76 that why would any entity or government measure or test anything that could provide results that could be used to sue themselves?

    I think there may have been a time when they honestly measured or investigated themselves but that ship sailed a long time ago.

    It's happening in all departments and it's gotten to the point that instead of just fudging the radioactive results, they just shut the monitoring system off when the first plume came.

    It makes it easy. If there are no results than nobody has to lie or testify.

    • Socrates

      On Aruba they say, "NO BODY, NO CRIME."

      At least until next time.

      The pro- nukes will just keep pushing the envelope. Another roll of the dice. They are all hedged up by tort immunities and government agency promoters. It is a system that encourages risking everything. They are willing to take the risks. We are their roadkill.

      If this time does not finish us all, they will just keep taking more risks until they finish off everyone. Gamblers get off doing that according to brain scans.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        The question, how can "we" push back against them and stop their momentum? What will stop these gamblers who lack normalcy in the "reptilian" portion of their brain stems, as Dr. Helen Caldicott says?

      • deaddolphins simonhhh

        The Pro-nukes will be road kill as well…we all lose

        • artika rama

          simonhhh exactly ,, and thats why all those theories about population control and false flags and so on are just wrong . Nobody can escape radiation , no where is safe in the world. It will be coming to your are before you can say "fukued up shiva " There is no hidden agenda behind these disasters , except from the greed , trying to make profits without any respect of life on this planet , or anything else. Einstein was right after all ,, no limit to idiocy of the people .

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      The results of parents not being allowed to raise their children with a spanking now and then.

  • markww markww

    wrong explosion was a DETONATION by Arnie Gundersen


  • JoeNeubarth

    For two and a half years now I have shown that it was a vectored steam explosion from the Torus when several tons of Corium fell into the Torus propelled by a hydrogen explosion milliseconds before. Anybody can see that the explosion was vectored upward just by watching the Reactor Three Explosion Video. I have argued about this with the Arnie supporters. The simple fact of the matter is that if there was a prompt critical explosion in the fuel pool, it would have blown the side of the pool out. That obviously did not happen, but the roof of the Reactor building was blown sky high by all of the lower floors shooting up and through the reactor building. Why was it vectored upward? That is simple, too, because deep in the bowels of the building the only way to go was up. A lot of en-trained Corium when skyward in that explosion.

  • hbjon hbjon

    Uranium dioxide, when cast into a pellet under high pressure heats up by itself when removed from the die. Understandably, a smaller press must be used for MOX fuel. Those atoms are as close together as their going to get until they're melted and solidified under atmospheric pressure.

    The fuel had liquefied and produced massive amounts of tritium when contact with heavy water was made. You with me so far? Tritium and oxygen gas take up more space than heavy water and when you try to confine it in a limited space, the pressure will increase.

    So what do we have? We have a fissioning blob of fresh corium in a confinement that has increasing gas pressure(pressure cooker). When tritium (or hydrogen atoms with increased neutron content) are pushed together by pressure, they fuse. When that happens it takes less of the glue that holds nucleons together to bind the new nucleus and there is a release of energy. The energy is sometimes referred to as nuclear energy but in fact it's only fusion. The momentary orange flash told us it this in unit 3.

    There are factors that come into play that will determine the approximate yield of such an explosion. Venting, pressure, temperature, and other variables. A critical mass will explode, but under these contaminated, neutron rich conditions unlikely.

    Warning. These opinions may change next week.

  • rakingmuck

    Does anyone have a theory what happened to all the store Uranium that the US has been shipping to Japan for years for their not so secret weapons program that was stored at Fukushima?

  • rakingmuck

    Sorry meant stored

  • mindrive mindrive

    couldn't they just look at the seismographs on the day and at the time to check to see what magnitude they measured? there is extensive records on nuclear explosions and the energy released and what magnitude the explosion would be recorder by earth quake seismographs..that is just a thought i am making.

  • Nick

    I spent part of my life exploding fireworks in creative ways.

    One memorable detonation was a ham can placed on top of a cherry bomb.

    Lit fuse, dropped can, ran, ducked, kaboom!

    Went the dust cleared:

    "where's the ham can?"


    "No way, it was here."

    "Did you see the ham can?"

    "Where is it?"


    We never found it that day, nor for days, until the wind revealed it stuck 45' up a pine tree.

    "Oh, that's what happened to the ham can."

    Unit #3. Still looking for the "ham can" aka core.

    "Where did it go?"

    "I don't know, I wasn't looking."

    "Did you duck too?"

    "Yeah I was scared about sand in my eyes."


  • Plutonium and melted coriums melting out #3/#4, and coriums underground are now the holy cows of Japan, never to be mentioned, never to be seen, never to be measured.

    PMC is now classified under the official secrets act…

    No one may mention these on the penalty of death.. Hey, you up there, remove those posts, or else!


  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Countries with reactors (over 30) are gambling "everything'.

  • Zatrsatr Zatrsatr

    Iam very much interested in the Fukushima issue right from the beginning.
    Arnie talked a lot about the explosions, you can check it on his webpage – some of the first updates…
    I agree with reactor designer – unit 3 explosin looks pretty nuclear to me and most probably is.
    Let me just mention, that unit 4 exploded as well, but it wasnt covered by mainstrem at all. Nobody wanted to talk about unit 4, not even Arnie. But according to my sources – unit 4 equipment pool and fuel pool caught fire due to lose of cooling.
    Unit 3 had probably MOX or some kind of advanced fuel in it for testing. Remember the misterious black substance? It was tested and it is very radioactive homogenous single substance, but nobody ever mentioned what it is actualy made of. My research point at new materials laied with plutonium, but it is just my guess. What I know for sure – it is not good to find this stuff hundreds of kilometers away from the nuclear site.
    Take Care

  • weeman

    Absulote read the Chris Gifford PDF, took me awhile but the points made are nails in the nuclear coffin and the conclusions of the paper and the inquiry, are the risk is not worth the benifits.
    Highlights of paper it is all about the tolerability of risk and the paper clearly shows nuclear fails in many perameters, including A/ human error is expected by experienced managers, B/ acts of terrorism not part of risk, as per request from government, C/ grid failure due to anyone of several causes is the main liability of failure and weakest link, D/ no clear consequences for loss of coolant accident, E/ the effects of ionized radiation is not a factor taken into account.
    To be continued

    • weeman

      H/ I thought that the nail was the paper that was published, it had 23 authors and two editors and 750 pages long and could not concur on a depository for highly active fuel waste. In fact they stated that nowhere in the world does a geological depository exsist, no solution for waste, so do you keep it in a SFP for millions of years or dry storage still will require replacement of containers in future.
      I/ in the past it was thought that a nuclear explosion could not occur in a reactor, I am afraid to tell you that they have changed there stance on this and now agree it is possible and the equivalent of 10 tons of TNT could cause a nuclear explosion, prompt criticality.
      I saw the reactor buildings blowing up, I think that was more than 10 tons of TNT.
      Please read this paper, it is not a hard read and easily comprehended.
      Two milliseconds to midnight.

  • razzz razzz

    What I read is that TEPCO was pretty good at removing spent fuels from the Units and storing it in the common pool. The spent fuel inventories were low in Units 1,2&3. Since the spent fuel is stored shielded with boron plates and water, about the only way for spent fuel to leave the buildings is via a steam explosion.

    Unit 4's pool was overloaded with fuel but still survived.

    Any worst case scenarios resulted during core meltdowns.

    The Units were at their end of life but being extended with stainless steel shroud (reflector) replacements to continue their service. That was pioneered by the Japanese since shroud replacement was never contemplated in the original design. All these type designs should have been retired by now including the ones in the US.

    They know exactly what happened by reading the fallout monitors for different isotopes. They are just not saying. The US sent a special military radiological unit to observe the site if they didn't know what was going on, what good are they?

    Experts are slowly coming forward to confirm what already happened. None of them have a plan to fix it.

  • humptydumpty humptydumpty

    I keep reading the term "equipment pool" which I learned from the info on R4 that it was used to store the (not very) old containment liner while a new one was being fitted. Ostensibly that was done to permit the use of highly enriched Plutonium MOX fuel, which I understand these MK-1 reactors were not designed for.

    Wikipedia search brought up no definition or info on what is the actual purpose for an equipment pool. Would someone kindly spell this out? Was it temporary storage for new fuel rods? If so, that would explain the worst damage to R3, which indicates an explosion in the equipment pool (as well as the SFP). There was a similar albeit lesser explosion in the equipment pool of R4.

    Were R3 & R4 built differently than R1 and R2, and were they both upgraded at a later time? Construction appears to be much more robust than R1. Presumably it was GE that authorized and engineered the upgrades based on pure hubris: what could go wrong with putting nitroglycerin fuel into a Model T?

  • Zatrsatr Zatrsatr

    Thank you Humptydumpty. You are asking the right question. What is equipment pool and what was in it. There was no coverage on this issue, not even Arnie ever talked about it, like it doesnt exist.
    In regard to MOX fuel let me add, that to achieve full fuel cycle you need even more advanced fuel than MOX and I suspect that this may be why they are so secretive about it and wont let international help in. Heres my source –
    The black substance is puzzling me a bit, because it was identified as unburned fuel, but nobody ever sad, what kind of fuel. If it was MOX, they would probably release the information through Arnie, right? I am guessing here a little:-)
    To answer what is equipment pool – I do not really know, what is it exactly for, but my guess is, that it is used during the fuel exchange. There was definataly fuel in it. The reactor of U4 was opened when it exploded. Maybe, you will find your answer here:
    Take Care

  • Ontological Ontological

    I have to admit as to many of the reports out here, I tend to skip them to read comments first. Then compare notes. You guys are very good at sorting this stuff out. Keep up the good work all you ENENEWS bloggers, and you good people of ADMIN. Again though, I did the homework on R3. It was a NUCLEAR detonation, and I got one of its dust bunnies up my nose. Stay out of the wind, were not too sure just how many of the 54 JP NPP's were effected. Perhaps one day (if there is anyone left) the light of truth will shine.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    I thought that a few shots of Jack, followed by a half pack of cigarettes, and a giant chocolate chip milkshake with one-eighth cup of dark chocolate coffee house flavoring would make this website less disturbing. I told you I was no genius.

  • The pain in the stomach will make the pain in the head and heart less obvious.

    To the above, add another bag of potato chips, followed by a whole salami and a pot of macaroni, plus another couple beers; that formula works really well, we have found. The wretching for the next 8 hours really takes the mind off of ENENews.

  • Lilith

    <3 EneNewsers,
    I read daily, yet post infrequently, as I am busy with children and a cellphone as a posting tool until recently.. yea! New laptop 🙂
    I think the 4 reactors are all fukud. The vast majority of the materials were and are being released. Very little is likely recoverable from #4, sadly. I concur with the pertinent questions as to 5, 6, Daiini, as well as all of the inoperable reactors in Japan.. I find it unlikely that they are off unless they are inoperable. I also remember that there was an explosion and fire at a dual business that stored nuclear materials such as waste and plutonium. It burned for many hours, with the usual "the fire occurred in the non nuclear segment" of the property 😉 Something certainly happened to render all of those reactors inoperable, seems to me.. I also ponder why so many U.S sailors were off of the coast to be hit by the plume. Was it simply to render aid? Even with the obvious coverups in this fukumare, it seems that there would have been some fanfare if these folk were simply heroically exposed.. No speaking out except in a lawsuit..
    I also feel there is compelling info that indicates U.S and Israeli cooperative efforts in nuclear sabotage worldwide.
    I have always seen truth since I can remember. This has left me with a profound sadness as I watch my fellow humans senselessly and heartlessly destroy all life on Earth. How can they miss the obvious fact that all life, including the planet itself are profoundly sacred?

  • Lilith

    I remember 3/11..
    I was in the tub when the air raid warning sirens began on Maui. I evacuated my home with my family, and headed for higher ground, as the sirens went off all night long. The flooding turned out to be minimal, yet certainly we did flood on this island. I watched news and others laptops as we hung out together at a shelter. It was scary yet full of Aloha that evening.. We stayed up until dawn to look down upon the sea, but fell asleep before the waves hit..
    I find myself in Oregon now, feeling anxious, always.. I moved here for a family issue of great importance, or I would bail, but where? As I read radiation counts from places reporting them, it is obvious that the entire U.S.A is very dirty from an environmental perspective. Our nation is a radioactive chemtrailed cesspool. The rest of the world has little radiation data available to peruse, and most places are being chemtrailed worldwide, so it seems the best solution is to honestly hunker down if you can and build a biodome to cover as much of your property as you can, use zeolite in your soil, grow foods (including small livestock) under the bubble, distill your water, and try to educate others and survive. Caves? The future will be very different, likely in our lifetimes, and it is beyond time to try to implement as many at home survival tools as we can, as well as openly defend our planet as best we can, and certainly challenge the corporate monarchy at every possible opportunity of word or deed..

  • Lilith

    Speaking of sue GE..
    I came across a settlement for some folk damaged from downwind of nuclear testing as well as uranium mining in the southwest.
    The parameters are narrow, but my grandfather is undisputedly eligible, as he died young from mining this toxic stuff 🙁
    We have a large family, so I will not see too much of the money for this reason, but will relish this small victory for my family for our many losses due to this radioactive crap.
    He died from lung issues and the rest of us born up to the early 1970,s have all had our thyroids damaged. !00% of us!! I was the first to have my thyroid swell as a child then get irradiated by consent of my mother! I have anguished and raged at this loss my entire life as I am dependent on a drug to inadequately control my bodily functions on a cellular level, resulting in discomfort, pain, and early loss of fertility I suspect.. Unfortunately, the settlement only covers death or cancer more or less, and not thyroid disease, therefore none of us can sue personally.
    The language of the settlement indicates that the U.S government studied radioactive fallout very well, and also waited many years to offer the settlement, largely posthumously. It is obvious to me that indeed fuku et al have and are being intensively studied, the data is simply kept confidential on a need to know basis..
    Thanks for listening Y'all.. I have talked much this evening..

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