Engineers fear yesterday’s 5.9 quake may have caused fresh leaks at ­Fukushima — Radiation levels around plant soared

Published: April 17th, 2011 at 2:26 pm ET


Fresh leak fears as Japan rocked by ANOTHER earthquake, Sunday Mirror, April 17, 2011:

RADIATION levels around Japan’s stricken nuclear plant soared after another earthquake jolted the ­country yesterday.

Engineers fear the 5.9 quake may have caused fresh leaks at ­Fukushima Dai-ichi…

Levels of radioactivity rose sharply in seawater near the plant. It happened shortly after the Tokyo Electric Power Company had beefed up safety ­systems. …

A government adviser said yesterday: “We are far from the end. There will be mountains to climb.”

Read the report here.

Published: April 17th, 2011 at 2:26 pm ET


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34 comments to Engineers fear yesterday’s 5.9 quake may have caused fresh leaks at ­Fukushima — Radiation levels around plant soared

  • xdrfox

    It is believe also that the Quake damaged…

    Kashiwazaki Kariwa, Onagawa nuclear plant

    The reactor at Kashiwazaki Kariwa, the world’s biggest nuclear station, Three of seven reactors at the Kashiwazaki Kariwa station are closed while Tepco strengthens structures to improve their resistance to earthquakes. Work could continue at two units while unit 3 was restarted, Mr Shimizu said.

    Local government approval is required for a restart. There would be no progress on starting the reactors until Tepco resolved the problems at Fukushima,
    – –
    Aftershocks higher than expected at Onagawa nuclear plant.
    An April 7 aftershock that struck Tohoku Electric Power Co.’s Onagawa nuclear power plant in Miyagi Prefecture was stronger than the maximum seismic guidelines, the utility said.

    The intensity of the Great East Japan Earthquake and aftershocks that have exceeded assumed maximum levels will likely lead to a review of the 2006 seismic guidelines, sources said.
    On Wednesday, the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, a regulator of Japan’s nuclear industry, instructed the power company to conduct a detailed analysis.
    A quake with an intensity of…

  • Cee


    I’m starting to think that this whole situation is fake, it’s right out of a movie script. Is Gojira going to show up next?

    It’s so easy to fool everyone because radiation cannot be seen, there are no independent radiation readings, and the nature of the internet makes it easier to deceive.

    Has someone other than some government agency or random company done any radiation readings anywhere? At least in the Gulf you have people making videos about it.

    Where are some independent readings? If you know of any links, please drop them.

      • Cee

        Thank you Warloc.

        I used to look at this site when this mess started, and I don’t trust it. Anyone could have made this site and just put whatever they want on it. There are several other “independent” sites showing that the radiation isn’t that bad.

        I’m really starting to hate the internet.
        The deception is way too deep.

        Does anyone know of any videos from Japan or in the United States of individuals giving their accounts or doing any radiation testing? I still can’t shake the feeling that we are being played.

        • Mike

          Cee – I’m pretty sure the universities testing milk, water, grass, etc, are not faking the Cesium and Iodine showing up. I’m pretty sure the videos of totally smashed reactor buildings are not fake. I’m pretty sure the mushroom cloud of fuel rods spraying everywhere was not fake. I’m pretty sure the video of the journalists driving to Fukushima with their radiation detectors going crazy is not fake. There are videos coming out, despite attempts to downplay. It is frighteningly real I would say.

          One more thought – what’s the difference between the internet and your television? The internet has the power of public input and peer review. Television dictates the information to you. In both cases you can be lied to. But the internet allows people to notice and say something. Lies get put on the internet, but they get exposed just as fast, on the internet. Lies get put out on television also – and guess where they are mostly exposed … on the internet, because people have a venue on which to say something.

          Also this site aggregates news from various sources – you can follow the links and do your own research to check the information and decide for yourself. In the end, that’s all anyone is doing, regardless of information source – you are processing the data in your brain and making a decision.

        • xdrfox

          • RDTN Monitoring, a collective voice helping others stay informed, RDTN Submission,
          MEXT of Japan, Pachube, Radiation Crowdmap, US State Public Health, Fukushima Prefecture,

          Greenpeace, US EPA, ‘MAP BALLON READINGS’

          • Japan Radiation Dashboard

        • xdrfox

          • Media Monitoring Japan’s Humanity Road

          • Google Earth Engine (download required): Radiation Over Japan.
          Crowd-sourced realtime radiation monitoring in Japan.
          Visit Pachube for mapping

        • xdrfox

          And we vcan LQQK at it again now !

          • Tepco’s webcam operating again

          • Tepco Live Camera: Hourly updates

        • dan

          The 5 stages of grief:
          1) Denial
          2) Anger
          3) Bargaining
          4) Depression
          5) Acceptance

          You may be correct, and I really hope you are. I know I go through periods of thinking this really won’t affect us much here. And maybe it won’t. But I still get a sinking feeling that doesn’t want to go away. Not just because of this disaster. But because of all the previous ones. And all the potential ones that I’m learning about (more reactors built on faults… more leaking inaccessible deepwater oil wells… etc.) But my guess is you’re experiencing the first stage of grief. The stages don’t necessarily happen in this order. But it’s a pretty common process we go through, when we experience a significant loss. Our minds need to go through a process of adjustment, before we can cope with our new situation. And everyone needs to go through it in their own way. If that’s the case, it might help to keep it in mind, and not hold off on preparing for what _could_ be coming. Just in case it does.

          • Cee


            To be honest, I’m not really worried too much about dying. I just have a really bad feeling that we are being played. I remember when the oil spill happened, there were sites on the internet saying that it was done on purpose so they can create an algae farm in the Gulf. I hear how they want to start more wars and draft people but people I know in the military say that they are kicking people out all the time. I’ve seen websites saying that there were no planes that hit the Twin Towers and that they were holograms, but I have seen actual footage of the planes hitting the towers. People on the tapes were saying that a plane hit.

            There are websites out there with no credentials (like this one) that are designed for misdirection. If this isn’t real, they really got us. What if one day in the future they just come out and start talking about this and everyone panics? No one would be able to tell if they are telling the truth and by then it would be too late.

          • Cee


            Here is some of what I’m talking about. This website and plenty other online said that FEMA was going to evacuate the south because of the oil spill.



            If you search on Google, there are plenty more. Things like this are what have me feeling funny.

          • dan


            I know exactly what you mean. And I take everything I read (including this site) with a grain of salt. And I hope that everyone who reads anything that I write does the same. Then I rely on my own understanding, intuition, etc. TPTB are very sneaky, by nature. So I wouldn’t put anything, no matter how ridiculous (conspiracy theory sounding, etc.) it may seem. And they study human emotions, in order to manipulate/control us. And no doubt politicians are coached in how to sound sincere, and genuinely caring (don’t roll your eyes… don’t glance in such and such a direction because it’s a subliminal clue you’re lying… etc.), even when they don’t believe a word of what they’re spewing.

            (I couldn’t find a reply link on your message, so I replied to my own.)

          • dan


            We may never be able to know who we can trust, and who we can’t. No matter how sincere a source may seem, it may really just be part of some elaborate deception. In the end, you really need to rely on your own sense of what’s going on. The good news is, life is only temporary anyway. And personally, I think things are a lot nicer “on the other side”. But, while we’re still here, we need to deal with the situation we’re in. And just do the best we can. Some people believe that life is really meant to be a learning experience. And what we learn here, will help us with what comes after (or during, if you believe that all things happen at the same time, and “time” is just our current perception of reality 🙂 Anyway, good luck! And try not let yourself get dragged down too deeply. Think positive, and more importantly try to _feel_ positive. And that should attract positive things into your life, and help you get through this mess.

    • xdrfox

      • Ushahidi Local Reports Color Coded for Trusted Sources (Japanese/English)

      • Google Crisis Response Maps(Layers available)

    • Radiant Californian

      Although hugely informative this website lacks credibility because sponsorship is never revealed, even when asked (twice yesterday by by Mudge in the “nuclear fuel has melted three reactors” thread). It appears that this site evolved from who are not exactly forthright about themselves either. Still, the motivation for that website is clear as the sponsoring attorney(s) benefit from collecting and disseminating info. relating to the oil spill. Considering that GE/Tepco/Japan built MANY reactors at Tsunami beach on Earthquake Island it appears that the human negligence/overreach with eventual consequences exceed the Gulf Spill by a magnitude of a billion or so. I assume that compiling a database for pending litigation might be beneficial to some. Still, aside from sock puppets and goverment shit stirrers we should all question the notion that this website is just a public service. Again, we ask, WHO ARE YOU???

      • Cee

        Radiant Californian,

        “Although hugely informative this website lacks credibility because sponsorship is never revealed, even when asked (twice yesterday by by Mudge in the “nuclear fuel has melted three reactors” thread).”


      • dan

        One possibility is they need to remain anonymous, so they don’t end up like Matt Simmons (he was found dead in his hot tub).

      • admin

        See ‘About’ link at top of page

        • Radiant Californian

          Sir, if you do not benefit from litigation and provide the financing and time for this website, then you are a Media God we owe an enormous debt to. Anyone with pure intentions on this forum understands your desire for privacy whilst you must be wise enough to get our collective cynicism over ANYTHING offered up on the internet. Your sources seem credible and really, you are the ONLY comprehensive source for this mess. With truth as premise, THANK YOU FOR YOUR INVALUABLE SERVICE.

      • dan

        Anyone smart enough to pull off a big deception, could easily post false, but believable, info about their identities and motivations. So even if the site owners revealed their names, addresses, and social security numbers, most of us would have no way to verify it. Let alone verify their motivations. So the simplest, and probably safest, thing to do, is what they did. Just include a simple statement in the “about” section. All we can do is read what’s posted. Decide what to believe. And if we find the info useful, we could thank them for their help. And hopefully they’re making enough of the advertisements to pay for their expenses.

      • anon

        The sources for the articles are real, so that’s what matters to me.

  • You have to wonder why John Wheeler was murdered. Found in a dumpster and case closed. For you who do not know who he was. John was a early developer of HAARP. He was about to expose HAARP but seems he cant now. HAARP is the cause for the problems we face right now. If you look at the amount of CHEMTRAIL spraying up too the earth quack which have stopped to a point. you will see.

  • xdrfox

    from Brazil, translated:

    On Friday, the measurement of radiation levels in the sea near the power plant’s reactor number 2 registered 6.5 thousand times the legal limit, 1.1 thousand times beyond the legal limit measured just a day before. The record spawned concern with the possibility of a new leak in structure. Since the beginning of the disaster, the technicians are unable to enter the buildings of the reactors.

    Today, the company will send two robots controlled by remote control for buildings in order to measure the level of radiation and the temperature inside. The robots are controlled by a joystick as videogames and can perform tasks such as cleaning up debris, demolition and radiation testing.

    The BBC reporter Roland Buerk, who is in Tokyo, said Tepco’s absolute priority is to stop the leak of radioactive water to the Pacific Ocean. However, it is not known if nine months will be sufficient to cool……,248257/operadora-de-fukushima-promete-controlar-crise-nuclear-ate-o-fim-do-ano.shtml?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitterhe reactors affected company in Fukushima,

  • ohioland


    After the BP oil spill, I thought that nothing else could happen that would even come close to that situation. First it was Katrina, next poisonous pet food (yes, I went through this with my cats!), salmonella and e-coli on spinach and lettuce, SARS, bird flu, swine flu, the big stock market crash, BP oil spill, Haiti earthquake, more earthquakes and tsunamis, and Japan’s earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis.

    I agree with Mike. There appears to be a mainstream media blackout on this nuclear crisis, which leads me to believe it is far worse than what has been reported. All we seem to be getting are reports from Libya. I remember one nuclear industry scientist who commented that Fukushima was way worse than Chernobyl because the smoke, fumes, and radiation are drifting up into the jetstream unlike Chernobyl, where the explosion blew a lot of the radiation up into the stratosphere. I’ve never seen or heart that scientist in the news again!

    Please keep checking for laboratory data.

    • dan

      One of my first thoughts after I understood the magnitude of the BP spill was, thank God it wasn’t nuclear.

  • Cee

    Thank you all very much for the links and your time. You all went out of your way, and I appreciate that.

  • Jack

    I hope that you-all folks are sharing this info, and yet,
    if you said the same to me, I’d have to admit my “family” is
    mostly a lotta disinterested halfwits.
    We ought to be having bright young Junior high Geeks, on up,
    copying all of these articles posted here at enenews, with the
    informative links, go to those links, especially the defense against
    the Dark Arts of Radiation Fallout poisoning and protection
    of food, water, animals, exposure. Go Copy those PDFs.
    Get all that data, survival info, primitive treatments, etc.
    Copy all this stuff and PRINT HARD COPIES before they CUT your
    These replies and discussions about these articles, the propaganda establishment, and everything controversial, are
    really very valuable historical-record-in-the making.
    This is Democracy. The Real participatory discussion kind.
    We’re apparently only a few, so far, but the Truth will Out.
    People joke about the “idiot in the tinfoil hat”,
    but what’s so stupid about some LEAD SHIELDING now?
    There have been Good discussions on these threads about
    at least attempting some Water Filtration with disposable
    filter media if it reads Hot.
    Let’s make Hard Copies for Robert Heinlein survival scenario.

  • xdrfox

    Letter from wife of heroic cop who gave his life on March 11.