Gov’t Data: US hit with worst fallout the year AFTER Fukushima began — Radioactive cesium spiked to highest levels ever recorded in history of EPA’s radiation network

Published: October 1st, 2014 at 6:57 pm ET


EPA on Fukushima: “Radiation monitoring [lasted until] June 30, 2011… Elevated levels of radioactive material in rainwater [were] a result of the Japanese nuclear incident… In all cases, these are levels above the normal background… short-term elevations such as these do not raise public health concerns… EPA took steps to increase the level of monitoring of precipitation… After a thorough data review showing declining radiation levels in these samples, EPA has returned to the routine RadNet sampling…”

In reality, Fukushima cesium-134** was rising in EPA rain samples near San Francisco. This did not peak until the following year, when levels increased 5-fold over samples 9 months before.

Soon after the EPA’s Jan. 2012 results of 89 picocuries/liter of cesium in rain, Univ. of California Berkeley’s nuclear department reported finding no cesium-134 or -137 (MDA  = 0.84 pCi/L). The sampling locations were about 5 miles apart.

These levels measured in 2012 are the highest ever recorded in the U.S. for total cesium and cesium-137 during the 5-decade history shown in EPA’s RadNet database,

**UC Berkeley: “If we measure 134Cs… we know that it came from Fukushima”

See also: [intlink id=”university-researcher-topsoil-8000-pcikg-cesium-fukushima-10000-higher-highest-levels-found-uc-berkeley” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: October 1st, 2014 at 6:57 pm ET


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125 comments to Gov’t Data: US hit with worst fallout the year AFTER Fukushima began — Radioactive cesium spiked to highest levels ever recorded in history of EPA’s radiation network

  • Spin yet again but after almost being killed by FUKU fleas, I know this well…Readings are often in the USA way MORE than the limits of 350. Many cities are double that already. So expect them to raise the limits yet again to 1200 or 1500 cpm…

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    No surprise, especially for someone who was glued to the cams for two years or better… lots of crap, lots of OH NO!, lots of oh Fuk! Told peeps to stay inside, shelter in place.

    And yep ontological, you are right, I live in one of those cities, Spokane Washington… open pit uranium mines (of course on the Indian Reservation), Hanford and Idaho national labs and all their crap up wind down wind no wind no rain good anymore 🙁

  • Sickputer

    Certain facilities know which side their toast is buttered on. And the public gets burnt toast while these government suckups tell them it's clear skies and cherry pie.

  • weeman

    How can that be, one year later higher levels of cs134 in rain water, all the models used state that the majority of the contamination was realeased in the initial weeks after accident, I am at a loss to explain this.
    Maybe someone has a explanation please or does it point to on going recritical or evaporation of the sea water with isotopes as it crosses the pacific ocean.
    It can't be from a locale source with the presence of cs134?

  • Oceania - foreknowledge of pain Oceania - foreknowledge of pain

    A degree from UC Berkeley requires 6 hours of CIA SHILL 101. Without the SHILL course you will not be awarded your degree, no employment is on your horizon. This " University Researcher: Portland-area topsoil with up to 8,000 pCi/kg of cesium from Fukushima — Over 10,000% higher than highest levels found by UC Berkeley" is prostitution!

  • Here in the Southern Hemisphere we also had elevated free air detections in January and February 2012 in Australia and New Zealand.

    Here is the January 2012 day average chart. Our background was 0.10 uSv/hr for the four years prior to the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.


    February 2012 day average chart

    Reports here


    My Gammascout Geiger counter went into saturation during the January 8 2012 detection (Overload), so I don't know what the actual peak was.

    New Zealand,

    Everyone was very shocked to see Dunedin on the South Island of New Zealand also get a large detection.

    • These Southern Hemisphere detections point to majors events happening at the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster site at around December 2011, January 2012 and February 2012.

      Whatever happened caused major radioactive releases. If we detected this in the Southern Hemisphere, logic suggests that whatever occurred impacted the Northern Hemisphere more.

      This radio interview outlines the detection event here.–NZ.html#00000193

      • Sickputer

        V1 typed these pixels of light: "These Southern Hemisphere detections point to majors events happening at the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster site at around December 2011, January 2012 and February 2012."

        SP: The months of massive fires at Fukushima NPP as documented here on Enenews in the winter of 2011-2012 and verified by massive nuclear emissions on the Fuku1live YouTube videos which have been saved by thousands of Green movement members.

        My family like virtually everyone in our mid-sized city in west Texas suffered from intestinal problems ("Tokyo Trots") during that time frame. There was little doubt to me it was nuclear fallout induced sickness. Unexplained deaths in healthy children, young adults were noteworthy in the time frame 2011-2012.

        The jetstream carries the aerial emissions quickly across the Pacific. The water releases at Fukushima of radiation into the Pacific Ocean and carried by the Kuroshio Extension to North America has produced massive exterminations of sealife. Billions of sea creatures are dead from radiation. The survivors are toxic food for creatures higher on the food chain.

        Things will worsen and the nucleoapes will continue to deny the dangers of global contamination by one of the world's largest nuclear megaplexes before the meltdowns.

        They deny the health effects despite many of their finest scientists predicting for decades that such a multiple meltdown event would devastate carbon life forms in the Northern Hemisphere.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Even the NRC officials following the developments at Fukushima in the early days after 3/11 were extremely worried, frightened by events they were following there.

          See the FOIA documents released for 2011. Enformable is a good source for this information.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            So the nuketards are going to do a 180 degree turnaround and contradict what NRC officials said? Eh, nuketards? Backpedaling looks stupid, especially when you're riding a unicycle with a flat tire.

  • Was it last week some expert saying Florida received the most Fukushima fallout? The real figures are hidden I'm sure. And since most of the radiation is bleeding into the Pacific epa only has our back if fish tested in large numbers. The corium is somewhere in the ground melting in the groundwater and to say we don't know where the coriums are without offering an educated guess is disingenuous. Epa us gov Tepco map gov are not your friends and their inaction and muzzling of media is worse then Orwells predictions. More cameras, more security, more wars more poverty more radiation less facts less freedom but more poverty. No more leave it to beaver lifestyle. However it is true the American investors have little appetite for nuclear power investment. Check that fact, fatchecker.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Its a piss poor investment and why they are now peddling their song/dance and poisons to other countries around the world. Everything can look just like Las Vegas! Yipee!

  • SadieDog

    "I told Althea I was feeling lost
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    honest to the point of recklessness
    self centered to the extreme

    Ain't nobody messin with you but you
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    maybe it's your fire
    but baby…don't get burned
    When the smoke has cleared, she said,
    that's what she said to me:
    You're gonna want a bed to lay your head
    and a little sympathy

    There are things you can replace
    and others you cannot
    The time has come to weigh those things
    this space is getting hot –
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    Can't talk to me without talking to you
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  • We Not They Finally

    "Soon after the EPA’s Jan. 2012 results of 89 picocuries/liter of cesium in rain, Univ. of California Berkeley’s nuclear department reported finding no cesium-134 or -137."

    Excuse me, but isn't that saying that UC Berkeley nuclear department are a pack of liars? Who are even worse than the egregiously immoral and lying EPA?

    Note that it was UC Berkeley nuclear department who ran their piece on enenews just being an anti-nuclear fear-mongering outfit from the get-go. A University department set up from the get-go as a lying propaganda tool. They were the ones doing it out front, 24/7.

    Technically they are scientists, but their integrity is pretty much worth its weight in crap.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Blowin' in the wind, comes down with rains, across the United States, and beyond.

    • FactChecker

      Modern instruments can measure and detect down to the femtoCurie level. Thanks Bin Laden, you enabled a new technology to measure and detect trace amounts of isotopes never before and spawn a new generation of "its not zero" fear mongers.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        You have an obvious defect in your reptilian brain. You should be afraid, very afraid. Proper fear sometimes begets wisdom.

        It is not normal to laugh off the effects of radiation.

        "Health Physics" is one of the greatest oxymorons ever created in the English language.

  • mistresskeke

    i sent this to the EPA on May 23, 2011
    I am outraged that the EPA has failed to serve the people of this country, whom it was designed to protect.

    The EPA must elevate its response to the nuclear crisis in Japan now, to help protect the public from further exposure to radiation resulting from the radioactive fallout that has contaminated our environment.

    The poisoning of our food supply, ground water, and farmlands will have far-reaching negative health consequences that will prove both tragic and costly. The EPA had (and still has to some degree) the power to minimize the impact of this nuclear disaster on the US. It has failed to act responsibly, failed to utilize every resource available to monitor and assess levels of radiation across the US since this crisis began, and, ultimately, the EPA has failed to accurately inform, update and protect the public during the worst nuclear crisis the world has ever seen.

    The EPA must examine global air transport projections (and similarly related, accurate data), combined with the most reliable (uncensored) release data from Japan to create accurate forecasts on nuclear fallout, and must warn the public (in a given region) when to take precautions to reduce their exposure during days when radioactive fallout is at its heaviest (ie. when radioactive isotopes in the atmosphere are more concentrated, or when rain is forecast).

    The EPA must begin a publicity campaign to "get the word…

  • mistresskeke


    The EPA must begin a publicity campaign to "get the word out" on what we the public can do to limit our exposure to radiation, and minimize the accumulation of harmful radioactive isotopes in our bodies and our homes (ie. taking KI if I131 is present, sea salts baths to help pull toxins from the body, removing shoes & outerwear before entering home, esp. when it rains). This includes denouncing the statement made by president Obama a week after the incident, when he told the public do not take KI, adding that no radiation would reach our shores.

    How can the EPA state that levels of radiation from the Fukushima disaster are declining, when the RadNet data posted for milk and water samples from the coastal cities in CA (where my family and I reside) is so scarce? For example, the website only lists data for 1 milk sample and 1 air filter for San Francisco. A 2nd set of data would be needed for comparison for the EPA to decide if levels are going up or down. Milk data from LA collected 3/28/11 and 4/6/11, show I131 levels of 2.9 & 4 pCi/L, respectively. In LA, the I131 levels in milk (a marker for the food supply) were actually increasing, not declining as the EPA stated.

    Worse still, is the fact that the EPA has not included in their list of data, and thus not taken into consideration, data from other reputable sources, such as the UCBerkeley data that showed way higher I131 levels in milk from the bay area vs. the EPAs data. Universities across the…

  • mistresskeke

    Universities across the country could be utilized by the EPA to collect, measure and report radiation data to the EPA for a much improved picture of the evolving situation this crisis presents to the US.

    After we recently were told that Japan's reactors have been in full nuclear meltdown for over 2 months, and that radiation released is most likely 10 times what had previously been stated, it is clear that Fukushima surpasses the magnitude of Chernobyl. This disaster warrants an emergency response by the EPA that aims to inform and protect the public, rather than obscure the truth by minimizing the available data and downplaying the health impacts of radiation exposure.

    Please do what it is right.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Hi Ms. Keke, yes, the UC Berkeley BRAWN Lab was doing a decent job documenting the presence of some radioactive substances in soil, milk, food, water. And then they stopped. They claimed levels were going down, and monitoring was no longer needed.

      Big mistake, IMO.

  • mistresskeke

    epa's response on may 26 2011

    Thank you for contacting the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
    EPA’s RadNet system continues to monitor the air for radiation,
    providing nationwide coverage 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

    In response to the nuclear accident in Fukushima, Japan, EPA increased
    the frequency of sampling for radioactive elements in precipitation,
    drinking water and milk. Radioactive elements were not found in the
    majority of the samples. Miniscule amounts were detected in a small
    number of samples, amounts which were far below levels of public health
    concern. A thorough review of all U.S. sampling and monitoring results
    show that the radiation levels remain well below any level of public
    health concern and are consistently declining. EPA is therefore
    returning to its routine quarterly sampling of precipitation, drinking
    water, and milk. We are prepared to again increase the frequency of
    sampling for radioactive elements and deploy additional air monitors if
    warranted by conditions in Fukushima or anywhere else in the world.

    You can see the laboratory sample results and near real-time monitoring
    data from the RadNet system on our website:
    . EPA will continue to post new data to the site, and the results
    collected to date will continue to be available.

    • ocifferdave

      THANK YOU for contacting the EPA!

      • mistresskeke

        it didn't change their response to the crisis, but i felt i had to speak up. the response they sent me was basically a word for word copy and paste job of a statement posted on their website a couple months after the meltdowns- that their moved their fukushima monitoring data to an archived link for historical purposes, and that they went back to regular testing schedules, as if the crisis was somehow over.
        of course this, too, was a lie. they claim they do quarterly testing of drinking water and milk samples, etc, but in the year following their alledged "return to normal testing" schedule, I was only able to find data on 1 single milk sample in my region, #9, on the west coast. it was a milk sample from Hawaii that contained radioactive strontium.
        i stopped consuming dairy products, beef, and seafood after fukushima.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      We have got to find a way to wrest control of agencies like EPA from the control of the nuketard, health physics "experts."

      Until we do that, and fully debunk the myth of "low level" radiation being safe, we're not going to get much traction.

      How did we ever buy into believing all the nuketard lies? It was a carefully constructed and maintained campaign of deceit, lies, obfuscation.

  • razzz razzz

    Of all companies, Exelon using GE that developed a 61% efficient turbine that can spin up or down to adjust to demand (normally turbines only run at one speed). Also can run on any fuel fed into it. Probably the best part is that these power plants have an off switch and don't product radioactive waste to have to deal with for centuries and neither do they have to draw off the grid to keep some radioactive core or spent fuel cool.

    'GE gets $500M price tag for gas turbines in Texas'

    “…Being mindful of increased water efficiency in drought-prone Texas, the new units will be cooled with air instead of water,” Exelon said in a written statement Monday. GE is also building two steam turbines and six generators for Exelon.

    The new combined-cycle units will each add 1,000 megawatts to the Texas power grid, which means they can light up 2 million Texas homes combined. The four turbines combined could save Exelon up to $32 million a year in power costs…"

    $500 million to build 4,000 megawatts of power plants. France already has a couple of these type GE turbine power plants up and running.

  • razzz razzz

    Back at WIPP, didn't the last meeting produce denials that there was anything wrong with the ingredients used to pack the barrels? Must be nice to lie with impunity.

    'U.S. report cites safety lapses at New Mexico nuclear lab'

    "…Energy Department officials and their contractors, charged with ensuring that nuclear waste processed at Los Alamos could be safely disposed of at the Carlsbad facility, failed to heed a 2012 technical paper advising that waste drums containing nitrate salts be treated with an absorbent such as kitty litter composed of inorganic solids and instead used organic kitty litter, according to the report.

    In a written response to the report, the Energy Department's nuclear security managers said processing at Los Alamos of so-called transuranic waste was suspended in May for safety reasons. Managers said they also imposed "additional precautionary protection measures to ensure our workers, the public and the environment are protected…"

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    January 2012. There was some kind of event occurring at Fukushima Daichi. Will need to check the Enenews archives to see what was going on there.

    Maybe a fire in the SFP at Unit 4?

    Can't remember exactly, but it was bad in January and February, 2012.

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Just for grins and giggles. Needed a good laugh before bedtime.

    Upper Class Twit of the Year Competition

  • Speedy

    I had an eye opening experience yesterday…not mine…I had to stop at the drug store for some cold medicine, when I was checking out the cashier mentioned that her youngest child experienced a tragic ordeal the day before. One of his classmates just keeled over in class. It appeared his heart just quit..I told her "that's too bad but expect to see more of the same". While her jaw was dropping I hit her with " Fukushima has been spewing radiation for 1500 days". Now her mouth was wide open, her eyes wide open…she said "I remember that, is that still going on?" I looked her in the eye and said " Yep…welcome to the new age", and walked out.

    I have proof that precipitation last winter contained fallout to the tune of 792 counts for 10 min. Average background is 28-30 cpm. This was measured on 12" of snow from the previous night, in the morning. Hmmm.. Think adout driving in the rain or snow, the defogger is running, blowing nice warm air right at your face. How much fallout is in the road mist?

    • Sickputer

      Don't get ahead of the Fallout Era…not at 1500 days just quite yet… 🙂

      From and including: Friday, March 11, 2011
      To and including: Thursday, October 2, 2014
      Result: 1302 days
      It is 1302 days from the start date to the end date, end date included
      Or 3 years, 6 months, 22 days including the end date

      Alternative time units

      1302 days can be converted to one of these units:
      112,492,800 seconds
      1,874,880 minutes
      31,248 hours
      1302 days
      186 weeks

      • Sickputer

        How many Japanese citizens will still be healthy (or alive) at One Billion Seconds post-Fukushima?

        How many Northern Hemisphere people will be healthy in 2042?

        In 28 years the radiation will still be flowing strong from Fukushima Daiichi into the ocean. Quite likely the air emissions will remain uncontrolled also.

        From and including: Friday, March 11, 2011
        To and including: Monday, November 17, 2042

        Result: 11,575 days

        It is 11,575 days from the start date to the end date, end date included
        Or 31 years, 8 months, 7 days including the end date

        Alternative time units

        11,575 days can be converted to one of these units:
        1,000,080,000 seconds
        16,668,000 minutes
        277,800 hours
        11,575 days
        1653 weeks (rounded down)

      • Seraphine Seraphine

        1302 days…so April 18 2015 will be the 1500 day mark. Hooray. -_-

  • Nick

    Folks should revisit reports from late 2012 to present to see if those of us who were "fear mongering" were, afterall, NOT but actually calling things correctly.

    For years I have queried:

    Awake yet California?

    We do ourselves all a disservice by relying on officialdom to protect us.

    Get the RAD word out. (TX to all who have/are doing that!)

    Saw a nosebleed in a second grader yesterday…….

  • Nick

    What I can't let go of is the sense that we are in new territory, that FD-NPP unleashed a slew of toxins.

    The radiation readings only tell a part of the picture, NO ONE has a clue what the nano-bits of awol reactor cores and fools' pools are doing to us.

    It is not that I a fearful, just alarmed that we aren't having a real discussion across society about the toxins that nuclear technology has unleashed.

    If the EPA has reset "safe" levels ……then you and I should be very concerned.

    WHO gets to say what is safe?

    Think of the precautions a hospital takes when you get, say a radioactive tracer. If the low dose crowd is right, then those protocols are ridiculous and un-necessary.


  • Seraphine Seraphine

    Health effects in all creatures & mass deaths of animals are the best barometers available to ordinary folks with no access to or understanding of radiation monitoring data.
    By the way, what is a "table grape" and is it supposed to be 1/3 the size of my palm?

    • Seraphine Seraphine

      Just answered my own questions about table grapes: they're intended for consumption while fresh, rather than to be used for raisins, wine, etc
      and NO.
      These things are HUGE!

  • truthseek truthseek

    I feel sick (expression) thinking about all the ways mysterious mortality events can/will be explained away by the [ineffective] reporting… I would not want to get near any that have expired from ebola or a radiated body… think about it.

    Quarantined areas in disguise. Parts of the planet deemed a not safe ~ for whatever excuse… no where is safe, safe(r) areas will be sought after. With media blocking systematically growing.

    Mad Max's movie will play out for the ages… Shakin' my head and 'a bit little in my boots…'

  • Nick

    When I was an infant, my family was involved with trying to raise awareness about testing of atom/hydrogen bombs in the Pacific.

    My mother was born in Honolulu and she wanted to birth a child there as well.

    When she was pregnant, she came down with a high fever and took aspirin for several days.

    It was not until years later that I was found to be 50% deaf and actually am missing neurons from my ears to my brain. It is possible that my deafness was caused, in part, by the in-utero effects of acetyl- salicylic acid (sp?).

    What was never mentioned in my family was the FALLOUT from testing of weapons during my gestation period. It is quite possible that my mother's fever was actually low-dose acute radiation syndrome.

    I know it is all water under the bridge, but suffice it to say I have had to deal with the effects of FALLOUT (as do most of us…born since 1958) my whole life.

    My twin brothers were mono-amniotic (rare). They also relinquished their thyroids recently. One brother had a rare form of spinal cancer at the age of 20.

    My second son was born with TAPVR (total anomalous venous return). His mother was probably also exposed to Hanford's rays growing up in Wash. State.

    My mother has Parkinson's and only one functioning kidney.

    My father had prostate cancer.

    So…. don't get me started about WHY I might be a bit touch about Fukushima!

    • @Nick, I was born 1963 right as Kennedy et al stopped open air nuke testing.

      Almost died twice in my first 2 years due to respiratory ailments.

      Respiratory ailments is a classic effect of radiation

      Nuke tried to kill me, now I try to kill it.


  • Nick

    But I am not asking for sympathy or condolences. Life goes on, and I find my other senses work just fine, including my 6th sense, which tells me nuclear technology is a tragic farce, despite it's rewards.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      I was born and lived for almost five years within two miles of where the Chicago piles are buried. Born in 1955. Many "birth defects" esp. in my spine. Just discovered have a rare metabolic disorder caused by genetic mutation. Fukushima seems to have triggered symptoms.

      All siblings have some kind of birth defect or have had mental disorders at various times. Thankfully the birth defects aren't terribly serious.

      Suspect I and my siblings (three of us anyway) also have had immune suppression since we were toddlers. Lots of respiratory ailments as babies, until we left Chicago and the Midwest.

      Am pretty sure living so close to the barely-buried Chicago piles didn't do us any good.

      Now they're creating a local park on the land where the Piles were buried (former site of Argonne Labs). Whee! Just bury them a bit deeper, wait a couple of years, and then build a park and invite all the kiddies.

      So much fun being part of the "living lab." Welcome to the rat-race.

  • truthseek truthseek

    Sorry to 'hear' that Nick (sorry synaptic, first word that came to mind)

    Salicylates in general would be deemed as safe. However serving roles in hormonally (PGE1, PGE2) prostaglandin modulation and general fatty acid metabolism… its principle role would be respiratory, circulation, renal function and development. Secondarily joints and connective tissues. Nerve development and function further down the list…

    Work on that Pineal gland, will ya!

  • Nick

    TS: My pineal gland requires l-tryptophan to create serotonin….which transforms into melatonin.

    But my brain must deal with other competing amino acids that prevent tryptophan from crossing the blood-brain barrier. In addition, if my niacin levels go down, my body converts tryptophan into that b vitamin at the expense of neuro-hormones (serotonin and melatonin specifically).

    Tryptophan is the rarest occurring amino acid and not all foods allow for proper biological uptake into the brain.

    This is ONE reason why one needs to discover their own dietary regimen.

    It is also why I am so concerned about the effects of ionizing radiation on us all; for I fear that we are being impacted at the molecular (no make that at the quantum level!) as shared electrons in organic molecules get "bumped" and altered by the decaying atomic detritus that oozes from what used to be one of the world's largest nuclear electrical generating stations!

    • Angela_R

      nick and truthseeker,

      Unsure who it was that recently posted about niacin, however it made me recall marmite and vegimite, a staple of my childhood diet. Niacin is just one of many of its benefits. An online search will provide further details.

      Six sense impulses, I believe, are very important 🙂
      However fear, though understandable, does not help.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Have you been checked for the MTHFR genetic defect, nick? And has your methylation cycle and energy metabolism ever been checked? Sounds like you have a lot of insight on what's needed for your own health. Good.

      If your amino acid production and regulation doesn't work properly, you might want to have the MTHFR lab testing done.

      This might also be helpful:

      then search there for "amerkhanmd"

      Listen to the recordings, and see if the practice outlined there can benefit your neurological system, hormone, neurotransmitter production.

  • truthseek truthseek

    Lifelong personal health care practitioner, as well.

    Sorry Nick, not meant to be too personal…
    glandular work comment…

  • truthseek truthseek

    Nick, I have been using Lifeforce Tryptophan
    (periodically Melotonin) for sleep and have begun
    experimenting with 2:1 ratio of *Gabapentin
    to Tryptophan for *neuropathy / sleep.

    I have no valid plan for radionuclides,
    am at a virtual loss, the bumping of
    minerals and vital life elements to
    poisons tricking our biology.

  • rogerthat
    October 02, 2014

    By KENJIRO TAKAHASHI/ Staff Writer
    Consumers are more reluctant than ever to buy products from Fukushima Prefecture, even though more than three years have passed since the nuclear disaster…

  • rogerthat

    Kajima Corp. and analysis equipment maker Nikkin Flux Inc. have jointly developed equipment that quickly examines large quantities of water for radioactive cesium.

    The box-shaped device, measuring 2.2 meters by 2.7 meters … can measure cesium levels in 3,500 liters of water … in about 20 minutes, compared with existing systems that take more than three hours to analyze two liters of water…

  • rogerthat

    Japan Nuclear Restarts Continue To Struggle Against Reality
    October 2nd, 2014 | Add a Comment

    The head of Japan’s NRA is now claiming volcanologists that have raised concerns about the safety of the Sendai nuclear plant are wrong…

  • rogerthat
    Uploaded by TheMediaSpeaksdotCom
    THE CORRECT VIEWS 10/2/14 MASSIVE Fukushima Update for October 2014 INCLUDING how it affect USA

    – engaging half hour of Nuclear Follies

  • rogerthat

    On 9/8/2014, an old-established-cafe “Ginza West (Since 1947)” announced they started using Fukushima butter as of 9/1/2014.

    They commented “Now that the safety is confirmed based on scientific facts, it would increase harmful rumor if we keep avoiding Fukushima products.”

    They also stated on Twitter that it would be the real risk about food when nobody trusts the government’s announcement.

  • rogerthat

    Health issues along the Fukushima coastline: Radiation is not the enemy!
    Sae Ochi
    MPH, PhD, Board-certified Rheumatologist
    (Japanese version)
    Studying at Soma, Fukushima: inimitable hands-on learning opportunity

    – useful because it provides an on-the-spot perspective of

  • StarMouse StarMouse

    Wow, you guys always make me feel like an idiot lol. I do have some questions for you. Being my scientific education consists of medical assisting and some psychology. I had no idea what all chemicals where in nuclear power plants. I had exposure in Germany from Chernobyl. So just recently one of you made a comment about cesium's half life and it's change in the body. Do any of you have further info on this? I am floored when anyone says pico-curries are nothing to worry about or don't be upset over a few spikes in your food. Any amount is foreign to your body and changing I believe this. I also do not like finding out that cesium is in Tx milk and I have to serve it to my child. What happens to Cesium once it is left on the land for a few months or a year? I know….but you guys are way outta my league. 🙂

    • FactChecker

      You can buy picoCuries of radiation sources on Ebay without a permit or government intervention. Its really not a lot. I bought old Coleman lantern mantles on Ebay that were less than picoCuries. Same with the old Fiesta Ware plates.

      • Wyakin Wyakin

        FC-Thank you for gratuitous sharing of your thoughts.

        Next time I contemplate the opening of Fiesta-ware or Coleman franchises in the EU to check for radiation levels, you will be the first person I contact.

        Well, probably not; I don't like camping and the fiesta ware finish is hideous so I think you should start your own franchise.


    • Lanterns or fiestaware mean little because they do not become internal.

      Cesium sticks around 30 year half life, it goes into plants for sure.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Hi StarMouse, it's OK, don't worry. We're way out of our own league here, too. Lots of us (myself included) had very little education about anything having to do with nuclear power or weapons, etc., prior to 3/11.

      Some people here do know a lot. Lots of TMI veterans, former nuclear power plant personnel, a nuclear engineer or two, we're from all walks of life.

      Please don't ever feel you're not welcome because you're learning about all of this. If we weren't welcome based on what we know when we show up here, I'd have hightailed it and run the first day I ever posted here!

      We're glad you're here. Welcome, friend.

  • rogerthat

    02.10.2014_No312 / News in Brief
    Kenya Cannot Meet Energy Demand Without Nuclear, Conference Told
    2 Oct (NucNet): The growing energy demands of Kenya’s 40 million population cannot be met or sustained without the addition of nuclear energy, the executive chairman and chief executive officer of Kenya’s Nuclear Electricity Board has said.
    > Read more
    01.10.2014_No310 / News in Brief
    Rosatom Signs Draft Agreement For First Kazakhstan Reactors
    1 Oct (NucNet): Russia’s state nuclear corporation Rosatom has signed a draft agreement for the construction and operation of the first commercial nuclear power station in Kazakhstan, the company said today.
    > Read more
    30.09.2014_No308 / News in Brief
    Work On National And Regional Repositories Is ‘Urgent’, Says EU Report
    30 Sep (NucNet): Further work on national and regional solutions for deep geological repositories is “essential and urgent” to ensure that spent nuclear fuel and high level waste can be safely disposed of when necessary, says a report published today…

  • ***CALL FOR LINKS*** re nuclear material reporting anomalies possibly indicating coverup after 311

    research in progress, thank you for your attention

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    A pre-311 article that nobody would've seen had it been written post-3/11/11, much less be allowed to win any prizes for its author!–-white-knight-or-dangerous-fantasy
    The truth is that my home state of IL is the stomping grounds for the pukiest nukers on the planet 🙁 I'm ashamed of that fact & probably bear a subconscious grudge against my ancestors for having chosen this place as their new home in the late-19th century after leaving Europe for the promise of freedom & prosperity in America. If they had been gifted with the ability to see where the future would lead I wonder where they'd be (buried)now? I'd like to think back in Croatia but even some of the best genetic backgrounds & minds bought into the lies of the Atomic Age ushering humanity to the eve of its own self-annihilation. *Don't buy the bananas*

  • raddog

    It doesn't really look like an increasing trend. Looks more like a one time spike to me.

    Not really anything significant in the long run.

  • We Not They Finally

    Remember the verse from THe Doors…" This is the end the end my friend."
    Well the end of all life on this planet…Im sure the 1% David Rockerfeller and the others will go wreck some unwary planet in some other solar system…This is what i think this crew of Satanists do.Go from planet to planet feeding on panic evil and mass murder. Not only of humans but all life.Back in 1975 when i was visiting my Indian teacher..He was cooking for hundreds of people and i was choking from severe asthma that i had in those days..Suddenly he appeared in a vision threwis arms around me and said he had a wonderful surprise for me.I found myself in the future and there was mass panic everywhere. Then i saw a huge massive tidal wave coming off the ocean. It was at least miles high…Now i have an idea what I saw.

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