EPA posts latest radiation data: Cesium-137 in Delaware drinking water above “Maximum Contaminant Level”

Published: June 2nd, 2011 at 8:46 pm ET


Drinking Water RadNet Laboratory Analysis, EPA, June 2, 2011:

Dover, DE
Posted 6/1
Collected 4/13
Drinking Water
Cs-137 @ 4.1 pCi/l

EPA lumps these gamma and beta emitters together under one collective MCL, so if you’re seeing cesium-137 in your milk or water, the MCL [Maximum Contaminant Level] is 3.0 picocuries per liter; if you’re seeing iodine-131, the MCL is 3.0; if you’re seeing cesium-137 and iodine-131, the MCL is still 3.0. –Forbes.com

Published: June 2nd, 2011 at 8:46 pm ET


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134 comments to EPA posts latest radiation data: Cesium-137 in Delaware drinking water above “Maximum Contaminant Level”

  • Whoopie

    Oh shit oh shit oh shit!
    GOOD GOD….

    • 5

      Lets all freak-out.
      Get a grip people.

    • Red Mercury

      collection date was 4 /13 and it was tested 2 months later. THAT IS A LAME AGENCY. Who staffs this agency ????? oh political appointments from candidates drawn from industry……. expect worst than worthless and possibly dangerous…..

    • Red Mercury

      You do all realize that a collection date of 4 /13 tested 2 months later means THAT THE EPA IS A LAME AGENCY. Who staffs this agency ????? oh political appointments from candidates drawn from industry……. expect worst than worthless and possibly dangerous…..

    • We must be more intelligent than simply having a protest. What IS the desired result? What WILL work to get the desired result?

  • thepetitionsite.com/774/petition-to-reinstate-ongoing-testing-for-radiation-from-fukushima/

    Sign the petition to Reinstate EPA Ongoing Testing For Radiation From Fukushima!

    • Whoopie

      Post that everyday…but doing again right now Lucas. Oh man this is BAD…THIS IS BEYOND ANYTHING I EVER IMAGINED “THEY” WOULD DO.

      • Whoopie

        I’m so angry I’m seeing red.
        this cannot go unanswered by this admin.
        He’s been too quiet imo on the crisis in Japan. Excusing everything he’s done I’ve disagreed with….HIS SILENCE ON JAPAN WILL COME BACK TO HAUNT HIM!
        (along with everything else)

  • Cuica

    This is most probably the best news they have….I miss salad…milk, cereal in the morning….I wonder how long it will be before I’ll feel bad about taking a shower….you can drink bottled water, but what about the shower?

    • Dominique Guillet

      Zeolite shower filters


      We got 5 and the water feels light. Excellent product.

      • 5

        Feels light because it is removing minerals from the water. Compact water softener.

        Unless you are absolutely sure where your water comes from, such as a pond on your roof, an open reservoir, you are probably wasting your filter. Clogging it up with other things like calcium, iron and other natural minerals found in water.

        Just a thought.

      • DapperDo

        Thanks for the tip! I had a very good chlorine/KDF shower filter that has worked well uneventfully for a couple years…Then it just stopped working completely after several weeks of this disaster… Is that a bad omen?

        • Godzilla

          You’re supposed to replace the filter in the unit periodically. It’s probably totally clogged.

          • DapperDo

            It was due for a replacement later that month, but in years of having this kind of shower filter and other cartridges, it never acted up before-eerie timing…I’m in the market for new & improved now! 🙂 (in the meantime, I do filtered sponge baths and/or try to make it snappy with colder water & then dry off fast, so it doesn’t so easily sink in my skin?) Of course, my area is getting no testing, but I hear that chlorine and fluoride are almost as bad for your thyroid as I-131…who knows? I’m sure more contamination is on the way.

    • OMG …. stop it!!!! 🙂

    • mothra

      I installed ion exchange with carbon in my bathroom in March, or you could get a whole house system. RO with pre/post carbon and/or ion exchange with carbon.

  • brandon

    has anyone else notice that cancer patients that had radiation therapy have gotten sick? my grandfather went to hawaii right after the earth quake and he has been sick since then.

    • Bob Hardin

      I live in Hawaii and had radiation therapy for cancer here in 2009. I am not sick yet. Perhaps your grandfather’s illness has another cause?

      • flo

        not sick yet?…give it some time.

        • kx

          well thats a nice american F. You moment. what a insensitive troll flo

          • sp0ok

            Bear in mind it has recently been conclusively proven that chemotherapy kills – just like Fukushima…

            When will Americans face up to the fact that their government wants them dead?

    • blackmoon

      These two lectures explain what has happened, where the radiation is going, and measures that you can take to protect yourself (as much as possible).

      Two parts approx 3 hours:



    • Jim Piver

      Yes. My wife had radiotherapy four years ago and a few days ago became very ill; headache, vomiting (which she never does!) The sickest I’ve ever seen her. She said that even the chemo didn’t make her feel as bad. She’s usually very healthy and never gets even a cold…..
      Makes me suspicious.

      • sp0ok

        Radiation absorption is cumulative – period. If you don’t flush out continuously, every new dose just makes the situation worse.

        Can your poor wife assimilate zeolite? It could help.

      • mothra

        Low dose internal radionuclide exposure develops or exacerbates related symptoms and illness in high risk groups like children and immuno-suppressed (people undergoing chemo or having had cancer prior).

        The IAEA, ICRP models for risk have a 2,000 fold error rate for internal, chronic, low-dose exposures like this.

  • frelvis

    I looked at the data and this is the only detection of Cesium 137 ever, for all cities in the US. The water was collected on April 13th. This is probably an error, otherwise Cesium 137 would have been found elsewhere at least once. Cesium 134 at a even higher level was found in Scottsboro on March 30th.

    • Major Domo

      That was the first think I thought when I looked. There’s something not quite right about this data. Also, wouldn’t there be other isotopes present in the same test sample?

      Are there any other potential local sources for the reading? Any Nuke plants nearby?

      • Random

        I think they do not want people moving from the west coast to avoid densest fallout so they simply will ‘not find’ fallout in CA, WA of any concern. Revealing fallout on the east coast is to help keep people from trying to move from CA, WA, and Oregon because ‘Hey look – there’s no where to move, even the east coast has it! DON’T MOVE etc. UC Berkley has found fallout in produce and milk – wonder how long before the govt. strips federal funds from the school for revealing that?

        • Major Domo

          It’s too bad Universities from right across the Continent wouldn’t all get involved to the same degree. I’d trust their data before any Guv’t data. At the very least, it could provide good testing skills and a chance to experiment, while leading the way to a degree for a growing future profession! Hey, i think I just though of a new potentially viable industry. Shhh… don’t tell anyone 🙂

          • 5

            Universities are government institutions. Best keep ya mouth shut.

          • Bob Hardin

            The academics have been disgracefully silent on this issue.

          • psky

            Probably difficult to get funding on radiation monitoring and effects on health. “god particle” related research is easier to get funded.

          • I’m an academic (not a physical scientist) and I tried to get my campus to test but we lack the necessary equipment (though we do have a gene sequencer).

            I haven’t been quiet. I’ve called all my congress people, signed the petition, contacted our local school principals and superintendent, created a power point I sent to everyone I knew, and have met with, called, and email frequently our state’s radiological protection (if you can call it that) authorities.

            I update my blog regularly with info I read here and otherwise. I’m currently writing about this cover-up in my latest book. I’m not silent!

            I think others here may be academics who are more informed on this issue than I–I’ve detected “academic” type comments…

            Academics must be careful though or they could suffer reprisals but that doesn’t mean they are all passive or silent…

      • Major Domo

        @5 – Wut you say? Depends on the Country, and whether it’s a private or public University. Even so, no University runs as a Department of Government, and the ones I know, run with a level of autonomy. Are some influenced by Government? Sure, money talks.

    • Godzilla

      Yes, there have been ongoing problems with radioactive waste from cancer treatment centers being discharged into the rivers in that area. We discussed that a week or two ago, Philadelphia had reported iodine (which breaks down to cesium) but had first encountered the problem last year, long before Fukus.

    • Scary thing is they should be checking for the ENTIRE LIST PU239 posted earlier to be safe! Not just reporting on one or two out of dozens, right? If one is showing significantly it may be wise to report on the plutonium findings all the same.

    • nyc

      You’re right, that is quite odd. And Cs-134 was found only in Scottsboro. If you look at precipitation and milk data, Cs-137 shows up a fair amount around the country.

      But getting back to Dover, there are no other detectable levels of anything in water from 4/13, and no detectable levels of anything in water from 3/28 or in milk from 4/1.

  • Oops

    CA is a big state, and they only test LA and Richmond? Sigh.

    • This ain`t going to go over very well in Hollywood. Majority of Entertainment Industry radiated in Cali…Disneyland…Venice Beach… sobering thought.

  • DoorNocker

    I think I would look up river…first.

  • madima

    cali is in a lot of trouble. the flotilla will be here soon.time to move. 2 weeks

  • confused californian

    really? people, i thought you were smarter than this. all the data, has been talked about. the article is from april, meaning this was probably mentioned here in april. the data you see is from april, it was just updated june 1. now that doesn’t mean it is a new reading, just that whoever the webmaster is of that site updated it and the date is showing that. i dislike seeing people panic over something that is not necessarily a mistake, but something that is being misread. please calm down.

    • LeBron

      This is the first time the EPA is revealing this information. If you claim otherwise, provide some documentation. It says Date Posted = 6/1… yesterday. Important and disturbing news.

    • LeBron

      We can all read and see that it was collected in mid-April.

      The question is why did the EPA wait so long to reveal this?

      Again, if this 4.1 pci/l in DE has been revealed by the EPA before 6/1 or discussed ANYWHERE on the internet prior to this, please provide a link.

    • God you miss the point seeking your own agenda. I think you are trying to mellow people out but it puts you so out of step with the general flow here sometimes. THE POINT IS that it was posted originally in April perhaps…. if people need to get focused why are you so determined to offset their mindset anyways ….. either that or we are multi-dimensional thinkers and you are not.

      I wish you’d either join the conversation or turn down your condescending ways a bit…. it was people incredibly close to your personality type that got us here I think a lot of posters would agree. All is not ok out there.

      If you want criticism in your life then criticize others.

      • SteveMT

        Save you energy, Anthony. This is a lost cause, although I do believe in miracles. Osmosis can also still work.

      • Godzilla

        Anthony, I’m not trying to calm people down. I’m being truthful. It may seem like I’m going against the general flow, but that’s only when I point out the stupidity of people from Huffington Post and God Like Productions coming here and thinking they know better than scientists and engineers, who are supposedly all shills and dummies.

        I just posted something you didn’t even bother to consider, because you “know” better. Yet the Philadelphia thing was in the same area and was reported months BEFORE, which you can look up on Google Cache and Way Back Machine.

        What kind of people lack the ability to consider compelling evidence because “the conversation has been going the other way”?

        I think you guys have driven away the actual engineering and technical types who used to come here and provide valuable information rather than hysterics about ELEs, which this is certainly not (unless it causes economic downfall through a domino effect of civilization!). I’ve seen less and less of them. They probably don’t appreciate being called shills and dummies by …. well …. dummies.

        • Anthony

          Oh no Godzilla!!!! My reply was NOT to you at all! You make many great points I agree with, my reply was to someone else, follow the left box to see who it was.

          Peace and power to you.

    • mothra

      Hello. In drinking water!?

      The dispersion of radionuclides contaminates in rain decrease by 10 to 50 times by the time it reaches the municipal water supply. The implication being: higher in soil, rain, grass, milk etc.

      1.) They have to test regularly now, this proves their assertion for not testing is false.
      2.) This entire season, municipal water companies should have been directed not to collect rain run off into reservoirs and/or filter contaminates at the source.

  • jump-ball

    (OT, but the earthquakes are back as we enter into another EQ ‘window’ from yesterday’s new moon through perigee 6-12, to 7 foot plus pacific tides 6-12 to 6-15. Since there will be aftershocks, or, if this is a foreshock, then bigger shocks coming – is it OK to re-post my observations from “Large Burst of Steam ?:

    June 2, 2011 at 8:35 pm · Reply
    Reactor 1 came back into partial view at 9:04 and the camera shook left-right for a minute with apparently no wind.

    June 2, 2011 at 8:41 pm · Reply
    ALERT: 6.3 earthquake off Honshu at 5:04 pacific: THAT was the camera shake I noted above at 9:04 Fuku time.

    Amazing what can be pieced together, but if you’re not looking for it, you won’t see it happen.

    June 2, 2011 at 8:51 pm · Reply
    Here’s the USGS asian map:


    And there are more coming. My email is set to receive USGS world quakes of 6.5 plus, and I expect more mail during the EQ window from new moon yesterday to perigee 6-12 and for a few days after, as pacific tides exceed 7 feet from 6-12 to 6-15.

    June 2, 2011 at 9:15 pm · Reply
    The Tepco camera appears to be mounted on some kind of pole (as opposed to a tripod), acting like the P-Wave quake detector I have secured to a stud in the wall of my home near the San Andreas CA fault: it is what’s called an “inverted pendulum”.

    I think my observation of the camera shake coinciding exactly with the USGS recent 6.3 Honshu earthquake time at 00:05 UTC indicates that a temporarily shaking camera view is acting as an excellent detector of quakes over 6.0, and viewers should go quickly to USGS at http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/quakes_big.php to confirm (or exclude) a local quake as the cause of the camera shake, and post quickly for the rest of us to see.

    USGS can take several minutes, usually not more than 5, to post the data.

    END of off-topic. Beginning of…

  • madima

    Not moving because of japan. moving because in October there is going to be a large event. geological pole shift. 5000′ super wave. power plants are not scary. lol

    • exchequer

      Really? I’ve had dreams/premonitions about a major wave and flooding of California more than once…I didn’t know about pole shifts though.

      Today I woke up feeling anxious and physically nauseated about children, young people, and the infirm in Fukushima and Japan in general. In the past, I’ve had many eerie, accurate premonitions when an individual is in danger or will soon perish. Even the premonitions that seem least likely become ones that hit the mark. What bothers me most is that innocent children are at stake and I sense that this risk could be effectively prevented.
      (Oh, by the way, nausea is a symptom of radiation poisoning-scary!) I’ve never been to Japan before..and have no reason to wake up nauseous–it’s the psychic empath thing. 🙁 I have a sense of great, tragic loss as well as a lot of formidable courage happening there. :/

    • Mark

      On Your Post about telling people about the checking for radiation you go honey- it is about time people started to tell the government and others we have a RIGHT to be sure the Government is doing their jobs and we can NOT be afraid its freedom. a veteran Mark

      • Anthony

        Yes – good points. technically we pay for services not being rendered huh? We cant even get a response when it matters….

  • CM

    Maybe I made a mistake on the conversions, but compared to America, Japan’s drinking water safety limits are insane: 300 Bq/kg iodine and 200 Bq/kg cesium (http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-03-21/japan-sets-safe-limits-for-consuming-radiation-contaminated-food-table-.html). If 1 kg water = 1 liter and 1 Bq = 27 pCi, Japan allows 8,100 pCi iodine and 5,400 pCi cesium per liter drinking water. If anyone is interested, here is the data available to the Japanese public about radiation in their drinking water: http://www.mext.go.jp/english/incident/1304083.htm

    • Bob Hardin

      Japan allows 8,100 pCi iodine and 5,400 pCi cesium per liter drinking water. Jeebus. It’s supposed to be no more than 3?

    • mono

      Stop scaremongering, please! Read the MEXT link you provided. Japan is detecting zero radiation from i-131, cs-134 and cs-137 in any of its water supplies.

    • CM

      I’m not “scaremongering”… it says what it says in Bloomberg about the limits. The MEXT data shows there was radiation on some days, looks like YOU didn’t read it.

  • gone fission

    Pease tell me the live feed is just extremely cloudy and not SMOKE or STEAM…. :-\

  • SteveMT

    For those interested in a modicum of peace, consider a radiation water filter. I will not go quietly into the night. This maybe do nothing to prevent the inevitable, but the filter exists, is not out of stock, and I just brought one.

    Please, I am not fear-mongering and I am not a salesman for this company. The story this evening convinced me to buy one before these filters are all gone, just like the Geiger counters are already gone.

    I’m posting this for those for may not be aware that such radiation filters exist. Options are what I am interested in maximizing for both my self and my family.

    Here is the link:


    • Random

      I dunno about that filter – the following text is from the website:
      “Performance testing is still being conducted on this product and the results will be posted when available. We are absolutely confident that the results will be favorable. All materials used within the TRAP filter are already NSF approved.”
      And how do you know when to change the filter unless you have a geiger counter?

      I did buy a reverse osmosis system after FUKU – it’s the ‘preferred’ solution recommned by the EPA…I know, I know…the EPA. And distillation also helps and can be done at home.

      • Godzilla

        Mothra is maybe a more reliable authority than the EPA, and she also recommended Reverse Osmosis filters (I don’t remember if she recommended use in conjunction with charcoal filters, but they do filter out at least one isotope iirc).

    • Anna

      Anybody else thinking about when it is filter changing time? Charcoal filters loaded with hot stuff that we must handle and then what do we do with it? Does Home Depot have a recycle bin for radioactive filters? Same thing goes for the a/c and heater filter. I am thinking one would need to wear one of those protective suits/gloves and breathing mask.

      Radioactivity is the gift that just keeps on giving.

      • SteveMT

        It won’t matter much Anna where you put them if the environment is already also contaminated by that time. Preferably outside and away from animals.

        Like nuclear waste and mercury-containing CFL light bulbs, where to dispose of it all?

        They are still haggling about whether to use Yucca Mountain as a repository for nuclear waste.

        We can mail them our used radiation filtered, too!

  • steve

    What are the Canadian authorities doing? I do not see any official numbers out of Canada. Are they on the ball? I fear not and the people are just complacent/oblivious to it.

  • 5

    See if you can dig up some “official numbers out of Canada” and let us know.

  • There may be some background “fog” but look to the right of the light post or whatever that is and see the brownish fog come up from behind the shrubbery–

    I’ve never seen fog rise from the ground in a vertical column…

    also look at the distortion in cam above the light post (or whatever it is)

    • confused californian

      there is a lot of fog. when you see most of the so called ‘steam’ rolling in from the far right side, it is fog from the ocean(as this is a ocean side plant obviously). could the ocean mix in with the steam that is already being released from the plant, of course, but that doesn’t mean it is releasing more like some people always seem to think. when people see fog and think ‘look it is steam from a china syndrome!!’ it is like being chicken little. i think there would be a significant difference between how a china syndrome would look compared to fog.

    • Personally I find the cams just add to the confusion as we really don’t know their provenance.

      @majia – it would be most interesting to be able to add commentary to your excellent blog but for anything g00gle, I prefer to use an anonymous login – something you don’t provide.

      Have you taken a look at these, yet? :-

      Neither are easy pages to read but their content…hmm – far more (non-corporate, non-aligned, un-sponsored!) research desperately needed, IMO…

      Bon chance,

      joe b

  • Heart of the Rose

    Radioactive materials have been shooting up the tower for hours.

  • irradiated californian

    new name, kind of for laughs in these unsteady times lol 😀

  • WarIsPeace

    These are not new numbers…this sample was collected in mid-April. Why is it coming out now as if it was something new? They (EPA) said they were not going to test again for 3 months. How convenient. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

    • PG

      This is typical for all 3-4 letter govt. agencies these days. Create confusion, diversion, distraction. Keeping all eyes away from the amok treason and printing press hijackings. Nothing the EPA says can we accept. Just look at how they handled the gulf oil spill…then look at how the fake swine pandemic was handled (where is DHS with all their investigations??)..yeah. People need to do their own tests. Get a meter with a removable wand, take your wand and place it in a baggie, place a rubber band around the baggie, dip your wand into a cup of milk. See what you get. I dont believe we will get any significant readings on the East coast until August or so. Maybe after some more explosions, which we should see. If those reactors really are leaking as the videos say they are, there are no “workers” on site. They would die in 5 min. That place is just a giant china syndrome domino effect right now pushing workers back further and further. Eventually all 6 will burn, followed by all 4 at Daini. Another EQ, tsunami, or more grid loss, we will see this spread further and faster 0 i.e. domino effect. jmo

  • Question

    Can someone PLEASE explain how to read/interpret the EPA’s “Gross Gamma Air Monitoring Data” graph ?

    Thank you.

  • Scout


    This website is reporting the radiation level at Fukushima as 365000 nSv/h.

  • flo


  • Sickputer

    Let’s slow down and look at this EPA report carefully. Radioactive cesium-137 is produced when uranium and plutonium absorb neutrons and undergo fission. It is used extensively in many industries besides being a waste product of nuclear reactors. Treating cancer, oil field evaluations and also fracturing shale during drilling(although they frequently deny that Cesium-137 is used).

    Look at this Tennessee oil field industry advertisement document and especially note the LB 8010 Shield illustration of a fracking drilling head and its bland description of using “low dose” Cesium-137:


    I highly doubt the Delaware EPA water sample came from either Fukushima or hospital waste. It’s too much of a coincidence that Delaware has that toxic chemical and not 50 other cities in America. My hunch is that it was oil field waste from fracking operations. Too cheap to dig an injection well (which has possible hazards in another regard) the companies are now dumping oil field tanker drilling waste contents directly into public drinking supply sources. Upstream from Pittsburg has been hard hit. A frightening expose in the New York Times earlier this year:


    Fracking is exempt from the US Safe Drinking Water Act and like the nuclear industry the oil field lobby has vast clout with politicians. Take a look at a well-written article on fracking and injection wells which has been suspected as possibly the cause of many earthquakes in areas of the world where they were scarce before:


    • You are probably onto something like THE TRUTH.

      • ConnectTheDots


        1. I read that the radiation from Japan has its own “fingerprint,” which is how they can determine if it’s from Fukushima. Is the EPA stating the cesium is from Japan?

        2. Otherwise, Delaware is within 50 miles of 4 nuclear power plants: Limerick, PA; Peachbottom, PA; Calvert Cliffs, MD; Salem/Hope Creek, NJ

        Remember that nuclear power plants in the U.S. release radiation periodically.

        It’s called “Effluence.”

        Here’s the NRC link showing the “effluence” from each power plant in the U.S.

        If not from Japan, could the cesium be part of the “Effluence” releases?


    • Godzilla

      Seems reasonable, Sickputer.

  • Sickputer

    Just what does Fukushima teach us about nuclear reactors? It teaches us mankind is for the first time incapable and unable in a reasonable span of time to control runaway nuclear reactors. Period.
    All the nuclear military and commercial industry vaunted safeguards are for naught.
    After 53 years of commercial nuclear power plants the industry is still trying to put out nuclear power plant fires and releases
    with the same old method: buckets of water. We know also the repair efforts may be doing more harm than good with the most massive radioactive water contamination in history. For the first time in 53 years a commercial nuclear accident containment plan is failing miserably and that is a scary truth for Japan and the whole world. Regardless of the cause of the structural failures and subsequent nuclear explosions, the fact remains the reactors are highly dangerous, out of control, and no viable plan has been developed to contain them in a resonable length of time. After 6 decades and countless accidents the nuclear industry finally ran out of luck and has no answers except to watch Japan try to deal with the problem. It could happen at any time to any country with nuclear plants. If nuclear plants were presumed safe then private insurers would guarantee losses. But we know only governments can cover their insurance and an event like Fukushima could well bankrupt any country. Yet there’s not enough money in the world to replace lost contaminated land and precious lives. What price can you put on lost cherry blossoms, lost Kobe beef, lost loved ones?
    My earnest hope for the Japanese people and the world population is that the reactors can be extinquished. The world is currently
    getting Fukushima nuclear fallout in the ocean and the sky at the rate of as possibly as much as one Hiroshima Little Boy bomb per day…every day. Maybe less, and maybe more. The dangerous releases are cumulative as long as the steam rises and toxic water enters the ocean and water…

  • Sickputer

    The long-lived invisible toxins like cesium 137 and plutonium 239 are deadly for over 30 years half-life for cesium and over 24,000 years for plutonium. And not to quibble hairs…reaching the first half-life does not make the elements safe. Maybe 10 or more
    half-lifes might make the element “safe”. So Fukushima’s wildlife and stock animals, seaweed, soil, tea leaves, and people will need another 300 years to be safe from Cesium 137 and 240,000 years for the plutonium. Those numbers sound longer when you talk generations. At 20 years to a human generation it will take 12,000 generations for plutonium particles in the environment to be “safe” and 15 generations for cesium to be fairly “safe”.

  • Sickputer

    The Northern Hemisphere jet stream is rushing toxic deadly particles to Hawaii, Canada, the continental Americas, and re-circling constantly the entire globe. Rainwater and cow milk in Hawaii is contaminated. US agencies says that is OK because the radiation particles in rainwater are diluted in public water supplies. Hello! About 18,000 households with 50,000 people in Hawaii rely on rainwater as their sole source of drinking water. The EPA has also stopped monitoring for radiation. Today marks the one month anniversary of their stop loss program. Does anyone smell government coverup? My advice…use an umbrella in the rain. Stay inside (a lot for now) and replace air filters. Don’t rely on mass media to help you stay informed. The reactors for Units 1, 2, and 6 were supplied by General Electric, those for Units 3 and 5 by Toshiba, and Unit 4 by Hitachi. All six reactors were designed by General Electric. As mentioned by many General Electric media-related holdings include television networks NBC and Telemundo, Universal Pictures, Focus Features, 26 television stations in the United States and cable networks MSNBC, Bravo and the Sci Fi Channel. GE also owns 80 percent of NBC Universal. GE boasts they made umpteen billion dollars last year, but paid zero dollars in American taxes. I want to hire their tax guys. Suffice it to say, I don’t think you can keep your job at GE if you say discouraging words about nuclear energy. Ditto for the thousands of scientists who rely on government grants to stay afloat.

    Digressing a bit…the strange car crash death of Oklahoma nuclear industry worker Karen Silkwood in 1974 (great 1983 movie with Meryl Streep) led to the industry losing the wrongful death $10 million civil lawsuit at the Supreme Court level and paying out over $1 million to her family before a retrial.

    So what do I think is going to happen in the coming weeks? You will know it is really bad in Japan when or if America evacuates the US troops stationed in…

  • Sickputer

    You will know it is really bad in Japan when America evacuates the US troops stationed in southern Japan. If the radioactive releases are not stopped by late September I think we will see the US troops re-deployed. If it does worsen to that point… there won’t be a lot of positive spin the governments of Japan and America can muster for the new evacuation measures. Slowly and inexorably the tragic events of March 11, 2011 (aka 311) and the aftermath may become the top story of the 21st century…or perhaps of the entire era of humankind. The mass media will be drawn back into the story by forces beyond their control.

    • @sickputer who sez: “You will know it is really bad in Japan when America evacuates the US troops stationed in southern Japan. ”

      Er, nope. Your information is very useful, pragmatic and generally tells it like it is but when it comes to hardened troops, you are forgetting the DARPA wonder drug (E-rad, CNT, etc) that renders them ‘immune’ from radiological damage.

      You don’t think the OWO (Old Whirled Ordure) would step up their ‘population reduction’ operations without knowing ‘they’ were safe, do you?

      This is nothing less than all out war on humanity by stealth. When do you suppose enough people will get around to stopping these psychotics? Seems like never…

  • hawkeye

    wow who would have guessed,
    NO cesium 137, has been found in the usa only in delaware,,,,
    and its from drilling, boy thats a relief

    • Sickputer

      Well I hope you are slightly teasing here…There is probably just about every dangerous element from Fukushima laying about somewhere in the Americas by now. It may be trace, but the US government is not exactly beating the bushes to find the dirty birds. They probably have a second set of books and don’t even share with the big mucky mucks in Japan unless they want to scold them. It’s easy to think the worst based on the history of misinformation at the highest levels. All in our best interests of course. >;->

      Big shot in government (pick any country): “Why if the average person knew the truth they might give up their job, get drunk and run around robbing convenience stores for the heck of it.”

      As for me I’d rather deal with a little anarchy than be lied to about my health consequences.

    • nyc

      EPA reported Cs-137 in milk and rainwater in several states, but only in Delaware for tap water.

  • Sickputer

    “The Northern Hemisphere jet stream is rushing toxic deadly particles to Hawaii, Canada, the continental Americas, and re-circling constantly the entire globe”

    I meant to include Alaska as they are getting hammered…does it make you wonder why Sarah Palin and hubby just bought a 1.7 million dollar house (8,000 square feet) in Arizona besides keeping up with their scrappy daughter? I bet the whole Palin clan is not hanging around too much in Alaska these days if they know what’s up in the wind. Those speaking fees are pretty nice and becoming a candidate again should sock in another $10 million or so for the Palin nest egg. Go for it Sarah…just don’t forget your home roots! You can have a voice in what is going wrong here and you have all to gain to be an advocate!

  • Godzilla

    Thank God Palin doesn’t have a chance to become President. She’d probably de-regulate the nuclear industry entirely (if she had her way with Congress). That’s the libertarian way, to deregulate even the most dangerous of businesses.

  • milk and cheese

    There is no Canadian coverage of this incident, at all. The monitors were turned off.

    • dan

      Canada exports an awful lot of uranium

      • Sickputer

        >Canada exports an awful lot of uranium

        And so so the Aussies and Russians…it’s a hard thing to choose between wages, money for a nice lifestyle and health, but uranium mining has tremendous health risks of its own with mill tailings. Just one more toxic nail in the coffin for mother earth. Radiation is probably only about 10% of all toxic wastes, but we know it makes that 10% looks pretty potent when the reactors are raging steam.

      • Guilty as charged. Believe the Hiroshima bomb was powered by Canadian Mined Uranium.

        Uranium belongs in the ground where Nature made it.

  • PG

    IMO we need to watch of radiation making its way into places, food, water, milks, etc. from the hand of the evil. Diabolical-radiological ishould now be a real concern seeing it could easily be written off as a product of Japan .

  • Maa

    Wtf Delaware is on the east coast of America, and the cesium is above safety levels.

    Japan West coast East coast

  • alexa

    I live in Toronto in Canada. I lived in Europe during Cernobyl and was affected by it, but his is much worse than Cernobyl. I have been following this website since the beginning of 311 and most things that were said proved accurate.

    I saw yellow “polen” (radioactivity) specks on my car several times, including this morning, I felt metalic taste inside last weekend and a few times int he past, saw a lot of black bottom clouds and fog (not ususal for Toronto), until a week ago I felt a lot of dust in the air (I think I am alergic to radioactivity) and had continuous sore throat (I am starting to develop one again).
    One week after 311 I threw up most of a night. I feel my bone marrow and stomach lining are sensitive (feel some sharp pain in stomach). My thyroid – in spite of taking kelp is affected. In my case I stil have some Cernobyl radioactivity so it is a cumulative situation also.

    There is probably 3 to 7 times less radioactivity in Toronto than on the West Coast (based on symptoms, level of yellow dust reported). I am a more sensitive individual than average – I can tell there is radioactivity in the tap water (I perceive the water as tasteless). Some people arround complain of tiredness and I saw babies screaming differently than usual and more apatic.

    • nyc

      EPA tested milk in Buffalo on 4/1 and 4/12 and both were non-detect, for whatever that’s worth.

  • alexa

    And the grass and trees are doing extremely well – even better than after Cernobyl.

  • Dr. Strangleglove

    High and going higher.

  • Rachel

    Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa (http://ninjiom-hk.cwahi.net/) may be another choice. i know alot of people use it, its also non alcoholic, though it’s effectiveness is not as good as alcohol based cough medicine, but it’s still good to use on not so serious sore throat.

  • I’m not taking any chances. I’m using a TRAP filter that removes radiation particles from tap water. We can’t avoid all the radiation we are exposed to, but we should try to keep our exposure down and avoid ingesting as best we can. Easier said than done, but filtering your water from radiation is at least something.

    Check out the TRAP filters at http://www.highwaterfilters.com