“Ethereal blue flash” may occur during “localized criticality” -Bloomberg

Published: March 31st, 2011 at 2:39 am ET


Fukushima Workers Threatened by Heat Bursts; Sea Radiation Rises, Bloomberg, March 31, 2011 at 2:04 am EDT:

A partial meltdown of fuel in the No. 1 reactor building may be causing isolated reactions, Denis Flory, nuclear safety director for the IAEA, said at a press conference in Vienna. …

Nuclear experts call such reactions “localized criticality.” They consist of a burst of heat, radiation and sometimes an “ethereal blue flash,” according to the U.S. Energy Department’s Los Alamos National Laboratory website. …

Radioactive chlorine found March 25 in the No. 1 turbine building suggests chain reactions continued after the reactor shut down, physicist Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress of the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies in Monterey, California, wrote in a March 28 paper. Radioactive chlorine has a half-life of 37 minutes, according to the report.

Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said there’s no possibility of uncontrolled chain reactions. …

Read the report here.

Possible photo of the “ethereal blue flash” here.

SOURCE: 2r.ldblog.jp

Published: March 31st, 2011 at 2:39 am ET


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21 comments to “Ethereal blue flash” may occur during “localized criticality” -Bloomberg

  • So according to this report, the only thing we have to worry about is chlorine, which has a radioactive life of 37 minutes? No mention of plutonium, cesium, strontium or other radioactive materials, only chlorine. It’s obvious the disinformation shills are working overtime to keep their precious markets from collapsing.

    Every person who is withholding information from the public in this disaster is guilty of the most heinous crimes against humanity. This article is just pure BS. It looks like it was written by the CEO of TEPCO, or the person working fro him since the esteemed figure went AWOL during the crisis.

    “Tokyo Electric Power Co., the Fukushima Dai-Ichi plant’s operator, and Japan’s nuclear watchdog, dismissed the threat of renewed nuclear reactions, three weeks after an earthquake and tsunami triggered an automatic shutdown. Tokyo Electric has been spraying water on the reactors since the March 11 disaster in an effort to cool nuclear fuel rods.

    “The reactors are stopped, so it’s hard to imagine re- criticality,” occurring, Tsuyoshi Makigami, a spokesman for the utility, told a news conference today.”

    Yeah, because TEPCO has been so transparent and so successful at stopping this disaster and has been spot on accurate in their prognostications. Of course we should believe the PR spokesperson!

    “Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said there’s no possibility of uncontrolled chain reactions.”

    OMFG! These people must be suffering from radiation poisoning. We have four melt downs and two more on the way (because when the plant has to be abandoned, there will be no one to control reactors 5 and 6, or any others in the area as well). But no, rest assured that we will not have any more uncontrolled chain reactions. Don’t worry abut the chlorine!

    • kelley..i agree….what about Strontium 90 and Cesium….and others…

      its constantly being stated “we’re detecting iodine 137 but….iodine follows along the lines of other more serious particles….

      i agree…
      …its …not right that nothing around the nation is indicating the cesium and other isotopes…are present….something is simply wrong…

  • gcsdls

    I think the point here is that radioactive chlorine, with a half-life of 37 minutes, would not even be there unless re-criticality had occurred, and was continuing to occur. The danger of re-criticality is the surge of radiation that accompanies it. If it occurs while someone is nearby, you can kiss that person goodbye, basically.

  • Watcher

    Lies, and more lies… We have been lied to from the beginning.
    Example: The hydrogen explosions…
    Where did the hydrogen come from? When is hydrogen produced in a nuclear reactor? IT ISN’T A BYPRODUCT OF NUCLEAR ENERGY!
    You make hydrogen by either heating water to over 2000 degrees under intense pressure, electrolysis, or oxidation. 2000 degrees= nope.
    Electrolysis=nope. Oxidation=yep. In a reactor core meltdown, fuel rods physically melt, the molten metal undergoes rapid oxidation as it melts. Water is split into H and O in large quantities and the H is released.
    Every reactor that has had it’s roof blown off, IS in meltdown.

    • avgjoe

      Actually, hydrogen is a by-product of nuclear fission in water. It is formed by radiolytic decomposition of water into its constituent parts, hydrogen and oxygen, both of which are gases. In a BWR, there are systems that recombine the gases after they are taken out of the condenser. In the case of Fukushima, the amount of hydrogen required to cause those explosions was likely caused by the zirc-water reaction, which becomes energetic at an elevated temperature (900C), but one that is lower than the melting point of the zircaloy fuel rod covering (3850C). The presence of hydrogen means elevated temperatures exist, but not necessarily a meltdown.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    What we have seen with 9/11 and the gulf and so on..I think it’s smart to question if, all is being revealed to us.

    Reasons why I think they would hold back information..

    They want Nuclear Power $$$$
    They Don’t want a panic
    They want business’s to run as normal

    Reasons why they would tell everything..
    Hmmm… Can’t think of anything??

    • xdrfox

      While all us Americans feel so bad about all the people we lose, after days of testing they say the air is good, then FDA and others knowingly send more to their deaths !

  • MadMark

    The longer they can run their “money pump” that is Japan – importing and exporting goods and services as usual, the more the top 1 or 2 percent can stash offshore (probably in gold to make it difficult to trace) for when they bail out of Japan entirely. Most high level government and major corporate execs have shuffled their families off the island already to anyplace from Singapore to the US to Europe, on an “extended vacation”. We heard of one corporate exec at Toyota who rented the six biggest suites on the Cunard Line ships and has his extended family on a “round the world” cruise that is scheduled to run for 110 days. Cost? About $80k per person, plus the cost of their staff @ about $20k per head in cheapest inside staterooms/double occupancy, no views. The exec intends to join his family and be “out of touch” once he’s gotten their personal wealth and anything else he can steal out of Japan.

    Personally, I wonder if the predictions about Japan sinking may prove to be accurate and we’ll look back and realize that natures way of dealing with this awful toxic mess is to put the entire island 20,000 feet under water, and then cover the portion undersea with a deep water volcanic explosion which would “encase” the sunken island in solid rock to a depth of several meters. Assuming it stayed in that rock tomb and under 20000 feet of water, the toxicity would fade in five or ten thousand years and in the interim would harm very little except that which was in direct contact with it. If nature is going to do something of that magnitude, she’d better hurry up and do so before the entire Pacific region is rendered uninhabitable for many years to come and the sea food from the Pacific is totally toxic and stays that way for hundreds of years. Both scenarios are quite possible given the discharge of the massive amounts of plutonium (the most toxic substance on earth) that has already been verified as having been discharged with more to follow if something doesn’t intercede and stop the meltdown already in progress.

    • xdrfox

      “undersea with a deep water volcanic explosion which would “encase” the sunken island”

      That would cause one hell of a tsunami headed in all directions outward !

  • Heather

    Islands don’t sink, because they’re not floating.

  • Westcoastliberal

    It’s the same old story. Government lies, people die. In this case, many won’t even develop symptoms until 5 to 7 years from now. The same sh*t is happening in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • >> Heather: “Islands don’t sink, because
    >> they’re not floating.”
    >> Jerry: “The entire surface of the earth
    >> is floating.”

    If Dr. Seuss and Horton are correct, we may all just be little Whos shouting up at an elephant from the speck of dust we call our planet.

  • NobodyKnows

    Being in a small local Health department and seeing all the politics that goes on behind the publics back to make the rich richer and the sick sicker you would be surprised to know All the things that go on. To put into a better view take for instance the maximum “Level” at which the workers at the Fukushima plant were allowed to be exposed to per year. And noticed how that has changed now to a higher dose by a wave of a wand. This is because if they kept the same level they couldn’t get anyone to clean it up and if they happened to be still alive after they could sue the company for getting sick. They needed to raise the level so Industry would not suffer and the good ole economy stays good. I’ve seen so many times how these things work. Let me ask you this. Has anyone ever heard of any level of Plutonium being acceptable or safe? Yet if you look on the EPA’s website in the archives online, you will find levels of Plutonium and all the rest in the air and rain close to ALL the reactors in the US of A, of course until they stopped monitoring them or shut down the ones that always had the levels. We are slowly dying. Why do you think so many children have cancer? Clusters? The Epidemeologist paid for by the government (state health dept) can’t find a reason EVER. It would scare everyone away. Why do you think new modern technology at the hospitals use nuclear medicine? Why do you think our health care is so much? These are questions everyone in America or anyone in a country that ever tested nuclear devices should be asking. Or better yet demanding answers to. Oh did I forget to mention that usually when you have a nice dose of radiation over a period of time it’s a real pocket drainer for the average citizen to prove, litigate or ever really know why perfectly healthy children are getting rare cancer?

  • i agree completely with the original posts that state a major cover up is occurring in japan…i’ve been following almost every development from the very first days and monitoring the cable tv news the first week every hour…

    what is so intersting…EVERY cable news station, which was making this an international very TOP news story…w/ its many many experts some industry whores and others solid scientists…began by the fourth day, to truly report the incident in a very serious light….

    then…obama, mentions his “commitment” to nuclear industry and then that night…bombs libya….

    every single cable and major news network ..basically stripped the experts away from the story…and soon…the internet followed suit..

    its stunning however…to read…that the “midwest of U.S.” is going to suffer “extreme fallout”…and pa has 3300 x time the fed limit….this past week….in its rainwater…

    i so agree…that there is no reason why ANY plutonium or xenon or major cesium levels would be in the region and atmosphere….exacept for a melt down….remember…all the experts on CNN said, the FIRST explosion represented, “not a meltdown, but a melting”…i posted these stories….

    one more thing…on March 15, after the second explosion “hydrogen explosion”….radiation levels peaked by all official accounts at 11,000 micrcevers…..and then the Wall Street journal..that great left rag….reports…”the readiation levels hit 8m,000 rads, that 24 same cycle….

    this came from the heat alone? i don’t think so….

    and now…the true dirty plume from MOX has been also releasing dirty smoke into the air…

    anyone want to guess what this Unit No. 3 reactor is releasign into the air and water? where the photos show the fuel rods exposed and the MOX water being ‘steamed away”……

    this is the very same MOX that was just placed into the p lant…AT GREAT PUBLIC INTEREST AND DEBATE in Sept of last year…which raised great regional and even international reporting….greenpeace…said the amount of Mox delivered was enough to create “60 nuclear bombs”…if highjacked…on the sea….it came from France and it was highly debated as whether it ought to be placed into the reactor…

    TECO of course…won that debate also…

  • Islands will tip over if all the people run to one side.
    Nothing to see here just move along American Idol will be on in 5 minutes.

  • NobodyKnows

    EPA announcing they will “up” the max exposure allowance levels in US….I knew that was coming. Lets not worry about it being accumulative, by the time we have cancer we could NEVER prove it started with what we drank or breathed in 5 years earlier!

  • Olof

    Does Americans know anything about radioactivity? Why all these stupid comments? Poor USA with people who can’t trust it’s government.

  • xdrfox

    I had downloaded the animated gif. “Ethereal blue flash” on my hard drive and when I opened to play it I noticed that in the foreground were 2 blue embers, one much bigger then the other, Now we know that everyone has been evacuated from these areas, so these very well be parts of critical fusion taken place that were blow far from the plant ! Go DL the gif. of alternating day light and night on your HD, then play it. You will see them in the fairground, so they must be emitting a lot of energy and isotopes ! I also believe that many particles as these were blown into the sea near the plant ! How do they clean that up ??? Someone needs to tell these folks look in the area where these blue lights are !

    Highly radioactive pieces from the spent fuel pools were blown up to a mile away
    April 6th, 2011 at 08:59 AM

    You can go to the linked story site and grab a copy of the gif. file.

    “Ethereal blue flash” may occur during “localized criticality” -Bloomberg
    March 31st, 2011 at 02:39 AM

  • xdrfox

    night photo 16fda5e1-s enlarge with preview, you will see the two in the woods and I have blown up much larger and notice much smaller ones in more areas ! Another is below the reactor blue, another is in the water area or on the jetty. There are fragments in clusters around smaller on in the woods !