Evacuee: Fukushima hospital worker says 5 out of 7 babies were born with birth defect, Down’s syndrome, or lost by miscarriage — After this, husband agreed to evacuate

Published: July 13th, 2012 at 1:20 pm ET


Original published June 13, 2012 by a Fukushima evacuee, translated by Dissensus Japan:


Someone I know finally moved out of Fukushima to Mie (middle west of Japan). I wasn’t close to her, but she told me a major incident occurred that inspired her to be scared of radiation.

At a hospital in Fuksuhima where she was working in, 5 babies out of 7 were born with birth defect, Down’s syndrome or lost by miscarriage.

  • 2 Down’s syndrome
  • 1 born with 6 fingers
  • 1 anencephalia
  • 1 miscarriage
  • 2 other infants were 4 months old old at the time. They have been followed over time.

Speaking in terms of probability, it’s hardly possible this happens in a same hospital. This terrified her. With experts’ knowledge and experiences, it reached the conclusion that this was associated with radiation.

After this, her husband finally agreed and her family evacuated home.


Published: July 13th, 2012 at 1:20 pm ET


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75 comments to Evacuee: Fukushima hospital worker says 5 out of 7 babies were born with birth defect, Down’s syndrome, or lost by miscarriage — After this, husband agreed to evacuate

  • or-well

    When will "they" get it?
    No kids equals no future.
    There are wounds that result
    for which there is no suture.
    How many delivered
    to never take breath?
    How many will live
    needing care until death?
    How many to grow
    never able to strive?
    How many will wish
    they were never alive?
    How many parents
    must endure grief?
    How many will greet
    Death as Mercy, release?
    What can bring Justice
    or Just satisfaction
    to all of those
    most needing Compassion?
    How many lives
    erased from Lifes' Book?
    When the accounting
    of lives Nuclear took?
    When condemnation
    of Lifes' degradation?
    I hope before Species

  • patb2009

    this is a statistical distribution, it's awful in Fukushima, but 100KM out, lots of kids will be real sick and 200 KM out lots of kids will be kind of sick.

    What i am most concerned about is the reduction in reproductive efficiency, if the Japanese are like the russians and ukranians we will see a 30% fall in overall female fertility for at least a generation.

    has anyone got statistics on japans birthrate since the accident?

    • Sickputer

      No 2012 statistics, but Japan's birthrates have been in freefall for years:


      Year 2000 9.96 births per 1,000 Year 2011 7.31 births per 1,000

      US figures Year 2000 14.2 per 1000 Year 2011 13.83 per 1,000

      Death Rates have been rising:


      Year 2000 8.15 deaths per 1,000 Year 2011 10.09 births per 1,000

      US figures Year 2000 8.7 per 1000 Year 2011 8.38 per 1,000

      SP: At this rate the Japanese people will disappear in 1,000 years. In 40 years their population will shrink by nearly 40 million people.

      They would need 350,000 immigrants a year to stabilize at current 2011 birth and death rates. But we know immigrants to Japan are not going to happen now with so much turmoil. The Japanese were going down a fast road to socioeconomic hell before March 11, 2011 and now the road is a slippery ice path straight down Mt. Fuji.

      The history of Japanese views and actions on abortion is an interesting tale considering how much controversy the topic evokes in America. Check out the Wikiheads account of the history of Japanese abortions…very fascinating:


      As stated the doctors under report abortions for many reasons and now they have another big reason. Big Brother looking over their shoulder and whispering hush! No talk of radiation defects!

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      Low dose radiation causing changes in children; via A Green Road Blog http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/radiation-causing-unusual-changes-whats.html

      Summary of Negative Health Effects Of Low Dose Radiation On Children Around Chernobyl; via A Green Road Blog

      Same thing going on around FUKU, all the way down to Tokyo, but all of it is being covered up.

      The truth can only be hidden so long. 80% birth defect rate is now the new 'normal'.

  • arclight arclight

    "…Exposure to radioactivity by only about food, not considered the cause…"

    ionising radiation from iodine 131 and cesium 134, 137 etc might cause this.. i noticed links missing for the recent tuberculosis statistics were broken on the japan tb project.. its staggering the scope of the coverup of health data in japan as well as other countries like belarus and kazahkstan semey…

    the japanese have succesfully covered up the real likely doses and wont even release the small amount of data they do have.. so as not to embarass the folks down at the World Health Organisation…

    my respects and condolences to the families of the effected… and this from just one hospital? 🙁

    (Dec. 30, 2011)

    "..FUKUSHIMA–Hospitals in Fukushima Prefecture are facing financial strain–and cutting services–due to the ongoing impact of the crisis at Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.

    The prefecture's hospital association, to which about 90 percent of its hospitals belong, recently estimated that the hospitals' combined losses would reach at least 12.6 billion yen for the first year after the outbreak of the nuclear crisis in March.

    The hospitals demanded TEPCO pay compensation for the first six months. They received an average of about 70 percent of their request…

    "Compensation payments didn't start until nine months after the accident. Unless something is done, it will be a long time before hospitals [in the prefecture] can resume…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Many of us..I have..fought very hard to keep this kind of headline from coming across the board.
    How I have dreaded this day.

    The children of Fukushima and surrounding areas..(to an untold distance)..are going to suffer the same fate as the children of Fukushima.

    It's on days such as this..that reaffirmation of personal committment is the only way to get through it.
    We will never abandon the children of Fukushima…
    We will never abandon the people of Fukushima,of Japan..or the rest of peoples of the world.
    We will never abandon the fauna and flora ..the very Earth,it self.
    All that we are..or ever will be..stands to suffer.
    The seed has been sown.
    The people are loved.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Typo..of course. (!)
      The children of Fukushima will suffer like that of Chernobyl.
      It's almost beyond belief to see the amount of corruption in the Japanese government.
      We are watching the active participation by the Japanese government..in genocide of their own people.
      While the US and UK governments stand around like silent ghouls.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Yes, Heart, so sad, so true.

        Have said it before here and will say it again. When governments began legitimized nuclear war, and nuclear weapons were first deployed, mankind began a terrible descent into the worst kind of moral decay, moral bankruptcy.

        For the first time in our recorded human history, mankind legitimized the killing of massive numbers of civilians. The killing of masses of civilians supposedly became the "deterrent" to nuclear war.

        We are now called "collateral damage" if we, as human beings, die in wars. We aren't even referred to as human beings, anymore. It's just plain wrong. There is no justifying this kind of warfare.

        I remember doing "duck and cover" drills in grade school, and being terrified I'd die in a nuclear war. Is that fair to young children? I say not. It is not fair to poison the children — to harm their bodies, minds, or souls, to grease the wheels of the nuclear weapons juggernaut? Resoundingly, no. The nuclear juggernaut threatens to roll over us all.

        Taking the warfare = legitimized genocide argument a step further, let us remember the nuclear power industry and nuclear weapons are inseparable. Does the means justify the ends? Is the killing of massive numbers of civilians due to nuclear accidents justified to maintain the balance of military, economic, and political power?

        No. N-O. Saikado hantai.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          So how is this = Atoms for Peace?

          Our weapons are useful for killing large numbers of people.

          But we can't use them because they kill large numbers of people.

          And the ones we try to kill may try to kill us first.

          At any rate we probably wouldn't survive the enemy's retaliation even if we got a first strike.

          And how does this = a balance of power?

          As Spock would say, "It is not logical."

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          ..Yes..I know "collateral damage"..just a little matter of "human terrain".
          But the people are not this…
          The people are not..just..statistics..not just "calculated loses".
          We are all flesh and blood..ALL of us.
          (victim or oppressor..even though the later is blinded by ignorance and greed)
          We all walk this earth the same..breathe the same air.
          The people deserve to know their lives have meaning and value.
          We can not and will not live and die in vain.

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            PS."acceptable losses"
            What is an acceptable loss?
            Is it having an abortion..rather than risk a having a damaged child?
            Is it never having the opportunity to have children..the fear of marrying?
            Are these acceptable losses?
            Acceptable to whom?
            Evidently..these losses are acceptable to the Japanese government and Tepco.

            In Containment: the people of Minamisoma, 15 months after the meltdown

      • nedlifromvermont

        not hearing much from the pseudo-business men from GE either …

        or from the pro-nuclear shills at MIT either …

        or from the Toothless Toadies of the NRC …

        silence of the damned ….

        … what they might say … on a good day … in May …

        "You will have our radiation, dammit, in your lungs and your livers, in your testes and your ovaries and in your heart muscle …

        Because We are Nuclear Power, and We are ALL-POWERFUL …

        The great and wonderful Nuclear Oz HAS SPOKEN!!!"

  • Andres Arce Andres Arce

    This is either Newsweek / Time material, I don't get what holds them up. I don't believe in censorship, specially in this epoch.

    • Sickputer

      AA typed these pixels of query: "This is either Newsweek / Time material, I don't get what holds them up. I don't believe in censorship…"

      SP: But Big Brother does believe in censorship.

      What holds them up is this:


      Total Holdings of Treasuries: $912.4 billion

      Percent of US Debt that they own: 6.4%

      Source: US Treasury


      SP: If Japan starts cashing in those debts then there will be serious economic issues to deal with transfer of so much monetary value. Neither countries want that to happen…because Japan will not get full value and the US will enter another recession, if not depression.

  • So the reason we don't see these stories in the major media is ….. money.

    • Jebus Jebus

      ding, ding, ding, a winner! Give that man a bananna!
      What the MSM do show you, is the path they want you to walk.
      And you can see the manipulation of the masses firsthand.
      Just sit down at your TV and look at the show and commercial content. Think about the subliminal. Take objective notes for just a couple of days. It's a powerful tool, used on the masses, 24/7, relentlessly feeding the blue pills, even while explaining, these may kill you. And the masses yell for more.

      Fight that…

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        'Denial of reality' is possibly the strongest of human psychological traits, in a country such as the US where this denial has been reinforced and spoonfed to us since childbirth for decades.

        It isn't the same elsewhere, not at all.

        It does keep the crime rate down, though, for awhile . . .

        The 'wake-up call' is going to be real bitch.

  • any_k

    This is a typical demagoguery.


    I know the people of Fukushima.
    They say it's a lie.

  • any_k



    • mungo mungo

      what you say translates as…..
      'Summary would read the Japanese came here here you know INo element should believe.I say everyone knows Fukushima prefectural hoax.'
      makes absolutely no sense, what are you saying?

      • any_k

        "Fukushima hospital worker says 5 out of 7 babies were born with birth defect, Down’s syndrome, or lost by miscarriage"

        This article is not true.

        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          Possibly so. But close enough to get the point across of what's coming.

          And in many cases, over a year into this, it could be far worse. We'll probably never know, with Japanese obstetricians killing them off by the hundreds now, if not by the thousands. Unlike some other countries, these babies are not allowed to live.

          A good question is, especially with a collapsing medical industry and a collapsing economy, when will these policies be implemented in the US? Don't think it won't happen. It's called 'forced abortion', very popular in some areas.

          I call it 'infanticide', but that's just me.

        • SuI33

          What's not true? That the woman works in a hospital? That babies and children in Fuku are getting really sick and dying? That doctors are surprised to see how quickly people are getting sick and having symptoms?

          We know that our governments are totally DOWNPLAYING the reality of the situation; their silence certainly speaks volumes in that it's helping absolutely no one but the money changers. Fear mongering and lies aside, I'm more inclined to listen to a woman who works (or used to) in a Fuku hospital, especially when her story is very much in line with the facts that we're already aware of.

        • SuI33

          I also wouldn't be surprised to learn that this website (ene) has garnered the attention of, let's say, 'certain interests' in Japan. lol.

          • richard richard

            If it hasn't then enenews isn't trying hard enough 🙂

            • arclight arclight

              in that case

              hi JSS we are doing this for YOUR childrens well being too!!

              peace 🙂

              • any_k


                Birth abnormalities is not increased in Fukushima.
                It has been testimony by physicians and my friends of Fukushima.
                Because exposure dose is small compared to the Chernobyl accident.
                There are anti-nuclear organizations that wish abnormalities for ideological.
                I sad that be told that the accident based on Demagogy.

                • arclight arclight

                  It has been testimony by physicians and my friends of Fukushima.

                  hi any_k

                  no comment on the criirad video?

                  any links to local statistics or video testimony??

                  Results of Fukushima's Preliminary Exposure Survey


                  "no immediate health effect.. " any comment on this video?

                  kode or yamashita?? where do YOU get your information from? WHO do you believe?

                  which physicians are you on about?
                  "..There are anti-nuclear organizations that wish abnormalities for ideological.."

                  NO western anti-nuke organisation will/does touch on this subject because after 60 years the data has been hidden and manipulated, with help from uk and japanese physicians/oncology "experts".. they have obscured the data from belarus too!!

                  heres an honest health worker

                  By tokyobrowntabby
                  This video is from a webcast program called "ContAct," webcasted on July 14, 2011 by OurPlanet-TV (http://www.ourplanet-tv.org/?q=node/287), an independent net-based media.

                  Translation by EX-SKF(http//:ex-skf.blospot.jp) & tokyobrowntabby and captioning by tokyobrowntabby.


                  any comment?

                  look forward to your reply..
                  domo arigato for bringing your observations "to the table"


                  • any_k

                    I read the description from "Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology" and more.
                    I am not interested in conspiracy theory.
                    I am not interested in dose,threshold and the statistics.
                    It's difficult describe in English that I have examined.
                    I just hope you will be know that this article is not true.

                    • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

                      You see I have a problem.

                      Your comment: "被曝線量は、チェルノブイリ事故に比べて小さいためです。The radiation exposure is less than Chernobyl."

                      When you say 'less than' you are comparing and in order to do that you have to have two figures to compare. Since you are not interested in statistics or data, how can you make such comment when you read description alone. Is that 'your' understanding of critical thinking?

                    • arclight arclight

                      hi any_k

                      this is all i could find available on the public access on submitted papers by the society

                      none relevant this year.. this link is from the japan societies own website..


                      funny that such a large society has stopped publishing papers?? especially now?? speaks volumes to me..

                      did find this on that list though… 🙁 dic corporations maximising profits.. shh! dont tell anyone 😉

                      "Ionizing Radiation
                      Published Online : 20 FEB 2012"

                      and this

                      "Ionizing Radiation
                      Standard Article
                      PATTY'S TOXICOLOGY
                      Henry Spitz and Roy E. Albert
                      Published Online : 27 JAN 2012"

                      "Ionizing radiation is undoubtedly one of the most intensely studied of all toxic agents."

                      u gotta wonder how they get it so wrong then? and why there is so much debate over dose?

                    • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

                      Good job arclight for finding the published paper. I checked the Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology site in Japanese. No 'Radiation' mentioned anywhere whatsoever… strange.

                      Perhpas, any_k could stick the links up here, in English or Japanese. It's useless talking around the subject while we could read it ourselves and make our own mind up.

                  • any_k

                    I read the description from "Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology" and more.
                    I am not interested in conspiracy theory.
                    I am interested in dose,threshold and the statistics.
                    It's difficult describe in English that I have examined.
                    I just hope you will be know that this article is not true.

                • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

                  Birth abnormalities is not increased in Fukushima."

                  See fifth image on the following page.

                  It's a graph produced by the Meteorological Research Institute. It clearly shows Fukushima fallout was & is much worse than Chernobyl or any other nuclear experiments. I would be interested to hear your view. Do reply.

          • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

            I remember seeing a government recruitment advert for bilingual people to police net activity e.g. typically for twitter, blogs etc Their role is to cover-up any inconvenient information just like deletion of Leukemia patients comment. I saw it with my own eyes. Just sayin 😉

    • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark


      When someone says 'Fukushima is a hoax', it's veeery GENERAL.
      Which bit exactly? The earthquakes, tsunami, nuclear explosion, young people having a heart failure? Surely, it can't be Eeeevery thing. If someone comes up with unverifiable 'facts' like that, just take it as hearsay. The together link that was posted could be commented by 5, 10 different government puppets easily. Let's keep enenews muppets & sockpuppets free.

      I know for a fact that there is some strange genetic mutation is happening regarding birth and if anyone cares to verify my comment please do so, I don't mind. A family member of Dr Ono, who used to be a doctor at Fukushima Daiini, is an obsteritian and said there were 50 births in May 2012 at one of Fukushima hospitals and they were all girls. This is a strange phenomenon.
      Dr Ono only speaks Japanese but he can be contacted at a00(at)onodekita(dot)com

      • arclight arclight

        hi glowinthe dark

        interesting point you make.. this report looks at the increase in males after the chernobyl incident.. it also posits an increase in males in japan after daichi, but maybe their claim is half right.. but maybe the genetic switch can move both ways??

        Thyroid doses for evacuees from the Fukushima nuclear accident

        "..The new study is "the most convincing documentation" to date that radiation can lead to sex bias in humans, according to geneticist Karl Sperling of the Institute of Medical Genetics and Human Genetics in Berlin.

        The findings challenge the conventional belief that exposure to nuclear radiation has no, or negligible, genetic effects in humans, added Sperling, who wasn't involved in the study, published in the latest issue of the journal Environmental Science and Pollution Research.

        “For the scientific community, Dr. Scherb’s findings are completely unexpected [but] statistically well proven,” Sperling wrote in an email.,,"


        i am really starting to think that the researchers in "nature" are either very bad researchers or co-opted..?? and that rubbish PR WHO report 2012 on childrens thyroid doses..????

        best to cancel them subscriptions to nature magazine people.. imho

        interesting info there gitd!!
        domo arigato..

        • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

          Yes, I saw that study of increased male birth too.
          I posted my comment as mere fact not making any definitive judgement. After all, there are many variables which could cause a particular genetic mutation so that that paper could still be varied. The genetic mutation could depends on the total amount of radionuclides released or even the percentage of mixture of radionuclides. I think this is an area for Busby et al as I am not a doctor or research scientist.
          Also bear in mind that it's only a result from one hospital and for it to become a solid statistic, perhaps much larger data needs to be collected. But 50 girls in a month is no conspiracy. Dr Ono cares about people and he won't spread disinformation…not like Yamashita!

      • any_k

        Onedekita が地図を改変したことは明らかになっている。
        That Onodekita had altered the map is revealed.


        • arclight arclight

          hi any_k 🙂

          the plutonium has been burning in furnaces around japan and the dispersal of plutonium being from nuke testing and only recently being found is convenient..

          it is very hard to test for plutonium.. you have to get up close and personel.. real close.. safecast is mainly checking gamma as far as i am aware.. and surprisingly the japanese still dont have isotope identifiers available on ebay from most good medical/scientific suppliers.. not available to the public though for obvious reasons.. and not being made available to safecast which is a shocking use of available resources.. safecast have to still use 1950`s technology gieger counters…

          go figure

          interesting links though, with some good discussion from what i could tell..

        • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

          Are you STILL relying on govtepco radiation data? :O :O :O There are lots of video by different people who have exposed the fake radiation data on camera.

          The most recent one posted by Uesugi.

          [sarc]OK, Just smile any_k 🙂 ignorance is bliss and the radiation won't touch you. Do remember to drink plenty of tritium laced tap water, green tea and eat as much sushi you like. Happy days.[/sarc]

      • any_k

        I think that reliance on nuclear power plant need to be resolved.
        However, I do not need fear,radiophobia and demagogy.

        • arclight arclight

          Every year fewer and fewer words, and the range of consciousness a little bit smaller. — George Orwell, 1984

          The Demagogy Checklist

          point 11
          "..No room given to healthy self-doubt or the recognition of ambiguous realities in a given situation…"


          nice to see that practise is helping your english.. 🙂

          • arclight arclight

            while we are on the topic of psychology.. 🙂

            I Am Fishead – Documentary Film (2011)

            "..Documentary about how psychopaths and antidepressants influence our society – a provocative snapshot of the world we live in.

            Directed and Produced by Misha Votruba and Vaclav Dejcmar

            It is a well-known fact that our society is structured like a pyramid. The very few people at the top create conditions for the majority below. Who are these people? Can we blame them for the problems our society faces today? Guided by the saying "A fish rots from the head." we set out to follow that fishy odor. What we found out is that people at the top are more likely to be psychopaths than the rest of us…"


          • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

            oh that's a great link arclight.
            I had no idea what demagogy was in great detail 😉

            I did spot the point 3 in any_k's earlier post 😀
            "Sweeping generalizations and oversimplifications."

  • dosdos dosdos

    I have been stating for a long time, this is where the first ax falls, this is the key trigger to real reform in Japan. Get the news out about massive rate of birth defects from the fallout, and those promoting nuclear power in Japan will fall.

  • arclight arclight

    return to chernobyl

    Uploaded by ChernobylChildren on Aug 26, 2008
    n the summer of 2003, architect and Chernobyl Children's Project International volunteer Duncan Stewart was in Belarus to design two buildings for CCPI and film a documentary. He suffered a near fatal accident.

    Two years later, in recovery from massive injuries, he returned to see the completed work, reconstruct his broken memory, and learn more about the impact of Chernobyl on children and families in Belarus. This video tells the shocking story of Duncan's accident and rescue, his emotional reunion with the Belarusian doctors who saved him, and the CCPI projects that brought him to Belarus in the first place. Learn more: http://chernobyl.typepad.com. By permission of Earth Horizon Productions.


    Surviving Disaster Chernobyl

    The Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster from the BBC documentary series, Surviving Disaster. This episode follows the accident as told by Valeri Legasov (played by Adrian Edmondson, in one of his more serious roles), the Russian scientist who was a key member of the Soviet governmenses of the catastrophe and to plan the mitigation of its consequences. This is quite a chilling tale of events.


  • arclight arclight

    a bit of topic but i thought i would point out thar "after the apocolypse" has been "pulled" by itunes and you tube… you can see it on the "more 4" tv website (uk)… outside the uk, there might be a way of accessing this..

    graphic scenes on this politically banned video


    • arclight arclight

      Orphanage for disabled children in Kazakhstan
      This section never made it into the film. It shows the situation at Ayagus orphanage. The girl in the film, Rufina, got her operation in the end, but died as a result of complications. Note all filming was done with the permission of the acting director of the orphanage and the Ayagus akimat.

      Fundraising Trailer for After the Apocalypse
      This trailer was made before much of the shooting for the film commenced. It got us a commission from More4, but this was not enough to cover the expenses of making the film, ……… A problem that is endemic with these kind of documentaries today.

      AFTER THE APOCALYPSE – Official Trailer
      “……. the people of Semipalatinsk in Kazakhstan were used as human guinea pigs in the testing of nuclear weapons. Today they live with the consequences. Whilst sheep graze in radioactive bomb craters, many in the population believe that the testing is the reason why one in twenty children are born with birth defects. Dr Toleukhan Nurmagambetov, the boss of the city's maternity clinic, wants to introduce a genetic passport which will prevent those with suspect genes from giving birth…. cont

      • arclight arclight

        …….Bibigul — a local woman from the test-site — is pregnant and her "defected and frightful" face arouses the suspicion of local medical staff. Nurmagambetov labels her a genetic failure. He implores Bibigul to get tested and abort the child who he fears will be born disabled, but Bibigul refuses to give up her dream of becoming a mother…"


        the "after the apocalypse" website is not working…..

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          Do you mean this site?… If so, it works fine for me.


          • arclight arclight

            no, that is a fictional film, there are 2 .. one a documentary film and this one a fantasy (hopefully) film..

            the original documentary film about the semey had its own website too.. confusingly, i got on to it but it had a closed page with a link to i-tunes.. i presume it wasnt the fictional film..

            thanks for clarifying the connection though..


            • aigeezer aigeezer

              Thanks, arc. I thought it might have been a "not in your area" thing.

              You may be able to ferret out something with unusual search terms like "bibigul". I found this, for what it's worth:


                • arclight arclight

                  gerry thomas !! arghh!!

                  says the doctors in the film are trying to source funding by highlighting deformity etc

                  good interview otherwise

                  gerry thomas doesnt comment on the enforced genetic passports?? everyone else on the panel does..

                  gerry says she had a test for downs and would have terminated if it was a positive result .. after she watched bibgul having a healthy "normal" child..

                  gerry says the incidence is of small incremental amounts but doesnt give a percentage..

                  any percentage of millions/billions of people are huge numbers of personal distress and loss!!

                  the director looks harassed.. the film is off you tube.. gerry blames alcoholism for the gross defects of bibgul and her mother..
                  director finally says that fukushima is overblown and more deaths result in coal and oil.. not many in wind and solar but they didnt mention that.. ho hum

                  excellent find.. only 4 weeks old!
                  not many questions from the audience 😉 wonder WHO they were?? i wasnt invited.. 🙁

                  i wondered what old gerry was doing after i got hacked on my vodaphone online account.. the police closed my investigation of the ip address (according to the vodaphone police liason office)and opened an investigation on me.. nice to see gerry is doing well/sarc 🙁

        • jec jec

          Sadly, in the documentary mentioned above, the "sterilize the women affect" is what is suggested. But in this scenario,doctors should also worry about the men–if exposure is a concern, or DNA damage–both sexes should be considered. Either way, this approach is terrible, and abortion of the fetus (without determination of defect) is murder. Thank goodness she had a normal son. Comment: Her facial defect was inherited from her mother, pre-chernobyl, but mother was of an age to have been born in the nuclear testing era of the early 50s or late 40s.

  • jec jec

    After Chernobyl, it is alleged MOST women were forced into abortions..no questions asked..just done. So any statistics could be biased..fetus from 6 weeks to NINE months were aborted unless the woman hid themselves. It seems no records were provided for statistical use of numbers of fetus aborted or defects. Or to the mental damage to the women, fathers, families….

  • Sickputer

    It doesn't require a lot of research to deflect Tepco trolls. Even with the muzzle on the Main Stream Media the news flows freely on the Internet.

    Yes, it is true that not all reports can be verified and sensational fiction will at times be published as a news report. But the nuclear fascists dissemble so much more that the ratio of lies to truth is staggering. They have much at stake financially to keep the current Dr. Frankenstein industry running at full stream.

    For a single plant disaster to shut down the plants in the entire country for many months is an enormous admission Japan is on the ropes from a deadly health hazard. So deadly even the politicians fear that even one more plant disaster could cause extinction of the Japanese race.

    If conditions at Fukushima Daiichi don't improve radically in the next 90 days, then Noda will be deposed by December. I suspect things will get much worse and the people of Japan are angry beyond words at their government. Even a cowed dog will bite his evil master if kicked one time too many.