Journalist: “Purple spots, thyroid anomaly, sudden death… Death rate 1.5 times!” — “Lots of symptoms with Fukushima kids”

Published: December 4th, 2012 at 3:43 pm ET


Asahi Shimbun:

“The accident was of such an extent, but the government kept saying it was safe,” [Mari Takenouchi, 44] said. “I could no longer believe in the government.” Immediately following the crisis, she evacuated along with her son, who would soon turn 2. Both of them had suffered from health problems, with frequent fevers, she said.

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Published: December 4th, 2012 at 3:43 pm ET


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38 comments to Journalist: “Purple spots, thyroid anomaly, sudden death… Death rate 1.5 times!” — “Lots of symptoms with Fukushima kids”

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad


    Global Infant Mortality Numbers Due To Out Of Control Fukushima Nuclear Fires; via A Green Road

    This is a global catastrophy, affecting fetuses and children all across the world.

    • I suspect they've been committing the error of breathing air, and eating fish:

      TEPCO considers net in nuke plant port to prevent irradiated fish from heading seaward

      December 04, 2012
      "Tokyo Electric Power Co. may string nets across its port at the stricken Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant to prevent fish contaminated with radiation from reaching the sea.

      In surveys conducted through October, greenling caught in the littoral zone of the Otagawa river, about 20 kilometers north of the crippled plant, showed relatively low figures, with 1,350 becquerels per kilogram the maximum. Many greenlings had readings of around 100 becquerels.

      But TEPCO also found in the port that species of Conger eel had 15,500 becquerels and other species of fish had 4,200 bequerels, sources said. Conger eels from outside the port posted 100 becquerels or lower.

      One hundred becquerels is the standard for common foodstuffs."

      • Radio VicFromOregon

        hmmm..then the fish will used for cat food or fertilizer, which don't have the safety restrictions that fish for human consumption do. The fish will also have no way to swim away from the higher radiation, and so will be even more radioactive. Once gain, profit science and technology prevails over real science. They are not required to look at all the ramifications of their net solution, just the single issue of corralling fish.

      • The standard maximum allowed without being considered illegal, just saying.

      • Those are all 'high' readings..

        According to medical doctors who know, one can get radiation poisoning from eating food containing 10 bq/kg… and then it just accumulates to 50Bq/kg over time, causing lesions and damage, then sudden death.. Health problems can start with 10 to 20 bq/kg in the body internal burden.

        Some crazy people say 1,000 bg/kg is 'safe' or legal. Don't believe that… it is crazy talk from pro nuclear apologists who do not care a whit about you.

  • arclight arclight

    obviously the fukushima medical university hospital is covering it up but some enterprising japanese funded and supported by some mysterious europeans etc are building their own medical centre for the children and families of this disaster..
    i think i know where some of the funding is coming from maybe ACRO? and likely CRIIRAD? but there must be a japanese site that takes subscriptions for this particular project??

    Fukushima Medical University Hospital cover up -An interview with Kazihiko Kobayashi
    “Some responsible medical professionals have left the Japanese Medical Association because they no longer want to wear with this behaviour. This summer, they have decided to establish their own clinic with the support of civic initiatives in Fukushima. It is citizens and should serve above all parents and children. 1200 of 4,000 children in Fukushima, already have signs of disease, such as cysts and nodes on the thyroid. Despite government and Tepco silence on the matter.”

    “You must see that TEPCO only through financial assignments of the State can they hold on. In doing so, the Japanese major banks also have their hands in the game, because they are shareholders of the power companies…."

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      OMG! They continue to say "don't worry, be happy" I want to stop their lies…. makes me want to scream!

  • Maggie123

    Have had one family member who developed 'purple spots' – and definitely don't like the sound of it as symptom. (Turned out to be gravely serious, rapidly developing, platelet issue.)

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      Maggie, do you have more information about this? I keep hearing about purple spots but can't seem to find out any more.

      • Maggie123

        PurpleRain – 'purple spots' as medical symptom indicate abnormal blood platelet function to my limited knowledge. Known health effects of radioactivity would seem to me a 'no brainer' – serious damage is happening.

        My tale:
        Mid 1970's, 63yo family member went from generally well to death in about a week. "Purple spots" among first symptoms that "seemed odd" before deeper illness set in.

        Complicating diagnosis was a more common condition that can show similar/same symptoms. The more common one had clear remedy (spleen removal); the more rare one also but more 'exotic' (full blood exchange transfusion). A hematologist diagnosed and treated for 1st condition. This delayed proper diag. and treatment. Further health deterioration then death. (D.cert. of course said 'heart failure' or some other non-committal "the person died" explanations.)

        1st condition (relatively common) = "Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura" (ITP). 2nd (uncommon) = "Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura" (TTP).

        "purpura" "A condition characterized by hemorrhages in the skin and mucous membranes that result in the appearance of purplish spots or patches."

        Whole range of complicating 'non-science' factors were also at play: American for-profit med. system, medical career politics, beliefs, attitudes, etc. A deeply powerful experience for me.


        • PurpleRain PurpleRain

          Hi Maggie123, thank you for the added links. I'm very sorry to hear that you had a family member suffer thru this. I was wondering if it was something akin to bruising marks or something akin to age spots or … the much better detailed info you provided in the links. It sounds like the purple spots they are experiencing in Japan might be the platelet issues, huh. That would sorta make sense (from my layman's perspective if the radiation exposure has effected their blood). It's so interesting and yet so upsetting not to be able to 'fix' anything for them…or for the animals…or the birds…or the fish…or even for the bugs. Watching that video of the bugs without antenna and limbs made me even feel badly for them.. thanks again for the links

          • Radio VicFromOregon

            PR, thanks for your compassion for the bugs. I've come to really get into bugs since moving to basically a country life. They do suffer.

        • Radio VicFromOregon

          Ah, sorry Maggie123. Don't get me started on the allopathic medical practice, arghh, sadness, head shaking.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Almost half of Fukushima children now have thyroid disorders from radiation poisoning, officials blame 'too much seafood'

    “The government and media blackout has become known as ‘plume gate’ for the radioactive plume that was released from the Fukushima mishap.)

    “Even worse, four out of five Fukushima evacuees have been observed with developing thyroid abnormalities. It's not just iodide isotopes with their relatively short radioactive half-lives that can penetrate thyroid glands, cesium-37 isotopes with longer half-lives can too. Here's the shocking truth about radioactive half-life. (…

    “Depleted uranium is a misleading term. Depleted means it's not suitable for nuclear reactor use. But it's still highly radioactive. Uranium metal is extremely hard, and DU is used to on projectiles and bullets in modern warfare because of DU's ability to penetrate even armor.

    Learn more:

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    TPTB ..know the consequence radiation of the human body..
    Experiments show…

    Human Radiation Experiments 1

    Alexander Higgins..did a nice work up about an issue in this area.

    Radiation Experiments on Black People Left Holes in their Heads

    PS. I hope life is easing up for him…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    ..consequences ..ON..the human body..
    They know..right on down.. to the death of the last brain cell.

  • Maggie123

    I urge interested ENEers to also see "" where I posted link to a very recent interview by Dr. Helen Caldicott with Holly Barker.

    Barker describes 1950's American Marshall Island "radioactivity health effect experiments" intentionally carried out on the Islanders by US military medical teams.

    Results were as we'd now predict, and horrifying. Worst detail given in interview was callous photography 'documentation' of a newborn "jelly fish" baby. (Human child born without skeleton).

    Holly Barker went to Marshall Islands as young Peace Corps volunteer – her entire professional career (anthropology) has since included activism and writing on behalf of the Marshallese.

    Holly Barker's talks can also be found on YT.

    The outrageous politics we see in Japan are not new. The "Americans in Marshall Is." story matches Nazi cold human experimentation – just less public. (I don't suggest 'experimentation' is at work in Japan – mean to point out capacity for humans to be absolutely 'cold'.)

    Probably not expressing myself well – am somewhat stirred up by this.

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      M123, Japan had it's own medical and scientific experimentation going on during WWII. Imply all you want with impunity. The callousness and denial that we see today comes from the seeds of these events, which began the nuclear path in all three nations. And, of course, the US brought these scientists over from both Germany and Japan to reconstruct what they had been doing. Germany, first, so that we could get the bomb to drop on Japan. Japan, secondly, so that we could benefit from their germ and bio warfare experimentations. The legacy of nuclear comes from a very dark beginning. What we now witness, and the footage you recently watched, should come as no surprise. Many scientists flocked to these fields under a naivete, and were, and are, permitted to be some of the most compartmentalized developers and engineers in the world, separated, or so it seems, from the monsters of the industry by isolating them. But, these are rarely the people who own the plants. I think that the nuclear field aptly reveals the element within these societies, the Industrialists, who believed there was a necessary evil to progress and that the weak-minded, read public, need not know too much.

  • weiaze

    Dear energy news readers,
    You guys seem like passionate news followers of the Fukushima disaster and also quite knowledgeable. Wanted to ask if you think it is safe to travel to the south-west of Japan – places like Osaka and Kyoto – for about a week? I have been doing a lot of reading up and most of the information out there says there is no risk. I want to know what you guys think. My main worry is contaminated food as it is I think very hard to check the entire food supply in Japan. Some people said laplanders have been eating radioactive reindeer meat (due to Chernobyl) for years with no ill effects. Do you guys know if this is true? Thank you.

    • Maggie123

      My goodness, weiaze – "for years with no ill effects" means "for years with no *noticeable* effects only!

      *IF* it's true that people of Lapland have been eating radioactive contaminated meat then some, (more than 'normal' amount) *will* develop cancers and other unhappy life-shortening conditions in due course. Furthermore, higher than 'normal' numbers of children born from the child-bearing contaminated food eating population are at risk of genetically based defects which can be carried into following generations.

      Others may wish to advise you re a trip to SW Japan with statistics I cannot offer. I think you are wise to wonder about food because as we know food is transported distances. It's entirely possible to be in a radioactively 'OK' zone and end up eating food raised in contaminated conditions.

      I would advise you use YouTube and many other information sources to learn more. Please include information on Chernobyl – which presumably is part of source of contaminated reindeer meat – and unfortunately serves as 'model' for realities in Japan.

      (I would not go to Japan unless unusually important. I would instead learn more and support anti-nuclear efforts, and the Japanese people, from a place less risky.)

    • richard richard

      My father just returned from a 10 day tour in Japan. He's doing okay. But also, he is old enough that if there is any side effects, there probably won't be enough time for them to take full flight before his day is due. Not that I want to particularly raise that point or encourage it.

      I would certainly be watching my diet if I visited. Being vegetarian helps limit the general intake I suppose.

      In addition, if I was visiting for only a week, I could almost simply fast for some of the time. Minimal food intake, although that defeats the purpose of what a visit to Japan used to be about.

      Anyway, that's my take, simply because a family member just did what you are questioning – and he survived 😉

      • Maggie123

        Richard – I apologize for not remembering – but which radioactive element is it that we're told is most threatening if "even one particle" gets into body ('particle' my non-scientific effort to suggest infinitesimally small bit). I agree that an older person has less risk – but if someone is likely to ever father a child or become pregnant, and if a single particle can stay in body a long time doing damage including to DNA – doesn't that change risk assessment for the traveler? (Sorry if I sound hopelessly uninformed but the hard science of nuclear is just not something I've had time/concentration to study – I need to operate from general concepts and related wisdom.)

      • PurpleRain PurpleRain

        I'm worried about a friend of my daughter… the young woman (20-something) is in the Army and currently stationed in Hawaii, but she has just got orders to go to Japan (not sure if possibly Okinawa or not). Since I spent 25 years in the Army myself… I know she has no choice and even though I don't know her personally, I can just relate some. I keep trying to have my daughter send her information and links…as that is all that I can do.

        • Radio VicFromOregon

          PR, for your friend's daughter – Once a day cal.mag supplement to pull the strontium 90 from the body. Vit C to enhance cellular repair. Liquid Ionized iodine, to maintain normal thyroid health and a good iodine level in the thyroid to help reduce the chances of the thyroid uptaking cesium, 1 to 2 drops if cesiums are still around where she is. There is an entire forum here on the topic that she can access called Methods for Combating Radiation and it's Effects. And, Arnie Gundersen also suggests dust with a damp rag, avoid rain on your skin, wash all fruits and veggies, change air filters in house and car as often as you can afford, at least every few months.

          • Add…

            No shoes in the house..

            No pets, especially outdoor long haired pets that come indoors.

            Run a negative ion generator and HEPA filter 24/7.

            Don't sleep on the floor.. The higher up the better.

    • Take a geiger, which won't help you with food. Dont worry about the food, they are exporting the worst of it, Hillary encouraged them to.

      Personally, I would now go for a week or two and not get crazy about it. IF I had a reason. Otherwise, all things being equal, I would go somewhere else.

      • Unless REALLY, REALLY important, I would not go..

        After all, they are now burning radioactive waste ALL OVER Japan, so everyone is getting some now.

        There are so many places around the world to experience and visit that do not involve the 'special' hazards there.

    • vital1 vital1

      International reports of radioactive food contamination can be found at The Food Lab. Worth having a look at.

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      Weiaze, look through this enenews forum, too. I'm recommending what Arnie Gundersen and Dr, Chris Busby suggest. Take cal/mag supplement daily and vit c and i would also take 1- 2 drops of liquid ionized iodine before, during, and for some time after the trip. Take as much of your own food as you can, if possible. We will all be exposed to some degree, but, the nearer to the source, the more chances of encountering the fall out. Wash all your fruits and veggies. Wash your hands frequently. Try not to swallow your mucus, but, spit it out into a sink or into a tissue and blow your nose in tissue as well. Mucus captures toxins for us. If it were just bacteria or a virus, the stomach would burn it up, but, not so with radiation. I don't know what the weather will be like, but, it would be great to have "outdoor" clothing and indoor clothing, especially if it is raining, or very dry and dusty. The rain brings down ionized radiation particles, the dust stirs it up. Maybe just a wrap or coat for outdoors and a change into casual clothes when you return inside so that any radiation, if collected, remains outside as much as possible.

  • weiaze

    Thanks for the replies Maggie, Richard and Vic.
    I just feed so sad as Japan is my one of my favourite destinations and the thought of making it off limits is just…. In March last year I thought I would give it 2-3 years for all the knowledge and scandals to break so I could better assess the situation but it's harder than I thought to stay away. I just hope that somehow the would at least find a way to limit the spread of contaminated produce and debris to the eastern part but by the way things are going that's unlikely to happen. Sad

    • Radiation contamination makes life so much harder in soooooo many ways…

      The temptation is just to ignore it all, and just live in denial, pretending none of this exists… to H#(( with it all.

      Let's go on an adventure tour of Chernobyl, and dig around in the dirty basement room of the hospital in Pripiyat, where the radiation contaminated clothes of the dead firemen are!

      Oddly enough, that is exactly what some people are doing.

      not recommended though.

      Death is blowing in the wind….