Japanese Legal Expert: “Even residents of Tokyo are evacuating” — More and more people fleeing Fukushima (VIDEO)

Published: October 26th, 2012 at 9:16 am ET


Title: Japanese Attorney Masaki Kito on Fukushima and real estate
Published by: A4NR
Published on: Oct 26, 2012

Watch the clip here

Published: October 26th, 2012 at 9:16 am ET


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23 comments to Japanese Legal Expert: “Even residents of Tokyo are evacuating” — More and more people fleeing Fukushima (VIDEO)

  • arclight arclight

    Urgent petition to save the children of Fukushima -Evacuate now!


  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    arclight, I signed the petition and am not sure it went through as it does not state one way or the other. Anyway, I fear it may be too late and what about the exposure to healthy children posed by those that are contaminated? I know how this sounds, I'm just asking if this could be problematic. Thank you for your understanding.

    • arclight arclight

      the reason that cesium breaks for the children in belarus shows us that children and teenagers should be kept away from cesiums in the first place..
      i suspect that there are areas of strontium pollution too (my guess myagi)
      and that bone seeker needs to be minimised or they will end up like that stronty milk drinker – Tony Blair

      the population needs to move ASAP with the emphasis on Possible? that should be the governments concern.. but the corporations have had steady increase in profits in japan.. they dont want to blow a good thing..

      for the record, if proper radiation monitoring was done en-masse in japan, areas of cleaner environments can be found.. social cohesion is important too! so people need guidance to plan for a move.. the best solution is to move whole communities to encourage those that might wave, like the elderly..

      empty the cleaner US bases out and repopulate with the families/communities from the contaminated lands

      stop producing food with cesium etc in.. it bioaccumulates

      most people in the northern hemispere are living in contaminated lands.. its just a difference of levels of contamination .. for the next 300 – 500 years 🙁

      children should not be in the more contaminated places

      this is child abuse imo

      take the child away from radiation and the childs levels will decrease with good diet and exercise

      and japans is home of Reiki

      the internal radiation that the kids are getting will not effect other children..
      peace 😉

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Anyone in the world can do the math, and see that one nuclear accident from one plant is changing a country.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    The Japanese Government should have ordered the exacuation of Fukushima and greater Tokyo on 3/11/2011 or soon thereafter. They kept silent as the people were iradiated in an attempt to protect the nuclear industry, and keep the economy going. On this side of the pond, the US Government didn't so much as warn the schools not to let the children go out for recess, as the highest Fukushima fallout passed overhead. Although it is never too late, the Japanese Government will not order further evacuations. To do so would mean that the government would shoulder the costs of evacuation. Won't happen. Meanwhile, the thyroid lumps on the necks of all those children are becoming cancerous, and we won't like what comes next. Just too sad. 🙁

    • arclight arclight

      Thyroid cancer risk persists decades after radiation

      "Previous studies have shown thyroid cells are particularly vulnerable to ionizing radiation – the kind produced by the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown or the atomic bombings of Japan, for example.

      "Thyroid cancer is one of the most radiosensitive cancers," said Dr. Kiyohiko Mabuchi of the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, who worked on the new study.

      And, he added, "Younger (thyroid) tissue may be more sensitive to radiation – that's one of the hypotheses."


      when the story first broke the US thyroid association was not informed..

      the British Thyroid Association very much connected to the Imperial College London (think Geraldine Thomas) was "advised"

      the head uf the British Thyroid Association made a press statement that the nodules and lumps were NOT anything to do with the radiation from Fukushima.. Geraldine (gerry) thomas probanly advised as she was going to lunch at the BBC

      small world

      well done US thyroid association for not lying too much!

      their british counterparts are in with the elites and making money!

      • PavewayIII PavewayIII

        The U.S. Thyroid Association probably does not want to spend five years in a FEMA camp for ratting out the NRC. Let's not forget the damaged heart tissue of Fukushima children that is still happening:

        Prior to Bandazhevsky studies, increases of cesium-137 concentrations from 10 to 30 times in vital human organs were considered insignificant. He proved, however, that such concentrations lead to pathological abnormalities. For instance, a pathology can be seen when cesium is accumulated in a human organism at the rate of only 30-50 Bq/kg. Autopsies of one-year-old children in Gomel showed high levels of radiocesium in their organs — up to 6000 Bq/kg, which indicates a severe radioactive toxic syndrome, both among foetuses and newborn babies.

        (Old article. He's out of prison now. Nobel prize? Nope – had to leave his country, Russia, to avoid further reprisals for his study)

        • jec jec

          Picture it..AUTOPSY on babies(many babies)..that means they died from radiation. BABIES. And a fetus..newoorn..those are babies as well. Wonder how well the parents recovered from the loss of a beloved child? Any studies for that? No wonder there is a high rate of drinking in Belrus..and other affected areas..not just to "protect from radiation"..as one rumor has it.

          • PavewayIII PavewayIII

            Bandazhevsky's study was exceptional because it was done on foetuses, newborns and children that died of *any* cause. I don't think any of them died (directly) from acute radiation exposure. This was a few years after the disaster.

            He wasn't interested in proving that a child died from radiation exposure. He already knew that those who died of a heart attack had heart tissue damage. He already figured as much and everyone would just argue about exposure levels and such like they always do.

            He studied ALL the organs and measured their absorbed radiation in isolation. No estimates based on whole-body exposure. No 'calculated values' based on where they lived or what they ate. These were actual, undeniable radiation levels by organ groups affected and his observations of tissue damage – whether they were involved in the death or not.

            To this day, medical people in denial will parrot the line that C-134/7 will not concentrate in organs, or only concentrate in skeletal muscles to a slight degree.

            Bandazhevsky said, "No. Look – it *also* concentrated in heart muscles and pancreas of all these people over time, and way more than we thought. The more they have the more damaged the tissue. We're not making the right assumptions about body dispersion of low-level cesium exposure. Something is wrong."

            Belarus reacted to the study by seizing his work, firing him and throwing him in a dungeon. Problem: SOLVED!

            • arclight arclight

              most clearly put pavewaylll

              " He already figured as much and everyone would just argue about exposure levels and such like they always do."

              and great comment!

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    People in the Northern Hemisphere will start dropping like flies next year, and the numbers will climb from there.

    In the US and around the world, government 'death panels' will start rationing health care, and considering all of the population has uranium and plutonium in their lungs – not to mention in the air, food and water – at what point is it not economically feasible to provide health care other than pain management and hospice care? What little health care funding is available will be directed towards those not born in the year after Fukushima, that they may grow up to be strong enough to work and pay taxes. Of course, their children will be too deformed and mutated – economically unfeasible – to be allowed to survive.

    In the Northern Hemisphere, there are only two kinds of people – those that are slowly dying from nuclear radiation and know it, and those that don't.

    But first we will suffer the Mother of all global economic collapses. I hope you're prepared.

    • krugthecaveman krugthecaveman

      I can only put my head down, pray and hope the best for my poor children.

    • orsobubu orsobubu

      Economic crisis are due to capitalistic contradictions: fall of profit rate, overproduction, unemployment. Also Fuku crisis is due to insufficient capital investments in the project for profit reasons. Bourgeoises' class cannot permit a communist revolution wipe out capitalism, so I think the imperialistic blocks will engage in big wars well before we can see the mother of all global economic collapse and of all global genetic mutations.

      • Also due to deregulation, neoliberal economic policies (Washington Consensus), expensive wars that have drained the treasury and systemic theft.

  • krugthecaveman krugthecaveman

    As these 4 reactors have been spewing pure radioactive chemicals into the atmosphere for over a year and a half AND F.O.I.A. documents prove our Ame.rican government knew/knows. Where are you gonna go? And it still isn't over. Ground water will soon be a big problem .

  • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

    People from Fukushima should move away from the nuclear waste land but prognosis isn't good. They are finding cow manure fertilizers measuring high radiation levels. It will be used to grow vegetables, grains and rice etc.

    http://hibi-zakkan.net/archives/19371850.html (measurements dated 12/10/12 – from Fukushima – see red boxes)

    • Reminds me of the radioactive fertilizer used on tobacco:

      Radioactive tobacco

      "It's not tobacco's tar which kills, but the radiation!

      Cannabis is often compared to tobacco, with the damage caused by smoking tobacco given as a reason to prohibit use of cannabis. Yet most of the harms caused by tobacco use are due not to tar, but to the use of radioactive fertilizers. Surprisingly, radiation seems to be the most dangerous and important factor behind tobacco lung damage.

      Radioactive fertilizer

      It's a well established but little known fact that commercially grown tobacco is contaminated with radiation. The major source of this radiation is phosphate fertilizer.

      The big tobacco companies all use chemical phosphate fertilizer, which is high in radioactive metals, year after year on the same soil. These metals build up in the soil, attach themselves to the resinous tobacco leaf and ride tobacco trichomes in tobacco smoke, gathering in small "hot spots" in the small-air passageways of the lungs. Tobacco is especially effective at absorbing radioactive elements from phosphate fertilizers, and also from naturally occurring radiation in the soil, air, and water.

      To grow what the tobacco industry calls "more flavorful" tobacco, US farmers use high-phosphate fertilizers. The phosphate is taken from a rock mineral, apatite, that is ground into powder, dissolved in acid and further processed…

  • amberlight amberlight

    The liars and profiteers behind these disasters will NEVER come up with a fix to what they caused. Even if they were to earnestly seek solutions (i.e., when hell freezes over), their hearts and minds are not in any way prepared to understand the workings of nature and what is involved in detoxifying the landscape or its inhabitants. It is up to us to save ourselves (with help from above). We cannot trust government or industry in ANY matters because they exist for power and profit, not the People. Whatever healing modalities we can use and share with others is the only hope we have.

    Gotta run. We have a Proposition 37 (Label GMOs) demonstration in town this afternoon. Good health to all!

  • tasteslikedaniel

    Does distilling water have any effect on the amount of radiation in it? What about if you used like a magnet to keep the heavy metals at the bottom while you collect the vapor?

  • I'll just note, this site allows you to make comments quite easily, without signup. Just have to get the security code right, which is hard to read sometimes. I wonder if there is any legal recourse for those who deliberately and wantonly spread false information like this:

    No safety fears over Tokyo 2020, IOC Evaluation Commission assured
    [March 13, 2013]

    "The Tōhoku earthquake devastated the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, triggering meltdowns, spewing radiation and forcing about 160,000 people to flee from their homes.

    But radiation is no longer a concern, claimed Takeda.

    "Radiation levels in Tokyo are now much lower than global standards and lower than many other cities overseas," he said.

    "Also, studies have shown that Tokyo's radiation levels are lower than the exposure a person would get on a flight from Tokyo to New York."

    "Contact the writer of this story at duncan.mackay@insidethegames.biz "