Exceptional Incident? Dutch authorities seize five containers after hazardous radiation exceeded permissible levels

Published: May 10th, 2011 at 8:50 pm ET


Containers from Japan seized in Netherlands due to radioactivity, Kyodo, May 10, 2011:

Health authorities in the Netherlands said Tuesday they have detected radioactive substances from 19 containers from Japan at a Rotterdam port, of which five have been temporarily seized as the amounts of the hazardous materials exceed the permissible level. […]

Japan Containers Show Radiation in Rotterdam, Bloomberg, May 10, 2011:

Dutch authorities have found traces of radiation on 19 containers originating from Japan […]

Five of the containers, scanned on arrival at the Port of Rotterdam, were quarantined because the level of contamination was above the permissible threshold, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority said on its website today. The other 14 boxes were cleared after further inspection, it said.

“Whether this is an exceptional incident with a low impact is difficult to say,” said Philip Damas, an analyst at Drewry Shipping Consultants Ltd. in London. […]

Published: May 10th, 2011 at 8:50 pm ET


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70 comments to Exceptional Incident? Dutch authorities seize five containers after hazardous radiation exceeded permissible levels

  • Buck-O

    Does anyone know if the U.S. Customs or other agency is testing for radiation on containers from Japan in the age if the new black plague.

    • ChemE

      No, they re-calibrated radiation sensors at ports of entry so they would not be set off by the radiation from Japan. Very soon after the event, radiation sensors at Chicago-O’Hare customs was going off on passengers’ luggage from Japan.

    • Oh testing would be too much to expect…. levels are fine aren’t they?

  • xdrfox

    Wonder if they though to ask about the possibility or were told they would not check as other Fed agencies !

    We talked about the Post Offices the other day, wonder there too !

  • xdrfox

    Why is everyone watching T h e V o i c e ??

  • Buck-O

    I used to work for a retail outlet warehouse which recieved overseas containers directly from Japan and China via truck from L.A. ports. This is in the midwest.

    If you have been inside a Nuke plant, which I have, when you leave, personnel check you for radioactive “fleas”. I was just wondering if they do the same for import containers in this new age of the black death.

    • xdrfox

      They have found contamination at ports in Holland and Peru on cars and shipping connex and early on heard in the postal mail here, and passengers on planes !

    • ZombiePlanet

      Don’t count on it. If the EPA and other tooth-fairy agencies are not telling us, then DO NOT ASSUME.

      (notice I said “not telling” as opposed to “not testing”)

      • xdrfox

        See no evil hear no evil speak no evil !

      • xdrfox

        If they are handling hot stuff, I posted rules for this and they have the right to know or not do the job ! Federal guides.

        • Exactly. And once government workers sue successfully for being put at risk in their jobs that may prove then the Govt is negligent in not providing reasonable measures (testing etc) to protect their workforce. This might lay the road for the citizens to prove their negligence lawsuits where the government also put them in harm’s way for either withholding information or being negligent in refusing to test for contaminants.

      • Buck-O

        In other words, we can assume the Dutch and others are following an international agreement on releases of radioactivity levels on import containers but we can also assume the United States government is not. Correct??

        • xdrfox

          The norm !
          Until someone proves there is a problem, then they will raise the acceptable limit !
          No Problem !

          • Buck-O

            Did the U. S. government enter into and promoted the International agreements on radioactive releases? If they did why do they now have the right to disreguard these agreements?

          • xdrfox

            This is the answer we are waiting to here when people find out that ther rules are not being followed !

            The are handleing HOT Cargo !

  • Ian

    Why haven’t we heard reports of radioactive containers shipped to the US or Canada? Are the US and Canada covering for Japan so their economy doesn’t collapse? I’m sure radioactive containers have already been shipped here, the US is a big importer of Japanese goods.

    • xdrfox

      I am positive they have arrived !
      Even them that were not in Japan but were rained on in fallout or rain !

      • ZombiePlanet


        you state “I am positive they have arrived !”

        Please state your source of valid data that caused you to to become so “positive.”

        Thank You.

        In addition: I see you also state…

        “Even them that were not in Japan”

        Interesting. Can you provide a source of data that brought you to this conclusion?

        xdrfox is beginning to look a bit suspicious with it’s claims.

        I really like the part where you state “but were rained on in fallout or rain !”

        Now… did rain (H2O) deposit the contaminate or, did the contaminate simply fall freely from the heavens above.

        You are showing traits of a dis-info, mis-info troll type entity.

        Can you provide “any” valid source to support your statements?

        Thank you

        • xdrfox

          @ ZombiePlanet
          “that brought you to this conclusion?”
          If they came across the Pacific were fallout is accruing (as reported by Gov.s that most fallout will fall into the Pacific, ie ships are there too), they have been subject to fallout Just as the entire North American and beyond, perhaps you have read or heard about this !
          Your weird !

        • xdrfox

          The Hyundai’s that were found to have contaminated were “not made in Japan” but Korea, only were ported for a short time in southern Japan.
          How about the Ronald Reagan and the entire protective fleet, All had to be scrubbed and decontaminated as well as crew members.
          Yes they all were in the Pacific !
          Your showing your name fits, as other have said, you should het read up and get on Earth planet !

          • xdrfox

            I meet a Gentleman yesterday at the Post Office waiting for open AL.
            His Daughter was on the R. Reagan and he gave a very good rundown as to what happened and what had to be done after fallout on the ACC ship and others, ie Ships and Personel !

        • Hmmm… I am surprised anyone is so hypercritical of the threads on this site. There hasn’t been much in the world of disinfo here – just alot of facts and bitter truths.

    • Anna

      That’s what I am thinking Ian.

    • Deetu 3

      @Ian..the same reason we haven’t heard reports of radioactive fallout reaching the states,or leaking into the Columbia river ,or the Mississippi,or the south west via “testing” or the gmo released into the gene pool or the microwave explosion of the last decade etc etc etc

    • ZombiePlanet

      Most of us have heard this. Thanks for your wisdom and guidelines.

      • ocifferdave

        U have the perfect, fitting name. Now go read every article presented here at enews since march 11 and get caught up to our level. Then u can gripe about big brother and “them” with more intuitive and off the cuff dismissal like the rest of us, ZombiePlanet. I say the USA needs to start testing ALOT via EPA and allow third party testing by fairewinds associate non profit types so we don’t have to go all Fox Maulder comments on their lying, self protecting and unsacrificing asses. But for now, we NEED more xdrfox, more mental kick in the pants and ROARING on the roof tops to wake us up…to wake perchance the right person that may know how to get more facts, influence the truth out of the iron fists of the money/power makers, and NOT just sit back down and only repeat the “facts” the MSM and gov give us. Or….get filthy rich and fund your own expensive truth seeking/sharing endeavors.

      • Deetu 3

        Zombie Plant- don’t think we don’t know,you tool.Your name has been added to the running tally.-Get lost.(oh sorry you already are..get FOUND)

        • Heart of the Rose

          Woke up again after another night of poor sleep …only to find Xdrfox is being attacked by a Zombie.
          He’s not afraid of you Zombie….like a slur or two is going to change our opinion of him here.
          Resist all zombies!

          • Deetu 3

            @ Heart of the Rose..no doubt the good Dr. is immunized against zombies.. On the upside this fool has done us all a favor by revealing the levels of sneakyness paid stooges operate on.Notice a few weeks back,(and even now) this douche was posting very reasonable sounding,supportive messages-to gain acceptance.Notice now several known
            shills are “attacking” their team mate..they always work in teams.My advice-keep a running tally and watch carefully..eventually they MUST reveal themselves…not that it really matters of course…

          • xdrfox

            @ Heart of the Rose
            The closer you get to something important, the more fire you will receive.
            If everyone that is receiving of anything from the Pacific Theater needs to check for radioactive levels, many may be higher then acceptable limits, what would this do to commerce !
            Are they testing foods or milks even here, it has been prove to be over limits set prior to 311 !

        • Deetu 4

          Deetu3, Back off your paranoia. You often think I’m a paid insider or informant and that’s a complete joke! You need to step off your nasty Nazi routine. You are not the official monitor of this blog, already.
          The comment wasn’t offensive.

          I just can’t stand misguided jackboot clickers! Besides, xdrfox stands on his own as a giant among blogmen.

          But who cares about this petty stuff? There’s real problems at hand!

          • Deetu 3

            Zombieplant/Afu/harry”phd’/physicist/homerSimpson/d24/et. al

            The fact you have changed your name to reply renders your
            actual reply meaningless you fool. What part of “Xdrfox is exhibiting troll-like tendencies” ISN’T offensive.
            Keep pulling your 3rd rate shit on here and you will continue to get your nose tweaked. NEXT.

  • isthistheend

    If our govt admits that traces of radioactive stuff is dangerous, they’ll in effect be admitting to the horrible things they’re doing with depleted uranium weapons. And I don’t think they want to do that, since it may even be worse than this mess. I’m pretty sure the amount of du used in the middle east is much higher than the amount of fuel at Fukushima. And that stuff burns up when it goes through something like steel, and who knows how much is circulating in the environment.

  • Decker

    5 containers which left Japan one month ago. I would like to have some context for this. How many containers arrive daily to Rotterdam from Japan? Anyone has some info?

    • tony wilson

      5 containers…5 little containers..just 5 small containers out of the 20 ships a day from japan into Rotterdam and Antwerp..
      each container ship carries anything from 2900-15,000 containers..the impounded stock is a tokenistic gesture to put peoples mind at ease.
      one plutonium dust particle on a camera ingested is gonna kill you.
      no country in the world has the customs resources to test even 10% of shipments coming in to a country.folks if the milk won’t get ya your canon camera will.

      • GULP … economy of scale problem…

        “each container ship carries anything from 2900-15,000 containers.”

        If radiation was deadly as arsenic, would this be allowed to happen? Of course not! For the record, I am more afraid of radiation than arsenic.

    • Your post is interesting as it points out SO MUCH FOR THE HALF LIFE excuses! If the containers were found today to be EXCEEDING THE LIMITS on these containers which left Japan A MONTH AGO, then why would they test to be EXCEEDING THE LIMITS if the half-lifes make everything all nicey nicey? That means that the half life theories are weak for our safety or that the combined exposures (wind, rain, ocean, contact etc) are EXCEEDING SAFE LEVELS and showing up on containers as such today.

      • Deetu 3

        Good point! also the elements being measured are only a couple from the cocktail-others have half lives that may as well be ‘forever’.

        • Yeah I’d like an example where you can see ANY – even ONE of the poisons as becoming safer quickly as we have been sold. I think they should retest the same containers in this story next month to see if it has INCREASED as I suspect is the ongoing onslaught of radiation from multiple sources.

          This story contradicts the advisement.

      • tony wilson

        time is big money stupid big amounts of money in shipping..
        japan has over 1500 container ships..
        The largest of these ships 397-meters long, weight 70,000 tons, are 56 meters wide, 61 meters high and 30 meters deep and can carry 11,000 twenty-foot containers, enough to fill a 44-mile-long train.
        so your a little customs man with a geiger counter an electronic device that cannot test for plutonium and even if you could where would you start on a structure this big 1 ship and a few customs men and women.
        futile and technically and logistically impossible..


      • Decker

        Cesium 137 half life is 30, though.

  • kx

    Alert we have a over active zombie hehe

  • Heart of the Rose

    Let’s see..our finest and bravest..some over in the Middle East Fighting for oil…pretending to kill a man long ago dead…escalating tensions..tempting our enemy with ideas of nuclear war…and planting two important ideas.
    1.The war is worth paying for to the extent of ruining the economy.
    2.The nuclear fallout that the US receives is from al-Qaeda..somehow.. even if we have to create a false flag to have it.
    As human terrain..the “small people”, any number can be harmed …as we have no value to those that are trying to rule this world, usurp our government, and destroy our country.
    And they found such willing helpers at our morally bankrupt government is more than willing to provide.This is the situation in the US and all the major countries.. governments found it more important to pad the pockets of the rich and their own.
    Today we have no clear representative of the people.
    The NWO has plans for the US…”HEAD GOON”.
    We have been duped as to… who is the intended victim here…
    The intended victim is America as well.
    Back to our military..some are being sent to Japan and surrounding area… to fight a worthless fight as these reactors can not be contained.
    And let’s not forget the military that are involved in the GOM disaster.
    Complicity between the military and BP is beyond documentation.
    Still I hope some of them realize the harm they are doing and only carry on doing so because they are under orders.
    So much for our best and finest..God bless and keep them.

  • Darth

    On 29 April the criminal elite gave the green light on environmental impacts from Fuku…

    Economies must be saved. Power and wealth accumulation shall continue – no matter the unknowable cost to all species on the planet.

    Welcome to a global version of Auschwitz!


    “The threat of radioactive contamination reaching American waters is so low that the Food and Drug Administration and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration do not plan to test American seafood for it, those agencies said in the joint statement with EPA:

    The joint statement follows an April 29 meeting between Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and Japanese Foreign Minister Takeaki Matsumoto. The two agreed to fight “rumors and reputation damage” that might harm Japan’s place in the supply chain, Matsumoto said.”

    • Ok, ask the rest of teh world if they care about:
      ‘…that might harm Japan’s place in the supply chain, Matsumoto said.” ‘

      I puked in my mouth reading this. I think if you asked everyone they’d say Japan’s reputation is profoundly inappropriate at this point when the only focus is on saving the entire globe from being contaminated by JAPAN. I could give a flying shit about Japan’s reputation two months into this! So much for living a good life…

      • xdrfox

        Reports as of last week with the Gov. tighten down on blogers/chatters, IM’er in Japan, speak volumes to me that more and more people are reporting radiation anomalies all over Japan at factory’s and plant’s meaning products going to and from manufacture plants are being contaminate to degrees, fallout, rains, (some products can be left out in weather till ready for whats needed)doses of radio active settlements and it is accumulating. All the products being packaged and boxed and retained to containers on ships where more contaminations settle on the shipping containers !
        If ships are in a southern port one day and are contaminated, we can only assume with most confidence that most everything in Japan is being radiated, once, twice or daily !
        All we need is a few folks here to go to local chain stores with meters to start checking some products of late placed on store shelfs.
        Please advise us of when one has a hit of positive, remember that products from other countries may have components from Japan in them, this may take a bit longer to show up here, look for made products from Japan and in the supply link/chain !

  • Heart of the Rose

    “Rumors and reputation damage”..
    They wouldn’t want anyone to find out what bought and paid for shills they are for the NWO.
    No radiation..HUH?
    Then why the official travel warning from the State Dept. http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/pa/pa_5437.html

  • ‘…our uncontrolled radiation releases might harm Japan’s place in the supply chain, Matsumoto SHOULD HAVE said.” ‘ Hugely different statement than his original deflective damage control dribble. I have even less respect overall for them as this drags on.

  • Heart of the Rose

    Just think for a momentabout the tremendous pressure Japan is getting from the US..to keep this under wraps ..to live and die in silence.
    So is the lot of cowards…

  • johnlh

    The Chinese customs has seized containers and vessel from Japan ,within 10 days of this nuclear crisis.

    It has report on Chinese media.

    But now, seems stopped this practice now.

    I read they have just made a agreement on this issue,between China, Japan and S.Korea.about how to dealing this kind of nuclear leakage issue.

    Hidden the truth ,show the face….