Expert: Areas in Fukushima are recontaminated within 24 hours of being ‘cleaned up’ — Will have to be permanently evacuated

Published: March 21st, 2013 at 2:23 pm ET


Title: On Location: The dirty work of cleaning up Fukushima (Video)
Source: GlobalPost
Author: Justin McCurry and Michael Condon
Date: March 21, 2013

[…] Attempting to keep radiation levels down in residential areas could prove futile, according to Ian Fairlie, a London-based independent consultant on radioactivity in the environment. Fairlie, who had just returned from a conference on the Fukushima crisis in New York, said there was evidence that some areas recorded the same levels of radioactive cesium-137 just 24 hours after they had supposedly been contaminated.

“This was found too after Chernobyl, where cleanups were largely ineffectual,” he said. “[Decontamination] is good for reassurance and official statements, but poor for actual dose reduction. I think the 20 km zone and other areas will have to remain permanently evacuated. That will be awful for the [tens of thousands of people] affected, but I can’t really see any other way.” […]

“It’s clear that [ministry] officials are finding this much harder than they expected,” said Shinichi Nakayama, deputy director of the JAEA’s Fukushima Environmental Safety Center. “No one has experience of undertaking a cleanup of this size. It isn’t something you can do by following a manual. It’s a massive technical challenge.” […]

Full report here

Watch Dr. Fairlie at the recent conference on the Fukushima crisis in New York here

Published: March 21st, 2013 at 2:23 pm ET


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14 comments to Expert: Areas in Fukushima are recontaminated within 24 hours of being ‘cleaned up’ — Will have to be permanently evacuated


    filed within the 'NO-BRAINER' folder…

    • Precisely AS. Robots don't work. Decontamination doesn't work. Spin doesn't work. Outright lying seems to be working for the moment.

      My garden hose might work – for a bit, but it too is leaking, even if deployed from a low-flying helicopter.

  • Good article

    "…too contaminated to consider an early return for residents; people from villages closest to the nuclear plant may have to wait decades before they can go back. Some accept that they never will."

    "Fukushima’s topography has only complicated the task. About 70 percent of the prefecture is covered in mountainous forests, where cesium-137, which has a half-life of 30 years, [300 plus years hazardous] and other radioactive isotopes have found their way into trees and soil."

    They said 'other' radioactive isotopes.
    That's more than most. 🙂

  • weeman

    How can you decontaminate something if it is continually being recontaminated, you can't just a facade for the masses.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Fukushima Daiichi radiation continuously spreads around the world, endangering those who live very far away.

  • We Not They Finally

    Not to mention that the men doing the decontaminaton get continually re-exposed. It's beyond inhumane.

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    A solution to contaminated water at Fukushima…

    KULLUK is a Shell Oil offshore drilling rig that is currently being transported to Singapore from Alaska for repairs.

    The Kulluk should be used to reinject contaminated Fukushima water deep near the subduction zone offshore nearby.

    A deep well can be drilled and 2000 tons of graphene in aqueous suspension can be pumped down the well first, thus creating a nukewaste trap holding the radioactive particles in place.. the graphene will let the purified water escape leaving the nukewaste trapped 12,000 feet deep underground.

    Graphene is made out of Graphite, and Alaska has 280million tons of Graphite.

    Many injection wells can be drilled and we have plenty of graphene to use as nukewaste trap.
    All the runoff and groundwater flow can be suctioned off around the Daiichi plant and pipelined thru a ocean outfall pipe to the pump-barges anchored over the injection wells.
    This design is capable of moving a tremendous amount of washdown water.
    Relief wells can be drilled at a distance to release the purified water and test for badrad-bypass.

    A similar process is needed at Hanford.

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    It's important to understand how graphene traps nuke particles..
    and understand geology enough to know that the rate of subduction and the convective cycling of magma exceeds the concentration and decay rate of nukewaste..

    It's a lot better solution than:
    just letting it sit there and fester and spew..
    shooting it into the sun with rockets..
    digging up half of Japan and giving it to North Korea or Mongolia..
    or shipping it all to Hanford.

    Nuke weenies don't seem to realize how much totally natural actinides are present in the topsoil in varying concentrations worldwide..
    yes, we evolved over millions of years cohabiting with sometimes dangerous concentrations of uranium-oxide and thorium.

    Waste management is always about engineering reduced risk..
    if you want ZERO-risk I suggest you get yourself a lot of morphine and start looking at another website for less stressful entertainment, be careful of your fragile health.

    The high level nukewaste must be annihilated with molten salt reactors, funny how it will still make zillions of gigawatts before it finishes it's total decay cycle..
    ..just don't build WAMSER's on the beach, or in an earthquake zone.

    Wamsers are best built in deep 3.2billion year old stable bedrock, better than Yucca Mtn.

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    March 20, 2013 at 3:24 pm · Reply

    Tucking the remaining wreckage into a tunnel underneath is an interesting idea.. but your tunnel machine is headed the wrong direction right now, sorry !!

    Yes, tunneling might do the trick if you could get it to swallow it down hard and deep in an instant.
    A thorough understanding of the geology there is important.
    Hopefully it won't trigger any more quakes causing further damage to the other nuke reactors on the east coast nearby..
    they should be dismantled first also.

    Megaproject engineers have many tricks…
    Aerial Cable Cranes, for example..

    Yes, much bigger machinery is needed to handle this mess.

    USA has plenty of practice making huge underground caverns with nukebombs, they have punched hundreds of holes in Nevada, which is easy to see in GoogleEarth.
    Some of the nuke-bombs detonate clean enough to allow human entry within a few weeks.

    We would want to try to remove as many of the fuelrods as possible first and process them offsite in a WAMSER..
    then to a thorough washdown, disposing the radwater in graphene wells..
    then the remaining clutter can be dumped into the deep basement tunnel/cavern.

    …thankyou for taking an interest in my idea.

    • Au Au

      21rstCentury, That sounds very interesting. How can you get this info to TEPCO? I wonder if Arnie Gunderson can help get this info the the Wizard of Oz who is in charge over there. Or Leuren Moret, if she is still is at the Livermore, Lawrence Lab. They shoudl really care there seeing that they are directly east of Fuku and in a valley that holds all that radioactive pollution.

      Thanks for trying to save the world. I, for one, appreciate it.

      • Mad Scientists Mad Scientists


        21stCentury is pushing molten salt reactors.

        His post says:

        "high level nukewaste must be annihilated with molten salt reactors"

        That's just more nuclear insanity.

        and his post insults anti-nukers, if I'm reading this right:

        "Nuke weenies don't seem to realize how much totally natural actinides are present in the topsoil in varying concentrations worldwide.."

        See, pro-nukers like to rationalize by saying thorium and uranium are natural, so they should be used for fission.

        Gotta read every line on these posts.

        • m a x l i

          "Some of the nuke-bombs detonate clean enough…"

          Choice of solutions and attributes given to those solutions says it all.

          No, thanks, 21stCentury! Your way of thinking got us into the mess where we are now. You better go back to the 20thCentury and stay there! You do not belong here.

  • tarpus


  • nuknomore nuknomore

    Getting rid of radiation is like trying to retrieve a drop of dye in the ocean.. Trying to retrieve every molecule is impossible..
    Pandora's box was opened.. All scientists know, as well as most people know. Once this happened there was no going back.. EVER.
    The whole of Japan is contaminated.. They must live in it now..
    The world must live in it now.
    Or die in it now..
    We can't choose after the fact.. It is what is is…'now'…
    The time to save us, was before.. When they were playing with this horrendous poison.
    AS most countries are playing with it now..
    its time to do whatever is needed and if that includes burying this whole place, LIke chernobyl.. Bury it..
    Why was it not done? What are they trying to save now??
    When will other countries have the same kind of disaster?
    Cause there are many plants sitting in the same kind of precarious situation..
    Where everyone is hoping nothing happens instead of making sure nothing does.