Expert on CNN: Fukushima will end very, very badly — No one knows how to stop it (VIDEO)

Published: March 27th, 2011 at 7:09 pm ET


CNN, State of the Union, March 27, 2011:

Transcript Summary

Frankly no one knows how to end situation…
Beyond ability of Japanese authorities to contain…
Best guess on how this ends?…
There is going to be a bigger breach than we have already seen in 2 and 3…
Workers will be evacuated…
We will see at least two core meltdowns and two spent fuel pool fires…
It will end very, very badly, that is what I actually think is going to happen…
This will take weeks, months to contain it in best case…

Published: March 27th, 2011 at 7:09 pm ET


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18 comments to Expert on CNN: Fukushima will end very, very badly — No one knows how to stop it (VIDEO)

  • Dougie McEwan

    I’m afraid I have to agree, the cooling systems won’t work, it’s like trying to start your car after a head on collision.

  • Have they thought of shipping in portable refrigeration units to let the water pass through them and gradually take the temperature down to just above freezing, maybe three degrees above?

  • I fear this may be worse than Chernobly, not because it’s several reactors (plus lots of highly radioactive residues), that also, but because it is by the sea.

    Chernobyl’s sarcophagus works because there is solid ground under the condemned reactor, which contains the spread of the radiation underneath. But in Fukushima, as soon as the meltdown cores penetrate into the ground a few meters, they are going to find almost for sure infiltrated seawater, which will pull the radioactive materials to the sea.

    I fear that there is no way to contain this disaster at all. They may prevent atmospheric spread (until the next earthquake/tsunami at least) with a sarcophagus but they cannot prevent spread through water. That’s one of several reasons why it is even worse than Chernobyl, IMHO.

  • Don'tWanttoGlowintheDark!

    Well, there goes the Pacific?? As if the Atlantic hasn’t taken on enough, since the record BP oil gusher!…Personally, I’m not enjoying hearing about more dolphins and sea turtles massacred from both the Gulf and Atlantic oceans :(…Ocean life and the water cycle cannot catch a break, but we need them, badly!

  • xdrfox

    They don’t these things know yet, But have stopped all shipments of foods from all other country’s near Japan.
    The spectrum and circumference of test will spread and more band shipments of foods will increase, Where the ocean currents flow from Japan are in likelihood of becoming under the gun and the seafood export’s industries will cease !
    This will affect livelihoods world wide and not just the locals of the immediate Japan Pacific.
    The west coast fisheries and Salmon industry is under the gun, possibly as well is the King Crab and much more !
    First most my concern is for the people of Japan !

  • It won’t end. Not ever, at least not in any timescale meaningful to us and our society. The sarcophagus they build, and the replacement containment they build afterwards, will both fail to stop enough of the radioactive materials from leaking.

    It will leak forever. In a few thousand years it won’t be quite as hot as it is now. It will get into the air, but even more will continue to get into the water. The death toll will be enormous but imprecise and the people wanting to do it again will lie forever about the damage.

    History repeats.

    Safe and Clean *(except when it isn’t).

  • Jeoff

    The same doomsday stories as during the oil spill: this will never end. Man is not capable of capping the leak. everyone will die in a few years etc etc.

    YES this is very very bad but I don’t beleive in doomsday stories anymore. We will see where this leads, no point in loosing sleep over it

  • Hr2burn

    located in the ring of fire? Not a good place to build such a dangerous plant. Tsunami possibilities? Not a good place to build such a dangerous plant. It is however perfectly safe to build 4…..or MORE!
    God help the Japanese, and perhaps all the world.

  • megame23

    Nuke it!

  • soozla
    Only have a moment here..
    So don’t know if this has been posted..

  • James

    Nice knowing you all folks.

    This is a world wide problem now. It is being picked up all over the world. Sky News reports that it was picked up in Glasgow today. Yes folks, Glasgow Scotland.

    The people in charge here really do not know what they are doing. Let me, however tell you in simple terms, they are KILLING THEIR PEOPLE, and are going to kill alot of people over the years with the stuff they are breathing in.

  • Afu

    Radioactivity in Glasgow is probably caused by granite and other rocks of that kind. Advice: Keep off highlands and castles.

    Anyway contaminated air reached Glasgow several days ago. So it took them a week to detect sth. The problem is really as huge as elsewhere…

  • Nothing to see here move along go watch American Idol

  • Truth

    They are not telling the full truth.
    They never were and never will be.
    People to them are nothing but tax payers.

  • this is much worse already, in my estimation than what the silence in america’s top govt levels ARE NOT SAYING….does anyone even know where the director of the EPA is? what about Janet “i have to grab some lunch” Neapolotonio….[sp]…and of course…FEMA and OBAMA are sitting watching the final four in super purified air under the WH…..

    the silence is deadly..and it says all we need to know …that the West Coast farms of THIS country are already scheduled for radiation dusting this spring…and as the food from within our own nation begins to show seriouslevels of radiation exposure to cesium and STrontium and maybe even plutonium….

    we’re all dead….but first…we will loose the economy …not to a second ‘dip”…but to cascading economic meltdown…that will make the last one look like a minor downturn….

    i think we have as a species..finally turned the clock UP a notch…..listen, Pittsburgh air monitors showed last friday…3300 times federal limits and the gov said….”no one drinks the rainwater anyways, no big deal”….

    Florida nuclear reactors showed seriously high levels of iodine 137….clusters or plumes are covering the entire nation…sweeping us over like blankets of red rain….’splashing down across our children”…

    and we have nuclear experts …who are not paid for by GE….saying…”its not the air ambience stupid…..its the ingestion and inhalation”…

    its lke a trillion times worse if even minor amounts get into our bodies…

    ….we are lilterally the buffer this time….at one big rad dinner party…and europe is not so uncomfortable…because..this time….its the big neutron filter to the east who is gonna take the bite of the shit sandwich on this one….

    and we’re going to melt down….ourselves….how could we not, when i have to walk my eight yr old son…out the front door to go to school in the spring red rain….????

    how in the hell…does one expect to trust obama and his unseen cabinet officias on this one?….[i’m a democrat and a major liberal but i cant stand our govt anymore…left, right middle or simply…incompetent all…..its profits over the public health and we’re basically……as dead as the workers at the plant….our deaths won’t be as spectacular….but just as painful….i know….my father died of stem cell failure…two years ago…..

    and its no easy death folks….i would not want any child or person…to experience what he did…

    ….but we will…and govt will lie about it

  • John B Georgetown

    I can fix Japans problem…

    Cost 2 trillion dollars….

    40% up front with balance to pay down US debt.

    You will be able to walk on the beach in front of the reactors. Americans to the rescue. We have the capability and expertise to fix this problem right the first time.