10,000 baby sea lions dead on one California island — Experts: “It’s getting crazy… This is a crisis… Never seen anything like it… Very difficult to see so much death” — TV: “Numbers skyrocketing at alarming rates” — “Woman is burying the rotting mammals” after digging graves at beach (VIDEOS)

Published: March 16th, 2015 at 10:40 am ET


NBC L.A., Mar 12, 2015 (emphasis added): “The sea lion emergency is back all along the California shore“… [Pups] are washing ashore at a rate so alarming, rescuers said Thursday, this year is the worst yetmore than 1,600 marine mammals [have been picked up].

KTLA, Mar 10, 2015: Stranding numbers for the months of January and February were more than 20 times the average [said NOAA].

ABC 10 News, Mar 14, 2015: Friday, Konnie Martinkis was burying her third sea lion… There were at least five within just more than a football field’s length that were dead… she contacted the city… but it just decomposed as more showed up… she will continue building those graves.

Coast News, Mar 12, 2015: [NOAA] said not to feed it [that] will only prolong the animals suffering.

KABC: Numbers are skyrocketing at alarming rates…Sunday, six sea lions were found dead

NY Times, Mar 12, 2015: “It’s getting crazy,” [Wendy Leeds, animal-care expert at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center] said… Sharon Melin, a wildlife biologist with [NOAA said] “We do expect the population to take a drop… probably a really good hit”… Michele Hunter, the center’s director of animal care, said, “It’s very difficult to see so much death.”

Sacramento Bee, Mar 7, 2015: Tens of thousands of pups birthed last summer are believed to be dying on the islands… some [are] desperately trying to climb onto small boats or kayaks… Scientists noted a worrisome anomaly in 2013, when 1,171 famished pups were stranded… scientists blamed the phenomenon on unseasonably cold watersOn San Miguel… Melin said researchers believe “probably close to 10,000 are dead, and we expect more to die over coming months”… the mortality rate is similar on San Nicolas.

Time: Experts at NOAA say that the culprit is rising ocean temperatures [note “unseasonably cold” ocean temps were the culprit during the record strandings in 2013]… a NOAA climate expert said that they do not believe the stranding increase is tied to climate change.

Marine Mammal Center, Mar 5, 2015: It’s clear these sea lions are trying to tell us something. Their very presence here in such great numbers at this time of year is sounding an alarm up and down the coast… it signals something complex happening in our ocean… sea lions are very sensitive to their environment… alerting us to major changes in the ocean… The scene on the Channel Islands this year is grave, worse even than what researchers saw in 2012, before the Unusual Mortality Event in 2013… “What’s scary is that we don’t know when this will end,” says Dr. Shawn Johnson, Director of Veterinary Science at The Marine Mammal Center. “This could be the new normal—a changed environment that we’re dealing with now.”

LA Daily News, Mar 13, 2015:  “By the end of January, we had as many as we did in (all of) 2013,” [Marine Mammal Care Center’s David Bard] said… “We’ve never seen anything like this with back-to-back events that are affecting the same part of the population,” Melin said.

Dr. Melin: “Based on what we are seeing… we should be bracing for a lot more animals

CBS Los Angeles, Mar 9, 2015: [California Wildlife Center’s Jeff Hall] says the event has escalated into a crisis. “I would personally consider this a crisis,” Hall said… The epidemic has prompted a number of volunteers to step forward, including… television personality Kat Von D [who said] “I think there’s a lack of awareness of what’s going on in the environment.”

TV broadcasts here: NBC | KTLA | ABC | ABC | CBS

Published: March 16th, 2015 at 10:40 am ET


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302 comments to 10,000 baby sea lions dead on one California island — Experts: “It’s getting crazy… This is a crisis… Never seen anything like it… Very difficult to see so much death” — TV: “Numbers skyrocketing at alarming rates” — “Woman is burying the rotting mammals” after digging graves at beach (VIDEOS)

  • Nick


    “It’s getting crazy,”

    That is what GMI will bequeath on us all!

    Climate Change…climate change…the deaths are strange, climate chnage may change me but I can't change clamoring about climate change…

    Radiation? Nah.

    • The negative tipping points are increasing and accelerating

      2015 – 45+ Negative Global Tipping Points Report

      • davidh7426 davidh7426

        Thanks Doc… Tweeted that, lets hope it has legs.

      • GOM GOM

        About those tipping points..

        Cyclone Pam, a Mega Cat 5 storm has levelled the Pacific Island of Vanatu. The strongest storm ever to form on the Pacific Ocean. Please meditate or pray for any survivors. Aid workers describe the island as "apocalyptic".

        Kilometer size blow-put hole opens in Siberiia [new] Biggest out of 20. Ice/permafrost is destabilizing. Clathrate destabilization.

        The erratic Jet Stream is now impacting the United States and the world. The 'Climate Regulator' is broken. What lies ahead is mass starvation. The world cannot afford even one missed season of crops without a domino of effects.

        Water off the East coast is now 21F hotter than normal. This is worldwide.
        Life will get harder and harder until we simply can't survive. The need for individual preparations cannot be over-emphasized.

        The biosphere is collapsing. We won't make it to 2020. All "scientific projections" regarding Earth matters is now purely Science Fiction.

        Our expiration date is nigh upon us..

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          GOM got link to that 21 deg F hotter than normal water?

          • MochiMadness

            CS, I'm not going to get into any type of argument here—but the best reading and sourcing is from Guy McPherson:


            I know that there are those here that simply refuse to believe in climate change. At the end of the day, whether you want to blame the warmth of the atmosphere on HAARP or radioisotope release or carbon–IT DOES NOT MATTER, because the climate and biosphere is in serious trouble.

            The problem with a lot of people's stance on this is the obsession with semantics. I don't care about the how at this point, I care that this is going on. As Guy says, the only thing we can do is respect the earth and each other as much as possible at this point, using palliative measures for a dying biosphere.

            The blame game gets you (sic) nowhere and only serves to keep you stuck in the bargaining/anger stage of grief.

            These pups, like pretty much most other forms of life on this planet don't have a chance, due to what man has done to the air, water and land. Someone above mentioned "prepping".

            For what? Just a few sentences prior, he mentions that the planet is becoming uninhabitable (which is true). Prep then, for what?

            Ugh. I'm in an ugly mood today. I've had enough of death.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              thanks Mochi, Guy McPherson makes interesting reading…

            • GOM GOM

              Mochi. "The need for individual preparations" meaning maybe an indoor hothouse, clean water source, making pet food and for me, getting mobile. Less than a year ago, the sky here opened up and we were almost wiped off the map. The city looked like a war zone. Sink holes, bridges, roads, homes..gone. Right now it is 85F, for the last 2-3 weeks it was bouncing from 17 wind chill to 73F.
              The worse things get the more 'they' lie.
              No blaming now. We just need info on what's going on via each other. If you have pets or kids, look into their eyes. Now go change your life to help them survive.
              p.s.- I am female.

          • GOM GOM

            Code. I go to a lot of sites. Off the top of my head I think it was Climate Reanalyzer.[ cci-reanalyzer.org ] This is one bad-ass site, shows the world by color, temps, anomalies, ect.
            Or just look up key words.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Very Wise! Best to prepare for anything! 🙂

          When the tipping point heads down the other side.. it will do so very quickly. 🙁

          WE are running out of time!

          Shut them all down now!

    • Oh, brother.
      I agree with this person that the Pacific is changing too quickly. But, it is not a usual (or even fossil-fuel induced), climate-change.
      I guess it's her best guess.

      • bowling

        The signs of radiation toxicity
        Bleeding from the nose, mouth, gums, and rectum
        Bloody stool
        Hair loss
        Inflammation of exposed areas (redness, tenderness, swelling, bleeding)
        Mouth ulcers
        Nausea and vomiting
        Open sores on the skin
        Skin burns (redness, blistering)
        Sloughing of skin
        Ulcers in the esophaggausotos of horses and marine life on west coast ak on enenews since fukushima. The symptoms are going to be the same as heavy metal poisoning, extreme inflammation, and sx of radiation poisoning. i have incuded an excellent article from the ep going over lab abnormalities that will indicate radiation in these animals
        look.for bleeding from pores nose, skin anomolies, diarrhea, swelling,

    • bowling

      The signs and sx should be looking for are similar to many other exposures documented by enenews ie loss of fur blotchy skin, bleeding sores arpund snoud, yelloweded eyes, look at past enenews photos T'ai and others who investigate. the ploar bears livers just began to disintegrate and they had sores all over bodies from heavy metal poisoning of uranium plutonium. Inflammation. Same for horses and animals at tokyo zoo. unususual bleeding could even be radiation poisoning.

      • bowling

        Biochemical response of marine mammals to external contaminants: metals and inflammatory agents

        EPA Grant Number: R826103
        Title: Biochemical response of marine mammals to external contaminants: metals and inflammatory agents
        Investigators: Castellini, Michael


        Previous studies of metal contaminants in marine mammals have dealt strictly with absolute levels of metals in necropsied tissues, not with the impact of those metals on the living organism. That is, they have not assessed the biological response to those metals. The assay for blood metallothionein (MT) is a measure of the biological response of an animal to excessive metal and as such offers a potential biomarker for metal contamination. Recent data suggest that a significant zinc and resulting elevated MT event occurred in the Steller sea lion population in Southeast Alaska within the last 5 years. Results also indicate at least 10% of Prince William Sound harbor seals show elevated zinc and plasma nitric oxide (anti-oxidant) levels suggesting environmental contamination. Additionally, both species show significantly elevated chronic Acute Phase Reactions as monitored by plasma haptoglobin (Hp) levels indicating an increased inflammatory response. While these marine mammals are a significant food resource for Alaskan coastal Native peoples, several of these species are threatened and endangered.

        • bowling


          The primary goal of this project is to characterize the response chemistry of metal, nitric oxide, and inflammatory blood indicators in populations of marine mammals in Alaska. To achieve this goal, the project defines three measurable objectives:
          Examine archived blood samples from marine mammals for plasma metal, MT and Hp levels relative to potential past contamination events.
          Collect current blood samples to test for ongoing response events particularly in relation to the interactions of metal, inflammatory and anti-oxidant biochemistry.
          Begin controlled laboratory studies of the detailed biochemical pathways involved in the reactions of marine mammals to external contamination.
          Expected Results:

          This project will provide essential information on whether natural populations of Alaskan seals and sea lions exhibit biochemical responses that may be induced by external contaminants. It will also initiate controlled laboratory studies on the same indicators so that natural variations in those indicators can be better predicted. It is the first study of its kind to approach the question of potential biochemical responses to metals and inflammatory agent in these animals.

  • bo bo

    I know all u enenews posters have gotten tired of saying this so I'll just take my turn today so it's noted ( for the thousandth time ) :

    11 different articles – and still.. not a word mentioned on radiation or fukushima.

    • from a distance from a distance

      Then it's up to Enewsers posters to make comments on those articles.

      Hint. Hint.

      P.S. – bo, wanting to say thank you for your posts; especially the twitter ones you translate. Your posts are very valuable, imho.

      • Sickputer

        fad typed these pertinent pixels of light:

        "Then it's up to Enewsers posters to make comments on those articles. Hint. Hint."

        SP: Our comments rarely survive the censors. Mine is fairly Quixotic, but a second poster posted an Enenews link. Both gone!

        My comment expunged from Coast News:

        "What a colossal ecological tragedy. Apparently the sea lions are starving because their food sources have vanished. Last year unseasonable cold water was offered as a reason, this year warm water is advanced as the cause.

        The lower species on the food chain are missing along the western North American coastline for sea lions. Did those small fish die or migrate?

        In either case their (small sea creatures) disappearance far exceeds dying sea lion numbers. Those missing food sources number in the millions or billions.

        And if the ocean has suddenly become a hostile environment for those little creatures, what about the other creatures higher on the food chain? Birds, dolphins, whales, and man.

        Answers seem pretty limited from the marine scientists. We would all like to know if the problem is pollution poisoning the ocean. And if that is a cause, then what actions should families take to protect themselves?

        Authorities should seek and reveal the truth even if the news seems too grim to announce to the public and even if it impacts economic areas. To hide bad news is a bad policy. Because somebody is going to reveal the truth eventually."

    • Well of course not… it is a sacred cow..

      TABOO subject.

      No one dares to talk about it, because they they will lose their jobs, just like in Japan.

      It only takes a couple of examples, and the rest obediently fall in line.

  • Gen. Buck Turgidson

    “What’s scary is that we don’t know when this will end,” says Dr. Shawn Johnson, Director of Veterinary Science at The Marine Mammal Center.

    The answer is NEVER.

    Coriums are FOREVER.

  • ftlt

    While I believe, linking this event only to FUFU's radiation impact demonstrates a naive fixation, I do see the media's not questioning FUFU here as a form of insanity (on the nice side) and typical of the criminality in using the media as a tool by those who the accumulate wealth and property – the capitalists (the normal ugly bad side of things).

    There is general anthroprogenic impact on the ocean's health everywhere.

    We cannot survive with a dead ocean as species.

    There is a lot more wrong with the oceans than just FUFU

    • from a distance from a distance

      "naïve fixation" you say.


      When researchers are stating the anomalies began occurring THREE years ago and the starfish syndrome began in 2013, then it's very reasonable to link these anomalies to Fukushima radiation.

      Listen to the video here:

    • Marcie

      ftlt….There is a lot more wrong with the oceans than just FUFU? What could be worse than that? The Pacific is just about dead. It appears to be in it's last gasp of a horrible death. Yes, pollution was taking a toll. But NOTHING like this. We are in a lot of trouble.

    • GOM GOM

      Ftlt. That's right, we cannot live on a barren desert with no other species. I firmly believe that BP/Macondto was the first ELE event in destabilizing the climate as it broke up the Thermohyline current. This would take a few years, 2-3, to start showing dire weather patterns. The US Navy hired Dr. Zangari and the Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics to assess the Gulf. The report is breathtaking. BP actually killed us all, everything else is secondary, but playing out rapidly. The Gulf Stream and the North American Current is dead.
      Here is that report, if it fails google it

  • Well, i hope the woman burying these little creatures is documenting it. For, if they are hidden away, "science", can completely discount the number of deaths..
    It doesn't seem like the people on the ground are discounting it, at all, but those who write papers just might.

    • She might be putting herself at risk, if they are radioactively contaminated.

      She probably has ZERO knowledge of radiation, radiation protection, and no meter.

      • Yes, Doc. But, anyone on the beach is putting him or herself at risk. I imagine this woman lives on the beach or close to it. Just by virtue of this, she's at risk. For, as we know, what's in the ocean (in this case, tritiated water) does not stay in the ocean.

  • The last four years have been like a slow motion horror flic, and a B-movie at that.

    Godzilla and the neocon Frankenstein destroy the world.

  • “It’s very difficult to see so much death.”

    Indeed. The has been way too much death…

    A list of creature numbers that have died, for just this year alone:


    This enemy is not invisible. You can see it, so it can be changed.



    • combomelt combomelt

      My friend's 5 year old doberman just passed away from liver cancer.
      Los Angeles.
      Only 5.
      Healthiest, fastest, and happiest dog gone.

    • we have a 3'6" heron that has been wandering aimlessly thru the neighborhood streets during the days. sometimes he wretches and stands by trash cans. i ve been taking him cubes of bread. not only is there no food for him at the lagoon, there is barely any water left. i feel just heartbroken, there used to be hundreds of these birds on any given day. now it is just him. for the past two years i always say to people when we go by the lagoon, "lets count how many birds we see". there is just a small few left. it makes me feel ill.

  • Meant to say, earlier, sometimes one has to look for zebras (or zebra-fish.)
    All of their searching for disease-causing pathogens has borne no conclusive evidence. They found viruse(s) which these creatures have lived (thrived) among for years. They have no proof that virus has caused this mass-death.

    It's time they think outside of the box.
    When one hears hoofbeats, it just might mean there's a zebra about.

  • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

    And in the future ballooning cancer cases will cripple humanity.

    • Exactly so. In fact, we're already seeing the cancers.
      Remember the good old days, when cancers were found in one-in-four people? Now, it is one-in-three. I give it a year or two, and it will be fifty percent.
      Of course, the cancer-team has gotten a lot better at, "curing people"…, or, so they say. It seems to me the cancers come back in different parts of the body.

  • Nick

    It isn't just The Fukushima Fiasco…

    "Take a deep breath. Thanks to the massive use of herbicides across the planet, you likely just inhaled a dose of Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide, Round Up – at least according to the latest US Geological Survey published in the journal Enviromental Toxicology and Chemistry."

    This is an example of something that is TATAL..toxic at the atomic level.

    Maybe we should add glyphosphate to the mystery with respects to sea lion deaths?

    • Nick, I'm a Londoner born and bred yet for the last decade or so I have lived in France, which of course is one of the 'most nuclear' countries in the world, yet alongside that, GMO food is completely banned here. Under EU regulations, so are many foodstuffs from Japan.

      In the early days of Fukushima the French government warned its citizens to stay indoors when the worst of the fallout came over.

      Yet here I am in France, probably surrounded by just as much nuclear crap/danger as people in the USA.

      Go figure.

  • from a distance from a distance

    Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen warns of 'Chernobyl on steroids' risk in UK from proposed Cumbria plant


    the pro-nukers don't like this article hehe

    • humptydumpty humptydumpty

      "Mr. Gundersen… warned that any leak would be like “Chernobyl on steroids”, referring to the 1986 nuclear disaster that killed 28 workers within four months."

      Heh — only 28 workers killed by Chernobyl? Well then, is it really worth spending $100 Mil for a stack filter? #snark

  • 5 Reasons Why Nuclear Energy Is A Dead End Technology, by Jeremy Rifkin – Advisor To Heads Of State Around The World

  • sworldpeas

    My question is this… Are we seeing similar deaths occur in Japan? or anywhere closer to FNPP? If sea lions 5000 miles from the source were dying for FNPP would'nt we see similar if not worse strandings closer to the plant? certainly the people in the area would be showing worse symptoms than a sea lion 5000 miles away.

    Anybody dropping dead in Japan? yet? but Sea Lions in California are??? It doesn't make sense to me that sea lions would be dying from FNPP YET as we are not seeing similar or worse strandings closer to Fukushima. If it were radiation we would see it and measure it going up the food chain. Are we seeing the increase in the kelp and seaweed etc etc enough to bio-accumulate in doses high enough to kill a sea lion? but not high enough to kill anything closer to the source? I think it certainly warrants scrutiny but I also think you'd be hard pressed to determine Fukushima is the reason. imo :::ducking and running:::

    • Fukushima is on the east coast of Japan.

      North America is downstream and downwind from the east coast of Japan.

      • from a distance from a distance

        swirledpeas (by the way, I like your haikus)

        You are trying to equate apples with oranges.

        Has anyone dropped dead of Fukushima radiation yet, you ask.

        Read bo's tweets on Fukushima workers dropping dead; read vital1's posts on deaths from Fukushima; read Dr. Mangano's analysis of U.S. deaths from Fukushima; read Enenews comments on firsthand accounts of sudden deaths and busier than ever cancer clinics, to start.

        Regarding sea lions, you have to understand their breeding grounds and swim patterns.

        [1] The breeding grounds of seals and sea lions were hit with the initial and strongest radiation plumes from Fukushima.

        Kinda hard to breed and survive when a strong radiation plume falls on you, your pups, your food source and your breeding grounds, wouldn't you think?

        [2] 80% of THREE nuclear meltdowns landed in the Pacific Ocean.

        Subsequently there have been unheard-of-before anomalies reported of dead and dying sea life.

        Read these –>


        Sea lions are dying from starvation, too. What happened to their food source?

        Radionuclides kill.

        [3] Japan had sea lions, but most of them have gone extinct.

        "The last reliable observation of Japanese sea lions occurred in 1951"


        [4] Iodine131 was found in kelp on the west coast right after the Fukushima meltdowns.

        AFAIK, no one has tested kelp or seaweed recently.

        • Ugh. I read some of those Japanese tweets that bo posted. Plus the trains having to pause for 20-30 minutes frequently now to remove a dead passenger.

          Thanks for the sea lion updates and history too. Good reality check comment, distance.

        • sworldpeas

          thanks from a distance, nice post, I appreciate the Haiku kudos.
          …say more with less, say it in Haiku…

          Peee U whats that smell?
          Highly contaminated
          Tepco shit the bed

          • hbjon hbjon

            Unfortunately, some gases are insoluble and heavier than normal air. They have a tendency to move along the surface of the water without mixing or combining chemically with it. For quite a distance away from Japan, the gases are still at various altitudes, but when they cool and/or diffuse from the water, they concentrate along the surface of the ocean. This is why you do not want to sleep on the ground while camping, hiking, or being homeless.

          • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

            Swirled peas….I like that moniker. I used to have a bumper sticker that said " visualize world police". Had it on my snow skiis.

            But more to the point about conditions in Japan, they have a state secrecy act in place and some recently deceased journalists who had been illuminating the situation.

    • Simple answer. There are none left in Japan. ZERO.

      Harvest records from Japanese commercial fishermen in the early 1900s show that as many as 3,200 sea lions were harvested at the turn of the century, and overhunting caused harvest numbers to fall drastically to 300 sea lions by 1915 and to few dozen sea lions by the 1930s. Japanese commercial harvest of Japanese sea lions ended in the 1940s when the species became virtually extinct.[12] In total, Japanese trawlers harvested as many as 16,500 sea lions, enough to cause their extinction. Submarine warfare during World War II is even believed to have contributed to their habitat destruction.[13][14] The most recent sightings of Z. japonicus are from the 1970s, with the last confirmed record being a juvenile specimen captured in 1974 off the coast of Rebun Island, northern Hokkaido.[2][13][15]

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      sworldpeas, the area in Japan where most of the landfall of fallout occurred is a restricted area…500 sq miles plus. But that is only 20% of the fallout, the rest going over/in the Pacific. You wont find equivalent symptoms in people that dont live in the major fallout zone…yet anyway. Also consider the veil of secrecy.

      But if you are looking for death and destruction in Japan as corroborating evidence that the Pacific is being harmed by the worlds biggest nuclear accident, look no further than the sailors on USS Ronald Reagan…and the studies showing nearly half of the birds and insects are showing genetic damage like decreased brain size, with major reductions in population…

      for more indicators see Mangano et al study indicating 22,000 extra deaths in the U.S. Japan studies have already shown a huge increase in thyroid cancer in children


      • Have to disagree, the area of radiation contamination is MUCH larger than 500 square miles..

        Japan has between

        152,411 to 364,500 square miles total land it claims

        Roughly half of that is radiation contaminated, down to at least Tokyo from Fuku. But since then, they have been burning radioactive waste ALL OVER JAPAN, contaminating ALL OF IT.

        They don't want anyone left out, so it is pretty much soaked with it.. 100%.

        Dr Nakayama MD – Japan Contaminating Everyone By Burning High Level Radioactive Waste 100,000 Bq/kg In Incinerators

        Most of the fallout, is now spread all over Japan, wouldn't you agree?

        • AirSepTech AirSepTech

          You sure about that sq. mi. claim?

          There is +200k sq.mi. mystery land hiding somewhere?

          Credibility Doc, it's important. 😉

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Dr G, its dead zones surrounded by sick zones. The sick zone is the entire earth. But for clarity, I was taking a rough number for the strict evacuation zone, which was actually given as 386 sq miles. There are many dead, uninhabitable zones caused by nuclear spread around the globe. An unthinkable tragedy.

          "surrounding the 386 square mile evacuation zone where these people live, there is a 5,400 square mile [14,000 square kilometer] area that is heavily contaminated. If Japan were a country under the rule of law, this would be a restricted access area where people should not be allowed to live due to radiation… "

          • AirSepTech AirSepTech

            Code, it is something other than a travesty that this 'zone' has not been plotted and verified. Tracked as to its spread. We all know we have the tech to do it, but we lack the will? Really? It is unbelievable.

            We know more of the demographics for cornflakes and Toyotas. For the Christmas spend, for Easter 'puffs'.

            Mankind will pay a high price for this stupidity.

            • t'ai

              Mankind has and will always pay a high price for stupidity.

              The dust bowl days. ..

              One of the greatest ecological disasters in US history ..

              Had zero to do with radiation.

              Check on our perspective.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Let me help everyone out about/with calculating the true size of the Fukushima Manmade Radioactive Contamination Zone.. 🙁

            "The world's population is around 7 billion, and Earth's total area (including land and water) is 510 million square kilometers (197 million square miles). Therefore the worldwide human population density is around 7 billion ÷ 510 million = 13.7 per km2 (35 per sq. mile).
            Population density – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"

            Ergo: The Correct Answer = (197 million square miles)

            WE have all been screwed in broad daylight with our eyes wide open! 🙁

            • Yes Obe, agreed…. it all depends on how one looks at it..

              It is possible to add in all of the world's oceans square kilometers and all of the land masses all around the Earth, because they will eventually all get a piece of Fukushima nuclear fallout, sufficient to say they are radiation contaminated.

          • Thanks for the additional details.. 🙂

        • humptydumpty humptydumpty

          The Japanese Government spread the contamination further by incinerating tsunami debris and all sorts of other crap they scraped up from the land.

    • razzz razzz

      I will have to agree with sworldpeas on this one. Mostly pups being affected as colder feeding waters are further away for the mother seals and some rescued pups respond to force feedings until well enough for release.

      The Nina/Nino conditions displaces cold nutrient rich ocean waters with warmer plumes. Only the stronger adults seals can swim the distance to find colder feeding waters.

      Probably the same for seabirds, a lack of food to be found in warmer ocean waters and they are starving to death.

      Seawater temperature at La Jolla is about 3 degrees above normal for this time of year which is a large anomaly. The entire California coast is above average.

      • El Ninos have happened MANY TIMES before but did not cause this kind of mass die off, and certainly not year after year, since 2011.

        • from a distance from a distance

          Exactly. And I read the ocean is 6 degrees warmer.

          What could heat an ocean so drastically?

          The answer is 80% of the radiation from THREE nuclear meltdowns which fell into the Pacific Ocean.

          Petabecquerels of radionuclides fell into the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima.

          Just look at what happens on a smaller scale, where heated water discharged from nuclear power and much smaller radionuclide releases are heating up the water around nuclear power plants several degrees…so much so that nuclear power plant operators are asking to be allowed to RAISE the water temps even more.

          • from a distance from a distance

            For anyone interested, here's a really good report (which I think won a "Young Naturalist Award") on radionuclides released from Oyster Creek nuclear power plant in NJ.


          • AirSepTech AirSepTech

            You can't be serious. Take a look at the webcam.

            Do you see steam boiling up from the site, it is close to freezing at night, plenty of rain, etc.

            Are all those tanks full of hot rad water steaming away?

            Do operating plants discharge hot water? Yes, in fact, a plant is only about 30% efficient, the rest, lost heat.

            Raise the sea temp 6000mi away? It is the Sun, and the dynamics it drives to create the weather.

            • from a distance from a distance

              Yep I'm serious.

              Yep I've seen steam from the site.

              The radioactive water is encased in tanks. The ocean water is not.

              The sun?

              You can't be serious.

              The same sun that's been around for…I don't know…billions of years is suddenly causing RECORD-BREAKING heat, RECORD-BREAKING droughts, RECORD-BREAKING sea life deaths and illnesses.

              RECORD-BREAKING, meaning worse than ever, never happened before prior to (say it with me) FUKUSHIMA.

              • t'ai

                Yes .. sorry .. the sun .. the lack of water .. the other pollutants we throw in the water the drains into coastal ..

                The crap in our air .. from all the energy sources .. and dust and chemicals ..

                And our own arrogance ..

                Nuclear from fuku is only one still small part of it .. dangerous none the less.

                Cali .. is the new dust bowl .. for one thing.

                Radiation is not the most serious issue for us yet .. imo.

                Vote and protest your own conscience of course.

                • bo bo

                  t'ai – I don't think anybody on this forum thinks it's just fukushima & fukushima only.

                  Many are just more inclined to bang pots and pans on fukushima & radiation just because it doesn't even get included in the hypothesis – at least that's how I feel – making up for their silence.

                  • That's true for me. Just because radiation has the FINALITY forever effect doesn't mean I stop fighting and educating folks about all forms of man made pollution in different places than enews. :).

                  • t'ai

                    Hug .. thanks Bo ..

                    From one who lives in the most compromised air quality place in the US ..

                    And God knows what else with the rape tactics of the oil companies (fracking) on our water and air.

                    You think fuku is bad?

                    Welcome to the armpit of California. Welcome to my world.

                    You think fuku is bad ..

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      t'ai, a study showed orca would have morbid levels of radiotoxins in a few short years due to Fukushima. If the ocean goes belly up, then Fukushima IS your biggest nightmare. Just sayin

                    • Tell ya what I think t'ai. 🙂 You say,"You think fuku is bad?

                      Welcome to the armpit of California. Welcome to my world.

                      You think fuku is bad .."

                      Ha! I think about more places than my own little bit of world. My overview is of the whole food chain currently being fucked over, maybe forever, by the last straw called genetic mutation due to bio-accumulating radiation.

                      The sea creatures, land creatures and yes we humans…our fight for survival, not as one life form in one location, but all beings. That's what I call compromised. 🙂

                • from a distance from a distance

                  As a reminder, Fukushima radiation is not 6000 miles away.

                  It's here. It's in the Pacific Ocean. It's all over Alaska and North America.

                  Remember this short, simple animation of the initial Fukushima plume:


            • bo bo

              Uncle Genpachi & Tama

              Quick entertaining animation explains how nuke plants contribute greatly to CO2/heating of oceans

              Only 1/3 of heat generated from nuke plants are converted to electricity. The other 2/3 are dumped into the ocean.

              By this calculation the total output of 54 nuke plants in Japan was heating the ocean at a rate equal to 100 Hiroshima bombs a day.

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                heating the ocean at the rate of 100 Hiroshima bombs a day?! Well thanks to scientific reasoning, we now know even thousands of Hiroshima nuclear bombs cant do anything at all (sarc…but then you knew that)

                • t'ai

                  Heat … but heat decays with water ..

                  Do some math ..

                  How hot would fuku have to be .. that even with water cooling could still raise the coastal region of the entire US west coast several degrees several thousand ocean miles away.

                  If that were the case no npp could operate with out drastically increasing temperature because there is not enough water in the world.

                  Consider the source. Japan would need to melt into the ocean for it to be that hot.

                  We are talking heat degree Fahrenheit or Celsius .. not radiation.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    t'ai, heat doesnt decay with water. Water doesnt "cool" heat. The question in terms of DIRECT heating of the California waters is one of DISPERSION, and the time it can radiate into space as IR. And I think there are rather narrow fast currents. But anyway, there may be triggers or amplification effects, much like a triode can amplify a signal with low input energy. A bending of the jet stream for example. Dont mistake; Im not claiming Fukushima is responsible for raising calif ocean temps. Its the THINKING…open mind is the way

                  • t'ai

                    Why not blame the volcanoes in Hawaii that day after day .. year after year .. pump molten lava heat into the ocean?

                    • from a distance from a distance

                      Because the lava is entering the ocean LOCALLY and heating the water around it LOCALLY.

                      Fukushima's WORST INITIAL plume dispersed GLOBALLY, over the Pacific Ocean and North America.

                      Again, 80% of radiation from 3 nuclear meltdowns; PETABEQUERELS worth of radionuclides, and probably much more; some which do not fully decay for thousands of years and which decay HEAT.


                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      yes t'ai, no doubt the volcanoes alter the weather. Weather is all about feedback loops and tipping points…think non linear. Could 100 nuclear bombs of heat a day affect a local or global weather system?


                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      from a distance…the issue is complex. Nuclear fallout changes the ionic character of the atmosphere, the biota. Xenon was 500,000 times normal levels in the U.S. This is different than a volcanic eruption… just saying

                  • from a distance from a distance

                    You seem to be forgetting that the initial Fukushima plume, 80% of radiation from 3 nuclear meltdowns, fell into the Pacific Ocean.

                    Fukushima radiation is not 6000 miles away.

                    It's here. It's in the Pacific Ocean. It's all over Alaska and North America.

                    Remember this short, simple animation of the initial Fukushima plume:


                    And Radiation continually decays HEAT.

                    • t'ai

                      Whatever .. heat is different than radiation.

                      I think fundamentally a very easy concept to understand.

                      Obviously a gargantuan waste of my time to discuss here.

                      Embarrassing to admit that I did try here .. my face is so red. Sorry.

                      Waste of my time. Sorry I am an idiot to think otherwise.

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      Well t'ai, it is easy to understand once you do understand, but like pounding a square peg into a round hole when you do not.

                      'Heat' hot vs 'particle' hot. You tried.

                      It is Toxic, it is a pollutant, it will kill and change all living things forever.
                      I think that is more than enough to worry about.

                  • bo bo

                    I was neither agreeing or disagreeing with your hypothesis t'ai – simply supplementing AirSepTech's statement about how nuke plants contribute to ocean warming and CO 2. ( the animation draws info from Takashi Hirose's research )

                    As for the so called 'blob of warm water' in the Pacific.. honestly, I personally am not even sure if it exists or not – I have a hard time trusting a thing NOAA says.

                    54 nuke plants went offline all at once in Japan and I would have thought the ocean would get cooler, actually.. even with the localized hot zone with scattered molten fuel outside FDNPP…But that's just my crackpot theory from inside my dark, dank & severely underfunded dumpster.

                    • bo bo

                      Oooooh I SEE.. thank u, from a distance. I understand your explanation now.

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      Thermodynamics Bo, your dumpster is more full than empty.

                      At what concentration of tritium does water boil itself?

                      If you fill a vessel with uranium rock, will it warm water that is poured in?

                      What is a BTU? How many BTU's to raise the Pacific 1 degree f?

                      How hot is Plutonium? Can you make Plutonium ice cream?

                      It is a long list, why was it snowing on the USS Ronald Reagan?

                      Your on the right track. 😉

                    • t'ai

                      No .. my point is still valid. I am embarrassed and red faced to have confided .. expecting something more from the old guard posters here.

                      Google .. since you all worship your google skills here ..

                      The worst air quality in the United states ..

                      Kern County, CA Bakersfield.

                      Check the worst beta radiation in the US ..

                      Kern County, CA Bakersfield.

                      Open pit frack water disposal violations in California.

                      Kern County, Bakersfield.

                      Hell .. my health would probably be better at ground zero fuku.

                      Don't underestimate my own research.

                      My point taken .. it was ridiculous to assume any on this forum would give a shit ..

                      That this isn't all fuku.

                      I wake up .. I smell oil.

                      I turn on my tap .. I smell oil.

                      This isn't Fuku.

                      It's almost 90 ° ..

                      This isn't fuku.

                      But it's a bunch of bad and equally bad shit.

                    • earthsmith earthsmith

                      The ocean is getting hotter..o.k. Could the ocean be making the ocean hotter..hmmm. What is going on at the bed of the ocean? Gases, sulfur, oily boilies, molecular structures, catalyst,….now Fuku on whole new scale and still completely unknown…it is a major player beyond comparison. What else do we need….? Gmo, pesticide, fertilizer, house hold cleaners, auto products, cosmetics, fabric, tires, oil is on everything, pladtoc

                    • earthsmith earthsmith

                      pladtoc?….plastics, paint, varnish, anti freeze,…….F®U%C*K
                      @t'ai….Don't go to ground zero with out protection, you will die.
                      Sorry for all you troubles and sickness, you seem a bit cornered.
                      Many people here do soo much of which goes beyond the scope of the formal…do not take it for granted.
                      Peace and be well

                    • bo bo

                      I'm officially confused with this thread 🙁

                      I also have a basic dumb question – why is colder water considered to be 'nutrient rich' and warmer waters lacking fish?

                      If anybody cares to answer will u please kindly answer in general forum, as this thread is already loaded. Thank u.

        • humptydumpty humptydumpty

          Marine biologists have enormous aquariums at their disposal to test the effects of variables such as temperature, acidity, and other pollution levels on sea life. Undoubtedly, they have done that. And yet, they are "mystified" and "baffled" by these die-offs. That leads me to believe the cause is the DINOSAUR in the room: Fukusaurus Rex.

      • t'ai


        Agree with you razz. Last summer was the hottest in record keeping history. I live in California some 50 miles inland.

        Last week we had near 90° temps .. in March. It's not normal and never has been normal.

        It's ridiculous imo to think that .. as bad as fuku can be .. it is raising coastal temps and inland temps this high .. all by itself ..

        It goes beyond logic and even extreme fear of the fuku conspiracy theories.

        Or the haarp junk etc.

        It's impossible. Period.

        It is a number of factors .. co2 .. other pollutants .. and fuku is the least of those right now.

        Life on this planet has been changed and wiped out zillions of times by other forces besides man made nuclear.

        Gaia always wins.

        And those who believe nuclear is a dangerous factor in this mix .. as do we all ..

        Should be doing something.

        Like letters phone calls petitions.

        Spending all day on this forum .. especially when the conversation derails to religion and 911 arguments ..

        Devalues the cause.

        • from a distance from a distance

          Everything has gotten WORSE since Fukushima.

          Go back to weather reports after March 2011. Suddenly there was record breaking heat. Record breaking storms. Record breaking tornadoes. The ozone hole opened larger.

          80% of the radiation from 3 nuclear meltdowns fell into the Pacific Ocean.

          Hundreds of Petabecquerels of HOT radionuclides.

          That heats the ocean drastically. Which heats the atmosphere.

          Climate change was occurring before Fukushima. El ninos were occurring before Fukushima.

          But it is SINCE Fukushima that there are noticeable, record-breaking sea life deaths and illnesses, record-breaking sea temperatures, record-breaking heat, record-breaking droughts…

          You are ignoring the elephant in the room and focusing on everything BUT the elephant in the room.

          And I completely agree with you on the off-topic nonsense at Enenews.

        • bo bo

          Btw – Dr. Sharon Melin put GPS trackers on the mother seals after 2013 and the results were that the mothers actually hadn NOT been traveling beyond their foraging distances.. I just read this in an article today and forgot to save it.. darn.

          It's out there somewhere in one of the articles from Jan. or Feb. 2015.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          t'ai you are just speculating, along with everyone else, yet state your position as fact. "its impossible, period".

          Your article states the variation in sea temp as 5 deg yet there was twice that in 1998.

          Who is claiming Fukushima is the main cause of this years El Nino? Who is your target? But, there are so many interrelated factors, the only real scientific attitude is an open mind. Could Fukushima act as a "gate", amplifying some natural weather variations?

          Your article also states sardine population is down 70%. Whats the cause? Can you be sure its warm water and not radioactively contaminated plankton?

          btw, 9-11 isnt an "argument" since more peer reviewed and credible papers have been written proving demolition than vice versa. The relevance is the military war racket that is key to supporting nuclear.

        • 富岡_Blue_Heron 富岡_Blue_Heron

          "Gaia always wins." +1

          Gaia always wins
          Think of Fuku what you will
          Gaia always wins

          • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

            Yep , she alway's win's..untill she does no longer..

            • t'ai

              Gaia does always win.

              She is bigger than our consciousness. She is bigger than our earth.

              Even if earth becomes a relic ghost town .. Gaia recreates and balances.

              • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                Ok my bad , i thought it was about this planet..and since the conditions of the surrounding universe have changed like everything else since life spawned and respawned with her blessing in previous times, nothing to be sure about for us..destroyers..about how it wil go this time..when we leave the place totally saturated with all kind of toxic's and radiation and acid ocean's and no atmosphere and all that..

                but life in the bigger picture..sure..the universe is a living thing after all..

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        its all speculation. There is a ten degree seasonal variation in ocean temps in southern california. The 1998 El Nino had 10 deg warmer water. Maybe the fish do fine with 3 degrees. Only a comprehensive view of influences yields the most accurate answer of what is causing sea lion mortality. Where is the study on plankton levels and radioactive contamination? Woods Hole?…anybody?



        • from a distance from a distance

          Great point. So California has a 10 degree seasonal variation in ocean temperatures for decades, right?

          So why suddenly all of the sea life deaths and anomalies being reported since Fukushima?

          As Cisco said, "it's the radiation."

        • t'ai

          Then don't fucking speculate.

          No one knows without some activism right?

          Get off your Google ass .. this is all bullshit internet chatter.

          Call the congressmen. Or stfu.

          Or find another way to fight.

    • humptydumpty humptydumpty

      Many higher developed sea creatures such as sea lions and whales have been RUNNING AWAY from the radiation plume, and marine biologists have been surprised at the abnormal migration patterns. Unlike most humans, intelligent animals sense the pathogens coming toward them like a cloud of smoke.

    • Sickputer

      sworldpeas types these pixels of light:

      "Are we seeing similar deaths occur in Japan? or anywhere closer to FNPP?"

      SP: The dead animals in the Tokyo Sea Life Park speak volumes from the grave. The east coast of Japan does get circulation water south from Fukushima. It is terribly irradiated. Fish are contaminated. News is suppressed because of the Japanese Privacy Act.

      "Japan has fallen from its place among the top 12 countries in freedom of the press to number 53 since the passage of a state secrets law."


      "More than 80 percent of Japanese people opposed a recent “government secrets” law passed by Abe’s government."


      And we can't forget the sudden big tuna mortality event at Edogawa, on Tokyo Bay, the most eastern ward of Tokyo 130 miles as a crow flies from Fukushima NPP.

      So what is happening at Edogawa? Answer: Tokyo Sea Life Park has experienced a huge tuna die-off in their displays.

      "A Tokyo aquarium known for its tuna breeding program is facing a crisis: the unexplained deaths of its main exhibits…"


      SP: Yes, it's a mystery…but not hard to figure out. This is the Bay where the Olympics in 2020 will hold watercraft sports.

    • Anybody dropping dead in Japan? Uhmmm, yesss.
      Report came out, this week, and there were over 1200 radiation-related DEATHS (of human beings) in Fukushima City, alone.
      I think it was posted, right here, in ENEnews..

      Or, did you just miss that?

  • Nick

    “It usually doesn’t stick around for a whole year,” he said. “I don’t understand it. The take on it now is it’s a mystery. I don’t know where its coming from.”



    What if the ocean heated up due to LESS phytoplankton, causing more of the sun's rays to directly heat the water?

    In a sense, one could blame The Fukushima Fiasco then for part of the warming.


  • Nick

    “Warm ocean temperatures favor some species but not others. For instance, sardines and albacore tuna often thrive in warmer conditions..”

    “ Two years later, in March 2014, NOAA released the latest Pacific sardine stock assessment concluding that the Pacific sardine population has precipitously crashed 74 percent since 2007 with no evidence of recovery.”

    Warm water doesn’t seem to account for the sardine crash…..

  • Shaker1

    The least that could be done is to get a full-range network of researchers willing to communicate and allow some measure of intuition. We're already late doing that.

    Someone afraid of the results?

    • Sickputer

      Shaker1 sez…"Someone afraid of the results?"

      SP: Yes…the lineup of financial interests and government muckymucks would stretch hands extended from downtown Tokyo to Reactor 1 in Fukushima. Couple of million people whose financial futures are threatened by really bad news have made an extraordinary effort to control the other 99%. So far it is working.

      2 million dedicated people with guns can easily control the behavior of a disarmed population of 125 million. Worked for Hitler and Stalin for a long time. But there will be a Reckoning Day.

      You can pour radioactive fallout down someone's back and say it's raining Slurpees, but at some point even the most complacent citizens will say enough is enough. The history of human nations and their leaders and subjects has taught us that nothing lasts forever. Every empire eventually falls. And the bigger they are the more complex the final struggles.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Oh the horror of it all! 🙁 So sad what we have done to this planet. How is the stock market doing? Up?

  • Nick

    "People can make sure pinnipeds of the park and world survive into the future. Simple things like recycling plastics can make a difference to a curious young sea lion looking for something to play with. That plaything does not need to be a piece of plastic webbing that may strangle it."


    Like plastic is really the problem!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Many thanks..to Kat Von D.

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    There are no more words…except the one.

    But even more disturbing… there are no voices in positions of supposed trust to stem the madness.

    And even sadder…there are very few eyes willing to accept what has cometh.

    Then there were none

  • demise demise

    I think it's clear to those who are not in fear of losing their jobs that the Pacific Eco-system has been damaged so badly by the Radiation leak[s] that it can no longer support life that depends on it. First the weakest will die, then the adults will be washing up on shore. In a few weeks this will start happening in large numbers. How long can they last with no food?

    It's a shame our government is so inept in getting to bottom this, but it's too big and they probably don't want to open Pandora'a box.

  • jec jec

    When human babies die at birth or before..when children have cancers never seen before Fukushima..when diseases increase in the adult population at an extinction level…will governments do anything then about the radiation? Will it be too late?

  • Gasser Gasser

    Then one morning I woke up to find everyone died
    This being the result of the Media's that 100% lied

    I didn't bother having to go shit shower and shave
    Cause' I knew soon, I too will die without a grave

    Tens of Billions of crying mercy prayers will be said
    As all plants, animals, also human kind will be dead

    With no one else around to be with as I death linger
    Having one choice left, I gave God my middle finger

    There I fixed for the Earths next recycled generation
    God will know better to allow a Nuclear proliferation

  • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

    It occurs to me it would be a feeding frenzy if sea lions were to encounter a school of sharks or killer whales in their weakened condition. But where are they? The sharks that is. Maybe we have a shark under-population as well as killer whales moving up north as I recall, leading to over-population of lions and less available food sources, in turn leading to starvation. Hmm. Consider that if the sea lions are not healthy maybe the predators can sense this and avoid them. I don't know. Not an expert. Are there any, experts? Looks slim.


    • I've considered this, too, Phil.
      Do orcas stay away from boney creatures? These sea-lions are awfully thin. Does this keep the orcas away from them? Do orcas attack humans (also very boney)? I don't know (doesn't seem so.)
      Are the orcas simply going after the fatter mammals, like other whales? Seems so. The Alaskan narwhal seems to be a target of the orca. But, I've seen video of orcas chasing and attacking seals and sea-lions, all the way to the beach.
      How are so many malnourished pinnipeds making it to the Cali beaches? Are they the, "lucky ones"?

  • Cisco Cisco

    Those unknowing good Samaritans that are working directly with the sick pups are likely being exposed to bio-accumulated, bio-concentrated, and bio-magnified radionuclides from the pups and their food.

    "Scientists say only the pups are in peril because sea lion adults and adolescents can swim long distances to feast on fish in more chilly waters to the north"…Sacramento Bee

    Who says the adults are there, on the islands? Maybe they have all left or died? Where are the great whites, no mention of them.

    Never a mention of radiation…the 3rd rail for these gutless, immoral shills that call themselves scientists…repulsive charlatans I say!

    Deliver some Geiger counters and/or Scintillation detectors to those in the front lines, and I'll bet a finger or two…"It's the radiation, stupid". Geiger counters and Scintillation detectors to these corrupt faux scientists is like what Kryptonite was/is to Superman.

    SSDD…And, never underestimate the stupidity of the American people.

    • We Not They Finally

      you know if they are trying to prevent panic..What do you think will happen when the roof caves in??? Its hopeless panic is utterly without a doubt humanities last hurrah.You can only prevent panic with honesty and an attempt to deal with what is..We dont see that happening just a bunch of shills and fools.Panic is what happens when the truth is known and understood.Otherwise we continue the on the beach ending…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    …and never let a good crises go to waste! 🙂

    In this current Nuclear situation/mess we will all be in crises and then we will all be considered waste.. very soon.. 🙁

  • Gasser Gasser

    Bungalow Phil There are no "experts" everyone is operating on Murphys 50-50-90 law, 50% is coin flipping the unknown and the other 50% is goes to Murphys FUBAR law and the 90% goes to scientific nerds that will never get it right, and the remaining 10% will sell out to the Corporations to pay back their life enslaving College tuition fee's

  • We Not They Finally

    If/when you and I had nothing to eat, we'd be dying too. Are they so
    "puzzled, baffled and mystified" that they still haven't checked out the [extincting] sardine population and whatever else the baby sea lions normally have had to EAT?

  • I wonder how many folks here are aware of the restrictions that were put in place in western Europe following Chernobyl? It's only very recently that these restrictions were lifted in the UK…


    … these restrictions remain in many of parts of Europe, particularly Germany, decades after Chernobyl happened.

    Even though Japan is on the other side of the world, there are now similar European Union restrictions in place on foodstuffs from Japan…


    God help you lot in North America, who are directly downstream and downwind of Fukushima.

  • Socrates

    I first lived in San Francisco in 1952. Before that in Nevada. For most of the next 60-odd years, I have lived in Malibu, Belmonte Shores in Long Beach, Newport Beach, San Diego. I frequently traveled to Catalina Island, Point Reyes, Big Sur – I have surfed and skin dived all the way from Costa Rica to Oregon, up and down the Baja and out to Hawaii, the Caribbean.

    I have gone down to the low tides three times here during the psst two weeks in Del Mar, La Jolla, Torrey Pines State Reserve. There is almost no life in the tide pools. When the waves recede, you do not see the antennae of sand crabs. I would estimate that 97% of all life is gone. No mussels, no stars. Few inhabitants of tide pools at all. Barnacles are tiny. Rocks are bare.

    The water temperatures are 3 – 5 degrees Higher than normal.

    The foodweb has collapsed. Climate change, acidification, radiation, dumping crap, death of the plankton and krill…. heartbreaking destruction of most sealife.

    My brother has been scuba diving for 60 years. He only takes photographs these days. Some coral samples. He must look for sea life 100 miles off the coast.

    I listen to Dana and Kevin. Their observations corroborate my own. The mainstream media is totally unconcerned. Nothing is more important to me that the death of life in the Pacific Ocean.

  • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

    Wasn't it the warm water that is causing the die offs? Now it's the cold water? I guess if nobody has a brain left it doesn't matter what the "experts" say the cause of all the deaths are! No mention of "radiation", no it can't be that! The big fish ate all the little fish that got ate by all the sea lions…oh yeah! They are dead! Wait a minute…something is fishy here! No pun intended!

  • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

    I find it interesting that the weather (mainly the jet stream) has been so predictable even though it has been varying rather wildly compared to weather conditions from say, even five years ago. I know it is considered a "conspiracy theory" that HAARP actually works. I became very interested when in 2009 the jet stream followed a path suggested haarp would cause it to follow. Remember Atlanta's 10,000 year flood after many years of drought? And all the potential hurricanes that went harmlessly into the Atlantic? Not the most dramatic news. What I found most profound was the path of the jet stream right after the Fukushima disaster. It went directly to Canada after rapidly moving from Alaska then back down to California then back up to Canada and staying put for 3 months. If my theory that Haarp works quite well is correct then I could assume it was used to direct the airborne plume away from the U.S. coast to the coast of Canada to effect less people overall. Now it (I am assuming again) is being used primarily to melt the arctic ice cap to enable shipping from China to the U.S. over the north pole. Just a wild guess…of course I can't prove anything!

    • Keep up the *wild guesses* 🙂 I don't leave any dot out of the connecting these days.

    • Socrates

      El Nino condition could explain. There was an experiment where fish we're kept in a sea water aquarium connected to the ocean but were fed frozen squid. Those fish survived.

      It is probably not the radiation from Fukushima. Not that radiation helps the sea life.

      Also, the extremely warm waters are up to the San Juan Islands.

      Sea life has been dying off the vast of Calife ria for more than a few decades. The number of species has been in decline. People are bad for the environment. Too many people consuming too much have stuff with factory farming and agricultural runoff of pesticides and fertilizers. Way worse than HAARP and Chemtrails could ever be. There is deep sea fracking and injection wells. They just stick the cap down there.

  • Jebus Jebus

    One can not forget the tsunami washout from Japan's chemical coast.

    On 3/11 a 9.0 earthquake happened. Nuclear plants in Japan experienced broken infrastructure, lost vital electrical power and were very much in trouble.

    The earthquake generated a massive tsunami. It washed many port's storage bins, containers, barrels, and tanks out to sea. The amount of toxic manufacturing chemicals washed out is uncounted and mostly undocumented. Remember also the nuclear reprocessing facility washed over and then set on fire by the burning/exploding oil tanks.

    Point is that four years ago, the tsunami washed this out to sea.

    Chemical Aftermath: Contamination and Cleanup Following the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami


    and the radiation was coming.

    Three years ago the radiation was coming.
    Two years ago the radiation was coming.
    A year ago it was out there.
    Today it is easily detected off our shores.
    It is in our air and water.
    It is in our food supply.

    This massive release of radionuclides, into our one environment, is tomorrows sorrow. It is our childrens sorrow. It is forevers sorrow.

    Today we see the sorrow from hundreds of years of industrial dumping into the Ocean accelerated by the largest toxic chemical mess ever dumped into the Ocean, at one time, ever.

    Read the list, it's in the graphic, down the page, in the link.

    From pesticides to dish soap. From purex to PUREX.

    It all went into…

  • Checkmate

    Does anyone no how much Cesium 134 or 137 will kill a person? Dose amount in the body, I mean. Cesium can be tested from a person's urine and everyday we are eating Cesium in our organic vegetables, beef and chicken, not even to mention GMOs. Has anyone been tested for their Cesium count, it could shed a big light on things?…just saying…

  • You are right.. If a large scale internal whole body radiation testing program were done, even if it were just kids in the USA, it would shed a LOT of light on what is really going on.

  • Found just one test so far, and it was positive…

    2014 – US Medical Doctor Finds Elevated Levels Of Fukushima Radioactive Cesium 137 In Urine Of Patient; via @AGreenRoad

  • Can anyone living on the coast share about the coastal fog or lack of it since 2011?

  • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

    After Chernobyl the former USSR used testing "chairs" that they even could put a jar of mushrooms on and measure the Cesium. saw it in this documentary. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ujAG_Ofj4M

    • Jebus Jebus

      Ya, they improvised as only they could, at the time.

      Pancake tubes strapped under wooden chairs.

      Ya have to actually test, to get testing to produce data…

      And the idea behind the current hidey hole crowd sourced untesting, is to gauge the public interest in testing, not to test…

      It's all about the dollar.

      You can't pause a ponzi scheme, it crashes…

  • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

    Then there is this link to many articles related to Chernobyl, the scariest one refers to covering up exposure in the US after the meltdown and explosion there! If THAT was bad enough to cover-up Fukushima has got to be way bad enough! Just sayin! http://www.ratical.org/radiation/Chernobyl/

  • 😐

    Interesting Sea Lion Info:

    "…total [population] over 150,000 animals between California and southeast Alaska. They are considered to be a species of Special Concern…"
    Scroll down for the chart. It says it all. 😥


    Q. How do the stranding numbers for California sea lions you are seeing in 2015 compared to other years?

    A: For the month of January 2015, California sea lion strandings are over five times the average stranding rate.

  • combomelt combomelt



    " http://ecowatch.com/2015/03/16/radioactivity-green-tea-fukushima/
    Fukushima Radiation Found in Sample of Green Tea from Japan

    Harvey Wasserman
    Four years after the multiple explosions and melt-downs at Fukushima, it seems the scary stories have only just begun to surface.

    Now reports indicate radioactive fallout from Fukushima has been found in tea exported from Japan….

    Read the whole story at http://ecowatch.com/2015/03/16/radioactivity-green-tea-fukushima/ "




    • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

      Wow! Nothing really new reported but check out the comments! If that was my only news service I would be really confused, as I was immediately after the explosions! Cold shutdown we were told! There are plenty of naysayers that are not being challenged on that site! The reports we get here are coming from mainstream news outlets, bullshit included! We at least have a discussion continuing with shills outed right away by knowledgeable people backed up with whatever (massive amounts of) information we have on almost every aspect of the meltdowns! Except, where the hell are the coriums? And how much radiation was there right after the meltdown…where I live?

    • Okay, wow.. Just went and read that post (Wasserman). The comments are made by the lowest common denominator; prolly the nuclear-cartel minion.

  • dosdos dosdos


    I'm getting close to the point of wanting to put this bozo out of his misery. James… words do not contain your stupidity.

  • Sickputer

    Now, now, let's don't make a martyr out of Slick Jimmy. If he is the best propagandist they can hire, then things are not hopeless.

    The nucleoapes made Strontium-90 a forbidden word even though experts tell us in a nuclear meltdown the ratio of strontium-90 to the often mentioned cesium brothers is almost equal… If there is 100 becquerels of cesium-137 in each cubic liter of Fukushima harbor water then there is nearly the same amount of strontium-90 waste.

    Now that is significant since in 2013 Japan's own nuclear experts did the math discovering the cesium-137 level in Fukushima harbor water was not diluting out to sea as expected despite regular daily recharge by tides of nearly 42% of the entire harbor water volume.

    In other words, at the end of each day the cesium-137 level was being refilled in the harbor by leaks from the nuclear waste areas onshore to the tune of 93 million becquerels a day.


    SP: Not exactly comforting to think we would need to multiply by over 1400 days times the 93 million becquerels injected daily into the Pacific (and yes Prime Minister Abe…that deadly poison DID leave the harbor).

    Now figure the 80 million becquerels of strontium-90 per day for 4 years leaving the harbor.

    to be continued…

    • Sickputer


      All this and more isotopes headed south along the Japan coast to the watercraft venue in Tokyo Bay for the 2020 Olympics and eastward in a 100 mile wide contained band in the Kurushio Extension straight to the North American coastal areas.

      Dead sea stars? Birds? Salmon? Sardines, Sea Lions? You betcha. Moving up the food chain.

      • Sickputer

        So nobody died of radiation at Fukushima? Conca argues in favor of this ludicrous nucleoape theory like a nervous child.

        Consider the most noteworthy death from the Fukushima era…the heroic plant manager at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, Masao Yoshida.

        [In 2013] Yoshida was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, which was determined by TEPCO to be unrelated to the nuclear accident, due to the rapidness of its onset. He retired as plant manager in early December 2012.[ He underwent an operation for the cancer and later suffered a non-fatal stroke.

        Yoshida died on 9 July 2013. He was 58 and is survived by his wife, Yoko, and three sons."


        SP: You believe TEPCO that this man who was onsite during numerous building explosions and triple meltdowns of 90-ton uranium/plutonium cores didn't die of radiation-induced cancer? 100 million Japanese think TEPCO officials and the Diet government officials are desperate liars and incompetent fools.

        How does Conca respond in the User Comments at Forbes when being confronted about his Zero Death by Fukushima Radiation theory?

        "926 Poster: "Right, you can’t find anyone who has died from radiation. But you also can’t claim they didn’t. To claim the number is zero is to commit the fallacy of cherry-picking. Maybe 5 people died or 100 or 1."

        To be continued…

  • rogerthat

    on the subject of conca:

    “The church says the earth is flat; but I have seen its shadow on the moon, and I have more confidence even in a shadow than in the church.”
    ― Ferdinand Magellan

  • rogerthat



    The Hemlock Tea Room and Ladies Emporium.

    – must see and distribute

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