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Experts: Contamination from Fukushima worse than Chernobyl — Many people say 2051 goal “unrealistic” given scale of catastrophe… “Will I be alive when it’s completed?”

Published: December 21st, 2011 at 8:55 pm ET
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Japan: Nuclear plant clean up to take decades, Al Jazeera English, Dec. 21, 2011:

CAPTION: Experts say that the total radiation leaked will eventually exceed the amounts released from the Chernobyl disaster

[...] Experts have said that the contamination from Fukushima is worse than Chernobyl. [...]

While four decades [to decommission Fukushima Daiichi] seems like a long time, some think that estimate is unrealistically short, given the scale of the nuclear disaster at the plant.

“It looks too optimistic for many people. But nobody knows,” said Katsuyoshi Ueno, a photographer in Tokyo.

“For the majority it is just out of imagination. Who knows about 2041 or 2051? A lot of people question ‘Will I be alive when it’s completed?’” [...]

*UPDATED* 20 Chernobyl comparisons in chronological order:

  1. Cesium-137 released at Fukushima in first four days could be 50 percent of Chernobyl total: Austria’s ZAMG
  2. Fukushima radioactive iodine and cesium emissions nearing Chernobyl levels — Carried far by the wind and absorbed readily by humans
  3. NHK: Fukushima probably exceeds Chernobyl and there is no end in sight (VIDEO)
  4. Expert: “Fukushima is much bigger than Chernobyl” — “Will cost much more” in human terms
  5. Guardian: Fukushima meltdown may be worse than Chernobyl… A MUST READ
  6. TEPCO: Fukushima still leaking radiation — Concerned it will exceed Chernobyl
  7. Japan’s nuclear commission reveals Fukushima may have emitted more radioactive material than official Chernobyl totals
  8. Japanese experts believe Fukushima crisis is more serious than Chernobyl
  9. “Japanese catastrophe is already more serious than Chernobyl” — Air force chief at Chernobyl shocked by poor response to Fukushima
  10. Nuclear expert: Fukushima “has turned even worse than it was in Chernobyl” — “Appears to have fit into the worst predicted scenario”
  11. Japan gov’t now admits 40% of total Chernobyl radiation was released in just one week at Fukushima — Still a “wide margin of error”
  12. Fukushima is already at or above Chernobyl levels and it continues to release significant amounts of radiation, says former U.S. Energy Dept. official
  13. 60 million curies of radiation released from Fukushima — 50 million curies at Chernobyl
  14. “They lied to us”: Radiation release comparable to Chernobyl — Total core meltdown in all 3 reactors — Worst industrial catastrophe in world history (CNN VIDEO)
  15. Independent: Why Fukushima is worse than Chernobyl; “Now the truth is coming out” — 72,000 times worse than Hiroshima & 1 million+ cancer deaths, says professor
  16. Former Japan leader says meltdown of Fukushima reactors ‘would’ have released several times as much radiation as Chernobyl — “Or even dozens of times”
  17. Professor: Fukushima certainly worse than Chernobyl — Similar quantities of radioactivity released, but more people affected in Japan disaster (VIDEO)
  18. Professor in Oregon Paper: Radiation from Fukushima exceeds Chernobyl — Now at level unknown to humans or machines — Human rights violations?
  19. *Flashback* Nuke expert who worked at IAEA: I can now speak freely — “Fukushima is as serious as Chernobyl”
  20. New NILU, ZAMG study: Release of radioactive xenon from Fukushima more than double Chernobyl — Largest in history — Started “immediately” after quake

And those gov’t estimates? “Obviously Worrying”: New estimate says Fukushima released “far more” radiation than Japan claims — Gov’t didn’t count what went over Pacific

Published: December 21st, 2011 at 8:55 pm ET
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39 comments to Experts: Contamination from Fukushima worse than Chernobyl — Many people say 2051 goal “unrealistic” given scale of catastrophe… “Will I be alive when it’s completed?”

  • john lh john lh

    good, Japanese are start real question, awake and living as human being.

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  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    Some of us may have been correct in our estimation that the government, since all news was very bad, said what they had to to calm the situation. The entire northern hemi will be scorched earth. Better they lie and let people figure it out for themselves in their own time.

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  • James2

    If they just figured this out now, I don’t think they are much of an expert. Most of us knew it was worse than Chernobyl from the first day…

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    • ion jean ion jean

      Fukushima release relative to the atomic testing fallout in the U.S. Is the rich data that i’m looking for…i’d like to think as most parents would that this current north hemi contamination pales by comparison…my children already got enough isotopes from their parents bodies in the preexiSting background levels. Ha, that’s so funny on the EPAs website: the amount of background radiation coming from test fallout being around 1%!

      Now, today in Chernobyl, not ONE healthy kid left, NOT ONE according to local healthcare professionals.

      We really need to pause here and commend the Russian people for their honesty and heroism in the way they dealt with their single meltdown.

      The Japanese, however, SUCK at this!!! Albeit three meltthroughs and multiple outta control spent fuel pools, their govt/utility coop is a pack of murderous lying vipers and their people are so complacent and sheepish you’d think they were hopped up on fluoride too like the U.S.

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      • Bobby1

        According to the TORCH report, the collective dose received by humanity from the nuclear testing of the 50s and 60s (US, USSR, UK, France) was 50 times that of Chernobyl- 30,000,000 person Sieverts.

        The global population has doubled since the bomb test era, so 25 Chernobyls would equal the bomb tests now.

        There’s probably more than 25 Chernobyls in the jet stream that hasn’t come down yet.

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  • PBS and many other news sources are STILL reporting what TEPCO spoon feeds them.. cold shut down, total radiation is 1/16 of Chernobyl, everything is stable and under control…HUH?

    According to the following article, the total radiation released is 60 million curies, while Chernobyl only released 50 million Curies.

    According to Arnie Gunderson, the DAILY radiation release from Fukushima is estimated at 13 TRILLION Bequerels per day. With plastic cover over unit #1 it is now down to 10 Trillion Bq per day, as long as filter is working well and taking out up to 90% of the total airborne radiation. This release is ONGOING, CONSTANT and NEVER ENDING.

    This amounts to 100 Trillion Bq every ten days, 1,000 Trillion Bq every 100 days, and 3000 Trillion Bq every 300 days. This has been going on since the effort started to get this all to ‘cold shutdown’. Is this their definition of ‘cold shutdown’? When does this radiation and the radiation coming out in the form of radioactive water get added to the total above? NISA says NONE and NEVER.

    So where is the filter material? Who is in charge of disposing of it or changing it? Where is the report saying how often they change it out? Who is measuring the total amount collected and verifying this, plus the types of radiation found? Where is this filter material anyway?

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    • ion jean ion jean

      @agreenroad…Gundersen has been throwing me for a loop lately…

      He claims those daily release data, alarms everyone about the Cascades in Washington, then doesn’t seem too concerned about the rest of the US, including the state in which we both reside.

      My bad, though, he is the expert. However, he has acknowledged to me personally that anything may be arriving anytime here from FukU via jet stream precipitation, and i’ve had heightened Geiger reading in air as recently as Thanksgiving weekend…will Santa bring us alpha, beta or gmma this Christmas?

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  • Human0815

    This News is “imo.” not right,
    F’Shima released much less Radiation than Chernobyl
    and the majority was even blown to the Ocean!

    Have a look:×429.jpg

    and the original Story in German:

    Don’t misunderstand me here,
    there will be increased Death and Sickness
    but we should not overestimate the Impact
    as well as not underestimate!

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  • jec jec

    Ocean contamination! What concern for innocent people in the Pacific? They DRINK rain water contaminated by Japan’s Fukushima; eat fish contaminated by Japan’s Fukushima; breath air by Japan’s Fukushima –its criminal to say “majority was even blown to the Ocean”. And you say “misunderstand?” Can you explain what those peoples should face? Is Japan ready to assist them? Should they drink the rain water from Jet Stream clouds/rain? Is it safe for them to eat seafood coming from the contaminated area. Japan needs to do a lot more than what has been done. Contaminate the OCEANS! On purpose..

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    • arclight arclight

      it might be worth pointing out that the sea silt is badly contaminated and it has been reported by the scientists who checked that the isotopes were in the sea silt and that the type of silt made it difficult for any natural decontamination.. andded that the currents keep any releases for longer than first thought, we can easily ppresume that through normal process “sea to land contamination” will occour..

      basically over time the beach contamination will extend south with the sea silt drift..

      so, there will need to be a thourough check of the coastal areas around and south of daichi! be a good idea to keep an eye on the more northern coastline from daichi too!!

      and expect an increase when the snows melt too! for a few years, so rivers and resovoirs can be added! and resovoirs are really hard to clean once they are contaminated because of their design..

      that should add a few square meters or two!! too!!

      “For the majority it is just out of imagination. Who knows about 2041 or 2051? A lot of people question ‘Will I be alive when it’s completed”

      if it is going to take 100 years to clear the corium in reactor 4 chernobyl, how can the japaneseiaeagov say 40 years!! bear in mind they are talking about re building the sarcofagus at chernobyl 26 years on… the chernobyl reactors 1 2 and 3 will be cleared in that sort off timeframe!! 40 years doesnt refer to the corium!!!

      just my view


      “Hopefully others will leave more links below… time is short”

      i must be getting old.. what does this mean?????

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    • Bobby1

      You can’t kill a whole ocean without having massive global ecological effects. Nobody knows what they will be, because it hasn’t happened before. Besides the obvious things like loss of the food source, I have mentioned oxygen depletion… the oceans serve as a carbon sink, will this continue? How about pH? Acid rain all over the earth? Who knows?

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  • arclight arclight

    mika nora is cute!! kind and compassioate, she should be voted as decembers “anti-nuke sweety pin up” here at enenews!!

    that “time is short” thing is a bit freaky admin….!!

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  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The amount of nuclear material on site (Fukushima)..the original numbers..indicate the amount of radioactive emissions would/are greater than Chernobyl…

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  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Oh…it went into the sea…Japan is a culture bound to the sea.

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  • arclight arclight

    Citizen Epidemiology for the people of Japan – a Do-It-Yourself antidote to official denials.

    Official reassurance is false
    “officials continue to believe in the invalid risk model of the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP). ICRP massively underestimates the effects of radioactivity inside the body because its model is based on studies of Atom-bomb survivors at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These studies are silent on the effects of internal radiation; they didn’t begin to collect data until 1950, and they excluded data collected earlier;
    official sources are silent about alpha-emitting radionuclides like Uranium and Plutonium which are the types of internal contaminant for which the ICRP model is most inaccurate;
    officials ignore the vast amount of evidence from Chernobyl and other exposure scenarios that shows far greater danger than ICRP predicts, affecting a wider range of diseases, occurring sooner than expected, and not conforming with the ICRP’s external dose model.

    go to the homepage ant scroll down on the right till you get to..

    Citizen Epidemiology for the people of Japan – a Do-It-Yourself antidote to official denials. LINK HERE
    more info

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  • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

    You think the Japanese get to see these maps Hogweed? If they see them, they must not believe. I’m worried living here next to the worlds largest Geysers project in N Cal. These power plants here make earthquakes that damage local homes. Plans just approved for another 350 million dollar expansion made necessary cause the NUKES are broken. We either cook ourselves in the name of energy or shake our selves to death in the name of Green energy. Energy needs to go people.

    Let us be kind, one to another, for we are each of us together in our pain!

    Occupy Nuclear Facilities, Now! ONF

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