Experts: Pacific food web crashing — “What’s going on? Where are the fish? Where did they go?” — “To be honest, it’s insane” — “You could equate it to a war zone” — “Food shortage all up & down West Coast” — Fishermen believe pollution harming food chain, doubt NOAA’s ‘warm water’ theory (VIDEOS)

Published: March 31st, 2015 at 9:32 pm ET


KSBW, Mar 30, 2015 (emphasis added): Volunteers who track the animals now say they think the colony of harbor seals is being affected by this year’s food shortage in the Monterey Bay, and that affect is significantThe food shortage is happening up and down the West Coast… it isn’t just affecting sea lions, it is also affecting harbor seals. Monitors say the pupping season got off to an early and difficult start this year, with more seal pups being abandoned the normal… They attribute the problems to a food shortage in the Pacific… it is happening all up and down the coast.

New York Times, Mar 16, 2015:  Keith Matassa, Pacific Marine Mammal Center: “You could equate it to a war zone… hundreds of rescue calls a day”… Michele Hunter, PMMC: “To be honest, it’s insane. We’ve never had to deal with [something like this]”… Scientists are puzzled by whats happening. Matassa: “That’s what we’re trying to figure out is why? What’s going on? Where are the fish? Where did they go? Was there a little mini El Nino? Did something happen with the currents that the fish decided to go deeper or further out? They’re not closing the book on any theory.”

NBC San Francisco, Mar 17, 2015: [S]cientists are taking a closer look at rapidly declining oxygen levels in oceans… In California, this has meant a huge free-fall in populations of important bottom feeder fish… Francisco Chavez [with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute said,] “I think there are a slew of surprises ahead.”

East Bay Express, Mar 18, 2015: In 2013, the sardine biomass was estimated to be about 725,000 tons… In 2014 [it was] down to 406,000 tons… there is no doubt that the population is severely depressed… sardines have declined to their lowest level in six decades… it’s unclear whether fishing is a significant cause for the collapse…

Tillamook Herald, Mar 13, 2015: Dr. George Hemingway, retired Oceanographer, Marine Educator, and chair of the Lower Nehalem Watershed Council will present a lecture entitled Warming and the 2014 Anchovy Bloom… Dr. Hemingway will go on to discuss subsequent developments in the Pacific, including the current crash in the food web, which has led to significant mortality of birds, sea lions and other marine life.

KEYT, Mar 18, 2015: NOAA points to water temperature as an answer for underweight sea lions, but fisherman aren’t so sure — Fisherman tell News Channel 3 that past El Nino years have been warmer… They believe the sea lion food chain may be affected by pollution as well… “Their habitat is being messed with“… “I just think they have  behavioral changes that have been affecting them much more than it has in the past.”

Watch videos here: KSBW | NY Times | KEYT

Published: March 31st, 2015 at 9:32 pm ET


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504 comments to Experts: Pacific food web crashing — “What’s going on? Where are the fish? Where did they go?” — “To be honest, it’s insane” — “You could equate it to a war zone” — “Food shortage all up & down West Coast” — Fishermen believe pollution harming food chain, doubt NOAA’s ‘warm water’ theory (VIDEOS)

  • Sheesh, this is like shooting trolls in a barrel of gollums still agonizing over their precious radiation.

  • Bostonians are being told that helicopters will be flying over their city at low altitudes for about a 10-day period (April 6-15). “The purpose of the flyovers is to measure naturally occurring background radiation,” the National Nuclear Security Administration said in a news release.
    Those measurements, according to the NNSA, can be used to establish baseline levels of radiation in Boston for security and emergency preparedness. The assessment will cover about 25 square miles.
    “NNSA is making the public aware of the upcoming flights so that citizens who see the low-flying aircraft are not alarmed,” the statement said.

    • Interesting stock. Wonder if what Tacoma groove had said re heli's low flying near her ties in. It makes sense to me that after Tepco's short "ok, nuttin can be done" announcement that maybe, just maybe it kicked some countries (or states) into gear with a spurt of current background rad level monitoring to set a comparison baseline for future use.

    • bo bo

      Hey stock
      Just odd pieces here but they did this helicopters-rad monitiring last year before the marathon too

      & I could've sworn they did so before 'THE' marathon, of 2013- but I couldn't find article. .. maybe they didn't.

      This year marathon is 4/20.
      As I said before Pilgrim refueling is 4/19 this year.

      I thought maybe they are going to measure emissions but naaa, I doubt govt gives a damn or even is aware what refueling means ( major emissions)

      • They must have some sociopathic desire to harm the genetics of the best genetics.

        • Sam Sam

          It looks like Admin. banned Metalbeard once again.
          Most likely for lying and denying about who he is , where he is and
          for his slandering of this site. Did you see the picture of Peter Angelo(metal beard, socref, mbp)
          posted recently here. He looks demented. Notice the mouth. and
          the huge head. I am sure he will be back in another disquise. He
          can't keep away as it seems it is his zealous mission to re-educate us.
          He will be spotted early on and jousted. I do like throwing the kitchen
          sink at him. Seems kind of rough but for someone to come here and
          say the crap he does deserves not politeness but a monkey riot.

    • Well here in Calgary They use a Cessna to do that. Flies real low too. The Rad hit here in southern Alberta was serious. I have seen all over the effects. Using this sort of measure after Chernobyl and Fukushima to generate base line measurements is a bunch of crap. Low flying aircraft of the described flights are survey of a contaminated zone not to measure the cleanness of that zone. Boston eh? 10 days duration is going to generate enough data to render a pretty good look at any hot spots. A NUKE hunt for a rouge device? Sure looks like.

  • Hundreds of residents of Japan's city Minamisoma are suing the government for removing evacuation advisories near the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant, claiming radiation levels are still high in the area, the Asahi Shimbun reported Wednesday.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Soon after the March 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant disaster, the government issued evacuation advisories to households in nearby areas. All advisories in the Fukushima Prefecture were removed by the end of 2014.

    Read more:

  • Salemone Salemone

    I've been gone awhile. My husband's brother passed. He lived in Pasco for the last 30 years and had bone, brain and lymph cancer. It was everywhere in him. He was 58. I fear this is our future. All of us.

    • salemone, iam very sorry for your loss, and i agree w/ you about our futures… which is why i think it is most important we fight back whilst we are still able and well enought too!

      • demise demise

        You say you are going to fight back? How? Post on forums? Any one person can fight back, but only passively at best unless a large group pickups weapon and meets in front of the courthouse. This is called a revolution and Obama wants you to do that so he can declare Marshall Law and cement his dictatorship.

        • bowling

          only half the people in this country arw pronuclear and that is pretty shaky demis. pronukers lie and bully. there are plenty of govt who are antinuk. caldicott got a lot of.npps shut down in the 80s. if she.hadnt.a would have happened before now. stock is the hardwst workin antinuc i.have ever seen. hes done a lot. san onofre and shut down many to come because it is not economically viable. enenews gets 2 million views a month now.

  • April 2 No Fools Fukushima Day 1483

    Ahoy & Help Get the Rad Word Out, People!

    Fukushima Business Cards 4 U! And everyone else, too!

    These nifty cards are easy to print, pass out and leave about.
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  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Science 2.0. A chum from olde.(sarc)

    Seals Happy About Global Warming Sea Ice Loss
    Oh. there just so happy.
    Those darn polar bears can't get them.
    Never mind they are too weak to make land to molt, give birth.
    Nevermind that the ones make land are starving the others to weak.

    Nevermind, that the polar bears are taking it hard and having to eat seabird eggs.

    Polar bears are forced to raid seabird nests as Arctic sea ice melts – eating more than 200 eggs in two hours
    March 31 2015

  • demise demise

    I have been saying this for a long time that Pacific Ecosystem in in a state of collapse. A large part of the Northeast Pacific Ocean is virtually dead due to very high levels of Radiation contamination and the problem is only getting worse day by day.

    So the results are a collapse of the food chain and Ecosystem across the entire spectrum of ocean life ending at the west coast where dozens of mass extinctions are underway. Just now noticing this is an impossibly inept or contempt society and it's leaders.

  • Does this remind anyone else of the polar bear/ allopecia story?
    The polar bears are losing their hair because they are suffering from allopecia, which causes hair to fall out.. (derp.)
    The seals and sea lions are starving because they have no food. They have no food because there is a food shortage, all up and down the West Coast.
    Who writes this stuff?

  • Sol Man

    Where did they go?

    By now, the voc's, radionuclides, and such have emulsified them back into "the mix" (what was, at one time, known as water.)

  • Sol Man

    Can't clean it up and the stuff just keeps pouring out.
    Now where did I put my trance?

  • Marushka Marushka

    How Fukushima travels into the Pacific
    decimates oxygen production, increases acidification and decimates ecosystems.

    First, how it moves through the marine environment and back to atmosphere and land again — thru the hydorlogical process

    Second, as it goes downhill, downstream, cesium tends to settle into sandy areas, thus damaging bottom feeders.

    Third, Strontium disrupts life of all shellfish… it builds up during their growth process, leaving their external skeleton to deform and/or become brittle and fall apart.

    WHERE DOES FUKUSHIMA GO – Pacific and Atmosphere

  • How Dangerous Is 400-6,000 Pounds Of Plutonium Nano Particle Dust Liberated By Fukushima? Via A Green Road Blog

  • Cisco Cisco

    The sky has fallen; "the sky is falling". The Northern Hemisphere has been heavily/catastrophically doused with radioactive gasses and rain. Like the animals before us, we will not escape its biological destruction. We will get sick and die en mass from from flu, pneumonia, and a variety of other pathogens, because our immune systems will have been so weakened. Their fate…is a preview to ours.

    If you think/believe you have not been contacted with this invisible, odorless and tasteless fog, you are in the vast majority; and, you are not informed. In fact, you are misinformed. One credible researcher and writer recently extrapolated from official statistics (some of those found in the 3 following linked articles) an estimate that Fukushima's radioactive air emissions were 180,000 times the volume of fallout from the 2400 atomic open-air tests. (

    There is bonafide and credible scientific research and reporting that describes/shows how the US and the Northern hemisphere was hit with the very high levels of radiation from the initial meltdowns/explosion(s). There's enough radiation from the event and ongoing releases, to believe that biological lifeforms in the Northern hemisphere will be severely altered; and many lifeforms will go extinct prematurely.


    • Cisco Cisco

      Although some scientists and medical professionals won't say or write about it, some in confidence discuss the real possibility of horrific global health crisis 15-20 years out, and a biological collapse of the food chain. There are a few, like me, that foresee 85% of biological lifeforms going extinct in 2 decades or less.

      The conditions are right for a perfect storm; Fukushima is the final tipping point. Toxic exposure to hydrocarbons, chlorine, various other toxic industrial chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides (all DNA scramblers) in our air, water and food chain are already compromising the health of millions. Think about it for a minute, how many people do you know who are sick or ailing? Who ya gonna believe, them or your lying eyes.

      The data is out there, and it is from official sources; and, if you're not concerned and/or outraged, you're not paying attention.

      From: A Green Road Project at,
      03/04/2013: "Everyone In USA And Around The World Exposed to Massive Amounts of Radioactive Xenon Gas From Fukushima Mega Nuclear Accident"
      "U.S. Pacific Northwest..The system measured Xenon-133 at 450,000 times background" SEE animated global map.


      • Cisco Cisco

        March 18 update to March 4, 2013 with new remarkable data points…"Gov’t model shows Fukushima radioactive gas near Tokyo skyrocketed to 10,000,000,000 times normal levels soon after 3/11 – “Very high concentrations” recorded at all monitoring posts in northern hemisphere."
        01/29/2014: "Live in San Francisco? You, Your dog, And Your Kids Inhaled Billions Of Radioactive Plutonium Atoms"

        Global map of radioactive Xenon gas released by Fukushima; model shows 10 billion times normal levels after 3/11 in Tokyo??
        Traveling in suspension, like a fog, with Xenon are 100's of other radionuclides, many like Plutonium and Uranium, there and unrecorded/measured, which are even more toxic and radioactive than the Xenon. SEE the moving radioactive cloud/fog emanating from Fukushima and circling the planet.

        The US and the globe has been and continues to be terminally doused with extreme levels of radiation, even official data confirms that. People need to to understand the significance of this ELE.

        • Cisco Cisco

          Oops… The US and the globe have been and continue to be terminally doused with extreme levels of radiation, even official data confirms that. People need to to understand the significance of this ELE.

  • demise demise

    Once water is contaminated with radiation, there is no known way to rectify or filter that type of situation. Vast quantities of fresh water is contaminated by fallout and other classified 'accidents'.
    This is unrecoverable water and the organisms that live in it 24/7 are in a polluted hell.


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