US Experts: Fukushima melted fuel “a concern for millennia”; Risk of criticality from corium moving, redistributing — Tepco Chief: Certainly a difficult path ahead… we’ll be able to move forward if we can find damaged fuel (VIDEO)

Published: June 4th, 2014 at 7:53 am ET


‘Nuclear Fuel in a Reactor Accident — Peter Burns, Rodney Ewing, Alexandra Navrotsky, 2012: […] The long-lived fission products and transuranium elements [Plutonium, etc.] within damaged fuel remain a concern for millennia. […] [Conditions after a nuclear accident] are often unanticipated […] the movement and redistribution of fuel and moderators create the added concern of continued or sporadic criticality […] years may pass before remotely controlled instruments can reveal the final condition and configuration of the fuel. […]

AAAS Science Podcast Interview with Peter Burns: In terms of the damaged fuel […] what has not really been studied is the longer-term fate of that material [after] everything has melted into a big blob. We know very little […] about how water, or even just the air will interact with that over time. […] We need to take very seriously the development of knowledge about how […] melted nuclear fuel moves in a reactor containment vessel […] >> Full interview available here

NHK World, May 21, 2014 (at 2:00 in):

  • NHK: Engineers face their hardest challenge at the nuclear plant, they have to deal with the inside of the reactor containment vessels. […] The cleanup process will not be complete until all of the debris is removed.
  • Naohiro Masuda, Tepco Decommissioning Chief: We certainly have a difficult path ahead. I think we’ll be able to move forward if we can find out where the debris is and what the current conditions are.

Watch the NHK broadcast here

Published: June 4th, 2014 at 7:53 am ET


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112 comments to US Experts: Fukushima melted fuel “a concern for millennia”; Risk of criticality from corium moving, redistributing — Tepco Chief: Certainly a difficult path ahead… we’ll be able to move forward if we can find damaged fuel (VIDEO)

  • lucius.cornelius

    we’ll be able to move forward if we can find damaged fuel

    If neither man nor machine can get close enough, because of the radiation levels, even to the buildings these cores were in, what chance of finding the actual cores themselves?

    • wildandfree wildandfree

      @lucius, I believe the word we should be using is not "damaged" but "distributed" as maybe form and fit have changed and rods are damaged, now that it's scattered all over the planet we actually have a mass distribution of the fuel for all of us to share. Yea! As for them not anticipating what could go wrong in a nuclear accident, well that is an out right lie I believe, for the writers of the movie "The China Syndrome" of new fame now, they knew what would / could happen and many of the conditions in the "movie" were certainly conditions similar in many respects to our real world, (i.e. fake inspections and crappy construction / engineering). In the similar instance, when I was an Emergency Manager in Colorado, we knew of the risks and drilled on the possibility of someone flying a plane into a high rise in downtown Denver ether on purpose or by accident and we used a scenario plan developed for the Twin Towers in NYC published I believe in the late 70's or early 80's. So even though they say they didn't know or hadn't thought of it, behind closed doors they have discussed it. That anticipation of an incident at Stapleton International in Denver was a contributing factor towards the new Denver International Airport. The FAA and Denver / Colorado decided to take action on a perceived threat, the Nuclear industry did not. I wonder how many other civilizations on this or other planets have boldly taken their planet into extinction over private gain? Hug the ones…

    • At Fukushima Daichi, 3 Coriums Melted Out Of Containment, Compared To 1 Melt Out At Chernobyl ; via A Green Road

  • sistahawk

    ..concern for a millenia???..i guess these us experts do not know what they are talking about at all..maybe they should go to the text books again and learn a bit what half life means..maybe they are in for a surprise and they should learn about the theories of china syndrome..another surprise in real time now..

  • sistahawk

    ..yeah..anyone want's to die real quick go and help tepco find the die as a hero , lol!!!

    • wildandfree wildandfree

      @sistahawk… If I thought that my personal action would stop this insanity for the sake of the planet and my / yours / everyone's future children and grand children I would gladly take such action. I have had a great life these past 60 years, I as many of the people here would in fact step up to such a challenge. There is intelligence and courage within the ENEnewswers beyond any other group I have been associated with! The problem remains that this FD "accident" remains but a single incident, far from isolated indeed, but still a point on the map with many other points on our global map that pose a very serious extinction threat to all living things. Even Nuclear waste and risk of failure is only but a single grand point in our wild and fast ride towards extinction on which we now participate. Consider methane gas released from permafrost, frozen bacteria and viruses that have been trapped there that modern man has not been exposed too, loss of ozone, magnetic poll shift (we're due), toxins in the environment and food, man made elements, GMO's and many more… I hate this list and the fact that many of the points on the list have crossed their "tipping point". So a single step up and die from an individual or even a large group will not turn this process around. It will take the entire planet and many of the people now living are unwilling to change their perceived live for an unknown future, borrow upon our children's and grand children's future, monetarily and…

      • wildandfree wildandfree

        … And environmentally. The utter disrespect for nature and the environment has me in a rage today. I see our distraction of our planet and realize that people walk with their heads down so they don't have to engage in life beyond their little world, leaving up to others to step up. "Live Life" is just an anagram for "Evil Life" to them; let others care, let others take action. The fact that ENE has just over 22300 followers is just a sample of how much this world population has turned within itself. Is it the constant bombardment of "fluoride" in our environment? Hitler knew it would dumb down the population, is it the GMO's? Who knows? But I care about what we are leaving behind.

        Sorry for the rant, I am in a rage today. Hug the ones you love! Thanks all for being here and learning and acting on behalf of all the others.

        • wildandfree wildandfree

          Oops, typing too fast and auto correct working in over time, …"perceived life" and …"I see our destruction of our planet" thanks!

          • GQR2

            if one isn't enraged over this rape,one isn't paying attention. The earth deserves better dammit! The animals,the birds,the fish, the children ffs. We don't like children in the Brave New World. They seem to believe in a delusional system that has its clutches on the money of this world that a technological sterile society of cyborgs is preferable to this paradise we have been gifted with.
            The inadvertent narcissism that has occurred with the stimulus response mechanisms of the internet is a Necrosis on the Psyche. It happens to anyone who uses the technology is my gut feeling. Pure behaviorism and the control/addiction/now a necessity is stronger than any metal chain.

            Can you imagine,if the Grid just went down. How quiet it would be when they stop frying the children at school and the entire place with Wi-fi,EMPs,star wars domes,radar,aluminum raining down from the skies and ionizing radiation?

            Grow grow grow is not and never was a balanced idea. This is a planetary assault. There was never a plan to stop,and their experiments and studies are war on humanity!!!!!!!
            Its enraging!

            peace ;0

            • wildandfree wildandfree

              GQR2, well said and we are surely on the same page!

              • Runningonlove Runningonlove

                Well said indeed, both wildandfree and GQR2.
                With regard to the "technological sterile society of cyborgs" that enables planetary perils such as you both describe, I just saw an excellent 1 hour documentary called "Who is Elisa Lam?" It concerns
                covert and pervasive electromagnetic influencing and control programs in development, and deployment, over the last 50 years. Humans, and indeed all living organisms are engdangered by this obscene affront to our freedom and well-being. The doc was produced by a group from Iceland, and is very well worth watching, and passing on to others.

                • GQR2

                  40 mins into this documentary and have to pop in to say this is one of the best documentaries EVER on the subject. thx Runningonlove. Its a must see. must must. 🙂

        • You have expressed what is on my mind – constantly.

          The lack of followers on Enenews disheartens me because it is abysmally low in light of this ELE. I have three friends who like Enenews, and only one liked this site after I emailed it to every person on my Facebook page and in my email list. People comment on just about everything I put on FB – except Fukushima and enenews articles.

          Personally, I will keep trying to find ways to alert the masses. There is no way we will survive if we cannot come together.

          • wildandfree wildandfree

            Kelly Ann, you are so right and many if not all of us on ENE are experiencing similar responses from friends and family, even my daughter, mother of my grand children responded with "LOL dad, we'll be just fine!" Going nuts now, be back soon.

  • Nick

    I thought TEPCO was going to experiment with #5 and #6 to learn how cores melt?

    Isn't that a great idea?

    While the awol cores sizzle and pop at FD-NPP, humans will be actually redoing the melt thru just to learn from it. WTF?

    It is time for an international bulletin, delivered to all the peoples of the planet.

    It should read like this:

    To all of us. Our time is short. Love while you can. Cease all warfare and hug your children. And yes, it probably is a good time to stop paying your bills, but please refrain from mass hysteria and mayhem.

    • dunkilo

      Time is very short….
      Why are scientist buried 12 feet deep,because ,deep down they are good people.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Yeah, study how these snakes bite, but do it at home with your own children, please. Just make tiny little reactors that, when they melt, they only make YOUR house condemned for the next 33,000 years. Please post signs and plan on how to make your home safe for your neighbors. I bet you could not even do that, let alone isolate a full size reactor.

      What you should be studying, and meditating on, is what the hell is wrong with you.

  • GQR2

    Naohiro Masuda, Tepco Decommissioning Chief: We certainly have a difficult path ahead. I think we’ll be able to move forward if we can find out where the debris is and what the current conditions are.

    shouldn't be too hard. Moving forward of course. Of course we move forward when we find that damaged fuel. Its moving you know. That pesky debris,we can ask people to help us find it,especially if they agree to live and consume food grown in the debris. If they find big pieces of it,vs.micro dust,air,and water they can receive tickets to the Olympics.

    Fukuppy!Smile! Like James Ho-jo's Conca says, we can do it IF we want to. They can just click their heels together 3 times and say there is no place like home.

  • Lion76 Lion76

    "an ounce of prevention is worth a kiloton of corium" -Ben Franklinstein

  • Renewables have grown more than nuclear been shut down. Coal? In decline again.

    Rod Adams, who tries to delay deployment of renewable energy since he rightly perceives it as dangerous competition to his preferred nuclear option, challenged that:

    @EnergiewendeGER Do you have credible sources for that assertion?

    Indeed, these are the sources

  • SS4U SS4U

    More evidence that this is an underground out of control super-fissiong reactor that cannot be stopped.

    • TEPCO – where are those multiple melted out coriums, and how many are there btw?

      When are you are going to quit sleeping and actually get up do something to save the planet and future generations of YOUR children?

      It is a very sad example of a parent who is willing to sacrifice his kids for power or money.

  • Nick

    Folks, don't just focus on the water woes.

    Every second, vast quantities of radioactive toxins are also going airborne. Sure, they have diminished but don't think for a minute that the atmospheric loading is okay.

    What happens when an earthquake recriticalizes parts of the awol cores?

    More lies!

  • weeman

    "We know very little" that is a understatement, like hogans heroes, you know nothing and can do nothing about it, that is because you played with something you do not fully comprehend and cannot control fully.
    Didn't your mother or father tell you not to play with something you don't understand, I bet they did, but you wanted to roll the dice and now snake eyes, the only winner when gambling is the house or the TPTB and now the house is tumbling down toooooooo.

  • steel penny steel penny

    i don't have a tv so i haven't been able to see how the media played with "US experts…" but i'm sure it was entertaining as well as minimizing. it does seem that over the past months more and more statements are being made or old statements are coming to light about FDNPP. i would assume that not much gets into the mainline media since when i ask people about what they know about FDNPP they only seem to know about 3 yrs ago. anyway they're letting the cat out of the bag in such away that whatever happens will be in years to come or compare the risks to eating bananas. i guess it will play out like people's acceptance of geo-engineering with the lines in the sky being normal. the increase in cancer and related illnesses and death associated with radiation will become normal.
    i need a little comic relief to all this which reminds me of a phrase i heard from the late George Carlin. George could say something very serious and profound and yet make it funny and so i'll introduce an alternative to WTF which is a question to JWF which is a statement: jolly well fucked. thanks George wherever you are.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Looks like a cover up may be in the works. On infowars dot com, there is a story about how the US, China and Russia may have a nuclear war. It seems the dummies think that someone can win a nuclear war. I guess he who the most coherent DNA after is the winner?

      The world's leaders remind me this guy I know who made a giant firecracker (to impress his girlfriend) by putting black powder in a CO2 cartridge while drunk. He couldn't get the primer in after packing the powder in, so he hit it with a hammer.

      Really smart to make a nuclear war to cover up the cause of the Pacific ocean death. Some people think anything is reasonable.

      • steel penny steel penny

        retired general Stanley McChrystal, son of major general Herbert McChrystal, West Point grad for the record stated (i paraphrase) what good are all these weapons (nukes) if we never use them. now that to me is a scary man and there are lot more just like him in the military and washington.

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          kind of like my friend with the CO2 cartridge full of powder. "What good is this hammer if I never use it?"

          He lost a thumb and it's two nearest buddies.

          • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

            Unincredulous! U have one of these friends too?

            A good friend of mine growing up hammered a co2 cylinder full of powder and they found his thumb in a field. Unfortunately when they got to the ER his thumb was DOA. So knowing the importance of the opposable: they stitched his second to big toe onto the blank spot where his thumb used to reside. From then on out he proclaimed himself Though!
            No one argued with it. It just made sense.

            Strangely he was able to pick up the ladies with this fo thumb finger toe…
            Never quite figured it out, although I never put much thought into it either 😛

  • The nuke pimps are in full force at Forbes, downplaying WIPP, hoping to get their precious back.

    ————————————– comment —–

    Is this you? a 1984 thesis, I mean sheesh dude, that was 30 years ago….where is the practical application now? LOL 1984 How Orweliian the use of Radspeak, in which radiation is good for you.

    Speaking of Hormesis, how exactly do you intake more radiation to increase your own health, because if you are a true believer, you must certainly intentionally intake more radiation, right?

    ———————————– please comment at Forbes


  • Sol Man

    We'll just stop the comet.

  • Wrap your head around this one

    @James, you stated there is stuff down in WIPP “way hotter than at anything in Hanford”, 7 Curies per liter volume. A Curie is a large amount of radiation,

    7 Curies is 259,000,000,000 Bq of radiation.

    That is enough to contaminate 1 Billion Chicken with 259 Bq each. And if the Costco Chickens are 2 kG each, then that is 130 Bq per kG, which is over the “cannot be sold or used as animal feed” level.

    1 liter will grossly contaminate 1 Billion Chickens.

    And the Nuke cartel want us to alllow them to make more of this stuff? Its just greedy, all we get is expensive power now, and a hellacious cost to pay in the future in suffering, ill health, and money.

    PS they already have 20,000 55gal barrels of this stuff in the WIPP

  • Shaker1

    I'm happy there's some admission that they don't know too much about melted fuel. I'd also be more than happy to contribute what little I can to a fund for one-way plane tickets and subsidence to fund that study, provided they actually will get close enough to put eyes on it, physically take samples, and make some notes. Just what's stopping them from examining their baby? Aren't they proud of it? While they're in there, maybe they can tell us exactly where it is, too. That'd be nice…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    'Ring of Fire' volcano risk the last obstacle for Japan nuclear plants
    June 3 2014

    Sendai, at the southern end of the island of Kyushu, is 50 km (31 miles) from Sakurajima, an active volcano. Five giant calderas, crater-like depressions formed by past eruptions, are also in the region, the closest one just 40 km (25 miles) from the Sendai plant.

    "No-one believes that volcanic risks have been adequately discussed," said Setsuya Nakada, a professor of volcanology at the University of Tokyo, who advised officials when they were forming regulatory guidelines for monitoring volcanoes."

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Sakurajima…oh, that one…

    Earthquake Light – UFOs Monitor Sakurajima Volcano Japan
    April 12 2011

    UFO's around the Sakurajima Volcano in Japan 04-08-2014

    It's a really, really interesting place..
    Curious and alien minds want to know…
    I want answers…LOL

    • Ontological Ontological

      Nikola Tesla invented the EWD (electron wins disk). I doubt it is actually aliens energizing their power coils in the HUGE geo-electric currents there. Lightning in this volcano is awesome. Tesla himself admitted they faked their deaths, meaning Marconi, Morgan, and Tesla took Marconi's yacht the 'Electra' and went to South America to make his ion craft EWD's inside a volcano down there. Remember folks Mercedes attempted to post advertisements in National Geographic back in 1964 for the ion wind vehicles they were manufacturing, but were told to ABSOLUTELY NOT advertise the ion craft vehicle in any public ways!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Five calderas in the area of Sendai..
    My ,my.

  • ftlt

    At least he didn;t exclude the next one in his "a concern for millennia' comment.

    I'm sure, he is sure, there will be plenty more FUFUs over time and that is why we have to study this blob.

    Grim poopoo here everyday.

    I guess they chased (or are trying to) the anti-nukers off The muss up there little sanctuary of science removed from debate and reality. It was not me.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Burns and the TEPCO Experts fully expect to find the 250+ tonnes of missing melted nuclear fuel from Units1-3 in their containment vessels.
    All of their computer models are based on the theory that decay heat is the only energy available to aid in the departure of molten nuclear fuel from the reactor.
    And all their models tell them the melted fuel will be found in reactors, or, at worst, in containment vessels or torus basements.
    The nuclear engineers are very simply wrong about this.

    Molten corium quickly attains temperatures of 5,000C.
    From ongoing fission.
    Seawater poured into Containments1-3 did not cool the corium.
    The corium melted right through the concrete and steel of containment vessels, and out of the buildings.
    The corium melted through fill and mudrock under the reactor buildings.
    Who knows where it is by now?

    Is the corium still fissioning?
    Answer: Only ongoing criticalities can create Iodine-131.
    Tokyo sewage sludge is becoming increasingly contaminated with I-131.
    New fission from Fukushima Coriums1-3 is clearly occurring, and actually increasing over time.

    TEPCO will not find the corium inside Containments1-3.
    No matter what new technologies they use to look for it.
    Because, quite simply, the corium has left the buildings.
    Nuclear engineering is based on crap science.
    Better to look at what is actually happening, Dr. Burns, before making such…

    • Ontological Ontological

      R3 went sky high, not too much corium under it.

    • ftlt

      Phil N: I remember Arnie doing a show on this about a 1/2 a year in give or take some.

      He seemed to think, that the corium, though it would remain toxic and active for 1000s of years, would rapidly diminish to lower levels of reaction activity after 18 months or so. He had a chart on it.

      Are we now to expect lower reaction levels from it going forward or was he wrong?

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        Scientists and engineers need to look at the data first.
        Here is the data:
        You tell me what the data clearly shows, ftlt.

        My take is that FDNPP has 3 rogue nuclear reactors in the ground that are very clearly fissioning.
        There is no containment.
        I am upset about this.
        TEPCO is killing TOKYO.
        TEPCO is killing the Pacific Ocean Ecosystem.
        TEPCO is killing the Pacific Ocean seafood industry.
        TEPCO is killing us all.
        I am outraged that they are getting away with it!

        Where is the damn corium, eh, TEPCO? 😉

        • Yahu-Yochanan



          General Electric Hitachi and Toshiba Westinghouse are responsible for these crimes and negligence in maintaining their inventions. They invented them, they through shifty entity shifting negligently maintained them. TEPCO aka scapegoat is a consumer of their inventions and seller of electric. Both inventors were aware of major flaws in their murder machines and did nothing to address the issues.

          You have been fooled into protecting the guilty and persecuting the innocent.


          Remember people Tesla sold all his patents to George Westinghouse to be buried forever, the price of humanity was a million bux. Bet Tesla is turning in his grave?

        • ftlt

          Phil: Great graph. While I'm angry about nuclear. There is plenty more to be angry about too. It can all be tracked to the same problem.


      • There are some short lived isotopes such as CS134 that is half gone in 2 years, and other even shorter stuff, BUT much of it is not short lived. And these are just the main components, plenty of other isotopes. And Uranium, not listed here

        Bq/M3 Half Life Years
        Sr 90 10.83 30
        Y 90 10.83 0.007315068
        Zr 95 3.61 0.175342466
        Nb 95 8.09 0.095808219
        Ru 106 28.36 1.02
        Rh106 28.36 9.48123E-07

        Bq/M3 Half Life Years
        Cs134 13.99 2
        Cs137 14.55 30
        Ba 137m 13.76 4.94673E-06
        Ce144 53.20 0.779726027
        Pr144 53.20 3.28767E-05
        Pm147 15.05 2.62
        Pu241 17.15 14.4

    • D. Nudibranch D. Nudibranch

      Thanks Philip for posting cogent comments amongst all the rest of these inane sound bytes everyone else here seems to post. Its a breath of fresh air (fukufied to be sure) to get some realistic data to mill over instead of more nonsene. I'm tired of all the comments of people who feel hopeless and powerless toward these issues, thought I do understand their frustration.

      We as enenews'ers need to somehow mobilize our efforts. I think we need to try and stay more grounded and focus on practical things that can be done to address these ongoing issues. I've said it before however as ever blog comment increasingly gets buried beneath the heap of information; this website needs an upgrade. I think there needs to be an interactive forum that addresses the necessity of activism.

      The corium as it were, in my opinion probably has burned through the basements of the building and has probably burned down into the ground some distance. The question is, has it made contact with the water table. I mean all of us who have been following the ongoing story realize that there is an aquifer benath the plant that apparently flows down from the mountains and out into the ocean. So if the Japanese know or can find the locatons where the fresh water vents from inland into the ocean, then they should be able to set up monitoring stations at these location to collect water samples.

      Perhaps they could bring in a mining company to try and use specialized tech to help locate the…

  • jec jec

    Note this article mentions thousands of 'liquidators' from Fukushima:

    And the damage to gene pools in Japan. The metal taste in mouth mentioned by many in both Japan and Western USA–high radiation levels. Time will tell..sadly.

    • jec jec

      Posted to the article, fear of radiation in Tokyo.
      Suzuki H 6 February, 22:57
      Mitsuhei Murata, Former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland, [email from Arnie Gundersen] Potential risk of internal exposure, February 3, 2014, We sent dust samples from the closet of our TOKYO home to the laboratory and were told the dust contained over 6,000 Bq/kg worth of cesium 137, while as for the moss from our carpark, we've got over 13,000 Bq/kg. Legally the dust and the moss are categorized as nuclear waste and should be treated accordingly. So my wife rang TOKYO's ward office about the dust and the moss but was told NOT to worry as you're NOT going to eat a whole kilogram of house dust or moss. We have a 3-year-old and although at this stage it's NOT likely that he's going to eat either the dust or the moss, we're NOT sure what else is lurking around in the surrounding environment. We also know that from the sand in the nearby playground TOKYO's ward office found approximate 800 Bq/kg. Are we just being paranoid at the unlikely risk of our child falling over and accidentally inhaling some random particles? Is this something we can forget and NOT bother about? Many thanks always for the informative threads and links.
      Read more:

      • No worries, all of that radiation is just from old radium bottles, says the Japanese government.

        Nothing to do with Fukushima. Nope, not a thing..

        Come on over and visit a spell and roll in the dirt.


  • weegokiburi weegokiburi

    The desperate need for knowledge brought me here.
    It's a hard choice.
    I need a holiday.
    In peace!

  • Nick

    Given that so much has been obfuscated and downplayed….let me take a stab at what might be happening with the awol cores.

    #1…..we know unit #1 went kaboom and that nuclear fuel fragments have been found all around FD-NPP, and quite possibly some black stuff in Tokyo, etc.

    #2 Some of the fuel pools burned, not sure how much, but we would be fools to not think otherwise. Unit #4 is a prime possibility, but there is also the common fuel pool, Units 1,2,3 are not accounted for exactly either.

    #3 Unit #2 went wooompf and is probably in bedrock and on it's way to the sea.

    #4 Unit #1 went boom and was the first structure to get a tent to hide the damage….so I'd say it's core is also below the plant.

    #5 The awol cores could conceivably been flushed out of containment, nano-bit size to small blobs. So some of what they are looking for is distributed throughout the tank farm.

    #6 Then there is the atmospheric discharges. At TMI they discovered that the core had actually dusted…not simply melted. The nano-size dusting across the surface of the awol cores could be flushed away or blown away in the wind.

    #7 The USS RR story indicates MASSIVE releases so expect to find somewhat less than what you thin k is still intact.

    #8 Without a full bench press by the planet, I don't trust ANYONE to know what is going on. We are basically living a fantasy to believe our planet can withstand this awful onslaught of wayward atoms.

    #9 Just my thoughts

  • Nick

    Unless you have been sleeping in a cave for the last 3+ years, things are going south on the Northeastern Coast of Japan.

    Despite all the shilling and obfuscations by TEPCO and the idiotic Olympic chasers, things are getting worse, by the minute.

    No one on planet earth has a CLUE what to do.



    So, take stock of your life and make some decisions about what is essential.

    This is no joke.

    Missing awol nuclear reactor cores are the real deal. They will kill vast numbers of carbon-based units. Not just tomorrow, but for the rest of time.

    I repeat, for the rest of time.

    • Not to be facetious, but I have a clear idea of what has to be done to the cores.


    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Rest of!

    • We Not They Finally

      The rest of time. Eternality somewhere in a hell like planet. Thank you greedy stupid insane wealthy nuclear bozoos.

      • Cisco Cisco

        Yeah, let's make some big $$ importing the world's nuclear waste!

        "The U.S. Department of Energy said on Wednesday it is considering a plan to ship the nuclear waste from Germany to the Savannah River Site, a federal facility in South Carolina."

        • GQR2

          Its ridiculous Cisco and heaven help us all ! Nuclear waste ought to be as illegal as any of the drugs they deal. They pass this stuff around the globe. France sends theirs to Russia. and on and on. This waste is transported.

          These people are soaking the planet in Nuclear and chemical Toxic Waste which will live on forever in unsafe storage. Haphazard storage and illegals dumps, It is destroying the food chain,animals deaths,and the genomes of living things forever. They want us freaked out over violent crime but this is More sinister,more dishonest and far more dangerous than any one individual could ever be. Its outrageous.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    DANGERS WERE KNOWN, 1940'S . . .

    Russia and U.S. started building the dastardly nuclear plants in the 50's, fully knowing the danger.

    They know it now, and are freaked.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "a concern for a millennium"

    Highest density of Tritium detected from 25m underground / 3,100,000 Bq/m3
    June 4 2014

    16 y.o Japanese model “Suddenly had lots of nosebleed at school”
    June 4 2014

    One of many…

  • jamesofthecommons

    Wait just a second,I seem to remember Tepco saying that all was well with the damaged reactors, because said reactors were in cold shut/down ?! Am I correct on this,or is it the supposedly undamaged reactors that are in cold shut/down ? What ever the case folks, this is an direct in your face admission that this situation is out of control,and there is little to no chance that it will ever be brought under control.Folks,we are now going to find out just exactly how severe the results of three,''probably even four,''nuclear mealt downs,''and throughs''are. Don't
    know about you but I'm rootin for the shills,because if their right,we dont have much to worry about,if their wrong,well I dont need to say anymore.

  • We Not They Finally

    Excuse me please but arent we in the midst of a china syndrome at least three of them..Corium is heading to places that cant be found.
    Whats the point? Eventually the earth will be so saturated with deadly radiation that DNA will be mutated beyond reason.That means a die out of the species of life that mother nature use to foster….

  • zogerke zogerke

    More brilliance (sarc)
    People wonder, why oh why are the tourist drawing photoplancton of PR not putting on its show? Oh dear? Don't they know the show must go on? The planton is valuing somehting other than human profit and entertainment and is dying! How spiteful of the planckton! How rude! The nerve! I guess we hurt its feelings? maybe we habve to throw nicer items into the water now to make it feel better and forgive us and put on the show again…

    • bo bo

      Oh why oh why zogerke… 🙁
      US navy used Vieques for depleted uranium training ground, too.
      Cancer rate of Vieques residents are now sky-high.
      I'm actually surprised the planktons held up that long.
      I am so sad I heard about this beautiful island the glowing firefly planktons and had always wanted to visit.
      Now the island glows instead.

  • D. Nudibranch D. Nudibranch

    Folks, we need to be solution oriented however bad things look. Its really the only way to move forward with awareness and the knowledge of good and evil. Even if most higher forms of life on earth are destroyed, life will go on and it will be forced to evolve. Look at this here. It is a bacterium extremophile which is super resistant to radiation and has the capacity to repair and reassemble its DNA after exposure to high levels of radiation. If it can do it, then so can we. Afterall, higher life was built from these types of simpler organisms.

    "D. radiodurans is capable of genetic transformation, a process by which DNA derived from one cell can be taken up by another cell and integrated into the recipient genome by homologous recombination.[19]"

    This organism, in my opinion holds one of the potential keys to human survival in the event of total nuclear holocaust. I'm surprised if there are no companies which are already testing to see if ingestion of this organism or an extract from it may have radio-protective properties. In the mean time, while scientists figure out how to contain the Fukushima situation and bio-remediate the pacific ocean, human being must learn how to protect themselves with all the nutraceuticals, and pure foods available to us, with a constant focus on cellular detoxification.

    The green superfoods available such as spirulina, chlorella, phtoplankton etc. are worth looking…

  • Nick


    Just how does one grow food that has no TATAL tales?

    Fukushima has dispersed the awol core of #3 everywhere.

    Toxic at the atomic level.

    What more do you need to know?

    If something is tatal, then wtf are we making it?

  • We will all be able to move forward, (moving forward, ) only if we all can put Mother Nature ahead of this shell game, more commonly called the "economy". All the economy does is strangle this planet. You have been lied to. The economy does not serve you. It screws up all that is Sacred and good on this planet. TepcoJapGov. is tied to the economy through bankloans, Tepco stock owned by pension plans, umm oh yeah Rokasho reprocessing plant tied to foolish plans made by EuroAmerican plans to "process" their/ our nuke waste. And billions of dollars invested in nuke puke and shady army secrets. It won't be fixed. Costs too much money. Feel helpless?
    Do as little as possible to support the economy. Baby steps are better then no steps.
    Realize the economy is killing the planet and Fukushima is just one aspect of the process. God Bless.

  • An insular economy. Money equals time. So if all your efforts toward economic self sufficiency help your brothers will this not create goodwill and benefits for all? Better then performing not seeing any positive end, non-spiritual tasks for faceless beings who generate a substantial profit from your effort and squander your time for baubles.

  • And, yeah. Don't eat the seafood. Peace.

  • sludge7051-x

    HOLLYWOOD REVELATIONS Pt. 1: The Watchmen and The New World Order – YouTube – The elite controllers of this world literally worship nuclear energy as their God. They worship and revere The Bomb, and nuclear power. The release of this energy is the Holy Grail for them. The imagery, orgasmic. From the very beginning and creation of the atom bomb, splitting of the atom through the Manhattan Project, there was an end game involving a new world being ushered in . . .

  • 12 Methods That TEPCO Could Use To Find Lost Coriums At Fukushima – Could It Be That TEPCO Already Knows?

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