Experts: Melt-through scenario means even higher radiation readings to come — Likely many more reports of deadly radiation in future

Published: August 3rd, 2011 at 10:58 am ET


Tepco Reports Second Deadly Radiation Reading at Fukushima Nuclear Plant, Bloomberg by Tsuyoshi Inajima and Kari Lundgren, August 3, 2011:

Tokyo Electric Power Co. reported its second deadly radiation reading in as many days at its wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant […]

“It’s probably the first of many more to come,” said Michael Friedlander, who spent 13 years operating nuclear power plants […]

“If nuclear fuels melted through containment chambers, Tepco will find even higher radiation readings after water in building basements is removed,” said Tetsuo Ito, the head of the Atomic Energy Research Institute at Kinki University. […]

Published: August 3rd, 2011 at 10:58 am ET


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80 comments to Experts: Melt-through scenario means even higher radiation readings to come — Likely many more reports of deadly radiation in future

  • radegan

    Seek and ye shall find. Or close your eyes and sing happy songs.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    This is just what I said…self sustaining uncontrolled nuclear fission.

    • Newton

      Do you have any proof of “self sustaining uncontrolled nuclear fission”, or is this just more speculation? At this time, the corium has incorporated enough material to be just hot, radioactive lava, incapable of fission.

        • Newton

          A possibility, maybe even a probability, but not proof.

          Another explanation, equally likely, is that this is material from the explosions in early March, just now discovered.

          • Misitu

            In a hurry were we, then?

            The problem with posts/posters at your end of the spectrum is that a profile is being built up of the mercenary hack.

            That is, someone who has contracted to take payment from honourable Japanese government or nuclear power company to “combat misinformation”.

            The objective at the moment seems to be to dilute valid discussions by introducing an industry-friendly viewpoint, and then to derail the diluted discussion by attracting opposing comments.

            As the contractors are being paid to do this rather than having any personal input, they tend to be rather lazy: bad spelling/grammar, unattributed claims, invalid logic, ad hominem attacks in response, faux science, incoherent logic, and irrelevant rhetoric.

            [Oh and I forgot blame the coal industry for being worse than nuclear: ain’t seen that one yet, but can’t be long.]

            Are you one of these, Newton?

            Please see my checklist above.

          • Misitu

            “material from the explosions in early March, just now discovered” – what after 150 days! In a hurry were we then!!!

            Heavens above the sense of urgency really claims my attention here. Why not have another 4-5 month break before looking for more?

            Prats Prats Prats Prats Prats

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        As long as iodine and ceaseum continue to be found, fission is occuring. So yes, there is proof. Do you have proof it is not occurring? You know the corrium is just ‘hot’ how? And as far as ‘incorporating other material’ you think things are ‘melting’ and mixing in? I think things are vaporizing and NOT incorporating. I think things are vaporizing before they are even ‘touched’ by the corrium.

        • Newton

          Finding iodine and cesium is not necessarily indicative of continuing fission. Finding them four months after the disaster is possible, even probable, especailly if the initial release was a few orders of magnitude larger than TEPCO reported. Half-life means that half of the initial quantity has decayed, not that it is all gone.

          Regardless, the situation in Japan is, well, desperate. Even TEPCO admits that radioactive material is still being discharged into the air and water. The best that can be concluded from the latest measurements of the surrounding prefectures is that the releases have very slightly diminished from their peak.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            fission processes starting up in the Fuel Rod Pools

            “More indications of fission processes starting up in the Fuel Rod Pools. Iodine 131 which has a short half life of about 8 days is being detected in the fuel rod pool for Reactor Two. Iodine 131 is a product of fission. It is abundant in Pool Two (of Reactor Two). That implies that large fissioning of Uranium is going on in the Fuel Rod pool. It appears the Japanese lined the fuel rod pool with boron “aprons” hanging down from the sides of the pool (as best I can tell from the description I read.) and that these boron aprons can fall apart at temperatures under 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. If they disintegrated, the flooding of water into the pools by those firemen probably washed all of the boron out of the pool because boron in water forms boric acid in solution. Dilute the solution with enough fresh water and sea water and you have fuel rods in water without any means of capturing the thermalized neutrons and thus sustained fission can take place. Depending upon the stacking of the rods and how much damage has been done already (melting), you can have rapid transients in nuclear fissioning power and possible massive waves of contamination of the countryside. I say transients because once the fissioning starts to skyrocket, the water all flashes to steam and is not there to thermalize the neutrons. Neutrons need to be thermalized (slowed down in water) in order to hit a U235 atom and cause it to fission (split). That is probably happening every time they fill the tank up with water without boron.”

            “The Japanese in an effort to cover the enormity of the pollution of the planet have only been sampling for Cesium 134 and 137, and Iodine 131. Iodine 131 (I-131) only arrives at the scene AFTER Uranium splits in a fissioning process.

            Iodine 131 has a Half LIfe (Half of it decays to Xenon) of 8 days.

            Now the Japanese in their restricted reporting keep telling us that they are finding I-131 at the same levels as the Cesium. To the layman, that means absolutely nothing. To me that says that large active fissioning processes are continuing at Fuku.

            The Reactor Cores or the expended Reactor Rods that are stored in large numbers at the site Are undergoing fission and spitting out radiation by the boat load.

            I have mentioned this over and over. You do not see it in the press releases, but it is happening.

            This ongoing fissioning is polluting the planet and will kill millions more than are already slated to die from the earlier releases of radiation. The screwups by the Japanese engineers are unbelievable!

            As previously posted, they were pumping water into the Expended fuel rod tanks without additional boron to scarf up the fast neutrons before they could have enough collisions with the Hydrogen atoms in the water to they could be at the right energy state to cause fissioning of the Uranium. So they had active criticality in the storage tanks and explosions from that.

            In Reactor Four (which was shut down at the time of the earthquake and supposedly safe) they had a massive explosion from the expended fuel rod tanks that shot those suckers all over the countryside. Massive contamination. Massive!”

            “Continuous ongoing criticality in spurts all over the site. Unbelievable!
            A chunk of Concrete??? Let me see, When was Reactor Three subject to Chunking? Most likely when that sucker blew sky high on March 14th. We know the reactor was totally melted down by the end of the 12th. It only takes a few hours after they have lost emergency cooling.

            To be that radioactive, that chunk of concrete had to have been in contact with corium (Radioactive Lava of melted Uranium, Zirconium, Plutonium, Nickle, Iron and fission products).

            That would greatly suggest that the explosion was the result of corium leaking out of the metal reactor vessel and on to the drywall floor where it probably ate its way through to the wetwell which was flooded. The Drywell and the Wetwell are part of the reinforced concrete encasement of the reactor. If the Wetwell was flooded and the corium ate through the cement barrier from where ten tons of it dripped out onto the floor from the bottom of the reactor, THAT would create the massive explosion that was Reactor Three.

            Not only was the whole reactor building top three stories blown off, I was surprised that the reactor itself did not take a leap. I guess it was just too damn heavy, so it was easier to blow the weakest parts of the cement containment away. That is how you get highly radioactive chunks of concrete.

            Five hours of proximity to that concrete and you would be cooked and quite dead. My guess is that it would not be a pleasant way to die. Sort of like being in a microwave for hours. That last hour would be horrible.
            As the articles says, TEPCO quickly threw the object away. No curiosity was expressed as to what the source of the radiation was, but it is obvious to me that the concrete was witness to an actual nuclear reaction on its surface. I expect that the side that was highest in radioactive reading probably had a glass like appearance.

            It will be months before TEPCO admits that the cores of Reactor Three and Two are in the ground. Meanwhile the gasses that are emanating from the holes in the ground are contaminating the Earth.

            The fact that the concrete had such tremendous radiation emanating from it should have been front page material all around the world. Apparantly the only person in the world who knows what that meant was me. I have not seen my conjecture at any other site. The news media is bungling their reporting of Fukushima.

            This “Blue Light Thread” is reserved for any story about criticality at Fukushima. With the right amount of water in the soil, we can still see the ten ton blob under the earth go critical again for short spurts. Just enough to keep it red hot and poisoning the Earth.

            Pray that the earth and rocks under the site at Fukushima dilute this glowing flowing mass. Nothing the Japanese do can stop it now. It is up to God.”
            “Again for those who do not understand. The ever increasing amounts of Iodine 131 that are being found speak of criticality of nuclear material. (Thermal fissioning of U235 or fast fissioning of U238 and Plutonium)

            Not one newspaper or any of the major news media have reported on this. I expect this fissioning is happeneing in pulses or spurts, but it has to be happening for these I-131 samples to keep on increasing in number. I-131 has a half life of 8 days. If the fissioning was not taking place, every eight days we would see half as much as we saw before. We are not seeing that decrease. Instead we are seeing an INCREASE. That does not bode well for the safety of the environment at Fukushima or the entire planet.”

            “After 5 Halflives, I-131 Higher than Cs-134/137 Suggests Ongoing Criticalities

            April 19, 2011

            Analysis by: GLG Expert Contributor
            Analysis of: TEPCO Press Releases of April 19, 2011 Reporting “Seawater Radioactivity Density”
            Published at:


            During full-power operation, numerous “fission products” are in approximate steady-state equilibrium, meaning roughly equal becquerel of I-131 and Cs-134, with a slow buildup of Cs-137. But they all cease to be created when the reactors are scrammed. Japanese regulators NISA and MEXT seem oblivious of the mysterious fact that I-131 Bq “reactor density” is still often reported double the Cs-134/137 Bq. The TEPCO data suggest that fission is ongoing despite the reactor shutdowns. This is bad news.

            It seemed very bad taste for April Fool’s jokes, but a few weeks ago there were some very bizarre indications of ongoing criticalities suggested by TEPCO’s own reporting of Cl-38 in “stagnant water” of a drywell, plus, a “neutron beam” again implausibly claimed by Kyodo news to be observed at 2-km distance. All those things seemed to defy the laws of physics and were highly suspect, but they led Arnie Gunderson, Arjun Makhijani, and Chris Martenson all to conclude that the evidence pointed to ongoing fission in the Units 1-4 scrammed reactors and their SNF pools in warm shutdown. Maybe so.

            Everyone with just a very basic understanding of reactor safety should know that once a reactor is scrammed, U-235 is no longer fissioning, and I-131 has no parent which can be decaying to create it in an ongoing process. SNF pools contain the million-year halflife I-129 which is difficult to measure, but the water circulating in intact SNF pools should have absolutely no detectable I-131 in them.

  ….ies-53599.html “

          • bincbom

            Anne is correct. The ongoing presence of short-lived fission products at high levels is adequate “proof” of ongoing fission, at least according to the experts.

          • StPaulScout StPaulScout

            Iodine is hardly worth worrying about with the fastest half-life. I would be far more worried about finding plutonium on the ground in Japan 200 miles from Fukushima, and any of the plethora of other toxins being spewed into our envoronment.

          • Hi Anne, great info. Here’s a thought. What would happen if this “blob” would come in contact with magma? There is a big deep earthquake fissure / crack at the reactor site.

            I invite you to come and chat with us at

          • Misitu

            @Newton re “the releases have very slightly diminished from their peak”

            This is spin matey. The claim ignores accumulation. Radioactive material is still accumulating because releases are still occurring.

            Spin is another indication of the mercenary hack at work.

        • stock

          1) Iodine, 8 day half life, any increase in measurements would indicate that fresh Iodine was generated within the last 8 days. Same theory as below, it is also possibly leaking out from a high concentration “storage site” such as a basement or even the ground water.

          2) Cesium about 30 year half life, presence of Cesium means nothing, increasing levels of cesium either mean that stored sources (basement) are leaking out, or that fresh Cesium is being generated.

      • Misitu

        So, if it’s “just hot, radioactive lava” then no point in worrying eh?

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    Melt-out has already occured has it not?

    Of course it has.

  • Love that word “likely”. Radiation monitoring sites and an abundance of real-time twitter feeds available at

  • shockwave shockwave

    Is the flight between west coast and east asia safe?

    Planes exchange air with outside during flight. The route I mention crosses the polluted air zone…

    I’d like to know.

    As for the 10 Sv thing, I believe that happened at least 3 months ago.

    • Filter mask worn LAX to Japan. Someone who wore a mask and had it tested.

      as of June 23rd, 2011
      See article here:

      Yes, it came back ‘hot’.

      I am also of the opinion that pregnant women and small children should most ‘likely’ avoid flying. If we no longer x-ray pregnant women because we KNOW it’s harmful and we compare flying to an x-ray, then shouldn’t it follow the same basic guideline. Especially flying over the Pacific ocean at this time.

  • selfsovereign

    So all that water in the basement has been shielding us all from the true level of radiation yet to be unleashed – when they drain basement?

    Just flippin glorious.

  • James2

    Shockwave. 10 Sieverts was “discovered” Monday

    Even if the flight path itself is relatively safe when you fly it, and it likely will be, you have to remember we are talking about radioactive particles that you are trying to avoid.

    We know for a fact that some type of nasty particle was launched when several of the explosions happened early, and there have been various fires since that have launched particles.

    The plane you will be flying in has likely been flying back and forth every day for the past four months. I’m betting particles are lodged everywhere in those things. The pressurized air in the cabin is bled directly from the engine compressor – which is getting rammed with whatever is flying around in the jetstream. It’s likely got a device similar to a furnace filter to trap large particles before they get in the cabin.

    The leading edges of the wings, and cockpit are likely hot with radiation (this is where the USS Reagan found hot particles on a helicopter after blast of Reactor #3) . I wouldn’t want to be a pilot on one of those planes sitting near that stuff. I wouldn’t want to be a maintenance guy changing the cabin air filters or washing off the leading edges of the wings, or the windshield.

    I can tell you I wouldn’t get on one of them.

    • shockwave shockwave

      Thanks, my thoughts exactly!

      BTW, not me, it’s my friends who’s gonna take a flight. I wouldn’t. If I have to, I’d choose a flight from NY, which crosses arctic.

      As for 10 Sv thing, I believe Tepco has a tradition to delay info, so that must happened long ago.

      Remember it took japan 3 months to admit melt down, which actual happened 15 hours after the earthquake.

      • TraderGreg

        The area north – nort east of Fuku is highly contaminated. The Eastern part of Russia has high fallout. While flying from NY via the Arctic is a great idea, it is not 100% safe either.

        Some time ago, I saw the fallout map, and the coastal Russia does not look good.

        The winds are rotating around Japan now.

        • arclight arclight

          dont forget china got hit also in mid april as shown on the last public nilu forecast after the first typhoon i believe!

  • StillJill StillJill

    That, friends,…is why ENENEWS is so VITAL to us all. The WEALTH of good information is a gift!!!


  • Novamind

    Latent disclosure by Tepco. What about Des Moines Iowa? EPA Website is still down. These CPM Nunbers are not Normal.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The reactors are venting…fission by-products are being created… acknowledged by official data….

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Uncontrolled …because it is..
    Proof of own expertise..

  • moonkai

    A quick re post cause i just cannot believed my eyes.

    TEPCO just posted that radiation last night was uP to 30.5 Sieverts. Then this morning at 336 sieverts then 351 sieverts at midnight around reactor 1. WHAT THE FUCK ???

    reactor 1 has a “CAM” row with D/W A & B –

    A seems to be down,
    B reads 3.51E+02 Sv/hr with = 351 Sieverts/hr.

    I am shaking in my boots ! Those are higher numbers than Chernobyl

    • That’s insane. I was looking at the live cam and there are small flashes of light going on. And even larger white streaks going across the screen. Seems to me that it is gamma radiation that the camera is picking up.

      Chat and watch the Fukushima Daiichi Plant – LIVE Cam at

      • farawayfan farawayfan

        Gamma artifacts have been popping up for months, but it is definitely increased today over yesterday (or tonight over last night, Fuku time).

    • Moonkai do you think these data are accurate?

      Really, is the “clean up” just a charade?

      How long can people continue to work at the plant under these worsening conditions….

      On another front, I was able to get into radnet this morning. Pierre and Des Moines are just over 100 so perhaps the venting has slowed down this morning.

      I will not be able to check again until tonight as I’ll be away from my computer.

      Tonight i will try and replicate Jon of NY’s excellent search that he/she posted yesterday for Des Moines.

      My bet is that the high levels are from the spent fuel pools because all the fuel was “reported” to have been taken out of the reactors and stored in the pools.

      If this is correct, then it is likely they cannot adequately cool the pools with their backup generators.

      A spent fuel pool fire/exposion may possibly be the worst case scenario here.

      The second worst case scenario I can think of seems to be happening with regular releases of high radiation

      Anyone with expertise in this area have thoughts?

      • Pallas89juno

        I’m not a big link person; but somewhere on here or through, perhaps the French site:, you will find advertisements seeking workers for Fukushima where they get paid $5000 (?) for a 4-hour stint at the plant. TEPCO and billionaires under the current level of world neoliberalism (not liberal) feel that they are pretty safe from personal fiscal or criminal responsibility for the dirty work they are expecting the poor and working poor to do. They are not treating this as cataclysm and are not behaving with any sense of responsibility at all for the community. Economics is never the point in this sort of calamity (actually unprecedented almost relative to Chernobyl, that’s how much worse this is)

    • Pallas89juno

      Dear Moon:

      The corium at Chernobyl melted and, fortunately (for the time being) split into separate basement rooms beneath the reactor containment in that case. This prevented the kind of rapid-cycling re-criticality (out of control essentially and to worsen as the Plutonium content increases inevitably) of the sort with the commensurate higher radiation readings that we’re seeing in Fukushima where the corium may not have separated into small enough components, or likely didn’t, to prevent cyclic or eventually full runaway or accidental prompt criticality that will result in burning, more meltthroughs, or, likely eventually, more nuclear explosions.

  • James2

    I can’t read the Japanese, and I don’t know what that report is.

    What the article I read said was that the meter maxed out at 10 SV/hr, not that the reading was 10sv/hr. Certainly no one would want to go near 351 Sieverts per hour. Depicting a number as 3.51E02 rather than 351 generally is a method of obscuring, since 90% of the people can’t read the first one.

    Moonkai – why is it surprising to you that the numbers are higher than Chernobyl? It’s been obvious since the start that this one is much worse.

    • farawayfan farawayfan

      status report on reactors 1-6, I can’t read Japanese either, but I’ve looked at enough of the translated ones to pick up. That’s a drywell (d/w) gauge reading, I believe.

      Previously, a gauge there had been intermittantly reading low, then spike to 100s of Sv. They called the gauge broken (I think it was just unhappy) and stopped reporting since 7/3. Maybe that’s the one their reporting as 0? Maybe this report is showing the previously high-reading gauge.

      Anyway, the drywell is superhot, no surprise with a melt-out core….

      • Jon_NY Jon_NY

        Here is a link to all of these status reports in english.

        • notactive

          Behind the:
          B 3.51E+02 is “a little mark” and a “1”.

          As one can read on the right botton of the page: 1 = instrument failure.

          • farawayfan farawayfan

            Thanks, missed that.

            Instrument failure we’ve known and discussed…I’ve never seen an instrument failure that led to spikes and lows like reac 1 reported out, instrument failure should read zero, or very rarely offscale (a short, most likely). This pulsatile reading is probably real, they just don’t like to admit they have no control over the corium….

          • Misitu

            farawayfan, agreed, we have previous discussions here which concur.

      • James2

        Correct. I’m not surprised at that reading in the drywell. That’s exactly where you would expect to see high readings when the fuel has melted through.

        The high readings that bother me are the ones outside the buildings, because they mean that the fuel has left the containment – which most of us have suspected, but is now confirmed – and makes the cleanup infinitely more expensive and dangerous – and probably means it will never be cleaned up.

  • kauaisoapbox

    Newton, your post got me chuckling. I wish I could say God bless your naivete… but that would itself be naive. I just wonder how much they pay you to shill? Proof…? Are you kididng…lol… man you must be comfortable… set up! People that are comfortable can fiddle while Rome ( or Fukushima) burns. This is a game changer and you are part of an old paradigm. Good luck with that.
    Peace to you, you silly shilly.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    A correction..ont this mornings post.
    5000 mSv=5seiverts

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    oops..See..symptoms benchmarks.

  • Lil

    Does anyone know if this extra high radiation is coming to the US? It is my understanding that unless there is an explosion to where it gets in the jet stream most of it stays local. However, I do imagine, that some of the radioactive isotopes like Cesium are coming here at least in small amounts. I am trying to advise my daughter on whether to let her kids outside or not. Do you think we are still getting Iodine-131? Thanks for any information.

    • arclight arclight

      there is no formal advice given by any government, but the advice, similar to the advice after chernobyl, can be found at this link… and heres a qoute from it! note that no news organisation took this important health and safety advice and told the sheeple(us) this is from an official european union site with the scientific data represented by CRIIAD, an internationally renowned scientific establishment with scruples!

      “The document, published on 7 April, advises against consuming rainwater and says vulnerable groups such as children and pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid consuming vegetables with large leaves, fresh milk and creamy cheese.
      The risks related to prolonged contamination among vulnerable groups of the population can no longer be considered “negligible” and it is now necessary to avoid “risky behaviour,” CRIIRAD claimed.
      However, the institute underlines that there is absolutely no need to lock oneself indoors or take iodine tablets.
      CRIIRAD says its information note is not limited to the situation in France and is applicable to other European countries, as the level of air contamination is currently the same in Belgium, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, for instance.
      Data for the west coast of the United States, which received the Fukushima radioactive fallout 6-10 days before France, reveals that levels of radioactive iodine-131 concentration are 8-10 times higher there, the institute says.”

      oh and apple pectin is great for clearing the heavy metals from your system…plus loads of other advice strewn around the site! Hope this helped a bit though!

    • TraderGreg

      It is estimated that 50% of air pollution in Southern California originated in China. When the Gobi desert has dust storm, within days we have this dust in California. No explosions are needed! The dust is being picked up by the convection, and travels with Jet stream or just with regular winds, happily landing in California and beyond.

      China pollutes California daily – no explosions needed.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Cesium and iodine 131 are first generation by-products of nuclear fission.
    Tests are not being done for the daughter products at this time.
    This indicates active fission.

  • CaptD CaptD

    These are two “tiny” blobs of highly radioactive material; wait until they start looking under the holed RPV and under the Base Mats, then you will see some gigantic amounts of radioactive debris and or corium, unless it has already leaked/melted its way under the entire structure into the Landfill and or Earth below!

    They better get meters that measure in the THOUSANDS, not peg out at 10!

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      They will now it’s way over ten when the meter melts…..

      • CaptD CaptD

        Expect to see HUGE amounts of SUPER high radioactive debris at the bottom of the Containment
        Structure and also (outside of it) below it…

  • CaptD CaptD

    Sorry I pushed the wrong button, The above comment is great and on the mark!

  • jtb

    Still waiting for Diane Sawyer to fill me in on all of this (with that pained, concerned look of hers…)
    Or maybe Wolf Blitzer- surely HE can set me straight on what’s really important in my little world…

    (sorry— sometimes the surreal, concealed aspect of this horrorshow gets to me bad. You know— DNA strands breaking apart, clandestine cancer coming, dirt itself contaminated for generations to come…)

    good Lord.

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      I actually saw a news reporter (sic) the other day ask a hungry African kid to give him a “high five”. I keep wondering how anyone could so prostitute themselves for money.

      MSM is nothing but misinformation and fluff. I listen to the run-up to the news and then turn it off. I want them to know that what they are broadcasting is so insufferable that no intelligent person could possibly listen to the whole thing.

      If enough people would turn it off at that point, they might begin to examine what they are doing. On the other hand, they are probably too dense to take the hint.

  • catweazel

    well, at last there will be a straigthforward test for all lies or no lies. in case a tent is erected in the future it will hold the radiation and this will be measured. in case the rate inside the tent explodes this will give the real amount of emitted green slime for the last months. with the amount of vapor at night i think it will be down or opened a week later “to vent to allow access again” as there seems to be now ventilation systems attached to the “tent-plan”

  • shaktasna999

    I’m so blah right now. They are going to send them to die. They’d better make everyone very comfortable.

    I need a drink. Someone tell me the name of a good alcoholic drink.

    • Sickputer

      >Someone tell me the name of a good alcoholic drink.

      I have had a couple of urges lately, but I am hoarding my booze and buying a few more bottles when I have time and money.

      Save your bottles of wine for the Mad Max days and you can trade them for filtered water, matches, canned food and chicken eggs. *;-) Even toilet paper will be like gold when the stores are long shuttered.

    • Novamind

      Unbelieveable story.

  • pure water

    Dear friends,
    I have been reading here for months. Thank you for the information and shared concern!
    The decision to register was provoked by my concern about the reactors 5 and 6. Any information about them? If the crisis evolves like this, do you think the fuel there is safe? I do not. Or is it? There are methods of scanning the rocks. Have they done something like this before building the plant? Is it possible to be done now? I think the density of the rocks will effect the path of the radioactive lava.
    Hot bubbles randomly spreading all over the place is bad, but if two of the blobs meet somewhere underground, it will become really hot there. Or if the corium`s lava goes to the sea? May be they plan this protective wall, fearing this scenario.
    Any ideas?

  • Alex2245

    And now we have confirmed reports of radiation in Connecticut River near Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant.


    • @Alex2245:
      I agree. But see today’s MSM:
      India is considering
      building large sized nuclear power plants in technical collaboration
      with some foreign vendors, the Lok Sabha(Parliament) was informed Wednesday.
      Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions V.
      Narayanasamy said in a written statement that this would be done “mainly
      to facilitate a faster growth of the nuclear power programme”. They would be light water reactors, he added.
      When they do not take care of the people how on earth can they? They are trampling on the right to life for ever. Rawls states:”Each person posseses an inviolability founded on justice that even the welfare of society as a whole cannot override.” Quoted from ECRR 2010.
      No cost benefit exercise please. It violates basic justice. And there is no benefit from nukes.

  • whisper

    kauaisoapbox. I’m on Kauai where are u? Do you know anyone here who has a dosimeter?

  • sueec

    Hi all today the BBC picked up the story of the 2nd of the high readings outside the reactors; with any luck the dam is breaking. BTW in two weeks they are holding a three day festival for secondary students (from all over Japan) in Fukushima. I hope they get those meters fixed soon.

  • sueec

    Also this
    Japan dismisses nuclear officials

    Many Japanese remain angry at the loss of lives, livelihoods and a sense of safety
    Three men in charge of nuclear power safety and policy have been sacked amid the ongoing crisis at the tsunami-hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

    Japan’s Trade and Industry Minister, Banri Kaieda, said the three senior officials would be held responsible for mishandling the plant and its problems.

    Radioactive material is still leaking from the plant nearly five months on.

    The crisis has also brought to light the close links between the government and the power industry.

    Those sacked are the head of the nuclear safety agency, Nobuaki Terasaka, the head of the agency for natural resources and energy, Tetsuhiro Hosono, and the vice-minister for economy, trade and industry, Kazuo Matsunaga.

    Mr Kaieda, who played a key role in handling the Fukushima crisis, has also said he plans to resign to take responsibility.

    But he has not said when he will do so, despite a tearful confrontation with opposition lawmakers.


    “I’m planning to breathe fresh air into the ministry with a large-scale reshuffle,” Mr Kaieda told a news conference.

    “This is what I’ve been thinking for about a month. I’ll have new people rebuild the ministry.”

    There are also plans to establish a new and independent atomic safety regulatory body.

    The BBC’s Tokyo correspondent Roland Buerk says that until now the trade and industry ministry has been responsible not just for safety, but also promoting nuclear power.

    Prime Minister Naoto Kan has recently said the country must shift towards alternative energy sources.

    Meanwhile Japan is facing shortages of electricity because two-thirds of nuclear reactors are offline.

    Local communities are refusing to give permission for them to be switched back on after routine maintenance.

    Our correspondent says confidence has been further shaken by revelations that a power company had instructed its employees to pose as ordinary members of the public to send emails backing restarts to a television debate on nuclear safety.

    The sackings came a day after Japan’s parliament approved a plan to set up a new fund to help the Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) compensate people affected by the crisis.

    About 80,000 people living with 20km (12 miles) of the Fukushima plant have been forced to abandon their homes. Farmers and others business owners further afield have been ruined.

    As a result, claims are expected to run into billions of dollars.

    At the Fukushima plant itself, workers are still trying to bring the reactors under control by January at the latest.

    Earlier this week, Tepco said hotspots had been discovered on an exhaust pipe from the buildings, showing the highest levels of radiation recorded since the crisis began.

  • shaktasna999

    Thank you Sickputer and Jebus 🙂 I am holding onto it in case it becomes very necessary. I’m already all stocked up. I started in March.

    Anybody monitoring the EQ’s? I’m feeling a little anxious.

    • matina matina

      Please explain what EQ’s are, thnx ‘-‘

      • Unless otherwise stated EQ in the Fuku context read as earthquakes. For the latest, read at
        Unfortunately in the Pacific Ring of Fire the great one is coming in the next weeks. But are the disaster monitors equal to the task? Applying the precautionary principle, there should be monitors every 20 degrees longitude to migtigate the effects by rapid civil defense. That is only possible by highly motivated aware disaster mitigating centers located in each of these longitude bands. Overseen by an impartial agency!