Experts: Multiple types of radioactive material constantly being emitted from LA gas blowout — “I’d be running like hell” — “We are getting higher and higher levels…it’s accumulating” — “Poisons spreading through entire San Fernando Valley” home to 2 million people — “Thousands getting sick… it really is a major, major disaster” (AUDIO)

Published: January 14th, 2016 at 5:02 pm ET


Follow up to: Radioactive material reportedly now being released from massive gas blowout in LA — Byproduct of Uranium — Expert: “A lot” has been detected… Very dangerous (VIDEO)

Interviews from Nuclear Hotseat hosted by Libbe HaLevy, Jan 13, 2016 (emphasis added):

Kevin Kamps,  Beyond Nuclear’s nuclear waste watchdog (8:30 in): “Another important thing that is very significant is that the radon is continually resupplied… Radon is going to be constantly generated by the uranium contained in the methane… So really you’ve got a chronic constant supply of hazardous radon gas coming out of this breach in California.”

Cindy Folkers, Beyond Nuclear‘s expert on ionizing radiation (16:00 in): “I’m absolutely astounded that they are not measuring for radon that I know of… I can’t believe that they’re not measuring for radon… [Radon] also decays to a number of what are called radon progeny which includes a number of short-lived radioactive substances, some of which are lead and polonium. Both of those can be very biologically damaging… There is question as to the kind of doses that they would be getting of radon, but it still is really very much a worry… I feel like — doing the research that I’ve done — that we are not getting the full story of what’s happening there.”

Richard Mathews, candidate for California State Senate who studied physics & astronomy at CALTECH (32:00 in): “People are really concerned about this, people are seriously getting sickThousands of people are getting sick from this — and it really is a major, major disaster… Methane floats away and spreads around the whole world… All the contaminants that are in with the methane are heavier than the air and that includes… benzene and toluene, hydrogen sulfide — all of those are heavier than air — they tend to stay close to the ground and move downhill. This is happening in the hills above the San Fernando Valley [home to nearly 2 million people] and so the poisons are all moving down into the San Fernando Valley and spreading through the entire San Fernando Valley… As the radon and other substances flow around, they are accumulating. They are not easily blown out of the valley, and we are getting higher and higher levels… The lead is going to be around for decades… The initial lead that you get is radioactive. This will be a continuing problem… It could spread through the entire San Fernando Valley… The damage that the radon does stays in your body… and shows up as cancer a decade after, maybe even 80 years later. So we really need to follow through.”

Terry Lodge, attorney (50:00 in): “You have a massive release, probably, of radon going on — and there may actually also be radium particulate… I’d be taking very rapid steps [if I lived in the area], I’d be running like hell. And the reason is, I suspect that there’s little by way of emergency anticipation — what could possibly go wrong? We have this vast underground storage facility… There are not radiation monitors… the problem is sort of the Three Mile Island problem… the radiation emission went way off the meter… there were no redundant rings, there was no monitoring certain distances outside the plant boundary. You don’t even have that at Porter [Ranch]… They don’t know how much radon is being dispersed… [Radon] can be concentrated by rainfall, concentrated by humidity, and inversions… There needs to be some type of soil sampling… air, and all that… So the problem is that radon is around in the Porter Ranch situation — nobody’s prepared for it. They’re not talking about it now — this may months into the crisis.”

Full interviews available here

Published: January 14th, 2016 at 5:02 pm ET


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1,586 comments to Experts: Multiple types of radioactive material constantly being emitted from LA gas blowout — “I’d be running like hell” — “We are getting higher and higher levels…it’s accumulating” — “Poisons spreading through entire San Fernando Valley” home to 2 million people — “Thousands getting sick… it really is a major, major disaster” (AUDIO)

  • Fans of Big Gov sometimes Need A Shove

  • The power of one-liners can slap back the whiners

  • againstthegrain

    You are taking out a personal attack on me ow. This is what is at risk in oregon. This is a fight for what is left of democracy in the western United States. The Koch brothers are the alpha dogs of the New World Order

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    Crazy msm?? "For almost five years the crippled Fukushima's nuclear reactor has poured thousands of tons of radioactive Cesium 134/137 and Iodine 131 wastewater into the Pacific, a spate of rare whales began recently washing ashore onto Japan."

    "Fukushima continues to uncontrollably bleed megatons of radioactive toxicity into the Pacific Ocean."

    • Taffycat Taffycat

      TY for this link…

    • RaDiaTed JeWeLz RaDiaTed JeWeLz

      That article is one that I will never forget. That just altered my whole day. I think that is the saddest thing ive ever seen…

      And there arent enough people who actually give a fuck for it to change; i hate to say.

      my god, we are a despicable foul species.

      i just dont know what else to say…

      • Taffycat Taffycat

        …foul species…seems humans have shit in their pants, no one to clean it up, divine intervention?, the planet will dispose of this infestation soon enough, she's just now getting cranked up for the big one outta the ball park, it is after all, her game not ours

  • Taffycat Taffycat

    Might I suggest that we all return to sanity? If there is a violation, report it and go about quietly doing what we do, the banter is a bit much to read through to get to the subject at hand…which is…the signs that the Pacific Ocean is dying right before our very eyes and it makes me cry…I wonder if Gawd cries…Trolls and those that wallpaper should be reported not reacted to. why feed the Beast???

  • Hawaii Whale Cam

    I have been watching this 6 area whale cam from Hawaii. They had it shut down for at least 3 days, now its back up.

    In 15 minutes I have not seen a single whale.

    • Taffycat Taffycat

      Stock…did you click on the link above from Huffington Post by Cataclysmic? it's world wide, this loss of whales

      • I did, I wonder if my widely distributed Whale gate article inspired that scientist to actually utter the Fukushima word.

        The largest UME was in Alaska, and we know Fukushima did Baked Alaska.

        Fukushima has created "Whale Gate"

      • I was also thinking that when leftist MSM starts looking at Whales and Fukushima, that the shite is really going to hit the fan big time.

        The "aha" moment, when 90% go from deniers to "I knew it all along"

        Regardless, we need a tipping point, the sooner the better.

        • Taffycat Taffycat

          It may be that the big surge of ice melt in Greenland will be the tipping point, New York, Boston and other low lying areas will soon see the need for hip-boots…

        • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

          Don't forget the articles that speak about the real truth coming out once we hit the 5 year mark and those impacted can talk about it without jeopardizing any government stipend they might be getting.

          I suspect they will slowly start letting the sheeple know… March 11 is just around the corner.

          Personally, I can't help but consider…
          What do all of our Hollywood and rock and roll heroes have in common?
          Frequent air flyers?
          Spending lots of time in Cali?
          Dining on all that expensive seafood/sushi?

          Things are gonna get worse.

          I can't help but consider if this many famous are dying imagine how many of the un-famous are dying. I wonder when we will learn about that data.

          The only good nuke is a shut down nuke! Shut them all down!!!

          • DebbyS-AbqNM DebbyS-AbqNM

            I sigh every time they prepare any seafood or visit the sea shore in episodes of Master Chef, Master Chef Junior, and Hell's Kitchen. Participants, especially those from the middle of the country, think they're special because they get to play in the surf, eat at fancy surf-side restaurants, and fix and serve expensive tuna to customers … little do they seem to know that even visiting Los Angeles is dangerous for their health in more ways than one.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Yes.. whale deaths everywhere.
    In other areas.. there are not thousands missing ..YET.

  • Taffycat Taffycat

    Where have all the whales gone?
    Long time passing…

    we need a Gasser Classic

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    Study provides insights on sources of environmental contamination following Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster

    January 19, 2016

    "…Their results suggest that radiocesium to the southwest is derived from a mixture of reactor cores 1, 2, and 3. …"

  • irhologram

    How does Harney County's elected Representative view this protest? Are the occupiers armed thugs?
    Rep. Greg Walden, R – OR, 2nd District (represents Harney County.) I transcribed his speech to Congress. See for yourself.

    He describes government agencies as "overreaching" and blames their actions for pushing ranchers to occupation… and says BLM has acted arrogantly.

    "This is a government that has gone too far for too long….I understand and hear their anger… Right now this administration, secretly (but not so much) is threatening in the next county over…Malheur County, to force a Monument of 2.5 million acres… I think this is outrageous. (350-400 ranchers may loose their ranches) It flies in the face of the people and the way of life…More than half my district is under federal management (or lack thereof…)

    Nine hundred people turned out at the National Guard Armory, where they had a public hearing, standing room only and beyond…furious! How do you have faith in a government that never listens to you? How do you have faith in a government when elected representatives write the law and those charged with implementing it choose to go THE OTHER direction and not to do so? That is what's breaking faith…


  • irhologram

    Let me tell you what the Senior Federal Judge Michael Hogan, highly respected in Oregon, said when he sentenced the Hammonds the first time. He said "I am not going to apply the MANDATORY MINIMUM because to do so, to me, under the 8th Amendment, would result in a sentence which is grossly disproportionate to the severity of the offenses here. …this sort of conduct (was not) intended under the (terrorism) statute (that was used to try them)… It would be a sentence which would shock the conscience, to me… This goes too far! (To charge a farmer, who is merely caring for his land under terrorism statutes).

    The people there love the land. It was the ranchers who came up with cooperative management…who know that in order for them to survive, they HAVE to take care of the range. They're good people. Their sons and daughters, by a higher proportion, are fighting our wars and die…and so to my friends (he very sincerely tears up) across Eastern Oregon, I will always fight for you.

    Hopefully, the country, through this, understands we have a real problem in America. How we manage our lands and how we're losing them… We're losing…great resources of the West. …Teddy Roosevelt would roll over in his grave. You know he created this Refuge in 1908. There were some bad actors there in the '80s… They were very aggressive running the Refuge…Eminent Domain and other things that took ranches. It was bad. That lasted at least a decade or more.


  • skizexq skizexq

    so when will enenews update the latest on this crisis?

  • irhologram

    The threat of fire every year that somehow always seems to be mismanaged… The threat of water…for the U.S. shutting down stock ponds… and a way of life…the continued restrictions on the lives of men and women who through generations have worked hard…it's a tough environment. It's just gone too far. It's hurtful.

    I hope people understand how heartfelt this is by those who pay their taxes, and try to live by the law, and do the right things…and how oppressed they feel…

    The President needs to back off on the monument (Malheur…to secure future government Uranium mining). The BLM needs to make sure Suzi Hammond isn't pushed into bankruptcy (by denying grazing rights) and have her ranch taken by the government and added to those that HAVE been."

  • skizexq skizexq

    methinks there should be s few people involved in posting and discerning content…and keeping it timely…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Dr. Ronald Fisk – The Science of Porter Ranch
    Jan 13 2016

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    City Council Member Mitch Englander Forms Porter Ranch Advisory Committee
    Jan 13 2016

    Dr. Anthony Reading Talks Psychology of Porter Ranch Crisis
    Jan 13 2016

    Why It’s Not All in Your Head – Dr. Brooks Michaels
    Jan 13 2016

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    Japan's Nuclear Trilemma

    Tuesday, 19 January 2016 00:00

    "…Japan is the only country in the world that is permitted to reprocess its spent fuel, which means it can possess plutonium — a weapon-usable material — without acquiring nuclear weapons. Originally, Japan envisioned fast breeder reactors (FBR) for generating electricity with plutonium separated from reprocessing. Japan's sodium-cooled FBR Monju, which is supposed to produce more fuel than it consumes and thus is regarded as a dream reactor, has never been realized mainly because of insuperable technical problems, despite astronomical investment that exceeded 1 trillion Japanese Yen.
    …Thus it can be said that Japan fell into the following trilemma after the Fukushima Accident: first, without restarting nuclear reactors, reprocessing lacks enough justification; second, without having the reprocessing plant in operation, restarting nuclear reactors will only produce more spent fuel that does not have a final destination; and third, without having the MOX fuel plant and reactors using MOX fuel in operation, reprocessing alone will add more plutonium to the existing stockpile that is already overwhelming…. … Yet what the Abe Cabinet has chosen to pursue is restarting stopped reactors and sticking to reprocessing, which is likely to increase the plutonium stockpile.


  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

    Welfare deadbeats recruiting more.

    Oregon standoff: Occupiers recruit ranchers to stop paying grazing fees

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

      Militia Leader Threatens 2nd Civil War In Oregon Standoff

      This is what you call a peaceful demonstration? A non-violent demonstration already weeks long?

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        You want some sort of justification for escalation.. from Enenews?

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

          I am just reporting the news. Do you support these people or not? Don't try to impute your revolution on me. They need to all leave and stop threatening people. And you need to look at yourself in the mirror. As long as you supporting illegal militias who are breaking the law is considered aiding and abetting.

          I am a pacifist and against all violent actions.

          Just talk about yourself and stop trying to make stories about me or my intentions.

          I put out the story to show how crazy these people are and that they are not pecefually demonstrating, but threatening to kill many, many people. If you support them, you are no better than they are.

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            Why don't you just hold your breathe in worry any other decent woman, then.

            Quit stirring it.
            Not better than they are?

            How does the saying go ..P?

            Matt. 7:1 "Do not judge, or you too will be judged."

            PS.. I can't say, I support them..
            BECAUSE.. my idea of freedom is larger than theirs!

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

              I'm not stirring it up. I'm trying to point out that they need to go home. Trying to save lives is being a decent woman. Trying to save the fathers for their children is being a decent woman.

              Also, the leader of the Oathkeepers has a big web page saying because the community and the Hammonds don't want interference, that they would not go to Burns.

              Yet now this person is in Burns saying that there will be a In revolution. In my opinion this is just wishful thinking and brave posturing. There will not be a revolution.

              Have you ever read stories about the West about the outlaws who robbed banks and stagecoaches? They wind up gambling the money among themselves and then shoot each other.

              • Silly arse talk PT. Are you a government employee or independent contractor in any way?

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                  I retired from my library assistant job in 1993 and from my organist/choir director job in 1990. Since then all I've done is some substitute teaching in the public schools.

                  I used to sort and shelve books in the library and I had very severe surgery for stage 4 cancer in 1989. Both disabled me permanently.

                  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                    No revolution..P?
                    I guess not, no thanks to people like you.
                    Some happen to think that the only way redress what ails this country is a conversation of revolutionary thinking.
                    Go ahead continue defending the status quo.
                    Black Lives Matters just blocked off the san Francisco bridge..
                    Why aren't you yelling trespassing?

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      Stealing from the Indians is wrong. I am for peaceful change. I believe that with the ballot box, speaking out loudly, education, and other peaceful means, we can turn this country into one that only uses renewable energy. We can turn down all nuclear energy and weapons and all fossil fuels. This is a peaceful revolution and can be won.

                      A violent revolution just kills people and puts the worst thugs in power. Please visit Russia if you are so enamored with violent revolution. Maybe you love the Gulags also. Or maybe you want China to harvest your organs.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      The people who lead a peaceful revolution create a lasting revolution that benefits everyone. Examples are the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Gandhi

                    • irhologram

                      Y'know, Ghandi's was hardly a peaceful revolution. Thousands upon thousands of people were killed by the government, or were stripped of rights, or of property. And he himself was martyred. There's that.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                  Novelist Obliterates The Bundy Militia — And Oregon’s Largest Newspaper — In 194 Words
                  “…She believes the state and federal government “should speak up loud and clear in support and defense of the law-abiding citizens of Burns and the whole region.”
                  “’They should make it clear — by words first, then by deliberate actions — that ranting about the Constitution does not get you a permit to break the law, fail to pay your grazing fees, cut a rancher’s fences, steal government cars, misuse public property, and keep a lot of good American citizens under a stupid, brutal reign of terror for (now) 18 days,’ she said. ‘How much longer? Enough is enough!’
                  “The daily cost of the illegal occupation totals $133,400 per day, according to a ThinkProgress estimate. …”

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                  I'm a school teacher. Do you want teachers to teach or to shoot people up? I have news for you, all school teachers have to be dedicated to teaching. Ammon Bundy will never pass a background check to teach in a public school.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            I think I found a solution..just call these people..dial 311! 🙂

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

      They are planning a signing party on Friday. So far, only 2 more willing to join the deadbeats. I wonder if they will advertise the names. Some people are proud of anything.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

      “…Bundy supporters have damaged Native American archaeological sites before, most notably, when they drove ATVs through a canyon trail in Utah in protest of protected federal lands trampling the ruins of homes belonging to the ancient Puebloans. Also, the Southern Paiute tribes in Nevada have accused the Bundy family of defacing ancient Paiute petroglyphs in Gold Butte. Incidentally, Southern Paiute community members held a rally last week in Las Vegas in support of the Burns Paiute tribe.
      “’I understand they took a bulldozer and built a line around the refuge headquarters,’ Roderique said. She notes that in the past when a water line was put in at the refuge the tribe’s cultural resources department oversaw the work done to make sure no artifacts or sites were disturbed. ‘We have a good working relationship with them. That is, the relationship has evolved for the better.’
      “The community has also reached out to her, “I’ve gotten calls from ranching families who support the tribe. They’ve seen the [Paiute] campsites out there. They’ve been in that area and they know where things are. You can’t go and bulldoze things. I don’t know what these people are doing if they are doing things to just get a rise or to be martyr—all they are doing is making enemies out of the people they professed to support.”
      “Carla Burnside, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's archaeologist at the refuge, has told the tribe that she has seen pictures in news reports of militants sitting in her…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose so? He kept foster children. I hear he did a good job.
    But..I will say,in his position, having them taken away should have been expected.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

      I don't write the news, just report it.

      The Oregon Militia Is Turning Out To Be Its Very Own Worst Enemy
      “…He claimed the federal government was taking aim against his family in retaliation for his involvement in the standoff in Oregon, but questions have now been raised about his motivations for fostering such a large number of children and whether such an activity is his major source of income….”

      • irhologram

        Oh, PT, PLEASE! Living off foster children? Just yesterday you were arguing he was a rich rancher.

        I wonder if you realize how hate-filled you sound. You even smear opening one's home to orphans

        You sound so bitter. So without love. Even jealous of the good deeds of others.

        • PT is probably an operative of sorts. Nothing else makes sense

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

            I am just a good Christian woman. Today I went to a Food Bank provided by the US government. I stayed home and took care of my 3 children. I never went out on dates and I never left them even for one night for 22 years or even after they had left home. And I also helped out with my grandchildren.

            I am just extremely well educated and I love my country. Yes, I work for changes, but they are peaceful changes and improvements. I'm just not greedy and have never compromised my beliefs by taking money for something that isn't completely good. My goal is to be a good steward of the earth. I hope to hear, "Well done, my good and faithful servant." And I follow, " Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

            Only 5% of people in the US are sympathetic to the Oregon terrorism.

            LDS Church: Oregon Militia Takeover Not 'Justified On A Scriptural Basis'

            • irhologram

              Only 5%
              Credible survey link, please.

            • SadieDog

              The US govt is the biggest terrorist organization that has ever existed.

            • Taffycat Taffycat

              why not goto and see what the Natives Think?

              • irhologram

                Apparently the Indians hadn't thought much about Malheur at all…in fact…they had "amnesia" about it until the occupiers stepped up. NOW, they're thinking about it.

                "Because of our collective amnesia about both Winnemucca and Malheur, I was surprised to see the site make first-page news across the country last week, when members of a militia group took over the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in order to protest the US government’s possession and management of public lands in the West.

                • irhologram

                  Ammon Bundy reached out to the Paiute Council to join an effort for redress against BLM criminal activities in land grabs, but the Indians have not responded.

                  The fact that the protestors have concealed or open carry permits has no more to do with this situation than any other venue where guns are legal. The only difference between a sit-in and what the occupiers are doing is…well, there is no difference. They are threatening no one. They are asking for a dialogue with authorities and for 3 specifics resolutions.

                  To insure that there is no Ruby Ridge or Waco type slaughter by BLM and also so occupiers don't cause bloodshed, either, a perimeter of men not affiliated with either side encircles the occupiers.

                  The Bundy group is very calm, and they reason that if this isn't resolved, the issue will go to the Supreme Court, which will have to rule whether this land is governed under the laws of a territory or under the U.S. Constitution. Meanwhile, the issue of malfeasance from the bench, prosecutorial misconduct, witness intimidation, and unconstitutional double jeopardy are awaiting dialogue in the Hammond case.

                  As I think about this, torqued up emotions here serve an agenda. Fundamental questions of justice are at stake, and yelling "He's gotta gun! He's gotta gun!" Hand over the rancher's land to Indians who forgot all about it (yes, much is now PRIVATELY OWNED) …it's just plain childish, OR an attempt to misdirect the point: BLM TYRANNY.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                    This is also extremely untruthful. They have said numerous times they do not want Ammon Bundy stealing their artifacts or their land and they do not want the militia on the Refuge. They can see a person with a forked tongue, which aptly describes you also.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      And they have already petitioned the government to prosecute the Bundys and all those who are destroying the Refuge.

                    • irhologram

                      Talk about forked tongue…
                      From your link …When they were ordered off the Malheur Refuge…"we didn’t have no place to go. Our land was already taken. They gave us 10 acres at the city dump"

                      Now no doubt their suffering was great when forced to march 350 miles North for relocation to Yakima Reservation. I am sorry for this suffering. And no doubt they were deprived of much of the government assistance they enjoyed at Malheur. But it doesn't change the Truth.

                      "The Yakama Indian Reservation, along the Yakima River, covers an area of approximately 1.2 million acres (5,260 km²). Today the nation is governed by the Tribal Council, which consists of representatives of 14 tribes."


                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      You are glossing over years and years of history.

                      The Bundys and their followers will never have the Wildlife Refuge. And when they are in court, it doesn't matter how much untruthful propaganda is posted on the internet.

                      The longer they stay, the bigger the fines and the more years in jail.

                      There are Paiutes all over the West. And your ignoring of history is terrible. They turned down Bundy because the land is theirs and they don't have to share anything with him. And there are 4,000 artifacts in the museum that the terrorists are occupying. And there are maps of their sacred places.

                      Anyone who sides with thieves and terrorists will lose everything they have to pay the fines for this illegal occupation. There is no freedom for those who steal and who use guns to steal. It is armed robbery. And land is even more valuable than money in a bank.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      I didn't quote the article "Yakama" from wikepedia, but the article on Winnemucca. In the 1880s everyone in the US knew about the Paiute land because of the book that Winnemucca wrote.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Are the Bundy's trying to have all 1.4 million acres ..or just fair play with public lands?

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      @ heart, they are protesting the 5 year incarceration of American citizens for a one acre controlled burn, IMO

                      The rest is just noise.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Well.. that's too bad.
                      The People deserve better.

                      The President's Unfinished Promise: The Federal Government Still Lacks a Meaningful Scientific Integrity Policy
                      Jan 20 2016


                      Obama is not only ..not interested in the integrity of science…
                      He hides behind it's corruption.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      This is where I come in ..

                      PS .Sleep calls. bb soon.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                    It does matter that they have guns, because they were ordered to leave by the sheriff, by the community, by the Indians. And no one can go to work there because they are not allowed on the Wildlife Refuge by those carrying guns. You can believe whatever propaganda you are told, but when the terrorists go to court, they won't be able to get off by saying such ridiculous statements. They should be researched the law better before they took over the Refuge. It is illegal to have firearms on federal land without permission. The Bundy brothers should have listened to their church. They are being a terrible advertisement for their church. No one in the world believes Ammon Bundy when he says that God told him to steal the land. Eveyone knows that the Indians have been trying for years to get the land returned to them. It is a matter of record. Everyone in the area has bent over backward to accommodate the Paiutes. They said they would leave when the community asked them to go and they were asked over 2 weeks ago to leave.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      The terrorists need to leave as soon as possible. And I listened to that lawyer, KrisAnne Hall. She couldn't win anything in court with her arguments. All she can do is mislead people and make money on her talk radio show. If her arguments were valid, there would be no public lands. The truth is almost every rancher doesn't want the county or the state to take over the public lands. They do not want to lose their grazing lands to mining, both coal mining and uranium mining, gold mining, silver mining, etc. Have you ever read about the deathly sick cows back East where they have been fracking? No one wants to lose their livestock to someone raping the land. The people in Nevada voted 2 to 1 to keep the federal public lands in the hands of the federal government.

                      It is a democracy here and the greatest good for the greatest number of people are going to vote for their own self-interest. They will never vote with the Bundys. The courts will never side with the Bundys. The time of freeloading is going to come to an end. I'm being charged higher taxes because their father is not paying his grazing fees. That is totally disgusting. Freeloading off the American people and stealing the land that belongs to 360,000,000 people won't go unpunished in the courts. Destroying federal property would never have been allowed if they hadn't been carrying guns. They are not competent to have guns.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      "It is illegal to have firearms on federal land without permission".

                      Why? when the American citizen has the right to bear arms, in a country ruled by the people including federally held lands?

                      It's only going to come to something like this again. .P?
                      Sending people home is not going to solve the problem..
                      Steal what land?

                      The Paiutes say they never ceded. They just cooperatively ..agreed not to own it.
                      Or something..

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Is that what you consider ..leasing land from the government to raise cattle?
                      Are you raising cattle?
                      No're raising weeds.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      The Paiutes are into gaming.
                      Nice use of sacred ground..(sarc)

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      They aren't leasing land or paying grazing fees. They are using land they have no permission to use. They owe the government over $1,000,000. This is freeloading. Also Ammon Bundy borrowed from the government over $500,000. Stealing federal land isn't paying back the loan.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      Carrying a firearm when you are trespassing is compounding a felony.

                      Oregon Congressman Rips Justice Department For Not Arresting And Prosecuting Bundy Militants (VIDEO)
                      “…arrested were caught driving a federal vehicle to town in search of snacks. Meanwhile, the rest of the militants have been allowed to come and go as they please and they’ve even been allowed to destroy federal fence lines and access government computers. Furthermore, the militants broke the law by carrying firearms on federal property and their seizure of a government building is an act of domestic terrorism that should not be tolerated….”

                      When you are trespassing on federal land and carrying a firearm in addition it is even a worse felony.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      You mean ..he is debt for use of public lands.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Compound felony according to whom?
                      The government…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      Cliven Bundy has paid the government nothing for over 20 Years for the use of public lands. This is freeloading.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Or a land dispute?

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Trespassing on public lands???
                      We need a conversation ..P.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      Oregon militia could face more than 10 years in prison, legal experts say
                      Ammon Bundy and his followers, who have refused to leave the Malheur national wildlife refuge, appear to have violated several laws

                      This article lists a number of laws the militants have broken. If someone sues them in a civil court for damages for emotional trauma they could be in debt for the rest of their lives. We know what happened to O.J. If they have damaged archaeological areas there will also be huge fines and jail time. If they have sold Indian artifacts on ebay and to private collectors, there will be jail time and fines.

                      If they had wanted to have a demonstration, they should have chosen a different location.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      If you have questions, you should ask a lawyer who is trained and pay for the lawyer's time.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose


                      Working those algorithms ..huh..P.
                      Me, too.

                      Oran 'Juice' Jones – The Rain (With Lyrics)


                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      PS..I don't have questions..hun.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      There is no dispute. These people have no legal claim to the land. The ranchers don't want them there. The community doesn't want they there. This is not their state. First they claim states rights, and they they go to someone else's state and steal land.

                      And a conversation is really ridiculous. The matter will be decided by the courts. And anyone who thinks otherwise is completely delusional.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      It's called public land use.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Now on to constitutional thought.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      DElusional and living in Never Never Land with the fairies. The Constitution established the rule of law. And waving the Constitution is not the same as recognizing the rule of law established by the Constitution. The Bundys are not following the Constitution.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      How so ..P?
                      Failure to obey the law?

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      I think they have the failure to comply, might go to jail thing covered in their minds ..P.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                    Have you read this website from 2006? To say that the Paiutes didn't care about the land or didn't have any land is really a gross fabrication.

                    Welcome to the Burns Paiute Tribe
                    12 October 2006

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                  What kind of person are you? The person with the collective amnesia is not the Indians. It is Cari M. Carpenter who wrote the article. Do you know who Winnemuca that Americans have forgotten, but not the Indians? :Sarah Winnemucca (born Thocmentony or Tocmetone,[1] Paiute: "Shell Flower") (ca. 1844 – October 16, 1891) was a prominent female Paiute activist and educator; she helped gain release of her people from the Yakima Reservation following the Bannock War of 1878, lectured widely in the East in 1883 on injustices against Native Americans in the West, established a private school for Indian students in Nevada, and was an influential figure in the development of the United States' 19th-century Indian policies.[citation needed]" from Wikipedia.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                  The Indians never had amnesia, but the Americans who are not Indians.

                  That is the ugliest fabrication. But then thieves and murdered only know how to lie.

                  Native American Tribe Says Oregon Armed Occupiers Are Desecrating Sacred Land

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                  Burns Paiute Tribe seeks federal prosecution if artifacts disturbed
                  Tribal council designates refuge as 'traditional cultural property'

                  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                    Jan 19 2016


                  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                    Since the BLM has publicly stated they are monitoring the web for social posts they consider…um…threatening…concerning the topic at hand…Anyone here inciting others to anger with insults because of their willingness to debate…and nothing more….would seem to be calling out ENE, once again, to be under scrutiny by the ABC's.

                    I mean…one could make a point, argue a little perhaps…and move on…or one could incite rage…over-kill…waiting to pounce on the very first comment that could be construed as…um…eligible for scrutiny…and make that call…

                    Good thing all others here have manners.

                    It's just so…Waco…er…whacko, I mean.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Yes ..I think so.

                      Jan 19 2016


                      I pray for this country.
                      Dream well..Enenews.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      What's the BLM doing about the methane blowout?

                      Wait….don't answer that…

                      The migrating birds have no counter-debate… of that, I'm sure.

                      5 years in jail seems rash for what we'inz consider a controlled burn. One acre? Geesh.

                      What's SoCalGas getting? Fines? Slap on the wrist? Wait…don't answer that….likely tax dollars and bailouts.
                      No threat to health…no end in sight…gov't to the rescue…nothing to see here folks.

                      The BLM BS thread seems to be a derailment of the methane thread…and which is worse? How many more humans and animals are being affected by the methane escape?

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      "New federal rules on oil and gas industry emissions from the EPA and the Bureau of Land Management may help the situation in the gas fields, but the rules will apply to few, if any, underground storage facilities. Colorado regulates oil and gas industry emissions, but not facilities “downstream” from processing plants, like underground storage. A pipeline safety bill introduced in Congress late last year would create minimum safety standards for all underground storage, but its chances of passing are limited."

                      Massive leaks are an everyday occurrence in gas fields
                      Jan 18 2016


                    • norbu norbu

                      Heart, this is bogus, you said,
                      Jan 19 2016"
                      Already debunked. Nice try….NOT

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Nice try at what..???
                      I hope it's not true.
                      Allow me to be worried.

                    • DUDe DUD

                      I hope this stays peacefull , i pray also for this world..

                      will watch out too HHD sry..

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      OT.. Ever wonder about a situation in which the evidence shows up a year later.
                      And it is about a film maker who made a controversial film.
                      Just wondering.

                      Disturbing details of Minnesota filmmaker's murder-suicide emerge a year after killings
                      Jan 16 2016


                      GRAY STATE Movie Official Trailer


                      The evidence has ..the Muslim angle, the bodies had been there a long time and were mangled by the dog.

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      Hey HHD

                      I am a bit suprised the Constitutional Sheriffs, 3%, OathKeepers, Militia, etc., have not shown up. But I do understand the need to remain low profile. 😉

                      Only takes a cry from the oppressed and trampled who are direct and immediate losers of rights/freedoms/finance.

                      An honest fix needs to happen, time and tempers will run short.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      AST, they sent out a public message to be prepared, however.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Heart of the Rose (a rosehip?),

                      Oh, you're gooood…re the pipe-line safety bill. Thanks.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      land grab, a little background.

                      "During its first one hundred years, the work of the United States was to take possession of its land. The colonization and territorial expansion of the United States were, simply put, a colossal land rush." Such a transfer of wealth was not accomplished without speculation, greed, and outright fraud. Throughout much of the settlement and preemption and homestead eras, corruption in land dealings was the rule, rather than the exception.

                      Greed and waste so characterized the era that it was dubbed "the Great Barbecue." The disposal of the public domain was inextricably tied to the Gilded Age, the Robber Barons, the Wild West,

                      "I now wish to prevent a perpetual monopoly of over 50,000,000 acres of lands by an immense railroad company… I hope that the American Senate… will not by their action here to-day cause their posterity to curse their memories for thus building up such an immense monopoly to the detriment of the country, to the oppression and injury of all who may settle in that region."

                      millions of privately owned acres have federally owned mineral rights

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Mineral reservation has been widely practiced by individuals, land-grant railroads, lending institutions, and federal and state governments.

                      For example, one of the largest private mineral owners in Montana is Ag America. That company acquired its minerals through mortgage foreclosures on ranches during the 1930s and 1940s. When the company sold the land, it would reserve half of the minerals.

                      Mineral reservations also often occurred when lands were originally patented (i.e., the federal government sold the land but held on to the mineral rights).

                      understanding mineral rights

                      The railroad was a big part of the land grab

                      One historian estimates that railroad corporations controlled the settlement of a third of the country, and an even greater portion of the American West, where most of the land grants were located. Even today, the largest land owners in many Western states are still the land grant railroads and their corporate heirs.


                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      You're welcome ..HHD.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      control freaks

                      EPA Stealthily Propels Toward 'Massive Power Grab of Private Property Across the U.S.' “The Obama administration’s latest power play to regulate America’s waterways is an unprecedented effort to control the use of private property,"

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Read between the lions…

                      Former EPA chief heads to Apple

                      In a long-expected move, Jackson stepped down from the EPA in February after four years of running the agency.

                      Like many high-tech firms, Apple has taken a special interest in clean energy and climate issues.

                      Apple made waves in October 2009 — when Jackson was head of EPA — when it quit the U.S. Chamber of Commerce over the group’s opposition to mandating reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

                      Apple had worked to cut its own greenhouse gas emissions “because we believe it is the right thing to do,” Apple wrote in its resignation letter. “For those companies who cannot or will not do the same, Apple supports regulating greenhouse gas emissions, and it is frustrating to find the Chamber at odds with us in this effort.”

                      Other organizations, including the utility Exelon and Pacific Gas & Electric, also left the Chamber over climate disagreements.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      …In other words "Go nuclear or go home."

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      Hey and hi again, (not high that way) 😆

                      My post was a little,,,open, I did mean in all honesty regards to SoCal. Things are changing, even I am surprised by my own family.

                      So my family from SoCal want Constitutional support. Info and how to.

                      My sister drops in (car driveoff/deliver) I have 2 sis's + family in Portland, longtime Dems(oldskool JFK type) and she tells me every damn one of them has an Or. handgun permit, the SHTF soon, get ready. She says Hanford, fish dieoffs, their horses sick, now Burns and the fed, is all bs and they are done with bs.

                      So we all talk about it, Fuku too, and the light starts to brighten.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      AST, that is lovely. Just lovely. Seems an invasion of your airspace has turned into a breath of fresh air…

                      "Guests are like fish…after three days they start to stink." Ben Franklin

                      Jus' sayin'. 😉

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      And Thanks to Heart, HHD, IR, Code, DUD, Norbu for a decent little exchange, even though we are very different in many of our 'pet' views on things.

                      Plus, it got me away from a very heated discussion in my greatroom, filled with a bunch of new gunowners. 😆

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      "Guests are like fish…after three days they start to stink." Ben Franklin

                      Yes indeed, I think this to myself though, because free speech does not provide quick exit.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      No, thank you, sir. For I have no guests.

                      But when I have one that makes me squirmy, I just plan to do "this"…whatever "this" may be. Last time, it was cook…candies, pies, bread, whatever to keep me busy and keep their mouth full. 😉

                      Sorry, OT but it's late and nobody cares 😀

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      A nice little debate over 'pet' ideals..?
                      Pies and cakes? ..I might as well hang with the FHA.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      What time is quilting??

  • Hey there is a new thread, go to home page

  • irhologram

    Some of this vid is grisly, what the BLM have done.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Congressman’s dire prediction: Porter Ranch gas leak site may never be safe
    Jan 19 2016

    "After the tour, which media were not permitted to attend, Sherman said the sound of gas leaking was unavoidable on the site. He also stressed the age of the storage wells.

    “It sounds like a hell of a lot of gas escaping from a large pipe,” Sherman told reporters after the tour. “We went up there and we learned that of the 114 other wells, 18 are what they call vintage wells. That is to say that they’re there from the beginnings of the rock ‘n’ roll era of the 1950s.”

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose


    "Their results suggest that radiocesium to the southwest is derived from a mixture of reactor cores 1, 2, and 3. Conclusions from the cesium isotopic data are in agreement with those derived independently based upon the chronology of events and meteorological conditions at the time of the disaster.

    "Determining which reactor or spent fuel cooling pond may have contributed to contamination at a given location in Japan is incredibly challenging," said Dr. Mathew Snow, lead author of the Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry study. "However, cesium isotopic analyses combined with known meteorological data provide a very promising approach to doing this. These types of techniques will likely be of great benefit to environmental remediation and

    Study provides insights on sources of environmental contamination following Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster
    Jan 19 2016

    A mixture of contaminates from all the reactors.
    (Not just cesium ..chums.)
    A study has to be dome to understand this?

    "contamination transport studies in Japan and the rest of the world during the coming decades."

    Try centuries.

  • or-well

    "Practices in past decades at the 890-square-mile U.S. Department of Energy facility that opened in 1949 and is now called the Idaho National Laboratory included pumping radioactive waste underground. Workers in the Cold War era also put radioactive waste in ponds that seeped into the ground."

  • irhologram

    You said: "am a bit suprised the Constitutional Sheriffs, 3%, OathKeepers, Militia, etc., have not shown up. But I do understand the need to remain low profile. " That's more disinfo from PT.

    The 3% have been there at least a week, forming a protective, armed barrier, along with Oathkeepers… A neutral buffer around the occupiers to insure the situation does not become a fire-fight from EITHER side…FBI/BLM et al… Vs. the occupiers…

    Involved are extraordinarily important constitutional issues for us all, including Eminent Domain, a public policy of WATER STARVATION, , and ULTIMATELY, this is about whether the U.S. will become a socialist country where the government owns the land and its production/use/employment or whether individuals will retain ownership/rights. It really IS that turning point…right now.

    Oathkeepers' ARE on the ground in Oregon. Here is their stance in a letter to the military:

    (Excerpts) "This is not an emergency situation, unless you turn it into one.


    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Easy there pardner, and give a little slack when it comes to post line up, and then unfortunately, comprehension of the convoluted mess. It never makes 'perfect' sense, specially from me.

      HHD says:

      "What's SoCalGas getting? Fines? Slap on the wrist? Wait…don't answer that….likely tax dollars and bailouts.
      No threat to health…no end in sight…gov't to the rescue…nothing to see here folks."

      I says:

      "I am a bit suprised the Constitutional Sheriffs, 3%, OathKeepers, Militia, etc., have not shown up. But I do understand the need to remain low profile. 😉

      Only takes a cry from the oppressed and trampled who are direct and immediate losers of rights/freedoms/finance."

      Because this is in play:

      "My post was a little,,,open, I did mean in all honesty regards to SoCal. Things are changing, even I am surprised by my own family.

      So my family from SoCal want Constitutional support. Info and how to."

      The picture is bigger than 1 location. Maybe Flint needs some help.

      Michigan is legend, no? They are not the only state. Okies as well.

      Make some friends, maybe travel a little. 😉

      • irhologram

        Sorry. But not. Misunderstanding your syntax isn't …well…entirely on me. It was in a thread discussing alleged lack of support in Oregon… Please forgive my error. I don't recall criticizing you, but only to bring clarity. It DID get me digging for what IS actually going on, and if anyone would spend just a little time with these links from official sources …they would find this issue isn't confusong at all. It is the point of PSYOPS to make things seem confusing.

        But anyway, the point isn't you or me. It's the PSYOPS.

        Thanks for responding. If only to insssttrrrruccKKtt me. I have been duly slapped down.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

          Well, things change over 3 weeks. At first, there was a web page that said the Oathkeepers would not be there and were against the occupation because no one in the community including the Hammords wanted them there.

          Then later on they arrived and are in Burns and maybe on the Refuge as well.

          It is hard to know exactly what is going on as nothing much new is coming from the media.

          Is everyone going to move to Utah when they start their next planned armed take over?

        • AirSepTech AirSepTech

          No slapdown Sir, clarification only.

          I am somewhat busy, so some babble gets confused.

          You have nailed this down like a professional.

          P ops yes, like a blanket.

      • irhologram

        And yes, this is about the entire country. As Bundy states below…Bundy: "We want everyone to understand that this goes well beyond agriculture…that this goes into every industry in the country (government takeover and control of business through rules and regs.)… We believe that if we take our stand now…and continue to do what we're doing, it will prevent violence in the future."

        Maybe allowing poisoned water in Flint… A methane volcano and water starvation in CA… Worsening earthquakes in OK… Flaming tap water in PA … An unaccountable NRC… Aren't enough yet for a line in the sand…

        But Bundy is suggesting that if not NOW … later is inevitable. And worse.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

      I never said anything like that. As a matter of fact, I posted an article which shows the leader of Oathkeepers in Burns, Oregon, and threatening a US wide civil war.

  • irhologram

    Oathkeepers cont. Excerpts) "This is not an emergency situation, unless you turn it into one.

    Ammon Bundy’s occupation of an empty building is essentially the same as civil-disobedience sit-ins that the political left has engaged in for decades, from anti-war and civil rights protesters in the 60s and 70s (including a nineteen month occupation of Alcatraz by American Indian activists), to Occupy Wall Street Movement and Black Lives Matter activists today.

    …Despite that reality of there being no emergency here, we have very good reason to believe that ideologue leftist bureaucrats within the Obama Administration – such as within the D.O.J., and their politically minded “perfumed prince” puppets within the D.O.D. – are pressuring you to prepare to use military assets and military rules of engagement to conduct a dynamic raid. We are an organization of current serving and retired military, police, fire-fighters and other first responders, and we have contacts at every major military installation in America (including Joint Base Lewis-McChord), and at the Pentagon. We hear things. We’ll just leave it at that.

    …In addition, it is clear you federal LEOs have not handled this in the normal law enforcement manner of cordoning off the area and immediately initiating negotiations. Why is that?


  • irhologram

    Why has there yet to be even an attempt to open direct lines of communications between you and Ammon Bundy, as members of Pacific Patriot Network, Idaho III%, and Oath Keepers on the ground in Burns, OR have been repeatedly urging you to do for the past week, to no avail?"

    ….SGM Joseph Santoro (Ret), Oath Keepers BOD member, and our National Operations NCO put it, while on the ground in Harney County, OR: (exerpt)
    I served 25 years in the U.S. Army infantry and EOD, and retired a Sgt. Maj. I also served five years as a Contractor at the 10th Special Forces Group and three years as a Contractor at the U.S. Army EOD School. I know the military, and I know they are watching this closely, just like they watched Bundy Ranch, and this [pointing to the land] is where most of your trigger pullers come from. Most are country boys who have seen first hand the abuses of their families by the BLM, the EPA, activist judges, etc. They are not stupid. They have seen logging, ranching, mining, and farming assaulted and shut down in little towns all around this land.

    And if you Feds get froggy here and smoke a bunch of ranchers and veterans who are justifiably pissed off at what is being done all over the West, you will have active duty warriors climbing up your backsides with extreme prejudice. And us veterans climbing down your throat. That’s not a threat. Just a fact.

    So tread lightly, and don’t tread on us.


  • irhologram

    Open letter to the U.S. military and video here:

    This Video records the 3% going to the FBI camp where they presented the occupiers' formal request for investigation of local corruption

    Other militia groups HAVE arrived:
    "So far both the Sheriff and FBI have refused to open a dialogue with the Pacific Patriot Network in effort to negotiate and eventually defuse the occupation.
    It has also been reported that the FBI is running heavy PSYOPs on the group and townspeople as a realtime information war ensues."

    Other than Lou Dobbs, (who gets some facts wrong but is outraged ), the MSM has participated in a PSYOPS.
    AST, its PSYOPS disinformation from PT and the media that made you believe these groups are not involved. They are literally in the MIDDLE of it.

  • irhologram

    Ammon Bundy video:
    He states Oregon state legislators and those of surrounding states showed support in their visit to the standoff's compound. (Representative's speech to Congress…

    Bundy: "We want everyone to understand that this goes well beyond agriculture…that this goes into every industry in the country (government takeover and control of business through rules and regs.)… We believe that if we take our stand now…and continue to do what we're doing, it will prevent violence in the future. If we continue down the path we're going where the federal government takes over and controls all aspects of their lives, it will eventually be so frustrating to the people that they will stand and war against them. We have a chance right now to make sure that does not happen."

    Bundy says they are uncovering and documenting corruption, coercion, and collaboration. "We have video evidence that the BLM actually STARTED the fire around the Hammond's ranch. We have two eye witnesses and a video showing that happened…also that Frank Papecki, lead Prosecutor in this case, knew of these witnesses and did not disclose them, and we also found records here in this refuge of clear discrimination against the Hammonds, where they've taken their permits away and given them to others right in the middle of contract, and also where they have discriminated against them where they had first grazing right, and have


  • irhologram

    have given it to other people.

    This is a righteous case. We are doing it for the right reason, and this is the right time and the right place."

    Petitions for Hammonds' freedom:

    Steven E. Grasty, County Judge
    450 N. Buena Vista #5
    Burns, OR 97720
    Phone: 541-573-6356
    FAX: 541-573-8387

    Dan Nichols, County Commissioner

    Pete Runnels, County Commissioner

    Sharon Johnson, Administrative Assistant

    Burns City Manager: Dauna Wensenk,
    242 S. Broadway
    Burns, Oregon 97720
    541-573-5255 phone, 541-573-5622 fax

    City Recorder: Dawn Crafts,
    Water Clerk: Dawn Crafts,

  • irhologram

    Not that it's relevant, but for those of you who think it is…

    From the link: Steven E. Grasty, the 'County Judge' in Burns, Oregon who told the Oregon protesters that they owe $75,000 per day to occupy the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, is an 'Ancient Free and Accepted Mason' – and a 'Senior Deacon' at the 'Robert Burns Masonic Lodge No. 97.' The Craft meets on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 7:00 pm..

    You can see their 'officer' roster here, Grasty is listed sixth from the top, and his phone number is publicly listed, "Steve Grasty 541-493-2896"

    …Grasty's occult group takes part in an annual "Malheur Cave Meeting" where they honor 'NEW MASTER MASONS' and 'WORSHIPFUL MASTERS.' On their website, they advertised their recently held event, where they 'Welcomed their Brethren' to the craft's 73rd Annual cave event.

  • ricksimpson


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