Experts: Nuclear chain reactions may have lasted over 7 months at Fukushima — Neutron leakage from ‘active’ molten fuel — “Core producing radioactive sulfur” — Top Gov’t Official: MOX fuel could be neutron source

Published: April 10th, 2014 at 10:36 am ET


RADIOACTIVE 35-SULFUR (pdf), Antra Priyadarshi and Mark H Thiemens, June 2012: […] we were the first to recognize the nuclear core meltdown at Fukushima and estimate the neutron leakage from the core element rubble. Our ongoing measurement in samples collected from Japan shows that Fukushima was active even after 7 months of the disaster […]

Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 2013: An effect of [the Fukushima] disaster was secondary formation of radioactive 35S […] when neutrons from the partially melted reactor cores activated the coolant sea water. Here we report the first measurements of 35S in sulfate aerosols and rain water collected at […] Hokkaido, Tsukuba, Kashiwa, Fuchu, Yokohama, and Fukushima, during March-September 2011. […] Kashiwa site [near Tokyo] shows the highest 35SO42- concentration (6.1 × 10^4 ± 200 atoms/m3) on 1 April 2011 [at] Fukushima would have been 2.8 × 10^5 atoms/m3 during the week after the earthquake […] Even after 6 months, 35SO42- activity remains very high (9.9 × 10^4 ± 770 atoms/m3) in the marine boundary layer in the Fukushima region, which implies that the reactor core was producing radioactive sulfur.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission FOIA ML12068A097:

  • Kevin D. Crowley, Ph.D. Director Nuclear and Radiation Studies Board The National Academies, April 14, 2011: Mark Thiemens (UC San Diego) has detected excess sulfur-35 (in S02 and S04) that he believes was produced by the CI-35 (n,p) reaction at Fukushima after seawater cooling was initiated. This suggests that there was a source of neutrons (perhaps from a criticality event) at Fukushima after the reactors were shut down. […]
  • Crowley, April 14, 2011: […] there was a media report that a high neutron flux had been detected at the site, presumably from a criticality event […] That report was later dismissed for lack of corroborating evidence. Your [Mark H Thiemens] data might be useful for proving that such an event did in fact occur […]
  • John E. Kelly, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Reactor Technologies in the Office of Nuclear Energy, April 17, 2011: […] My guess is that the MOX fuel will have significant Pu-238 and this could create a very active source for neutron production (alpha-n). This would give a constant source (as opposed to a brief burst from criticality event). […]

See two Fairewinds videos from 2011 about periodic nuclear chain reactions, also referred to as inadvertent criticalities, at Fukushima Daiichi: Newly released TEPCO data provides evidence of periodic chain reaction at Fukushima Unit 1 and New Data Supports Previous Fairewinds Analysis

Published: April 10th, 2014 at 10:36 am ET


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127 comments to Experts: Nuclear chain reactions may have lasted over 7 months at Fukushima — Neutron leakage from ‘active’ molten fuel — “Core producing radioactive sulfur” — Top Gov’t Official: MOX fuel could be neutron source

  • dosdos dosdos

    "That report was later dismissed for lack of corroborating evidence."

    And the lack was not from a lack of sources, but rather a lack of permission.

    • hbjon hbjon

      But what technology could have been used to stop the ongoing fission? Borated water poured over the top doesn't really make contact with the hottest part of the China Syndrome. If there were graphite and boron filled caves beneath the complex, there may have been enough neutron absorption to eventually stop the fission.

  • Nick

    Maybe Cold Shutdown meant that the fizzing had stopped?

    Radioactive sulfur is produced from chlorine.

    Maybe Cold Shutdown indicated that the seawater had finally been flushed away into the sea, replaced by fresh water?.

    • dosdos dosdos

      Cold Shutdown in a meltdown is impossible, hence a lie. It doesn't mean anything except that the truth is being hidden.

      • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

        Yes, but Cold Shutdown sounds so reassuring. Like the the whole reactor simply became inert. "You could hug it, it's so safe." That's what people want to hear and that's what TEPCO/JAPAN wanted to say. And nobody, not even the US Government with it's amazing ability to detect a person in a rogue nation ™ who bought a radium watch dial on eBay, was going to correct or question them.

    • 4Warnd 4Warnd


      "Radioactive sulfur is produced from chlorine."

      my background is chemistry – but am a bit rusty on the mechanism for this reaction. how does that work, exactly, if you do know, thanks.

  • Shillbullshit007


    • GQR2

      that is not constructive whoeveryouare007. The man is who he is, does what he does and its more than many so keep the snipes for some other board. He has his foibles he made his mistakes. He is one human being and he is not in the ranks of the pro nuke shills these days so he can be counted as an ally. There is not a whole lot of information or truth out there that can be easily found from "credible" sources. And this topic is about Nuclear ongoing Chain reactions which are still going on to this day. So lets leave the Arnie debate out of this one m'kay.


        should be obvious, GQR2, from both his moniker and what he's selling, he's nothing more than a troll. I sense from the smell of his comment, this guy would have trouble in a successful encounter with a public urinal, let alone going-up against the likes of Arnie Gundersun, one-on-one, in a public debate…

      • moonshellblue moonshellblue

        Thank you GOR I have the utmost respect for Arnie and Maggie as their contributions concerning nuclear power and explaining the lingering consequences and how dire this industry truly is have helped numerous individuals.

    • Sadbuttrue Sadbuttrue

      Arnie has over 30 years experience in the nuclear industry, however he became a whistleblower in 2010. I think the man is very careful and does hold back some information, for whatever reason, but he has been vocal on the hazards of nuclear power so he has my respect.


        true dat, Sadbuttrue. To paraphrase that guy who admonished the raging crowd, "He who is without sin, be first to cast a stone!"…

    • mairs mairs

      Oh great. You're back. Won't work this time either.

      • orange

        Has anyone noticed how immature pro-nuke shills are?


          doubtless, orange, standing in close proximity to those high-energy emitting isotopes, does wonders for neural networks. Now, if these guys want to admire something that's really beautiful, someone should turn them on to a centerfold magazine; far less dangerous to those epithelial strands…

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          They are desperate for a paycheck and accept on from the nuclear industry to blog.

    • zogerke zogerke

      your comment has been reported for:
      4) Not insulting, rude or hateful – No personal attacks

    • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

      Arnie Gunderson is one of my greatest heros of all time!
      If only the world had more people like him 😉

      • Gen. Buck Turgidson

        Ditto that. Arnie may not be the ideal, but think of how much further into darkness we would all be without his educated insights.

        Remember folks, there is NO safe level of radiation exposure, aside from routine X-rays and CT scans. Don't let them fool you.

        As you were.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          The medical establishment has published papers of studies that show that routine X-rays and CT scans are not safe. The radiation from routine X-rays and CT scans can kill you. All the radiation you are exposed to accumulates in your body.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Gen. Buck Turgidson, I'll argue even routine CT scans increase the lifetime risk of cancer, as they contribute to cumulative exposure (non-ionizing radiation).

          A study recently came out (someone cited it here) showing CT scans can damage the pancreas, and contribute to the development of diabetes. The study stated patients' pancreas should be shielded from radiation during routine CT scans, unless that part of the body is being studied in the CT scan.

          The body has virtually no defense against penetrating X-rays and Gamma rays.


        awesome avatar, Hot and Bothered. I love the use of contrasting color and the not-so-subtle graphics. Well done…

      • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

        Yes, Arnie is my hero, too. Many throughout the world are grateful for him.

    • 4Warnd 4Warnd

      ignore this person.

    • We Not They Finally

      Gundersen is not even quoted. And maybe you should actually look into people's records before your start cursing.

      But since your name and your comment are both curse words, maybe we shouldn't expect better.

      Then again, maybe you could take it from the top. Then again, maybe not….

    • I always ask the same question of inflamed destructive statements like this….

      What have U produced or done to contribute to those things that you claim to be so diminished about….where's your materials, website, communications, papers, published works, any efforts whatsoever ?

      I'm confident the answer is NONE of the Above………

    • Jebus Jebus

      The industry is so desperate to discredit the ones in position to prove their nuclear lies.

      If anyone has done critical damage to the nuclear industry's facade, it is Arnold Gundersen.

      Well, except the self inflicted damage that the nuclear industry has done to itself…

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      This person, Shillbullshit007, has pulled the typical pro-Nuke ploy to get people to talk about something other than the topic of the headline. He is deflecting the only conclusion. Ongoing criticality of MOX fuel doesn't stop with an explosion and meltdown and, IMHO, is still ongoing at Fukushima

  • zogerke zogerke

    BACK ON TOPIC. This is a great find admin. thank you. Sulfur, can anypone educate me about radioactive sulfur?

    • razzz razzz

      It is not so much about sulfur as it is about seawater interacting with nuclear melts. A drop of seawater contains every element known to man in trace amounts and a lot of salt. Seawater being bombarded with neutrons will make every element in seawater radioactive given enough time plus create new compounds as atomized nuclear elements interact with seawater elements. The new compounds can be used as markers to follow and study events. Another way to confirm what happened or is happening on a nuclear radioactive level.

      Once the basements of the containments cracked and began allowing groundwater and saltwater to mix with the melted cores, it didn't matter if TEPCO used saltwater directly to cool the melts in desperation or not, saltwater would have found its way to the Daiichi melts anyway. TEPCO still has to desalt the cooling water it picks up from around the melts before it runs it through the regular process of radioactive decontamination (when the system is ever up and running). Only cause can be from ongoing saltwater intrusions.

      Salts and radioactive elements, when they combine, aid a body in absorbing them more readily. A body requires various forms of salt on a regular basis to produce electrolytes which conducts electrical impulses throughout the body. Getting a dose of radioactive salts is going to play havoc with nerve and muscle functions. That is only one aspect of nuclear fallout mixed with seawater.

      • Homolumina Homolumina

        Razz, as a layperson in nuclear things – are you saying that over time all water in the ocean will be radioactive ?

        • Shaker1

          I think more to the point is creating a method of elemental exposure that expresses radioactivity, what might be termed 'synthetic' isotopes. I imagine that at one time or another just about all elements we find naturally was radioactive, and what are stable elements are the end of those radioactive cycles. We're at a point in time where it seems stable elements are the most common in our little corner of reality. If you refer to the page I cited for zogerke, there are excellent explanations, and the more complex can be passed over. The charts are straight-foward.

        • razzz razzz

          Homolumina: I am a lay person as much as the next person but I did (forced myself) read up on nuclear power plants and basic radioactivity plus a little history.

          I was referring the melted fuel being without containment. Nuke fuel is normally in a nice controlled pool of water where the water can cool the fuel and shield most of the nasty radioactive rays. The Daiichi melts are free with nothing to stop them from radioactively contaminating everything the rays can reach, be it neutrons, particle waves, magnetic waves, protons, heat waves, cosmic type waves or whatever else radioactivity is capable of producing besides chemical reactions (gasses).

          Radioactive elements decay into stable elements so it would take a lot to energized an entire ocean at once then wait for it to decay away and be safe again. That probably happened when earth first came into existence but time passed and radioactive elements decayed away. Daiichi is more like a slow bleed lending time for the nuke waste to decay but at the same time creating more nuke stuff to contend with.

          I doubt scientists completely comprehend the situation. Because the Pacific is so large they don't expect ocean animal and plant life to die off from radioactivity. In time we will see. They haven't stopped the fallout flows yet. Hot spots will become a worry where radioactivity collects for different reasons either in the food chain or amasses on land or in water.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        My muscles ache and my nerves sting/tingle for no reason.. 🙁

        • name999 name999

          obewan, I have surmised that the muscle aches are from Cesium.

          • We Not They Finally

            SOME muscle aches are from lack of magnesium. And it's uranium that displaces magnesium in the body and we've had a lot of uranium dumped on us from the sky. And magnesium caps are actually a good way to go but some minimal protection.

            That said, maybe other radionuclides can cause this too. I wake up every morning now with aching muscles. Most disconcerting. Also CRAZY sleep disruption — like no circadian rhythms left.

            Nick had suggested some posts back that maybe sleep disruptions, which seem more common now, are effects of radioactivity on neuro-hormones like serotonin and melatonin. Don't know if that's so but maybe worth looking into.

            Meanwhile, we got walloped with something fierce from WIPP here in Albuquerque, even though we were NOT supposed to be in the wind patterns. Landed my other half with (literally) off-scale thyroid disruption timed right to the blow-up, which an astute doctor has been diligent enough to address medically. But whether that was cesium, or yet more I-131, or something else, we may never know.

            Oh, cesium displaces potassium, so the much-maligned banana can actually help — also potatoes. Most people don't know it, but bee pollen is also an excellent source of potassium, so long as one is not allergic. And carrots, if produce can be considered safe.

    • Shaker1

      zogerke, try:

      Explains the properties, common usages, nuclides and isotopes, natural and synthetic forms and parent isotopes. Excellent and concise source for elemental information.

    • name999 name999

      Isn't sulfur an agent used in chemtrails to control weather?

  • Nick

    mairs….looks like the tactic worked, derailed thread and put it in cold shutdown.

    Back to topic:

    Remember when we were told that the amount of radioactive sulfur wasn't a concern for California?

    Then there is this..

  • jackassrig

    If Arnie were our only problem, we be as happy as Sitting Bull sitting on a new blanket. Those 6 reactors are the problem.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "lasted over 7 months"
    Since there is I-131 measured in Chiba sewage sludge continuously, from 3/11/2011 until now, with the biggest spike ever recorded during the Fukushima Catastrophy coming in 6/15/2013. You have to conclude that criticalities at Fukushima are still ongoing, more than 3 years later. The cores of the 3 rogue nuclear reactors are still producing a lot of energy!
    The halflife of I-131 is 8 days.
    I-131 is produced by an ongoing critical nuclear reaction.
    Have a nice day. 😉
    No nukes!
    Isolate the Fukushima Rogue Nuclear Reactors now!

    • hbjon hbjon

      Yes. The energy production during the cold shutdown has been significant. Enough additional energy to raise the wind speeds of tornadoes and typhoons downwind of the disaster. A way to stop the energy production must be conceived and achieved.

    • +10000000000000 bingo… you win the prize of the day for this thread.. despite heroic efforts to derail and hijack the conversation.

      Which reactor(s) or spent fuel pool(s) will you pick? 1, 2 or 3 or 4?

      How many of the SFP's and coriums in how many locations are still hot lava active and bubbling away?

      Because no pro nuclear industry folks want to know, the answer may never come out, but the evidence is very clear..

      Radioactive iodine in sewage treatment plants all the way down to Tokyo..

      • hbjon hbjon

        It is what it is if is is the true description of what strikes the senses at any given moment in time. Therefore, the definition of "is" is the current state of a situation that has been interpreted in truth and honesty. Fukushima is a complex situation of unforeseen phenomena.

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        Dr. Goodheart:
        My guess, as good as any guess, I suspose, is that there are THREE living underground Rogue Nuclear Reactors, from Reactors1,2,&3.
        I do not believe that the explosion at Reactor3, blew out 100% of the core, leaving little nuclear material to melt down, or to melt out, as some suggest.
        I do not believe that 94 tonnes of fuel in Reactor2 ended up in the Torus or Torus Basement, as some suggest. I do not believe that the 3 cores attained a temperature of merely 2,700C, from decay heat alone, as TEPCO engineers, and the entire nuclear industry, claim, and that the core temperature is much less by now.

        I believe that molten core temperatures rose to about 5,000C, heated by continuous and ongoing criticalities.
        I believe that criticalities in the 3 cores are still occuring today.

        That temperature, 5,000C, would have…
        Melted the core out of the Containment Vessel.
        Melted the core out of the reactor building.
        And has melted the core deep into the Earth.

        I further believe that I-131 ABSOLUTELY PROVES ONGOING CRITICALITIES.
        Ongoing criticalities, in turn, prove that the heat of the corium exceeded 2,700C, and hence proves that the cores are no longer in Containment, nor within the Reactor Buildings.
        If I am wrong, prove it to me, TEPCO.

        Where IS the damn corium, eh, TEPCO? 😉

        • Double down on the bet..

          And triple second that emotion.

          Where are the coriums, TEPCO?

          Where are the coriums, Japan?

          Where are the coriums, nuclear industry?

          • Only 30+ nuclear reactor meltdowns and counting since the atomic age began.

            When will the next ones be?

          • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

            The reactor cores are mostly splattered…not so much in blobs beneath the units…

            Pieces and chunks and dust…screaming, searing f-ing dust…

            The reactors were built on the ocean. The ocean is beneath each unit. Regardless if whether there are any big chunks that made it beneath the units…everything is getting washed out of the buildings…directly into the ocean.

            All of the dust, all of the chunks and bits. Hosed into the ocean. Each one of those pieces of dust that came directly from fuel rods has the ability to activate non-radioactive materials around them.

            Ene just recently put up the video about the hot particle reading 40 Quintillion bq/kg…

            Something that hot is going to activate everything around it for thousands of years.

            There are probably millions of such-sized pieces…and billions of the smaller ones…trillions of atoms…moving everywhere, all the time.

            None of them are subject to borders or treaties. They don't discriminate in any way. They are completely merciless, heartless…ice cold but screaming hot.

            Only waves of love stands a chance.

        • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice


          5000C seems a bit high. At that temperature the Uranium (boiling point 4131C) and Plutonium (boiling point 3228C) would have boiled away and turned to gas.

          Wikipedia list the temp of corium as high as 2800C.

          Long ago we should have designed and built a large scale remediation digger/excavator/chopper made of Tungsten and carbon graphite that won't melt until over 3400C. Maybe sitting on a barge somewhere ready to go to any one of 450 nuclear power plants at a moments notice.

          To dig up coriums.

          Not saying that's accurate, but your figures would turn the core into vapor.

          • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

            You make an excellent statement about the digger/excavator/whatever.

            The point is, we DO need to develop methodologies focused on rapid-response and the tools to REALLY do the job.

            The goal is to abolish the creation of man-made nuclear material in all forms…but we must also prepare for the next 200 million years of nuclear stewardship!

            Looks to me like there is no such thing as un-employment for…ever. That's looking on the bright side…

            The establishment of an international team of all-or-nothing meltdown-responders is imperitive…even if we expect to have a chance getting through the next 30 years.

            There will be more meltdowns…starting any moment. where is the team that is able to respond to another Fukushima-scale event, somewhere else in the world?

            I totally support the construction of a sufficient break-water around the Daiichi AND Daiini facilities immediately.

            Just think about the amount of material that is wasted in the cities and the suburbs…even in a single month. People are chipping up trees and sending it off to dumps, or burning it. There is more than enough material to build these breakwaters, and I could do it off of Japan's waste, alone.

            I stand by that.

            I'd even give the credit to Mrs. Abe…

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Japan is Toast! 🙁

    • bf9 bf9

      Yep- 131I means ongoing criticality, period. 80 days after the fact, you may find some…but spiking to all time highs closer to 800 days later (100 half lives)? That proves it without a shadow of a doubt, those things were poppin' in June of '13 and they're likely still poppin' now.

    • We Not They Finally

      Yes, Philip, we've gathered that I-131 is a pretty good indicator of new fissioning since it has a short half-life. Thanks for this.

      It's obviously also the big thyroid wrecker. Something timed exactly to WIPP sent husband's thyroid ape/whacko/shutdown — though we're slowly bringing it back. I was symptomatic exactly at that time too — not as severe, but definitely weird and definitely tied to WIPP. The point being that we got "plumed" with SOMETHING, whatever the wind patterns seemed to say.

      I-131 might be the most common culprit for that, but new fissioning was hardly our first thought with WIPP! So we are left puzzled about what toxic nuke-puke came fuming out of WIPP. No one official is talking of course, but sometimes when people pool their own experiences for a specific time, it's possible to figure it out.

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    Portugal Man I can't recall the person who recommended this music but I really like their song Modern day Jesus and want to thank you as I'm always searching for new good music Kudos

  • dosdos dosdos

    "My guess is that the MOX fuel will have significant Pu-238 and this could create a very active source for neutron production."

    My problem with this is that unit #3 detonated and scattered the melted fissionables all over the place for miles. There wasn't enough MOX left in the reactor to create a neutron flow of the magnitude as is being explained here. That means it was #1, #2, or #4 SFP, and it was a criticality that excited the chlorine.

  • Nick

    Razz above spoke of salt-water/nuclear reactors do not go well together.

    This is a very important aspect to realize about F3 or Fukushima Fallout Fiasco. By using seawater as an emergency coolant, strange goodies resulted, spewing into the biosphere at an astronomical rate.

    The stuff that got into the atmosphere is quite possibly altering our protective blanket of air. Who knows what the ionizing atoms are up to in the wild blue yonder?

    Then there are the nano-particles which act as seeds for precipitation and possibly block some sunlight (the sulfuric compounds are known to do that).

    Imagine putting gasoline into a diesel engine. It won't work.

    The sea water was a LAST DITCH effort to save Japan. In a sense, I guess it worked, for the time being. But the resulting radioactive stew is beyond what high-priced computer modelers planned on.

    We are no longer in Kansas, Toto.

    • 4Warnd 4Warnd

      Nick, wrote: "Imagine putting gasoline into a diesel engine. It won't work."

      I happen to have first hand knowledge of that one: bought a TDI VW and wanted a different color. Driver from another dealer crashed and burned (not really) after stopping to "gas up the tank" car was toast.

    • Can you say bucky balls?

      Bucky balls for everyone…

      • Ontological Ontological

        It's a Bucky ball blizzard Doc, and is starting to drift on the lee side of things. Trees, rocks, houses. Not too hot here in S Nv. but not so great 1100+ cpm. many have been forced to paint here due to the fine black soot as everyone calls it. In a place where there is normally no "soot" after they changed the pollution laws to no diesel fuel in large displacement engines here 12 years ago. Wind blows dust off the homes eventually, this blackness only comes with higher reading waves, and sticks electrostatically to where it "drifted" into. The longer this saltwater/corium interaction takes place, the more radioactive Sulfur, Cesium chloride, Bucky balls by the quadrillions, and so much more will be formed.

    • rogerthat

      razz, nick, agree, Salt water is the magic ingredient to make radioactive stew. The NRC was aware of the downside at the time. Once done can't be undone, alas.
      So if you can't fix it, don't tell. No wonder they trot out the shills and trolls, they are frightened that everyone will learn about the ogre they have unleashed on the world.

  • Japan Radioactive Iodine 131 In Sewage Sludge Levels RISING Since March 2011 To 2013 – Why? via @AGreenRoad

  • Dr. Paolo Scampa – 9 Tons Of Radiotoxic Isotopes Came Out Of Fukushima, Enough To Kill The Whole Human Race By Internal Radiation; via @AGreenRoad

    • Socrates

      My guess is that people will start getting sick, may die, and will pass on mutations – to the extent that the mutations are not fatal, as most are. The latency period is long for most cancers. That's how nuke-liars have gotten away with this for so long. If high levels of morbidity and mortality occurred day one, nuclear power would never have been developed. Unfortunately, the latency period for recessive mutations can be twenty generations. Most cancers take four to forty years.

      I expect the epidemiologists to be able to make this association, first with 131I, then with 134/137Cs, and then Pu. As the oceanic plume hits the West Coast and begins concentrating with vectors of sea food and sea spray, and with the 90Sr, you will not want to live in California. But what the hell do I know. I inhaled whatever was in the big atmospheric plume following 3-11.

      We are all on the deck of the USS Reagan, just further away. The distance is just one factor. On the West Coast, we are still in the plume (s).

      When folks see their loved ones die and realize that they were lied to, what will stand between those responsible and the pitchforks in a worst case scenario? You can fool all of the people some of the time…. etc. Lying to people to cover up their cause of cancer will require control of all media and science, including the medical and legal communities. Should we become a dictatorship just to avoid this responsibility?

      • Homolumina Homolumina

        As always Socrates, a brilliant assessment – thank you, sending out gratitude and love to the enenews community. There is so much to grief for…

      • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

        The institutions and the programming of the public mind is already complete…

        They make people think that "cigarettes" are the cause of cancer instead of the plutonium that lands on the leaves of the fields sprayed with horrible–also carcinogenic–chemicals…

        Then they have the cancer societies…and the walk for this, and walk for that…

        But they are not referencing man made radio-isotopes as even a POSSIBILITY.

        They've created a never-ending quest for "the cure to cancer"…because there is no cure but to stop making it.

        The vast majority of people are still convinced that cancer is just something that lots of people get and it kills or maims them until they die. "It's terrible and we need to find a cure."

        How about, stop making everything that's a known carninogen? Ever think of that, cancer center?

        No. The cancer center floors are paved in marble…with expensive furniture and tight carpeting…not that any of it is better…but just because it's 'expensive'.

        Don't participate or donate to another cancer society until they put it in their mission statement to abolish nuclear in all forms. That's EASY for everyone to do. Make that global.

        Don't be fooled by Thorium, either. Ads are saying "the smart investors get in now!" These people are f-ing gross. And stupid.

        We should just switch all their assets to fake replicas so these people can "play who's f-ing grossest" with something inconsequential.

      • A truly Socratic insight…

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Moms and Dads took their kids outside, they didn't know the dangers.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Could be?! ROFLMAO. ARE a neutron source more like it.

  • tarpus

    Tried to say it months ago but was shouted down

  • Wooster

    "John E. Kelly, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Reactor Technologies in the Office of Nuclear Energy, April 17, 2011: […] My guess is that…"

    This is what I find so incredibly disturbing. Three years on and the most renowned nuclear experts in the world are still guessing about what might have happened!

    When they built these plants did they really have so little idea of what would happen in a meltdown?

    • name999 name999

      wooster, or are they just lying to escape responsibility.

      • Socrates

        In this situation, kicking the can down the road a few years would prevent the POTUS from being labeled as the BP spill and Fukushima president. In both instances, it was proclaimed as "no immediate" threat….

        Most liabilities are deferred, if possible. Statutes of limitation may run, witnesses disappear, retroactive immunity granted, wars started as diversions…

        • 4Warnd 4Warnd


          This is the question: you spake "When they built these plants did they really have so little idea of what would happen in a meltdown?"

          You know how it is, some chapters get skipped, or unwritten altogether. Then there is this – optimistic folly of humanity's infinite hubris.

          We may learn, of course, but then likely too late.

          • We Not They Finally

            I think they are fine playing Russian roulette with all of us, so long as they think the barrel of the gun is not aimed at THEM.

            And being psychopathic, they are fine that people are struck down randomly, so it cannot be traced to them.

            It's all pretty demonic.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

              I think that the ruling families know nothing about nuclear physics or about survival or anything else because they have been cushioned by money and power. I think that they thought they could really keep making money off reactors that should have never been built and which were old and shouldn't have had MOX fuel in them and should have been decommissioned. When all you know is money and power as the elites have from inheritance and not merit, they think that they are invincible. They should have studied nuclear physics. Those who created the atom bomb knew that they had destroyed the world. Other nuclear physicists have also warned against nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons. But the idiot elite have no brains or even commonsense. That is why they are still selling and building more nuclear power plants. They think that nothing will happen to them, but radiation is no respecter of persons. Their hubris will kill them the way they are killing everyone else. It is the story of flawed mankind from the beginning of their creation and will bring about the exist of our species and all life on earth.

      • bafflegab

        A favorite tactic

        What chance do ordinary people have of understanding nuclear ANYTHING, if the EXPERTS are dumbfounded and baffled?

  • Remember the neutron beam that was detected multiple times in March and April?

    Thursday, March 24, 2011
    Neutron beam observed 13 times
    Kyodo News

    Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Wednesday it has observed a neutron beam, a kind of radioactive ray, 13 times on the premises of its crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant.

    Tepco said the neutron beam measured about 1.5 km southwest of the plant's Nos. 1 and 2 reactors over three days from March 13 and is equivalent to 0.01 to 0.02 microsieverts per hour. This is not a dangerous level of radiation, it added. [end]

    Me here: I'm going back and looking at my old blog posts from those early days in March and April 2011. I suspect the links in the Japanese media articles are not still active.

    I also found one, which I'll post below, on very high levels of radioiodine that were reported at the same time frame as the neutron beams

    • 1,250.8 times the legal limit for iodine-131:

      Levels of radioactive materials soaring in sea near nuke plant
      TOKYO, March 26, Kyodo

      Levels of radioactive materials are skyrocketing in the sea near the crisis-hit nuclear power station in Fukushima Prefecture, the government's nuclear safety agency said Saturday, while the plant's operator has started injecting fresh water into the No. 2 reactor core to enhance cooling efficiency.

      According to the government's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, radioactive iodine-131 at a concentration 1,250.8 times the legal limit was detected Friday morning in a seawater sample taken around 330 meters south of the plant, near the drain outlets of its troubled four reactors.

      The level rose to its highest so far in the survey begun this week, after staying around levels 100 times over the legal limit. It is highly likely that radioactive water in the plant has disembogued into the sea, Tokyo Electric Power Co said….

      • One more oldie but relevant goodie:

        TEPCO: Radiation From Fukushima May Be Worse Than Chernobyl Apr. 12 2011 -By OSHA GRAY DAVIDSON "

        "An official of Fukushima nuclear power plant operator TEPCO concedes that “the amount of (radioactive) leakage could eventually reach that of Chernobyl or exceed it.” "The statement followed an announcement yesterday by the Japanese government that it was raising the “significance level” of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant (FDI) to a 7 on the International Nuclear Events Scale — a classification previously only assigned to the 1986 Chernobyl disaster…. …

        The statement by TEPCO underscores that the fact that the situation at FDI is still in flux; radiation is still entering the environment from some of the reactors, and more explosions with even greater releases of radioactivity are possible. A complete resolution to the crisis is likely several months away…."

        • They changed the wording in the above article to;

          "In its announcement, the Japanese government had stressed that the total amount of radiation released from FDI was just 1/10 the amount produced by Chernobyl."

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          "…A complete resolution to the crisis is likely several months away…."
          A resolution is undoubtedly a million years away or more. Sayonara world.

        • Wow! More evidence of propaganda.

          I stored everything. The early articles were full of disclosures. For example, Robert Alvarez told us in March 2011 that:

          On average, spent fuel ponds hold five-to-ten times more long-lived radioactivity than a reactor core. Particularly worrisome is the large amount of cesium-137 in fuel ponds, which contain anywhere from 20 to 50 million curies of this dangerous radioactive isotope. With a half-life of 30 years, cesium-137 gives off highly penetrating radiation and is absorbed in the food chain as if it were potassium.

          …A single spent fuel pond holds more cesium-137 than was deposited by all atmospheric nuclear weapons tests in the Northern Hemisphere combined. Earthquakes and acts of malice are considered to be the primary events that can cause a major loss of pool water. [end]

          I'm getting depressed. I feel like effects are beginning to unfold more rapidly in North America.

  • We Not They Finally

    All "active even seven months after" means is active AT LEAST seven months after. That number may have been artificially selected because it was about the time that they claimed "cold shutdown," a complete lie.

    • Same goes for 'decommissioning'..

      Both terms make it sound like a day in the park, just having a picnic.

      It is still totally out of control, absolute emergency situation.

      3 coriums, or MORE, still fissioning

      Open air radiation releases, no filters, no control.

      Steaming ground and reactor #3

      Hot particles continue to stream out

      Ungodly amounts of radiation going into ocean

      Yup, just your average 'cold shutdown' fairy tale, so you can't get to sleep tonight.

      • 4Warnd 4Warnd

        Dr. Goodheart wrote:

        "Both terms make it sound like a day in the park, just having a picnic."

        Reminds me of the aphorisms: "Walk in the park" and "dead in the water" where the synthesis becomes "dead in the park" which describes where the Japanese are with this radiation spread upon our lovely, green Earth.

        Oh, forgot. That's us too. Damn.

    • The article's methodology for air sampling:

      [excerpt] The aerosol samples were collected from March through September 2011 using a high-volume air sampler. [end]

      Air samples were collected at six locations near the Daiichi site, all of which are research institutes within Japan.

      So, the article doesn't discuss data past September.

      It is quite obvious that ongoing fission can easily be proven with isotope analysis.

      Let us DEMAND TRANSPARENCY while we are still able.

  • Nick

    A source of neutrons can convert Chlorine into radioactive sulfur.

    You have to understand atomic physics to "see" how this happens.

    I suspect that the seawater flooding the awol reactors created a vast stew of bizarre atoms, some very biologically reactive and deadly.

    My guess is that we will start to see an increase in strange illnesses and loved ones will perish unexpectedly.

    When the uptick is registered by enough humans, it will be too late to slow the demise of many of us.

    I wish, oh how I wish, that my brain-pan is wrong on this score, but my
    cesium infected heart, my strontium-90 laced bones, my plutonium infiltrated lungs, my radioactive sulfur testicles, my iodine 131 ravaged thyroid, and my whateverthefuckisotoped neurons, tell me I am dead right.

    So are many of us.

    Happy Friday, all.

    • A true Nickism…

      "my cesium infected heart, my strontium-90 laced bones, my plutonium infiltrated lungs, my radioactive sulfurized testicles, my iodine 131 ravaged thyroid, and my whateverthefuckisotoped neurons, tell me I am dead right"

      • Where are those medical centers where people can get their kids tested for internal radiation?

        Do medical folks know how to look for bio accumulated radioactive elements via various medical tests?

  • We Not They Finally

    With the latest decision by the Supreme Court the American so calle d elections become a further Joke as they are now 100& bought and paid for by the Corporations…Anyone who knows of a sensible place to live Were are all up for suggestions including the great Germany who stand ahead of most countries in progressiveness.