Experts on Fukushima Plant: “It’s a pipe dream” — “Basically, we are groping in the dark” — “Like going to war with bamboo sticks” — “Like the fog of war”

Published: March 7th, 2013 at 12:56 am ET


Title: Insight: Japan’s Long War to shut down Fukushima
Source: Reuters
Date: March 5, 2013

  • “It’s like going to war with bamboo sticks,” said Takuya Hattori, president of the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum and a 36-year veteran of [Tepco]
  • “It’s a pipe dream,” Michio Ishikawa said of the four-decade target shortly before he retired last year as chief adviser at the Japan Nuclear Technology Institute, adding it could take decades more.
  • “It’s like the fog of war,” said John Raymont, president of U.S.-based Kurion Inc, which supplied a water treatment system briefly used to filter contaminated water at the plant. “They are only now getting to know what the problem looks like.”
  • “This kind of job has never been done,” said Keiro Kitagami, a former lawmaker who headed a government task force overseeing R&D for the project. “The technology, the wherewithal, has never been developed. Basically, we are groping in the dark.”

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Published: March 7th, 2013 at 12:56 am ET


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16 comments to Experts on Fukushima Plant: “It’s a pipe dream” — “Basically, we are groping in the dark” — “Like going to war with bamboo sticks” — “Like the fog of war”

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Japan will never be the same, thanks to nuclear.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    You never hear about scientists testing Pacific Ocean Tuna for carbon. That's because life on this planet is carbon based. Petroleum beats nuclear hands down. Solar and wind power beat petroleum hands down. Global warming. Ok, it will get hotter. Nuclear has its own special type of heat. It kills with hot particles of radiation. It makes you get cancer, and your children are born with defects. Trying to reason with pro nuke people is like a pipe dream . Its like groping in the dark. Its like going to war with bamboo sticks. It's like trying to cut butter with a knife at -320 degrees Celsius. You won't condemn your children and your great great great children to lives of trying to fix Hanford type radiation leaks, if you burn fossil fuel. It may be hotter, but at least your grand children will be born with legs instead of flippers. We should stop using cars though. We should ride horses. When it's time to get a new horse, your horse probable has offspring to ride. Who can afford a new car? I'm talking about let's go back to the old ways. Hey, not so bad. We have ipods and gel saddles.

  • pure water

    All the enthusists for building new reactors should start in Fukushima as ordinary workers and then given the opportunity to be caregivers for cancer patients. Thy can read the words of people there and still dream their atomic illusions which are just nightmares for so many people.

    • Sol Man

      pw: It has created horrible conditions everywhere. There couldn't be a more flawed business model. It is difficult to know how much more of a safe world would have been created if we had never trod this path, and instead gone into alternatives with gusto.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      @pure water;I can attest to the nightmares and after comforting my wife for the past 4 hrs 27 mins since the 1st of a series of worsening seizures and pain wracking her body until I finally got an extra 1/2 dose of her primary anti-seizure meds that I'm hoping will allow us to avoid calling the ambulance since they don't transport patients to her hospital where her cancer,seizures,asthma,lymphodema,sleep apnea,etc. is treated by Dr.'s & Specialists familiar with her case history. People already dealing with health issues like hers already have weakened immune systems and the cancer,treatment methods and likelihood of continuous exposures combined with medical radiation that scares me and undoubtedly contributes greatly to our situation-which is the one I dreaded since 311, but "knew" was gonna start hurting people I knew but even more to my horror that it be anyone to whom I held so dear to me!!?? All of the enthusiasts for building new reactors are already in a situation where Fukushima radiation has BECOME "ordinary" and they WILL have an opportunity to become cancer caregivers or patients and many WILL live my nightmare whether sooner or later than my wife's began following 311!!(?) Aside from those who KNOWINGLY conduct harmful activities who may be responsible, I wouldn't wish for a "simple"(in every way)"enthusiast" of the construction of more of these things except for those "in the know" who go ahead with foolish plans anyway who deserve it! 🙁 ~**

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        "an opportunity to become cancer caregivers or patients and many WILL live my nightmare whether sooner or later", says Johnny Blade. So sorry to hear about your wife's cancer issues. Hoping for the best, as are we all.

        In this, you are right: In Japan, the story is to become the merely sick caring for the dying. Still births, abortion, and birth control will add to the precipitous population decline. The economy will tank, and Japan will become a third world country. Perhaps Hawaii, the US mainland, and the rest of the world will follow. Sad beyond words.

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          @PhillipUpNorth; +311, and thanks for the kind word and wishes! I know I might make mention of my families personal plight a bit often but that's because the tasks & sentiment associated with being a cancer caregiver for the person I care for the most of all and whom I always assumed would outlive me by at least the 8 years I'm her senior has been sickened by causes "unknown" but I have strong suspicions have been influenced by,or directly resulting from the actions of the nuke industry that could've been avoided(?)!! My "gut" also tells me that there's a large spike in cancer cases in Japan that also began with Fukushima NPP post-311 contaminants that's being downplayed along with the 311 disaster that "must" be a contributing factor(?)!! Living in Chicago close enough to a few of the eleven NPP's in IL to be included in "nuke accident release plume projections evacuation zones" which typically has planned shutdowns for refueling,etc. that includes "venting" occasionally and "leaking" constantly already put my wife and IL residents at risk of becoming sick and/or dying & Fukushima seems to have ensured it!(?) How could those living in Japan NOT be seeing a sudden increase in illnesses & deaths largely & logically attributable to the environmental conditions thanks to the TEPCO's and their collaborators??!! I have this undeniable "feeling" that all of our lives would be radically different for the better had we NOT been exposed to excess radiation! 😐 ~**

          • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

            P.S., I've recently been told by someone close to me that my ranting about Fukushima for almost 2 years straight "sounds like a broken record"!~I replied "THANK YOU"!!-"that means you actually listened to me at some point and might remember what is at stake whenever you hear of Fukushima and the issue of radioactive contamination comes up"!! I guess when they clean the cesium-enriched shit from their spouses diaper-clad ass then they'll be out here angrily spouting contemptuous, but well-founded accusations "in the right direction" a little bit sooner than had they never heard of 311/Fukushima/#1 nuclear disaster and the loathsome policy of denial stubbornly clung to by the industry & govt. entities who collude to get their bomb-grade nuclear fuel sources "off the hook" and continue shielding "the biggest LIE(s)!! I don't wish to scare or add negativity to anyone's life but I sure as hell won't help propagate the lies spewing from the source of unhappiness for my loved ones and those who manage to block harsh realities from their minds until it's their turn to suffer??!! The "critics" of vehemently anti-nuclear activists will know what I know soon enough, but I'm still compelled to give them a "heads up" so they know where to point their fingers when whole family's,cities,countries,etc. have entire populations found to be suffering from cancer! It's not far from that scenario right now I'd bet??!! ~ 😐 ~**

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    …like wildly stabbing in the dark…


    “They are only now getting to know what the problem looks like.”

    It would appear humanity woke to find itself sealed within the lead-lined coffin of nuclear power. Scream – laugh – cry…makes no difference…

  • nedlifromvermont

    powerful image, Aftershock!

    peace …


      believe me nedli, I didn't want to pen those words. They're terrifying.

      I get the feeling we're experiencing a Pyrrhic victory with the demise of this deadly technology. Aside from the paid 'sleepers' they keep sending up to this site, 'they' all know they're at the end of the line with this technology. Problem is, with these endless revelations, I'm sensing we're – all – at the end of the line! Their cost-cutting-stupidity has undercut the very foundation of life on this planet. They've turned it into a virtual wasteland! And for what?! For all expense-paid memories with motel room whores? I'd like to say "Let this be a lesson!"…but to whom? Neither the air, earth or water are safe for future generations…

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        +311 AFTERSHOCK!! Well said! &(unfortunately)TRUE! TPTB claim that their efforts to reduce the harmful impacts of "panic"-a logical & "expected" reaction following news of an international crisis with harmful implications for all, rather than admit their mistakes & wrongdoings related to a technology that was NEVER a viable solution to ANYTHING except the problems facing mass-murderers seeking maximum overkill solutions to fulfill their need to destroy life! I'm sure they justify their actions by focusing on the problems associated with overpopulation and the worst examples of humanity as excuses but consider everyone else besides themselves as "expendables"! Their sentiment will be stubbornly held & "felt" by ALL as they'll carry it to their own graves if need be rather than admitting they were WRONG and doing what needed to be done long ago to stem the tide of global contamination & bio-accumulation they are responsible for!(?) There's a lot more "good" things in the world and even inside of most people than our planet & species deserves to be written off just because their blood money can't "buy" the qualities and values & good times & memories that regular folks who scrape & scramble to survive corporate enslavement and still manage to retain morals & values the "elite" WISHES they had in their black hearts!! ~311-NEVER FORGET!!~ 🙁 **


          you're hit'n on all cylinders, Johnny Blade. I like how you've highlighted their innumerable rationalizations. My intuition tells me it's gone beyond causalities; that other than money, they have zero control over what's happening on this planet. In truth, they're incompetents. So, what it really gets down to, we're being annihilated by small minded intellects. My reassurance rests in knowing they're going, too! They may be no justice on this planet, but that doesn't stop the universe from drawing its sword…