Explosion heard near heavily damaged No. 4 reactor

Published: May 31st, 2011 at 9:51 am ET


Sound Of Explosion Heard At Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant -Kyodo, Dow Jones, May 31, 2011:

[T]he sound of an explosion was heard at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex, but radiation levels haven’t increased and no injuries were reported, Kyodo News reported. […]

Tepco said it was possible that a machine ruptured a buried gas tank, causing the explosion, the report said.

Reuters.jp translation: A nuclear explosion in the vicinity of Unit 4, Fukushima, Tokyo Electric Power No change in dose

Published: May 31st, 2011 at 9:51 am ET


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198 comments to Explosion heard near heavily damaged No. 4 reactor

  • brian


    watch the tbs and tepco cam on the same page

  • PG

    Explosion? Deliberate I wonder? One would think you would see some more smoke first, maybe a fire second, then an explosion from the #4 pool, but who knows. With 200+ r/hr coming from #1 it wouldn’t seem possible for anyone to be on site including demolitions…and that is a big ‘if’ those numbers are accurate there as well. My next question would be, how can they ‘hear’ an explosion from 20 miles away?.. and if they did, how could they tell which reactor it came from? On site audio w/transmitters? hmmm.

    Yet another basket full of ‘ifs’ and ‘maybe’s’. This entire disaster looks like the gulf oil disaster all over again. Web cam on, web cam off, maybe this, maybe that….

    • J. F. Sebastian

      True, and if there were another explosion that increased radiation, it wouldn’t be detectable if the radiation was already immeasurable levels.

    • Slow News Day

      Sounds like fun, can I drive?

      People would pay to drive some big machine around by remote control. Bumping into an occasional oxygen tank would just make it more fun.


      How about some helium so I can talk like the Munchkins in the Wizard of Oz?

  • bfly

    Am I making it up? or can you see” embers’?

    • Idou

      I think you are seeing an instance of radiation interacting with the digital camera. I was able to capture an instance here: http://idouhost.dyndns.org/fs/fs_comparison20110601.jpg

      I have also noticed that those white blips appear to fluctuate in frequency. Might be able to indirectly use this footage if we had specifics on distance, height and the camera itself to verify the radioactivity data TEPCO is providing.

  • Nevadan

    So, likelihood of it really being a damaged gas cylinder?

  • Does anyone else see “steam” or smoke arising from the top of the far right building at this link?

  • ocifferdave

    journalist living 10 years in Japan interviews parents docs school admins about child safety/radiation

  • anne

    One live cam has lights, the other does not. Do we really expect the truth out of TEPCO or Japan?

    • Manifest Irony

      Oh jeez, for the last time: one camera is close to the plant, the other is far away. Ever use a camera flash to light up a distant mountain? It doesn’t work for the same reason. It’s no conspiracy, just physics.

  • You are right Anne
    no lights on this link

    in contrast, lights on this one

    although the cameras could be focused on different sides of the building, the first link shows no light at all…

  • definitely some large amounts of steam/smoke coming up over the bushes on the far right…

  • What reactor is that on the far right?


    The one with steam or other effluent coming off it.

  • Koriyamaboy

    TEPCO reports that the explosion was an oxygen cylinder. But they have said many things (2 months later) haven`t they?

    • Scary thing was they said it was **likely** which was not so assuring for me to read personally!

    • Cindy

      What I think is interresting is that the workers have been checked for internal Radiation, and have been given Definate Radiation levels, and TEPCO says the workers ‘May’ have been exposed to high levels of radiation

      Its legal talk to not necessairly admit anything …

      • You seem to be clued in 😉

        But I am beginning to suspect it goes much further. I’ve felt for some weeks now that everything we are told is just script or placebo.

        Although it is very alarming, the site below is looking at the basis of the ‘disaster’ from a different angle. I reckon it is worth further research and consideration, far fetched as it may at first appear:-


        In this article the author asks us all:-

        “I challenge ANYONE to send me pictures of this quake showing me devastation in an area not hit by the tsunami. All we have, all the pictures are tsunami damage. Let’s see pictures of quake damage. The Kobe quake was a 6.9/7.2 depending on source. That makes this quake, at a 9.0 100X as powerful. Sendai was near the epicenter and would have been devastated if it really happened. Look at the earthquake photos of damage from the Kobe quake, and try to find ONE THING SIMILAR in SENDAI. Just try. They do not exist. Outside of the tsunami, the quake which supposedly hit Sendai with many times the power of the one in Kobe, did not damage a single building there. Sendai was only 48 miles from the epicenter of this “9.0” which would have devastated everything in an area 1,000 miles across if it was real. All of Japan would be toast. Try to find a photo of seismic damage in Sendai. I challenge you. Try to find it in any of the coastal cities, as little as 25 miles from the “epicenter”. I looked for 5 hours, and except for some tanks that fell at a brewery not a single one exists. No pictures of collapsed skyscrapers or high rises equals NO 9.0. You will not find a single skyscraper photo where the windows got broken either. You will find no downed power poles, no flipped over cars, no uprooted trees, no derailed trains (except for one the tsunami hit), and the road damage is typical of even a 5.0. You will not find pictures of a single damaged multi story building or even a structurally damaged…

        • … You will not find pictures of a single damaged multi story building or even a structurally damaged wood framed house outside the tsunami zone. In Sendai the quake messed up grocery stores and kitchens and that really is about it.”

          If there are any Japanese people from the Sendai region reading here, their experiences in surviving the March 11th 9.0 _earthquake_ (not tsunami) would be very much appreciated. Links to photos showing the devastation before the tsunami struck would be even more gratefully received.

          • Anna

            I looked at your link in the other thread. Wow, is all I can say. There IS a lack of photographed earthquake damaged buildings, that one would expect to see, with an earthquake that was supposedly this big.
            This kind of reminds me of the movie,” In Plane Site.”
            Maybe we have all been duped by the 9.0 earthquake “story.”

            I second your request for photos of earthquake damaged buildings BEFORE the tsunami hit. The plot may be thickening…

        • Major Domo

          This tour of evacuation zone would appear to put any doubt to rest.


          A Japanese news crew ventures into the evacuation zone some time in early April, driving all the way to the edge of afflicted plant. You can see for yourself the devastation from the Tsunami along their journey, and come to your own conclusions. Personally, I think it leaves little doubt, but you be the judge. There are a few other independent videos circulating, that you may draw similar conclusions from. Anyone suggesting this video is somehow staged, must be as crazy as the news crew appearing in this video.

          • Anna

            I looked at your link and it still looks like many of the buildings that were not in the tsunami are intact.
            Just say’n.

        • Mark V

          Sci Fi starts here. There was no EQ at all. One of the reactors went china way because of the compromised security and negligence, to save the buck you know. At some depth it encountered a BOOM which was mag 9 but somewhere near the shore of Fuku and not as deep as the natural earthquakes. Geological fault line somehow reflected the wave and it was the tsunami that caused most damage, not the earthquake that wasn’t. What happened later is another sci fi now with a company called tepco involved. By the way I believe there is a time machine.

          • Anna

            joeb’s link does not say that there wasn’t an earthquake. There was one but, it was in the level between 6-7 points not a 9.0

            A 9.0 should have caused a lot of structural damage yet, as you see in the video, most of the buildings are still intact. The ones not intact are the ones that got touched or destroyed by the tsunami.

          • Cassie

            Correlation doesn’t necessarily imply causation.

            Could the melt down and subsequent nuclear explosion have caused an earthquake
            and a tsunami?

            People have reported lights and elevated isotope readings a short period of time before the earthquake.


            I’m acquainted with hundreds of seismologists (earthquake scientists), and all of those lying sons of bitches claim to have measured the earthquake at 8.6 or higher.

            Scientists want to rule the world. Never trust any of them.

          • Sandra

            Japan uses a different earthquake scale. An estimate of 6 – 7 for them is huge because 7 is as high as their scale goes. It agrees with the 9.0 figure from elsewhere.

            Earthquake damage in some areas was obscured by the tsunami that followed. But check out pictures 35, 46 41, 44 and 45 at this site for a few shots of the damage. Even Tokyo suffered some damage, and that was from a quake north of the power plant, quite a distance away.


            There were pictures at the plant as the tsunami was arriving. There had been no explosions at the plant.

            Seeing some increases in atmospheric Radon before earthquakes is very interesting and might even help predict some, but radon doesn’t come from power plants or bombs. The earth no doubt releases more of that naturally occurring gas from stressed areas. That wasn’t “people” seeing increases, it was a satellite. As if people were starting at radiation monitors before anything happened.

            Loss of cooling by downed lines, a swept away fuel tank (in photos), and swept away pumps does show where the causation was.

            People might as well blame it on powerful sound waves from the dogs that bark before people feel earthquakes!

          • Anna

            Jim Stone writes:
            “I honestly believe Japan is being held a nuclear hostage. It all makes sense.

            1. Japan offers to enrich uranium for Israel’s GREAT SATAN, Iran

            2. Immediately, Israel sets up front companies masquerading as security companies, and one of them succeeds in getting a security contract at a Japanese nuclear facility. 4 months later the Dimona Dozen shows up, and under the cover of a security contract gets unlimited access to the heart of Fukushima. They plant the virus, install real cameras outside the facility, and functional poorly disguised nuke cameras inside the facility. In addition to this, they install an unauthorized data connection to allow control of all the guts of the facility via the virus. (they admitted to this connection, as discussed later on this page)

            3. After installing Stuxnet and the nukes they scram

            4. Israel waits for one of the many natural quakes in Japan to provide cover for a tsunami bomb, and they already have it at the bottom of the Japan trench….”

            I was wondering why the Israelis would plant the Stuxnet glich into a Japanese nuclear plant. And supposedly the Stuxnet is at some of the American reactors which would mean that Israel could also hold the US as a nuclear hostage. OK, this is all over my head so I will shut up. Just think’n. That’s all.


            God in heaven knows, we need a better explanation about the cause of this crisis.

            I think it’s impossible that this mess was caused by a killer earthquake and a brutal tidal wave.

            To blame the Jews is handy and original, of course, but I believe in Sandra’s theory about the barking dogs.

          • Kobe – compare please?

        • Lee Binder

          the EQ happened under the ocean with x-illions of tons of water pushing down on it. Enter ‘japan earthquake epicenter’ in Google image. From how I understand it these masses of water kind of “muffle” the effect which then is less on land. This was mainly a sea quake not a ‘land quake’. The main effect of a sea quake is a Tsunami. Therefore the effects of this 9.0 sea centered quake onto Japanese land was comparable to a much lesser degree quake with its epicenter on the land.

          • desertlabs

            Very interesting info.

          • Sandra

            Japan moved about 8 feet! It wasn’t just some vibration. It being centered in the ocean certainly didn’t make the effect on land minor. It was the largest known to have ever happened in Japan. The tsunami damage was greater, but that doesn’t mean the quake was small by any stretch of the imagination.
            A 9.0 is 100 times more powerful than a 7.0. The 7.0 or so aftershocks still killed people.


          • Anna

            Do you think it was possible for an atomic bomb to be placed in the Japan Trench in the ocean and when that was detonated it caused an earthquake and the tsunami?

            I guess what would tell us the most is if japan continues with it’s plans to enrich uranium for Iran.

            Jim Stone writes:

            “6. The Japanese government is going along with the story of a scientifically proven false 9.0. There is a reason, and my guess is that Israel has made threats to wipe out Japanese coastal cities with additional tsunamis if the government of Japan speaks a word of what went on, there should be no reason for Japan to go along with this other than a continued threat.

            Is it not interesting this “quake” reportedly happened at the bottom of the Japan trench, which would be perfect for hiding an atomic bomb blast?”
            End of quote.

        • Big Al

          Are you serious??? I was in the earthquake and was also in a nubmer 8 earthquake in Hokkaido in 2003 and let me assure you that this number 9 was absolutely massive. I was in Tokyo and watched in horror as my house and neighbours’ houses looked like ships on a wild ocean. I stood on the grass and watched waves move across it. It was bloody scary. Japanese houses are built to withstand earthquakes. Get over this fantasy adventure that it has somehow been made up. What a joke. PS At least two people were killed in Machida near where I live from a Costco carpark ramp collapsing in the earthquake. Or maybe that was a fabrication and the shop deliberately knocked it down, all part of the evil plot.

          • So why the vast difference in damage levels compared to Kobe, a mag7 earthquake?

            Conspiracy theories aside, how else can we account for the bizarre news releases by Kan & TEPCo – they still talk of repairing facilites that no longer exist. The daily drip seems as much a conspiracy as anything ‘Jim Stone’ has come up with.

            It is well known that the Japanese people lead the way when it comes to video documentation of _everything_, often regardless of their own safety, so surely Jim Stone’s challenge could be easily satisfied?


            “Japan has offered to provide Iran with enriched uranium to ease international concerns over the Islamic Republic’s controversial nuclear program, the Japanese Nikkei daily reported on Wednesday.”

            It should also be pointed out that the weight of evidence fully implicates Israel in the 9/11 disaster.


    No problems. They plan to decontaminate the entire area with blue goo:


    Problem solved. We can build 150 new nuclear plants now, as long as the goo is handy.

  • bfly

    Sometimes it looks like there is two fires.

  • Yashua

    You are welcome, my child.

  • N-plant worker regrets 17-yr career / Forced to leave Fukushima home, devotes self to caring for other evacuees

    Shigeto Tanaka / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff Writer

    KAWAMATAMACHI, Fukushima–Kenichi Togawa, 37, was standing nearby as an executive vice president of Tokyo Electric Power Co. knelt down at an evacuation shelter and bowed deeply, his forehead touching the floor.

    Residents of the shelter shouted angrily at the executive. “How long will you force us to live this kind of life?” one called out.

    It was March 30, at a shelter set up at a facility normally used for people to experience nature in Kawamatamachi, Fukushima Prefecture. About 160 people from Namiemachi and other municipalities near the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant were staying in the facility’s gym.

    At the time an employee of one of TEPCO’s subcontracting companies, Togawa could not keep watching. “I’m a victim, but I’m also a culprit,” he thought.

    Late one night, Togawa found an elderly person who could not walk well and had collapsed on the way to the toilet. He helped the person back to the gym.

    He also saw elderly and handicapped people with only one blanket to protect them against the cold. Togawa was struck with guilt, thinking, “This happened because we operated the nuclear plant.”

    Then he thought: “My colleagues are working desperately to prevent the nuclear crisis from worsening. I must work hard here to help these people.”

    In late March, the evacuees moved to the shelter at the nature facility, and Togawa became their leader. In mid-April, his company asked Togawa to work at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant in Niigata Prefecture. Instead, he resigned.

    Until recently, Togawa believed that he and his colleagues had implemented as many safety measures as possible at the No. 1 plant. The revelation that meltdowns occurred in the plant’s reactors has shaken that conviction.***


  • marsh

    did I see another explosion now, (1:13 local time)? strange light effects on R3 and R4

  • Japan could face overseas lawsuits from nuclear crisis



    photo: The anti-nuclear sentiment is strong in Germany where demonstrations, such as this one in September 2010, are a common sight. (Asahi Shimbun file photo)

    Japan faces the possibility of having to pay huge compensation to overseas victims of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant because it has yet to sign any international convention that defines procedures for filing lawsuits for damages from a nuclear accident that extend beyond a nation’s borders.


    • **There are three conventions which establish the standards for having the nation where a nuclear accident has occurred handle compensation lawsuits.

      One is the Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage (CSC), which was agreed to by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

      Japan had been asked by the United States to join the CSC and has been considering the move.

      However, because of a longheld myth in Japan that accidents would never occur at a nuclear plant and other considerations, no decision was made to sign the convention.

      Another factor that had been considered was the concerns that anyone in Japan who became a victim of a nuclear accident in a neighboring nation would have to go to the nation where the accident occurred in order to file any lawsuit for compensation.

      Because Japan has not signed the convention, if any damage from water contaminated from the radiation leaking from the Fukushima plant were to arise in the fishing industry of another nation or if rubble from the tsunami after the Great East Japan Earthquake were to become contaminated with radiation and drift ashore at another nation, victims in those nations would be able to file lawsuits in their own nation. **

    • Lee Binder

      The world needs to sue the he** out of the Japanese gov! Even though this will hit the Jap. people very hard, esp. in these times of recession and attempts to recuperate, very unfortunately in this world the lawsuit whip is the ONLY effective way to move things into a better direction. Penalty = pain = change. The more penalty the more change. In Germany 100.000 people were on the streets just recently. How many protestors were/are on the streets in Japan where the disaster is taking place? Just a fraction from what I know. If Fuku was in Germany there’s be MILLIONS on the street now! + millions in the neighboring countries! Honestly, fully aware of that I will offend Jap. readers: I have VERY little compassion for the Japanese re. this nuclear disaster (I do for the Tsunami, completely different story): the god-da** Jap. obedience to authority is at least as much as a cause for this GLOBAL disaster as is the quake and Tsunami! I believe in connectivity on ALL levels and therefore am 100% convinced that it is no coincident at all that this disaster happens in Japan, and not elsewhere. Look at how beautifully strong the green party (which, apart from active demonstrations, is the main force behind Germany’s nuclear exit) has been voted into power over the years. Where is Japan’s green party? Hardly existing, thanks to (the prevailing ignorance of?) the Japanese people.

      If you can, prove me wrong. I can’t even like what I wrote, but it seems that’s not what it’s about ..

      • Bread+Butter

        Lee, I think you’re being a litle too harsh here.
        People can only react if they are actually informed. This is clearly not the case in Japan, as in many other countries – and wasn’t the case for a long time in Germany as well (where I live).
        If people are not only uninformed, but intentionally MISLEAD over 50 years, it’s really hard to look behind the scenes, and act âgainst all obstacles (here’s where the Japanese culture comes into play, where – as far as I know – public outspokenness is NOT common sense.
        I think people there are changing their mindset now, but it’s hard for them.
        We should support them, if our support is wanted, with encouragement.

      • tony wilson

        lee the tragic part of this is for the japanese the moment of clarity will come at the point of death.
        or at the point of multiple deaths,only then will the coin drop that they have been told lie after lie.
        that or another very big messed up explosion when the magma hits the water table.
        compulsive liars do actually start to really believe the crap that comes out.
        japan is run as a corporation and the wheels must be kept turning even at the death point.these pigs are damaging are health and we have to sit and take it.

      • mothra

        I agree. These choices and practices won’t change until the profit is reduced – be it lawsuits, subsidies, remediation and/or insurance.

      • Lee Binder

        It has been analyzed by several institutions that the revolutions in the Arab world were mainly sparked and maintained by information from the Internet (esp. facebook, followed by twitter). Even in Tunisia and Syria = countries with a underdeveloped infrastructure, a critical mass of the population managed to get informed! Japan is a HIGHLY developed industrial nation, with almost EVERYBODY having constant Internet access. Ever since Chernobyl ANYBODY who lived in a developed country would have been able to draw their conclusions, change, and spark changes. I was in Germany in 1986, and even WITHOUT Internet back then I remember the push it gave to the green movement. I sat on the rails to Gorleben myself, along with hundreds of thousands over the years! Therefore I must say that the world can very well expect to see MILLIONS OF JAPANESE ON THE STREETS RIGHT NOW, living their national AND global responsibility. Everything else is at least complacency, most likely apathy and ignorance. And yes, I do intend to encourage with my words, because even though 13 switched off nuke plants in Germany and ‘Atomausstieg 2021/22’ is far from perfect, it shows the world that, if the people of ONE educated industrial nation can trigger such a move in politics and beyond, OTHER nations can (and will eventually HAVE TO) follow – best without, but if needed WITH further force of nature etc. The sooner the Japanese as a people grow into responsibility and start acting accordingly, the better – for them AND the rest of the world. A start is definitely overthrowing the current censoring, corrupt and incapable government, which starts with protests and demonstrations.

  • Bob Hardin

    The full article at the link is worth reading. A moving story.

  • Consultant

    Today TEPCO seems to have introduced a new webcam page for Fukushima Daiichi, or else a new webcam position. See http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/feature/20110316-866921/news/20110531-OYT1T00615.htm for an article on the new webcam, which is located northwest of Unit 1, shows Units 1-4, and will be online 24 hrs/day with a delay of approx. 30 seconds compared to real time. The live feed, with a map showing the webcam’s position, is at http://www.tepco.co.jp/nu/f1-np/camera/index-j.html

  • peachtree pam


    Tuesday, May 31, 2011 18:48
    Oxygen cylinder bursts near No. 4 reactor
    An oxygen cylinder has burst at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. But the plant operator says the blast caused no damage to the plant’s facilities, and no injuries.
    At around 2:30 PM on Tuesday, workers reported hearing a loud noise like that of an explosion at the south side of the plant’s No. 4 reactor.
    The Tokyo Electric Power Company says unmanned heavy machinery removing debris at the site damaged the cylinder, causing it to burst.

  • mothra

    The shared spent fuel pool is near 3 and 4 – it’s not well protected especially from above. Explosions are bad. They aerosolize contaminates and there’s plutonium at 3 and 4 – beyond the obvious lack of control they signify. Doubtful it’s hydrogen or oxygen in that location. Or, even if it were, It’s like little nuclear dirty bombs in effect.

    It’s inconceivable that radiation readings wouldn’t rise – even if it were merely airborne residual disturbance. That defies logic.

  • Another flash at 1:45. Unit 4.


    DONT WORRY!! Bushehr is completely safe, the Stuxnet virus has NOT infected thier control systems, achieved criticality on may 12, going to 100% soon. NO WORRIES MATE. YESHUA, OR YASHUA IS JESUS IN HEBREW, NOW THAT HES HERE WE CAN ALL RELAX

  • Bread+Butter

    Well, at least to mee it looks like there’s smoke and sometimes flames at unit 4. (Tepco cam)
    Boyfriend thinks I’m crazy. Am I?

    • SamsuLevin

      Don´t worry. My husband asks me daily: “Are you crazy”?!
      Maybe their brains working different. We´ll give them more time, hm? *fg*

  • I don’t think you are crazy Bread+Butter, i’m seeing the same…

  • Scary! What do you all think is happening????

  • Whoopie

    Hey guys…watching that webcam, I keep seeing specks of tiny white spots – just in random areas. Could this be a VIDEO PLAYING A TAPE OVER AND OVER?
    You’ll see specks of light here and there, like OLD MOVIES USED TO DO.
    Is it live or is it MEMOREX?

    • Bread+Butter

      I don’t think it’s a tape – a couple of minutes ago there was a light beam from right to left – looked like a car coming to site. If it was a tape, I think they would’ve picked on without fire at unit 4 on it….scary

    • Idou

      Couldn’t these white specks be radiation hitting the camera? This was caught on film near Chernobyl: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=c0e_1179984666. Here is an example I was able to catch from the closer TEPCO camera: http://idouhost.dyndns.org/fs/fs_comparison20110601.jpg.

      • anne

        Thanks very much. That was really incredible in the Chernobyl film. During the typhoon on the distant live cam I kept hearing what sounded like crackles of electricity, and posted that on this site at the time.
        Why doesn’t the TEPCO live cam have sound? Also the time of day is posted on the distant live cam, but not on the TEPCO live (?) cam.

      • anne

        The commentary on the film in Chernobyl also gave an informative comment about radiation on the surface and in the air or at eye level in the early weeks of fallout:

        “During the evacuation, the official level of radiation in Pripyat reached 1 Roentgen per hour. People said it was 7 Roentgens. This makes a difference, because in first case, the population would die within two or three months. In the second case, people would die within a week. I believe both claims can be right because, in the first weeks of fallout, surface radioactivity on the streets can measure much higher than radioactivity in the air at eye level.” http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=c0e_1179984666

    • Sandra

      Whoopie, the rapidly varying specks are what amount to number rounding errors as digital values are given to the intensity in each spot. It’s just a number in the range of 0 to 255, 0 being black, 255 being maximum (white if red green and blue are all 255). There’s no decimal between numbers, so a gradual intensity change becomes stepped. The video compression adds even more artifacts to what we see. Things that you can barely see in digital pictures generally shouldn’t be trusted.

      Single brief bright specks could be caused by a gamma ray hitting the image sensor, or in daylight even a dust particle.

  • I don’t think so Whoopie–it looks to me as if clouds of heat are rising up and the clouds are distorting.

    the flashes may be simply video glitches or they could reflect something more ominous–i have no idea…

  • Bread+Butter

    I’ve learnt in the past weeks that NO comment or question is more crazy than the truth 🙁

    • Whoopie

      Me too BB. I’ve been on Japan threads at HP since March 11th…damn, coverups and lies the WHOLE TIME.

  • Whoopie

    Hey if any of you great enenews posters want to join us regulars at HP, there’s a new unmoderated thread.
    I post there AND here. Works well for me.

    I am “BoyWhenYouLeastExpectIT” – 10 bans I keep coming back. 🙂

  • jump-ball

    6 miles south of #4 are the four Daini Fuku II reactors, in cold-shutdown, but only 10 KM from Fuku I and halfway into the 20 KM mandatory exclusion zone. Wondering how many workers are there maintaining those 4 reactors and what their accunulated rad levels and transfer procedures are?

    Wiki shows a nice map of the various zones, including the 50 mile US military zone, which extends 1/3 of the 160 miles from Fuku I to Tokyo:


    Reminding me of the controversial Ebola strategist who showed the best containment was quarantining of people and everything within the area.

    But this contamination won’t proceed to a quick, natural die-off through isolation.

    So, I’m going for even more long-dated canned tuna and salmon, and whatever canned Atlantic products I can find, to add to my air-conditioned storage, thinking of kids and grandchildren who remain totally unprepared and oblivious to any growing danger of contamination.

  • Jack

    Hey, CAMERA WATCHERS! GO for A WALK! OK?….I implore you,
    WHAT will be your chosen ACTION, WHEN Something HAPPENS?
    I mean, Really?
    What the FOXTROT do you think you are accomplishing by
    looking at the freekin’ Camera?
    You have RECEIVED the necessary information: This is a deadly
    event ongoing, and you need to get as much Goof FOOD and Water and filtration equipment together as you CAN, RIGHT NOW! NOT! I say NOT! sit there looking at the Fuku-Cam.
    Go get some SUNSHINE if ya got any.
    Go smoke a Bowl, if ya got any.
    FACE the Fact that only miraculous Cases are going to live
    very much longer than this Fall, if that far.
    Anybody else care to Contribute some intelligent Activities
    as Suggestions for the Camera-addicted?
    Move out, troop. You too, Mo-Rine…

    • Whoopie

      I’M NEVER GLUED TO THE WEB CAM but when I’m on, I like watching it.

      • dogleg

        I am in the same boat. No job, no money. There are many things I would like to be doing, but it all takes money. I had a job in march, but was let go. I think it had alot to do with my trying to warn coworkers, who did not want to hear about it. They are probably still talking about insanity at the lunch table. What little money I had at the time went to what little bit of nonperishables as I could buy. I was planning on moving my family to Australia before I lost my job and am still working on it , but need money for passports ect. Now I find myself spending hours everyday searching the web for proof I have lost my mind, hoping this is the true reality, unfortunatly at the end of the day I have to conclude I am as sane as ever.

    • Bread+Butter

      Thanks for the advice. But I feel free to do whatever I want. I chose to smoke a bowl while watchung Fuku cam. How’s that

    • extra knight

      oh jiminy crickets!

      nothing wrong with watch a webcam. as we all know Nuclear Boy is Sick.

    • Major Domo

      Thanks for your advice! Consider it ignored. Perhaps you’re the one who needs to get out for a walk? 😉

      I don’t believe monitoring the cam is based on, or related to any form of addiction, although there are always exceptions. And I don’t necessarily believe most are checking the cam hoping to catch a glimpse of an “event” or further devastation, although again, there are always exceptions.

      I believe the main reason that most check or monitor the cam, is simply to access a real-time source of information, in lieu of any prompt, accurate news, and current information regarding the status of the plants from traditional sources. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Sure, having a live cam leaves that picture open for interpretation, but at least having a first hand view allows us to instantly have a live source of information, allowing each one of us to make judgements on our own, rather than relying on third party sources. It’s just another tool to help get a better picture of the overall status of what going on, for those of us who are concerned about these things. Anyone who is not concerned, has the option to go out and have a nice walk.

      I will agree that’s it’s probably unhealthy to spend too much time dwelling on any of this, and that everyone should take a break from it. But I also feel most of us are quite capable of carrying on with our lives, while simultaneously keeping abreast of an ongoing, pernicious situation that still greatly concerns us all, and probably will for a long time to come. I took my 5 and 6 yr old sons out for long hike in a beautiful Spring forest this past Sunday, and managed to spend the entire day enjoying time my kids, without thinking about Fukushima once. Once I had them tucked in to bed later that night, it was time to check the cam, and the news here.

      Thanks for your concern.

      • Jack

        You should have known better, Dome…..
        My Questions go unanswered, your words so much waste.
        When Something HAPPENS….WHAT is your programmed, well
        thought-out, Superior RESPONSE?
        You should have known Better, Domo…Now you suffer for
        your ignorance.
        None of you camera-watchers has any idea to DO anything.
        You REALLY should have known better. Enjoy your last hike.

        • Major Domo

          What the hell? Please refrain from embarrassing yourself while under the influence of heroin.

    • aldo

      I’m glad some folks are interested in watching the damn cam and then taking the time to tell the rest of us what they’re seeing. Toke on my friends, well done.

    • Erm, these guys are the JREF of hard science, IMO and just as ‘corporate defense’ oriented. {8<

    • James

      Physics Forums is 100% disinformation.

      No science whatsoever either – they just want you to think it looks like science. They want to focus you on the official disinformation topic of the week – be it water, or the fantasy temp and pressure readings.

      Don’t believe me – take a link to this page over there and just try to get a conversation started about explosions or ongoing criticality…



    The type of electromagnetic fields emitted by cellphones could be cancer-causing, says an international panel of experts, including Canadians, who studied the risk of brain cancer posed by the use of wireless phones.

    The World Health Organization and experts working with the International Agency for Research on Cancer said Tuesday they have classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as potentially carcinogenic.

    With estimates of five billion cellphone users worldwide, a working group of 31 scientists studied the potential link between health and cellphone use in Lyon, France, at a weeklong session to find that exposure to electromagnetic fields, such as those emitted by wireless communication, could be harmful.

    The dramatic findings, which will be published in the the IARC Monagraph, are the first to offer more concrete results to one of the most worrisome public-health questions.

    The working group of researchers tackled exposure data, hundreds of studies of cancer in humans and the studies of cancer in experimental animals along with a plethora of other data. The investigations looked at the possibility of exposure associated to microwaves, transmission of radio, television and wireless telecommunication and personal exposure from cellphones.

    After analyzing results, the researchers classified the electromagnetic fields as “Group B” or “possibly carcinogenic.”

    • I beginning to think just being alive today is carcinogenic.

      More so since 311.

      • The frequencies they use aren’t doing the bee population a whole lot of good either – and if they go so do most fruits, not to mention honey.

        Then there’s organophosphates for brain destruction in most species

        Then there’s Round Up, now known to be mutagenic

        Then there’s the same company’s GE Corn which sterilises as it sweeps as it cleans…

        Then there’s depleted uranium munitions – which it has been established causes birth defects on a large scale (eg Busby on Fallujah)

        Then there’s fluoride – but we’ve been there

        Then there’s Fukushima

        Anyone get the feeling there is a connection between all these facets of ‘War on All Living Beings’?

        You bet. We’re back at the Georgia Guidestones and ‘who guards the guardians?’

    • Anna

      I’ve been saying that for years. The only reason why we haven’t had the straight story on this is because of corporate greed and also because people like their phones so much they don’t want to hear that they are bad for us.


    Not sure if the news is old or not …

    They had to suspend work for a while. Wonder if that caused some problems.


    Tropical Storm Songda forced Fukushima plant operator Tepco to suspend outside work for the day, amid worries about safety. Days earlier, the utility said it was not properly prepared for the impending storm.

    Workers sprayed “anti-scatterings,” such as synthetic resin, around the crippled reactors to prevent the winds from spreading radioactive material, an increasing concern as Japan enters the height of the rainy season.

    • Sandra

      A question is “BREAKING NEWS”?

      “Not sure if the news is old or not”

      Not news at all is more like it.

      If a link about bad weather means explosions, maybe you should fret over all the severe weather the U.S. had also?

      There are signs of problems before the bad weather. Those could be news.

  • blackmoon

    Land around Fukushima now resembles target struck by atomic bomb:


  • icone

    This was posted above by Sandra. The test ban treaty graph for Iodine131. I almost missed it.


    Note that the magenta spikes at the end of the graph somewhat matches the high radiation (225sv) readings from the from Unit 1.



    • Sandra

      Clearly there has been a big release of contaminated steam from somewhere. The graph markings are tiny – earlier I estimated that the spikes were a rise of 40x, but looking more closely I’d say 70 times. Those were substantial surges. Although the graph makes it look like two events, bear in mind that a change in wind direction could have also caused the dip in distant levels in between the (test ban) peaks. That monitor location is 200 km SW of the plant (125 miles).

      The unit 1 radiation does have a dip too, but it seems like it may be a day or so later (26th and 27th versus 25th), so that doesn’t quite match. Of course high levels of stuff at the reactor bottom don’t have to match the steam output.
      That unit is known to have newer holes/leaks than unit 2, so it certainly is suspect for anything different.

  • marsh

    Seems like the building behind R4 is burning. Does anyone know what this building contains?

  • marsh

    Oh my.

    The building which seems to burn is

    * common spent fuel storage (with THOUSANDS of used fuel rods) OR the
    * centralized radiation waste facility



    • James

      Holy Moly. If the spent fuel pool is burning, then it is really, really out of control – and most likely game over for Japan,, if not all of eastern Asia.

      I could not for the life of me figure out why they didn’t start trucking that stuff out of there immediately.

  • icone

    If anyone has the capacity to record the live-cam: its quite easy to create a time-lapse movie with the captured video (or stills).

    This will allow you to see larger patterns in what’s going on in ways you just can’t see in real-time. I saw a couple of these posted on YouTube, they really gave a great perspective as you could easily see discernible cycles of steam plumes arising from the buildings.

    • Sandra

      icone, even if nothing additional went wrong, without normal cooling systems a million Watts or so worth of decay heat makes a bunch of steam. The heat isn’t all carried away in the leaking water. The steam is why the airborne levels haven’t falled to near zero. The iodine is falling more due to decay since fission, but the cesium levels have fallen much less. Cooling is needed, but steam is still a bad thing since it carries that stuff.

      The cesium graph

    • icone

      If you reverse and fast-forward the Tepco feed, you can really see A LOT of steam billowing from #2 – as it has been – its not so visible in real-time.

      It probably doesn’t matter, I don’t really trust the Tepco feed since dawn came so early today.

  • bfly

    suddenly the camera is different?whats up?

  • Bread+Butter

    Strontium detected in Fukushima compound


    **not dangerous if inhaled, says scientist
    – good laugh

  • Is anyone monitoring the air for particle radiation now? I mean anyone besides Japan and TEPCO. Both the company and the government are untrustworthy to tell us what is happening with radioactivity releases.

  • Bread+Butter

    I just saw an animal pass the camera (fox?).
    Poor little thing. Has done nothing to us.

  • bfly

    The camera went from billows of black smoke during the night time. To steam from reactor 2 during the day.Did any one notice from the night time feed that reactor 2 had fire retardent foam all over the pipes? Its still night time there. I suspect The current live feed is probably from yesterday .

  • Bread+Butter

    Damn you’re right – the sun is supposed to come up at 5:29 today!

    • icone

      Amazing… Tepco can’t even get the time of day correct when they play a taped loop on a “live” webcam. Wow. And they’re trying to fix a nuke plant… scary.

  • bfly

    I believe mothera is right .the spent fuel 4 is on fire . It looked like the sparks from that fire started other fires .there was way to much smoke and sparks emitting far into the atmosphere for them to put it out that soon if at all.



    Not sure if all the following is true, or just a nuke shill trying to deflect things away from the seriousness, but worth looking into:


    American Concerns Rise After Nuclear Reactor Disaster in Japan
    The aftermath of the devastating earth quake and tsunami that tore through northern Japan is still wreaking havoc on the Fukushina Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, and onlookers from around the world are evaluating their own risks from radiation.

    Video clips showing Japanese citizens as well as American journalists being tested for radiation exposure provide a powerful reminder that exposure to radiation yields lethal consequences.

    Yes, radiation from nuclear power plants can cause severe problems, but there are other forms of radiation that people are sometimes unknowingly being exposed to within their very own homes. What is this mysterious toxin—radon gas!!

    Radon gas exposure causes more deaths every year than those caused by the radiation that emanates from nuclear power plants. In the U.S. alone, over 21,000 people die every year from radon exposure. Let’s compare this to nuclear power plants. It’s been noted that a full-time elementary schooler, in a classroom with 4.0 picocuries per liter (pCi/L) of radon for eight hours over 180 days, withstands nearly ten times the radiation being exposed to at the edge of a nuclear power plant. This in NO WAY lessens the severity of the nuclear tragedies in Japan and elsewhere, but it does raise awareness to the less condensed and publicized effects of radon exposure.

    Radon exists all over the planet. It comes from the natural decay of uranium in rocks and soil. This radioactive gas seeps between cracks and holes in foundations to then accumulate in high concentrations within a basement or crawl…



    Potatoes may be more liable to be contaminated by radioactive materials released by the stricken Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant than other types of fruits and vegetables, according to a study by Japan’s agriculture ministry.

    Researchers looked at the absorption rates of 17 types of vegetables and four fruits and found that sweet potatoes and potatoes were significantly more likely to take in radioactive materials than other fruits and leafy vegetables.

    The maximum absorption rate of a sweet potato was 17 times higher than that for a lettuce, for instance.

    “If potatoes are grown in farmlands where high concentration levels of cesium have been detected in the soil, they could contain more (radioactive material) at the time of harvesting than safety standards,” a ministry official said.

    The research, released by the government on May 27, was based on data drawn from foreign countries with a similar climate to Japan.

    • Bread+Butter

      Interesting thought.
      If true, the Minister and other officials schould better have planted potatoes than seeding sunflowers yesterday, “which collect radioactive substances in there stems to decontaminate farmland”…

    • SamsuLevin

      After chernobyl explosion they told us vice versa.

  • Hopefully we’ll see more of this, and less nuclear:

    NEDO: Aiming at Developing the World’s Highest Efficiency Concentrator Photovoltaic Cells
    2011/05/31PrintShare Article
    – NEDO and EU Launch First Joint Technology Development Project –

    May 31, 2011 — The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) and the European Commission (European Union) will jointly launch a project to develop concentrator photovoltaic cells aiming to achieve a cell conversion efficiency of more than 45%, which is the highest efficiency in the world. This will be the first joint project under the EU-Japan Energy Technology Cooperation Agreement.

    In order to address climate change and enhance energy security, Japan and the EU will cooperate on the basis of a long-term and strategic view. This joint project will be carried out by industrial, academic and governmental research organizations from Japan and from six member states of the European Union (EU) for a period of four years through FY 2014.

    In order to address climate change and enhance energy security, this joint project aims, with a long-term view, to develop concentrator photovoltaic cells with a cell conversion efficiency of more than 45%, which is the highest efficiency in the world, through strategic coordination and bringing together the technologies and expertise of Japan and Europe. Specifically, in addition to the development and assessment of solar cells and modules, new materials and new solar cell structures will be developed, and approaches to standardize measurement technology for concentrator photovoltaic cells will be explored.