“Extraordinarily high levels” of radioactivity detected in household dust — 100 km from Fukushima Daiichi we’re finding tens of thousands of Bq/kg in vacuum bags (VIDEO)

Published: June 29th, 2012 at 1:47 am ET
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Interview with Arnie Gundersen
June 26, 2012

At 7:40 in

Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds Associates: The last thing is is the contamination throughout Japan.

On the ground we’re finding house contamination in the form of household dust at extraordinarily high levels.

People are sending us their vacuum cleaner bags from Fukushima Prefecture, as far as 100 km or 60 miles away, we’re finding tens of thousand of disintegrations per second in a kilogram vacuum bag.

Published: June 29th, 2012 at 1:47 am ET
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31 comments to “Extraordinarily high levels” of radioactivity detected in household dust — 100 km from Fukushima Daiichi we’re finding tens of thousands of Bq/kg in vacuum bags (VIDEO)

  • Max1 Max1

    David Blume has a great middle step to 'Greener' technologies for countries that are stuck in the mode of direct dependancy to energy sources that emit toxic by-products. I just caution, as I wish the world would just pay attention, but mom earth can't take much more. Be it carbon or nuclear, mom can't take much more.

    What people need to truly understand is that to achieve this 'Green' solution, people need to be demanding 'Green' solutions, NOW! People need to be striving toward non-toxic emitting energy sources and improving THEM! But instead, we're saddled with politicians and 'Deciders' that keep making bad choices.

    Wind… Name the toxic byproduct?
    Solar… Name the toxic byproduct?
    Tidal… Name the toxic byproduct?
    Geo-thermal… yea, you get the question.


    Why are our lives (people's of the world) and our health held in balance of someone else's profit/loss spread sheet?

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  • or-well

    An important point from mikael -
    "…powerconsumpiton today that can be dealt with…"
    Yes, an important part of the solution -using less in the first place.
    Conserve. Reduce. It's a difficult sell to the mainstream.
    Whatever alternative suggested, there's little mainstream talk of just using less.
    Part of the promoted mindset-myth is "We can have all we want!"
    We can't.
    That's OK, because we don't NEED all we WANT.

    I better get on-topic.
    I do wonder if another nuclear plant – or plants – are spewing somewhere in Japan, and that's been completely buried.
    Are they going to pull that out of the hat?
    As in "OH look, it was that ONE-TIME release from such-and-such that's responsible for these findings. Problem fixed now."
    That would downplay Fukushimas' impact, hide its' enormity.
    OR, would they use that to draw attention away from Fuku if the event conditions there worsen.
    How much contamination resulted from those early plumes and how much from ongoing releases?
    How much from debris incineration?
    How much being relocated from people and vehicles moving around?
    (Shakes head.)
    If there's hotspots so many places and contamination so dispersed, then how can anyone give credibility to the absurd geographic fine-tuning of where is "safe" in Fukus immediate proximity?

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  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Household dust with high levels of radiation hundreds of kilometers from Fuku..is basically a given.
    On this thread we have some great reponses to a post by mikael..but mikael's post has been removed.
    The thread reads poorly.

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  • Sickputer

    Easy to get offtopic… I can be just as guilty at times. Too much IM and Twitter habits to overcome for manh if us.

    But I find the vacuum dust another evidentiary piece of information confirming the situation in Japan is spiraling down a slippery road straight to hell.

    What do you think Daniel K? You said it Is safe in Fukushima prefecture? You may not be so safe in your neighboring prefecture. Checked your household dust lately? Arnie doesn't lie about his tests.

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  • or-well

    Radioactive dust –
    is that what we're to be,
    in the fullness of Time,
    for Eternity?
    Or do we sweep out the dust
    of ideologies rusting
    and of the Elite
    no longer be trusting?
    Have we seen long enough
    them us to strife thrusting?
    Have we seen enough
    of the Life-web their busting?
    Have we heard enough
    of their lies and their hustling?
    Are we tired of being treated
    like cattle they're rustling?
    Do we not see the damage
    of their selfish lusting?
    Like a foul excrescence
    they lay on us still,
    a thin scum encrusting
    a placid Will,
    beneath which flow currents
    of Goodness and Rage -
    We balance these forces
    and end Nuclears' Age.

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  • Hepa Filter LA USA tested 'hot' too.

    June 2012 tested at 6.68 x background.

    Hepa Filters tend to concentrate this 'goo'.
    However, so do your LUNGS.



    These numbers are ABOVE what the California Highway Patrol would consider a HAZARDOUS situation.

    It's ongoing, it's upon us.

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