Extremely radioactive rubble found on top of Fukushima Reactor No. 3 (PHOTO)

Published: May 4th, 2013 at 12:00 pm ET


May 4, 2013 Tepco press release with summary translation by Fukushima Diary:

[…] extremely radioactive debris on the top of reactor3.

The debris was found in the North side of the top, where used to be the operation floor.

When they loaded it onto the remote controlling truck, they measured 540 mSv/h. […]

From Tepco’s April 22, 2013 release: To prepare for the second phase of protection installation on the spent fuel pool, the steel beam truss debris, etc. which interfere with the work will be removed.

See also: [intlink id=”nuke-industry-report-explosions-fukushima-units-1-3-4-caused-additional-inventory-nuclear-rods-be-lost-spent-fuel-pools” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: May 4th, 2013 at 12:00 pm ET


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34 comments to Extremely radioactive rubble found on top of Fukushima Reactor No. 3 (PHOTO)

  • lam335 lam335

    re: "Extremely radioactive rubble"

    I got the impression that the "extremely radioactive debris" was the damaged steel trusses themselves. I didn't see any specific mention of "rubble" being on them.

  • pcjensen

    differing words applied for one thing: radioactive garbage (broken building parts), si?

  • byron byron

    Photo was interesting. Spent fuel pool mess cleaned up? Joke: Looks like a greenhouse covering it is in the plans. Grow super size greens for export.

  • Jay

    Did any one explained satisfactory why the explosion occurred ?

    ( a pressure vessel explosion fails to explain it because the first crack in the steam container would act as a pressure Release Valve preventing an explosive burst of that Magnitude that took out the military-grade reinforced concrete roof and walls … ).

    Hydrogen ?
    Why didn't the Hindenburg exploded like a huge bomb instead of just burning ?

    See this , A HYDROGEN VESSEL EXPLOSION IN A FACTORY THAT DID NOT COLAPSED THE BUILDING which was NOT a military grade built factory :


    … and remember , none of the reactor buildings was an air-tight box , besides accounting for the ammount of hydrogen separated from the water available inside the reacror 3 : did the Spent Fuel Pool water was atomically split to produce hydrogen ? Even half of the pool ? HOW ?? It poured over the melting fuel below ? How ? Did they fixed that hole in the SFP or did they even find it ?

    Where did Enough water to obtain that ammount of hydrogen came from if the SFP bottom isn't cracked ? Shouldn't the Steam produced during the process of separating the hydrogen reduce the risk of an explosion besides finding an exaust route and venting the prmeisses ?

    Where did that dirty Brown color in the reactor 3 explosion came from ?? Look at the color of debris in both explosions , 1 and 3 , and…

      • Jay

        Thanks Jebus , but I do not turn on/enable the computer-toxin Active/Java Scripting , so I can't watch YouTube or similar formats .

        EX-SKF shows the videos in a format that doesn't require Active Scripting , now that's a Dude I Trust !
        Knowing that turning on/enabling that Scripting lowers the Security Pants on a cumputer , WHY would anyone/Organization/Government DEMAND that if you want to see a video you mkust lower your computer security ??? ( when the same video can be shown without turning on Scripting , AT LEAST HAVING THE BASIC FEATURES NEEDED TO WATCH IT ) . They could have offer a Choice …

        I urge all to post videos only in a format independent of Java/Active Scripting , make it a Movement , thank you !

        • Jebus Jebus

          If you take the proper steps to protect your home network, those languages are perfectly safe.

          Microsofts or Mozillas implementations of JScript, are way different than loading the core Sun Java platform onto your box.

          Not reccomended…

        • pcjensen

          EX-SKF is not a dude, by the way

      • jec jec

        Simple, the governments can trace the IP address of those who watch or connect to the video. Use IP spoofing and good security software/refuse cookies..etc etc…

        • Jebus Jebus

          "The Governments" can trace any bit or byte of information with or with out any step that you take to thwart them.

          "They" track you everyday in many ways.

          Now with that said, why would you care, if you are not doing anything wrong?

          And with that said, there is no reason to equate the anti-nuclear movement and research therof (ie: watching a you tube video), with anything illegal or worrying about "Them" tracking you.

          You are not doing anything wrong or against any laws.

          If you lose your right to gain public knowledge, you've lost…

          • Jay

            Jebus said : Now with that said, why would you care, if you are not doing anything wrong ?

            A : Why do you download the MS Patches if you don't care who enters your computer , if you are doing nothing wrong ? Why do you have Virus software installed ?
            Why do you think computer security is linked to doing something wrong ?!

            Back on the Thread : not having mandatory background checks for TEPCO job applicants and so letting Yakuza in the nuclear plants , may have a connection with the #1 and 3 reactor buildings explosions … one 9/11 means 'it's possible ' …


              the answer Jay, rests in how much kiddie porn you want 'discovered' on your machine, before they 'valiantly' come flying through your front door…


            you're correct on both accounts Jebus. I didn't want to say anything in response to jec's suggestion. At this point, if you don't know the score, it'll make little differences advising otherwise.

            With this in mind, it's important that people understand, there's no way to either mask your identity or your activities out here. They're counting on your thinking otherwise; that you get comfortable thinking you have an edge. You don't. But the REALLY important question is not whether you have anonymity out here but why they're letting on that they're watching all of our online activities. The answer is found in one word: intimidation.

            They want those who utilize this communication medium to feel anxious about expressing themselves in an honest manner. They may have control of the technology but they don't control the truth. At best, they can only bottle it up for a while. With the advent of this communication medium (what you'd call the 'internet'), they've lost the means to control the exchange of ideas and discoveries. Until they're able to 'Sovietize' our entire global society (and they'll ultimately succeed if we allow them to intimidate us), we have, for the first time in a long time, the means to freely express ourselves to one another.

            In truth, they're the ones who are shaking in their jackboots…

          • harengus_acidophilus

            Not just many …

            > "They" track you everyday in many ways.

            We are far beyond the point of no return.
            > http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/may/04/telephone-calls-recorded-fbi-boston

            "Welcome to the real world."


    • Jay

      Yakuza could have access to Japan's NPs via a job application ?

      Let's connect the dots …


      …. In Japan, getting access to a nuclear power plant is very simple: fill out a job application.

      It is now more than two years since the start of the nuclear crisis following the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, and there are still no mandatory background checks for workers at its nuclear facilities.

      After the three reactor meltdowns at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear complex in March 2011, it became clear that Tepco, the plant’s operator, was allowing members of Japan’s organized crime groups, the yakuza, to staff the well-paid cleanup — just as they had been allowed into plants long before then.

      Indeed, members and associates of the Sumiyoshi-kai (Kanto) and Kudo-kai (Kyushu) mobs have been arrested for their roles supplying labor to Tepco and its Kansai cousin, Kepco.

      So the dirty secret that yakuza-linked workers and companies have long sustained Japan’s nuclear industry — along with yakuza members themselves, ex-convicts, wanted criminals, and drug addicts working there — is now public knowledge …

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Arnie Gunderson made several videos where he discusses reactor #3. There are also some good video explanations on YouTube. You can check comments by doing browser searches and including "enenews.com" as a search term. Or check the archives for articles here.

      If I can find anything more specific I'll post it here.

      Here's one:


      • As far as monitoring goes, that would create a huge amount of data for someone to go through just to find one Canadian legally typing an honest opinion on his laptop. Then what are you going to do? I'm living in BC, a province of Canada with lax pot laws, a moratorium on uranium mining, no nuclear reactors and strong opposition to all proposed pipelines to our pristine coast. A moritorium on offshore oil drilling and a moritorium on tanker travel off certain areas of our coast and finally a good chance of a left leaning provincial government elected this May with a leader, Adrian Dix that has said he is against both pipelines. I am proud of what we have done up here. It can be done elsewhere. Unless you present a serious threat I don't think they have the resources to harrass all of us. But no harm in protecting your identity, as long as your not practicing self censorship.

        Look up Yakuza in Wikipedia. It is culturally acceptable business practice to use the services of these gangsters in business in Japan. Nuclear is not different and if I was responsible for that mess I would want a few hired guns around for security……..

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    This proves this was bad long ago! Now look at where we are at! Hell on earth & no way to clean it up! It will only take a huge quake to watch these building fall to the ground, then what? I am thankfull for those with more knowledge about Nuke plants that share it on this site. Thank You!

  • jec jec

    So only NOW TEPCO finds the high radiation in Reactor 3 debris??..the other debris is where? From R3? Shipped to "share the pain" with other areas in Japan..probably. Criminal.

  • dosdos dosdos

    I remember the reports of the neutron beams that were recorded when #3 detonated. There was a lot of core flung all over and all into nooks and crannies throughout the building. I'm sure they'll keep uncovering core fragments as they move the structure out of the building.

  • redwing redwing

    In other news, scientists discover that water is wet.

  • We Not They Finally

    I could have told you that. You could have told me that. Is the next drib-drab to come out of this that that was MOX fuel? Is it that they will spend years telling us the horror story we already know, before they unload onto us "new" material? Well, if we are still alive to hear it?

  • SwimsWithGators

    They found radiation in the rubble? Just now?

    Of course it is hot rubble. That's why it is still there after 2 years. #1 they covered up quick, #2 is the only remaining close to intact, #3 blew all to hell, and #4 burned. #4 they cleaned up cause it wasn't too hot, but #3 is real dangerous.

    #3 could probably burn again at any time. Often has been seen smoke and steam coming from #3. That's why they have two cranes gingerly probing the building. They don't want to set it off massively burning. If they did , the press might get alarmed and so far the press is sleeping pretty peacefully.

  • ~WOW!~ WHAT A SHOCK!! Radioactive rubble on top of Reactor 3? Seriously? Really? I mean, just because Reactor 3 looked like an Atomic Bomb blew up on it? (because it did) IF there were anywhere in the world where I would expect to find "extremely radioactive rubble" it would be on top of REACTOR 3 AT FUKUSHIMA NPP! Please excuse my incredulity, but what would you expect? This whole exercise TEPCO and the government of Japan is pulling off is just un believable. Next they will be telling the world is that the radioactive water just evaporated into the thin air! Unfortunately, so will the entire country of Japan.

  • Ron

    Hands-On Exam Finds More Cases of Thyroid Ca – MedPage Today


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Cough–cough..what we are looking at here is a DIAGRAM..
    At 1:38.. a visual of the hot spot.

    2012er satellite picture of fukushima daiichi, TEPCO!
    March 19 2012


    Just found it..huh…clowns.

    PS.Thanks Nuckelchen..love you much.