Fairewinds Video: ‘Anomalies’ in plants and animals documented by Fukushima residents, some severely deformed — Scientists: Genetic mutations observed in Fukushima include trees with peculiar distortions, insect abnormalities, tumors in birds, more (PHOTO)

Published: April 13th, 2014 at 4:39 pm ET


Fairewinds Energy Education, Apr. 10, 2014 — Chiho Kaneko, member of the Board of Directors of Fairewinds originally from Iwate, Japan (at 11:15 in): It’s not just people who are sicker. I met a home gardener who lives in Kawamata, Fukushima, 30-miles from Fukushima Daiichi. She grows luffas, whose fruit is often dried to make bath sponges. Last year, with some trepidation, she used the seeds saved from the year before. She found flower buds directly growing out of the fruit. Some of her pole beans were abnormally gigantic. Near Fukushima city, another person saw a frog so severely deformed that, at first, it was difficult to tell that it was a frog, save for its hopping. These are true events described by people I met who took notes and photographs of these environmental anomalies.

Asian Perspective Vol. 37, No. 4, Anders Pape Møller and Timothy A. Mousseau, Oct.-Dec. 2013: A careful observer [who visits Chernobyl or Fukushima] will quickly become aware of the peculiar distortions of tree growth, numerous abnormalities in insects, and tumors and cataracts in birds, all caused by genetic mutations induced by exposure to the radiation […] radiation causes damage to DNA molecules (leading to mutations if not repaired) […] We have known for more than eighty years that low-dose radiation has cytotoxic effects and causes mutations. […] we looked at 373 effect sizes from forty-six different studies […] they showed a statistically significant negative effect of radiation […] on mutation, physiology, immunology, and disease. As one would expect, effects were stronger on plants, which are stuck in one place, than on animals that can move around […] As the first scientists in both Chernobyl and Fukushima, we have performed [fifteen] published tests, of organisms ranging from plants and insects to birds and mammals in Chernobyl, that support the hypothesis that low-dose radiation disrupts development, and all fifteen studies show a higher degree of asymmetry in the more contaminated plots. […] we have assembled effect sizes from all published studies of mutation rates from Chernobyl, in total 151 estimates of mutations in forty-five studies of thirty-three species ranging from bacteria and plants to insects, birds, and mammals, including humans [The] findings are robust in showing a general, strong overall mean effect size of radiation on mutation rates. […] Mutations accumulate with time and across generations, so we may only be seeing the first stages of the negative public health consequences […] for humans.

Watch the Fairewinds video here

Published: April 13th, 2014 at 4:39 pm ET


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105 comments to Fairewinds Video: ‘Anomalies’ in plants and animals documented by Fukushima residents, some severely deformed — Scientists: Genetic mutations observed in Fukushima include trees with peculiar distortions, insect abnormalities, tumors in birds, more (PHOTO)

  • OldFool

    If memory is correct, 99.99% of mutations are detrimental, even if not detrimental enough to abort off-spring. Humans will have the same tragedy, essentially forever. Yet the media, the guardians of truth, have been silent.

    • OldFool

      With over 5000 distinct DNA segments specifically for the synthesis of about 5000 enzymes, humans could easily have 5000 enzyme deficiency diseases alone just from DNA mutations from radiation. This would be in addition to the thousands of diseases normally caused by viruses and bacteria and other causes. Medical diagnosis will probably become quite a bit more challenging in the near future, since people are probably going to experience some diseases previously rarely seen.

    • Bioaccumulation Of Radiation In Fresh Water And Salt Water Fish After Chernobyl And Fukushima; via @AGreenRoad

  • zogerke zogerke

    I think photos of this sort are really useful to use to get the word out. I think the more we have -well documented- the better. I hope much more is published. Everytime Obe & others link to those Chernoble photos of children, plants and animals injured genetically by radiation, it supports our contention that all low level radiation is harmful – and how. And NOW. The tsunami of radiation leaking from japan's damaged NPPs, via fresh and salt water, air and wind and fall out… pictures prove the effects of these "friendly atoms" (NOT) on life in a way that is harder to deny….

  • yellowrain

    search conjoined whale calves on utube.first time ever recorded. alot has changed since Chernobyl. the cat will get out of the bag this time. though it may be to late.

  • mairs mairs

    I have sunflowers that come up every year, as they drop their seeds into the soil so they keep reseeding themselves. Last summer I had one monster sunflower that was 9 distorted blooms all fused together on one thick stem. I'm in my late 50's and have never seen anything like that in my life.

    I did a search and found someone on a garden forum in California who said that he has sunflowers that both grown in a greenhouse and outside of it as well. They tend to spread as the seeds drop. I can't remember if this post was from the summer of 2012 or 2013. He said all of the outside sunflowers were distorted. The ones inside the greenhouse were normal.

    • 4Warnd 4Warnd

      god thankfully, we begin all of our garden stuff from out of our green house. but, going forward the harvesting of seed will pose some problems, of course.

      still, recommend greenhouse cultivation – if at all possible at your residence.

      Another thing, the smells therein, especially when after spreading various, old spices through the floor boards, the spring aroma is so, wonderful.

      Today, in Illinois, tomatoes, beets, kale, many spices and zinnias are in the eruption mode just now in – in spite of snow expected tomorrow. 90+ degrees yesterday in the greenhouse!

  • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

    If you wonder how governments can have the audacity to cover up Fukushima read this: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-04-13/obama-red-line-and-rat-line

    We are governed by psychopaths which I suppose is not much of a revelation if you are a student of history. Voting clearly does not work.

    • name999 name999

      cosmic charlie, we don't have a congress that a president can go to for decision making. Our congress reflects extremety and polar opposition in our culture.
      When people try to blame Obama I have to respond because the devil is in the details.

      Reagan, Bush/Cheney did more damage to our constitutional rights than any other presidents I could compare. The cut throat attack upon Obama and anything Obama by the conservative wealthy fundamentalist right wing in this country is blatant. He is and has been under constant threat.

      Barack Obama was clear years ago that he was going to go after Osama Bin Laden, who was in Afghanistan, and he did it. Barack Obama was against the Iraq war. I think he has been clear on many occasions that he will use force if needed, but believes in diplomacy.

      Seymour Hersch's article is not impressive. Lacking reference to what has set the stage during Obama's presidency. The maneuvers to distract from the true war makers are all too obvious.

      • Gen. Buck Turgidson

        @name999: Truth well said.

      • Jebus Jebus

        If any president went with the truth and against the MIC nuclear establishment after taking the "oath", he/she would be a dead kennedy, in a short order. And I mean "Order"…

      • Donald Shimoda Donald Shimoda

        It's my opinion that anyone who thinks the "blue team" or the "red team" cares about the people, and will change things to benefit the masses, has clearly not been paying attention to how the world is really operating.

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          Are they stupid? ..are they mad? ..all the power and position ..and the whole damn world is still ..being run like a game of Monopoly.
          The only thing different is the viciousness ..in which TPTB are willing to indulge.
          But for what?… the status quo..
          The status quo is not going to be able to be maintained.

          Until ..there is leader that has a concept of what is before us …and can lead with the benefit of the people in mind…there will be no leaders.

          Until ..people understand there are other ways to live.
          There will be no change.

          TPTB may be in control ..but their position..is detrimental to society.

          They know that ..but greed prevails.
          They are deliberately thwarting..a new society.
          Better days ..perhaps among our last.
          We resent it.
          Mark it well.

          • Sol Man

            The fascist mindset is detrimental to the creative, loving, compassionate human spirit and the people that possess it.

        • Bay Area Guy 2

          Donald Shimoda…..exactly. The only difference between the blue team and the red team is a matter of degrees. They both stand for exactly the same things.

          • 4Warnd 4Warnd

            BAG2: Statements are not evidence.

            The alternative is thoughtfulness, mindful expression. Or, at least one other alternative becomes the product of lazy thought.

            Keep in mind, writing witless aphorisms is a waste of a space that, could it, would it, be reserved for more than that.

            At least.

        • name999 name999

          bay area guy, donald…cynical to the extreme, the differences are there…

        • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

          Yes!!! The assertion that the great leader is a victim of congress ( they made him lie to the people about Fukushima ) is beyond ludicrous. If we had all voted green we may have had a chance. I have equal disdain for both the red & blue teams and will not suffer the fools who are mired on either of those losing sides…….

      • Tarangela Tarangela


      • 4Warnd 4Warnd

        concurring herewith: "@name999: Truth well said." pstd from GBT

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        name999, have you read Clinton's Executive Orders? I must respectfully disagree. ALL the U.S. Presidents since at least Roosevelt's time (WWII) have done great harm to the U.S.


          agreed HoTaters. I figured I'd hold off on highlighting his omission, but technically, you are correct…

        • name999 name999

          hotaters, this is not a good forum for this discussion because the things I would point out would
          be considered off topic, like women's rights and abortion rights to start.

          I don't have unrealistic ideas of what an American president might do in a given era in time. The idea that all presidents are the same, sewn of the same cloth is partially true due to the job
          itself. But that isn't all that is involved.

          Really, the bigger problem is not about the president and we might agree on that.

      • lucius.cornelius

        "Barack Obama was clear years ago that he was going to go after Osama Bin Laden, who was in Afghanistan, and he did it. Barack Obama was against the Iraq war. I think he has been clear on many occasions that he will use force if needed, but believes in diplomacy."

        Sorry – this is utter nonsense. He believes in nothing – ask the 1000's of dead innocents killed in drone attacks – ordered by a former law professor. He is beyond redemption.

        And as for bin Laden – is that the same bin Laden that issued a public statement, 6 days after 9/11, utterly condemning the 'attacks' and denying any involvement? (The page is still in the CNN archives (or was last time I looked)).

        • name999 name999

          lucious, oh, you think Osama Bin Laden was an poor innocent? He was a CIA operative by history.

          By the way, drones have been used for many decades and used hugely in the Iraq war by Bush/Cheney. Americans didn't hear about drones until Barack Obama became president. Careful not to
          blame the messenger on that one.

          So much covering up that the Bush/Cheney people have to do. Blame Obama, lets do that.

      • We Not They Finally

        name999, that's sort of a big yes/no, far as we can see. Obama is a puppet. Bush/Cheney did the demolition job, but he perpetuates it, to the horror of many Democrats.

        If he were in Congress at the time of the Iraq War vote, I believe that he would have voted FOR it, like Hillary. This guy does NOT oppose the establishment.

        We were dismayed and horrified that right off, Obama left torture, NSA surveillance, drones, etc., etc. ALONE, under the guise of "Let's look forward, not backwards," and his ugly cabinet appointments. He's corrupt.

        Cheney did this country grotesque harm, and the Supreme Court appointments have been horrific. Now people just BUY elections.

        But all that said, YES people have short selective memories, and a lot of Obama bashing is done out of ignorance, bias, or just plain meanness. We find that disgusting, even though Democrats themselves can no longer call him "a good guy."

        Meanwhile, no one even bothered to check if Bin Laden was already dead. Or how 9-11 was done out of a cave in Afghanistan. Or why no plane parts. Or A LOT of things! Really!

        • name999 name999

          wntf, I believe that Barack Obama was a senator from Illinois and was the only senator that voted against the Iraq war.

          Barack Obama came into office with a goal of uniting the deep cleavage between Americans. I think he played it wrong because, as I guess he realizes now, that was much too reasonable a goal for an unreasoning racist and backwards ultra wealthy component of US that thrives on weapons and war making and buys it's way to power.

          Many of the things he has stood for have been sabotaged. From environmental protections to human rights. He and his leadership has been targeted and these folks don't kid around.

          • The powers that be put Obama in office.

            the only way to control the whole world is to bring the USA to its knees first, to dismantle the constitution, and eliminate freedom in USA.

            Without that, world control was not possible.

            • name999 name999

              stock, millions of Americans also put him into office, but sadly, those you identify who control our country don't allow people to rule themselves. Here we are.

    • Voting actually DOES work and is the only thing left.

      But, one has to vote ONLY for candidates that get no corporate funding.

      That usually means voting for a third party, such as the Greens.

      The Green Party is the one that won a majority vote in Germany after 3/11, and they mandated shutting down all nukes.

      That is how it is done.

      Of course, don't except to hear this on the mass media, controlled by the Dualopoly.

      • The green movement is the ONLY anti nuclear movement. The Dualopoly will do nothing to stop it. Obama is the first president in 30 to 40? years to vote in money to build a new nuclear power plant. The nuclear reactor building industry was DEAD until he got into office and revived it, with the help of votes from the Dualopoly, which is ruled and controlled by huge corporations.

        The Green Movement Continues To Grow In Double Digits; Help It Grow With Your Vote; via @AGreenRoad

  • Gen. Buck Turgidson

    Wow. An entire island nation destroyed and nobody knows about it.

    • Gen. Buck Turgidson

      Not even them

      • Cisco Cisco

        Once it is established what Gundersen uncovered and reported more than a year ago, that like Tokyo, the whole island of Honshu shares the same levels of contamination, Japan's economy will collapse and take with it the entire global financial Ponzi scheme.

        So, the poor Japanese will be sacrificed for the world economy. The nucleocrats, governments, NGO's and the bankers will see to that. Hey, some must die for the good of many, right? Wasn't that how we rationalized bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


        • Sadbuttrue Sadbuttrue

          "Some must die for the good of many" the nuclear industry slogan. Japan will tank, soon I imagine, another quake or two, it'll be over. As for the bankers, they're taking suicide jumps of buildings as of late. How many now have supposedly killed themselves in the last 6 months?

      • name999 name999

        gen, yes…seems that way…

        • GQR2

          @General Buck Turgison Sir, with all due respect Sir!
          i think we had better upgrade the situation To FUBAR.
          Yes FUBAR Sir!
          As in a Train Wreck and Cluster**cK Sir!

          >>> It is not just the Island of Japan that radiation has destroyed. The entire planet in slow uncontrollable ongoing Nuclear Radiation Contamination<<<<<

  • Ontological Ontological

    "We have known for more than eighty years that low-dose radiation has cytotoxic effects and causes mutations." Thank you correct.

    Let us not forget the ongoing locomotive of radiation dementia that will DESTROY us from those people who are unaware of what is happening, committing acts of pure stupidity from lack of ability to reason as brain logic function shuts down; LONG before any DNA mutations do. Sooner or later it will be the moron with a finger on the MAD button, who looses brain logic function. Oh that already happened? Were Doomed.

    • name999 name999

      Ontological, seeing the disturbance to living things around us creates a record that is more difficult to

      Watching tempers flare, moods spin out of control and people getting more exhausted and weaker isn't fun either.

  • 富岡_Blue_Heron 富岡_Blue_Heron

    "This is a situation mired with the world politics and economy – the struggle for power and money. It’s hard to stop the march of heavily armed people with a prayer."

    -Chiho Kaneko

    • We Not They Finally

      Good for her to have said that! People should have whatever inner solace they need, but the pragmatic realities are becoming overwhelming.

  • antipodes

    Earth Day is this up coming week, find your town's location and time, STOCK up … your information, and paper work and tip it in a good direction. We can weather this …Nature and a natural life style will protect us. Drink water from deep under ground wells or springs. May the Great Spirit… the Great Mystery … and the Force be with you.

  • dosdos dosdos

    Face it. Any political party in the US who doesn't support nuclear technology isn't going to have the money needed to get elected.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Nuclear radiation is emanating from that place, effecting everything in it's path.

    Folks!: keep notes of oddities and deaths regarding relatives, friends, neighbors, loved ones, and pets.

    I've been keeping notes since March 2011, the list keeps growing.

    I'll be giving these personal findings to Arnie Gundersen, Helen Caldicott, and Christina Consolo.

  • Tarangela Tarangela

    I have a question for anyone here who can answer. My plans, lo these past few years has been to escape to Samoa. What effect has Fukushima had on the South Pacific Islands? I know that tuna is like, their "oil" tho' they don't benefit from the fishing off of their coast, but has Samoa been greatly affected? Hard to find info don't you know.

  • devark devark

    Been seeing mutated fruit/veg since 2012, it's sure going to be interesting to see what my gardens look like this year(north east coast US).

  • MagentaTrifoil MagentaTrifoil

    One option that hasn't been discussed is to turn over the Fukushima site to space aliens. Seriously, I bet they have the technology to take care of this mess. We can then concentrate on filtering out what already has been released and fostering and awareness that includes changing diets which minimizes exposure. The can have that chunk of land for all eternity as a reminder to the breed/mindset of cartels risking an ELE who cover up, take shortcuts for financial reasons, and who do not think in terms of generations into the future. As I understand, Carl Sagan's binary message was responded to in a similar crop circle formation. There is so much evidence that we have visitors, past and present. Time to make 3rd degree contact (for help).

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      if space aliens were benign they would have purged the earth of pro nuclearists already. But if lunacy is a criterion for thinning the human stocks, it would be hard to decide where to draw the line. Few would be left for breading purposes. Space aliens and religion = eternal hope

      • 4Warnd 4Warnd

        CodeShutdown spake

        "Space aliens and religion = eternal hope"

        Or, the silliness of deux ex machina.

        And, 8BALL says: it may be so, in some minds.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          space aliens and religion = eternal hope. People are like eggs, hoping to be saved intact. But you cant make an omelet until you crack an egg. Anyway, an egg hoping saints or aliens will put out the fire…be it nuclear or divine, is pretty futile, except to feel the pleasure/pain of hope itself.

          deux ex machina = An unexpected, artificial, or improbable character, device, or event introduced suddenly in a work of fiction or drama to resolve a situation or untangle a plot

          Im not sure if you suggest that this is a possible psy op device, but it was tested powerfully by Orson Welles with War of the Worlds. An up to date version would have many believers. Why, just look how many people believed those low quality Osama Bin Laden fake videos and the implausible capture (after he was already declared dead by kidney disease) and body dumped overboard.

          • bo bo

            For code – you can't make an omelet until you crack the egg

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              hi bo! Your brain on cesium? They say drugs ruin your memory but that wouldnt be me because I dont recall ever trying them… btw, I believe in aliens and the divine, its just they never seem to stoop to our level…

              • bo bo

                Heeehe…. I don't recall ever trying them either 🙂

              • bo bo

                code – regarding 'they don't want to stoop to our level'

                unincredulous and I had this discussion regarding aliens:


                Watch this video, and when you ponder the fact that the videographer just sat there watching the tadpoles suffer, and the frog slave away to build the canal – just for some juicy 'reality tv' – that might be what's really happening here on earth with fukushima.

                • bo bo

                  That is, just as the videographer could have easily saved the tadpoles in one scoop with his hand – the aliens could probably do the same for us and this planet – but they're just holding back trying to extract some juicy drama out of it all.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    oh I understood bo! Ravens understand Archimedes buoyancy as well as a seven year old child, dolphins what to say Orcas have bigger brains than humans, even fruit flies learn by watching…indeed the whole animal kingdom is about equally astounding, yet man thinks nothing of trying to reach them on their own terms. A super being may be to humans what humans are to ants, harassing them with that lens… or laughing theyre stuck in linearized space-time

    • name999 name999

      magenta…Don't call us we'll call you???

    • Jebus Jebus

      See what happens when you spray paint your hat?

    • Runningonlove Runningonlove

      Hey Magenta, I would say any self-respecting space brothers and sisters would travel equipped for heavy-lift teleportation of dire environmental hazards they might encounter on primitive planets…
      ergo, all we have to do is make contact, and suggest that they heave the whole Fuku area into the asteroid belt. Perhaps a nice chunk, maybe 50 miles diameter by 5 miles deep, centered on the NPPs…that might help considerably. Then,if we could get them to use the same technique on Wall Street and the City of London, real progress might occur. Only drawback I can see to this scenario would be that the black-tech space-based weapons certain nefarious Earthlings already possess might be used to counterattack, and then we'd be into an interstellar war, which could be dicey.Hmmmmm…

  • Socrates

    "tumors in birds…."

    If plants and animals are showing tumors and mutations, you can bet that we will be experiencing the effects on the West Coast more and more. I heard that salmon are found with tumors. These are cut out and discarded while the rest is sold for consumption.

    I notice that there are fewer birds and insects this Spring. I added an additional birdbath in my backyard but see very few birds for even the first birdbath this Spring. There are few honeybees compared to earlier years. I never see bumblebees at all. It isn't just radiation alone. But the radiation will be huge.

    The Fukushima tide is arriving on the West Coast with flotsam. Radionuclides float along and will be dispersed by sea mists far inland.

    The only way to really test fish involves reducing it to ash and doing spectographic analysis. Much contamination cannot be adequately measured. The best course is to use the precautionary principle and avoid presumptive exposure by relocating far away from the coast.

    Probably a thousand tons of radioactive water flows into the Pacific each day. The leading edge of that water is arriving up north first.

    The governments of Japan, Canada and the USA will never admit this is happening. There are too many other serious environmental concerns. They just want to ignore this problem and allow the elite to make as much money as possible. Why?

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      If tumors are already showing up in birds and fish, these cancerous tumors certainly will start showing up in humans next.. 🙁

      This Nuclear Black Plague knows no species or land boundaries and is always free to roam the Earth.

      • We Not They Finally

        Exactly. They just show up in birds and fish sooner because they have a shorter life cycle. It's a pre-cursor to what will happen to US.

    • name999 name999

      socrates, all true.

  • Crickets Crickets

    The good news is that even the money-grubbing, pro-nuke, evil-doers can't escape this nasty toxic soup they've created. It's just hard to fathom the thinking of people that are willing to sacrifice even their own families for their selfishness.

  • name999 name999

    ontological, yes, then they cry and are sorry for what they have done…forgiven…go to heaven.

  • Angela_R

    "ontological, yes, then they cry and are sorry for what they have done…forgiven…go to heaven."

    people get forgiven when they cry for themselves?

  • Wyakin Wyakin

    Microbiology is an evolutionary discipline originally ignored, due to the paucity of morphological traits and the lack of a species concept in microbiology. In nuclear technology, it was ignored by biologically incompetent and inept physicists, and the attitude displayed by the nuclear establishment remains so to this day.

    Researchers are now taking advantage of extensive understanding of microbial physiology, ease of microbial genomic sequencing, and the quick generation time of some microbes to answer evolutionary questions.

    The reality observed by many modern microbiologists confirms a biological hierarchy dominated by microorganisms, which display a complexity of biological interaction with notions of evolution not easily understood by most non-microbiologists, and completely perverted by the global nuclearists.

    Reticulate evolution encompasses processes that conflict with traditional Tree of Life efforts. These processes, horizontal gene transfer (HGT), gene and whole-genome duplications through allopolyploidization, are some of the main driving forces for generating innovation and complexity. HGT has a profound impact on prokaryotic and eukaryotic evolution. HGTs can lead to the invention of new metabolic pathways and the expansion and enhancement of previously existing pathways. It allows for organismal adaptation into new ecological niches and new host ranges. cont.

    • Wyakin Wyakin

      (Kristen S. Swithers, Shannon M. Soucy, and J. Peter Gogarten; Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT 06269-3125, USA)


      Which evolutionary processes contribute to or detract from generating innovation and complexity have been unnaturally or unilaterally altered by man made fission trash byproducts? No question humans will be tragically affected. Fools tinkering with terrestrial nuclear fission science could learn preservation lessons from monkeys seeking bananas in a tree.

      Erroneous nuclearist radiation exposure models emphasize the distribution of energy across body mass, and inapplicable averaging of nucleotide transmission of energy across the total mass of exposed organs, rather than the total amount of deposited energy that is significant for cell inactivation.

      Of course, nucelarists erroneously conclude little or no impact from man made nucleotides on the existing DNA pools of all exposed organisms.

      Unbiased science proves such models to be completely false. Microbiological research disputes the nuclearists, as does Chernobyl, Fukushima, the deleterious effects on the populations surrounding all operating nuclear power plants, and those exposed to the lethal effects of DU nanoparticles.

      Reality is millions of human deaths across the globe are unnecessarily caused by man made fission and its trash by-products. The nuclearist deception has hereto become the greatest in…

      • Wyakin Wyakin

        human history…

      • Socrates

        The nuclear trash operates at the atomic level. Reactive oxygen species are released affecting DNA and everything from redox signaling to mitochondrial DNA. Gut flora is now known to affect many functions through gene transfer. Mitochondrial DNA is vitally important within the organism. Low level but continuous radiation from within causes not just mutations and cancer but a myriad of other bad effects.

        How this can be deemed safe is a total lie. These pronouncements of safety were made before these processes were even discovered.

        Abrupt changes in background cause cascading effects within the cell. These boneheads could not care less.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Wyakin, you are very wise. 🙂

  • Sol Man

    I don't sense that the spread of the nuclear trash is stopping. And, therefore, envision a time when birth is not possible.
    These are the saddest of times.

    I need a Bach from this.


    • GQR2

      Thank you Sol Man very nice for a sunrise here in moment.

      i went to a cosplay convention for the first time. Its a place where crafters can show off their costumes and my friend won a prize for craftsmanship. Anyway the point is there were lots of the most lovely smart sweet kids there some in their teens some older i could be their gran. Point is they deserve this,they deserve a decent reality based education and adults that aren't permanently out to lunch. They were the most beautiful kids all talking to each other cooperating in teams, making things with their hands. Warm and affectionate. They.deserve.better.

      • GQR2

        TypOOO the kids DON'T deserve this. They got it though,the least we can do is tell them the damned truth.

    • We Not They Finally

      Sol Man, I mourn the prospect of losing the Bach we had in the first place — I mean his music! But then I think that maybe it came from another place, so I hope we can hear it from another place yet again.

  • safelyiniowa safelyiniowa

    For an example of mutation look up the episode of River Monsters. The scientist, Jeromy Wade, found Wels catfish at Chernobyl with a 2nd lower jaw. Not just one isolated case either. Some mutations are not detrimental enough to be eliminated from gene pool. We might see some very strange human mutations in Japan.