Farmer: Gov’t raised contamination standards to limit payment of relocation money

Published: September 24th, 2011 at 4:31 pm ET


Fukushima’s neighbors lobby in U.S. against nuclear energy, CNN, September 20, 2011:

Using firsthand accounts of coping with the threat of radioactive contamination, several Japanese citizens who lived near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant hope to convince U.S. officials that nuclear energy poses an unacceptable risk. […]

“I come from Fukushima,” said Sachiko Sato, a farmer, who traveled with two of her children to Washington. […] Her English wasn’t perfect, but her fears came through clearly at a news conference Tuesday as she suggested that the Japanese government arbitrarily raised contamination standards to limit the payment of relocation money. […]

Two of her children, both teenagers, told of being frightened that they were exposed to radiation that could cause health problems in years to come. […]

Published: September 24th, 2011 at 4:31 pm ET


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133 comments to Farmer: Gov’t raised contamination standards to limit payment of relocation money

  • irradiated californian

    money>human life
    that’s a crime against humanity, there should be no thought in what is more important, but this is how all governments work, and it’s a tragedy, a damn tragedy.

    • What goes up must come down…

      Gravity is a fundamental law to physics. We know that the spent nuclear fuel that has been ejected into the atmosphere is subject to that basic fundamental law. However once into the atmosphere, factors such as atomic mass, volume, speed, velocity, and agility come into account. These are the factors to consider when considering the amount of danger imposed by the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis.

      The atomic mass of the an isotope plays a big factor in understanding global dispersion of radio-nuclides. Each elements weigh signature (atomic mass) should be considered individually in respects to travel time and resting location. We know that a significant amount of nuclear isotopes have been released atmospherically from the reactors on site. We also know that the two main isotopes being reported to the public are iodine and cesium.


      • Lets start off by identifying atomic masses of these two elements:
        Iodine 126.9amu
        Cesium 132.9 amu

        In comparison here are the atomic masses of isotopes that have a higher rate of emission, toxicity.
        Plutonium 244.0 Amu
        Polonium 209.0 Amu
        Americium 243.0 Amu

        At first glance we are able to determine that plutonium has an atomic weight almost twice that, of the amounts of Iodine and Cesium. This would indicate that under the same conditions of atmospheric release Plutonium an element bearing a weight of 244amu, would more likely travel half as far geographically as Iodine. An element with roughly half its atomic mass; (‘126.9amu‘, A figure just over half the value of Plutonium)…

        • Another large factor to consider is the elements ability to become airborne.
          For Example: The element ‘Polonium’ (in particle form). Has an acute ability to become an airborne / aerosol (polonium-oxide) at temperatures as low as 55c. (note the atomic mass of polonium is just 39.0Amu below that of Plutonium)…

          A solid becomes a gas when temperatures meet or exceed the known melting point of the substance; Creating a gaseous vapor via molecular decay…

          Melting point of various radionuclide.
          Iodine 113C.
          Cesium 28.5C.
          Plutonium 639.5C.
          Americium 994.0C.
          Polonium 254.0C.

          Cement: 1000C.
          Steel 1100 – 2900C. Depending on alloy.

          • We know that during the meltdowns at Fukushima; Spent nuclear fuels’ thermal temperatures were elevated above the melting points of both cement and steel. An indication that conditions were met to transform these elements from a solid state, to a gaseous state or; In this case radioactive aerosols such as polonium oxide and plutonium oxide; Both of which are capable of causing acute radiation poisoning when ingesting only a single micron.

            Travel Time / Distance…

            March 24th 2001
            Germanys radiation protection authority states radioactive contamination has been detected as reported in the Braunschweiger Zeitung Newspaper…

            In respect to travel times…
            If the isotopes Cesium and Iodine were detected in Germany which is approximately 18,000m. Away from Fukushima Japan. Wouldn’t that indicate that Plutonium Oxide had breached the American west coast a distance of only 6000 m? with the ability to have been distributed as far east as Rhode island a distance of 9000m.

          • Symptoms of Plutonium Oxide:
            Metallic taste on tongue,
            Nose bleeds
            Sensitive / scratchy throat
            Hair loss
            Chest pain
            Painful joints’

            In the last 6 months have you felt any of these symptoms…?

            I should also note a familliar characteristic of plutonium oxide: Crystalline in shape and reported as yellow in color…

            Are we seeing yellow sediment in rain?

            Emmy. Sept 2011

            10 Pounds of plutonium can end humanity…
            There is 10 tons in reactor 3 alone…


          • irradiated californian

            i have not had any of these symptoms, nor have any of my relatives, friends. and this isn’t just for my area, i travel nor cal a lot and nobody i have talked to has had any of these symptoms (yes, i try to keep others who are in the dark with most of this informed with news from enenews 🙂 )
            i saw you post a link to godlikeproductions talking about someone there reporting hair loss (with the poster of that thread being the only one), if that is where you go to get information, bless your heart for trying (it might explain why you post sensationalist stuff sometimes).

            from somebody also in the ‘danger zone’, there are my observations

          • irradiated californian

            *get some of your info, not all your info (sorry i didn’t clarify). i’m sure you copy and paste from other sites also and throw in you assump–i mean…opinion into the mix.

          • I was notified of a cancer death in my extended family today.
            Patient was on chemo and otherwise healthy. Yet conditions became rapidly problematic in the last few weeks (death occurred the day before yesterday…

            Thank you for continuing to speak from your own perspective while in addition minimalising the articles content…

            I am happy for your health…

            Since march we have had 3 family members in the same house with nose bleeds the same day,
            1 child age 7, taken to the ER. for heart conditions.

            As well as all members of the household coming down with strep throat like symptoms in the weeks following the disaster at fukushima… Including Metallic taste in our mouths…

            (6 people affected total in one household).

            I’ve also received over 20 reports from friends and family who have had nosebleeds between march and may.

          • Please feel free to fact check my article…

        • irradiated californian

          A. fact check what article?
          B. sorry for your loss, but there really is no reason to believe that it was caused or was affected in any way by fukushima…

          • @irradiated californian
            I regret to inform you, I’d prefer to take my advice from someone that knows how to read, write, and comprehend; Each subject that they are participating in, while entering a discussion.

            Please refrain from posting on my future comments.

            It is in my humble opinion that you have an obvious and oblivious misconception of the crisis at hand. I also hope that in the future your intellectual capacity is elevated; In regards to any human beings of whom you may be intellectually responsible for.

          • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

            This is something that bugs me to no end…

            You’re right, unless some researcher does 10 years of thorough testing, with control groups, etc., there will be no way to prove that symptoms of radiation sicknes or death are actually caused by Fukushima.

            Just like the dead fish with lesions all over them (and mysterious illnesses and deaths) can’t be linked to the BP oil spill.

            Does that mean that symptoms and death aren’t caused by these irresponssible disasters? No, but it sure makes it easier for the corporations to take no responsibility for their actions…

          • many moons

            Irrational californian…I think you should see the documentary….Battle of Chernobyl…you might get some well documented info about the health risks of radiation.

        • Irritated Kalifornian

          @ Tacomagroove

          Good morning. My sympathy to you & your extended family. My first question is :What was your family member having Chemo for? You did not give any detail. Would you share that with this forum?
          I am concerned about your health problems. Have any of those having nosebleeds had any recent lab work done? If not ,It might be something to consider to rule out other things first. The child with chest pains? What did they tell you at the emergency room? Is the child being monitored? Is the child better? If you or your family have not had any blood tests this year & are having health concerns, It has been my experience this is the first thing an MD would do.
          Also are you taking Potassium Iodide pills? Is so please use caution ( and to anyone else out there reading this) as it can have sometimes serious side effects very similar to those you mentioned as side effects for exposure to plutonium oxide. Metallic taste, chest pain join pain etc. Be Careful, Sincerely IK

    • I’m frequently appalled by the low regard you Earthmen have for life.

  • dpl dpl

    What happens in Fukushima stays in Fukushima unless some whiners go off the reservation to D.C. and complain to some brain damaged bureaucrats about human rights or some bullshit like that. When will the people finally get a clue about their future chances of representative government and just go sign a petition or something. The only crime here is having to listen to sob stories over and over again.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi dpl

      What makes you think what happens in Fukushima stays in Fukushima, when we already have seen our levels of radiation higher than before?

      As far as so called whiners, these are brave people who are standing up against the Governments and telling their stories which also warns us.

      The only crime here is the greed, ego, and power hungry people who have created these dangerous things on this earth.

      • jonjon

        UNfortunately greed has made the world a dangerous place to be, but in Japan, what has allowed a Fukushima to take place is more complex. Japan has gone from a feudal society to an imperial and industrialized country very rapidly without the general population being involved from an intellectual stand point in the sudden changes.

        After WW2, Japan was becoming a democratic nation and some of the young people of that time were receiving a western education in school. It all led to the student riot of 1970: Rebellious youth with a cause. They were very critical of the government and wanted change…

        The intellectuals of this era with democratic ideals are now confined to a minority. Japan is practically back to feudal times since the student riot. First it was crushed Tiananmen Square style. Then the new prime minister decided it was time to “revamp” the education system by making it all rot learning for cram schools. No more thinking, no more intellectuals, no more rebellious youth. The result was rather swift and quick.

        In the last 40 years, Japan has become a nation of brain dead sheep. Those in power do as they please, laughing all the way to the bank from all the bribes they receive. They control the population through all forms of propaganda that no one is able to identify anymore. The bureaucracy has grown so large, powerful and rigid, this country is like the titanic. It can’t stop its momentum going forward to its fatal fate. Only a mutiny could prevent…

        • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


          “In the last 40 years, Japan has become a nation of brain dead sheep. Those in power do as they please, laughing all the way to the bank from all the bribes they receive. They control the population through all forms of propaganda that no one is able to identify anymore. The bureaucracy has grown so large, powerful and rigid, this country is like the titanic. It can’t stop its momentum going forward to its fatal fate. Only a mutiny could prevent…”

          Somehow this quote rings a bell with me. Hmmm, where else has something like this been happening?

          Well said, jonjon!

        • Anthony Anthony

          Great insights well spoken.

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      I do not believe that giving up is an option. The fact that some folks from Fukushima went to Wash DC hit the news, so I think their enormous efforts may have raised someone’s consciousness, even if not that of the bureaucrat involved.

      • americancommntr

        What if honest word got out about how much contamination is in the west coast areas? Tobacco suit law firms, where the heck are ya?

        What if American dairy farmers and cooperatives sued Tepco and GE for contamination? Simply for the radionuclide contamination of their soils?

        What if California vegetable farmers did the same?

        This is what should happen, both the main culprits should be sued out of existence (or in GE’s case a huge chunk of their assets) and their plants all be shut down.

        News media organizations involved in collusion to cover up Fukushima’s effects upon Japan, Asia, the US, and the world, should also be sued.

        • Anthony Anthony

          What about every North American property owner with devalued radiation contaminated real estate?

        • StillJill StillJill

          Yes americancommntr,…in a sane world,…like the one we did enjoy for an all-too-short time,…those ‘actions’ would have been initiated within weeks, at the longest! Sanity has DEvolved, I’m afraid friend.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Raising the standards of how much radiation we can take, will probably happen more and more as the levels increase.

  • Lacsap Lacsap

    If you want to get rid of weed get it by its roots. Private bankers control the world, governments are just their puppets.

  • Sickputer

    There is another CNN article that is about Japan:

    Quote: “Currently 43 of the country’s 54 nuclear reactors are offline for safety checks and maintenance. And, as the Fukushima Daiichi plant continues to smolder, there’s no appetite to bring them back on line.”

    The many reader comments at the end are priceless:

    • Sickputer

      There is a reader named Thinkr who has about 10 of the comments at the CNN article I mentioned:

      Some of the finest wording I have read to support an anti-nuclear position. I want this person to know I appreciate your responses to the old nuclear-never-killed-anyone shills. Superb rebuttals worth repeating.

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Thinkr writes:

        With Fukushima we see the lies of the nuclear industry exposed.

        Today’s renewable’s (wind, solar, tide, smart grid) are safer, more reliable, and cheaper than nuclear.

        Look at the long term damage that Fukushima is causing. They are still incinerating radioactive waste which is creating plumes that reach other nations. It will be many generations before this is cleaned-up.

        The cancers and genetic damage caused by the radioactive fallout takes years to kill – and, it is a slow and painful death.

        Wind and thin film solar are already significantly cheaper than nuclear. New wind infrastructure costs less than 1MM per megawatt and costs for renewable’s continue to drop. The cost to decommission just one nuclear plant can top a billion dollars. It will cost more to decommission the flooded Ft Calhoun plant than to build wind resources to replace it. The cost of nuclear is increasing with massive cost overruns the industry norm. Despite massive government subsidies for nuclear it is unlikely that any new plants will ever come online.

        When the first explosions at Fukushima occurred, it was clear that (1) there was significant core problems and uncontrolled meltdowns were likely, and (2) the huge explosions and subsequent fuel pool fires had ejected large quantities (tons) of highly toxic MOX fuel (which includes Plutonium) were ejected into the environment.
        This radioactive fallout was detected in the western US and even in Europe.

        Yet, in…

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Thank You Sickputer

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Thinkr writes:

    Yet, in March and April we saw a parade of clowns from the nuclear industry denying that there was any significant problems, even claiming that the reactors would soon be under control.

    This clown parade of nuclear PR agencies, pseudo-experts, and outright liars claimed that the harm to the environment was minimal and the harm to those people who were exposed to the toxic fallout was acceptable.

    While I hope that, people will eventually be able to resettle the exclusion zone and that no person will be harmed from the enormous quantities of highly toxic radioactive fallout – this seems highly unlikely.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Thinkr writes:

      When we look at what happened at Chernobyl we see an enormous increase in cancers and genetic defects causing terrible suffering to innocent people especially children. And, still the parade of clowns is here to tell us that there is no real problem. There phony talking points remain are testimony to their disregard for the human suffering that will be with us for generations. While the clown parade has largely disappeared, their shameful words will be remembered

      Make no mistake this is not only one of the dirtiest most toxic industries with multiple accidents that pollute huge areas for generations – it is also one of the most dishonest and corrupt industries as well.

      Shame on those who lie and claim that nuclear is cheap or safe. Your words will remain as testimony to ignorance and greed. Especially when we can see the huge costs of Chernobyl and Fukushima. And, especially while so many people have been exposed and remain in harm’s way.

    • jonjon

      Right… Listen to this nuclear expert on the BBC telling us there is nothing to be concerned about. We should instead worry about losing electricity and being stranded in an elevator. The irony is, he was saying this as reactor 3 was exploding… check the Breaking news announcement at 4:05 as the guy is telling us these reactors are nothing of the sort we had at Chernobyl, and therefore the possibility of radiation contamination is a remote possibility!

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Thinkr writes:

    If you think nuclear in the US is modern please read the NRC incident reports and gain some basic understanding of the situation the nuclear industry is in – they are trying to protect out-of-date plants by extending their licenses well beyond their intended lifecycle – and many plants were build decades ago using the same flawed design that melted down at Fukushima.

    There is plenty of rare earth metals for the magnets used in wind power. And, if you are really so concerned for the health of those who mine rare earth metals try doing a bit of research on what is happening every day to Uranium miners and those who live near Uranium mines.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Thinkr writes:

      For recent nuclear accidents in the US just this year, please consider:

      Ft. Calhoun nuclear station flooded.

      Los Alamos fire burning and spreading nuclear waste

      North Anna power station earthquake damage.

      During spring tornados over ten nuclear plants shut down.

      Ongoing problems with nuclear waste storage and transportation.

      Use of ‘low level’ radioactive waste in road construction in New York State.

      Ongoing Tritium leaks at 75 percent of nuclear plants.

      Radioactive Cesium detected in the Connecticut river (presumably from Vermont Yankee).

      And, take a look at the open perjury by several nuclear industry corporations made under oath…

      Ongoing harms caused by Uranium mine tailings, specifically in the US Southwest.

      This is a dirty and dishonest industry.

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Thinkr writes:

        One of the biggest lies of the nuclear industry is that it provides cheap power. If nuclear power is so cheap then why the massive government subsidies ? How come there are no investors without huge government loans that will probably never be paid back? How come the insurance industry will not touch nuclear without a liability limitation law (price-Anderson Act) that shifts most clean-up costs to taxpayers?

        What if your kids lived near Fukushima?

        If nuclear is so easy to maintain then why all the problems that we see over and over again? Why the giant exclusion zones in Europe and now Japan? After decades still no solution for disposal of nuclear waste? Why the blatant lies by the nuclear industry?

        There are many alternative renewable technologies that cost less than nuclear. The nuclear industry is dead, it is just a matter of time.

        Those who promote nuclear power with shameful lies and half-truths are pathetic. The TEPCO executives who lies and caused this disaster should face criminal prosecution. Their names will be remembered among the most shameful.

        Why TEPCO executives should face criminal prosecution:

        1. Falsified safety reports.

        2. TEPCO lied about the extent of the explosions and leaks.

        3. TEPCO had a duty to provide warnings, TEPCO had the information and lied about it, these lies prevented people from evacuating.

        4. With proper warnings people could have protected themselves and their children.

        5. Anyone who…

        • WindorSolarPlease

          Thinkr writes:

          Why TEPCO executives should face criminal prosecution:

          1. Falsified safety reports.

          2. TEPCO lied about the extent of the explosions and leaks.

          3. TEPCO had a duty to provide warnings, TEPCO had the information and lied about it, these lies prevented people from evacuating.

          4. With proper warnings people could have protected themselves and their children.

          5. Anyone who dies who could have been evacuated constitutes a case of negligent homicide.

          • WindorSolarPlease

            I am sorry this is so long, I normally don’t copy and paste this much.

            However, I am not sorry I posted this, because I know there are people who won’t click on the link and look at what this person has written.

            What he has written puts it all out there, I give this person credit.

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            I’m not sorry you did either WSP.
            I posted the link at HP directing readers to that poster. TY

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            Wow! Look at this comment:

            Check out enenews(remove this dot) com – for actual news about the nuclear industry and the TEPCO disaster.
            That’s great!!

          • WindorSolarPlease

            Thanks to Admin for not kicking me out for taking up space.
            Thank you to Sickputer for posting about Thinkr, and of coarse a big thank you to Thinkr in his postings.
            Glad to hear this person likes enenews.

            I just did the easy part Whoopie, copy and paste. 😉
            Great that you posted the link to HP

          • Steven Steven

            No suprise that Thinkr visits ENENEWS. That could be a distillation of the general consensus here, but he/she has put it all together in a well structured coherent package.

            Nice find WSP.

          • WindorSolarPlease

            Hi Steven

            It was Sickputer that found Thinkr, I can’t take credit for that.

            However, I sure can copy and
            Thanks anyway.

        • Sickputer

          +100 for the compilation of Thinkr. What a great commentary…should be in any anti-nuclear advocates notepad/iPad to take to discussions/protests/rallies. Or letters to editors perhaps.

          Huzzah! (a little archaic perhaps, but we could stand some of that emotion returning our world to a better time). Pre-1940s preferably…let’s roll back the clock, turn the time machine back to before nukes. This is a great world if we would only respect it and not savage it like a rabid dog.

          • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


            Thanks for the link to thinkr’s comments. I did go there and read all of them.

            I am drafting another letter to the President as well as one to the Florida Public Service Commission and these comments have helped clarify how to proceed with irrefutable logic.

            And thanks to WOSP for posting these comments. Many people don’t have the time to follow every link and thinkr’s comments succinctly stated so many valid points.

            The sum is more than the total when we work together.

      • Irritated Kalifornian

        @WindorSolarPlease. I don’t know who I am replying to you or someone called thinkr But regarding the statement about “recent nuclear accidents this year in the U.S. alone” I have to take issue with a couple of points. The statement ” Ft Calhoun nuke plant flooded”. That was not a nuclear accident as far as I know. Yes they had a fire & a flood. But to say it was a nuclear accident is implying much more.
        “North Anna power station earthquake damage” How is that classified a nuclear accident? I heard about a moderate earthquake which caused cosmetic cracks & the plant shut down like it was supposed to do, but I would not call it a nuclear accident. Why would someone think that?
        “During spring tornados 10 plants shut down” Well that makes sense that they would but it was not a nuclear accident.
        Ongoing problems with nuke waste storage & transport” For me, I can’t speak for others, that is a serious topic which is very concerning and one for which there is no simple answer. But a Nuclear accident it is not. Am I taking this too literally? Regards IK

        • Sickputer

          IK writes: But a Nuclear accident it is not.


          The wording would be better saying Nuclear events or Nuclear Plant accidents. Thanks for being literal…I always think reports can be improved in hindsight.

          Ft. Calhoun did have a worker injured fighting the flood and flooding was definitely a very dangerous scenario. I don’t know if there was any releases of radiation reported to the NRC.

          But there are several other American university nuclear reactors that did have nuclear “accidents” in 2011 and they could be added to the list.

          Worldwide there were many more accidents that could be found with research. The list is extensive for 2011 worldwide nuclear accidents, and even more adding “events”.


  • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

    The Japanese government is as bad as our government in the US. No wait–the Japanese government doesn’t conduct aggressive war.

  • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

    From the article: “Two of her children, both teenagers, told of being frightened that they were exposed to radiation that could cause health problems in years to come.”

    These kids and hundreds of thousands of others will live under a sword of Damocles for the rest of their lives.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Just like the Gulf people. These people won’t see the fair amount of payment for relocation.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    It said in the article : Japan’s activists believe there is no safe path that includes nuclear energy. “Can we afford not to learn? I don’t think so.”

    It is amazing that these people are lobbing in the US against nuclear energy.

    When are Governments going to understand that, there are people from all over, do not want nuclear power.

  • arclight arclight

    The GCCF, which also covers cleanup and this poor woman sounds like she could be from another similar situation I fear!

    “The really sad part is that my story is not isolated,” Chauncey adds. “There are loads of us, and they are all in the same predicament as I am.”
    Rudy Toler from Gulfport, Mississippi is a fourth generation fisherman. He submitted 62 pages of documentation to the GCCF, but says: “My claim got denied on December 4, with about 100,000 other people.”

    remediation costs, has received more than 468,000 claims and has paid about $2.7bn to approximately 170,000 claimants (about one-third of those who have submitted claims) in the last four months.
    Most of the claims that have been paid are temporary emergency payments.

    “You’ve paid 30 per cent of the claims,” Gulf Shores City councilman Jason Dyken told Feinberg at a recent meeting in Gulf Shores, Alabama. “Seventy per cent of the claims have not been paid. Where I went to school that’s an ‘F’.”

    Oh and this

    “Hopkins believes Feinberg is pressuring people to take the smaller, immediate payments, rather than pursue litigation in order to obtain appropriate levels of compensation.”

    and to clarify a bit with this qoute…

    Victims of the BP oil spill must realize that BP p.l.c., the responsible party, is a powerful and well-funded defendant, does not lack imagination or incentive to pose innumerable legal barriers, and will…

    • arclight arclight

      …..Victims of the BP oil spill must realize that BP p.l.c., the responsible party, is a powerful and well-funded defendant, does not lack imagination or incentive to pose innumerable legal barriers, and will aggressively assert its legal rights and otherwise use the law, the courts and the judicial system to serve its interests. BP can afford to stall, and actually benefits from delay, but its victims cannot afford to wait for years to be fully compensated for their losses.
      i think you can see what im getting at!!

      • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


        Why, yes, arclight, what BP is doing is exactly like what Texaco/Chevron did in Latin America. Their motto must have been “starve ’em until they cave.”

        This irresponsible activity by large corporations has been going on at least as long as I have been living. When I was growing up, there actually existed a system of peonage in that small, rural county which did not end until around 1955.

    • arclight arclight

      The GCCF, which also covers cleanup and

      ignore this drivel…not meant to be there pasto!!!!

  • arclight,

    ..Well funded defendant BP re: Gulf, sounds familiar with Bhopal India.

    Not better in the USA for victims than anywhere else in the world.

    Party like its 1999

    red red wine

  • staycalm

    I do wish people wouldn’t post streams continuously. I suspect I am not alone in simply not reading things when I know there’s going to be lots of comments on the threads and that very little of it will be anything new.

    Is any of this a surprise, honestly? This is just another example of “damage limitation” anyway. Not sure how you can limit damage like this but there you go.

    • If wishes were fishes … stayclam everyone. Just kidding. The info posted at ene needs to be continually repeated until the meltdown message is spread at least as far and wide as the Fuku rads fly. Those who can’t stand the message will staycalm and move along…no matter the cost of staying blind. Staycalm Staycalm and move along…

    • Anthony Anthony

      So if you are not here to read why are you here then? I got a thousand-fold-more out of the long posts on this thread than your snitty bitching.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Morning all.
    A Short Must Watch Video

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hi Whoopie,
      wow. That guy has some fire in his belly! Look at the others’ faces, they look like they’d like to sink into the ground (corium style, so to speak).

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Oh I know BB! What a video! He’s ANGRY and rightly so. I hope we see more VIDEOS like this. It brings it all home, the anger, the frustration and outrage. Anybody who tells us that the Japanese aren’t MAD and are complacent about Fukushima (like we’ve been told) ARE PRO-NUCLEAR OPERATIVES. No doubt in my mind.

        • StillJill StillJill

          YES! But,…I sure DIDN’T like that sick-chuckle immediately after he said, “after you kill me!” Did that hit anybody else? I’ll bet it did. My spiritual goose bumps alerted BIG TIME!

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi Whoopie

      Thanks for the link. He’s a brave young man, who is telling the truth.

    • Steven Steven

      I hope and pray that we are past the point in the history of nuclear power when innocent people could be ‘silenced’ by the darker side of the industry (not inferring it has a ‘light’ side btw). Unfortunately a wild animal is most dangerous when cornered, which is exactly where the industry is right now. But the world is watching, albeit through sleepy eyes, and I suspect they can’t afford to risk further embarassment.

      No way to tell for sure, so as I see it anyone protesting loudly enough to make a dent has the heart of a lion. That’s my view, I’ll be in the bunker making sandwiches, let me know how it all turns out.

      • Ya … just keep your sleepy head down my friend. Staycalm and keep hopin’ and prayin’ and dreamin’ that reality isn’t what it really is. What do you mean “innocent people could be silenced”? This is standard practice in the nuke industry. This is how this world wide glow in the dark sh*t show is run. A first-hand account everyone can understand:

        NUKES, TVA, Health & Safety, The NRC & the Nuclear Industry With Ann Harris

        Part 1

        Part 2

        Each part is about an hour for those with the attention span. for those lacking keep eatin’ those rad samiches. we wouldn’t want to embarass anyone or actually KNOW how deep the corruption runs….right down to the plutonium laced water and food we are ALL partaking in.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Great timeline and current report on the Nuclear Industry/Also a must read. Some Info surprised me.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Another GREAT find Whoopie!!!
    What would we do without you?? Let’s never find out!

    Thanks friend

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      TY SJ! Tell ya what, one must watch the TWEETS real close or miss these great ones. I only do that in the a.m. Just think about the REST OF THE DAY and night! It makes you wonder how much we DO miss. Like that one, remember that was in Balaris (?) language? Where it discussed the CORIUM? What a find that was…BUT guess what?!? I DID NOT BOOKMARK IT. I looked and looked for IT yesterday and couldn’t find it. I’ll have to search WAY BACK in my HP comments to find it. Oh well. WaterUnderBridge.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Be sure to read that one from Blog-Madison.
      (unless that’s the one you meant)
      It’s really a great “educational” piece.

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Right now, I’m waiting for it to appear on HP so I can continue to POST MORE from it. THAT should Wake Up the Cheerleaders! Yeeeehaw!!

        • StillJill StillJill

          There’s a spiritual piece here that I didn’t bookmark either–speaking to your point. It may have been Hopi again,…it said, We are the ‘irritation’, ‘agitators’, something to that effect! It stated that we were being sent-in first, to ‘prick them awake’. How cool is that?
          I love my job!!!! 🙂

          Go wake up those cheerleaders little Lady! Kick dragon!

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            Who said this yesterday? ELEINA!

            “Cold-Hearted Orb that Rules the Night
            Removes the Colors from our Sight
            Red is Gray, and Yellow, White
            But We decide which is Right
            And Which is an Illusion”

            The Moody Blues

          • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

            Whoopie! That is from the album which had
            Nights in White Satin…too lazy to look it up
            right now….yawn!

          • Days of Future Past, I believe. Moody Blues collaboration with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Used to have the actual vinyl disc. Only record I had as a teenager that my parents liked!

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    From Houseofoust
    “We can’t make this stuff up. Things Found In Fukushima Daiichi Reactor Suppression Chamber, Has Anyone Seen My Shoes?

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Wow TG!! I’m so proud of you! I’ll post to HP then read it. Jumping up and down here!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        My God. It WAS AND IS PLUTONIUM!! I love how the post ends. “Do flowers pollinate twice a yr…”
        To me, THIS IS A GROUND BREAKING POST. The reactors are/have spewed this stuff…and it’s not over. Good grief.

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          Well, I decided to freak out after I saw a test result. I can’t imagine why none of the cilvilians finding the stuff held a counter over it and posted the result, if it was at a high level.
          People are posting rooftop levels from Yokohama all over the place, so I guess we would’ve heard if Plutonium would’ve been found….
          my 2 cents.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      I really hope someone will just take a sample of the stuff and get it tested.

  • Ty whoopie…

    my long post is on this thread (the tip I sent). you have to copy paste it all cause users voted to truncate comments:(

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      I NEED NO FURTHER PROOF than that post right there. I’m writing my elected officials asap-WH too. This SILENCE will be the death of us all. Again, it makes me wonder what the f**K kind of drugs THEY are taking. Something STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN. I cannot understand why we are seeing NO ACTION/MOVE to protect the populations of the WORLD…but here esp. I live here. Damn them!! God damn them. grrrr

      • Plutonium(IV) oxide is the chemical compound with the formula PuO2. This high melting point solid is a principal compound of plutonium. It can vary in color from yellow to olive green, depending on the particle size, temperature and method of production.

        “That was the paragraph that made the gears start going into overdrive”…

        I hope they test it adequately and as soon as possible…

        There were already reports surfacing of headaches, hair loss, and fatigue surfacing after the last reactor 3 blow out (this month).

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          I added more to that post at HP. Now I’ll add your ADDITIONAL comment.

          • Ty whoppie.

            Feel free to post it anywhere…

            I hope I am wrong as always o.0

            However, I have a feeling that this really explains a lot about whats going on right now…

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            I’ll even send it to HP TIP PAGE. Of course they wont post it but it’s worth a shot to even WAKE those people up who read the TIPS.

            How bout them apples!?!? (don’t eat apples!)

          • I got it out as much as I can…

            If you can start a thread on…

            I can’t. My isp is banned…

            Thats really funny to me too.
            A. one of My articles received over 40,000 views…
            B. I got banned from a conspiracy site???

            How do you get tossed out Of A looney bin>?
            Like wow this chick is nuts…

            Its a friggin conspiracy site???

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            Whoa! That’s crazy! I’ve seen GodlikeP before. I think it was at Dutchsinse.

          • Glp is a debatable site to use…

            I find it very informative on alot of issues. But the exposure is amazing There are millions of users on it…

            Which is the only reason why I post there.

            if you want to get the word out and get others opinions… You gotta speak starting somewhere

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            TG go to bottom of page.
            New Update by me

    • StillJill StillJill

      They did? Nobody asked me! Story of my life!) 🙂

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        SJ tell you what…ALL YOU POSTERS who have said THAT have been PROVEN RIGHT with this post. SO TY YOU TOO STILLJILL. And of course my HP posters deserve thanks too. This post at F.D. proves you ALL RIGHT ON THE MONEY.

  • I blame it on the shills…

    they keep making me angry…

    little did they know; “I write much better when i’m angry”…


  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Want to SEE WHY THIS COUNTRY is going down the TUBES? MSM MEDIA FAIL. A front page check brings this at HP
    “AP Investigates NYPD Spying On Muslims Amid Tabloid Swipes, Scant NYC Media Follow-up”
    I wont post link but ONLY want to show what we’re up against in Reporting On Fukushima. 🙁

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    TWEET Link to TIPS from people in the Aftermath of Chernobyl

  • Lacsap Lacsap

    To much chat, post of video’s which bring none new, all is getting off topic.. good posts are hard to find this way.. Goto discussion thread please..

  • Early in the thread Tacomagroove brought up the very good point that only iodine and cesium are reported, when reported. However the list of radio-active substances are long. Somebody posted a list months ago of all the types names I never heard of must have been 50 or more items. If you know who you are please repost. If Canada found traces of cesium in our salmon then it stands to reason there are other undetected isotopes in that fish. Same with your californian milk. So the shills etc say so what only trace amounts of cesium found but it is expensive to test for individual elements. What do the trace amounts of thirty odd radio-active substances add up to? Cream in your coffee?

  • And little bits of plutonium floating around in the air we breath. How to tell a 2 year old to wear a mask in the playground? Not going to happen. I hope Tacoma is wrong but I sadly don’t have any concrete evidence to challenge her. All those who criticize Tacoma have nothing to contribute but name calling. How can you support an industry that has the capacity to pollute the entire globe? Obama’s popularity is waning. Lets hope who-ever replaces him doesn’t have the nuke payola backing him up.

    Kudos to the Japanese farmers who talked to American congressmen. Your always welcome in Canada.

    • @mark

      Thank You.

      not for your compliments (which are all too kind).

      But thank you for reading the article to its fullest integrity…

      The main point of the article was attributed to the limited information on plutonium dispersion in the united states. As the conditions, and available data I have collected suggest It is already here.

      That was a very very important article.

      • Plutonium dust. What the shills don’t want us talking about. I don’t study as much as you Tacoma but even before I started reading enenews I was aware that reactor 3 used MOX. Mixed Oxides containing plutonium, a type of fuel these old reactors were never designed for. Number three, the reactor that blew up. Made my heart sank when I realised that was the one with the powdered plutonium mixed with the fuel. Plutonium has been found around the site and it stands to reason that some of it is floating around the atmosphere somewhere. But more likely when you contemplate that the fuel has melted, maybe melted through the containment vessel and water is constantly being poured onto it causing a continual release of nuclear plutonium laced vapour.
        Never hurts to restate the fact of plutonium dust in our environment. Maybe there is some nuclear scientist who will say “it ain’t so”.
        Common sense dictates that it is a very real probability.

        • Early 20th century word I find useful. Boondoggle.

          The House Appropriations Committee is increasingly concerned over rising cost and potential delays at the U.S. Energy Department’s mixed oxide fuel project under construction at Savannah River Site. “The costs of this program continue to escalate, with current estimates of as much as $9.7 billion, just to construct the needed facilities,”
          Other committee concerns include the NNSA’s inability to find clients willing to use MOX in its commercial nuclear reactors. (in part due to Fukushima )

          • boondoggle |ˈboōnˌdägəl; -ˌdôgəl| informal
            work or activity that is wasteful or pointless but gives the appearance of having value : writing off the cold fusion phenomenon as a boondoggle best buried in literature.
            • a public project of questionable merit that typically involves political patronage and graft:
            : they each drew $600,000 in the final months of the great boondoggle.
            verb [ intrans. ]
            waste money or time on such projects.
            ORIGIN 1930s: of unknown origin

  • stock

    I have been posted at Huffington Post (HP), and a number of pro-nuclear trolls, aka Nuke Pimps, have been posting up stuff showing how radiation is not harmful. Please visit and comment. Below is my comment.

    It really is a “no-brainer” when you blast your cells with high energy particles (ionizing radiation) that your cells will become damaged. What part of “duh” does it take to figure that out.

    The Nuke-Pimps can always find and point to something that “proves” that radiation is not just non-harmful it is actually beneficial. The human being is capable of perpetrating many lies within their own mind, rationalizations to support a necessary view. In many cases this necesasry view may be….I have to support my family, I get peer respect from being a nuclear scientist, and I don’t want to think of myself as a bad person, plus….I am almost like God, turning matter into energy.

    Motive and opportunity are there, now all we need is the weapon to prove the case of crimes against humanity. Plenty of studies show that radiation causes cancers, and there are other bad effects just due to the elements involved being directly poisonous to humans, such as the negative health effect of uranium as a chemical are far worse than the radiation effects that uranium causes.

    The Iowa Radon Lung Cancer Study had several strengths. First, independent pathologic review was performed for 96…

  • @Irritated Kalifornian
    first question is A cancer that traveled from the liver to the lymphnode…

    Have any of those having nosebleeds had any recent lab work done? I had my blood tested. The results were normal?

    The child with chest pains… What did they tell you at the emergency room? They stated it was asthma (which the child has never had). Nor any respiratory problems (which he complained his heart hurt and he was having problems breathing.
    Is the child being monitored? No
    Is the child better? Couldn’t really say, (not my kid)… I will ask his dad; he has not gone back to the er again to my knowledge…

    Also are you taking Potassium Iodide pills? Nope. I never bought any. I doubt that they prevent much damages to the body.
    SIncerely, and I do mean that…

    • Irritated Kalifornian

      @Tacomagroove, Thank you for the thoughtful reply. I agree with you about the potassium iodide. In certain people they could do more harm than good. I don’t think many people realize that. I am glad you are normal I will hope that you stay that way. sincerely IK

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    I hope y’all know that typical “Medical” doctors,
    allopathic, AMA, bound by legal restrictions and
    mandates, make a living by KEEPING YOU Unhealthy.
    It is the rare “Care Provider” who provides care anything
    like they insist on providing limited diagnostics and PHARMA.
    They will protect their phony baloney jobs.
    They will look the other way while deadly “vaccines” are
    pumped into your kid. I was in a Scientific Computation
    class in Chem dept. with about half Pre-Med seniors.
    Pre-Med Seniors are the Cheatin’-est, most INSINCERE of
    SCIENTISTS. They Want their Beamer or their Porsche.
    They want to be My Son (Daughter) THE DOCTOR!!!!!!!!
    Don’t take them again. Get your own complete
    copy of medical records.

    • I do remember years ago meeting a 20 year old young man who had his leg amputated due to cancer. He told me that a doctor of his told him he probably got that serious cancer at such a young age from exposure to a random nuclear particle from a bomb testing. But the doctor stressed that his comment was off the record. Doc also stressed this was something no official entity would admit to.

      I had back issues in my time and will never forget my run in with the Workers Comp doctor. I was supposed to be examined by the Doctor with a member of the Workers Comp rehab “team” present. Instead I brought along my friends wife and a tape recorder.
      Dismissed the Worker Comp team member as is my right under Canadian Law. Made known to doc I was recording the examination as pain meds were befuddling my brain. Never seen a doctor so scared he was stammering and recommended continuing treatment. Paid by Workers Comp. why scared if he was just doing his job? Very sure if no recorder and no friend present would have been sent back to work against my own doctors advice. Experts, Politicians and Doctors are all not trusted by average person these days. Internet gives average joe much power. Gets back to topic at hand people are much more questioning towards authority and wonder who is paying what expert. Nobody trusts anybody these days for good reason.

    • Irritated Kalifornian

      @Elenin Velivkosky There are unethical people in any profession & I am aware of the talk about big PHARMA. Where did you get the information that vaccines are deadly ? In conclusion I would like to pose a question to everyone: How many of you would be alive today if It were not for modern medicine.? Peace IK

      • Be Still My Beating Heart

        Me and all of my ancestors and dependents!
        Never born in Hospitals, Never went to doctors,(except a couple of broken bones, I let a professional set them,) don’t take antibiotics, (have alternatives,)NEVER been vaccinated for any disease, We all had the real disease instead and built up our immunities.
        It isn’t for everyone for sure to be thier own doctor, but I would not trust someone who sees hundreds of people a month to know what was correct for my unique system

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    Yes, Mark, like this HPV mandated vaccine issue.
    The Global-Control-Grid folks like AJ and Joyce Riley
    have been saying for years that these vaccine programs
    eventually turn into intentional poisoning, sterilization,
    life-shortening plague programs.
    “Contamination Standards” in USA Foods! Yow!
    Cohen the notmilkman was writing about the
    still-extensive use of DDT in Mexico crops!!
    We get a lot of produce from countries which
    practice no real regulation of poisons. Our “Customs”
    and FDA and all those Bureaucrat Dens are not trained
    to do anything much about it. Depopulation, with
    the added bonus of Owning the medical-hospital-pharma
    and related industries to suck every damned Dime from
    the dying unfortunate “Patient”.

  • odylan

    Farmers are right to be concerned and so are consumers.

    Rice paddies 35km from Fukushima are showing the same number of becquerels per kilo as the so-called government safe limit (for home consumption) which seems to me and probably also to you to be a very odd ‘coincidence’ indeed.