Farmers: Fukushima radiation causing mystery disease — Many animals have developed spots all over their bodies — What if this starts to afffect people? It must be examined — Gov’t can’t identify problem (PHOTO)

Published: June 20th, 2014 at 7:49 pm ET


AFP, June 20, 2014: Angry Japanese farmers say their animals are poisoned by radiation — A cow from Fukushima arrives in front of the agriculture ministry in Tokyo. Farmers delivered the cow to demand the government to study why it and many other cows have developed white dots on their skin after the Fukushima nuclear plant went into meltdown. […] Fellow Fukushima farmer Naoto Matsumura said: “What if this started happening to people? We have to examine the cause of this and let people know what happened to these animals.” The vast farmland in Fukushima has been contaminated by radioactive materials […]

Japan Times, June 20, 2014: Farmers haul Fukushima cow to Tokyo seeking probe into mystery disease — Farmer Masami Yoshizawa […] says many animals in Fukushima have developed the speckles and demanded that the government investigate it. […] Operators of the non-profit Kibo no Bokujo (Farm of Hope) delivered an adult black cow to the front of the farm ministry to demand an investigation into why it and many other animals have developed white dots on their skin since three reactors at the poorly protected Fukushima No. 1 plant went into meltdown […]

AP, June 20, 2014: “The ministry told us they don’t know what is causing the spots. Well, they need to do more research and figure it out. They can’t just run away, saying they don’t know,” Yoshizawa said.

Watch video of the spotted cattle here

June 18: [intlink id=”fukushima-guide-lots-of-people-suddenly-started-having-nose-bleeds-cats-and-dogs-too-it-lasted-for-some-time-after-311-article-many-who-volunteered-in-fukushima-have-died-including-2-stud” type=”post”]Fukushima Guide: Lots of people suddenly started having nose bleeds, cats and dogs too[/intlink]

June 15: [intlink id=”japan-paper-horses-became-weak-and-died-one-by-one-from-an-unknown-cause-at-farm-in-fukushima-farmer-there-is-something-seriously-wrong-going-on-this-country-is-going-mad-i” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: June 20th, 2014 at 7:49 pm ET


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129 comments to Farmers: Fukushima radiation causing mystery disease — Many animals have developed spots all over their bodies — What if this starts to afffect people? It must be examined — Gov’t can’t identify problem (PHOTO)

  • Yes TEPCO = The Earth's Population Control Organization.

    Japanese farmers, seeking cause of post-Fukushima cattle disease, bring cow to Tokyo

    The cow, from a Fukushima farm, has suspicious white spots on its skin.
    By Ed Adamczyk | June 20, 2014 at 6:22 PM |

  • Ontological Ontological

    We named this new cow disease "Fuku Die Itchy" a while back. Humans have these spots too, they are internal, and called pre cancer legions. We all face these issues sooner or later. Some of us got it sooner, and will again later however…

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      The best wit I've seen in a longtime! " Fuku Die Itchy" Genius… 🙂

    • Crickets Crickets

      That's a good play on words, Ont. As sad as all this news is, we do have to maintain some sense of humor in what seems to be looking like a terrifying future.

      • hbjon hbjon

        We're not trying to make lightly or humorous such a grave condition with our food supply. Nor are we trying to distract from the important topic of nuclear contagions and mysterious manifestations of illnesses that are being caused by TEPCO's electric producing substances.
        Animals that graze should be kept out of the ditches, and not allowed to drink the water in low land areas. Toxic radon gas builds up in basements for a reason. It is heavy.
        To put this more eloquently….Stay out of the ditches, and don't let TEPCO's rad bitches with the itches getchas.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Those Tepco witches are throwing rad bitches into the ditches and be careful since those witches can be bitches too and gitches. 🙂 What ever you do when your around witches throwing them there rad bitches make sure you keep on your britches since this can give you the very painful rad itches while keeping you in hospital stitches. 🙂

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Those Tepco witches are throwing rad bitches into the ditches and be careful since those witches can be bitches too and gitches. 🙂 What ever you do when your around witches throwing them there rad bitches make sure you keep on your britches since this can give you the very painful rad itches while keeping you in hospital stitches. 🙂

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Hope that they can connect the spots, er uh, dots that is.

        Maybe by using a spirograph, and putting the pencil in the dots, one may find some similarity to crop circles.

        Seriously, I hope the Tepco folks do come down with spots. That goes for the government people, too. Then, the doctors can toss them out for even mentioning Fukushima radiation.

  • I have viewed the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Facility via the Hope Cam (Farm of Hope) many times. It's approximately 10 miles away.

    "Probability is irrelevant after the facts."
    – By Enenews user Jebus Dec 8, 2012

    Here's a simple video I made using screen shots from the Hope Cam.
    See Thru the FOG Video #22
    Uploaded Dec 10, 2012

  • weeman

    If it starts to effect people you will get spotty people, no joke both are mammals, common link.

  • MochiMadness

    Radiation therapy effects skin in that, depending on dose/time/type/distance–you get erythema without radiation sickness occurring. I believe it's called cutaneous radiation syndrome. The DNA is damaged/destroyed–meaning, as I've mentioned before, the genetic coding for "black hair" or "melanin" is also destroyed. Once these sequences are broken or distorted, they cannot fix themselves (no matter how much sea kelp you ingest. sorry.)

    These poor animals are the canary in the coalmine. 🙁

    • MochiMadness

      The damage to the hair follicles, the melanocytes (which is what produces melanin, present in hair and in skin)–is what basically causes grey hair.

      It may be that the external dosage to these animals caused spotty damage to the follicles–as radiation exposure is not usually "uniform", nor does it effect every square inch of exposed tissue in each the same way—and the melanocytes are destroyed.

      The damage to any living tissue depends on so many factors–not just dosage, type of radiation and distance. It matters what phase of division the cell is undergoing as well.

      I know I'm not saying anything that pretty much everyone here doesn't already know.

      These spots may be nothing more than "grey hair". It's just horrible that it is radiation induced.

      • Radio Radio

        MochiMadness, you're adding a great deal of knowledge many people here do not know, so thank you. OldFool addresses this, too, in saying that rolling in the dust that contains beta and alpha particles would be a certain route onto the animal. From left field, i added that inflamed areas of insect bites might also be a door in for particles passed the thick hide and hair, as the skin could be raised, inflamed, and also be having a histamine reaction. I'm wondering now about that even being feasible with your insights on the hair follicles.

        • SadieDog

          Look over here! Look over here!

          • Radio Radio

            SadieDog, there are many radioactive particles that would not be able to get beyond a cow's thick hair or hide given that they cannot pass through a thin sheet of paper, thus the paper suits worn in all nuclear spills. An opening like a sore or wound would allow such passage into the skin with dust particles as a simple carrier rather than just on it. There are also particles that will pass right through, if they happened to fall. OldFool's thoughts on the inhalation, however, would be the easier path into the animal, spotting throughout the lungs as he shared with us and leading to certain death in time. MochiMadness's example of hair follicles is also a very real possibility. I also wouldn't rule out metagenetic effects. I don't know the age of these cows to even guess at that one. But, all of us are pointing to radiation as the cause of the spots, so i'm not sure how i, or any one of us, is distracting from the issue. We are, in fact, supporting the farmer's claims.

        • MochiMadness

          Radio, it could be gamma. There are also daughter isotopes that we have absolutely ZERO idea of what they are capable. I think it's been discussed many times here about how we know of ~2,000 isotopes—and there are hundreds, possibly thousands more that we just have no information on.

          So this idea that Cs137 or Sr90 or any of the other "knowns" can or cannot cause hair loss or spotting, will or will not cause sickness–is limited at best. You have to realize that "there is no box" to think outside of in this situation–because there are more unknown variables than there are known.

          I wish there was a better answer, but there isn't. If you don't know what to test for, because the isotope hasn't been discovered yet, does that mean it doesn't exist and isn't even more lethal than the ones we know about? It's frustrating and maddening–I know. I can tell you what we "normally" see with radiation therapy, but these new daughter isotopes—the possibilities are endless.

          I don't think it's internal, and that is probably the only thing that I can possibly be even remotely confident in saying. Gamma can go through tough cow hides. Melanocytes are located in the epidermis, although the bottom layer, they are fairly superficial. DNA damage from radiation is pretty easily accomplished.

          • Angela_R

            "There are also daughter isotopes ….."

            and grand-daughters, and, and, and a long line of descendants.

            Gamma rays, that are coming through from both cosmic and nuclear radiation.

      • cooterboy

        Grey hair or no hair?

        Article says "white dots on their skin" and nothing about gray hair. This would indicate that the hair is missing and the underlying skin is damaged along with the hair follicle, nothing more. Are these white dots all over the body or just the neck and lower jaw? What about the hooves condition.

        Chemotherapy can induce hair loss in humans, but the radiation is from the inside out. So how do you get radiation inside a cow? An average cow eats between 110-120 WET feed (pasture grass) a day and drinks 15-25 gallons of water a day. Multiply this by 1,185 days since 3-11 you get;
        71.1 tons of wet feed and more than 47,000 gallons of water. All being radioactive to some degree or another.

        If milk is rich in calcium and other minerals, what radioactive isotopes mimmicks/bonds with calcium, phosphorus, nitrates, and other elements that would stay in the body.

        Hair loss, weakened immune system, bald spots, discolored skin, contaminated feed and water, indirect radiation through the air all account for ill health. Let the murder mystery begin.



    The spots were very common on humans after Hiro/Nsg. It is simply radiation poisoning. The spots represent falling blood counts. This cow did not come from near the plant as all animals including humans die rapidly with high acute DNA damage and cell death [days to months] thus the spots. I would bet this animal came from far away and is being chronically exposed with lower amounts of radiation that would take longer to kill DNA/cells but the spots would still appear. This animal has to feel very ill, look at the eyes.


    P.S. How can I be so sure that this cow did not come from near the plant? Because everything near those explosions were vaporized or just up and died. Yes, all the people, children and animals are dead. I am sick to death of glossing this over and listening to all the crap. like starving animals in Fuku prefecture. Maybe far away from the plant, yes. 'People moving BACK into Fuku area'. Give it a rest. Do they want me to believe that all these people survived 3 nuclear meltdowns? Oh, and now they can come back? They are all dead. And now the amazing cows that are just getting sick after 3 friggin years of horrifc radiation exposure? The animals are all dead. All of the videos and pictures are fake. Japan is and has been silent on the atrocities that continue. The death and destruction of everything including the planet itself. And R4? It is long gone, and soon, so will we…

    • Ontological Ontological

      Regrettably I often think the same way also GOM. We really do not know what is actually happening; all we have is bits an pieces of mainly lies. I have taken to the worlds webcams, and see for myself the damage and ascertain what is happening for my own information. This way at least I know how I must be prepared for the worse.

      • GOM GOM

        There are so many on here that have so much knowledge. They must deep down that everything is a sham regarding life around that plant. For how many miles out? Where do the killing fields really begin and end? I look to other accidents as guidelines. Although not nuclear, the Bhopal incident, to me, is the most gruesome. Look at the immediate death from sarin gas. How many? 10s of thousands[? i think a lot more] died, were blinded, many were throwing up their insides. Anything that was living was dead in minutes. Now think about the lethality of radiation. Everything that was alive around Fukushima, died. But to what extent? Again, how far out? If we see death in America related to something that happened 3-4k [?] away, well do the math, if your sitting right next to the damn thing your toast. Your damn right the Japanese government has banned all info. They don't want anyone to count the body bags they bring to the dump for burning. Heaven forbid we know our days are numbered. You know and so does everyone here that we are just the walking dead.

        • It is not just a simple black and white draw the lines kind of thing…

          A hot spot in Tokyo may kill a child in a few months, while a 'clean spot' near Fukushima may extend the life of whatever or whoever is living inside of it.

          Radiation is spotty, and it gathers in hot spots… It is not uniform and spread evenly.

          Same with internal radiation in plants, animals, etc.

        • We Not They Finally

          GOM, that might all be a big yes/no. Not everything radioactive instantly kills at all. That's part of why it is so demonic — it's random and scary — some die, some get sick, some survive longer. In a way, that's worse than having a bomb outright dropped on a population, where you can say, look, the bomb was dropped and people instantly died.

          • GOM GOM

            That's my post after one beer, and I don't drink. Hell, give me 2 and I can start a revolution. I understand what you guys are saying, but I have this whole 'everything gets evaporated' thing in my head. I do however think the numbers of dead/dying are horrendous..

    • J.

      "Because everything near those explosions were vaporized or just up and died. Yes, all the people, children and animals are dead."

      If you have any evidence to substantiate this claim, please provide it.

  • dosdos dosdos

    "Yes, we intentionally do not know why."

    • GOM GOM

      So…the carbon crap is to prop up the nukes. I think I need a drink…

    • We Not They Finally

      rogerthat, I read this and I want to vomit. Who did I have to vote for at all? Will we even get a human being running for President next time around?

    • We Not They Finally

      Well, EPA chief Gina McCarthy is a menace all her own. Clawed her way to EPA head by turning off the radiation monitors during the initial plume from Japan.

      But say, if they really want to get rid of carbon, why not NOT destroy the plankton with radioactive poisoning so it can no longer absorb massive amounts of carbon dioxide and give off oxygen?

      The public cannot even figure out that much? Do we all have to be stopped from breathing before evil corrupt people like McCarthy can be stopped? Oh, I forgot. People who cannot breathe cannot very well protest either, can they?

  • Crickets Crickets

    Don't worry, those are just potato chip crumbs on those cows.

  • kintaman kintaman

    Mystery? We all know full well this is caused by Fukushima Daiichi fallout. Now please feed the beef to TEPCO management and their families. Heck why not include all the liars in the media as well.

    If they all say it is safe then they should move there and trade homes with the poor souls still living there. This should be mandatory.

  • We Not They Finally

    Honestly, it would seem like spots on the skins of cows would be the least of it. Their whole human genomes may be as good as gone by now, with sterility and deformities to come. But sometimes, people get so bombarded, that they will focus piecemeal on some one thing to have the illusion that it is manageable. This isn't manageable. Cow spots are the very least of it.

  • Voice of Peace

    Hello all, I started getting the spots the following fall of 2011 looks like skin cancer, while the crisis was hot and strong, I was in an early rain storms that took place shortly after the event, the milk and cream I was able to measure more than just background, I am not an out doors person, as the sun has been to intense for me in the last few years, 2 percent of the population is highly radio-sensitive.

    Peace in Life Child of Peace.

  • Voice of Peace

    I get the white spot on my hands and arms to many all the time dead skin, I think it has to do with damage to the lower dermis from particles its like some type of collagen failure some times there is even more dead white skin below that really destressing you ever seen one of those strange zombie movies where the skin just keeps falling off all the time, I have been involved in the sciences for 30 years and know all the precaution and did observe them.

  • irhologram

    RE: Polka Dot People: Voice of Peace. So sorry for your exposure. And you think this was due to rain? How many others are affected as you are? Where or what town were you near at the time of the rain exposure? Where do you live?

    I would expect that for this cow study to have been released, there may be too many Polka Dot People to ignore.

    Polka dots are just too obvious, and according to a post above, were tell tale of Hiroshima exposure. What was the fate of those Polka Dot People? Even bald women walking down the street could be from other causes…but if everyone turns polka dot…that would be noticed and cause unrest.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "The children] are very much affected by not only medical ailments but also by the psychological effects of their environment and their disease, so they require permanent special care," she says. "Thyroid hyperplasia, vitiligo and alopecia are the most common diseases in these patients."

    Revolutionary care: Castro's doctors give hope to the children of Chernobyl
    July 2 2009

    Young victims continue to receive treatment in Cuba two decades after Ukrainian nuclear disaster

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    Wait till the horses, those that survive, start developing stripes. It is after all part of their genetic make-up, horses and zebras are genetically compatible, so they must have a common ancestor.

    Now just as horses can theoretically have stripes, and/or spots. So cows can have spots.

    The radiation must be switching on/off unused DNA in the new cells as they're formed.

    It makes me wonder just what hidden gifts / curses the DNA holds for us.

    Now if you really want to catch the media's attention ( at least until Justin Bieber does something stupid again ), how about a STRIPED COW, the potential for it is there in the DNA.

    • davidh7426 davidh7426

      …and if you think, Cows and stripes, no chance…

      Go to Google "Tiger stripe cows" and look at the images.

        • davidh7426 davidh7426

          Definitely gross, soon to be the *NEW* normal, and coming to every species near you soon.

          I'm glad I wasn't planning on eating today 🙁

          • GOM GOM

            "I live in the Midwest and until recently worked in a bookstore. Employees, young and old, have thyroid cancer, cancer, thyroid problems, depression and other health issues. I myself have Neurocardiogenic Syncope, [failure of the nervous system]. All this is accepted as normal by everyone. Our 30 yr old manager had lung cancer but never smoked. My three best friends had cancer and never drank or smoked. My own son thinks this is normal. It is not surprising really, I suppose, since it IS normal for anyone in the current generation. We are taught that mankind learns from generation to generation. I have not found or see any evidence of this"…. [from a man named Weez]

            • davidh7426 davidh7426

              The sheer complacency and acceptance of this new normal, and the fact that they've just given up, is truly disturbing GOM.

              I've probably got another 20+ years left in this life, but I'm pretty certain that I'll never hear anything that is such an abject surrender of hope, as that again.

              And if I ever get to such a state of surrender, then I'll self-terminate, at least it'd be better than becoming one of the living-dead.

  • lickerface lickerface

    I've become photosensitive more than ever these last couple years. My wife has dark skin and is not usually affected, however, these 90F days in TX feel very different than even 100F days in our past memory. She said to me yesterday that her skin feels hotter and sticky as if the skin can't breathe and cool off. I've now heard this from many people now and I know it's not me going crazy. Another thing I've noticed is how coworkers or family will come inside from just a little direct exposure from sun and the air, and crank the AC wayyy up in a way that makes that person look like they've lost sync. The truth is, this summer weather has been feeling like 100F+ on days where the thermometer only shows 70's. Every day outside now feels like Houston, only we're in Austin.

  • lickerface lickerface

    My attorney told me last year how he was noticing all these huge spots (he called them big round mole looking patches) on women from Kiev. The age of the women was late 20's. Not that he'd care if I said this, but he mentioned the perfect age of a woman he values is 27. "Not too young, but just seasoned enough to deal with life" (I think this age likely will increase each year with our Bieber society. I did some quick math (2013-27=1986) and said "Chernobyl". He says he's never seen those spots on anywhere else than that region, on that age women. I believe I now have enough data to infer what's at least indirectly the cause of the spots (radiological contamination). That's good enough for me. My attorney said his gut instinct was to stay away from women with the spots because he feared some genetic pass-down to his potentially future-children. I wonder if spotless cows have the same intuition?

    • GOM GOM

      Your "attorney" is a dick and your "comment" was considered rude by me. I have visions of the number 28, that does equate to the "perfect" age man…While numerology has it's place in the world, the theory on "spotted" women is out of line here…


        I dunno, GOM. He's on topic and musing on his experiences with a third party. While the thoughts are not earth shaking, I do find his account some what interesting. That lickerface was able to make the association between what these young ladies were experiencing with Chernobyl was excellent. IMO…it was a cool rant…

        P.S. agreed…his attorney does sound like a tool…

        • irhologram

          After Shock. The point is people ARE and will be SHUNNED due to exposure. I am reminded of the only gem of wisdom I got from a book called "Women Who Run With Wolves." The gist was even wild animals do not "run with" animals that are very sick. It helped me straighten out my life of choosing folks, who out of sympathy, I gave a chance into the very center of my life. NONE of those chances worked out because they were who they were. I was running with the sick ones. I made a different choice and it has worked out well.

          It is genetic intuition to protect the gene pool! …not to mention peace of mind, and a life with unrestricted possibilities, when there is a choice going in. I do NOT find this offensive, just as, as regrettable as it is, persons with AIDS are not likely to have many dates. Is that offensive to femininity? Well, it's just as offensive to masculinity. But is it truly offensive? Or is it wise?

          • bo bo

            Totally agree, irhologram – as regrettable as it is – it surely is just a fact of life to refrain from dating persons with AIDS or those with spotty skin from irradiated environments, and to weed out the sick from the 'center of one's life'. It is just natural to do so, just like how wolves choose not to run with the sick. And because wolves and people – of course – we are exactly the same !

            May I suggest, too, that if one is on or for the purpose of the eventual reproduction of the human species – if your date orders fish for his/her meal, save yourself time/money/heartache by walking out on your date immediately. Who knows how much fish your date has consumed in the past 3 years – yikes.

            One might also weave in within the conversations on your first date, questions if your date has grown up around NPPs / nuclear waste sites /military training grounds ( DU exposure ) or is a frequent flier – basically going through a checklist of radiation exposure your date has had in his/her lifetime.

            No it is not offensive – it's wisdom. And very good for peace of mind – it is 'genetic intuition to protect the gene pool.'

            • or-well

              bo, wow, that post is like from the future or something !

              "Hi, yeah, I'm the one from Repr-OK-Pals.
              Scan my chip and let me scan yours.
              Match. OK. So I liked your profile,
              especially about not being out in a while –
              15 years right ? No, what's wrong with pale ?
              Just one question, if you don't mind…
              can I geiger your zipper, in case I find
              it's made of scrap metal so radhot it's fried
              your beans so much it's not worth the try."

              It may come down to only the most pragmatic reproductive strategizing being successful.

          • bo bo

            Sorry, that came out really harsh and sarcastic.

            I am usually a big fan of your contributions.

            I am not trying to ban discussion and sharing of casual observations, and I'm not asking for people to be more 'sensitive'
            I just ask for some humanity.


            agreed, irhologram. You've deftly introduced us to some issues that bear serious consideration.

            I've taught my daughters, "…you can undo fifteen-million years of evolution, with a mere fifteen minutes of lust-filled stupidity." I'm a staunch advocate of "genetic intuition".

            Thanks for keep'n it real, irhologram; which, btw, is why you're well respected in my mind…

      • califnative califnative

        and this attorney thinks he's immune to this radiation that's effecting every living thing on this earth? As a woman, I too am offended this tool plays the superior sperm syndrome. It takes two to tango, how does he know his sperm hasn't been damaged in the last 3 years. We are all being effected by this, not just woman.

        • J.

          From all I have read, from reputable sources, females of all ages are far more susceptible to radiation damage than men. I had not known this until I started researching more and more after the Fukushima Daiichi disaster. It's a really startling difference, and very dramatic in the young.

          I recently read an article that really stunned me, though the discovery goes way back to the 50's –in Japan, interestingly enough. I need to read it again and may not be giving a completely accurate summary here, but the main point is this: one of the two XX chromosomes of women (men are XY, and women get one X chromosome from the mother, one from the father) can turn off and on. The long-ago discovery was confirmed recently, and dramatically, but a technological breakthrough that lets scientists actually see the process in action. To me, it's really astounding. Women's chromosomes are lighting up and blinking off and on like Christmas trees, in response to — what?

          So when we talk about the differences between men and women, here is something really profound to consider. I'm sure it's connected to epigenetics, in ways I only dimly grasp. Much to learn. Bottom line apropos the lawyer's reported anecdote: it seems not implausible, however distastefully he may have conveyed it.

    • bo bo

      I was so confused by this comment by lickerface's attorney but once I realized that his attorney was shopping for a m a i l o r d e r b r i d e suddenly, it all made sense to me.Just thought to note this in case any others were as confused as I was with the context of this guy's comment.

      • bo bo

        Yes, just like avoiding radioactive cars from Japan, one should refrain from ordering spotted brides from irradiated environments – sound advice.

        Great advice, too, on informing us on that magical age -27 – when women have the most value as commodity. For men, I believe that magic number is much younger, at 19, before many turn into a**holes like this attorney, and before they start to bio-accumulate too much radioactivity within their body (sadly, regardless of where they live on this earth these days)

        PS – I had to put spacing between letters for the word: m a i l o r d e r b r i d e – as it was triggering a spam block

      • GOM GOM

        You get the gold star Bo..

  • califnative califnative

    13 Totally Horrifying Facts About Seafood

    MSNs childish video to dumb down America into thinking the only problem with seafood is still just Mercury and pollution. What's totally horrifying is eating diseased, radiated seafood!

    • davidh7426 davidh7426

      I had some Sushi once, it was OK I suppose, but I don't think I'll have it again.

      I'm not sure why, but there was definitely something fishy about it.

  • jwbrent jwbrent

    Hi everyone,

    I've been visiting this site daily for almost a year now and I finally decided to register so I can chime in with my thoughts about what is going on with the Fukushima disaster.

    I know this is common, but when I try to create awareness of the events going on, a typical response is a non-response—people just don't seem to want to know about the enormity of the problem our species is facing. I suppose this is normalcy bias in action, but I'm still surprised by the reaction, especially by those with above average intelligence.

    Since I live in San Francisco, I'm particularly concerned about the impact Fukushima is having on the west coast. I try and remain hopeful that somehow a solution will be found, but the continuing stream of news showcasing the ongoing problems at the site—e.g., the frozen wall that won't freeze—leaves me wondering if indeed my days on this planet are fewer than my age would suggest.

    • dunkilo

      welcome jwbrent,I also have the same results trying to inform people,ie family and friends.Have e-mailed the whitehouse ,my so called representatives alas,all I got was a Bull-dinky response from sen. Bobby Scott's handlers.I think they want this to happen.Why? Because I think we don't live in a free country.As a disabled vet,I served when I turned 21 .Now I see that we are all being used.My God be with you sir.Peace, if you can find it.
      I did .

    • davidh7426 davidh7426

      Welcome JWB…

      I know peoples reactions can be disheartening, and it's a sad fact that most of them are probably doomed anyway even if they do listen. But don't give up, even if you only reach one person, that's one more than there was before, and that one person may well be the tipping-point that opens the floodgates to the changes that are needed.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Welcome jwbrent! This is a numbers game now and many will long lives unaffected by what is currently happening at Fukushima, but then, there are others that wills sadly suffer horrible deaths from the Fukushima Radiation Contamination being released. Do you feel lucky.. as Clint would say.

      The largest Nuclear Industrial Accident to ever happen on this Earth just occurred 3 years ago and if you turned on the main stream news today you would not even know that it had occurred.

      Be strong and be vigilant in keeping these dire Nuclear Disaster facts in the front of the eyes and faces of the many who have the power to change our energy future for the better… 🙂

  • califnative califnative

    Welcome JWB – glad you can join us. It's not easy telling people, after a while I've learned to figure out who is willing to hear it and who isn't. I don't push it and direct them to enenews if possible.

    Look forward to your future comments.

  • jwbrent jwbrent

    Thank you, everyone, for your warm greetings. I'll be reading what you have to say in the future, and adding a thought or two.

    Stay well …

  • califnative califnative

    Before I get off the subject I was digging around and found a Jan 2014 Forbes article on Japan's Superior Quality Kobe Beef reared by dedicated farmers. Wouldn't their cows be diseased as well?

    The Kobe Beef Distribution & Promotion Council is the trade group for Kobe beef farmers and distributors in Japan, and the way they control the authenticity of the meat shipped abroad is to sell it only to authorized foreign distributors.

    Fremont Beef Company serves the food service industry, reselling high quality meats to restaurants, and not directly to consumers. According to Daisuke Terao of Japan Agriculture, “Right now it is not being sold at retail in the US – there is no way for individual consumers to buy it.” In 2013 two more authorized distributors received shipments, American Meat Company and ITOHAM America.

    Touted as superior beef, SW Steakhouse at Wynn Las Vegas is glad to sell you 40 oz. Porterhouse Steak for only $158.

  • califnative califnative

    GQR2 – thank you for finding that article, a rabbit hole indeed as to false labeling be it Kobe or wagyu. This glorified Japanese Kobe beef certification is worthless after March 11, 2011. Those poor sick cows, you can see it in their eyes.

    • GQR2

      Sure Cali my pleasure. S-Foods is the Japanese company that owns Fremont beef. They make special sauces for marinated meat presentation and other selling qualities amongst other things. Nothing exceptionally nefarious. What i got from the article was that lots of beef can fall under that luxury branding from a much larger area than people think. The most troubling though is that even High End Cattle Ranchers are being forced into larger centralized slaughter houses that is very problematic on many levels including public health for sure. i don't eat any of it as i'm of the mind NON of it is healthy anymore. But this KOBE business hits the rich and that person that brags about the meat melting in their mouth at the parties. i think yeah that and meat glue. Oh i know the animals suffer in ways that are so perverse,its animal cruelty and the SPCA has never dared to question big agra. Look what happened to Oprah. Its sick and shameful.

  • GQR2

    The cows in Fukushima have what look like radiation burns pure and simple. Maybe not, but that's what it looks like. Dotted cell death. Necrotic patches.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    And what of the farmer himself…

    Hazard area farmer took sick cow to protest in Tokyo / Unidentified “dermatitis” on possibly both of cow and farmer
    June 21 2014

  • dunkilo

    tick-tick-tick time is short people,make peace with everyone you can ,while you and I still can.The US government only spreads death and lies .I no longer consider myself as an American.I am only a man who seeks truth.
    Don't worry about the "cow freckles "it can all be fixed by a Nuke Dermatoligst (sp) with some oxy-10 !! don't want spots all over the baseball gloves!(sarc)

  • mike h mike h

    I caught a shark off the coast of north east Florida last weekend with similar spots. Im not sure how to post it here but I have pics is like to share.

    • califnative califnative

      Hi Mike – I've see people here us,, or if you want to try one of these. Just cut and paste your http link in this reply box.

  • mike h mike h

    Thanks. I will have to figure that out. For now I just made it my profile pic. Hard to see but you can see the white spots. I've never seen a shark with any deformity but I don't fish everyday or anything.

  • mike h mike h

    I try to keep my pics off the "cloud" as much as I can but I'm sure they are on there somewhere.

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