“Fatal Error”: Japan given precise radiation levels from US gov’t just after explosions — Officials kept data secret from public — Year of ‘safe’ radiation received in 8 hours

Published: June 18th, 2012 at 3:52 am ET


Government ignored U.S. radiation monitoring data in days after 3/11
Hiroo Sunaoshi and Kazuyuki Kanai
June 18, 2012

Source: Asahi AJW


Japanese government officials took little notice of up-to-the-minute high radiation measurements provided by the U.S. Energy Department.

The Energy Department used its Aerial Monitoring System (AMS) between March 17 and 19, 2011


The data was provided to Japanese government officials, but not released to the public.



A major difference between the SPEEDI forecast and the Energy Department observations is that the U.S. data concerns actual radiation measurements taken over an area with a radius of about 45 kilometers from the Fukushima No. 1 plant.

1 Year in 8 Hours

The monitoring showed that communities in a northwestern direction from the plant, including Namie and Iitate, had radiation levels exceeding 125 microsieverts per hour over an area as wide as 30 kilometers.

Exposure to that level of radiation for eight hours would exceed what is deemed by the government to be safe over the course of a year.

Official: “No thought given to using the provided data for the benefit of evacuating residents”

When asked by The Asahi Shimbun why the information was not used to implement evacuation plans, [Itaru Watanabe, the deputy director-general of the Science and Technology Policy Bureau] said: “While I now feel that the information should have been released immediately, at that time there was no thought given to using the provided data for the benefit of evacuating residents. We should have also passed on the information to the NSC.”

NISA “will not publicly admit” receiving data

Even though 15 months have passed since the data was passed on by the U.S. government, officials of NISA’s Nuclear Safety Public Relations and Training Division said they were still looking into whether they obtained the information in response to repeated requests for interviews from The Asahi Shimbun.


Although NISA officials will not publicly admit it, several government sources said the radiation map information was passed on to NISA.

One former high-ranking NISA official recalled that a large map of radiation levels was posted on a whiteboard in a NISA office used at the time as the central government’s emergency response center.

Fatal Error

Tokushi Shibata, professor emeritus of radiation management at the University of Tokyo, said: “It was a fatal error in judgment. If the data had been released immediately, the situation of residents evacuating in the wrong direction and becoming exposed to radiation could have been avoided.”

Published: June 18th, 2012 at 3:52 am ET


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48 comments to “Fatal Error”: Japan given precise radiation levels from US gov’t just after explosions — Officials kept data secret from public — Year of ‘safe’ radiation received in 8 hours

  • kintaman kintaman

    This is treasonous at the very least. Anyone who had this data and did not report it should be put on site at Fukushima Daiichi to work out the rest of their days…without question.

    • kintaman kintaman

      I am glad I trusted my instincts and left Japan. Their is NO HONOR in Japanese leadership. They are monsters of humanity.

      • richard richard

        i don't know how i'd be feeling if i had to leave my country due to a nuke accident.

        best of luck with it kintaman, all going well you may get to return.

        the politicians and tepco management have left me gaping since day one. and the world just goes along with it. life has fallen into suspended disbelief, just like watching a movie.

        do you think many have done the same as you ?

      • moonshellblue moonshellblue

        Yes in the past and of course now they have done some monstrous deeds, not that the US hasn't either. You took the appropriate action by evacuating. Smart move as you never wait for the government as I learned during TMI.

        • Every nuclear accident is the same, with the same cover up, denial, minimization and 'control'. They just get better at it and Fuku is orders of magnitude worse than Chernobyl, but the cover up was 99% and only 1% was revealed.

    • Anthony Anthony

      Deliberately harming and killing their own people.

  • arclight arclight

    "Even though 15 months have passed since the data was passed on by the U.S. government, officials of NISA’s Nuclear Safety Public Relations and Training Division said they were still looking into whether they obtained the information in response to repeated requests for interviews from The Asahi Shimbun."

    Hiroo Sunaoshi and Kazuyuki Kanai are heroes and journalists with integrity.. and well done the editorial staff!!

    the truth will out!


  • Its simple criminal omission.

    Although, It makes you wonder why after 15 months of being kept at top-secret classification, that the data is becoming available to the public now…

    And although that last statment is alarming as it is.

    Why not move further and ask yourselves…
    If the U.S. Energy Department had produced "up to the minute" Accurate radionuclide sampeling to the japanese via its Aerial Monitoring System (AMS) between March 17 and 19, 2011;

    At what point did the data stop being recieved?
    At what point in time were the most contaminative aerial samples recorded?
    Where is the data from March 19 and so on?

    This criminal omission is always evolving;

    There were several hundred independant geiger users nation wide on countless public webhosts, showing "hot rainouts", from California to Russia; All of which clearly dispute and furthermore mock this data in which is being provided~

    Coincidentally we are now seeing malformations in plant life, large disturbances in the electron fields of the iososphere, massive fish dieoffs across the globe, and countless urine samples showing severe radioactive contamination levels in various japanese if not global communities.

    These are the trophies of the nuclear figure heads; How they are able to pass the blame to score financial gain winning touchdowns, at the cost of millions of taxpayers lives is an undenyable element of the Greed which fuels this industry…

    • There isn't enough money in the world, to replace this planet.

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter


      • Its time that americans russians koreans (north and south), asians, europeans, the chinese, mexicans, south americans, australians canadians, iranians, and various other nations;
        (all of which are included)

        Recognise one simple fact.

        The reality of a nuclear future, is in no way rational; And in no way has any consistant ability to protect nor provide any positive outcomes in the realm and future of mankind.

        If our species is to protect the very thing that threatens it's entirety; We are simply not an intelligent race.

        Its time that all citizens demand a nuclear free future at any cost.

        That is essentially the only practical way out; In dealing with a catastrophie of this magnitude.

        There would be no need to abondon a ship that were never to sail again.

        Its time we recognized whom the true villans are in our society. As they truly are those that cause harm to our brothers and sisters, showing no sign of accountability; In the name of power, greed, and profits.

        We are truly minutes away from the doomsday clock striking midnight;


        Ive never witnessed a terroist organization rendering an entire City or country uninhabitable for centuries… It seems were simply fighting the wrong war at this time; Killing kids on the streets with handguns and simple assults; While those that are killing millions of people daily are walking the streets freely~

        farewell, & Godspeed…

      • moonshellblue moonshellblue

        You said it Taco what a species. Like the song says http://youtu.be/PLYNN0cFtOM

    • It wasn't much of a secret here, Tacoma. Remember that NRC/State Dept. "strong recommendation" to evacuate out to 50 miles? Not 50 kilometers, 50 miles. And that was subject to expansion as the plants kept blowing up and spewing forth.

      That soon became just another charge of anti-nuke-ness against Greg Jaczko, of course, a weapon in the industry's disgustingly public vendetta against him for telling truths they didn't want anybody to know. It's all there in the FOIA files over at Enformable. Every nuclear concern and industry puppet on the planet knew the truth. Neither Jaczko nor Clinton could convince the Japanese to do the right thing.

      It really is a cult, you know. A practice of demonology to be precise. Check out Karl Grossman's latest at Enformable –


  • DukeNukem4ever DukeNukem4ever

    I am just waiting until the ones who were/are in charge of this clusterfuku are made to fall on their own sword … as the good, old custom in Japan dictates … you f*#k up and you are politely asked to excuse yourself from the genepool. The world is so messed up these days that such barbaric seeming (to our modern sensitivities) traditions suddenly become so common sense and logical. Well, it is that all the pitchforks of the betrayed masses … this can not however have a calm ending, that much is for sure. The more info leaks out, and continue to leak out it will without a doubt, and the more complete the picture of this massive betrayal becomes the more the affected people will face a total crisis of trust and a complete breakdown of their paradigm … that will have catastrophic psychological consequences … especially once peoples' children start dying left and right and families are left with no hope and no future … with all meaning lost from their lives people will crack and there is no telling how far that will push them … it is just a matter of time …

  • DukeNukem4ever DukeNukem4ever

    Hey Taco … I don't think that the data/readings ever stopped dlowing in to those who behind closed doors and veils of secrecy are "managing" this crisis … but the data stream was just cut off for us the unwashed masses … for fear of a stampede, mass hysteria etc (official reason for the no disclosure) …

    • I have always agreed with this entirely mr duknukeem4ever.

      The charade; The choreography; The smoke, and mirrors;

      Judgment day, is simply being postponed while the industrial infastructure and military complex undergoes its endgame strategy…

      An apocalyptic event afterall, has always had it's rightful place in human history;

      Better spoken in the words of the band
      "rage against the machine"~
      It has to start somewhere, It has to start sometime;
      What better place than here, what better time than now;
      All hell can't stop us now
      All hell can't stop us now
      All hell can't stop us now
      All hell can't stop us now

      What a coincidental and significant collaboration of both name, and lyric; From a track titled: GUERILLA RADIO; The very theme of our beloved enenews.

      The american freepress's anthem;
      If only we had heard the cries sooner; But more likely than not liberty died with free speech in the 90's; Mtv stopped playing anti reformatory music in swap for true story's of american pregnant teenagers; As Video games were blamed for the destruction of society;

      All the while the true crimes took place behind the closed office's of our beloved political leaders; Giving trillions of tax dollars into the development and maintenence of our now aparently, indestructable american industrial and militarian forces…

  • durando durando

    What worries me is if they are willing to admlit this what is still being hidden from us

  • durando durando

    I know that communist Russia had many problems but at least they had a sense of responsibility to humanity when Chernobyl happened it almost seems like the state running power plants is at least a step up from private corporations running

    I just hope if this happened here the U.S.government wouldn't sit on there hands and watch a private company try and fail to contain the disaster.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hi durando, hope dies last, I guess.
      But of course they would sit on their hands & watch.
      They already do.
      (that goes for all govmts worldwide, not just US)

    • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

      You said, "I just hope if this happened here the U.S.government wouldn't sit on there hands and watch a private company try and fail to contain the disaster."

      The U.S. government has already let private companies handle disasters just look at the BP oil spill. As that crisis unfolded I kept waiting for our government to show up and do something. The U.S. government seems to have epic fails when disaster strikes.

      With hurricane Katrina they had previously gone through the process of understanding what the problems would be in such a scenario and yet they failed to handle the disaster well.

      With the BP oil spill I believe the U.S. gov't was beyond its own ability to handle the technology and had to rely on BP greatly. It also allows for the government to have a fall guy and a company to point the finger at a panel of executives to bring before a "special committee" of congressman to receive their public grilling.

      With Nuclear problems the U.S. gov't will blame the nuclear plant operators even though the gov't has the NRC overseeing them. I do not believe a nuclear disaster in the USA will be handled any more transparently than the Japanese gov't has handled their disaster. The U.S. gov't has already failed to keep its citizens informed because they are not monitoring food supplies or radiation levels in a way that a gov't should if it was being proactive in protecting its citizens.

      • Hence why I had to drive 50 miles to the coast to personally collect tsunami debris; To show that in theory the tsunami debris may be factually radioactive;)

        Nice post EA45

  • jec jec

    Wonder if anyone has requested similar data from the US Department of Energy (?? thought this was an EPA function??) to measure radiation fallout on the USA from the "Energy Department Aerial Monitoring System (AMS)". Does someone need to do a FOIA just to find out the radiation levels THEY have been exposed to in the USA? Is there a reason the DOE has this tool, and the EPA does not? Or that no one releases the actual data? Just saying "no immediate concern" or that the radiation level is below dangerous health levels is NOT reassuring.

    So just provide the values, and then say "no immediate concern." We hug_VPL;.,are not stupid…or mindless herds of people waiting for goverment direction to take a step. Unless the government will guarrentee NO DANGER-which the "government which is the people"–can not do.

    • How does one request data from one that states that they do not have the data, in their posession for the past 15 months? lulz

      foia acts are in my opinion b.s. propoganda schemes designed to make citizens feel they are being told the truth…

      (admittance is equal to pleading guilty in america). Even court appointed attorneys will advise their clients to plead non guilty (when all evidence as well as the accused's own statments prove otherwise). Its all part of the lets make a deal campaigne, where instead of firing a perp, we offer them an out of court settlement and three years salary; while they are being investigated for fraud.

      hence why no one will ever know the truth to roswell, the philadelphia experiments, and now fukushima…

      They take the data and when it is requested /(demanded), They simply replace the data. With a new set of data which is eventually debunked and thus the game continues until the party accusing the perp is offered a deal (to drop the case entirely), with a package that they would not refuse…

      The micheal jackson charges come to mind… (setteling out of court to save face).

      Its only revelent that we are super fuku'd, being how many strikes we have seen in whats been reported thus far.

      you know something is damn wrong when plutonium ingestion is compared to potassium; And tsunami debris that floated for 365+ days in a radioactive river, shows no sign of radioactivity…

      • People need to start demanding results asap;
        Mind you I think its an ele, and theres no turning back.

        But you would think after all this time, someone would have blew a lid on it by now…

        Whats taking these people…

        As if its that hard to state: YOU ALL HAVE CANCER, and will have birth defects and health problems, until you die of an erely age in comparisson to what was Pre fukushima normal background radiation…

        Heres a lolly.
        Have a nice day…

        • early / Typo. Its late / early Im goign to watch the webcam for a bit, and then call it a night…

          TATA for now:)

        • WindorSolarPlease

          Hi Tacomagroove

          Quote: Mind you I think its an ele, and there's no turning back.

          It baffles me why anyone would not think this could be the case. With all that is continually spewing carried through the jet stream, this is poison to us and the environment.

          Makes me feel like living off of charge cards, living and enjoying the good life, while I still can.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    March 14 2011 News release.. NISA.


    They had the data.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    March 12 2011..IAEA report…notice the NISA involvement.
    March 11 2011 ..THE NRC was receiving direct communication from the NISA.
    Ya… the NRC had the numbers, too.

  • By the way…


    Reactor 1 pressure container showing a dramatic rise.

    On tepco cam it is convecting quite constantly,

    Also on tepco cam it looks like reactor 3 is convecting, But when you switch to the jnn view it actually appears to be coming from the reactor 2 basement…

    Mind you that its pretty warm in japan this time of year (compared to winter views). So you/we probably shouldn't be seeing any steam at all… :/

  • Sickputer

    If a major accident happens today at a US facility the government will suppress information to the public. And not because it's an election year. They do so because in their twisted logic they think their silence saves lives from panic and property from looters. And more importantly, the government has to maintain the aura of the safety of nuclear power plants. Deviating from that falsehood would financially destroy their industrial benefactors who really run the country.

    It's easy to lie about radiation released… mostly invisible gases and particles in the wind. People won't sicken and die for months or years. Radiation poisoning is top of the list for the perfect industrial crime weapon. Proving causation is a slippery slope and governments have too much power to be bested by millions of sick people.

    Read this saga of the Hanford lawsuits and you will understand why plaintiffs in radiation cases almost always lose to Big Brother.


  • many moons

    This is the accident plan…..for chicago for nyc for any reactor that leaks, explodes…..PLEASE do not believe the lie that there will be plenty of time to save yourself…you will NOT be told how to avoid contamination and will NOT be saved…..
    In a nuclear accident the only thing that needs saving (according to plans) is the reputation that nuclear energy is safe…YOU WILL BE TOLD LIES….you will be put in harms way, and when you are sick you will be cast off and told to go away….lets fight for our lives while we still can!!!!
    We will not winn against radiation but we might win against the administration of the Nuclear Nuts.

  • Sickputer

    I would rather freeze in the dark and read from a candle than suffer the fate of the poor people in Japan. Fukushima Daiichi is one of the largest megaplex nuclear plants in the world with 6 reactors and 7 huge spent fuel ponds brimming with 40 years of volatile fuel. The multiple inextinguishable nuclear corium fires underground at Fukushima Daiichi can't be quenched by known technologies.

    The archipelago inhabited by 127 million Japanese and 70,000 US service personnel is hopelessly contaminated and the radiation continues to accumulate. The Pacific Ocean is rapidly becoming a radioactive cesspool from the world’s largest contamination in history and it grows larger every minute of every day from the hopeless feed and bleed watering efforts by the Japanese. You can’t put out a nuclear fire with buckets of water, the reactor cores are like mini-suns. Stop the emissions from Fukushima before we even mention the words nuclear power expansion. Guess what? They can’t stop the emissions in our lifetime so we better find a way to store the nuclear waste that could easily make the human race extinct.

    The US government sacrifices victims after nuclear accidents. Their own digital trail proves it:


    • many moons

      I'm with you sickputter! I say we start boycotting now…coal, oil, gas and nuclear….use your body for energy…climb the stairs, walk to work or take the bus. Use the sun, open a shade, turn off the light, go to bed earlier, there are so many things we can do no and so little we will be ablre to do once the world is fully contaminated…which is the way we are headed…then we can burn dollars for heat cause they won't be useful in any other way….it may be too late or not I say lets give it a try!!!!!!

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Nuclear release of radiation is ALWAYS KEPT SECRET. You never know when you're getting radiated.

  • "Although, It makes you wonder why after 15 months of being kept at top-secret classification, that the data is becoming available to the public now…" – Tacomagroove (from above) June 18, 2012 at 4:56 am

    I think I know one reason why. Most all of us do here at enenews.

    Because plant mutations, bird deaths, fish deaths, unborn baby deaths and illnesses that lead to DEATH are becoming OBVIOUS sooner than the Nuclear Industry's overlords had hoped.

    People have acquired rad detectors and are now starting to use them diligently. Many 'regular Joe' citizens have put 2+2 together and the answer is clear and indisputable.

    There HAS been fallout.
    There IS fallout.
    There WILL continue to BE FALLOUT. (for a long time)

    How long? Don't know. I am positive longer than our lifetimes.

    Most likely it will get worse before it gets better. This is one concept that most people have a hard time grasping and for good reason. Because if one understands the current severity, then saying 'worse', is indeed difficult to comprehend.

    I truly feel people should be aware and have a right to know this so that mitigation efforts can at least be attempted.

    “Apathy is the glove into which evil slips its hand” – Thoene
    "Then, evil will claim the glove doesn't fit." – ChasAha

    • Sickputer

      CA sez.. .. "Quotes:
      “Apathy is the glove into which evil slips its hand” – Thoene
      "Then, evil will claim the glove doesn't fit." – ChasAha

      SP: good stuff… Add two more:

      NRC: If it don't fit then you must acquit!
      SP: But we know you're a lying sack of shit!

  • Loveistheonlyrationalact Loveistheonlyrationalact

    As far as the results of radiological testing being done by Federal, State and Local authorities, all agencies at all levels were instructed to stop all water, air and soil monitoring by the powers that be many months ago. Anonymous info from an employee of a State Emergency Management Agency…….


      @Loveistheonlyrationalact: curious if you have any credible references that cover the last statement…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Tacomagroove there is much wisdom in your words my friend.

    I just traveled the California and Oregon coastal roads right up to Tacoma. I did not see any plant mutations on the coast as of yet, but plenty of radiation burns were seen in the tree tops and absolutely no life in the water or on the beaches or on the land for the entire 1500 mile round trip!

    Four critters were noted as road kill and that was all that was seen and no animals were seen alive in the wilderness areas we traveled.

    Mankind is an excellent exterminator of all biological life which often includes himself!

    You will love this one!