Feds ‘closely monitoring’ seafood: FDA says NOAA is keeping an eye on Pacific fish for radioactivity; NOAA declines to answer questions, says check with FDA

Published: April 17th, 2011 at 1:55 pm ET


FDA claims no need to test Pacific fish for radioactivity, Anchorage Daily News, April 16, 2011:

… As for U.S. fish, [FDA spokeswoman Siobhan DeLancey] said, “We have not been doing any testing. We’ve been working with NOAA to keep an eye on U.S. waters, to see if there is any cause for alarm, and we do have the capability to begin testing if that does occur.”

Asked to explain what kind of monitoring was taking place in the ocean, DeLancey said, “You would have to talk directly to NOAA … I don’t really want to speak for another agency.”

But NOAA fisheries spokeswoman Kate Naughton declined to answer questions and referred a reporter back to DeLancey and the EPA. …

Read the report here.

Most New York Eateries Confident in Japan Food Imports, WNYC, April 17, 2011:

As for seafood, the FDA said… federal officials continue to “closely monitor” the situation.

Read the report here.

Published: April 17th, 2011 at 1:55 pm ET


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26 comments to Feds ‘closely monitoring’ seafood: FDA says NOAA is keeping an eye on Pacific fish for radioactivity; NOAA declines to answer questions, says check with FDA

  • ohioland

    Just bought some salmon packaged in a “Safe Seafood” plastic wrapper that also noted it was from Canada. Is this salmon really safe?? Last week I also bought salmon and it was really delicious. Our cat just gobbled it up.

    • ZombiePlanet

      When I go fishing I only keep the salmon that are packaged in a “Safe Seafood” plastic wrapper. That way I know they are fit to eat.

    • dan

      If your cat’s hair starts falling out, then don’t eat the fish.

  • ohioland

    Oops, I forgot to ask if cantaloupe from Honduras is safe to eat. What about pineapple? I would imagine that melons and pineapple would be some of the safest foods right now.

  • Thomas Wells

    Yes we have no data…

    • We have no Data
      We have no data Today. If you think by not eating you will live a longer life then I suggest you try to starve yourself tell you feel better!!!!!!!

  • BurnCycle

    More Ostrich policies from our ineffable government. If you have questions, buy a radiation detector, as it is obvious the agencies with that equipment are not going to tell you the measurements and implications therof. The EPA and the government (along with other nay-saying sooth-sayers) are banking on the cumulative scientific ignorance and illiteracy of the masses. Their response: ‘raise the limits’.

    • xdrfox

      The sniff test prove to be false sense of finding oil/PAH’s products in fish, Maybe LQQKING at the water this time will work for NOAA even though NOAA could not find oil last year that shrimpers could find readily !

    • Jflys

      I bought a detector that measures in rads. When the first cloud covered central Arkansas, we were having two days of unusually heavy rains. At the end of the second day, the radiation levels had risen to .26 rads per hour. That calculates to about 2200 rads per year. After the clouds passed and the I-131 decayed significantly, the levels dropped to .04 -.06 rads per hour. That’s still a little high but it’s 1/6th the level it was for about two days. The official report, while not citing the actual readings, was that radiation levels were slightly elevated. Milk in Little rock is tied with Pittsburgh for the highest I-131 levels at three times the EPA’s MCL. It’s definitely connected to the rainfall, especially when a heavy cloud is above you. Otherwise it may just stay in the wind.

  • xdrfox

    Just look to data/ Non data collected in the Gulf by NOAA, FDA .

    They still have not fugured out why everything is dieing !

    Federal practices hamper study of Gulf dolphin deaths
    Apr 16, 2011 6:59pm EDT

    BILOXI, Mississippi (Reuters) – A federal agency’s practice of returning weakened dolphins to deeper Gulf of Mexico waters is thwarting efforts to probe dolphin deaths after last year’s BP oil spill, scientists said on Saturday.

    Common people know !

    Coast still recovering from oil spill
    12:14 AM, Apr. 17, 2011

    “Simple, accurate answers don’t exist in this situation.” Only those derived from rigorously scrutinized research.
    “There is no way that much oil and dispersants in the oceans is good for the animals,”


  • ZombiePlanet

    [FDA spokeswoman Siobhan DeLancey] said… “not testing”.

    then say’s…

    …We’ve been working with NOAA to keep an eye on U.S. waters, to see if there is any cause for alarm…

    Well if they are “not testing” then how do they “keep an eye on.”
    Is that with the naked eye or do they have a magnifying glass
    for this alleged “eye?”

    But be assured, “We’ve been working with NOAA.” Maybe NOAA left their magnifying glass home and had to borrow one from the

    THEN… “we do have the capability to begin testing”…
    … “to see if there is any cause for alarm”…

    Well how does one “see if there is any cause for alarm” when “We have not been doing any testing.” Oh I forgot…
    “We’ve been working with NOAA to keep an eye on.”

    “Asked to explain what kind of monitoring was taking place in the ocean”… “talk directly to NOAA.”

    “But NOAA fisheries spokeswoman… “declined to answer questions”…
    …”referred a reporter back to DeLancey and the EPA.”

    But FDA DeLancey say’s we are “not testing.”

    There is no mention of the EPA “testing” in their statements.(maybe they have a “secret” magnifying glass that we are
    not suppose to know about)

    Come to think about it, I remember an episode of the Three Stooges that followed this very script.

    NEWS ALERT: Ten’s of thousands found dead but we are “not testing.”

    (Did I leave my hat there?)

    • Jflys

      They are testing. It would be very detrimental to ships and of course their crews to cruise into highly contaminated waters. You know they know the radiation levels. In fact, the nuclear powered ships monitor radiation incessantly. The government has accurate and up to date readings from every affected area. The fact that they are keeping them as secret as Obama’s “long-form” BC is disturbing. They are only telling us about the I-131 because it only has an eight day half life, and there is pill for it. I’d like to know the levels of the longer lasting ones. They are building up in the soil, grass, and steadily coming up the food chain. As long as Fukushima keeps sending the fission materials, the radioactivity will continue to rise. What ever it winds up at, we’ll have for 30 years, and some for thousands of years.

  • k

    Dont worrie BP already been called to make radiation disapear

  • CiaW

    I think what we should do is find out what they’re buying for groceries etc. and let that tell us the real story. Plus, I thought that meat and other food quality issues were the purview of the USDA, not the FDA ?

  • Cuica

    I don’t understand why the fact that fish swim has never entered into the concept ….
    When oil was spilling out of the ocean the officials were telling fisherman where they could fish…..well what if the fish over there had just passed the oil spill over here…and then you can fiure the same thing with the pacific fish….whether they are exports or swimming to the US themselves…which group of people is testing the saftey….

  • FEMA put in a BUY on ALL MRE and SCH TYPE of food to the tune of over 1 billion MREs to date!!!! That was 3 months ago!!!

    • Jflys

      Two years ago, the US government purchased the full years number 10 can production of the largest dehydrated, long storage food producer in the world. I believe it was Mountain House. I don’t think they intend to feed everybody. Let me think about this… feed 300,000,000 people for 7 days, or feed 100,000 elites and enough army to protect them and their hoard of food for 10 years. I’m going with number 2.

  • Glowing potato

    The fish are fine. All they have to do is pass the FDA’s stringent sniff test.

  • whimbrel

    whos on first? Answer – NOAAone

  • I’m not buying any seafood at this point, or milk for that matter. This is a mess, so I am growing as much food as I can in my apartment.

  • Jack

    Gubmint check-collectors.
    They prob’ly doan know enuff ta even
    buy up some rice n beans n peaches…

  • Cynthia

    Here is some help on decontaminating your food, yourself, and your pets….

    Calcium Bentonite Clay is best for detox. It is recommended to for removing radiation by using it both externally and internally. You can use this to detox yourself, your pet, to wash your produce with. Only a teaspoon in a bowl of water is needed to wash your produce.

    This is the best clay because it doesn’t have aluminum contamination in it like a lot of other brands.
    Living Clay http://www.livingclayco.com/products1.html
    The Living Clay Company
    209 E. Ben White Blvd., Ste. 111
    Austin, TX 78704

    It’s important to choose carefully when selecting a clay for your clay baths. While certain clays are ideal, and others are acceptable though not as good, others should be avoided altogether. For clay baths, the experts agree that clean, raw, natural swelling smectite clays are the best. This includes swelling bentonites and montmorillonites, which are often referred to as Living Clays. It’s vital to avoid any contaminated clays, as well as any clays with additives. Clay should be stored in containers that are completely sealed, and kept away from petroleum chemicals. Clay should not come into prolonged contact with metals.

    For more detailed information for clay use…

    • Esrin

      Please do not try to profit off this tragedy. I can think of nothing more despicable.

      If you have information to help people then share it. Don’t try to take advantage of people like this.

      Any bentonite clay from a reputable company will do. They all come from the same few distributors anyway. Using and storing bentonite clay is not that complicated!

      If you guys test your product versus others for contamination then please provide the data from an independent, third part lab.