“Fears of a major nuclear accident” — Reuters: Radioactivity levels surged to 1,000 times normal in Russia — AP: “Extremely high contamination” — Concerns over gov’t cover-up

Published: November 21st, 2017 at 8:25 am ET


Reuters, Nov 21, 2017 (emphasis added): Russia finds 1,000-times normal level of radioactive isotope after nuclear accident claims — Russia’s meteorological service said on Tuesday it had measured pollution of a radioactive isotope at nearly 1,000 times normal levels in the Ural mountains, the first official Russian data supporting reports that an accident had taken place… Russian state weather service Roshydromet said in a statement it had found “extremely high pollution” of ruthenium 106 in samples from two meteorological stations in the southern Ural mountains region in late September and early October…

The Guardian, Nov 21, 2017: Russia reports radioactivity 986 times the norm after nuclear accident claim; Moscow says ‘extremely high’ levels of ruthenium-106 discovered as Greenpeace urges inquiry into possible cover-up — Russia’s meteorological service has confirmed “extremely high” concentrations of the radioactive isotope ruthenium-106…

The Independent, Nov 21, 2017: Russian radioactivity recorded 986 times higher than usual as toxic cloud sparks nuclear accident rumours… Russia has said it found “extremely high” concentrations of a radioactive isotope in some parts of the country in September, amid reports of a nuclear accident

AP, Nov 21, 2017: The Russian Meteorological Service said in a statement Tuesday that it recorded the release of Ruthenium-106 in the southern Urals in late September and classified it as “extremely high contamination.”… The Russian meteorological office’s report, however, noted high levels of radiation in the villages adjacent to Rosatom’s Mayak plant for spent nuclear fuel. Mayak, in the Chelyabinsk region, has been responsible for at least two of Russia’s biggest radioactive accidents…

The Mirror, Nov 21, 2017: There are fears of a major nuclear accident in Russia after radiation levels at 1,000 times the normal level were detected. Russia’s meteorological service said it had discovered massive levels of a radioactive isotope in the Ural mountains – the first official Russian data supporting reports that an accident had taken place…

Multiple news outlets have unequivocally reported there was a nuclear leak in Russia:

The Times, Nov 21, 2017: Russia admits nuclear leak near site of 1957 disaster

The Week, Nov 21, 2017: Russian nuclear plant leaked radioactive cloud

Newsweek, Nov 21, 2017: Russia Leaked ‘Extremely High’ Radiation

However, Russian media has reported radioactivity levels in Europe were up to twice as high:

Sputnik, Nov 21, 2017: [T]he head of Rosgidromet said that the automatic monitoring system detected an increase in the concentration of Ru-106 not only in Russia, but also in neighboring countries such as Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine. According to him, the concentration in Romania was 1.5-2 times higher than the concentration in Russia.

Allegedly Apparent, Nov 12, 2017: “French Nuclear Watchdog” IRSN has been busy pitching that “Ru-106 radioactive cloud from Russia” story… anyone with internet can check out for themselves via EURDEP… there were upticks of Iodine-131 and both Cesium-134 & Cesium-137, among others… the French “watchdog” IRSN’s claim that the radioactive cloud only contained a trace of the Beta-emitter Ruthenium-106 is simply false…

See also: Nuclear accident alert after high levels of radiation over Europe — “Major release” of radioactive material reported; Over 100 Trillion becquerels (VIDEO)

Published: November 21st, 2017 at 8:25 am ET


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  • m a x l i

    New thread, new topic (not completely new)… And now let's find out how many useless and distracting comments the Enenews wallpaper brigade can produce in quick succession!

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

      The Largest Nuclear Disaster You've Never Heard Of

      “… after Fukushima and Chernobyl, the third biggest nuclear disaster is called Kyshtym. Never heard of it? That’s because it happened in 1957, at the height of the Cold War, deep in the eastern Ural Mountains of the Soviet Union. The Soviets disclosed details to no one, not even the people affected. Even the name is a misdirection, because it didn’t happen in Kyshtym. It was in the town of Chelyabinsk-65 (which was renamed Ozyorsk in the early 1990s); this town, according to the Soviets, did not exist.

      "The Mayak Production Association runs plutonium facility No 817 in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia. During the Soviet era, its location was a secret to anyone who didn't work there. It was known as Chelyabinsk-40 after the postal code, and the nearby community was named Chelyabinsk-65. The facility was built in a hurry just after World War II in order to catch up with the Americans in nuclear weapons technology. The plant, which included six reactors, processed nuclear materials to develop weapons-grade plutonium. At the time, relatively little was known about the effects of radioactive materials on human workers, and even the dangers that were known were disregarded by Soviet authorities in their haste to develop nuclear weapons. The future town of Ozyorsk grew up around the facility….”

      • @Mack
        November 21, 2017 at 10:39 pm
        Thanks Mack. Yes, it is pointing at something extremely serious potentially. What is intriguing is that even after Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima the nuclear barons have not learnt lessons. Nor have the common citizens have become sufficiently informed of the catastrophic-read extinction consequences of modern civilization. Russia has not woken up nor have any of the others. Great work revealed. Thanks once again. It is a pleasure to be visiting enenews and participating in it. Citizens should read:
        And come out asking in this case Japan and Russia to come clean.

        • @navilu
          November 22, 2017 at 7:32 am
          Further, the dams of the world are the common antecedent of a number of severe accidents. This Ural disaster seems to have really occurred with more than 40 percent probability of damages caused by the dams.
          See Predicting Earthquakes: The science of dams causing earthquakes and climate change:

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            navilu…could you please explain how you visualize this; " The sum of all dam contents of the world at the center of gravity of these dams exerts a huge water moment at various points in and on the earth."

            Why are all dam contents summed to one center of gravity? By what load path are the moments transmitted? What is the cause of a focal point of action? Can we reproduce the effect with a model?


            • @CodeShutdown
              November 22, 2017 at 11:53 am
              Because that's the truth. See also earthquakes caused by dams by the author at

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                Navilu; thanks. So the earth crust..lithosphere…is the lever of the moment and the faults become axis points? Is that the theory? Force × Perpendicular distance from the pivot is a typical definition of moment. The vectors are vertical. The center of gravity of all dams is pertinent only within a tectonic plate? To magnify either force or displacement (leverage principle) a fulcrum is required. I suppose this could take the form of complicated wave equations. The lithosphere acting like a damped whip, increasing velocity at thinner sections

                It appears, without digging into it, that the accumulation of water in the dams is faster than the draw down. The rate of change seems to be the factor of interest. This speed of accumulation is driven by rainfall. Now if there were no dams, the rain would still fall, and this would represent an equal amount of rate of change of vertical CG of water (rain on mountains is not immediately brought to sea level by rivers)…so, thats the rate at which water from ocean and other low lying locations is deposited at higher altitudes by rainfall. So it appears that the main difference between no dams and dams is that the vertical CG of water is held for a longer period of time…until the draw down during dry months, but otherwise the rate of change of the moment is similar during the rain season.

                I see the cause and effect is correlated by data…Im just trying to understand how you visualize the action.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Hmmn, am concerned that MVB discovered something as long ago as March which could have indicated an accident somewhere in Russia. And today we are not much closer to knowing what happened.

          Hopefully that will change.

          The level of dis-information and lack of information surrounding this are astounding. (But sadly nothing new.)

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

            In March an ammunition dump was exploded by sabotage in eastern Ukraine:

            Another Ukrainian Ammo Dump Goes Up in Massive Explosion

            Authorities suspect sabotage, probably by drone.
            Sep 27, 2017

            “…The incident is strikingly similar to one that happened last March at another ammo dump at Balakliya, a military base in Eastern Ukraine, and both fit a pattern of attacks going back nearly two years. In October 2015, an explosion at an ammo dump in Svatovo storing 3,000 tons of munitions damaged 1,700 nearby homes. In December 2015, drones dropped 14 thermite grenades on the Balakliya ammo dump but Ukrainian soldiers extinguished the grenades before a catastrophe occurred. Two other attacks on ammo dumps took place in February 2017, and another facility was attacked in March. …”

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

              Is it possible that the ammunitions depots are being blown up to distract and cover up nuclear accidents at Mayak or vicinity? Or are nuclear weapons being used to blow up the ammunition depots? Or were their nuclear weapons being stored at the depots? Ukraine used to have nuclear weapons and were supposed to have turned all of them over to Russia. I think there are or have been many missing. Ukraine has many nuclear facilities, nuclear energy plants and uranium processing or reprocessing plants.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                84 Missing Russian Suitcase Nuke Bombs – The New Post Cold War Threat Posed By Mini Nuclear Bombs

              • Nope they are being disposed of so no fool can get ahold of them…

                Better to blow em up that to have to babysit these dumps…

                …sooner or later someone would outsmart them and use the stuff against them ya know?

                Are they using nuclear to do it? Nope that would be absurd, it already blows up all on it's own…

                A conventional rocket or shell will do just fine.

                And this stuff does make small amounts of radiation when it burns as most unstable materials do… Even coal fired power plants produce radiation and mercury all by themselves…

                Oh and despite what you read out there in carton land doc…

                "84 Missing Russian Suitcase Nuke Bombs"

                There is no such thing as a suitcase nuclear bomb…

                Pure elementary physics tells the truth on that fairy tale… The sheer weight of Plutonium (and the other materials that make up a nuclear bomb) makes lead seem like the weight of a birds feather. If you could even put one in a suit case (ya can't) you would need 9 guys and 18 handles to carry the thing around.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Ha, Maxli, someone is right on it.

  • DUDe DUDe

    Don't ask me , just posting a link..

    VT Was Right, Nuke Cloud Over Europe Tied to Illegal Ukraine Arsenal Explosion nov 10/17


    • PlowboyGrownUp

      DUDe's link "Google is the biggest threat to press freedom in world history, mark my words. Google’s covert policy of supporting regime change and their clandestine military organization, operating in dozens of nations, have long been targeted by VT."

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "In their study, the French researchers said they believed that the Ruthenium-106 isotopes could have come from a medical research plant, a fallen satellite (of which there had been no reports) — or a nuclear fuel reprocessing site." It won't let me copy the link. Headline "That ‘harmless’ radioactive cloud over Europe did come from Russia after all"
    The Washington Post

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    Fake news…back to WAR you encapsulated slaves! HaHaHaHaHa
    Oh this is WAR….still fake,too bad.

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    Harmless, they use it in chemo treatment.
    I mean when's the last time chemo killed anyone?



    After Six Years, We Finally Found the Melted Uranium at Fukushima.

    The day in Bull Shit History has arrived..

    "Crisis has finally come to an end".

    Melted uranium core finally discovered at Fukushima nuclear plant, clean-up to take 40 years


    There is more..if you look around.

    One can see the agenda: Sweep Fukushima under the rug and forget about it.

    • GOM GOM

      To future generations..wake the fck up now or perish..

      ..die, lose one's life, be killed, fall, expire, meet one's death, be lost, lay down one's life, breathe one's last, pass away, go the way of all flesh, give up the ghost, go to glory, meet one's maker, cross the great divide;

    • I express my doubts about the New York Times article account of the discovery of unit 3 missing corium here:

      This NYT Article about Fukushima Daiichi Requires Suspension of Disbelief

      In the same vein, I wonder whether acknowledgement of detection of this artificially produced isotope – ruthenium 106 – is a "limited hangout."

      It seems very strange that this is the only isotope floating around.

    • "Breaking:

      After Six Years, We Finally Found the Melted Uranium at Fukushima.

      The day in Bull Shit History has arrived.."

      No doubt GOM, that's the most ridiculous story (bunch of tripe) I've read lately…

      Oh yea and they are cleaning it up too… What a complete load of BS!!!

      And for the cheap seats, if they found it how did they find it?

      Last I checked the best and brightest were still trying to do the math on how long it will take that fuel to hit lava (on the ring of fire ya know) and be ejected back out of the tubes in the ground and onto the surface…

      ..How long do you think that would take if they knew exactly where it was?

      Those kinda stories come from a lame with a hundred dollar GM counter and a computer that can get onto a blog and little else…

      Wowsers the total fiction writers just don't know how stupid it makes them look to spout total crap like this (if ya know better).

      I'll repost this fiction for clarity but I post this as a example of a total lie ! Know in your knower, stories like this are total bunk with no real fact all around!!!


      If this is futurism we are all in a great deal of trouble.


    "The Children of Fukushima Return, Six Years After the …(accident)

    "Their uranium fuel rods liquefied like candle wax"

    New York Times..

    And..Drumroll please.

    REACTOR 3…



    dripping to …

  • DUDe DUDe

    How much was gone fission from 3 escaped cores again ? A 150 tons blob or something , yep found it all..apart from a few litle drops as we show you here../sarc
    There is one thing we did in fact found out..seriously..and that is play all of you for suckers..you take it anyway..its so fun we wont stop..now what you gonne do about it..if we say shite , you squat..on your own life..got it ?

    • DUDe DUDe

      How much was gone fission from 3 escaped cores again ? A 150 tons blob or something , yep found it all..apart from a few litle drops as we show you here../sarc

      A fragmented sunken fission mass beneath a underground river , therefore sunken in some kind of water-saturated sandrock for soil environment with lots of sharp friction to chip and wash tiny surface fragments away but litle sinkresistence at first..only stopped by the cooling to sink further..but this pics are inside buildings etc Found It !! Progress !! ..chip snip wash and go to the ocean of all oceans , my children of the nuclear dream..go and rule over all life..

      • DUDe DUDe

        Humanity's nuclear and so many other dream's of conquering Nature's logic and transforming it to something more personal advantage giving over all others childrens (NPP's and WMD's)seeds..Global balance increasing nuclear pollution as it where..on top of the climate and the living planet's mandatory bio-conditions spectrum balance exploding out of balance..

        • DUDe DUDe

          There is supposed to be a comma behind "advantage giving over all other competing living things in the biomass dream ", children's , nuclear pollution seeds unleased..injected straight in the Earth's biomass most important organ..chip snip..roll roll roll your boat gentle down the stream..live is just a dream..going seven years now..FOUND IT !!

          The nerve(s)..of the composers of this picture..over century's..tomorow worse..exponentially..in reality..the Planet and biological life and conscience are one..there is no division in that fact..nah , we don't see it!/sarc..progress!..robots!..squat!.

  • Wow Anne responded to the wallpaper sarcasm, with…….Wallpaper.
    poor thing

    • freebywill

      Anne posted 11 items that are supporting articles and videos. You?

      • m a x l i

        Which one of the 11 items helps determine what the nature of the current 'major nuclear accident' is and at what location it happened?

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

        TY, freebywill.

        From Admin's post: "The Russian meteorological office’s report, however, noted high levels of radiation in the villages adjacent to Rosatom’s Mayak plant for spent nuclear fuel. "

        I hope that anyone coming to look at Admin's post will find out, if they don't already know, that there has been terrible contamination and accidents and nuclear waste already at the plutonium Mayak facility, and that having a nuclear industry in their country destroys their country and the whole world.

        The problems with nuclear killing people and the world continue for a million years and keep getting exponentially worse every year because there is no way to contain nuclear pollution.

        Even in a single nuclear power plant, radiation is coming out into the environment, air, water, soil) every day, and huge amounts come out when whenever the Russians mining in Wyoming, they are destroying our country as well. They destroyed San Onofre Nuclear energy reactors with MOX experiments. MOX contains plutonium which is even moe volatile that uranium. At Rocky Flats, the plutonium pit production plant in Colorado, there were fires every day and at last 2 criticalities. And the waste is still there, just as much as before the cleanup, at Rocky Flats, and they are building houses on the nuclear dump site to make money, but also to fool people into believing that nuclear radiation is safe. IT IS NOT!!

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar


          “…The most common isotope, Pu-239, is produced when the most common isotope of uranium, U-238, absorbs a neutron and then quickly decays to plutonium. It is this plutonium isotope that is most useful in making nuclear weapons, and it is produced in varying quantities in virtually all operating nuclear reactors….”

      • No those 11 items are not overall supporting. Someone visiting and seeing that string of blue, would lose interest and click away.

        Wallpapering, not good. Even if there is some good info in there.

  • stock here

    Thanks for all the fish, when there used to be fish.

    heading off to Hawaii for a final trip to clean up many little and some big details and "be outta there". As such, I will lose my stock@hawaii.rr.com shortly.

    email. I cleaned up emails last night and noted around 130 people that have written me over the years, its so hard to keep track, but those all ended up in a "legit" subfolder.

    If ENE goes down hard, as we saw once, we can recreate something from an email list.

    Anyone wants on the list, email me soon at addy above. Mahalo

  • freebywill

    Amid Russian Denials, Greenpeace Demands Probe into Source of Nuclear Radiation https://www.commondreams.org/news/2017/11/21/amid-russian-denials-greenpeace-demands-probe-source-nuclear-radiation

    Kremlin admits detecting increased radioactivity but denies that Mayak plant, the scene of earlier disaster, is the source

    by Julia Conley, staff writer

    Greenpeace called for an investigation on Tuesday into the possible concealment of a nuclear incident in southern Russia, after Russian meteorologists confirmed on Tuesday that they recorded a rise in radiation coming from the Urals region in late September. The spike in radioactive ruthenium-106 isotopes coincided with a radioactive cloud that formed over much of Europe—but a reprocessing plant denied any involvement.

    "An emergency discharge of ruthenium could be connected with the process of nuclear waste vitrification. Another possibility is that materials containing ruthenium-106 were placed in a metal remelting furnace. Both these activities take place in the Rosatom complex at Mayak," said Greenpeace in a statement.

    The environmental group's Russian arm demanded that Russia's nuclear agency conduct "an in-depth inquiry and publish the results about the incidents at Mayak." Greenpeace also called for an examination into whether officials had been sufficiently transparent "and whether public health around a possible release of ruthenium 106-was sufficiently protected."

  • Really doubt it's a cloud of Ru 106 as its a medical isotope used to kill cancer cells with radiation so I can't see it produced in amounts so large to produce a radio active cloud all over Europe. But who has equipment that can identify single isotopes? Only government army and maybe universities. So easy to lie.

  • Easy to blame the Russians but who knows? Many western citizens are jaded in regards to the possibility of an honest politician. Sure you can measure radiation with any number of personal Geiger counters available and possibly find safety during a radio active emergency but it's necessary to decipher what mix of decaying isotopes are creating the radiation to deduce the source. If you happen to have fifty grand doing nothing for you and further have the technical knowledge from higher education to operate said equipment, I say go for it.
    At that point you might even be able to test food. And seafood. Take care, Friends

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

      From Admin's headline story:

      "The Independent, Nov 21, 2017: Russian radioactivity recorded 986 times higher than usual as toxic cloud sparks nuclear accident rumours… Russia has said it found 'extremely high' concentrations of a radioactive isotope in some parts of the country in September, amid reports of a nuclear accident…"

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

        Also from Admin's headline story:

        "The Times, Nov 21, 2017: Russia admits nuclear leak near site of 1957 disaster"

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

          Here is Russia’s state owned press: RT [Russia Today]

          Officials confirm ‘high pollution’ after spike in radioactivity in Urals, say no health risk

          21 Nov, 2017
          "…'Probes of radioactive aerosols from monitoring stations in Argayash and Novogorny [villages in Russia’s Chelyabinsk Region in the Urals] contained radioisotope Ru-106' in the period between September 25 and October 1, Russia’s meteorological service, Rosgidromet, said in a statement. ,,,

          “Both Argayash and Novogorn villages, where the high levels of Ru-106 were detected, are located in close proximity (23km and 7km respectively) to the Mayak Production Association, one of the biggest nuclear facilities in Russia. It houses a reprocessing plant and a plutonium production site….”


  • …well, ya know Pilgrim, it's like this…we got Japan, we got Russia, we got all them plants everywhere, we got global warming and climate change and we have that 6th extinction going on too ya see so Mad Max over there in year 2019 is saying we ain't got enough time left to be worryin' about them core's in Japan, nope, he's saying ya better learn how to grow your own food real quick like, ya better get used to bein' damn hot or damn cold in the dark real quick like cuz there ain't no time left ya see? do ya Pilgrim? do ya see??? there ain't no guvment going to do nuthin' but kill kill kill until there just them killin' each other, do ya see Pilgrim? do ya see??? got that crop in yet Pilgrim?…anything ya hear, anything ya see is most likely wrong…Buddha said Doubt everything and become your own light. Do ya See Pilgrim? Do ya?


    Radioactive Scrap Metal

    4 Dirty Little Secrets about Buying Stainless Steel from India

    In India, radioactive contamination in Steel is defined as anything showing radiation level that’s above the natural background radiation level.

    In addition, it is also defined as anything that’s above the exempt total activity and activity concentration level of IAEA. The main radioisotope of contamination is Co-60 that’s used industrially.



    The Growing Global Threat of Radioactive Scrap Metal

    *The discovery of radioactive metal tissue boxes at U.S. Bed, Bath & Beyond stores.

    Industries are confronting the impact of loose nuclear material in an international scrap-metal market worth at least $140 billion a year.

    The original article that gave light to a growing problem:

    Finds of Radioactive Steel on the Rise in Germany


    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Co 60 was found in the contaminated tissue boxes at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The levels of Co 60 were really high. The person from the State of CA who took measurements found the very high Co 60 levels soon as he stepped inside the door of the store. Yikes.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Met him because we had some ceramic water crocks we thought might be contaminated. He said the Co 60 in the tissue boxes were definitely hazardous.. He was surprised to find the high readings as soon as he entered the store.

        How and why does this kind of thing happen?

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          We discussed here several years ago the DOE will allow some metals contaminated with "low level radiation" to be incorporated into consumer goods. Lovely.

          140 million tons annually, or something like that. (My numbers may be off.)


          To be allowed to be used in zippers, jewelry, belt buckles, etc. Guard the family jewels, friends.

          “ This Draft PEA for the Recycling of Scrap Metals Originating from Radiological Areas analyzes the potential environmental impacts associated with resuming the clearance of scrap metal, originating from DOE radiological areas, for recycling pursuant to improved procedures designed to assure that clearance for release is limited to metals meeting stringent criteria.”

          Translated from the bureaucratese, this is a proposal to lift a ban on recycling radioactive metals left over from American bomb-making and other nuclear activities and allow them to be used commercially with “stringent” but largely unenforceable criteria for their use. The initial ban was ordered in 2000, by then Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson.

          Largely ignored by mainstream media, the plan caught the attention of an alert member of Congress, Rep. Edward Markey, D-Massachusetts, who wrote a three-page letter to Energy Secretary Steven Chu on Jan. 11, beginning:

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            (cont.) “I write to convey my grave concerns regarding your December 2012 proposal to rescind the agency-wide suspension of the release of radioactively contaminated scrap metal from Department of Energy (DOE) facilities for purposes of recycling it into consumer products that could ultimately by utilized by pregnant women, children or other vulnerable populations. This proposal is unwise, and should be immediately abandoned.”

            Although Rep. Markey was writing on the date of the original deadline, the Energy Department had invited the public to respond to an email address that was non-functional during the first nine days of the response period, Dec. 12-20. On Dec. 28, the department announced in the Federal Register that the comment period was extended to Feb. 11.

            On Jan. 16, while taking note of Markey’s letter, the Wall Street Journal covered the story by starting this way: ”The Department of Energy is proposing to allow the sale of tons of scrap metal from government nuclear sites, an attempt to reduce waste that critics say could lead to radiation-tainted belt buckles, surgical implants and other consumer products.

            “The approximately 14,000 tons of metal under review for possible initial release is only a fraction of the tens of millions of tons of metal recycled annually, it said. Smaller amounts could be eligible for release in future years. Selling the metals could bring in $10 million to $40 million a year, the DOE estimates.”

  • Jebus Jebus

    Nuclear radiation cloud: Moscow denies being source of radioactivity

    IRSN Director


  • Jebus Jebus

    "Watch football and drink beer" official response as radioactive isotope at nearly 1,000 times normal levels is confirmed over European countries


    Happy Roasted Turkey Day…

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      If the accident supposedly happened in September, and a cloud of radiation was observed on November 9, what might that tell us?

      First, it appears there has not just been an "accident" or a one-time release of radiation.

      What happened prior to this so-called "cloud" being measured? Have the high levels of contamination been present since September? (And what has happened since this story came out?)

      It's really odd that there were no reports about an accident in September – until November. And then the discussion centers around what has "just" been found.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Let's see… Fukushima released 100,000,000 times normal.

    This one here… 1,000 times normal. I'm sure they will get right on it.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    A nuclear bomb just went off outside my window. But a firecracker went off after that. I'll call the cops on the firecracker. I think it was closer. The kid who lit it was eating a banana, too.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Russian watchdog finds no excess radiation levels at nuclear facility in Urals

    "The levels of the ruthenium-106 activity registered in Europe varied in a broad range of 10 mcBq (microbecquerels) to 100 mBq (millibecquerels) per cubic meter of the air, with the highest level of 145 mBq per cubic meter registered on September 30, 2017 in Bucharest," Rostekhnadzor said.

    Russia’s Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (Rosgidromet) earlier reported about excessive ruthenium isotope levels in the samples collected from the observation posts of Argayash and Novogorny in the Chelyabinsk Region. It followed from Rosgidromet’s report that the ruthenium levels in the samples collected from these stations measured 76,100 and 52,300 microbecquerels per cubic meter, which exceeded the background of the previous month by 986 and 440 times and corresponded to the level of "extremely high contamination."


  • jec jec

    Russian nucleal accidents not unique..or the potential for them..note that JAPCO, one of Japans nuclear energy companys,was just discovered to have SPENT all its funds needed for decommissioning and safety upgrades on its ageing reactors(1,6 Billion) on BUILDING two new reactors!!! So they have no running nuclear plants due to lack of upgrades..and the issues of earthquake faults running under their plants. So shut down until safety upgrades, NO money left for those upgrades and NO MONEY left for decommissioning, no ability to borrow operating capital..between a rock and a hard spot. Welcome to the new world of nuclear plant decommissioning funny money. Is anyone in the USA listening..I am sure this is NOT unique. Wonder how much money Russian has stockpiles for decommissioning..or the USA. Am sure funds have been 'tapped' with a payback scheme (ponzi?) used to explain away the danger issue.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    How to extract precious metals from spent nuclear fuel
    Nov 16 2017



    Are Farmed Salmon One of the Most Toxic Foods in the World? – Dr. Mercola

    The film starts off in Norway, looking at the chemicals used in fish farms. … and food. In light of his own studies, Ruzzin has stopped eating farmed fish.


  • Sol Man


    Pilgrin Nuclear Power Station At Risk Of SFP Uncontrolled Nuclear Reaction Due To Degraded Neutron=Absorbing Panels

  • We are in the hands of politicians and a technical elite who do not want to ever draw conclusions–just endlessly acquire grants and do studies, while the bodies of the Earthlings pile up. Definition of a fool: "Someone who has all the facts, but doesn't know what they mean."

    • GOM GOM

      Definition of a fool: "Someone who has all the facts, but doesn't know what they mean."

      Are you referring to Codeshutdown?

      ..sure, i'll take a look

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Half-Life Wife, you have a nice clean website.
      Are you a proponent of the flat earth theory? Considering your background, it seems unlikely you would be, yet you have flat earth videos. Next stop; Mandela!

      Concerning the horizon curvature, some people arent aware there is a difference between different camera lenses; the wide angle gives a fish eye effect and unnatural appearance of curvature.

      Relatively speaking, if the earth was represented by a three foot diameter beach ball, the space station would be about an inch above the surface. Still, the curve is quite visible…if you held a yardstick in front of you at arms length, the horizon of earth would bulge about 2 3/4 inches. High altitude balloons only reach 1/10 the height of the space station

  • Hi freebywill. I have a website called truerth.com. I wasn't sure if you found it, or were being a little bit sarcastic, which I understand. You may find some things of interest there. Over and out.

    • GOM GOM

      Sorry. You lost me at Habakok or whatever that biblical reference was. Maybe not so good out-of-the-gate, know what I mean?.

      But good luck.

    • freebywill

      HalfLifeWife – no sarcasm, I visited your site. The site addy is hooked to your screen name on this site, that's why it's in blue.

      I did a url whois, tried a site scan but the site appears to be so fresh the scanner couldn't see it even tho' I found the IP.

      Safe Web Report for: truerth.com
      Web Site Location Unknown

      I looked at the page source code. Is it template or homecode.

      <meta property="og:description" content="This site is about environmental health news with emphasis on Fukushima, Chernobyl, geoengineering, glyphosate, vaccines and Deep Learning. "/>

      I perused the various topics and checked some of the vids.

      I went to this site from the Russel Means vid " Russell Means on Colonialism & the N.W.O. "

      https://oldmanoftheski.com/ huge site lotsa sploring to do.

      I know from experience how much effort is required to create a site, so I was sincere.

      BTW – welcme to the circus.

      Plenty of clowns for your amusement. A freak-show every now and then.

      For animal tricks we have a dog riding on a lions back, don't see that very often.

      There's the little old lady from Colorado being chased by a credit card stealing 9ft tranny on stilts, ( when she's on topic tho she can bring good material ).

      There are also;
      Mother Earthers ( raises hand ), flat Earthers, round Earthers, hollow Earthers, no Earthers, and a plethora of other characters.

      Please keep your hands and feet inside the ride and cinch your seat-belt tight…

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

        Attack #10,533. I've been stalked most by someone 5 feet tall.

        The one time someone was on stilts looking over the fence, that person was not a tranny, but someone in a silicone face mask on stilts.

        The last week or two, the stalking has stopped, but not the attacks on this website. I guess someone doesn't want to hear a whistle.

        The credit card incident, the 5 foot person had his hand one inch from mine and said he would put the credit card into the machine for me. Still an incident of stalking and aggression and disrespect. A respectful person would have asked if I wanted help. He wouldn't have insulted me. Such disrespect is disgusting and my neighbor said that it is an assault.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

          My neighbors have owned their houses for 30 years or more. I've owned my house for over 20 years. I've lived in Boulder County since 1968. These are small communities. No one wants stalkers taking over the neighborhood. And, yes, last year there were several friends were also engaging in the stalking.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            Once an old person was staring at me through the window. So I stared back…it was a little unnerving. It was quite some time before I realized it was my reflection in the glass. But that didnt stop the old person from staring. No respect I tell you, no respect at all

    • Yes, welcome and hang on to your hat.

      Interesting site, some fun video's, nice and clean, maybe too clean for me. I don't like clutter but I love detail(s) with a personal touch.

      Maybe you'll bring some insights with you when you visit.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        Taffycat…I spent quite some time on your website. Thanks. Enjoyed your song, listened to some old tunes…(That Blue Jays album comes to mind…wow what a tour de force for those two…makes me feel like the underachiever I am). Sorry about the U.S. …the misery and so on…

        • To put me in the same post with Justin and John, geez. I named my son after Justin. The right note, at the right time, every time. Thanks Code, it means more than I can say.
          I am considering moving North. I don't know how, things being what they are but I feel that people like me don't belong here anymore. There are those that preach about our country, our founders and their documents but I have to live it and it hurts. I write to those in the news, they know who I am and I get no support, they will not stand us for US. I rant and rave for naught.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            Taffy, one can always throw themselves at the mercy of fate. Suffering and death are generally the worst that can happen, so that gives one some courage.

            I met a mountain man once…he lived off the land in the Mazatzal mountain range. Its hard to go it alone.

            I think communes will have to come back. I know…they dont work, nobody gets along, theres usually no money etc. In fact, its not for me…but its about the only way people are going to make it. A group can fill the many needs that one alone has a hard time with. In a more ideal world, the rich should finance communities, because its really their money they managed to accumulate. The rich will discover they dont stand alone, they stand on the shoulders of the masses

            • …we are way off-topic here…
              …that being said…

              what you just wrote is too bizarre for me, the Mazatzal's were my play-ground as a kid, I spent a lot of time at Sheeps Crossing and it is my wish that when I die my ashes are to be cast from Sheeps Crossing bridge…who are you CodeShutdown? You write of my past as if you were there, I have always thrown my-self at fate, that way I know I am to be where I am for a reason…who are you? give me truth…your last sentence is truth that is well known yet rarely spoken of, there is the ying and there is the yang…who are you Codeshutdown?

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                code is a ne'er-do-well. …I know, that sounds egotistical

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    Taffy…common experience allows people to relate. Somehow those creative people like John and Justin pulled that music out of the aether and it strikes a chord in our being. Again we relate to it because of some common aspirations, experiences. Music is an abstract language. Did you listen to the Planets by Holst or La Mer by Debussy? Pure abstract sonic paintings…no lyrics.

                    Hiking the Mazatzals, crossing the stream under star light to get to the old Verde hot springs…or the Jemes in NM, listening to the Moody Blues, jethro Tull, Credence…on eight track tapes! That kind of stuff comes out of our generation. Dawn is a feeling…the life was a little symphony, our little minds and hearts pulled this way and that

                    Maybe on some meta level its true, all experience in the cosmos is joined into one mega symphony, with a conscious factor that transcends time and space. For now…its speculation, but looking up at the stars on a cold black night gives a clue; there is SOMETHING and its vast beyond comprehension. Yet the light waves traverse it in no time at all…


                    • Jebus Jebus

                      Excellent code.

                      "looking up at the stars on a cold black night gives a clue; there is SOMETHING"

                      Why wouldn't the vision be transmitted to you that you are standing way over there in the shadow of a tiny pale blue dot?

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Life is abundant out there in the beyond..

  • curly

    Although we are led to believe by the auto and petroleum industries that we will be happier if we get in a car, or off road motor cycle and drive somewhere, in the long run it's not true. You may find a temporary rush as the wind blows through your thinning hair and the scenery goes by filled with solar radiation management trails, but eventually you turn of the motor and there you are. Nothing has really changed except you've managed to forget your problem for a while and you've added to the pollution of the planet and helped to enrich those in power.

    True happiness is achieved by doing what's best for the planet. It may not be as exhilarating and as fast acting as pulling into a triple overhead barrel on your petroleum bases surfboard, but in the long run true happiness will be achieved because we are in harmony with our environs and not creating a future with more toxins.

    The fewer toxins our organisms have to deal with, the healthier we and all other living things will be. When we are healthier we are happier. It has a cascading effect and the possibilities are limitless. Everything we do matters. It's like the butterfly flapping it's wings in China causing a tornado in Oklahoma. We create our future right here in the present. Everything is important.

    I respectfully ask Gasser not to drive around in his camper truck and off road on his motor cycle. We have enough pollution here already. Please find a way to be "happy" without poisoning me.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Unfortunately, gasoline must be burned there is simply no place to store it all.
      It is after all a waste product, and we Produce close to 400 million gallons of it… A day.

      More unfortunately, most people are on a minute-to-minute existence dependent on crude oil and the products produced by it.

      We have built quite the mousetrap, getting out won't be easy.

    • @curly
      November 24, 2017 at 12:23 pm
      Exactly the way I feel.
      Repeat similar sentiments. Extract from ECRR 2010:
      UN Declaration of Human Rights where Article 3 states: ‘Everyone has the right to life, liberty and the security of the person’. Although it has yet to be tested in court, there seems a strong prima facie case that contamination of citizens’ bodies with nuclear waste represents an unacceptable threat to the security of the person, and is therefore illegal under international law. From a rights perspective, in order for the nuclear industry to continue to operate legally, all those who might potentially be contaminated would have to be accurately informed about the true risks to their health from such nuclear processes, and would have to agree that the processes should continue. Not only nuclear but also any poisoning, like fossil fuel generated or by forest destruction and dams. In fact modern civilization is guilty in being a cause of the sixth extinction. In the context of the present discussion, the risk by dams is deterministic as I have shown. It is necessary that discussers here must ask for revision of modern to normal which accepts true knowledge not imperfect and false knowledge, the hall-mark of modern civilization(mc). Even after the interconnections of the various parts of mc are made clear p[eople speak of cost benefit of dams and find the risk acceptable. It is totally unacceptable, applying the precautionary principle.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        Navilu…maybe you can build a new vision. Its one thing to point out the problems, but people need the vision to set sail for a new future. We badly need civil design…the way human habitat is placed within nature. The architecture of living, working and performance spaces, farms, transport, energy systems. Man has made a slum of earth

        Its not so easy…visionaries come and go. Im reminded of Enrico Dini and his big 3d printer

        We need a depopulation agenda!

        • We have a depopulation agenda, the 6th extinction. There are those that say we have less than 9 years left. Survival? The Hopi had the Ant People, who lived within the Great Basin underground and when things were right they came back up. We should be doing the same thing right now. Getting ready and working with the 6th extinction in a manner that will allow us to survive. Much like Dune in principle. If you read Frank Waters book, Book of The Hopi you'll understand. Their myths and legends are a mirror of what is happening today.

    • Gasser Gasser

      Curly, Ok I won't go anywhere under gasoline power just for you, I'll ride a bicycle so you don't get poisoned.

      But you have to promise me that you will ditch your gas burning vehicle too.

      FYI…look its over with as we knew it back in the good 60's time, now we are all screw in the long run, if I go vegi and walk everywhere barefoot with only a fig leaf covering my junk and sleep under piles of leaves for shelter so as to proclaim that my Earth foot print has zero emissions and protest that everyone should do the same…nope that shit ain't gonna happen, it won't put a dent in pollution because there are thousands of babes being born at this moment that have to grow up spewing pollution just like we did in order to survive on this Planet from Hell…when they finally get old and cranky like me, they to, will bitch, piss, and moan about how screwup the Earth has become…there's no getting around it, ya just gotta live in pain and suffering to hangout on this God forsaken smoldering, smoking, wobbling quaking orb that someone named Earth and said God loves you…lol…end of story.

      Have fun if and when you can, life is to short to get mega serious about shit that is always gonna happen, the older you get the more one realizes this logical fact.

      • Oh! Its not a question of just for you. It has reached such levels that living is impossible, breathing is impossible. At least in India. And its not due to the population. Its because of useless actions-modern civilization- a society of specialists. Three Mile Is, Chernobyl, dams causing Fukushima, London smog, Kashiwasaki Kariwa, the closure of new nuclear raectors due to damages caused by dams… go normal. And the recent Russian uncertainty…You must read ECRR 2010 and take up issues and not resign yourselves to the impossible condition— why is the US much cleaner than India on the roads?

        • Gasser Gasser

          navilu, India is operating by hundreds of cults immersed in stone age Myths, Superstitions and Fears of pissing off some God/Gods as they waller in filth as they die by the Hundreds and breed by the thousands daily beyond imagination.

          China is flat out over populated as they produce plastic junk and electronics for other country's like our computers us ENEnews'ers are using, as we/they help pollute their air that also circulates World wide we breath and their super heavy Earth quaking Dam's backed up with polluted water with industrial waste too…oop's can't do that someone may get hurt.

          The USA produces Millionaire kneeling uneducated Sports nuts, and stupid Hollywood pedophile's, glamor Rock & Roll concert Tattooed drug addicts of all sorts, and "no fathers" Welfare families, Swat & ICE teams, and Teachers that now screw their students etc. plus you name it everyday insane multiplying shit one would never believe…add hundreds oc Rickety 40 yr'ol Nuclear Reactors spewing out Radiation everyday…Try and save lives and Planet you say?~~~~~~~ LOFLMAO pragmatically…wakeup and enjoy what little you can salvage out of the planet from Hell…that's having a good life time now day's…sad to be saying that truth that hurts, but that's Reality… it is what it is.

  • Sol Man

    All of The People, yes, the children too, are being cooked from within as well as externally, it is the vocs, inside, and the radiation on the outside. It is absorbed on every level.

    Happy shopping!

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    We need a new law requiring everyone to grow their own food from their own poop, and walking away from it is illegal.

    Hey, if the nuclear industry can do it, so can we.

    It's a miracle how they do it. I don't see how nuclear plants grow, but they do. Clean and green! They modified banana DNA or something. I'm not a scientist but hats off to them. I couldn't live in my own shit. Especially not for ten thousand years.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    3.6 million pounds of nuclear waste to be moved through San Deigo and Los Angeles to temporary location. I'd like to know how they are going to do that while maintaining the "carbon-free" moniker


    Hope they don't hit any cars on the road. Might get a radiation release greater than 1000X normal and take the spot light off Russia and the miniscule 100000000X release in Tokyo.

    Maybe they can just mold the waste into 2017 Honda Accord tires and rims, and mount them on cars so that thieves will steal them.

    3.6 million pounds just at San Onofre, and they say all the nuclear waste would fit on a nuclear pile lower than the goal posts.

    I've got some ocean front property in Nevada for sale, if anyone is interested. It's beautiful. 3.6 million pounds of it

    • I saw where they wanted to bring it to Phoenix and the Palo Verde site. Transport it how? 3.6 million pounds of it, the size of which fits inside a foot-ball field on it's way across the desert to Phx, whatever could go wrong? I ain't very smart and I sure ain't no rocket man scientist but that sounds really dumb.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Usually they transport less than two pounds of high level waste at a time. At that rate will take a hundred trips just to get Wade Allison to AZ.

        3.6 million pounds…

        In that movie, "Contact" they spent a third of a trillion dollars to drop a steel ball about 100 feet. And the public could see no difference. They could start from there. At least we could get some harmless entertainment

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    I wonder why the nuclear industry compares nuclear waste to football fields, anyway.

    That's kind of scary. Anyone take a Geiger counter and check the ball fields out there?

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Enough radioactive waste to FILL Busch Stadium in St. Louis.


    That was Hanford mostly I guess dumping at St. Louis and Hanford had three reactors and a few plutonium processing plants.

    So we have almost a hundred plants operated in the USA and they say all the nuclear waste would fit on a football field about what? Maybe 12 or 20 feet high?

    LOOK, OVER THERE — high radiation readings, OMG! Them thar evil Russians! I got an idea, lets sell them our uranium mines. Evil bastards!

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    1000X normal radiation. Probably just the Saiga Antelopes decomposing…


    What a mystery. I'm flusterbated

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Poor Saiga population was recovering

    "By April, 2016, the saiga appear to be making a comeback, with increase of population from 31,000 to 36,000 in the Betpak-Dala area." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saiga_antelope

    Let's keep an eye on that

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    If you build enough candy wrappers on your desktop, roaches are sure to come. Especially if there are cardboard boxes left lying around. I know.

    Speaking of that, back in the old days, rats chewing on wires at Fukushima daiichi were in the news. I guess after the secrecy laws, and now the rumor control stfu laws, we don't hear much about Fuku rats. I miss em.

    1000X normal. Man. Does Russia have any rat problems? Looks like.

    Hope Kobe steel wasn't making the rat traps at Fuku.

    Back to watching a movie, I guess. "Live, Die, Repeat." Reminds me of nuclear shit. Groundhog day, except we don't get another chance to get it right. I've seen it before, but now I "Own it on DVD" The American Dream.

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    A thousand times, payed in baby slime
    Facing the chime O masses aligned
    Signaled by time, decrepit toes the line
    Oblivious to sign O sinks by design
    Devious to find the crux of thy pine
    The board to dine O shall be no crime
    Still a thousand times, payed in baby slime

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The Russian town in the shadow of a leaking nuclear plant
    Authorities finally admit that Argayash was at the centre of a radiation cloud
    Nov 24 2017


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I also see you up there a ways, sorry.

  • freebywill

    No Safe Dose of Radioactive Ruthenium 106; Increased Dose is Increased Risk; Even the US NRC Knows That It Is Toxic https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2017/11/22/no-safe-dose-of-radioactive-ruthenium-106-increased-dose-is-increased-risk-even-the-us-nrc-knows-that-it-is-toxic/

    Ruthenium 106 is both a chemical and radiological hazard.

    With a half-life of over one year, Ruthenium 106 will stay radioactive in the environment for well over a decade.

    With an average half-life in the body of over 100 days, it will stay radioactive in the body for years, continuing to shoot out ionizing radiation, some of which will cause damage which may lead to cancer or other health problems.

    Here a combination of exposure level, random chance, and immune system apparently come into play in determining the outcome.

    Clustered DNA damage is uniquely caused by ionizing radiation and nearly impossible to correctly repair, and one must then hope that the body will simply destroy/clean-up any serious damage.

    [ lots more at the link ]


    Surfers taking stand against San Onofre nuclear waste burial plan, with protest planned Saturday in Huntington Beach.

    A protester in Laguna Beach last weekend showed up in a yellow hazmat suit with matching surfboard to take a stand against nuclear waste burial at San Onofre.



    Vallecitos Nuclear Center
    Nuclear license facility #1.

    This is really screwed up. Where the hell was the
    thermal discharge going?

    Why are they hiding it among trees?

    Where did all the other trees go?

    The discovery of an active fault line running beneath the facility led to the closure of its most productive reactors in 1977.



    • GOM GOM

      So now it's lush farmland..with reactors and cows?

      THIS is a perfect example of erasong nuclear danger from history.

      Here, feel sick like I do:


      compare pics of then & now

    • GOM GOM

      They were pumping radioactive shit into the ground. FOR 20 FCKING YEARS?

      Water from the Inyan Kara aquifer may require treatment for gross alpha radiation..? From Solar radiation?

      OR THIS

      40..thats right..40 fcking % of Cali drinking wateris radioactive.

      Most of the radioactivity in groundwater comes from decay of naturally occurring isotopes of uranium and thorium that are present in minerals in the aquifer. In the Coachella study area, radioactive constituents were detected at concentrations above benchmarks in 4% of the primary aquifers, and at moderate concentrations in 10%.
      Six radioactive constituents were analyzed; of these, uranium and gross alpha radioactivity were detected at concentrations above benchmarks.



      Vallecitos Nuclear Center

      Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

      They know they are slowly killing people and they go back with no interest for the people, just saving their immoral jobs.


    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.


    "Cold murderers would be the least to call them".

    Overall, the Bay Area has been the dumping ground of about 1 million curies (measurement of radioactive material) from the nuclear weapons in the Lab since it opened in 1952, according to initial estimates. One million curies are the rough equivalent of the amount of radiation dumped by the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

    In the '60s and '70s, the Lab handed out plutonium-contaminated sludge to Livermore residents as compost for their lawns and gardens.

    There is no public record to indicate where the sludge resides now and what dangers it poses to humans.



    Livermore: Nuclear Open Air Test Site, California

    Rogue Livermore Nuker Lab managed by UC BERKELEY for 61 YEARS.

    More To Die – Livermore
    Open Air Radiation Explosions

    In a truly bizarre development, the Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab, in Livermore, California, has gotten underway even larger nuclear radiation open air explosive detonations at "Site 300" near Tracy, California.

    Tracy is on the South end of the Bay Area. The High Explosive detonations are to widely distribute radioactive poison gas [uranium oxide gas and aerosols] over the unsuspecting seven million residents of the San Francisco Bay Area, water supplies, buildings, animals, food crops and plants of every variety.

    In 2007, they were begging for they to stop..


  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Yeah, the radiation is high, but the real problem is finding a date. http://www.vagabondish.com/female-foreign-japan/ and shopping. 'an milking the goats.

    I think really we all need to start national stare-down-a-reactor day. Thousands of people could show up and glare at them. Bill it as a dating event.
    Go hang out the reactor and there's a good chance you will get f****d

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    …unless you are a nun. They arrest nuns and throw them in cold dungeons, that's how the nukers play that.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    … or just turn nukes off in your browser settings. Don't know why I didn't think of that before. Would have saved me a lot of time and trouble. Adjusting the half-life effects, too. Damn. That was easy. Shit I had the tons a day set to 300. I'm a dumbass

  • curly


    I have ditched my car. So enjoy the bike riding. Everyone needs food water and shelter, but can we at least find ways to have "fun" that doesn't kill ourselves and poison the planet. Is that unreasonable? It is possible to enjoy life without burning petroleum. Man lived for thousands of years without petroleum. Was he any less "happy?"

    I know it seems useless to think that anything we do can have an effect and that I shouldn't get mega-serious because it's hopeless. Is it any less hopeless and useless as thinking that by data mining and posting on an anti-nuclear website that humans are going to stop the mining and processing of uranium to boil water and keep the peace?

    • Gasser Gasser

      curly, mah-man, you're unknowing being Hippocratic, by proxy, I dare to say, them groceries you're walking to get to eating to survive are gas/diesel truck delivered to the market, the fuel you use for heating and electricity is a product of fuel delivery service in one form or the other.

      I see you're hugging a tree as the lumber jacks have their chains saws at work with only inches left before the tree falls, but you won't look or get down thinking you're gonna save that tree from turning into lumber that your house and furniture is made of for your comfort to sit at your industrial pollution derived made computer you use to try and cover you seemingly blind Hippocratic innocents, there has not been a pollution free Saint in all of mankind ever, prehistoric man burned wood for warmth and cooking as some still do today.


      • Gasser Gasser

        My small Earth foot print> for 40 years I have not plugged into the grid even to this day, (solar panels),

        I have not had a phone for 30 years.

        I don't have a refrigerator, I learned to live without one of them energy suckers.

        My hot water is Solar heated via a 100 foot coil of 2" black Pollybuytle tubing, my shower is out doors so no harsh chemicals are needed to keep a shower clean stall.

        I have an organic garden mounted on a single 6" post up off the ground, it's 14' diameter trade wind powered spinning Lazy Susan garden, that holds 35, 4 gallon grow pots, no pesticides needed, because insects and slugs that carry the devastating brain parasite called 'Rat lung' disease can't get up to the veggies because the center post is greased, nor will flying insects land, because it's always in circular motion…it's a one of a kind prolific producing garden.


        • Gasser Gasser

          I have a roof rain water 10k gal catchment tank…free water, Solar 12 volt pumped to house, shop & garden.

          My old rusty 4 cylinder 1986 small Isuzu pup, pick up truck, I no longer have, ran on supplemental Hydrogen gas for 4 years, I made in a 5 gal bucket mounted in the bed for a 5 mpg gain @ 31 mpg…in experimenting making Hydrogen gas, via electrolysis in a Baking Soda and piss solution, I had two of them dangerously blow up and one catch on fire over the years, so I ditched that effort, it wasn't worth me or someone else being injured for the 5 mpg gain.

          Also, I have not set foot off the Big Island for 30 years, so that means I have not contributed to polluting the air by flying in a Jet anywhere…can you match me or pass me in less pollution in your life time?


          • Gasser Gasser

            I am 76 yr'old soon to be 77 and really don't give a shit anymore to be small foot printed self sufficient…been there done that shit, it's lot's of work to inventively juggle all the one of a kind balls.

            Now as I "really" retire, my foot print will be larger having a bad ass 4×4 Dodge Ram 3500 6.liter Cummins Diesel powered truck with a KTM 200cc two stroke smoker motorcycle mounted on the back of a Northern Lite camper, yeehaw!, to go out and see how fucked up the USA really is, I know I won't be disappointed to what I'll see, because I'm being forced out by mainland Sheepel's moving here in droves that fucked up the mainland brining with them all their bad habitual baggage, now fucking up the Hawaiian Islands Hawaiian known for its "Aloha Spirit" with their bad attitudes, road rage, drugs and increasing traffic…believe me Brah!, the good ol' days are long gone now with "Paradise paved over with hundreds of thousands parking lots " where the only thing that matters is if you have an up to date stupid ass vehicle Safety Sticker to avoid the $92 dollar ticket the State/County need$ to pay more cop's to write more ticket's.

            Alo~fucking~ha will say the last Hawaiian alive

            ~~~No Hawaiian's, no Aloha Spirit~~~

            There you have it, the true story from Hell…

            The End

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