Feds: Oil in Gulf leaking from BP’s containment dome, not Macondo well — Samples sent for matching analysis — Sea floor inspection for seepage NOT mentioned

Published: October 18th, 2012 at 6:58 pm ET


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Title: ROVs investigate possible sheen source
Source: US Government
Date: October 18, 2012

Remote operated vehicles deployed from the offshore construction vessel Skandi Neptune collected oil samples on Wednesday from the underwater site of the Deepwater Horizon incident to determine the source of a surface sheen discovered last month.

The samples were taken after the ROV video showed apparent oil globules leaking from the containment dome at approximately 15 globules per minute, which is estimated to be less than 100 gallons per day. In 2010, the 40‐foot‐tall containment dome was used as part of an attempt to capture oil and allow it to flow through a pipe to a barge on the surface. This technique was not successful and the equipment was moved away from the well head and riser pipe, and set in its current position approximately 500 meters from the original Macondo well head. It is entirely separate from the well head and any riser piping. Out of an abundance of caution, the ROV also inspected the original Macondo well area including the wreckage, debris, relief wells, and the riser on the sea floor and observed no oil leakage from that area.

The two collected oil samples will be used for lab analysis. One sample will be shared by BP and Transocean, and the second sample will be used by the Coast Guard. The lab analysis will help determine if the containment dome is the likely source of the recent sheening.

“The Coast Guard is further evaluating what is believed to be seepage from the containment dome to determine how best to respond,” said Capt. Duke Walker, Federal On‐Scene Coordinator for the Deepwater Horizon response.

The ROV operations were observed by the Coast Guard, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, the Department of Interior’s Trustee, BP, Transocean and state on‐scene coordinators from Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida.


Note that there is no mention of the ROV inspecting the sea floor for oil seepage.

This issue was raised in a recent letter from two congressman. See: [intlink id=”congressmen-concerned-oil-is-escaping-from-locations-on-sea-floor-away-from-bps-macondo-wellhead-ceo-pressed-for-answers” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: October 18th, 2012 at 6:58 pm ET


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20 comments to Feds: Oil in Gulf leaking from BP’s containment dome, not Macondo well — Samples sent for matching analysis — Sea floor inspection for seepage NOT mentioned

  • guezilla

    "Out of abundance of caution" is my new most hated term. "Out of abundance of caution" the ROV operator actually performed their assigned task. Yeah right.
    Without that phrase I'd personally have little trouble believing the statement, but with that single phrase it turns into a trying-to-play-things-down damage-control.
    I keep thinking the officials wouldn't lie about something they know they're going to get caught from, but Fukushima for one is constant reminder the don't care. So the above statement isn't very convincing..

  • My thing is. Normally I'm just a daily lurker for info on the fly because I understand that politics is getting in the way of the information highway. However, don't know if it's my imagination, or if I'm just tired, or if my eyesight is getting that bad, but is Enenews posting articles but then taking them down, & if so is it because the info is straight up wrong, misleading or leans towards to much fear mongering? I say this because if I was living in the Louisiana area I'd want to know everything there is to know about this crisis, before that of an election that plays lip service to the peoples needs in the real world of a crisis that is brewing under ground that nobody can get at.

    It's a crime that people are not getting the heads up so that they can prepare for a worse case situation considering the circumstances, as in buying "extra water" for their families as water will be the first natural element to be poisoned by this whole affair, & water is a moving agent to spread disease, bacteria & other pollutants very quickly.

    Does, or do politicians want the next Katerina where everyone is rounded up without notice to a crisis that many knew about long before it happened, & then point their fingers at the poor for not being prepared, if you know what I mean?????

    • Anthony Anthony

      Great post.

      • Right, well I'll be the first person to hold the next president of the United States of America held accountable to this assumption if it should manifest into a Russian Roulette where the people loose.

        • arclight arclight

          hi Nu
          it does happen occasionaly.. sometimes the article is found to have a flaw.. this usually happens prettu quickly but the article sometimes is still on the database if there are comments left.. admin deletes nothing i suspect..
          havent noticed anything myself but admin is quick

        • Anthony Anthony

          Maybe so, I have been wondering how these disasters will actually play out. The reality it seems is TPTB really don't care about us as individuals. Everything flows from there. Believing that, I think it is important to be right with your higher power and yourself. I totally agree with your points and you would think helping people survive would be the priority in the populations. Peace to you.

          • Anthony, since Fukushima my life has turned upside down, throw in new technology (eg. W-5) & I get a sense that people are being herded like we would with homeless persons & no cut fences. To much agitation (bad energy) in society these days with to much worry about the future & where many of us will end up. It's like we've been set up to fail & are easy pickings for those who manipulate the economy. I worry for the youth the most, & I worry for the planet & I don't understand how politics can allow the demise of the health & welfare of a nation/country. We have Fukushima sending over cows to the American public for food consumption, while we Westerners are sending over our horses to Japan for food consumption despite this animal not raised as a food source. Raw logs go to China to build empty cities while the homeless & poor in my community cannot either find a place to live or cannot afford a place to live. In the last week I've had 2 separate people knock on my front door asking if I have a room for rent which goes to show the desperation in the area???

            BC Hydro trying to ram down my throat their mandated W-5 despite this technology creating fires in the electrical boxes that BC Hydro doesn't want to take responsibility for. They don't want to take responsibility for frying my Step-Fathers brains either being his bed is right next to the meter box.

            No freedom, just bully behavior to keep the rich, rich.

    • Sickputer

      NNU typed these pixels of light:

      "but is Enenews posting articles but then taking them down,"

      SP: Got a specific example of this happening?

      • To be fair, I've been taxing out my eyes by making web-pages plus, I have Glaucoma that hasn't been very kind to me lately. So, in regards to said post, I've given out the link for this site to an individual who lives in Baton Rouge area, & expressed that a 50 mile gap from the epic center of this crisis isn't really very much when factoring how water can quickly transport pollutants. So, if this person should happen to visit this site all relevant information should be easily located, but as of the last day or so Fukushima has seemed to over taken the board, while threads I have read over the last 2 weeks seem to either be buried, or have disappeared all together, & considering that a State of Emergency has been declared like 2 days ago 1 would think this info would be up front & fore-center on the information highway.

        As it is, peoples attention span is limited so for a new comer to come to this site & seek out the info might be to much to hope for, so if threads are being deleted on behalf of propaganda for an election that wouldn't be a good thing for no one except maybe a politician.

        • Sickputer

          NNU sez: "while threads I have read over the last 2 weeks seem to either be buried, or have disappeared all together"

          SP: OK…I gotcha now. The threads have not disappeared…they can be retrieved by simple well-constructed Google searches. The searchbox on Enenews is not the strong point of this news aggregation site. There used to be a function to find all the messages for a specific poster, but due to complaints of privacy it was removed (I preferred it as a good tool).

          But just use the time setting in Google set to a day or a week and use specific words and the word Enenews and you should find all those posts you "lost"

          Take care…glaucoma is a terrible disease. Our forefathers knew how to treat it. But things changed.

      • Less that 2 weeks ago I talked about Morning Glory & how it cannot be stopped, while less that a few days ago "Boots on the Ground" are expressing how this natural seepage is behaving like a weed does by going up the side of the salt dome.

        I have personally had posts deleted from the Police Jury's Assumption Parish Youtube channel after they uploaded a public meeting.

        Factor in too, censorship isn't anything new but what is new is "Boots on the Ground" are just as perplexed to understand what is going on, then any of us who seek out info because "we actually care".

    • or-well

      @NuNationsUnity re: older threads, Baton Rouge folks –
      you or friends can also find older articles in sequence by date.
      Click on the "ENENEWS" at the top upper right of any page.
      Scroll down the page the comes up to the numbers in boxes near the bottom. Those are archived pages, starting with the most recent.
      I mention this to augment Sickputers' post, stamped October 18 @ 10:35 PM, in case your friends want to do some browsing without specifics.

  • arclight arclight

    talking of oil stuff

    Fracking's Dark Side Gets Darker: The Problem of Methane Waste

    By Peter Lehner – Fracking for oil in North Dakota is so lucrative that when natural gas bubbles up alongside the oil, most oil companies simply view it as waste. It's cheaper, in the short term, to burn the gas than it is to build the infrastructure to pipe and sell it–so they burn it. Across the North Dakota prairie, natural gas flares light up the night sky like huge torches. Every day, they burn off enough gas to heat half a million homes. »


  • @ arclight, this is good to know as I wouldn't want to mislead anyone by sending them to a site which is being bullied by bureaucrats & said type individuals.

    To many lives are at stake, so better to prepare the masses 1 person @ a time.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Wow..major inner industry voyearism..
    Did they enjoy observing themselves?
    And where… pray tell.. is Woods Hole?
    And where is the data from their first exploratory mission ..showing..'seeps'.

    June 12 2012.

    Woods Hole Scientists Forced To Turn Over Emails About BP Spill


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    What's a little leak here and there..

    vlc-record-2010-11-08-10h40m17s BP Oil Puts Memorial Cap On Leaking Well


  • PavewayIII PavewayIII

    "…15 globules per minute…"

    Whaaat…? How many sieverts per becquerel is that?

  • omniversling

    And just why was the containment dome left as so much more litter on the seabed? I can understand (almost) that the burned out hulk of the Deepwater Horizon wreckage was left down there…but emergency and cleanup crews should be obliged to take their junk (junkshots) away with them…vandals..irresponsible, reprehensible vandals. Here in Australia I can get fined for dropping an empty crisp packet in the street…but multi nationals who commit ecocide, and leave their trash on the seabed?

    i suppose compared with all the rest of the deadly acutely toxic waste that has been dumped at sea (there is so much dumped in the Gulf), a few more globules and hour is chicken sh*t..


    64 million pounds of chemical weapons dumped in Gulf of Mexico …

    A staggering amount of waste – much of which has only existed for the past 60 years or so – enters the oceans each year.

  • Neither candidate to the presidential elections is putting their boots to the ground. Instead they're cracking jokes that are reiterated on a piece of paper that they didn't even write. Like come on, is this real as you just can't make this stuff up. Natural geological changes within the earth's crust & Peter & Paul want to go back into childhood to hang out with Oscar @ the garbage can. Ha, Ha.

    Seriously, makes a person wonder what kind of leadership the American people are inheriting here.