“Radiation epidemic” killing So. California sea lions? Gov’t experts now checking animals for contamination from Fukushima Daiichi

Published: April 6th, 2013 at 10:21 am ET


(Subscription Only) Title: NOAA investigates: natural die-off, radiation?
Source: The Orange County Register
Date: April 6, 2013 at 1:46a ET

NOAA investigates: natural die-off, radiation?

A team of experts assembled by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency is looking into radiation from Japan’s nuclear disaster as one of several possible causes of the ongoing sea lion stranding along Southern California beaches. […]

Sea lions keep washing ashore, many in more critical condition than in the weeks before.

[…] All sea lions present similar symptoms, including dehydration and starvation. Some are also showing secondary infections. In Ventura County, mammal centers are finding a high amount of lice. […]

“The radiation epidemic could be a potential cause,” [Sarah Wilkin, NOAA’s California stranding coordinator] said. “We need to look at what’s different in 2013 as compared to 2012, 2011 and 2010. “We will work with lab tests that look at radionuclide signatures. Scientifically, we don’t think radiation is the cause but without testing and data we can’t say for sure. We need to rule it in or out.” […]

“Marine mammals are sentinels of the eco system,” Wilkin said. […]

Watch video from the Orange County register here

Published: April 6th, 2013 at 10:21 am ET


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154 comments to “Radiation epidemic” killing So. California sea lions? Gov’t experts now checking animals for contamination from Fukushima Daiichi

  • "Scientifically, we don’t think radiation is the cause but without testing and data we can’t say for sure." – Wilkin

    Scientifically speaking, why would one make that statement? Obviously one cannot speak 'scientifically' until the testing is complete.

    Replace the word "Scientifically' with 'Politically' and the sentence would be more accurate.

    • Cisco Cisco

      CA…spot on


      nice catch ChasAha…

    • m a x l i

      This is only the normal "science backwards", as it is taught in schools and universities, in action. They already know the conclusion. Now they need to find any data fitting to that conclusion.

    • voltscommissar

      Wilkin's comment as quoted is OK but poorly expressed. They seem to be simply saying "you hypothesize radiation, we acknowledge the possibly, will run comprehensive appropriate tests to gather the objective evidence then make the results public." Get Busby and Yablokov on the team!

    • pcjensen

      +1000 (they are in box and don't know how to think or speak beyond those limitations)

    • We Not They Finally

      However, she also apparently said "THE" radiation epidemic instead of "A" radiation epidemic. Meaning not the first time, hardly….

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      It should realy read as follows – "We know this will sound damned stupid to some of you but we think radiation is the cause, even with comprehensive testing and data we won't tell any of you the truth though." – Wilkin

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      We heard this from a lab in Alaska many months ago, with no results yet.

      We predict the same result here; lots of promises, lots of empty, meaningless assurances, vague guesses and no answers, no specific tests for radiation, no specific results for radiation tests.

      • Anthony Anthony

        Totally true. Much too little, way too late for the animals and maybe some of us. Until verified and identified this maybe something significant for all mammals to avoid in off-San Diego area waters?

  • nedlifromvermont

    How about one of those future policy decisions being: Shut down the nation's (and the world's) cancer factories a.k.a. nuclear power plants?

    This "industry" is morally bankrupt, scientifically unsound (actually fraudulent); does not produce net energy; is neither "safe" nor necessary. A big new jobs program: SHUTTER the DEATH Machines, while we still can …

    Florida Light and Power or NextGen … whoever you are … How you gonna manage that Turkey Point power plant site when ocean comes up three meters? Just sickly stupid.

    NRC quivers while industry dithers. Obama-nuke: Get real Dude. Nuclear power is over. Shut them all down and create some real jobs: Look to Germany. They turned their backs on uranium fission power and things are working out splendidly. Pay no attention to the industry whores and shills. Grow some backbone and tell the nuke/puke types to stand down … or go give the Yakuza a hand midwifing the Fukushima Kabuki theater show …

    peace …

    • andagi andagi

      Dear nedlifromvermont,
      Folks, keep reading, posting & sharing wonderful ENEnews
      -generating change, worldwide, 24/7!
      Aloha all.

  • Cisco Cisco

    It's the radiation, STUPID!

    Sara Wilkin says, "Scientifically, we don’t think radiation is the cause but without testing and data we can’t say for sure. We need to rule it in or out.” […]"

    Right, NOAA's going to get to the bottom of this like they did in the Gulf. It'll be a gas to see how they'll spin this event.

    It's a good thing our government is protecting us, or we'd really be screwed…LMAOROF

  • alpha-tracker

    Strontium-89 and strontium-90 are beta emitters. Same for cesium-134 and cesium-137. Biological harm from beta burns are, like 'hotspots' from weapons testing fallout, a phenomenon that is vigorously denied by the nuclear establishment. Beta burns can worsen other illnesses, including those caused by viruses and bacteria.

    • weeman

      When a person has more than 70 percent of their body burned, chances of survival is low, why your skin is the first defence against bacterial and viral infection and makes it easy for them to establish them selfs and since seals are mammals the same applies.
      Strontium attacts the bones and red blood cells production, a simple test for leukemia would answer the question poised, leading cause of leukemia strontium no question about it, like any other terminal disease you most likely will not die from the disease but the secondary infection.
      So even if it is found that a virus or bacteria infection is the cause of death you must establish what the primary cause was to weaken the immune system in the first place.
      Health care 101.


    be prepared people. Though they're acknowledging the 'possibility' of Fuku-related causes, they may doing so to indemnify the guilty parties from being accused of denying radiation, as the cause of these illnesses and deaths. They'll come out of the lab and say "See…it was a virus that did it!" The fact that they're mentioning "mites" hints to this tree-in-the-forest dis-info technique.

    Regardless of their 'conclusions', suppressed immunity is always a result of cumulative rad-exposure. The Pacific ocean food chain is likely so thoroughly contaminated from the millions of tons of radioactive effluent that TEPCO dumped into it, it would be impossible for these mammals to have not been exposed to rad-induced immune-suppressing conditions.

    Good news is, the 'evidence' (albeit heartbreaking) is no longer deniable. For most of us who've been watching this catastrophe closely, this concerted denial by MSM and the nuclear technologies industry is no longer possible. It's now a matter of addressing viable solutions. Being proved right was only one-half of the anti-nuke challenge. The other half of the coin is coming up with solutions. We have to hammer-away at what we think needs doing! Renewables should be at the top of the list. Safe havens for exposed populations is another. And there's no need to blame others. We need to work fast and together, if any are to survive this nightmare…

    • Anthony Anthony

      I think those of us who are sensitive and attuned can sense things and life as we like to think of it is about to change. It is painful for what it is. It is happening because people with less heart and minds with the wrong life intention have created these situations. The level of pain has to be great for them to even acknowledge what we all know already about the direction of their ways. I'm just sharing this because I know what you are saying AFTERSHOCK is very true. We need to take comfort in what we know and the truth. Otherwise we will not be able to see the road in front of us because the road is ultimately not ours to navigate. These poor animal victims break our hearts but the truth is, there is nothing relevant we can do to save them with liars like these ** professionals** running the show. The sea lions would agree which people have blood on their hands. For what it is worth, I had an accidental near death experience many years ago. All I will share about it is that THERE IS a next step after life here on Earth. Period. None of this is going unnoticed. Peace mate.

      • Well said Anthony.

        Our personal or universal theories of "connectedness" or "interconnectedness" might also want to include the way in which the living, waking, world of sea lions and people connect with the largely unnoticed world of the invisible: the world of invisible thought, ideas, prebirth, current existence and after-life.

        Essentially, we ought to be working towards a world of balance, a world of intelligence, a world of, dare we mention it, enlightenment.

        If we are unable to protect and respect the life of a sea lion, or the health of an ocean, we obviously have no respect for each other or ourselves and we're out of balance, we've lost the 'spark' that makes it all work.

        Our dreams and near-death experiences have to be grabbed quickly as moments of inspiration that inform greater things and a more perfect balance.

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        “Very few beings really seek knowledge in this world. Mortal or immortal, few really ask. On the contrary, they try to wring from the unknown the answers they have already shaped in their own minds — justifications, confirmations, forms of consolation without which they can't go on. To really ask is to open the door to the whirlwind. The answer may annihilate the question and the questioner.” – Anne Rice

      • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

        Hi Anthony, All , i had a simular experience , not a real NDA , but a dream where in i was "transforming aka dying" between reality's , and there was a presence telepathically guiding me tru my struggles of human ego fears and sorrows . And yes , its ending was beautifull , like becoming one with an ocean of love . Never slept so deeply relaxed and peacefull lol .
        Only to find out two day's later that during that dream night my oldest brother died unexpected . I think the Universe allowed me to pick up/connect/witness on some of it . Really helped with the grieving process , amongst other things..
        Peace !

        • Anthony Anthony

          So amazing DisasterInterpretationDissorder, I know from the choice of your words we were in the same place. I find it is hard to fully verbalize the amazingness of the situation but you did a good job. Yours is an interesting story and I really have come to appreciate some or all of us have guardian angels I'm not sure why, but it seems to me that inexplicable experiences which happen, as yours did, are easily explained if you are open to the idea there is more to this world and life. Your story sounds like your guardian knew you might need help facing your loss. I think you'd agree, after the experience one is left knowing there is nothing to be FEARED of death or being dead. I just feel angst at the process of it!!!!

        • Anthony Anthony

          Sorry the other thing I wanted to ask was did you notice while there was total communication, it was 100% one way SENT to us/me? While it was happening I noticed I couldn't speak but didn't care.

      • yogda yogda

        I love every one of you.
        Hang in there.

    • hogy

      @ Aftershock:
      "We have to hammer-away at what we think needs doing! Renewables should be at the top of the list. Safe havens for exposed populations is another. And there's no need to blame others. We need to work fast and together, if any are to survive this nightmare…"

      Any ideas for hammering? I've spent hours & a few years writing to the Pres. and Cong. about the dangers of nuke yet they just keep pressing it onward.
      Obama's and Cong. campaigns bought 'n paid for, along with their votes.

      Is there any way to interfere in this greed = immorality/danger to us all nexus?

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        "Is there any way to interfere in this greed = immorality/danger to us all nexus?"

        In the immortal words of NASA – 'Pray'.

      • pcjensen

        get yr local electeds on board the train to derail the feds. bottoms up! show them the data, get them to go to board of supes, state officials, ^en masse^, with a bunch of informed citizens and demand testing, reporting, truth – your local electeds may be yr neighbors & friends, most likely to listen & lobby with you. feds too insulated to hear from individuals. but, when the system below them rebels/collapses then you might have something – I was a local elected once, learned the most from citizens.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Well stated AFTERSHOCK, We must find ways of living with this mess and renewables should be number one as we struggle to create new technologies and viable means to help children's fast dividing cells in an effort to make them less vulnerable to the devils brew spewing from Fukushima and all nuclear power plants by developing effective means of de-contamination. if at all possible. and hopefully learn from TEPCO's feeble attempts and I apologize for judging as AFTERSHOCK stated we must stop playing the blame game but I do feel the government or some competent entity should take over operations at Fuku. Once again I apologize for judging TEPCO as they need help vs critique.


        wonderful words moonshellblue! You are so right in all that you say. Like scolded children, rather than understanding why we've earned the wounding words, we quietly withdraw from their painful truth. Those that brought us the horrors of nuclear power, now know they've devastated the whole world. They may close ranks at the office, but deep-down they all know what they've done to their children and world.

        Like the drunken outcast uncle, he knows of his failures and truly desires the respect and love of his greater family. But pride and a refusal to admit to weakness prevents his personal progress. Until we cease driving him back out into the darkness with our endless criticism, we'll never know if he was ready and willing to turn his life around.

        We're all just children masquerading as adults. We choose to hide our fear of the horrors that we come to know early on. Eventually, we'll do anything to prevent ourselves from becoming victims in this frightening world. That fear can become so overwhelming, we'll even destroy innocents as means of hiding our vulnerabilities from others and distancing ourselves from the very fear that compels such inhumanity. This schism is the foundation of all psychopathy in our modern age.

        The obvious solution is to become fearless in our forgiveness of those we differ with.

        Love all of you out here…

        • moonshellblue moonshellblue

          Once again AFTERSHOCK beautifully stated, so true about victims and forgiveness. I read a great book dealing with such issues called "Bonds that Make Us Free" which speaks of these very issues. Anyway, thanks again for your great read. ;>)

          • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

            I'm so overwhelmed with ALL of it that I have trouble giving any ONE well-spoken rebuttal the +311 THUMBS-UP!!~ So I'm gonna do "the right thing" and give a double thumbs-up with a Fonzie "AAYYYYYY" to ALL my peeps who responded so perfectly in-tune for the power of the TRUTH flowing so well from you guys & gals AGAIN & AS USUAL!! For what it's worth coming from me, the logic & findings of the regular ENEWSER's and the new people who add your much-needed input and pressure on the clowns trying to backpedal & bullshit their way outta their responsibility & accountability for the harm they wrought on defenseless animals & nearly as defenseless human victims is priceless IMHO and our numbers are growing every day!! The trouble is that the numbers of victims already sickened & the FACT that this single FUKuD-up event won't leave many in it's wake that hasn't had our lifespans shortened dramatically & they know THEY FUKuD-up by lying & withholding the important information from us because ENEnews & the few other accurate websites/resources have over 50,000 people in various stages of the "Fuku-D/radiation ELE Learning Curve" and the answers are being given to those who care BY those who care and all it takes is a "spark" to ignite a FIRE and the nuke-pukes know all about fires in NPP's & fires in their victims hearts as we scream for immediate justice & unilateral nuclear SHUTDOWNS across the board!~I swim in pools of tainted tears of sadness & hatred… 🙁 ~**

        • We Not They Finally

          On the other hand, although it is admirable to get all soppy about monsters, a bulk of these people are monsters. Perhaps those who are puppets of the monsters can be reached — sometimes that is possible. But what about those they have harmed, maimed, destroyed without conscience? They merit our attention WAY MORE. And the people who did this are mostly are in DENIAL about the harm they have done — they do NOT '"now know what they've done." They do NOT. And say, why is it always up to good people to forgive? Why isn't it up to BAD people to show a conscience? Publicly? Truthfully? In the open sight of all? And why don't they trying doing it at The Haag?

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          The obvious solution is to become fearless in our forgiveness of those we differ with.

          Well said, and true. We need to re-write the "story" of our world.

          • We Not They Finally

            HoTaters, please, please don't "enable" this. If you think we should all join in on group therapy with TEPCO because we just "differ" with them…. You grasp this, yes? Just please don't ENABLE it. You risk crazifying the rest of us who are still working at thinking clearly! Psychobabble is not most of our homes. TEPCO is cruelly, criminally RESPONSIBLE. And they haven't poisoned us because they are poor dears with disturbances. They did it because they are bad, callous, greedy, selfish, and complicit in mass murder.

    • Fred

      Sounds just like HIV causes AIDS, doesn't it?

  • Lion76 Lion76

    Scientifically, I think they are full of SH–

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      Of course they are full of __it! But when "minimal,not unexpected" amounts of radiation not normally associated with immediate cause for concern are detected by scientists with vested interests in nuclear technology will have dismissed the connection between Fukushima radiation and seal pups trying to carjack motorists to not only get away from the burning water but to get away from the damned beach where meddlesome humans keep trying to throw them & their stranded fellow marine species displaying the same symptoms who'd rather drown in the slightly less contaminated air than be in the poisoned water?!!

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Testing must be carried out by someone trustworthy.

  • Better ALSO check your "Fallout Reports" from your local reactors while your at it!

    here's a link.. to see just how much your local reactors are dumping during a years time on you… All in going "by the book" … according to the NRC !!!


  • hbjon hbjon

    It seems that lice, fleas, mites, spiders, gnats and other small insects find a habitat on sick and dying mammals for some reason. The fur probably serves to protect their eggs and colonies from predators. The animal may also be a source of food for the small organisms. My guess is that it is an opportunistic condition that arose from the animals inability to be physically active and failure to swim under water for food. If I were a seeker of information I would definitely try to narrow my inquiry instead of always refer to the invisible enemy as radiation. If tumors are forming in the lungs, that would be easy to identify. The chemical properties of the mysterious, man-made elements are poorly understood as they may behave differently in nature than in their carefully constructed, paradigm built, laboratory settings. We need to ask some questions. We need answers.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      If the food they need to survive is dying off, it will not show up as lung cancer. If the muscles are weakened from radiation, it will not show up as lung cancer. Lung cancer is not the only health problem caused by radiation. If circulation of the blood, or the nervous system is messed up due to radiation, it will not show up as lung cancer.

      • hbjon hbjon

        Most definitely. I mention lung cancer as one possibility. Muscle weakness is a symptom. What is weakness? Healthy muscle cells of an organism should not be weak. Especially if they have been conditioned to perform and are well-nourished. Is the muscle cell weak because of lack of nourishment? Is the circulatory system preventing delivery of nourishment? Does the digestive system provide the required enzymes and function to produce absorbable nourishment? Are there tumors that block important physiological functions? Are the animals eyes functioning? Is there massive internal organ failure? Perhaps all of the above including dementia and nervous system breakdown. They must nurse the animals back to health and try to see what symptom does not want to clear up.

        • jump-ball jump-ball

          @hbjon: Can't you 'see' that these sea lion pups will not be 'nursed back to health', but are all going to die? Have you thought about what you and the NOAA scientists will present as the undefined, unverifiable, and definitely non-nuclear, cause of death?

          • hbjon hbjon

            No. Actually I didn't know they were all going to die. Hmmm. Your accusing me of being some sort of industry shill? LOL Based on my two posts? I've read that the first sign of radiation toxicity is disorientation. Look, I am not satisfied with radiation as being a satisfactory explanation, that's all. As far as sharing the cause of disease with the appropriate authorities, I have done that. Sea lions failed to smile, and developed chronic stress syndrome. Now, let's all go back to sleep.

            • I agree hbjon that one shouldn't rush to conclusions. A bit of methodicalness never hurts. There are various methods of proof that can be brought to bear and one is called "reductio ad absurdum", which means assume the opposite until you arrive at a contradiction, a very rigorous method used in mathematics.

              Scientific method itself, assuming the whole process is honest tries to do the following:

              1. Ask a Question
              2. Do Background Research
              3. Construct a Hypothesis
              4. Test Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment
              5. Analyze Your Data and Draw a Conclusion
              6. Communicate Your Results

              Number 4 can be done using the Einsteinian thought-experiment method or using a well-funded research teams. Number 5 is the proof bit. Number 4 onwards is where governments and politics get involved, sometimes to cut funding (because they already suspect the results) or hide the findings.

              Either way, I think that jumping to conclusions right away is actually unscientific, no matter how tempting the eventual conclusion might look. You're better off doing things properly and scientifically which requires slowing down a bit and doing things methodically rather than frothing at the bit right away.

              That way, the eventual proof or conclusion will be more compelling and less open to attack from the dumbos and industry shills.

              E.g. low level radiation can be more damaging than high-level radiation. Persistent low levels is what we have, and so the seals. The truth will out.

              • Time Is Short Time Is Short

                "E.g. low level radiation can be more damaging than high-level radiation."

                What about persistent 'medium-level' radiation, Pu239? We're not anywhere near 'dropping on contact' yet, but I would say that we are waay beyond anything that would be considered 'low-level' at this point, on the NA continent.

                • Anthony Anthony

                  This wave of dying sea lions may simply be those who have crossed path with the projected mega-fuku-stream headed our way, just a whole lot earlier than what was projected and posted here a little while ago. That one simple perspective for me, answers it all.

                  • hbjon hbjon

                    The more I think about it, the more I am convinced it's from sucking air off the surface of the ocean. We would see fish by the truck loads washing up on the beaches if it was the Fuku-stream you speak of. Imo.

                    • 16Penny 16Penny

                      "We would see fish by the truck loads "

                      This is two years later. Do you think it is possible that the fish can no longer reproduce as they could before? It doesn't look like the normal fish are being eaten by the sea lions or possibly the sea lions can not stomach them long enough to digest them.

                    • Anthony Anthony

                      Maybe fish are less vulnerable than mammals to radiation? Remember we are talking about milk potentially being a prime issue given these are starving pups. At the onset of FUKU there was communicated concern specifically regarding ingestion of dairy products and children. It would carry the same in the ocean for the mammals but since fish don't nurse I wouldn't assume the lack of their deaths should take my attention off an obvious potential link for radiation poisoning.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      It also looks like poor nutrition absorption.. wasting syndrome..perhaps caused by changes in their digestive systems caused by exposure to radiation.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                      How about all the edlerly Japanese who died because they stopped eating after 3/11. Who is counting their deaths due to radiation poisoning?

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                      TYPO: elderly

                    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

                      ?? Here's a "truckload" of insight and after this long with all other options coming up with a blank regarding "mystery" illness hitting many if not ALL marine species I'd assume the answers lie in this final round of testing (to rule out radiation of course)as to the causes of these "warnings" from Mother Nature!(?) Whatever is known & agreed on in unbiased scientific circles is almost guaranteed to have been already confirmed and spoken of behind closed doors…Why would anyone,especially someone who watched their spouse get a rare,aggressive form of cancer that began during or I should say "following" confirmed periods of extremely elevated radiation spikes that arrived in late December 2011/Jan.2012 about 6 days after each Fukushima-born release event that also saw her PREVIOUSLY considered "rare" form of IBC that began & reached Stage 3B (31% 5-YR. SURVIVAL RATE)that is now COMMONPLACE??!! http://www.komonews.com/news/health/Rate-of-advanced-breast-cancer-in-young-women–193709571.html It's ALL more than "coincidence(s)"!! If anyone is waiting for "officially santioned" analysis findings from "industry-sponsored" sources before being able to accept the only possibility left to explain "mystery" disaease and you can bet that radiation testing is THE FINAL explanation & LAST thing they tested for despite being the 1st & most likely culprit-then I doubt "independently" conducted research & CONFIRMATION by unbiased scientific entities would sway the…

                    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

                      >> The first link I intended to post didn't go up so here it is again!~a "truckload" of dead squid!~ http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2012/12/pictures/121224-humboldt-squid-beach-mystery-science/

                  • Anthony Anthony

                    I'm still leaning towards FukuPlume hitting them YEARS before forecast. I think it is also why the dolphins gathered like they did suspiciously as they did. I also think the dolphins may have done this in reaction to seeing what was happening to the seals perhaps. Why aren't the scientists all over this? Its their department and time to shine, isn't it? Maybe they are too scared to get into the water because its contaminated.

                    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

                      +311 Anthony!! Imagine how different things would have been treated with "concern" if we humans had to live in the Pacific Ocean post-311 environment??!! Hell I'm afraid to get into the water because it might be contaminated(is)?!! I can imagine that creatures who live, feed & breed in the sea wouldn't suddenly start jumping out of their domain covered with abscesses, starving and weakened by untold levels of contamination beyond that which has an accurate number that the 350 word/1500 character posting limitations ability to accommodate the number of zeroes needed to put it into the proper perspective??!! Scientists aren't all over it because they're "running away from the answers" just like the sea creatures are running from the tainted water that no longer welcomes & nourishes them?!! I haven't heard of ANY other "feasible" explanations thus far(?)!! 😐 ~**

                    • Anthony Anthony

                      Well yeah if it was your job to know you think you'd move heaven and earth to be the one credited with the science of this. Especially something this important. Cheers!

                    • andagi andagi

                      Dear Anthony,
                      It would be great to hear from marine biologists from Hawaii, West Coast, Alaska & British Colombia. Maybe we could make a space for them & their expertise/collaboration.
                      Dear Marine Biologists, we welcome you to join us!

              • We Not They Finally

                Usually love your posts, Pu239, but the truth has NOT "outed" thus far (obviously). Given the obviously overall dire situation regarding RADIATION, their plan needs to center on what to test for, also what to test. Not just the dying baby sea lions, but their mother's milk. Also the sardine population, as that is a main food source and I understand that 30% of them were wiped out in just the past year. Then look into where all these sea creatures SWIM. Maybe the sea lions themselves didn't swim close to Japan but the food they eat did. I mean, SOMETHING poisoned them…

                • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

                  I'm pretty sure PU-239 is on the right track with his posted response to the topic since he's always been one of our "sharpest tacks" of the great ENEWSER's minds and he was making the point that for them to admit ALL ELSE had turned up NEGATIVE to explain away the anomalies with Fukushima radiation being the LAST thing that HASN'T been ruled out(yet) but "IF" there is another explanation that winds up being true & un-related to Fukushima it would hurt the credibility of those PROPERLY suggesting that radiation is behind many if not ALL of the not so subtle changes that includes the sickening & death of so many species already being seen AHEAD of the projected dates that led to many conveniently clinging to the notion that radiation may not be the cause of these animal die-offs,etc. as well as cancer spikes among groups that didn't see damning statistical increases until AFTER 311 radiation became a very real & worrisome concern(?)!! There ARE organizations/facilities "less" beholden to govt./nuke industry policy & "controls" who DO post the data which WOULD'VE allowed those of us whose opinions strongly suggest the correlation between Fuku-D radiation and "mysterious"and SCARY realities as we're marched along to our early demise while the newly declared,self-appointed, Scientist In Chief & his underlings perched like Gargoyles watching nuclear genocide they initiated & will pat themselves on the back for their efforts towards population…

      • pcjensen

        yep. internal emitters cause organ damage.

    • We Not They Finally

      Say, guy, before you are quite so quick to "narrow the inquiry," they need to TEST FOR RADIATION!! Do you have no clue at all what's happening out there? It is the FIRST thing they need to test for.

      • 16Penny 16Penny

        "It is the FIRST thing they need to test for."

        On the beaches. Remember the Japanese guys who were not supposed to stand to close together? What happens when you get a Hummer hatch full of these (glowing?) pups? What genetically altered organisms are living on them? Any responder, transporter or technician working with these Sea Lions should exercise extreme caution. I would treat them as hazmat until proven otherwise. If they are truly being sceptical or scientific about an epidemic that was slaughtering the sea lion population, why don't we see hazmat suits being worn on the beaches? Have they ruled that out? Are they biased in assuming it is safe?

        I agree we should refrain from closing the book and writing reviews until the conclusion can be proven but look at the precautions they are not taking? They know too.

  • lam335 lam335

    The thing about looking into radiation as a "cause" is that it could either be an immediate cause, or it could be the first link in a chain. While intense radiation exposure by itself might cause lesions, etc., it can also weaken the immune system, thereby making the animals more susceptible to other, unrelated infections. Alternatively, most of these sea lions are apparently having difficulty finding sufficient food. Radiation might have adversely affected the reproduction rate or general health of the fish that they normally eat, thus leading to malnutrition in the sea lions over time. In either of these two latter cases, simply looking for radiation in the sea lions might not turn up any evidence, yet the cause could still very possibly be radiation-related–i.e., the ultimate cause could be radiation, though it is a couple of steps removed.

    In addition, I don't see how you can test for PAST radiation exposure. If they (or their parents) were exposed to massive amounts of I-131 two years ago, you won't find any radioactive iodine in them today. But damage could nevertheless have been done to them by that exposure.

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      All radiation causes genetic damage. A thorough post-mortem examination of one of these unfortunate animals would show if there was either damage to individual tissues characteristic of radiation exposure -or- radiation-induced DNA damage. Neither marker depends on detection of radionuclides still present.

      It would be hard to believe that the animals were not bioaccumulating some radiotoxins in some of their tissues. Any tissue levels detected may be important.

      I wonder if we'll ever find out? I would expect NOAA to eventually issue a politically correct, lawyer-like finding in any case. Something to the effect of: "We did not find any proven radiation-related health effects in these animals. We don't believe they were exposed to unusually high levels of radiation either directly or indirectly through the food chain. Their illness is still a mystery."

      These are the same yobs that can't find the reason Gulf of Mexico sea creatures are disappearing or killing themselves.

  • amberlight amberlight

    I don't have TV, but I am visiting a relative who does. The BS that is spoon-fed Americans is mind-boggling. Not sure which channel she was watching, but the "news" included a one minute piece on a sea lion pup in So Cal "hitching" a ride with someone. Nothing about it being ill or undernourished and not. a. single. word. about the sea lion crisis, much less the possibility of radiation poisoning.

    HOWEVER, they spent the next 20+ minutes talking about some "Final Four" event (whatever that is). I wasn't listening but every time I walked through the room they were still gushing merrily about it.

    What the hell is WRONG with people!?

    • James Hollen

      amberlight, as long as something does not affect people directly, no one cares! As long as there is a steady diet of sports and porn, you can't get anyone to carry on a decent conservation about anything! Bring up the subject about oil spills, radiation, or world government and watch their eyes roll in to the back of their heads! No one gives a flip!


      at this point amberlight, anyone who's still feeding from the MSM trough, deserves the darkness they're now finding themselves in…

      • We Not They Finally

        Wow, Aftershock! You were just advocating for forgiveness of TEPCO!! Now WHO is it that you say "deserves the darkness they are now finding themselves in"?? You, you are probably a good person, but please don't crazify us!! And do try to at least pick a side, like: ordinary people, blind and ignorant, do something to enlighten and help. TEPCO people, send them to the Haag and may they beg forgiveness of us all on their knees!

        • Anthony Anthony

          I for one would feel extremely uncomfortable with a TEPCO employee grovelling at my feet. Its not my place over them or them below me. They made a mistake and perhaps their real error is to lie afterwards? I believe they will have that harsh exchange with whomever their maker is! You are a good person too We Not They Finally – a mighty writer, a passionate heart and a strong mind and voice. I have a feeling if TEPCO would just really say sorry and mean it with truths, you could move forward and be drawn to productive means to the end. We have to keep our eyes on the future with this beast.


          @We Not They Finally: it's out of respect for your good efforts out here, that I'm responding to your post.

          I would suggest re-reading amberlight's commentary for context to my response. None of what I've stated withing that response, contrasts with my previous positions. Attempts to suggest otherwise are unnecessarily contentious…

    • We Not They Finally

      "The Final Four" has something to do with basketball, I think. This nation is addicted to mindless pastimes. No, no one is interrupting their programming to gives news of a major ongoing catastrophe. Rah, rah, for the red, white and blue….

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    Aftershock, you hit nail on the head! http://www.fukushimafacts.com is a good source of data, real time RAD readings & updated every min. Also links to great blogs & radiocast. I hope this will help folks to stay alert & grow awareness to the plight we all face now & in the future! Relying on the NRC & MSM is a joke, 3 power plants have trouble & 3 oil spills in a week as we know of!

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    Well, anybody that has been here from the beginning, will recognize this as what we figured would happen.. a year, or two after the initial disaster, we will start to see the real details as our government has known them to be since the beginning but refused to allow us access.. now, there is no way to hide what is happening, so they have no choice but to start releasing the actuality of our dire situation. The sheeple will be so outraged.. too bad they were not here back then when we might have had an impact.. what the hell will they do now? same as they have been? or nothing?

    • weeman

      The governments position on this issue is their is nothing we can do to remedy the situation so why inform the public and cause wide spread panic, once you let the genie out of the bottle there is no way to put the genie back, but the genie may very well put you in the bottle.

  • Jebus Jebus

    I wonder what the creatures are thinking as they look up at the cause of their demise, trying to save them…


    I remember back a long time ago the first earth day.
    April 22nd 1970. I was eleven years old. 5th grade.
    We made posters and launched ballons.
    We were going to be the ones who set it all on a path to sustainability.
    That summer I moved from idyllic Falls City, WA. to OR. 10 miles from the beginning of Trojan Nuclear Plant. I learned a lot that year. Nuclear, Sirens, Evacuation, Radiation, Anti-Nuclear.
    The anti-nuclear movement was singing. Trojan was shut down because grass roots people, the ones affected, stood up and said, NO! Whoops died because grass roots people stood up and said, NO!
    That was long ago…

    Earth Month April 2013
    Earth Day April 22nd 2013

    I wonder what they are thinking…

  • PavewayIII PavewayIII

    WTF?? "…The radiation epidemic could be a potential cause…"

    That's because they didn't get their protective plutonium injections.

    NOAA – can't expect much out of that brain trust. They will never figure out this one. They're still scratching their heads over their last puzzler:


  • ftlt

    Radiation induced mutations could be creating plant, small animal and microorganism pathogens and toxins in the ocean.

    The toxic algae idea is not beyond being the result of a radiation induced toxic mutation…

    Eyes and minds and wallets are closed around this issue…

    It is good that the NOAA is working on this …. But, the NOAA has become a political beast… Just look at its weak-kneed climate change stances over the last 20 years or so…

    It was all but destroyed in the Bush Admin.

    The border less globalists have no interest in anything – even the truth or a healthy future – that stands in the way of corpo immediate empire and profits…

    • vital1 vital1

      As radiation contamination weakens the immune systems of animals and
      humans, we could see viruses that would normally be under check become more
      infectious, or mutation of a viruses strain into more infectious strains.

      There are a lot of animals presently dying in large numbers from strange
      infections worldwide. Seals, turtles and birds are just a few I have heard

      Virus infections may be killing them because their immune systems
      have been weakened from the radiation contamination in the first place.

      We could equally see pandemics in the human population, or epidemics like the pneumonia epidemic in Japan in 2011 as a results of these dynamics.

      In the long term more human and animal life may die from the indirect effects of the radioactive contamination, as a result of the weakened immune systems, or from virus mutations.

      So I suggest it would be wise to do research on ways to fortify you and your families health, one of those is to avoid ingestion. "The Food Lab" provides an up to date base on the latest International food contamination reports.



      "Radiation Food Lab" at


  • jump-ball jump-ball

    "Gov’t experts now checking animals for contamination" is hardly a cutting edge headline, causing me to greet such articles with apathy, tempered with indifference.

    ENE – you have the best blogsite, but why lob 'softball' lead-ins in the late innings of the last game of the nuclear 'world serious'?

    It's time for spitballs, brushbacks and an occasional beanball, so limber up…

    • I would argue that the headline is actually extremely important in that it signifies a real turning point in correlating animal deaths with the ongoing disaster.

      That is, we were all waiting anxiously for somebody, anybody, to pipe up and at least mention that there might be a correlation between Fukushima and sea lion deaths. So, this is the first instance in which somebody has actually piped up or mentioned the correlation as a possibility (a hypothesis, scientific method).

      Nobody has proven the correlation yet. Proving the correlation between human infant mortality and Fukey was also difficult and open to attack but it has managed to stick due to the acknowledged rigor and professionalism involved in the study.

      It's like proving the correlation between deregulation and large-scale banking fraud and the increasing levels of inequality in the lower and middle classes in North America and beyond.

      It helps to have a rigorous, methodical, scientific and unassailable argument as ammunition to take on the idiots.

      Otherwise, you just get a shouting match based on emotion and not on proven fact.

      Scientists, biologists are somehow constricted such that even offering the hypothesis itself is considered by some as subversive, or constricted in some way by Government. (They're being muzzled, in the U.S. and in Canada, and this needs no hypothesis, it's already known and proven).

      This is antithetical to arriving at a real solution, a real understanding or…

      • We Not They Finally

        Wow. A CHILD could prove the relationship between deregulation and large scale banking fraud. Just dismantle Glass-Steagall which prevented banks from gambling with depositors' money. Like duh. What they EXPECTED to happen? That we would NOT repeat 1929 (in 2008)? Pu239, your posts are great, but sometimes we overthink, yes? Common sense still works pretty good! Like testing for radiation in the deaths of the sea lions should be a given. Maybe not that simple, but since honestly, EVERYTHING from the sea should be tested for radiation ongoing, whereas nearly NOTHING has been, certainly the dead sea lions should be! And I think you would probably agree.

      • ftlt

        PU: Scientist have proven themselves to be above the fray hidden in their cloisters – for too long..(Safely should be added in front of "above"..)

        The latest craze is the mantra of "Science!!" that is being thrown about in the media everywhere… It suggests, science is some holy order placed above and beyond societal needs and connection to the body politic… They are calling for science to take a "special" leadership role in change.. Right!!

        Science reminds me of the Church of the late middle ages… Selling the heaven to come to the highest bidder, special indulgences and supporting to the end, the status quo..
        The fact is, most that is called science, is applied to business/industry and is for sale to the highest bidder for profit.. It has little to no conscience or is even good science.

        I saw it when at university as a young man… It has not changed – I believe it has gotten worse – much worse in the Yuppie Science age.

        Science is and will be no Saviour to our dilemma/s.. It is a MASSIVE BIG HUGE part of the problem.. It is a myth in its own mind as well as our own.

        Hanson is the perfect scientist to point to – as is Gunderson the engineer.. They have dropped out become activist leaders fighting for positive changes in our world for and with all people and the whole planet..

        Most scientists hanging about the office are just interested in their WORK??? and being left alone – to do the real damage most do (and never ever admitting…

  • If Congress has other masters, what about environmental organizations? I clicked on Greenpeace USA. First thing, it hit me with an in-your-face giant add asking for donations and inviting me to an Arctic expedition. I cleared the ad and went through the headlines.

    What they are about is in this order: Rainforests, fertilizers, Arctic, Forum, Greenfreeze, polar explorers, water, forests, Shell, and climate change. Not a single word on Fukushima. Nothing on the sinkholes, nothing on fracking, nothing on other nuclear mishaps. Their latest article on Fukushima is dated June 2012.

    We are all being assaulted by fraud. There is the still ongoing banksters/govt financial fraud (trillions of dollars). And there is the environmental fraud. Govt and industry, hand in hand poisoning the planet while environmental organizations keep our attention riveted on CO2 and reusable bags.

    It will be up to the people to organize, while keeping a keen eye on the usual suspects, fake-environmetalists and infiltrators from industry and government who will do their best to divert attention away from effective action re. the nuclear issue. There must be a moratorium on new nuclear plants and on the export of nuclear reactors, as well as a deommissioning of existing plants too unsafe to operate.


    • pcjensen

      most large enviro orgs likely co-opted – check their board of directors and management to be sure. it's the pattern – gov sends in infiltrators, they rise to the top… blah blah blah, been happening since Earth First became known.

    • Hi Tracy

      I agree with many of your sentiments but Greenpeace has actually issued several reports on Fukushima and has visited the area to monitor radiation levels.

      (Japan will not allow them to monitor its coastal sea waters)

      I don't know why the website you visited doesn't have the links for their latest report on the victimization of Fukushima citizens

      Unjust laws for nuclear power leave Fukushima victims suffering March 2013


      • Hi Majia,

        thank you for providing those links for us. Something is better than nothing. Or is it? Considering the magnitude of the Fukushima disaster and its effects on the whole biosphere, those two articles are proof of Greenpeace's lack of proportional involvement. They sound detached and politically correct, like official government statements…

        Greenpeace has built a reputation for being at the forefront of the ecological fight. But its reputation does not match the actual facts. The most dangerous nightmare threatening our planet is nuclear power – but Greenpeace and other large ecological organizations have focused their considerable financial and human resources elsewhere.

        We slept while these reactors were going up, but Chernobyl first and now Fukushima have woken us up. And as we watch this latest disaster unfold, the largest environmental organizations are found blatantly avoiding confrontation with the nuclear industry.

        Earth could survive a major CO2-induced climate disaster. The loss of diversity would be significant, but life would recover. Not so with widespread radiation. Experts estimate that Fukushima will be spewing nuclear poisons for many years to come. Amounts unknown. Radiation half-life in the millions of years. The effects on people and animals are already showing. Environmental organizations. should be in an uproar. Instead they issue cautious words and are mostly silence. This is worse than disappointing. It's a real scandal.

        • On the one hand I totally agree with you

          but on the other hand, I know first hand how difficult it is to actually say anything about these nuclear disasters (Chernobyl, Fuku, name your plant) and have people listen.

          Fukushima is cataclysmic and it tops two hundred years of terrible industrial contamination of the planet, as well as suicidal genome-destroying radiation releases since the 1940s

          I think we've already passed the tipping point, but I can tell you that everyone around me would think I was insane if I stated saying so publicly and professionally.

          (I was very frustrated by much of what transpired at the Fukushima Symposium for this very reason)

          The 'crowd' is too easily swayed by the power of authority and the seductions of propaganda.

          Moreover, denial of death, Freud said, is part of the human condition.

          Unfortunately, it appears that we are going to die as a species while denying the unfolding of our extinction

          • We Not They Finally

            I agree about frustration with the Fukushima Symposium. Like the moderator for the whole first day thought that nuclear power just needed to be "fixed." No clue that that it's beyond "fixability" even re nuclear waste hazards alone. It was a very mixed group, with no clear focus on TERMINATING nuclear power. And the statistician speaker was a nightmare of loopholes. Then they were all so "collegial," that they would not take on EACH OTHER. But we couldn't blame Helen Caldicott, who does not even live in New York, and who knows who did the screening? She herself has called the medical community of JAPAN "despicable" in its handling of patients. But she's an activist — many of these people were NOT. But it was first of its kind and still better that it happened.

            • check ian fairlies speech credits..
              Richard wakeford.. the man with the dosimetry data (statistical)
              a direct insult to chris busby and a warning from the Ministry of defence to busby from their man in sellafield (ex sellafield) the creepy icrp loving Richard Wakeford.. 🙁

              all that glitters is not gold! 😉

          • jump-ball jump-ball

            Half of the SoCal sea lion pup population has already died, and I'll guess that none of the survivors have been nursed back to health; they look likely to become the aquatic canaries in the coal mine.

            Listening to NOAA's and other agency non-response and political propaganda is as mentally toxic as Fukushima is physically and I'm limiting my exposure to both poisons as best I can:


        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Greenpeace ran squarely into opposition from the Japanese government and Tepco, in the early days after 3/11, when they were attempting to water air and water near the plant.

          You might want to delve a bit more deeply into what they were actually doing. It was some of their best activism (IMHO) in nearly 30 years.

    • brainheart

      I have also been frustrated by the silence from Greenpeace, but I do not place any blame on the Greenpeace organization. Greenpeace tries to be heard in the same world that the rest of us are not being heard in. I do remember that Greenpeace was among the first organizations that had people on the ground and in the waters of Japan with Geiger counters and making strong statements about the information blackout.

      I tend to be skeptical when contributors question those who have risked their own lives and safety to educate others. I am sure that you have not been on the ground in Japan near Fukushima with a geiger counter that is screaming danger or chased out of the waters in a boat that has taken risks to get closer to the truth.

      A simple google search using the following search string: fukushima site:www.greenpeace.org
      produces 41,800 results. When you have finished summarizing the text and articles found at even 1% of those links and come to the same conclusions, I will bow to your efforts and listen to your words.

  • pcjensen

    here's my hope: they can't close the floodgates once opened – too many of us know what's going on and once some entrepreneurial spirit starts testing and reporting then the floodgates will never be closed on information – *somebody* or *somebodies* needs to become an indy research lab and get on it – keep NOAAs feet to the fire!

  • Yukio_Tanukio

    I'm skeptical of the "forgive them" messages, and for a number of reasons. Firstly, because they clearly are psychopaths either psychologically or functionally (conforming to a psycho institutional structure.) Thus, they can never be treated, reformed, or made to change their behavior. They might change direction, but their goal will be unchanged. So, if you don't want to get hit again, you have to do something active, not passive. Another reason is because you need to out the criminal so that the masses will understand both the crime and the cause. Thirdly, they are still in power, you know – Forgiving them doesn't remove them from their positions in which they can do more harm. And, another thought – It's well known in psychotherapy and counseling circles that before a victim (or a fool) can change his circumstances he/she must become angry. I notice that most of the general mind control mechanisms used to pacify the masses since about 1950 has been to demonize anger. Now you know why. K?

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Forgive. And set boundaries. And keep them.

    • We Not They Finally

      Yukio, I'm with you! HoTaters,the "boundaries" you suggest setting have already been trespassed like a horde of wild dinosaurs. By the very "psychopaths" Yukio describes, who are UNREPENTANT in their behavior.


      @Yukio_Tanukio: forgiveness does not equate to passivity. I can forgive someone for their past action, but that doesn't mean loosing site of the consequences of it.

      Not that you're the only one who uses the term, but not every individual who's misguided in their choices or lifestyle is a 'psychopath'. This term's being over-applied to anyone we may happen to differ with. There are true psychopaths and then there are those who are simple go-alongs-to-get-along. They're an unimaginative lot whose only interest is staying below the radar. This lot makes-up the bulk of any society – technical or otherwise. By-and-large, they are not policy makers and more often than not, find themselves serving others through want-ads.

      The majority of the human species suffers from a host of psychic maladies, clinical psychopathy being but a small percentage of that set of illnesses. Seems it's all the rage to disparage those we differ with, with accusations of being 'psychopaths'. Recalls one to the quaint old days of condemning those we wanted to eliminate by calling them 'sub-human'.

      What becomes obvious to any student of history, little had been accomplished by our predecessors to change the dynamic of survival and that violence-as-solution has made it far worse…

  • My opinion is that those VERY high rad readings in Southern Ca kelp are an important clue.http://www.everythinglongbeach.com/study-finds-radioactive-fallout-in-california-kelp-beds/

    Ecosystems were crashing before Fukushima. Now they're going to crash even faster

    Has the Earth’s sixth mass extinction already arrived? Anthony D. Barnosky, Nicholas Matzke, Susumu Tomiya, et al http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v471/n7336/full/nature09678.html
    Nature 471, 51–57 (03 March 2011) doi:10.1038/nature09678

    [abstract] Palaeontologists characterize mass extinctions as times when the Earth loses more than three-quarters of its species in a geologically short interval, as has happened only five times in the past 540 million years or so. Biologists now suggest that a sixth mass extinction may be under way, given the known species losses over the past few centuries and millennia. Here we review how differences between fossil and modern data and the addition of recently available palaeontological information influence our understanding of the current extinction crisis. Our results confirm that current extinction rates are higher than would be expected from the fossil record, highlighting the need for effective conservation measures.

  • truthlover

    1,200,000,000 reasons why NOAA will not find evidence that radioactive cesium is the root cause = the amount of money the Japanese have loaned to the US government = why the US government is covering up every bit of information that's relevant to US citizens on the west coast. It's a back room deal.

  • sunpower

    It is really implausible now for 'officials' and 'scientists' (sic) to come clean, shut down, and admit the most obvious truths about radiation caused illnesses. They are paid not to look very hard for the truth. The oldest cancer registries do tell the tale of the nuclear era. The Pentagon finally in November 2008 issued a report admitting that Gulf War Syndrome was real and that Depleted Uranium could be the cause.
    "Could be the cause" is what NOAA is saying now and what they will probably conclude. It is not because the evidence is too hard to find but because the ruling monetary authority which ordered up the fission disaster (in the Einstein-Tzeilard-Sachs letter of 1939) has an age old protocol about destroying the earth to spite their enemies, 98% of humanity. You can just follow the money from the secret private tribal central bank,sent along with the orders flowing down to the phony government agencies that are set up not to protect the public but to ensure they will be dealt with according to the protocols. You get these madmen in apartheid shown on the Great Seal on the dollar bill, who think they are the pharaohs and pharisees…they are the only ones who order up the nukes, who print the 'money as debt' to pay for them, and destroy the people's health, and make a profit off their misery , and laugh all the way to the frikkin bank.
    It would be hard to prove…like all the other extinctions, but it sure is a hell of a coinkydink ain't…

  • okifax

    Ok, I'm new here so be gentle. My question is that since none of us trust our government any longer why isn't there an independent study taking place on such an important issue? Where is Bill Gates with all his causes or some Hollywood idol?

    • sunpower

      Aloha, Okifax. Your question ignores an obvious (to me) context, that there have been many independent studies occurring throughout the nuclear era up to right now. An independent study can be like Chris Busby's analyzing air filters in Tokyo or conducting an epidemiological survey in Fallujah after it was heavily bombed with uranium.
      The government is ordered to ignore their own studies not just indy research. The crux is not study. When the money flow begins with those who created nuclear fission for the express purpose of killing people, and when the media is controlled from the top down, full of shills and liers, and you have a mind controlled population that was induced into technocratic beliefs in false gods that harm them invisibly, the system becomes disfunctional. Communities are left to fight for their lives and futures against nuclear fission's original pushers.
      As for Billy Gates, he's been on TED saying he hopes to lower global population with vaccines. Could he be tight with Monsanto too? These are just some leads for your own independent study.
      Meanwhile communities all over the world protest nuclear power, knowing full well that even if the plants avoid melting down due to grid or coolant issues, routine venting will cause all kinds of new cancers. The statistical studies by Gould and Mangano have never been challenged in court…so…why does nuclear power go on even when it is too uneconomical and sick to operate? Who benefits?

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        The likes of Bill Gates benefits. He just received a huge government subsidy to build more nuclear power plants.

        What he donates to poor countries is copies is copies of Microsoft, so the statistics remain high on those who are using Microsoft. He is a business man, not a philanthropist, not even a gifted computer programmer.

        His latest scheme to get more money out of taxpayers pockets is government subsidies to build more nuclear power plants.

        His dream population? 250,000,000 for the entire world.


        sunpower is correct, Okifax, in that progress requires not just studies, but media access…

    • We Not They Finally

      Welcome, okifax! Just don't look to the likes of Bill Gates. He LOVES nuclear power. Says, after all, "There have only been three accidents" [really???] so it's "safe." And he has his own huge humongous plan to build MORE nuclear reactors! Also don't look to Al Gore, who says, "I assume that they will solve the problem of nuclear waste," and favors CONTINUING the madness. Well, we all know that "the real enemy" is carbon, Al — way more dangerous than plutonium…. The point is, that even the well-placed are pretty brainwashed about it all. Yes, we would all like to see Michael Moore swing into action. (Don't know if he has even commented. One would just HOPE he could better see the truth.) Though you are totally right about us needing high-powered celebrity help!! We (us two) have not seen a bit of it ourselves.

  • not forgetting other sources of sea contamination, i thought this might be appropriate here..

  • Anthony Anthony

    NOAA Assembles Team To Investigate Ailing Sea Lion Pups
    April 6, 2013 10:06 AM

    **The agency says it’s unlikely that radiation is to blame but it hasn’t been ruled out.**


  • "They" have done a great job of hiding the Bogeyman, Strontium is actually way worse than cesium, and yet hardly gets mentioned.

    The TEPCO filtration system up to now has only worked on Cesium, not Strontium, the new ALPS system should work on strontium.

    I did a report on Strontium, please read to understand why this Bogeyman needs to be front and center.


    • We Not They Finally

      Strontium is a killer that gravitates towards dairy, like MILK, which of course children consume in large quantities. There should be warning labels everywhere so parents could find substitutes.

  • Jebus Jebus

    "No one has died from a nuclear accident"

    That's mankinds belief that he is all that his world needs…

    The Earth can do without mankind…

    It's hierarchical. It's set in stone. Gaia is at the top…

    Why must we destroy what we depend on? It's suicide.

    When will man realize that he is not the most important life form on this planet, that we are but one child of it?

    When will we move on out, as it's supposed to be?

    Earth was meant to be one flower, in the fields of the universe…

    Why must we kill it, before it gets a chance?

  • "Marine mammals are sentinels of the eco system,” Wilkin said.

    That's right Wilkin – look at that eco system and look hard.

    You're bound to find something in there.

    We have.

  • 16Penny 16Penny

    ""He was like, 'You're not going to believe it, but here it is,'" Madigan said.

    The tuna had tested positive for cesium-134 and cesium-37, both known waste products from Fukushima. For Madigan, it was "a real discovery moment, like in the movies," he said.

    A second fish also tested positive for the isotopes. So did a third. And a fourth.

    In the end, every single one of the 15 fish they examined carried radiation from the power plant.

    In May, Fisher and Stony Brook postdoctoral researcher Zofia Baumann published a paper in the journal Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences detailing their findings. The team believed it was the first time that anyone had demonstrated that migratory animals could transport radioactive contaminants across the Pacific.

    The amounts the fish carried were minuscule — far less, ounce for ounce, than the amount of naturally occurring radiation in a banana — but possibly enough for scientists to gain insight into animal migration, the team wrote in their report."

    This was "August 2011, five months since a magnitude 9 earthquake and tsunami had struck in Japan". Wonder what the levels look like now?


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Oh..my..this might cause cognitive dissonance.

    Yanked out of the 'dreams of milk and honey'..by a radioactive fishing net..how uncomfortable.

    "Cognitive dissonance theory explains human behavior by positing that people have a bias to seek consonance between their expectations and reality. According to Festinger, people engage in a process he termed "dissonance reduction", which can be achieved in one of three ways: lowering the importance of one of the discordant factors, adding consonant elements, or changing one of the dissonant factors.["


    PS.You there..Scientic American..(shills for corporate interests) It is evident the sea lions are starving…but WHY?
    Quit reporting like school children…the incident is occurring..get asnwers..or shut up.


    • Alec

      HofR: Excellent post! Cognitive dissonance is a psychological condition, in which a person seemingly cannot accept evidence, or facts, that conflict with the person's belief system (or paradigm). This is a HUGE problem in society and important to understand. I am glad that you posted this. More people need to understand cognitive dissonance–it explains so much.

  • gnomesang gnomesang

    for f's sake, how long does it take to test a dead sea lion?? i've never been a "for the kids" type of person, but in this case, i am. san diego depends on the tourism to keep its machine rolling, how many cadillac margaritas are worth the longterm health of anyones kid or grandkid.

    even my "rightwinged" roommate just said to me… "even though this is a military town, how many seamen have to be affected before someone does something". lol