Feds “just thankful suspect was stopped at edge” of U.S. nuclear plant — Authorities not discussing motive for shooting — Description: Dark hoodie, driving ‘John boat’ (VIDEO)

Published: April 23rd, 2013 at 3:26 pm ET


WRCB, April 22, 2013: Shooting near Watts Bar nuclear plant; feds search for gunman […] Federal officers did an in-depth search of the area, and have since lifted the alert. They’re just thankful the suspect was stopped at the edge of the property. TVA says the man was nowhere near sensitive portions of the plant, but the feds are still looking for the gunman and his motive. Again, the only description is a man wearing a dark hoodie on a “John boat.”

Oak Ridge Today, April 22, 2013: A Tennessee Valley Authority spokesman declined to speculate on a motive for a Sunday morning shooting at the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant in Rhea County, but he said the suspect could be a male wearing a dark-colored sweatshirt with a hood. […] The unidentified man was spotted by a nuclear security officer at about 2 a.m. Sunday. The guard was on a routine patrol in a pickup truck on the perimeter of the 1,700-acre plant. As the officer came around a curve, the truck’s headlights illuminated a person on the shore of the Tennessee River, on the eastern side of the plant and near its southern boundary.

Watch the WRCB broadcast here

Published: April 23rd, 2013 at 3:26 pm ET


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14 comments to Feds “just thankful suspect was stopped at edge” of U.S. nuclear plant — Authorities not discussing motive for shooting — Description: Dark hoodie, driving ‘John boat’ (VIDEO)

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Federal agents….what is the fed doing with all that technology they have? Cant find a boat, cant find a gunman, call off the alert. Its absurd what the public will believe. If you had billions of dollars, decades of work by innumerable physicists and designers, what kind of info gathering do you think YOU would have? Beyond your imagination. "DANG, he GOT AWAY in a boat. We looked in the bushes, didnt find nothin. On account of him bein' spooked by the truck headlights, we dont reckon hell be any more trouble so we called off the alert" GOOD WORK BOYS. Ahh, the FEDS

  • PavewayIII PavewayIII

    You don't understand how the system is set up to work, CS.

    The NRC and DOE keep useless eaters like us as ignorant as possible about anything related to the plants and assure us that they're keeping plants safe from hijacked airliners and the like. They bury any whistleblowers they stumble across that say otherwise.

    In the mean time, some disgruntled little-guy psychopath (yes, they come in that flavor) walks / drives into whatever horribly vulnerable nuke plant they want. The quarter-million dollar security system 1) fails 2) never did work, or 3) works but the contract guards are asleep. Psycho shoots way into turbine building, and proceeds to blast away at turbines thinking they must be the reactors.

    Thank God it's only the turbine building and the reactor is unharmed. Unfortunately, he takes out assorted water pipes and switchgear. The outside contractors and underpaid utility workers figure the $6.50/hr guards are not going to show up anytime soon, so they flee the gunman.

    Cores are melted. Minimal radioactive releases are claimed. Measurements are falsified. Useless eaters are irradiated. Mandatory evacuation zones are declared. Jackbooted thugs show up to ensure compliance. FEMA forms are distributed.

    In the mean time, the NRC guys leave for lucrative consulting gigs in Big Nuke. Remediation contracts are inked. Bonuses are paid. Peons are buried.

    See? The system works.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Paveway, I do believe you are right; the system works. Having had a personal run in with jackbooted thugs a few times, one thing stands out in my mind; They ENJOY it. This is really the key to the system. If those kill for hire guys and gals in the military/ police force/ mafia/ yakuza didnt THIRST for and get an adrenalin high firing guns, the elite wouldnt be able to enforce anything. Coast Guard is my latest disappointment. I wanted to like them. (of course there are plenty good people in those positions…only WHERE ARE THE WHISTLE BLOWERS?). So the system is working; leaders and elite without a moral compass (psychopath), their strong men (thirsty killers), the believe what you tell, couldnt believe the truth anyway sheeple, (that pay for the whole action) set to the anguished tragedy of a dying planet. Something of human nature is illustrated by the famed Audubon naturalist; He shot and killed every bird he painted.

    • We Not They Finally

      Just one problem with the above — though so American, so home-grown, so "normal": The part about the "jackbooted thugs" and the "FEMA forms." Like what do you WANT in the event of a catastrophe??? Even Rick Perry figured that out with the explosion at the Texas fertilizer plant. The Southerners were mean and cruel enough to vote to deny federal assistance to the Sandy hurricane victims, but all of a sudden, they needed immediate aid for THEM? And "jack-booted thugs" is a just a code for the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Administration because apparently ALL GUNS ARE GOOD!!! Well, all guns are NOT good! And these attitudes wreck the quality of American life just like corporate power does! In the event of an emergency, no, I personally do NOT want people waving around their own personal arsenals of weapons, claiming that THEY are the law, and keeping the "jack-booted thugs" OUT. The nuclear industry is a dangerous criminal enterprise. But all the people in this country waving around guns does not exactly reassure the public either!! This country is homicidally sick, nuclear industry or not.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        We Not They Finally, off topic but the problem with your premise is thinking the jackbooted thugs have your best interest at heart. Dont forget that the military force does the bidding of the ruling elite. The same ones that promote raping and pillaging resources without regard to human and animal suffering. Check history of brown shirts during Mussolini

        Not only that, but people drawn to that work often have a thirst for shooting things and overpowering people. Wish it werent true. When they arrive on YOUR door, you will see exactly what I mean. Check out the FDA in full military gear ruining your business for selling raw milk or some such.

        Taking away guns from the public does not insure safety. Not in any country, including the U.S. Giving total power to others is not a good idea. But, its already too late…what a shame

      • PavewayIII PavewayIII

        "…Like what do you WANT in the event of a catastrophe???…"

        Unimpeded fire/medical response? Immediate physical supplementation of any existing or remaining local fire and rescue resources by military equipped with floodlights, bulldozers and chainsaws – not black tactical gear, machine guns and tanks? Gasoline for peons, not just the DHS MRAPs?

        Immediate redeployment of entire fleets of drones to look for peons to save, not kill. Immediate dissemination of those aerial images direct to the public, unfiltered by MSM or alphabet agencies? Military aircraft doing the same to help find or assist people and help coordinate rescue.

        Technical resources dedicated to coordinated real-time public registries of disaster area residents, services and infrastructure instead of spying on citizens or coordinating censorship efforts? Stop telling people to 'listen to the radio' for instructions – nobody trusts the government or MSM in an emergency because they're late, wrong and re-spew useless 'official' nonsense intended for peon control and PR purposes, not helping peons.

        Maybe put tons of additional cell phone and open wireless internet access in place immediately because that's what people use today for real information.

        Direct federal assistance (equipment, personnel) in utility restoration. Not 'disaster funds', which end up as scammer government contractor welfare cheese or utility exec bonuses?

        See the theme here?

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          No wonder they were suspecting an "environmental" group as a suspect in the Boston bombings. If you care more about your political agenda than getting rid of nuclear power plants, then you discredit the attempt to get rid of nuclear power plants. Or maybe you are for nuclear power plants and are trying to discredit those against nuclear power plants.

  • ftlt

    Still think, the guy was a local poacher with a record…

  • DannieJ DannieJ

    I gotta wonder if this is the same guy who fired on that sub-station in California a week ago.