Film foretold Fukushima meltdown — If reactors could not be kept full of water, fuel would eat through container resulting in “China Syndrome” (VIDEO)

Published: May 21st, 2011 at 4:41 pm ET


A is For Atom Foretold Fukushima Core Melt, AsianWeek by Arthur Hu, May 21, 2011:

A full length BBC film (view at link) reviews history of nuclear power development up to Three Mile Island and Chernobly. Scientists say that something the size of a submarine could actually reliably hold in the worst possible disaster, but once scaled up to the size of Fukushima, if they could not be kept full of water, the fuel would melt, and eat through the container resulting in the original “China Syndrome”. Of course people neglect that the real bad thing that happens when it melts down is that it produces all sorts of nasty fission products […]

Read the summary here.

Watch the video via BBC here.

“We discovered that our theoretical calculations didn’t have a strong correlation with reality. But we just couldn’t admit to the public that all these safety systems we told you about might not do any good” –Atomic Energy Commission scientist

Published: May 21st, 2011 at 4:41 pm ET


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44 comments to Film foretold Fukushima meltdown — If reactors could not be kept full of water, fuel would eat through container resulting in “China Syndrome” (VIDEO)

  • shoko_asahara

    I warned you. Well, sounds like a plan 🙂

  • Major Domo

    Not to sidetrack the article, but Holy Crap! (Super Volcano)

    Oh great! Radioation fallout AND a Super Volcano that could theoretically blanket all sunlight from the earth with ash. Run for the hills! Aaaaaghhhh!

    I’m OK now.

    (this is my equation)… I know I know. I need to finalize my presentation i’m working on it… lol
    [link to]

    Boron Vs Temp graphing.

    The data points that I plotted on my graph indicate the declining effect of boron in respect to the
    rising temperatures of the fukshima reactors.

    The X axis is the factors indicating heat to dates (which I used a median for) as released from three sources:Tepco press releases, Nisa, and Iaea.

    My first point was estimated between 33C – 38C. as this was the operating tempreture of the reactor, prior to the tsunami; While my second plotting point was selected at 400C.
    I chose this plotting point in reference to reports circulating the web that, the fukushima daichii reactors were only designed to withold a structural integrity of 398C.

    The Y axis is the factors indicating the amount by metric ton of “water to boron”, solution which I estimated could only be induced up to 33-40%. My first plotting point was an estimation of 2-6 tons, “active coolant” in the reactors rpv system ; While in respect to the reactor containing absolutly no boron at that time. The second point I plotted was a constant variable in respect to the inclining water being pumped into the reactor which has inclined from 1- 15 metric tons.

    I used the factor of a 40% “water to boron” mixture as a maximum allowable rate. As I am quite certain any amount higher than this would hender cooling procedures due to the accumulation and insulation of the spent nuclear fuel presently residing in the reactor core. I estimated the current mixture to be a: 20-33% (boron to water ratio).

    This linear Equation demonstrates the change in Reactors Rpv intake from Mar. 11th 2011, to Current date.
    I have also calculated the multiple slopes of the events on each rising and falling tempretures reported online. Which I will be releasing in a video that is currently being compiled via the help of friends. This video will demonstrate the factors included in making my equation, the sources I used to account for the factors, and the complete slope to pressure, temp of every plotting point I used. As this specific graph only reflects the visual intrepretation of the theory I have felt is proven through basic mathematics.

    When viewing the graph you can see a clear intersection during Mid June. I estimated the dates between: June 16 – 26th 2011.

    This is the date that the figures I calculated via the listed sources, indicated an absolute paradigm shift.
    Meaning the boron will surpass its intended use, due to the atomic fuel reaching a point in criticality that the boron to water mixture can not match.

    This means the reaction of atom’s to neutron’s will overpower the absortion rate of the active boron.

    I am working to format this in a more professional matter with all points and calculations. Though with this equation map alone, one should clearly be able to indicate that when the fuel reaches 400C the ratio of boron to coolant will surpass the 40% maximum fuel mixture I have hypothesised.

    Currently the fuel is sustaining a minimal criticality, at this present time. As the transition in time progresses I feel the current vector will indeed steadily increase. At the point the reactor reaches 400C, I feel the fuel is “capable” of becoming Hyper-critical… In respect to the boron’s inefficient ability to match the chain reaction taking place inside the core of the reactor…

    Furthermore, In reading my post you will have gained insight into what events respected scientists have theorised might initially take place. This event is known as: “china syndrome”. The speculative texts I have included present three likely scenarios that would occure in this event. Though no one can be absolutely certain to what extent of damages mankind will see in the coming of days…

    Thank you for reading my thoughts, and I hope the situation improves. I am in no way an acting nuclear authority, and what you have read is a concern I am expressing as a concerned citizen.

    I am also not advising you to do anything in any respect to changing your daily activities as this is only a theory and I do not intent to sway your concepts and comforts in reality in any way shape or form.


  • hawkeye

    just another day day at the amusement park

  • Noah

    Another DARWIN AWARD is overdue

    AWARD WINNER: The Application of Nuclear Weapon Technology to Commercial Electrical Production

    “Hell of a way to heat water!”

    A simple story

    “It began with the weaponization of nuclear energy. Controlled fission heated water nicely, so we thought it could be used to produce cheap electricity. But no one knew what to do with all the spent fuel rods. So we piled it up for half a century.” – Man of High Intelligence

    End of Story

    • jump-ball

      Way back in 1979 we did know what to do with spent rods, but the congressional reprocessing bill was singlehandidly de-funded by Jimmah Carter in the name of non-proliferation, and the rods have been piling up ever since.

      Well not everywhere, such as in France where their rods are reprocessed at an approximate additional cost of 6% to the energy consumer.

      GE doesn’t look at a 6% reprocessing cost as a small price to pay for civilian safety, but rather as a major component of financial return to the nuclear utilities, as long as everyone involved can remain convinced of the efficacy of indefinitely kicking the spent rods down the nuclear road.

      But don’t expect any print or broadcast media to schedule a discussion of reprocessing history with Mr. Carter.

      • radegan

        The better idea is to get rid of all nuclear power since all assumptions about its safety and parameters have just been proven false.

  • MarcinJ

    20 terabecquerels of radioactive materials flowed out to Pacific
    Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Saturday that 250 tons of water tainted with about 20 terabecquerels of radioactive substances leaked into the Pacific Ocean from a pit near the seawater intake for the No. 3 reactor at the troubled Fukushima No. 1 plant earlier this month.

    While the figure is far lower than the 4,700 terabecquerels released near the No. 2 reactor in April, it is still about 100 times the permissible level, according to Tepco.

    At the time, the water was registering 9.8 terabecquerels of cesium-137, 9.3 terabecquerels of cesium-134 and 0.85 terabecquerels of iodine-131.

    The leak is believed to have started at around 2 a.m. May 10 and was stopped at 7 p.m. May 11, Tepco said. The amount of water that escaped in that 41-hour period totaled 250 tons, it said.

  • Cassie

    Hi Jill and Heart:

    It looks like we are the stars of the site. Wow. Amazing how popular we are. Who knew?

    And such a fan club. A misogynist one, but one none the less. 🙂

    Gentlemen, the line for the ladies’ autographs forms to the left.


  • Isn’t this exactly what I said…
    I wrote a really good quote the first week of the crisis:
    Japan isn’t trying to save Japan… Japan is trying to save the world.”

    • mark V

      I was saving some ideas and thoughts of other people in text form, and named the file planet.txt Then I realized what potentially I could just have done.

    • Cuica

      But TEPCO is trying to save TEPCO….and they have failed….not sure they think beyond themselves…might be why they don’t want outside advice.

  • CiaW

    Ok, I started a discussion group over on Yahoo groups. I thought of using Google groups but I already have a couple of small groups on Yahoo and some people don’t like Google. (Some don’t like Yahoo either, but you can’t please everyone…) It looks like Yahoo now allows login using Facebook or Google credentials, also.

    I hope I’m not stepping on the toes of the owner of this site (Energy News), and I named the Yahoo group by the same name. If so let me know and I’ll rename it. So here’s the url:

  • Jalepeno - "on a steek"

    I don’t want your autographs, but welcome back Cassie.

    In a previous article comment thread Zardoz responded to PU239’s posting of a link to some cesium projections with a link of Zardoz’s own taking you to an ecoshock radio web page. While I am in agreement with the explanation re: the NILU predictions, overall I feel the author of that piece is an apologist of sorts. After reading the entire thing he, that author, has lost 90% credibility with me. But that’s just me. I know ’em when I see ’em.

    • Cassie

      (Oy, they would have been such a special keepsake. 🙂
      Thanks for the welcome!)

      Re your credibility comments, while I am not surprised at the corporations and pols, I guess I am very disappointed in the scientific community, which either seems to be unable to grasp the science behind this crisis and solution, or are totally untrustworthy due to corporate conflict of interests.

      The degree of corruption, sociopathy, and incompetence seems to have permeated all aspects of our lives. And now we pay the price.

  • Anthony

    BREAKING NEWS: Fukushima Crisis: More Catastrophic Radioactive Releases

    by Washington’s Blog

    Global Research, May 19, 2011
    Washington’s Blog

    ‘”Fuel Rods Most Likely Melt[ed] COMPLETELY at Reactors 1, 2 AND 3 in the Early Hours of the Crisis, Raising the Danger of More Catastrophic Releases”

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is pulling the plug on continuous monitoring of the Japanese nuclear crisis because:

    The conditions at the Japanese reactors are slowly stabilizing.

    I hope they are stabilizing. But as I noted last month:

    The Japanese government and Tepco claim that the nuclear reactors are “stable” and that radiation releases have subsided to low levels.

    But world renowned physicist Michio Kaku – who studied under atom bomb developer Edward Teller – told Democracy Now today:


    The situation is not stable at all. So, you’re looking at basically a ticking time bomb. It appears stable, but the slightest disturbance—a secondary earthquake, a pipe break, evacuation of the crew at Fukushima—could set off a full-scale meltdown at three nuclear power stations, far beyond what we saw at Chernobyl.


    When the utility says that things are stable, it’s only stable in the sense that you’re dangling from a cliff hanging by your fingernails. And as the time goes by, each fingernail starts to crack. That’s the situation now.


    TEPCO is like the little Dutch boy. All of a sudden we have cracks in the dike. You put a finger here, you put a finger there. And all of a sudden, new leaks start to occur, and they’re overwhelmed.

    The New York Times summarizes the real situation in a single sentence:

    Tokyo Electric in recent days has acknowledged that damage at the plant was worse than previously thought, with fuel rods most likely melting completely at Reactors 1, 2 and 3 in the early hours of the crisis, raising the danger of more catastrophic releases of radioactive materials. ‘

    • Cuica

      I have another metaphor for this disaster…instead of the hanging cliff, I look at it more like a jar of milk that has been pushed off the table. Some milk has spilled out on it’s journey to the floor….and the notion of stable is the time it takes for the milk to fall to the ground…it’s stable until it hits and breaks and milk (radiation) goes everywhere. We aren’t hanging and waiting to fall…everything is already in motion and nothing can stop it….time is relative to the situation…in 2 months a lot has already happened to the earth…huge amounts of distruction through pollution…that can be viewed as a very fast change for the planet…actually this event is unfolding very quickly….but TEPCO and the Japanesse goverment are moving verrrrrrry slowwwwly….like a sloth trying to get out of the way of danger….ridiculous…maybe if the world offered a trillion dollars for the first person who could resovlve the situation we would have more folks thinking.

  • Thanks Cassie!! I knew you’d ‘never leave a (man) behind’! 🙂

    • Cassie

      You did well dear, maybe I can take the flack for a while now.

      How is Heart, is she OK?

      Sorry I was not here, I have been working long hours.
      Just reading all the posts now. 🙁
      Ooops personal information, my bad.

      I hope the owner of this site can help prevent all the female bashing. It is not right or fair.


  • Hey Cassie!

    Heart, I have not heard anything from today. Good for her!

    She’ll be fine I’m surmising–I think she’s made out of teflon and titanium! 🙂

  • Cassie

    Probably had to go lie down with a cold wash cloth on her forehead. I don’t blame her.
    God love her.
    You too.

  • Another 7 minutes until 6 Pm here in Cali. Have we had any ‘raptured’ so far today,…on the East coast?

    • Deep Thought

      Only sinners were left alive, which didn’t reduce the population at all in the places I frequent.

      • radegan

        OMG – we had dozens of ‘half-raptures’ here in Florida. Folks who allowed one sinful thought at that moment of rapture and left half of themselves here. It’s awful, some just the left side, some the right. Others the bottom, some just the top lying on the sidewalk, pleading to heaven.

    • Zombieplanet

      I was !

  • Steve

    This is certainly a calamity of historic proportions. Radioactive particles in the air from Fukushima hitting Japan and the U.S. are easily dispersed. Most will fall as in rain. A few will be inhaled into lungs and cause cancers. An example as a average human hair is 45 microns wide and one speck of radiation dust is about 5 microns wide. So a tiny speck of radioactive dust is all it takes to lodge in a lung to cause cancer. Latency can be as short as 2 years or 10 years. Particles from Fukushima have covered the U.S. mainland for several months and continue to do so. Radiation readings are proof that particles are pervasive. Every CPM tick from a Geiger counter is a piece of dust particle giving off a atomic bullet. That piece of dust may give off particles for thousands of years. It matters little weather you are outdoors or indoors, as the dust is everywhere. The worst zone is 150 miles radius from the Fukushima plant in Japan where every person will have millions of particles lodged in their lungs. Best future analysis shows decidedly half of the population of Japan will be seriously health affected (very possibly terminal) as very well the future children. This true awareness may not manifest itself until massive numbers of Japanese start dying.

    Protests, discord and collective organizing against Corporations and Governments to restrain citizen litigation are reasons for these institutions to restrict information and produce a culture of propaganda that all is well and not of concern. The Nuclear industry is a huge money making Corporate and Government supported entity. The Mainstream Media supports the propaganda as the main source for the common citizen. The exception is the Internet, which is of concern to these institutions as they are trying to dilute the information to mislead and confuse the truth. You will never prove that the effects of Fukushima compromised your immune system. After several years if you get cancer you have no recourse against these institutions, and expected to die peacefully. Chernobyl in 1986 was hot news on Mainstream Media, so where is CNN, FOX, Yahoo, Obama, etc…all so silent?

    • Cassie

      Steve, thank you for this post.
      What percentage of the Japanese population do you think will die and in what time frame?
      American population?


  • charlie

    hurt them the only way they understand – sue them all for everything they have.

    • Cassie

      I would assume the governments will protect the interests of the corporations and pass laws that they cannot be sued for this incident.
      Congress does this all the time. They are in bed together.

      And it would be impossible to determine if your cancer was caused by Fuku or not?

      And all they have to do is file bankruptcy and then you can get in line with all the other creditors in the unlikely event you can even get a court judgement against them.

      • radegan

        “We have determined that your cancer was caused by plutonium from an atmospheric nuclear test by the USSR in 1958. It was not caused by Fukushima therefore your claim is dismissed.”

      • xdrfox

        Money and plausibility !
        See GOM to see how the game works or longer term Exxon Valdez Alaska Oil Spill, Workers, fisheries !

        • Cassie

          The governments and corporations have excellent protocols in place designed by teams of Yale and Harvard attorneys to mitigate any liability and to preserve their corporate image and brand.

          Protocols to actually deal with a crisis and to protect the public seem to be outsourced to lowly paid contract workers.

          The name of the game is protect themselves, no one else.

    • tony wilson

      china is now relaxing the small symbolic blockade they had. dodgy food and other goods will be shipped and relabeled via china.
      cut out all japanese and as much chinese products as you can.probably pointless but the jap government have made a choice,they believe mega corp is more important than the health of innocent children.