Film: Young Fukushima girl douses herself with gasoline, then lights it — Asks “Why did this nuclear disaster happen to us?” whenever she cries (VIDEO)

Published: October 27th, 2013 at 9:27 pm ET


Title: ‘Welcome to Fukushima’ (2013)
Director: Alain de Halleux

Part I at 11:00 in (Watch the clip here)

Fukushima Mother: Then Yuka started to get panic attacks. She got headaches, stomach aches, sore throats… It would change every day. Shortly after around the end of April she would spend her days crying in here room. It all made me very nervous. Kento was edgy allo the time, too.  […]

Part III at 11:15 in (Watch the clip here)

Fukushima Father: Perhaps she didn’t really know she was doing, but she made several attempts to jump from the first floor. She even tried to kill herself by dousing herself with petrol and setting it alight.

Fukushima Mother: She led a normal life until March 11 last year, when there was the accident at the nuclear power plant. She can’t forgive herself for being this way. Every time she cries she asks, “Why did this nuclear disaster happen to us?”

Key findings reported by selected mental health studies of Chernobyl-exposed childrenA 25 Year Retrospective Review of the Psychological Consequences of the Chernobyl Accident, January 24, 2011:

  • Lower IQ among exposed at age 6e7 years but not at 10e11 years (as reported for partial sample); exposed more childhood onset emotional disorders than controls. No thyroid doseeresponse association with IQ.
  • Age 6-8 years: lower IQ among exposed; 45% of exposed and 29% of controls had high behaviour problem scores; significant correlation between radiation exposure and IQ (r ¼0.3).Age 9e10 years: 72% of exposed versus 28% of controls had ICD-10 psychiatric disorders; 74% versus 10% had abnormal EEG patterns.
  • 71% of exposed versus 34% of controls had psychiatric disorders; exposed had lower IQ and abnormal EEG; no differences on symptom scale completed by the mothers
  • At 11 years, evacuees more lifetime depression (44.0% versus 29.7%), symptom scores, poor self-rated health (38.5% versus 28.2%), and 7 sick days in past year (54.5% versus 43.0%).At 19 years, evacuees more current Chernobylrelated PTSD (19.7% versus 7.5%), past year major depression (29.1% versus 18.8%), and high distress (26.8% versus 13.4%)

Also from today: [intlink id=”fukushima-farmer-sees-16-of-his-30-horses-die-suddenly-this-year-mainly-young-ones-no-disease-no-parasites-higb-cesium-levels-my-daughter-tried-to-commit-suicide-do-you-think-its-really” type=”post”]Fukushima farmer sees 16 of 30 horses die — “Daughter tried to commit suicide” — All earlier this year[/intlink]

Published: October 27th, 2013 at 9:27 pm ET


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145 comments to Film: Young Fukushima girl douses herself with gasoline, then lights it — Asks “Why did this nuclear disaster happen to us?” whenever she cries (VIDEO)

  • papacares papacares

    Is the minor convenience of allowing the present generation the luxury of doubling its energy consumption every 10 years worth the major hazard of exposing the next 20,000 generations to this lethal waste?
    David R. Brower

    • nedlifromvermont

      negative, papacares! in the extreme. The uranium business is insanity itself, come to a small town near you where greedy, small minded politicians are bought and sold by big bankers that don't care whom or how many they kill. Give us back the stone age, please.

      These nucleocrat gangsters should all hang.

      All of them.

      very sad state of affairs …

      peace …

      • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

        This is premeditated murder … not killing. There is a huge difference. For one, murder, humans are and will be accountable, for the other, killing, we all kill to eat, if we are meat eaters.

        • NoNukes NoNukes

          Nuclear is a net consumer of energy. It's purpose is to produce nuclear weapons. To pretend otherwise is to perpetuate the fraud.

    • triarii117 triarii117

      of course its not. but those in the industry don't see it that way. they only see the profits, like most businesses do. safety be damned; as long as they get their money, they dont care

      and as long as people can plug something into their wall outlet and it works, they dont care how or where the electricity comes from, whether it be coal, gas, nuclear, solar, wind, whatever else the future will bring. the average consumer simply does not care.

  • Shaker1

    Just like low-dose radiation, one can't account for another's sensitivity to what's around both of them. Panic attacks should have shown the parents that something is desperately wrong. It just takes a single, even seemingly innocuous incident to trigger a cascade of problems and an individual becomes buried in the avalanche. Fukushima was dynamite high up in the overly-deep snow.

    Throughout my life I've been given the tag of 'overly sensitive', and see little sympathy in that tag, but an unappreciated disdain even from those one expect sympathy, those to whom you unburden your soul. They'll love your abilities to gather insight in manners that they find ellude them, but feel uneasy, never realising that it's the totality of 'you' that brings them all the things with which they feel comfortable and find advantage. The connections aren't made at all, and one feels more alone than ever. The shields one erects are never impregnable. She's young, and I hope she can find some place within her being to become at peace with herself.

  • zardoz2012 zardoz2012

    It was so simple.

    All we had to do was be good to each other and take care of the house.

    But all we did is fight and hurt each other and now we broke the vase.

    Wait until mom and dad come home.

    • ruppert


      That has to be the best summation of what humans have done to the earth. It really was supposed to be that simple.

      How did we end up being so stupid while thinking we were so smart with our gadgets and technologies?

      Even what people refer to as the "elite" will suffer the same consequences. What did they actually think they were going to get away with?

      Thanks for the great analogy.

      • zardoz2012 zardoz2012

        Rupert, thank you for the great compliment.

        I hope there is a mom and dad to come home and sort this mess out.

        I just got my new drivers license today. It expires in 2020, so it should last me until the end of civilization as we know it. (I hope that's not true, but considering the state of things…)

        • NoNukes NoNukes

          The mostly white guys who have been lying to the world and poisoning the earth for generations are responsible for its destruction by nuclear. The vast majority of the world's people are the victims of those sociopaths, no more responsible than dolphins.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Those white guys go back many thousands of years…

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Why make this a racist issue? Nuclear technology is no longer owned and practiced in the majority by white guys. Look around you: North and South Korea, China, Japan, India, Iran, Pakistan. Japan is building in the US. China is building in the UK. Japanese scientists helped build the Russian nuclear program after WWII. Nuclear technology is and has been perpetuated by non-white guys.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Lots of people like to make everything about race and color since it (the tactic) has worked so well in achieving their personal goals and agendas for so many years…

            • NoNukes NoNukes

              Collectively, I bet the majority of the people involved are still white guys, no time to count, but the first generation or two were definitely white guys, I think they deserve credit.

              • NoNukes NoNukes

                All the reactors in the US, France, England, Russia, etc. vs. the rest of the world.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                First generation were Japanese scientists. They almost achieved the atomic bomb before the US did. Why put down the intelligence of the Japanese scientists?

                • NoNukes NoNukes

                  who, Anne, "succeeded" in building nuclear weapons?

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                    The US nuclear weapons were built by people who had immigrated to the US from many nations. This is also true of the Russians who succeeded in building nuclear weapons with the help of Japanese scientists, stolen information from the US, and many other cultures and races.

                    And who is perpetuating nuclear energy?

                    Do you really think you can look at a list of names and tell their race? And does wikipedia list all the names from Russia?

                    The technology for nuclear weapons came from other countries. It was the US who had the money to put it all together. But many believe that the Japanese were also successful in WWII. I will look up the citations.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                  And Russia is made up of many races and cultures. Saudi Arabia is building new reactors, and the UAE. France has cut its nuclear reactors, as has Germany. Italy will build no new reactors or maybe they have none to begin with. The US has cut its number of reactors recently by 5% and many more are to follow.

                  Who is building reactors now? Is there even one white guy?

                  And what is your motivation is making such a statement?

                  The US has long depended on Asian graduate students for research. Whites are no longer in the majority in the US. So discount all the US reactors, most of the Russian reactors if not all. And I simply don't have information about the French, but they are probably relying on Asian immigrants as well.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                  “In a series of articles written by ex-US Army CID investigator turned postwar journalist David Snell, for the Atlanta Constitution, it is claimed that the Japanese conducted a successful nuclear test in Korea shortly before the end of the War in 1945. The articles and claims were quickly forgotten and evidence was difficult to corroborate because the test area was in the Soviet zone in what is today North Korea:..”

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                  Nuclear Weapons Program
                  “In the fall of 1940, the Japanese army concluded that constructing an atomic bomb was indeed feasible. The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, or Rikken, was assigned the project under the direction of Yoshio Nishina. The Japanese Navy was also diligently working to create its own "superbomb" under a project that was dubbed F-Go, headed by Bunsaku Arakatsu at the end of World War II. The F-Go program (or No. F, for fission) began at Kyoto in 1942. However, the military commitment wasn't backed with adequate resources, and the Japanese effort to an atomic bomb had made little progress by the end of the war.
                  “Japan's nuclear efforts were disrupted in April 1945 when a B-29 raid damaged Nishina's thermal diffusion separation apparatus. Some reports claim the Japanese subsequently moved their atomic operations Konan (Hungnam, now part of North Korea). The Japanese may have used this facility for making small quantities of heavy water. The Japanese plant was captured by Soviet troops at war's end, and some reports claim that the output of the Hungnam plant was collected every other month by Soviet submarines.
                  “There are indications that Japan had a more sizable program than is commonly understood, and that there was close cooperation among the Axis powers, including a secretive exchange of war materiel.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                    The German submarine U-234, which surrendered to US forces in May 1945, was found to be carrying 560 kilograms of Uranium oxide destined for Japan's own atomic program. The oxide contained about 3.5 kilograms of the isotope U-235, which would have been about a fifth of the total U-235 needed to make one bomb. After Japan surrendered on August 15, 1945, the occupying US Army found five Japanese cyclotrons, which could be used to separate fissionable material from ordinary uranium. The Americans smashed the cyclotrons and dumped them into Tokyo Harbor….”

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                  Japanese nuclear weapon program
                  “The Japanese program to develop nuclear weapons was conducted during World War II. Like the German nuclear weapons program, it suffered from an array of problems, and was ultimately unable to progress beyond the laboratory stage before the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the Japanese surrender in August 1945.
                  “Today, Japan's nuclear energy infrastructure makes it eminently capable of constructing nuclear weapons at will. The de-militarization of Japan and the protection of the United States' nuclear umbrella have led to a strong policy of non-weaponization of nuclear technology, but in the face of nuclear weapons testing by North Korea, some politicians and former military officials in Japan are calling for a reversal of this policy.[1][2]…”

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                  Japan Developed Atom Bomb; Russians Grabbed Scientists
                  October 1, 1946; April 05, 2011
                  “Actual Test Was Success
                  “Japan developed and successfully tested an atomic bomb three days prior to the end of the war.
                  “She destroyed unfinished atomic bombs, secret papers and her atomic bomb plans only hours before the advance units of the Russian Army moved into Konan, Korea, site of the project.
                  “Japanese scientists who developed the bomb are now in Moscow, prisoners of the Russians. They were tortured by their captors seeking atomic ‘know-how."’
                  “The Konan area is under rigid Russian control. They permit no American to visit the area. Once, even after the war, an American B-29 Superfortress en route to Konan was shot down by four Russian Yak fighters from nearby Hammung Airfield.
                  “I learned this information from a Japanese officer, who said he was in charge of counter intelligence at the Konan project before the fall of Japan. He gave names, dates, facts and figures on the Japanese atomic project, which I submitted to United States Army Intelligence in Seoul. The War Department is withholding much of the information. To protect the man that told me this story, and at the request of the Army, he is here given a pseudonym, Capt. Tsetusuo Wakabayashi.
                  “The story may throw light on Stalin's recent statement that America will not long have a monopoly on atomic weapons.”

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                    The problem with racism is that prejudice is based on ignorance. Sometimes this ignorance is lack of knowledge, sometimes willful ignorance. Racism only exists when there is some exterior agenda, political, economic, social, or ideological, or a combination of agendas.

                    The human race must unite and put aside its differences if we are to go on as a species. Otherwise, we will destroy all life on this planet forever.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Yep, that one is for sure… 🙁

                    • NoNukes NoNukes

                      It isn't racist. It is just the truth. White guys are the ones who started the nuclear show, and while this may change in the future with China, they continue to dominate it now.

                      It isn't Native Americans.

                      It isn't Africans.

                      It isn't Humanity.

                      A bunch of white guys built these bombs, lying all the way, and are destroying the world for everyone, dolphins included.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                      Why are you ignoring history? Haven't you seen the film of bomb testing around the world? There are nuclear bombs built in other countries today other than China. The Japanese own the American nuclear industry. They are mining uranium in Africa and building nuclear reactors in Africa. And in case you don't know, The Uniion of South Africa has nuclear weapons and they are now ruled by Africans.

                    • NoNukes NoNukes


                      I wrote about who is "dominating" the nuclear industry past and present. I'm not saying that there hasn't been a woman involved or any people of color, but it has been a bunch of white guys dominating development of nuclear weapons, and they still dominate the industry.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                      They aren't still dominating the nuclear industry. You are editing out the history of the last 20 years. Also nuclear power plants are dirty bombs. And uranium mines are dirty bombs. Nuclear accidents are dirty nuclear bombs. And since Fukushima, the greatest release of radiation in the history of the world isn't dominated by white guys at all.

                    • NoNukes NoNukes

                      There were 424 reactors in 1989, and 427 reactors in 2013. The majority of the reactors on the planet were already built 20 years ago.

                      In 2013, the top ten nuclear generating countries include the United States, France, Russia, South Korea, Germany, China, Canada, Ukraine, UK, Sweden, so still mostly white guys.

                      "The “big five” nuclear generating countries—by rank: the United States, France, Russia, South Korea and Germany—generated 67 percent of all nuclear electricity in the world."


                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                      Imperial Japan's World War Two: 1931-1945 [Paperback]
                      Werner Gruhl (Author)
                      “Imperial Japan’s World War Two is a full and unique statement of Japanese war crimes during fourteen years of conflict. No other single publication includes such a complete listing of atrocities (and, even then, Gruhl has missed a few), nor anything near the author’s compelling statistical analysis of those appalling war crimes. His compilation of human suffering goes beyond any other single source in its gruesome totality. And his succinct refutation of revisionist views on relative guilt and on means of ending the great Pacific/Asiatic conflict is a fitting conclusion to his impressive cataloging of Japan’s atrocious behavior.”
                      —Stanley L. Falk, Journal of Military History

                      I am not blaming anyone alive today. And I think it is a mistake to relive the past. We all need desperately to be free of the past, and to do so we need to be forgiving. Give people the freedom to change and hopefully they will.

                      All I really want is to stop all nuclear weapons and depleted and pure uranium weapons and all nuclear power plants.

                      And I apologize again.


                    • NoNukes NoNukes

                      Well, looking into ownership more closely has been really interesting.

                      For example, a lot of the mining and other nuclear interests in Africa are owned by Areva, the French corporation,

                      "UraMin, a subsidiary of Areva, is a South-African uranium mining company with activities in South Africa, Namibia, the Central African Republic, Mozambique, Chad, Nigeria, Senegal and Canada."

                      It is interesting how the nuclear industry seems to follow the history of colonization, as the French, British, Russians, etc., didn't really "decolonize" the world post-WWII, but rather colonized the world post-WWII with nuclear contamination.

                      The nuclear industry is a mafia, as this bit of history of Areva reveals:

                      "In January 2007, Areva was fined €53 million by the European Commission for rigging EU electricity markets through a cartel involving 11 companies, including ABB, Alstom, Fuji, Hitachi Japan, AE Power Systems, Mitsubishi Electric Corp, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Toshiba and VA Tech ELIN.[66] According to the Commission, "between 1988 and 2004, the companies rigged bids for procurement contracts, fixed prices, allocated projects to each other, shared markets and exchanged commercially important and confidential information."[66]

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Somebody needs to show and arrest all these people shutting down all Nuclear Power operations worldwide.

                      We can only hope!

                  • NoNukes NoNukes

                    "Areva is a French nuclear energy group with manufacturing facilities in 43 countries. It covers all industrial activities of nuclear energy."

                    "AREVA and the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa)* signed today an agreement to extend their ongoing cooperation initiated in 2008 to develop South Africa’s nuclear industry."

                    "In China, Areva won an €8 billion ($11.9 billion) agreement to build nuclear reactors, a record for the French company. The long-expected announcement came at the start of formal talks in Beijing between French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his Chinese counterpart, Hu Jintao.
                    French, American and Russian suppliers have been vying for contracts in China, which plans to build as many as 32 nuclear plants by 2020"

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Yes, the web woven is very complex and there are a few, well no, I guess lots of white people everywhere along the way.. 🙂

                      Exploitation rules the day now worldwide in all areas.. 🙁

                    • NoNukes NoNukes

                      An interesting part of the story is surely a look behind the scenes as British Nuclear Fuel dumped Westinghouse in 2006, much to the surprise of industry experts.

                      How lucky was BFNL to get out before 3/2011!

                      Also, General Electric was also very lucky to dump a majority of its interests in nuclear power plants in Japan onto Hitachi before all the power plants were shut down in Japan.

                      How lucky was GE to get out before 3/2011!

                      They must have had some psychics on staff.

                      "In July 2005 BNFL confirmed it planned to sell Westinghouse, then estimated to be worth $1.8bn (£1bn). However the bid attracted interest from several companies, including Toshiba, General Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and when the Financial Times reported on January 23, 2006 that Toshiba had won the bid, it valued the company's offer at $5bn (£2.8bn). On February 6, 2006 Toshiba confirmed it was buying Westinghouse Electric Company for $5.4bn and announced it would sell a minority stake to investors. [11] The sale surprised many industry experts who questioned the wisdom of BNFL selling one of the world's largest producers of nuclear reactors shortly before the market for nuclear power was expected to grow substantially; China, the United States and the United Kingdom were all expected to invest heavily in nuclear power.[12]

                    • NoNukes NoNukes

                      The good news is that many nuclear corporations are hurting financially:

                      In December 2011, Areva suspended building work at several sites in France, Africa and the United States, one day after forecasting a €1.6 billion ($2.1 billion) loss. Areva halted "capacity extensions" at its La Hague Reprocessing Plant, in northern France, at its Melox factory in the southwest, and at two sites attached to its Tricastin power plant in the south. Work has also stopped on extensions to uranium mines in Bakouma in the Central African Republic, Trekkopje in Namibia, and Ryst Kuil in South Africa,[9] and caused a potential delay in construction until a capital solution is secured for the Eagle Rock Enrichment Facility in the United States.[10]

                    • NoNukes NoNukes

                      • Income and Debt. Nine out of 14 major utilities assessed saw their earnings decline over the past five years while 13 constantly increased their debt level.
                      • Credit Rating. Over the past five years, of 15 assessed nuclear utilities, 10 were downgraded by credit rating agency Standard and Poor’s, four companies remained stable, while only one was upgraded over the same period. Rating agencies consider nuclear investment risky and the abandoning of nuclear projects explicitly “credit positive”.
                      • Share Value. The share value of the world’s largest nuclear operator, French state utility EDF, went down by 85 percent over the past five years, while the share price of the world’s largest nuclear builder, French state company AREVA, dropped by up to 88 percent.

                    • NoNukes NoNukes

                      I recommend reading this "World Nuclear Report,"

                      However, there are large uncertainties in these figures, mainly stemming from the undefined future of the 50 Japanese nuclear reactors that are officially still operating but, except for two units, are all shut down as of 1 July 2013. We have therefore considered three scenarios:

                      • The Baseline Scenario. Only the 10 Fukushima reactors are permanently closed. Many industry analysts now consider this as unrealistically optimistic. However, it remains unclear, which units will remain closed. Utilities were awaiting the Nuclear Regulatory Authority’s new safety rules that were released on 8 July 2013. Four utilities have announced “early applications for restart” for 10 reactors [35], whatever that means in practice.
                      • The East Coast Scenario. In addition to the Fukushima units, the seven reactors affected directly or indirectly by 3/11 events remain closed. These include three Onagawa reactors that were closest to the 3/11 epicenter, the three remaining Hamaoka units shut down at the request of former Prime Minister Naoto Kan because of high earthquake risk estimates and the Tokai reactor, the nuclear plant closest to the Tokyo Metropolitan area (ca. 100 km). Under this scenario, the total number of operating units in the world would drop to 420 and the installed capacity to 354 GWe.

                    • NoNukes NoNukes

                      • The German Scenario. In addition to the units considered closed under the Baseline and East Coast Scenarios the 13 reactors in Japan with an operational age in excess of 30 years will remain shut down. The German government decided in the wake of 3/11 to permanently shut down the eight reactors down that had operated for over three decades. That would leave Japan with 24 operating reactors, the worldwide figure would drop to 407, last seen in 1987, and the installed capacity to 349 GWe, not experienced since the mid-1990s.

                    • NoNukes NoNukes

                      Also worth reading is this "Q & A" by Greenpeace, placing the blame for Fukushima on the shoulders of GE, Hitachi and Toshiba.

                      "Q&A: GE-Hitachi’s role in the Fukushima disaster in Japan
                      Page – March 6, 2013
                      Why should GE-Hitachi assume responsibility for the Fukushima disaster?

                      The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant consists of six reactors. Units 1 to 5 are based on the flawed Mark I design of the US company General Electric (GE). GE supplied the reactors for units 1, 2, and 6, and two Japanese companies supplied the other; Hitachi provided unit 4 and Toshiba provided units 3 and 5. It is likely that Hitachi was involved in maintenance and/or servicing of the nuclear power plant during the past decades.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Shut them all down..Now!

            • zardoz2012 zardoz2012

              I had a nightmare a decade ago that there was a nuclear meltdown in India. I hope that never happens, if it even matters now.

          • zardoz2012 zardoz2012

            Yeah this is not about race or culture. This is a failure of Humanity.

            I really think we all let it happen. Let's face it. 99.9% of the people on the planet did not give one thought to what would happen to the world if a worse case scenario nuclear meltdown (melt-through) like Fukushima happened. All the civilized world wanted and still wants is their iPhones and their battery life. Energy rules and money fuels.

            We are just like the people who lived in New Orleans before the levee gave way who did nothing to prevent the destruction of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina. Before Katrina all they would do is reminisce and be nostalgic about Hurricane Betsy or Hurricane Camille like it was some sort of freaking badge of honor. Meanwhile, knowing the the levees could not protect the city from another Category 4 or Category 5 hurricane, they did nothing but drink, party, allow corruption and crime and the resentments and divisions between cultures to thrive. And now the city is gone. Yeah, there are people still living there. But it will never be the same again. New Orleans culture, which was very unique, is almost gone.

            It's just human nature to treat this planet like a frat house orgy. We are the last stage of life for this cell called Earth. When sentient life with opposable thumbs who are quick on their feet appear on a planet, the planet has 100,000 years left to live, tops.

            Nice job Humanity. It only took you 100,000 years to destroy the planet.

            On to the next…

            • NoNukes NoNukes

              White guys definitely get the prize for this one. They are the ones who dropped the bombs on innocent women, children, and elderly, and then proceeded to fill their own backyards with poisons, through "testing," and building reactors on oceans and rivers, dumping toxic poisons into the water and air, for the children living in their countries to breathe. Spent generations lying to the world and "selling" their genocidal technology through any means necessary. They designed nuclear toasters. Definitely win the prize for nuclear!

              • zardoz2012 zardoz2012

                What's the matter with you?

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                  I think radiation is getting to this person, or this person is coming out of a measure of denial. If there is another horrible explosion at Fukushima next month or in the future, we are probably see more of the blame game.

                  So many other important things get lost in fruitless arguments.

                  Nuclear is lethal. Nuclear is lethal. Any country who builds a nuclear power plant is destroying thar country forever. There is no way to turn back from nuclear accidents. There is not enough money in the world to build nuclear power plants and to maintain them.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                    Sorry for all the typos.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                    And piling up more and more nuclear waste is indefensible.

                  • bo bo

                    +1000000000000 anne

                  • NoNukes NoNukes

                    We all know about the Manhattan Project.

                    Why try to shift the blame to an abstraction, when there are identifiable criminals responsible?

                    They didn't all try to escape responsibility, they knew what they were doing. One said,

                    "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds"

                    Here are some photos:


                    Then, we all know about the Cold War, which was framed as an "Arms Race" between the United States and the Soviet Union.

                    Here's a photo of some of those Soviets.

                    Generations of relatively small groups of white guys lying to everyone else, especially to the rest, the majority, of the white guys who didn't want their kids to die of leukemia, or end up impotent after surgery for prostate cancer.

                    The individuals involved in these crimes are responsible, and they knew it.

                    As one said, "the time will come when mankind will curse the names of Los Alamos and Hiroshima." That time has come.

                    This is indisputable. The United States and Russia have dominated this industry for generations. Since you can't dispute it, you attack the person saying it.

                    Anne, by mocking my supposed radiation damage, you have shown a striking lack of compassion, and willingness to trivialize the topic, see below

                    "4) Not insulting, rude…

                    • NoNukes NoNukes

                      Before clicking 'Submit Comment', please make sure it's: 1) On-Topic – This includes off-topic political, religious, or other such comments; 2) Relevant; 3) Not repetitive; 4) Not insulting, rude or hateful – No personal attacks;

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                      Well, here is J. Robert Oppenheimer

                      “…He traveled to Washington on August 17 to hand-deliver a letter to Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson expressing his revulsion and his wish to see nuclear weapons banned.[114]…”


                      “…Oppenheimer was diagnosed with throat cancer in late 1965 and, after inconclusive surgery, underwent unsuccessful radiation treatment and chemotherapy late in 1966.[167] He fell into a coma on February 15, 1967, and died at his home in Princeton, New Jersey, on February 18, aged 62…”
                      His daughter committed suicide at the age of 32.

                      How can you punish him? At the time of the Manhattan Project, he wasn't considered a criminal. Yet he and his daughter were denied security clearances when he tried to get nuclear weapons banned. How can you punish someone already dead? Are you going to kill 300,000,000 Americans who weren't even born in 1945 to punish someone already dead.

                      Are you going to kill all the citizens of every country that has nuclear weapons and/or nuclear power plants?

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                      And if a person kills those in the nuclear industry, how is that person any better than those in the nuclear industry?

                      To get rid of nuclear energy you need the support of the people in the nuclear industry. To try people in a criminal court you have to first have laws banning a certain activity. Then a person has to go against the law.

                      It is better to change the laws banning nuclear energy and nuclear weapons first. and, of course, if you do that, no one will use nuclear weapons if the international community supports that law.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                      I apologize, I know nothing about your radiation damage. I have radiation damage also, but I haven't accused you of attacking my personal damage from radiation.

                      What I meant is, there is so much radiation attacking every person on the whole planet, there is no way to say it is all because of white guys. The atrocities of war are totally inhumane. Both sides in a war are inhumane. In WWII the Japanese just heaped prisoners in a pit and covered them up while sill live. Do we have to keep living in the past? All those people are now dead anyway.

                      I am not sure I can sustain all the insults and attacks I have to undergo daily on this website. I forgive everyone because the situation is completely horrible.

                    • NoNukes NoNukes

                      "I think radiation is getting to this person"

                    • NoNukes NoNukes

                      October 28, 2013 at 11:10 pm · Reply
                      I think radiation is getting to this person

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Everyone wants an end to suffering caused by pollutants, radiation, exploitation etc. So there is no argument, were together on it. Perpetrators may be ignorant, or know and not care enough to change. They may be follower types, or caught up in the beauty of scientific discovery, quite apart from thoughts of disastrous outcomes. Practically speaking, laws are not enough to corral human behavior. We have more laws, yet more criminals than ever. The rich get away with mass murder, while a pot smoking kid wastes away in jail. Morals are required, yet these must spring from life, health and upbringing, they can never be imposed because lawyers and criminals make a game of skirting law. If the lying, cheating, non feeling group (of any race, religion, or belief) had been stopped, by ANY means, then we wouldnt be facing this global catastrophe. Going against the system is not so bad, as illustrated by natives, founding fathers, civil disobedience, and anarchists. Even arms are needed sometimes. Its just that now we are hopelessly out gunned.

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  Sorry 🙁 is that better?

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  People are hung up on racism. Not so with dogs, they are feel free to have preconceived ideas of dog types. Notice that native Indians had a reverence for nature. Native Indians would never have agreed to nuclear. But something happened to Indians. I saw it with my own eyes. They became Americanized. It doesnt matter how you classify or compartmentalize. You cant get away from it. Thats OK, its the brain trying to make sense of the world. Frankly, I would trust a Japanese engineer more than a fat white american oil man. But I know that an asian, african or pigmy cjould be just as dumb or criminal, given the right upbringing and circumstance. One of the 15 (?) points that Arnie Gundersen and friends brought to the U.N. concerning fukushima is that the uranium was mined in Australia against the wishes and beliefs of the aboriginals. They said if these native people would have been heard, given a voice, then the catastrophe would never have happened. Its ok to blame the white people, whether their skin be red, yellow or black; its just a categorization. Even latitude has an influence on human psychology.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    HA! typos abound, apologies to dear readers. I would only ask that they try to find the whatever truth may lurk in the lines, rather than argue the points or spelling

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Racism is and has been a very effective tool taught/passed down to those wanting to posses power over others.

                      All races of people have done very bad things to other races of people with different skin colors and beliefs.

                      Little did they know that we here now on Earth are all really from one race of people… 🙁

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      obe, even more, if one observes the skeletons, organs, emotions etc of the other animals, "man" is only part of "mankind" which includes at least all mammals if not all life. Think DNA, and we are brothers with every worm and tree.
                      This is where eastern philosophy has an edge over abrahamic offshoots.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                      Many people, and perhaps most, are not racists. And some cultures are not racist either. People are not inherently racist. People have to be taught to be racist.

                      Off-topic as usual.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Off topic maybe but there has been a long lengthy discussion here prior to any of these recent comments.

                      Taught/promoted is the key word and a naive approach would be your general comment that people are not inherently racist.

                      Not sure what world you are living in, but their are many country borders all over the world based on such perceived by race created parameters.. 🙁

                      We are not all living inside the Land of OZ, just yet, but we are making progress on such understandings/matters though.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                      I substitute teach in the public schools. Children are not racist in preschool and kindergarten. Also, the Cherokees have never been racist. I pity people who do not know a culture where racism does not exist.

                      In the US, historically in past, the government promoted ideas of racism to subject groups of people so they could steal land, especially land where gold had been found.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                      Borders are based on culture and language, not race.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      one can judge and compartmentalize on the basis of culture, breed, species, ideology, religion etc etc. What difference does it make? Its all judging a group at the expense of the individual. And everyone does it, except the few enlightened who see beyond the colors of the rainbow. Im part ojebwe and my indian part is never completely at ease with the white part. Make a tally of who made the most off topic posts in this thread please

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    Believe what you will and yes we are making progress..

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                    Well, I was raised by my part Cherokee mother and relatives, but never knew of my Cherokee ancestry until I was over 65 years old, so I learned my Cherokee heritage without knowing that it had a label.

                    • eatliesndie eatliesndie

                      Anne, to me, sometimes your views seem way off the mark, but mostly you blow my mind and I am in awe. Full respect to you. You are a true elder.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Very nice, but then you and your kids are not the world at large.

                      Expanding one's horizons are/should be one of our mind's primary goals..

                      Yes, we are making progress… 🙂

                  • NoNukes NoNukes


                    It is interesting that you didn't call me sexist for pointing out that the individuals involved are mostly men. By your logic, if I mention that it has been mostly men involved in nuclear, that must be sexist. The only person who sees men or women is a sexist, right? My point is that it is not humanity responsible for these crimes, it is a much smaller group.

                    The nuclear industry wants us to believe "humanity" is responsible, instead of the individuals involved.

                    Just like the banks- Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, want us to believe that it is "humanity's" greed that caused the economic crisis rather than the fact that they defrauded entire cities, states, countries, individuals, with insane "investments," derivatives that will suck the economic life out of the world for as long as they are allowed. The derivatives that were developed in part by nuclear physicists.

                    I haven't been racist, it is not something inherent in whiteness or masculinity, for that matter. Most white guys want no part of it. I object to blaming humanity, when most of humanity has had nothing to do with it.

                    I believe that, as much as the nuclear industry wants to blame an abstraction, we need to name names and identify exactly the individuals involved.

                    Since you went on to continue implying I was racist while I slept, your "apology" is clearly insincere. Your comments about the Japanese could be
                    defined in the same way.

                    • NoNukes NoNukes

                      Wow, anne, you not only call me racist, but also imply that I wish to kill people, "Are you going to kill all the citizens…"

                      I have no desire to kill anyone. You really pulled out all the stops here, didn't you?

    • SophieQ

      Also fitting and from 1797:

      That old sorcerer has vanished
      And for once has gone away!
      Spirits called by him, now banished,
      My commands shall soon obey.
      Every step and saying
      That he used, I know,
      And with sprites obeying
      My arts I will show.

      Flow, flow onward
      Stretches many
      Spare not any
      Water rushing,
      Ever streaming fully downward
      Toward the pool in current gushing.

      Come, old broomstick, you are needed,
      Take these rags and wrap them round you!
      Long my orders you have heeded,
      By my wishes now I've bound you.
      Have two legs and stand,
      And a head for you.
      Run, and in your hand
      Hold a bucket too.

      Flow, flow onward
      Stretches many,
      Spare not any
      Water rushing,
      Ever streaming fully downward
      Toward the pool in current gushing.

      See him, toward the shore he's racing
      There, he's at the stream already,
      Back like lightning he is chasing,
      Pouring water fast and steady.
      Once again he hastens!
      How the water spills,
      How the water basins
      Brimming full he fills!

      Stop now, hear me!
      Ample measure
      Of your treasure
      We have gotten!
      Ah, I see it, dear me, dear me.
      Master's word I have forgotten!

      Ah, the word with which the master
      Makes the broom a broom once more!
      Ah, he runs and fetches faster!
      Be a broomstick as before!
      Ever new the torrents
      That by him are fed,
      Ah, a hundred currents
      Pour upon my head!

      No, no longer
      Can I please him,
      I will…

      • SophieQ

        I will seize him!
        That is spiteful!
        My misgivings grow the stronger.
        What a mien, his eyes how frightful!

        Brood of hell, you're not a mortal!
        Shall the entire house go under?
        Over threshold over portal
        Streams of water rush and thunder.
        Broom accurst and mean,
        Who will have his will,
        Stick that you have been,
        Once again stand still!

        Can I never, Broom, appease you?
        I will seize you,
        Hold and whack you,
        And your ancient wood
        I'll sever,
        With a whetted axe I'll crack you.

        He returns, more water dragging!
        Now I'll throw myself upon you!
        Soon, 0 goblin, you'll be sagging.
        Crash! The sharp axe has undone you.
        What a good blow, truly!
        There, he's split, I see.
        Hope now rises newly,
        And my breathing's free.

        Woe betide me!
        Both halves scurry
        In a hurry,
        Rise like towers
        There beside me.
        Help me, help, eternal powers!

        Off they run, till wet and wetter
        Hall and steps immersed are lying.
        What a flood that naught can fetter!
        Lord and master, hear me crying! –
        Ah, he comes excited.
        Sir, my need is sore.
        Spirits that I've cited
        My commands ignore.

        "To the lonely
        Corner, broom!
        Hear your doom.
        As a spirit
        When he wills, your master only
        Calls you, then 'tis time to hear it."

        • or-well

          Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
          143 years later, Mickey Mouse in 1940.
          73 years on, Tepco, except…will the Sorcerer come this time?

    • richard richard

      there's no mum and dad coming.

      • bo bo

        Ya I agree with you here richard…perhaps if more people really realized mum and dad aren't coming that indeed might stop the finger pointing and the reactive blame game (racism /bigotry) and we can focus better on fixing the vase… That includes atheists too (who blame mum and dad for breaking the vase?) Perhaps mum and dad are dead, or we never had a mum and dad.. who knows

        But the vase is broken and we have to fix it.

        • NoNukes NoNukes

          Why not imply that I am sexist, bo? If it is racist to point out that the nuclear industry is mostly white, then it must be sexist to point out that it is mostly men.

          Because, by your logic, anyone who can see gender, whether a person is male or female, is sexist.

          I object to blaming humanity, because most of humanity has had nothing to do with nuclear. When trying to identify a suspect, the police are able to narrow down to the guilty parties by identifying the gender and race of the suspect, in addition to other characteristics, like education. The ultimate goal is to identify the individuals' names, as is mine.

          We deserve to know the names of the people responsible for killing us and our children.

  • she cries…

    “Why did this nuclear disaster happen to us?”

    IMO – We should all be asking that question.

    Maybe followed by a question like…
    "How can we stop this from EVER happening again?"

  • We Not They Finally

    A beautiful sensitive girl in the midst of chaos and danger. Let's root hard for her staying alive. She has much to teach others.

  • Oncewaslost Oncewaslost

    Absolutely heartbreaking to foist such abysmal and dire circumstances on our youth….

  • pkjn

    The evidence is clear: Fukushima radiation is still tearing up West Coast of USA
    Sunday, October 27, 2013
    (NaturalNews) There has also been a series of strange animal deaths recently, including masses of sea lions, sockeye salmon and other sea creatures washing up on the shore. Many of the polar bears, seals and walruses observed along the Alaska coastline have also been found to have major fur loss and open sores, both of which are indicative of radiation poisoning.
    Then we have the scientific reports that claim radioactive water will continue to impact the U.S. West Coast for many years to come, potentially doubling in strength over the next five or six years. Plankton, bluefin tuna and other sea life collected between Hawaii and California are already testing high for radiation, and these levels are expected to continue increasing.

  • or-well

    Youtuber kudoyo05 has all 5 parts on his/her channel.
    Or, enewser Bones has links to parts 2,3,4,&5 on the OCT 16 thread that starts "Documentary: plutonium detected all around mountain…"
    An hour well spent, IMO.

    • Bones Bones

      Thanks Or-Well, I thought the whole documentary was amazing and needed to be seen. What would the world be without Enenews? lol

  • Naha Johari

    It's great news if this is serious. From RT newsline today:

    "07:42 [GMT]
    Japan nuke regulator urges ‘drastic steps’ at Fukushima

    Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority Chairman Shunichi Tanaka summoned Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) President Naomi Hirose to express concerns about growing problems at the crippled Fukushima plant. Human error is mostly to blame for the recent mishaps, as workers deal with a string of crises, AP reported. Hirose acknowledged that TEPCO is having trouble finding a stable pool of workers at the plant, but promised to send more staff from other locations to Fukushima."

    Methinks this is just another damage control game by Shinzo Abe to cling on to power. This comes just one day after Kyodo News did a poll which revealed an abysmal 11.7% trust against 83.8% distrust of his Fukushima statements (err, including that childish octopus chomping down stunt?). The chances of the so-called 'international community' acting either to pressure the Japanese government or to join hands to deal with this (thus exposing their hubris) is currently… nil.

    • or-well

      Hello Naha Johari.
      I don't think there's any political threat to Abe's position until the next election, apart from the usual inner party machinations.

      But I DO think there's more to that meeting than a public wrist slap for Tepco.

      There's the public optics of the NRA verbally "disciplining" Hirose, spinning the NRA positively, but lurking behind all that is the issue of restarts, not just at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa, but across the nuclear fleet.

      Tepco may never get K-K restarted. It may even lose corporate control of it. It may even lose control of ALL its assets. But every negative event and issue that arises from the situation at Fuku Daiichi is another impediment to the restart process, which is something the whole Japanese and Global Nuclear Village wants.

      I don't think for a minute that the NRA will be an effective barrier to that process, but rather a back-door facilitator of it.

      I think the executives of Tepco are dancing on a tightrope, trying to maintain their own powerful positions and keep Tepco as an distinct corporate entity, while manoeuvreing with dance partners who want to take the lead and dictate the dance; the dance, of course, being the retstart and continuation of nuclear power in Japan.

    • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

      The threat of jail to anyone who leaks info more or less suggests to me the verbal disciplining is just a dog and pony show.

      Where are the (translated) tweets from Japanese citizens regarding what happened during the earthquake? Have the media been scrubbed? The silence is deafening.

  • I've also assumed it happened because grown men continue to act in a kind of societally-illogical manner, like complete psycopaths. The "ultimate good" done to society, if any, over the short term, is far outweighed by the bad done over the short and long term.

    In any case, we're now starting to use the d-word (drastic):

    Japan Nuke Agency Urges Drastic Steps at Fukushima
    TOKYO October 28, 2013 (AP)
    By MARI YAMAGUCHI Associated Press

    • The solution, of course, to all this madness – is LED lights!:

      Can LED Bulbs Make Nuclear Plants Obsolete?

      "Businesses, voters, utilities and politicians will be asking that question–or an equivalent form of it—several times over the next two decades. Should they invest in technology and projects that generate power or into products like solid-state lights or dynamic air conditioners that conserve electricity?

      By a sheer coincidence, LED lights and nuclear power provide an intriguing way to study the issue. Nuclear power plants generate approximately 19% of the electric power in the U.S. Lighting accounts for approximately 19% of the power used. "

      • eatliesndie eatliesndie

        this is getting to the balls of the matter. We need to use the available technology, and use out current knowledge to invent more ways to reduce consumption and economise if all the worlds people, and the world, are to be equally looked after.

    • or-well

      Only now does the head of the nuke regulator meet for the first time, not just with the head of ANY of the nuke utilities, but with the head of Tepco.
      That should at least whisper a message in peoples ears, no?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    This young girl innately 'knows' and could not bear the pain.
    Mercy on those…

    PS.The web is a bit quiet… as far as news at the moment..prepare for another sickening round of pro-nuke PR.

    • Oncewaslost Oncewaslost

      yeah I heard that pin drop too.

      Well, with an EQ, Tsunami, two typhoons and open air spent fuel pools, what could possibly be newsworthy?

    • Bones Bones

      We all know how destructive nuclear is even the pro-nukers. It's the duality of ignorance that lets them do these things without feeling responsible. I'm sure they believe the propaganda through and through, yet "regular" people know exactly how deadly this contamination is. It is instinct and I know it's an old technology and not made from nature, but humans are constantly evolving and fear of radiation is perfectly normal and the right reaction. Trust your gut Japan and make what you want happen; Do not rely on pressuring the government or TEPCO to do anything to benefit the Japanese people. You must stong individuals with a focused plan and the ability to counter disinformation. Change Japan's "collective mind" to anti-nuclear and truth about the accident through the same channels they control us. How on Earth could we let a little girl suffer so? I am trying to build businesses and whatever happens in the future I will try to get as many out as possible. Lobby congress for refugee status for Japanese. They are good people and I think they would love America. I welcome them with open arms except the "leaders." I have an extra room, but live in poor Appalachia so I must start my own businesses to make bank to do good.

  • Dr. Conrad Miller MD – How Radiation Concentrates Up The Food Chain To Human Beings – 10Bq/Kg Unsafe; via @AGreenRoad

    Low Level Nuclear Radiation In Food And Water

  • Fukushima: Questions and Answers
    Q : Why after the accident, all the reactors were not entombed?
    A : Because of the pools fully loaded. There where hope to remove them before entombing the rest.
    Q : Why the pools are not still emptied?
    A: Because ceils and even the cranes had collapsed on them and made it difficult to do it.
    Q: Why does the Pool number 4 in worst state them the others?
    A: Because it was loaded with new, therefore hot rods. The core was emptied and the rods were on the pool, which dried and caught fire, probably melted trough the pool floor after the earthquake and tsunami, destabilized the structure that was not prepared for such a fire.
    Q: So how TEPCO is going to fix this? Are they going to empty that pool?
    A: Difficult to say so! Even the cranes in operation on the site are remotely controlled. Yet with the new structure they built on top of number 4, they will probably have more radioactivity trapped in. It will require a hell of precision to extract these rods which are certainly in a bad shape, and of cause, remotely! Technically impossible, but what choice do they have left if not try…
    Q: So success is not at sight?
    A: they are very aware of failure. The structure they have built is not unnecessary anyway. It is most probably a beginning of a sarcophagus, and in case things go wrong, they have less than 25% to complete before it start spewing unsupported radiations. They can still also berry the pool with cement since they built an access…

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      The SPF #4 also has a fresh load of MOX fuel ready for transfer to unit #3 which was scheduled to change the MOX fuel in that reactor shortly after the 9.0 Tohoku earthquake.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Sorry, SFP…

      • Bones Bones

        In the beginning of the man-made nuclear disaster that will negatively affect millions upon millions and possible ruin Japan for good, didn't an American drone fly over and find the SPF#4 already lost water and was fissioning and melting kind of a TMI type situation and then the U.S. said NO SEAWATER to cool the cores and spf's. Did that happen or did I miss something. These articles make it seem the fuel is in fine shape when in reality it could be so damaged it proves impossible to remove it conventionally. Besides the partial meltdown in the spf, I believe at least, we have to remember the tons of equipment that fell into it. At least, they are attempting to remove it, though. Something is being started. It's a step at least. The Ice Wall is just a distraction. Thoughts of safety and calmness to the brave men and women working there. Thank you, I know it's not your fault you have such incompetent "leaders."

  • Q: So success is not at sight?
    A: they are very aware of failure. The structure they have built is not unnecessary anyway. It is most probably a beginning of a sarcophagus, and in case things go wrong, they have less than 25% to complete before it start spewing unsupported radiations. They can still also berry the pool with cement since they built an access to it. So the structure is totally independent to the pool, showing that a certainly collapse of that pool will not affect that structure, and still give access to do all the entombing work to contain it.
    New technologies are the most wanted to limit Fukushima consequences.

  • Bottom line, there is NO plan on what to do with all of the tens of thousands of tons of nuclear waste material globally, much less in japan.

    We are not ready for a Carrington Event, just like Japan was not ready for a 9.0 earthquake and tsunami.

    Not being ready is no excuse and will make no difference to the sun, or to the Earth.

    This game is no fun anymore…

    Avatar to game creator… please hit game delete and start over!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Delete may not be far off and we must all be patient for what still comith this way… 🙁

  • Red Cloud Red Cloud

    “Why did this nuclear disaster happen to us?”

    Because they let nuclear happen to this world and they did not care to imagine you unborn and innocent life to shed tears one day for their poisoned gift that lasts eternity to mankind and all life on earth.
    Or maybe they did imagine that and especially liked the idea.

    After all they are selfish greedy megalomaniacs that figured getting one or the other university degree gives them the right to control nature and to bend it to their will for no other purpose but to serve their short term profits and peer perceived successes.

    Because they figured nuclear was safe enough to sell it to your parents. Because your parents possibly choose easy comfort over common sense.

    Now that you are an empiric expert, nuclear is actually as safe as dousing yourself in gasoline and expect you will be clever enough to avoid sparks.

    Good luck, girl all we can do is share your nightmare and stay healthy as long as possible to continue to resist.

  • Vorith

    Good comments. Too bad there's no notification option. But no one, still, is mentioning sabotage. I don't get it unless there's control here. And in general I think it's more than mere profits. There's a long term agenda down here and this has to be a part of it. Seems like they are trashing the place to do a Refresh. Don;t think they don't have the tech to do just about anything.

    • Bones Bones

      I believe the only long term agenda is keeping Japan Inc. in business. They have to lie out their teeth and they have to keep obfuscating. That's the only way because in truth they are bankrupt, destroyed the Pacific as we once knew it, and have been so slow to formulate any rational plan. At least, I am happy to see them start the removal process. It's dangerous work yes, but must be done. I will keep an eye on the situation and if it falls or whatever I will lock myself in the basement till it passes and get the hell out of dodge. lol

      • bo bo

        bones – great comments, I am really appreciating the pep talk and good wrap up of the situation. Thank you.

        • Bones Bones

          Thank you! No problem! I've noticed a lack of hope and options for the future and it's bringing the world down. We are strong and we are intelligent. We won't be held back any longer. Individuals built Japan and individuals will hopefully get this under control as much as possible. The world loves the Japanese, just not the leadership, just like America. We all are oppressed and the commonality among ALL humans is our strength!

      • Bones Bones

        The world seems to run on confidence almost more than money. [Confidence leads to money; I.E. as in waning confidence in the dollar.] By creating a false confidence and love for the state, as if they help people, it spreads around the world, Japan Inc. does, that everything is fine and keep buying Japanese! lol Well, the world will eventually stop believing as they are now and I hope Japan becomes an individualist nation full of Alphas that create their own future, not a dictated idea of how society should be by the slave masters.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    When you play with fire.. expect to be burned. 🙁

    Problem here with the triple meltdown is that no one will ever walk away to safety from this forever burning Nuclear Fire! 🙁

    Its only a matter of time now and we "all" will eventually be negatively affected..its a numbers game.

    Better get to shutting down all other Nuclear Reactors worldwide and we humans better start right now!


    • Bones Bones

      I understand that, but in practicality we have to stop this mess before real effective efforts to help people can be done. This can be done simultaneously just not by the same organizations. I think forming independent groups to accomplish agendas set by locals is the way to go. The government is the only group to be able to stop this, yes it will affect us even when it's over, and all governments should help because it needs that kind of power and the best real independent scientists and scientists in the field to recognize the problem and help. On the other hand, evacuating people can be done by independent citizen groups. My point is we are helpless with the nuke plant, at least the citizens of Japan, and so must rely on governments sadly, but the human aspect of removing them from contamination can be accomplished by independent and cooperative groups.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Nothing should be done at all until all Nuclear Power Generation is banned and outlawed worldwide!

        You would be wasting yours and other's time and resources if you did anything else before the Nuclear Power worldwide ban is in place!

        This current "Spewing Nuclear Fire Pit" is a forever unstoppable event and so will be all the others be that follow in its path in the near future!

        Shut them all down now and then proceed to go clean it up and/or at least die trying!

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      in April after the explosions, anyone living in Japan breathed
      ten (10) hot particles per day. United States and Canada (specifically Seattle), breathed five (5) per day. By extrapolation, it can be assumed that in Europe, and Africa it is likely they breathe two (2) to three (3) hot particles per day. Every animal on earth has some radiation from Fukushima

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Yes, the preliminary damage has already been done and plenty more is on the way for all biological life still present here on Planet Earth.

        Shut them all down now or just turn off all the safety switches and let them all burn uncontrollably worldwide and bring it (the future) on!

        At some point intelligence, common sense and Spock's glaring logic will have to rule the day…or we simply all die!

      • RJ RJ

        I can not dispute you with facts Coldshutdown, just common sense. Japan dog legs West towards China just below the Tokyo area. With the jet stream constantly moving from west to east, and very rarely does the ground wind blow south from Fukushima down towards the western dog leg (Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Kumamoto) of Japan, so I'd assume that not ALL of japan was inundated with hot particles. Glad to see any facts you have on this.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          RJ, I took it from here

          – Any person living on this earth has particles from Fukushima
          in its cells. Indeed, with
          the successive explosions of the
          reactors of the plant, radioactive particles had escaped and had mounted in the upper atmosphere, they continue to gravitate around the earth by irradiating the
          globe starting with the northern hemisphere

          – In moments of crisis, that is to say in April after the explosions, anyone living in Japan breathed ten (10) hot particles per day. United States and Canada (specifically Seattle), breathed
          five (5) per day

          . By extrapolation, it can be assumed that in Europe, and Africa most likely located on the same meridians as Europe, there breathe two (2) to three (3) per day.

          – The mortality rate among newborns in the city of Philadelphia in the United States suddenly increased by 48% in the days that followed the nuclear disaster at Fukushima in Japan.

          • RJ RJ

            Arnie backs up my feelings about this. Though he doesn't say that it was directly after the explosions but very similar to what your link said.

            "Fairewind’s Arnie Gunderson says that people in Fukushima are breathing in 10 hot particles per day which only decreased to 5 per day in Seattle."


        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          That's true. But how much nuclear waste has been incinerated across Japan? Incineration doesn't get rid of the radiation.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          RJ what goes up must come down and around and around and around!

          • RJ RJ

            I am only discussing April right after the accident. No doubt it's all over the place now. But the jet stream and ground winds play a big part. I've read that western Japan is probably safer than the west coast. Sorry. No links

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              RJ, no doubt dispersion is not homogenous. What is the relevant ramification? The further away, generally the better, south hemisphere is better.

              But on the other hand, we are talking about animal (human included) suffering. There are many people and animals close to the meltdowns, whose suffering has equal importance to people far away. To say that all animals have some fukushima radiation poison points to the sad global effects. No doubt it may be small compared to a local source, or other toxins, yet the fact remains; all life was made just a bit sicker. Many will die.

              A ballpark extrapolation from Chernobyl which apparently killed almost a million and affected five million with some illness, is that Fukushima will kill 3 to 85 million or more. This is not representative however, because there are tipping points. It could for example bring small whale populations to extinction, a huge tragedy. It could alter the balance of microbes in the ocean to the extent that the entire atmosphere and all life is affected, more than can be forecast from a linear progression of low level radiological effects. The biggest story of life on earth rests on how well the biosphere can sequester radiological fallout, mainly at the ocean floor. The north of Japan is ruined, along with its economy and the livelihood of the people.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              My gut says that fact told is pure fallacy about certain parts of Japan being less contaminated now than others or even less contaminated back in April and/or May 2011. The entire island was hit by varied weather patterns and Mother Nature churned up all that fell or flew and she still is churning things up. 🙁

              That's what she does…

  • dosdos dosdos

    A translation of a short essay by Naoto Kan. Pass this link around.

    • Bones Bones

      Awesome link Dosdos! He clearly lays out the most basic of knowledge everyone should have by now and he clearly was involved and so knows intimate details. As long as he keeps this truth mission up, I believe him to be a good man. Thanks for the link and his credibility as I hinted above is KEY.

    • Oncewaslost Oncewaslost

      Fascinating…. in that Kan did not admit to the meltdowns, he admits to here. Not until many many months later.

      Which begs the question, did we not experience a worse case scenario? As described by Kan, with spent fuel being released?

      Kan denies that, as he did the meltdowns.

      However can anyone, now 2.5 years later, show us SFP 3s fuel?

      OR even SFP 4s?

      They have built a structure right over SFP 4. IS there a clear indication of the status of the fuel? Clearly they are sitting right on top of it…. where are the images? Footage?

      What about the Huge SFP pool, the one actually designed to store spent fuel (the pools in the reactors were, by design, NOT for Spent Fuel, but rather to empty and fill the cores.) They were transfer pools not storage pools. Surely someone should hang for that alone.

      Regardless of the absolute disgusting incompetence of industry to use those pools for storing spent fuel, (which must be criminal malpractice) the only reason they would store spent fuel above live reactors is because the pool built for storing it was full.

      Power was done for at least 24 hours, which is sufficient time to impact that spent fuel pool.

      So what is the status of that pool? The only one on site actually designed to store spent fuel? It only takes 4 hours of no power for trouble to occur.

      Kan makes the right call, end this shit, but is he still shilling for them on the status of the spent fuel pools?

  • bo bo

    Not sure if anybody will get this connection but the plastic bag floating in the wind reminded me of the scene from American Beauty.

    I don't mean any disrespect to the tragedy. I always loved this scene from the film – an expression of a will to see light and beauty in the world without shutting out the darkness that surrounds us.

  • It seems we have a well polarized dichotomy of emerging oppressive police state in response to the daiichi incident and what I'm reading here as a faith in the evidence that they will entomb unit4. I mention faith as a contrast to that which exist in fact of oppressive legislation and oppressive acts of autority in the medical community to silence "the lambs".
    Facts are oppression and over two and a half years of nothing.
    Faith seems at this point to be devoid of usefulless.
    I cannot find any brilliant future purposes to their atrocious behavior to date.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Lots of scrambling going on with lots of clean white jump suits…better pray!

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    In the 1990s, when the Bank of Japan ramped up the "carry trade," flooding banks and hedge funds in the U.S., England, etc. with basically free money to "invest elsewhere," e.g. in bad loans in the housing or education markets, the people of Japan began to suffer tremendously, as seen in the huge jump in suicides in the late 1990s and thereafter.

    U.S. Hedge funds multiplied like rabbits and the banks were passing this money into the markets anywhere and everywhere, yet Japan's economy dried up and the people of Japan became "Lost Generations." Fukushima is an brutal extension, not a departure of this relationship. The people of Japan suffer, and if you follow the money, it ends up elsewhere. Silence is killing the people of Japan, and of the United States.

    "Japan has one of the world's highest suicide rates, and the Japanese government reported the rate for 2006 as being the ninth highest in the world.[3] 71% of suicides in Japan were male,[2] and it is the leading cause of death in men aged 20–44…

    There has been a rapid increase in suicides since the 1990s. For example, 1998 saw a 34.7% increase over the previous year…suicide is still the leading cause of death for women age 15–34 in Japan."

  • Naha Johari


    Not quite off topic but here is a piece published by RT. I keep copy pasting such news in the tip box but none got picked up by ENENews staff. Anyhow here it is – seems like TEPCO bashing is all the rage among Japanese politicians lately (but still nothing much gets done):

    TEPCO must address ‘institutionalized lying’ before it restarts world’s biggest nuclear power plant – governor

    — More species-sterilizing horrors in the future from this island nation…

  • SophieQ

    Thank You Bones for Your continued focus on possibilities to remedy this unmitigated disaster. Your sentiment is shared here. The truth is, if it wouldn't be for TEPCO and the rightwing/pro-nuke regime that controls Japan, we would all be much safer now – by having asked the World on DAY 1 of the melt downs for assistance to contain any and all radiation. Therefore the 'leaders' in Japan are culpable.
    It is sad that an idea that someone here voiced on ~ March 2011 when the extend of the catastrophe became apparent, pops up back into the mind.
    The only chance to save this planet and thus all life on it might well be to drop a nuclear bomb on it. It would be akin to an end in horror versus a horror without end. IF the nukes are sized precisely and a concrete dome is build to contain the blast from spreading outward, the area in question could be turned into glass.
    Sounds like stuff from Star Trek, but many science fiction ideas became already reality.
    In regards to the rumors of this catastrophe being deliberately created, I can only say that there are people on this planet who believe the human population needs to be culled to reach 500 Million. Over population is referred to as our biggest problem. Obviously not any more.