French Gov’t Experts: Japan radiation limit should be lowered to 10 mSv/yr — 70,000 more would be evacuated around Fukushima

Published: November 9th, 2011 at 6:27 pm ET


Nuclear energy: A hotter topic than ever, Financial Times, Nov. 9, 2011:

“French government experts have suggested setting the evacuation trigger at 10mSv per year – although this could mean adding another 70,000 people to the 150,000-200,000 evacuated from areas near Fukushima Daiichi.”


Published: November 9th, 2011 at 6:27 pm ET


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23 comments to French Gov’t Experts: Japan radiation limit should be lowered to 10 mSv/yr — 70,000 more would be evacuated around Fukushima

  • lam335 lam335

    Why are they just getting around to saying this nearly eight months after the fact?

  • Sickputer

    There are a lot more children than that figure.

    • arclight arclight

      the figure ive seen for the fukushima prefecture is 300,000 and early studies like acro (link below) said that about 40 percent of children recieved internal contamination.. thats a lot of contaminated kids when spread over that many kids… the actual article by the ft was infuriating mostly..and was definately pro nuke!!

  • dosdos dosdos

    Still too conservative, probably closer to 300,000 total. This doesn’t account for ingesting isotopes in food, just environmental exposure.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Can I stick this in here? If you live in Illinois, vote this guy OUT
    Rep. Joe Walsh yells at his constituents

  • ocifferdave

    Good news. I got to talk to a couple casually about Fukushima and they suprised me…they had read in WSJ that nothing was under control at Fukushima these last 8 months. They are thinking of Arizona, Costa Rica…and now Puerto Rico (one of them wants to visit there to scope it out). 😀

  • arclight arclight

    The article can be eccessed for a free sign up… for those behind a firewall of secrecy…heres the low down on the article..paragraph by paragraph…I could not paste as they have strict copyright rules so I give my impression of the paragraphs.. in my own words…think that is reasonable!! Voluntary for educational purposes…errr completely unbiased!!
    The article sets the scene by first describing the situation on the ground mentioning the testing of food and carrying of personal dosimeters.
    Then, mentions the data” pouring” in to the testing fascility from “all over japan” from “the worlds worst nuclear crisis in 25 years” but then goes on to point out that the lack of consesnsus is helping to undermine the disaster response in japan! Also says it was the tsunami that caused the meltdown!! Oh and that the lack of information on detection issues was apparent!!
    The article goes on to say that the nuclear plants are ageing and that new plants are being built in countries with little oversight and prone to corruption! And posited that this means that these sort of accidents were more than less likely!
    The article then talks of the financial and green aspects of nuclear, pitted against experts (no names mentioned) who accuse the nuke industry of playing down the dangers!!

    • arclight arclight

      It then compares a teary toshisho kosako leaving office over the 20msievert thing for children and the goes on to mention that fekker Allison Wade the psycho babbler from the leafy suburbs of him no time of day here!! But the next couple of paragraphs do wade Allison proud talking about that the lack of exercise that children get while being inside, because of the radiation, will make them obese and unhealthy… grrr
      Then goes on f, for a couple of paragraphs to give the impression that the 100milli sievert/year limit isn’t so bad!! Wade talk
      David Boilley, a nuclear physicist and head of the French citizens’ radiation testing group Acro (who is helping to minitor fukushima) is the guy they quote from the above enenews headline… he thinks the 20msievert a year needs reducing but that 1 msievert per year is not possible, then the article mentions “French government specialists” (no names or info) who “suggest” 10 msieverts per year before evacuation . although the mention of 70,000 appears at this point the figure following of 150,000 to 200,000 already evacuated..

      Then the article says that only 42 percent of the amount that Chernobyl released was released in daichi.. then gives those stupid figures of 79 percent in the ocean 19 percent land and 2 percent others figures weve discussed here on enenews!! Gives the substantial land fallout to 50 km north westward..

      Then a few paragraphs outling different personal stories… main points that (no named spokesperson) the government will do better and reduce the contamination to a level people would accept (1 msievert/year) the cost will be well over 100 billion (nice round figure for the financial time that)

    • arclight arclight

      Then goes on to say that there are no evidence on the effects of cesium 137 134 on the human body admitted some thyroid issues…. Also the article actually said that the iodine wasn’t handed out (sounds like wakefield and co have been sacked from the media!! Hopefully!!)
      It did mention hormesisis!! Noooooo!!
      Then goes onto say that “experts” (unspecified) would be checking things but they don’t expect to find much!!
      Arse! Wakeford gets a mention too!! Fekkin “normal fluctuation” he says… fekker!! Just doing the checking…”just in case” MOVING ON
      Then has some paragraphs of peoples experience then…..
      says Seiichi Nakate, head of the Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation said many children have moved out of fukushima?? And then says the few left that show signs of rad illness usually are found to be simple medical issues not nuke!! Phew don’t need that petition to the UN on for the kids of fukushima now!!
      They mention the epidemiological study that will involve 2 million people and mr nakate cant wait for the results/research money.
      But liked the final quote from a worker at fukushima
      “It is not much fun being part of a medical experiment.”

      Hope that’s all nice and legal admin

      Just my impressions


  • arclight arclight

    July 1, 2011, 3:50 PM JST.More Fukushima Worries: Internal Contamination.

    “When asked whether the cesium levels found in these children were significant, Mr. Boilley said, “The amount of cesium should be zero.” He said Acro has determined traces of Cesium-137 in the air, soil and water around the world before the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, saying these traces could be remnants from nuclear experiments in the 1960s and the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. But he says that Cesium-134 is certainly from the Fukushima disaster.

    Meantime, the Fukushima Network to Protect Children from Radiation, a Fukushima-based NGO which sponsored the tests, is lobbying the Japanese government to perform more widespread, internal contamination screenings using whole body counters. A whole body counter is a sensitive, full-body radiation detector used at nuclear reactor plants to detect radiation exposure in workers.”

  • arclight arclight

    oh and the article said/gives the impression that the kids have mostly left fikushima???? does green action japan know this!! have they been sidelined again in their appeal to the UN on behalf of the children of fukushima, while the worlds media gives the impression that the kids arent there anyway … not mentioning that there are 300,000 of them!! and its not to bad for any left!! this paper is read around the world

    the paragraph with the boiley includes a smooth sneaky transition to “french government specialists” who recomend a 10 msievert/year limit! interesting way this has been put together this article! the only other specialists are wade and wakeford our dynamic duo of dunderheads!

    operation mindshare reaches the ft i think

    mind you they nearly mentioned busby (not by name) and his good works!! thats a start lol! but the perception that people will get from this article… you go figure!!

  • Link to San Francisco ladies joining in on the worldwide petition campaign. An addition to the Bianca Jagger plea for evacuating the children of Fukushima and a call to end the burning of heaps upon heaps radioactive garbage. Their words are succinct and articulate. They know as much as we here at ene. It is a 20 minute must see

    Thank you, arclight… I did not want this to get too lost in the discussion thread.

    • arclight arclight

      that viseo to me is one of the most powerful bits of citizen action taken.. and by so few!! only ten thousand signatures to evoke such a powerful response!! thanks for noticing chemfood

      • pure water

        The petition Of Japan`s baranch of AVAAZ continues and the number of signatures is approaching 100 000 by now. Every step prepares the next one! Mother`s love is a great force, and nuclear should step back!

  • 136million more need to be evacuated…

    • arclight arclight

      i really hope not taco! but things are not looking favourable at the moment!! wheres all the plutonium from spent fuel pool 4 gone then?… down, up or both??

  • arclight arclight

    while enenews was down i managed to retrieve my lost password and popped into australian cannonballs site for a long post about corruption in india and generally amongst the nuke community!!heres the link
    comes under the heading

    responce to article form under arclight

    in the “other topics” section of the forum posts

    can you think of anything to improve it??

  • “The original uranium fuel that is subject to the fission process becomes 1 billion times more radioactive in

    the reactor core. A thousand-megawatt nuclear power plant contains as much long-lived radiation as that produced

    by the explosion of 1,000 Hiroshima-sized bombs.”


  • Each year, operators must remove a third of the radioactive fuel rods from their reactors because they have

    become contaminated with fission products. The rods are so hot they must be stored for 30 to 60 years in a

    heavily shielded building continuously cooled by air or water lest they burst into flame, and must afterwards be

    packed into a container. “Construction of these highly specialized containers uses as much energy as

    construction of the original reactor itself, which is 80 gigajoules per metric ton,”