Finland announces detection of cesium from Fukushima — Found in animals, plants, fungi

Published: January 17th, 2012 at 10:55 am ET


*Google Translation*
Title: Fukushima cesium found in the Finnish woods
Source: YLE (Finland Public Television, BBC counterpart)
Date: Jan 17, 2012

Finnish forests are small amounts of radioactive cesium, which is derived from Fukushima nuclear power plant in the March accident. Radiation and Nuclear Safety of the cesium-134 and 137 have been found in lichens, fungi as well as elk and reindeer meat. Radioactivity not detected drinking water, milk and food for sale.

Radiation collected in late summer and autumn samples, which were found Fukushima cesium.

Radiation and Nuclear Safety, the accident caused by the increase in Fukushima Finnish radiation dose is negligible. Fukushima the accident increased the amount of artificial radioactivity in Finnish natural products of the highest per cent. […]

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Published: January 17th, 2012 at 10:55 am ET


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26 comments to Finland announces detection of cesium from Fukushima — Found in animals, plants, fungi

  • Is this article stating that the radiation contamination in Finland produced by Fukushima exceeded the contamination in Finland produced by Chernobyl?

    If that is what it the article is stating then I cannot imagine how great the radiation contamination is in Japan and on the US and Canadian west coasts….


    We need someone to try and translate this …

    • No STUK is reporting an 1% increase in artificial radiation from Fukushima, then there is the common background radiation and Chernobyl radiation still not accounted for. So 1% so far, however with this winters rain and snowfall the numbers will surely go up even more.

  • harengus_acidophilus

    Sophisticated speech: “the March accident”
    Just a tiny accident has happend in March…

    Damn, it’s an ongoing release of large quantities of radioactive matter. Worst case nuclear industries ever faced.

    “the March accident” Grrrr…


    • pacific

      Agree!! Just a wee toe-stub of some accident that happened in a month called March, nothing notable — Or maybe it’s the opposite, “the accident in March” is understood to be Fukushima now, it’s THE accident of all accidents.

  • karaa karaa

    excuse me if I am so unprofessional, but why are they talking always about cesium only? Can radioative cesium be all alone? Or is there no other mesuremant on the other radiations….

    • HamburgGeiger

      That is a very good question. The answer is: They measure for cesium and some other only because the don`t want us to know the interesting things. You are right. Where there is cesium there is all the other stuff, too.

      • HamburgGeiger

        Btw, they found plutonium from Fuku in Lithuania some time ago. It was here on enenews. So it is also in Finland.

        • HamburgGeiger, Yes,
          Finland has been directly under the Jet stream for some time now ! I thought from the reports a few months ago it was Fuka and not some other reactor leaking !

    • pacific

      Hi Karaa and HamburGeiger,

      I thought they only read Cesium because it’s the easiest to measure, and then we are meant to understand that everything else is there, too. And maybe also because it’s nearly fully taken up into the body, unlike some other radionuclides that will only partly ‘stick’ if eaten or inhaled. And handy to have everyone measuring the same marker radionuclide.

      Is there more to it? Plutonium and Uranium are bad, but Cesium’s bad enough, right?

    • stopnp stopnp

      Cesium is the easiest to detect. Everything else is there. It’s just harder to detect. According to Gunderson. Who I would like to thank for providing donation based info

      • karaa karaa

        Thank you for answering, It is what I feared…. After a while, only hearing cesium blabla, you get accustomed, ore just : oh I know, read it before etc.
        We need lot of awakeness and energy to handle with this all. thanks enenews.

  • nyarlathotep nyarlathotep

    Who would have thought that 3 broken nuclear plants could have such a great inpact on the whole world?

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    “Lucy’s actin’ crazy again.”

    Finland, don’t you and Lithuania read your email? Shhhhhhh, already. You are not allowed to talk about “hot” reindeer, bad PR.

    So convenient that it got the reindeer but not the water and milk, could you explain to California how you pulled that off? We are having a little trouble with that one, maybe we just reversed it, because as far as I know, our reindeer are fine.

    • sophiesChoice

      Rudolph has retired, all reindeer are now self-luminous.

    • Alice Alice

      What we have here, fellow Enenewsers, is an interesting case of discriminatory radioactivity.

      After being processed for grocery shelves, all food and water become magically radiation-free.

      I suppose this means that Santa might be unemployed this year.

  • Following 5160 track from Japan over Alaska, down through north America up to Iceland into the Northeast Atlantic down over Sweden and Finland traveling down over Hungary and more then heads up, it is at one point actually “looping over Finland” after it goes over and back west then south so they are getting a lethal dose’s, I have a daughter with her two children there !

  • arclight arclight

    breaking at least 1.2 microsieverts/hr in hungary.. at least!! use the polyline tab and type 1500 in the range (upper right) then hit return.. also choose 2 day option.. will post video later if you cant work it!

    HU0130 – Gyomaendrod (Hungary) Lat: 46.9ºN, Long: 20.8ºE

    and beta? if its a melty reactor

    every day without fail a peack in beta artificial here!

    SIAIRKrsko – Krsko_NPP (Slovenia) Lat: 45.9ºN, Long: 15.5ºE

    still think its just fukushima?? or are the iaea playing for time until the new facility is finished in 2014! safety first! eh? FECKIN IAEA

    think that fuku is now going to be the blame for europes high cesium and beta counts??


    • arclight arclight

      finish cesium 137 and 134 from hungary??

      • arclight arclight


        so has the higher reading monitors in sorrounding countries.. after a complaint to (by b and b who saved the screenshots) the IAEA she got a reply back that the measurements are “different” in the east and they are trying to work out “why” the monitors from certain countries measure differently!! bit o bullshit there! italy is back on with some “gaps” in the monitoring,, like the gap at the top of the peak in the video..

        whats the annual dose for people living near these reactors… whats the dose for the rest of the europeans that are sucking up this hidden bounty!! lettuce and milk anyone?? not bleedin likely!!

        especially from switzerland.. the criirad avignon water monitor that is down river from switzerland shows a high amount of iodine 131 in the waters at the start of the year and 1 bq/m3 steady!

        also at 06.30 on thursday GMT i was riding my motorbike in the rain and got 0.21 microsieverts/h during the worst of the downpour.

        so to conclude

        enenews posters have rattled the iaea

        eurdep has been compromised and the annual readings massaged to keep the legal nuclear emmissions under the limit for reporting..

        as the above video shows, when the emmissions are way above the limit the monitor is taken of line and the draph “recalibrated” to the new improved flat looking graph..

        any queries by citizens about the high readings are ignored

        criirad still have a pettition to release the witheld information..

        the IAEA is not legaly bound to release the information and will hide any accidental releases of information

        this is defrauding the tax payers that pay for the monitoring system as stated by criirad..

        university and hospital monitors are overseen/advised by the IAEA too!

        there is an unseen poison in the air, harmful to our women and children! suck it up europe!!

        • arclight arclight

          oh and the spectacular 24 hour emmiting monitor at brinje has been shut down too!! as has the high release establishment in switzerland! as reported on the enenews “post your readiation monitoring” thread over the past 6 months!!

          • arclight arclight

            oh and to clarify.. this is on top of the hieghtened background radiation from fukushima! and following emmissions like the rain from the usa measuring 0.21 microsieverts/h

  • arclight arclight

    another update video with some of the missing monitors…. mainly good old brinje.. lol! 😉

  • arclight arclight

    high bequerel count of radioactive Pb 214 in southern europe.. germany