Fire at nuclear facility in Moscow: Grey smoke and bitter smell reported — Reuters source says fire crews were denied access — Russia says no risk

Published: February 6th, 2012 at 12:22 am ET


Title: UPDATE: Fire breaks out at central Moscow nuclear research institute
Source: Bellona
Author: Charles Digges
Date: 05/02-2012

A fire broke out on Sunday at a Moscow nuclear research center that houses a non-operational 60-year-old atomic reactor […]

There were conflicting reports late Sunday afternoon over whether the fire was in fact out, and the Alikhanov Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics in southwestern Moscow refused to take calls, making it impossible to determine whether any nuclear fuel or other radioactive materials were impacted by the blaze. […]

While the cause remains undetermined, the fire broke out early on Sunday in a part of the institute in southwestern Moscow that contains a research collider, institute officials said in a statement on its website (in Russian). […]

Sergei Vlasov, a spokesman for the Moscow branch of the Emergency Services ministry, told Reuters the fire had been confined to the basement and confirmed that no casualties had been reported. […]

But Rosatom, too, remained mum about whether any nuclear or radioactive materials remained in the six-decade old heavy water reactor […]

[T]he institute [is] located in a heavily populated district of Moscow that […]

Interfax cited a police source as saying fire brigades were denied access to the facility for “a long time” before being allowed in.

Vlasov told Reuters he could not confirm that report, but said the fire had not been extinguished as of 2:45 p.m.local time. […]

Read the report here

Title: Fire at Moscow nuclear institute, Russia says no risk
Source: Reuters
Date: Feb 5, 2012


  • Grey smoke rose above the institute, which is encircled by a wall
  • Acrid smell filled the air
  • Some 30 emergency vehicles […] stood inside and outside the main gate, witnesses said
  • Russian news agencies issued conflicting reports
  • Interfax cited a police source as saying fire brigades were denied access to the facility for “a long time” before being allowed in [Insitute denies this]
  • It [Interfax??] said the fire had not been extinguished as of 4:20 p.m. [Moscow Time]
  • State-run RIA reported earlier the fire had already been put out

Ivan Blokov, campaign director at Greenpeace Russia

  • “This is extremely dangerous … this should not have happened at all, but as long as it did, it shows there has been a major failure in their operations”
  • “What we have here is a large amount of radioactive substance right in the centre of Moscow and even if a minor quantity leaks, it would pose a serious problem”

Read the report here

Published: February 6th, 2012 at 12:22 am ET


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36 comments to Fire at nuclear facility in Moscow: Grey smoke and bitter smell reported — Reuters source says fire crews were denied access — Russia says no risk

  • arclight arclight

    concerning the russian fire in moscow.. russia has withdrawn its monitoring of radionucides from eurdep! added to that another unreported incident in slovenia and switch offs… no contamination in finland! turn off was 06.00 5th january 2012

  • Shut them all down….Nuclear is not safe for kids, or adults.

    Anti-Nuclear Protest Music And Songs; Fukushima, Chernobyl, TMI, Etc

  • Maybe this may be a good time to NOT go to Moscow on vacation, perhaps?

    It seems silly to turn off all of the radiation meters right when there is a fire at a nuclear materials containing facility, but very little surprises me about the nuclear industry any more.

    I am shocked that they are not demanding that everyone else also turn off their nuclear radiation monitoring stations.

    It is par for the course. The US did it by claiming the US EPA radiation network was ‘down’ after Fukushima.

    Now Russia is more than likely going to say their radiation detection system ‘quit working’ or ‘had defects’ during and after this Moscow incident.

    • Bones Bones

      I don’t know if you saw it, but when the reports of problems at Byron (IL Nuke plant if I have the name wrong) and San Onofre were just starting to come out I went to check the EPA Radnet website and it was down “for maintenance.”
      Is it a conspiracy theory ALL these rad measuring utilities are consistently shut down during rad releases? lol
      In America, “conspiracy theory” is a bad word so it must not be happening. <-People actually think that here.

  • James2

    So let me get this straight, a research facility burns in moscow and it’s big news, but 6 nuclear reactors blow up, burn for an entire year and it’s no news….

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication



      BTW James, I didn’t see anyone comment on this visualization of the earthquakes in Japan that was posted several days ago. It blew my mind!

    • Yes and neither the massive hunger strike and protests against the Kudankulam units and similar ones- the great No thanks demos- and ladies being assaulted and unarmed people being manhandled. It drew just 8 comments when enenews put it up the other day! And nor did any comment on my visualization of the nuclear effect at Fuku and the contrast with Banda Aceh! These blazes of the nuclears and the buildings will also become commoner as we go on and at a tremendous speed. They are initiated with the force and thuds of a thousand nuclear weapons! Anybody sees the truth of the chaos that may have caused the Russian nuke sub blaze, the Kolkata hospital blaze, the Alikhanov Institute blaze, the Pak building collapse, Bangalore fire, the Fuku explosion, the various reactor leaks, the pipe breaks…? They are of a piece- due to the world’s dams unleashing forces of multi million gigawatts!

    • Bones Bones

      Risk and News reports are inversely correlated. (The MSM, not the good folks here and independent journalists)

  • jec jec

    @James2 Yes, six exploded reactors ongoing fission for a year, no news, no monitoring! One research facility –front page.

  • arclight arclight

    update on the russian monitoring..

    the monitors are now back on.. some of the moscow monitors are missing some data points which is suggestive. the monitors otherwise show a normal pattern! slovakia is now back on (i previously refered to it as slovenia and that was wrong! so there is a small update on slovenia too! sorry!)

    heres a rather large spike in budapest on the 2 febuary 2012

    • arclight arclight


      “Tomorrow (Thursday 9th) in the High Court long time Brighton peace activist John Catt, an 86 year old pensioner, is seeking a judicial review of of the ‘domestic extremist’ database.

      John, long a stalwart of SMASH EDO demos, found himself and his vehicle targetted by various police forces as a result of warnings placed on the record by Sussex Police, despite the fact that he has never been convicted of a criminal offence.

      After diligent use of Freedom of Information requests it became apparent that John was on the notorious and murky database of ‘domestic extremists’ held by the network of different National Extremism police teams under the control of ACPO – the senior police officers private association. Numerous photographs of John and reports on his activities appeared on the database.

      John is seeking to have his inclusion on the database ruled illegal under section 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. If he succeeds it will have wide implications for all of us who’ve had the misfortune to be scrutinised and harrassed by the anti-protest cops. In the likely event that the authorites wriggle out then it’s another welcome spotlight shone into the world of the UK’s political police…..”

      love schnews

      they hacked my daughter in norway too 3 days ago! she dared to watch one of the videos on the youtube channel

      facebook, email inoperative, so is eurdep 🙂
      lemming 1 pronuke stasi 1

      will be back!

      NO NUKES!!

      peace light and love to you all!
      keep up the good work!

      • arclight arclight

        “Jeremy Johnson QC, representing both Acpo and the Met, told the court: “Where you engage in public activity [demonstrations] you do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy.”

        He said the police were obliged to record who they saw at protests and what they did, even if they were not involved in unlawful activity.

        Mr Johnson also said if Mr Catt won the case the police would be prevented from recording and retaining important intelligence information that might help prevent crime.

        Lord Justice Gross, sitting with Mr Justice Irwin, reserved judgment on Mr Catt’s application for judicial review which is expected to be handed down in the next few weeks….”

        applying to acpo for data protection request form…concerning the “domestic extremist database” monday 13th febuary 2012…

      • arclight arclight

        pro nuke stasi uk 2
        lemming 1

        “Police said they did not legally have to disclose them, but did so to show there was “nothing sinister in what we hold”.

        The Catts, who have no criminal records, said they were “shocked and terrified” when they read their files. “Our activities were totally legitimate – we were not interested in non-violent direct action,” said Linda . “My dad likes to sketch and I will hold a banner and shout a few things. But I’m careful about what I say.”

        looks like one of my daughters (18) in norway is on it too! 🙁

        and after some research i found this…

        and on the links from that page (which included the guardian article above!

        Background information about ‘domestic extremism’, ACPO and NPOIU can be found here:

        both links are dead!

        because this gentleman in the uk was 85 and disabled the police decided to go with the legal path and answer his request.. but for the rest of us .. fair game.. computer browser crashes everytime i post and computer getting glitchy today!

        posting relavant things here for later use.. hope u dont mind admin 🙂

        just evaluating my position as i heard a rumour that for the olympics in london (where i live and work) they will be redesignating domestic extremists under criminal law! the police in the uk are reaally going with this type of designation.. and the politicians obviously agree! err where does that leave me for the olympics and beyond!! oops! love all here!

        good luck fellow activists everywhere!!


      • arclight arclight

        ==NPOIU budget==
        An article in ”The Guardian” reveals that with around 60 to 70 staff, NPOIU is by far the biggest segment of this “domestic extremism” apparatus and costs £5m a year to run, according to the latest official figures. Its budget has doubled in the last five years

        Rob Evans, Matthew Taylor, Afua Hirsch and Paul Lewis Rein in undercover police units, says former DPP ”The Guardian”, 13/01/11, accessed 24/01/11

        and this

        ==Takeover by the Metropolitan Police==
        In November 2010 it was announced that the three ACPO units commanded by the National Coordinator for Domestic Extremism would be rebranded as the National Domestic Extremism Unit and brought under the control of the Metropolitan Police by Summer 2011.
        title=Police on ‘tightrope’ at protests|publisher=Press Association|date=23 November 2010|accessdate=2011-01-25}

      • arclight arclight

        The National Domestic Extremism Unit does not usually focus those who choose
        to protest peacefully and lawfully. The unit is mainly concerned with those who …

        like 85 year old wheelchair users??

      • arclight arclight

        they seem to like natzi groups though!! heres what they had to say!

        Vikram Dodd and Matthew Taylor, Friday 2 September 2011

        “Scotland Yard has been accused of underestimating the threat from the English Defence League (EDL) after the head of the unit monitoring hate groups declared it was not an extremist organisation.

        In an email obtained by the Guardian, Adrian Tudway, National Co-ordinator for Domestic Extremism, said he formed the view the EDL were not extreme after reading their website.

        Today the EDL, accused by Muslims of fostering hate against them, will stage a “static” demonstration in Tower Hamlets, east London, in one of their most potentially provocative displays so far.

        The Metropolitan police obtained a ban against a planned march through east London by the EDL, fearing clashes with anti-fascist groups and also the prospect of British Muslim youths taking to the streets to defend their communities against feared racist attacks.

        British Muslims have claimed police have not done enough to protect them against the EDL…. ”

        of course the guardian article never mentions uk nuclear activists?? in fact no mention anywhere.. chris busby better be careful!!

      • arclight arclight

        follow the money…

        Adrian Tudway

        “Detective Chief Superintendent Adrian Tudway oversees the three “domestic extremism” police units. NETCU,NPOIU (of which the CIU is a section) and NDET are the three units answering to ACPO. As the “national co-ordinator for domestic extremism” he commands about 100 staff and has a budget of about £9m a year.”

      • arclight arclight

        ahh nasty

        pronuke stasi 3
        lemming 1

        “The legislative body of the European Union passed the Data Retention Directive on 2005-12-15. It requires telecommunication operators to implement mass surveillance of the general public through retention of metadata on telecommunications and to keep the collected data at the disposal of various governmental bodies for substantially long times.[clarification needed] Access to this information is not required to be limited to investigation of serious crimes, nor is a warrant required for access.

        Further information: Government databases and INDECT”

        • arclight arclight

          had to add this bit from the above link 🙁

          “The main expected results of the INDECT project are:
          implementation of a distributed computer system that is capable of acquisition, storage and effective sharing on demand of the data
          devices used for mobile object tracking
          a search engine for fast detection of persons and documents based on watermarking technology used for semantic search
          agents assigned to continuous and automatic monitoring of public resources such as CCTV, websites, Internet forums, usenet newsgroups, file servers, P2P networks and individual computer systems

          The consortium HIDE (“Homeland Security, Biometric Identification & Personal Detection Ethics”), devoted to monitoring the ethical and privacy implications of biometrics and personal detection technologies and promoted by the European Commission develops ADABTS (“Automatic Detection of Abnormal Behaviour and Threats in crowded Spaces”), a low-cost pro-active surveillance system to detect potential abnormal behaviour in crowded spaces.”

          love a bit of biometrics.. !!/sarc

          • arclight arclight

            quick update on the data protection request.. 13/feb 2012 14.20 gmt

            talked to a very nice lady from scotland yard today.. asked to be put through to the domestic extremist database and apply for the form to request information.. was told that the computer system did not recognise ANY of the terms used like ACPO etc and had adrian tudway at the home office not assigned to any particular department ~(on the digital side anyway)

            nice to see themselves protected from angry fathers and diasbled pensioners!!

            this lot are really secret..!!

            anyway i have been advised to ask the local twickenham station for a normal police data request.. but this lot are a private company?? and they dont have to comply!!(see adrian tudways statement above!

            getting to the legal advise stage here..

      • arclight arclight

        Emails reveal panic at U.S. nuclear agency as experts were kept in the dark following Fukushima disaster
        One email reads: ‘We have very little factual information as an agency’
        Nuclear Regulatory Commission inundated with requests over safety of U.S. nuclear facilities in wake of disaster
        Experts disagreed over best way to contain Fukushima disaster
        Worst-case scenario would have seen high levels of radiation reach Alaska
        By Wil Longbottom

        Last updated at 11:55 AM on 8th February 2012

        “One email, hours after the magnitude nine earthquake struck off the coast of Japan on March 11, and reported in the Washington Post, said: ‘THIS IS NOT A DRILL. This may get really ugly in the next few days.’
        Three days later, another official said: ‘It’s frustrating, but we have very little factual info as an agency.”

        Read more:


      • arclight arclight

        looking at youtube statistics i noticed that the only hits from austia are 1 on each video except for this ….

        since starting this i have had 1 hit from austria every three days.. on the 31st i had 4 unique hits on the above video and then i got 2 hits per day after except for 2 days when both austrian viewers stopped then resumed by checking the missed videos

        now you tube is giving n/a as the hits on the page and will only give the unique hits..

      • arclight arclight

        4/6/2011 — USA RADIATION CHARTS — MODELS — now revealed

    • arclight arclight


      (FELLOW BLOGGERS.. ALWAYS HAVE A BROWSER THAT YOU DONT USE AND THE INTERUPT TROJAN THINGY WILL BE DISABLED!! so i kept chrome spare for when i had another incident …. 🙂 might be cool to have more than 2 ?? anyway, glad that worked!!

  • bleep_hits_blades

    For a while I was naively thinking, when Fuk. happened and then I discovered, with its reports of so many nuclear glitches and mini-crises, that, “Wow, I haven’t heard about all of these nuclear mishaps, events and incidents before… how strange and mystical that they are all happening at once, now…”


    • Bones Bones

      I had the same epiphany as you. I always knew nuke plants were dangerous, but the only accidents I heard of were TMI and Chernobyl. Isn’t it amazing how people make rational thoughts when they have all the information. (Real info not propaganda) When the whole public actually learns the truth about nuclear its days are numbered. I always try to keep that in mind when debating a nuclear advocate. (Not a paid advocate mind you)

  • My take on the videos above is that it was an electrical something blowing up and catching fire, like a huge transformer or something…

    Or was it neutron rays that we are seeing in these videos?