Fire Chief at Los Alamos: “God I hope not… God I hope not” — “I seriously think it will be up to 100,000 acres”

Published: June 29th, 2011 at 11:18 am ET


Wildfire closes in on Los Alamos, CBS/AP, June 29, 2011:

[…] Dangerous flames inch ever-closer to the Los Alamos National Lab- fueling more concerns of a possible disaster.

A major concern is that out of control wildfires may reach thousands of containers with Plutonium-contaminated waste in them.

But authorities at the lab say the containers are safe for now, while they continue to monitor the air for any sign of radiation.

Fire Chief Doug Tucker says, “I seriously think it will be up to 100 thousand acres, God I hope not God I hope not. There is unburnt fuel out there.” […]

Published: June 29th, 2011 at 11:18 am ET


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49 comments to Fire Chief at Los Alamos: “God I hope not… God I hope not” — “I seriously think it will be up to 100,000 acres”

  • hellomojo

    Have you ever been to the place where all you could do was to pray. Even this poor fire chief has come to this realization. Get past the point of getting pissed and start praying.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      We can’t afford to be on our knees to long…we have to fight…

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Get past the point of praying and take action.

    • extra knight

      yes i pray to leperchauns, fairies, elves and pink unicorns on a regular basis. yeesh.

      • larry-andrew-nils

        I pray to the one true god who created adam as race of men upon the milky way.

        genesis 5-2

        that flat earth from the bible, the koran, and other religious systems is the milky way. (and the outer was disguised as the inner for our time in darkness)

        god is with us when we pray.
        he can surf us like we surf the net.

        perhaps he is the one destroying our nukes… vicariously… for our own good.

        may he help us through to the best possible outcome.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    We have to pray and turn our prayers into action.

  • markww markww

    Does anyonekno0w if Evergreen the 747 tanker firefighting aircraft is helping fight the fire around the nuclear lab ????

    • BetaFlare

      Obummer is entertaining NY taxpayers with it?

    • tony wilson

      : )
      if 911 is anything to go by it was activated and it is now heading full speed towards alaska you know the wrong way.

      but do not worry your commander barry o has been reprogrammed.
      and will soon make an heroic speech about pulling together in these times of tribulation.

      cattle and sheep of america die..
      sorry wrong quote.
      my fellow americums
      rest assured that although the fema underwater body bags are for wet environments,they can be used in raging cesium,uranium and plutonium inferno’s.
      he will say that this plutonium will have no health impacts,we will keep you should always know what i know and i say it is safe.
      breath deep eat local food and drink the milk and water.
      i am sorry i cannot be with you today or ever as i am in a basement under denver airport.

    • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

      That is great. I hope what’s happening here will cause the same response. When people with money see the liability and dangers involved with nuclear, they may realize that it’s really not worth the risk, and not want to put their money into it. Let’s hope…

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      This article tells how power will decide over people; it is horrible:
      Shareholders have no power to stop nuclear continuance and spread in Japan:
      “At the Tohoku Electric Power Co meeting in Sendai, the utility’s President Makoto Kaiwa outlined the firm’s intention to continue with nuclear power, saying, ‘’Nuclear power remains an important source of electricity in light of achieving a low-carbon society and seeking energy security.’’
      “The utility also said it will remain involved in investments in the development of nuclear technology, conducted jointly by electricity firms and the government, such as the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel and ‘’pluthermal,’’ or plutonium-thermal power generation that uses plutonium-uranium mixed oxide, or MOX fuel, calling such technology ‘‘important.’’
      “At Chugoku Electric Power Co, while its stockholders have urged the utility to stop the plan to construct the Kaminoseki plant in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Mitsuo Matsui, the utility’s vice president, said the plant is ‘‘absolutely necessary’ and the utility ‘’is not considering halting (the plan).’’
      “The shareholders have also called on the utility to stop the operation of the Shimane nuclear plant. Chugoku Electric’s president Takashi Yamashita said, ‘’Nuclear plants are extremely important in Japan, where natural resources are scarce.’’
      “Shikoku Electric Power Co’s president Akira Chiba also outlined the importance of nuclear plants. ‘‘We consider the safe running of the Ikata plant as our management’s top priority.’‘
      “In response to calls opposing the restart of the No. 3 reactor at the plant, slated for July 10, Chiba sought acceptance from the stakeholders, saying, ‘’We are conducting training with the assumption that all of its power sources have been lost.’’
      “Meanwhile, Hokkaido Electric Power Co.‘s vice president Tamotsu Ouchi explained to the shareholders the utility’s safety and emergency measures at the Tomari power plant. It is ‘’necessary’’ to start the planned pluthermal generation at the Tomari No. 3 reactor after confirming its safety, he said.”

      • Yes, it sure is horrible. The greed and power-lust on this Earth right now is beyond beyond.

        My favourite one-liner from the shareholder meetings in Japan this week is from an elderly man who yelled this at the TEPCO executives (before being “escorted” out of the building):

        “Go jump into a reactor and die!”

        It is this kind of comment that tells me that the human spirit is not yet crushed to death.

  • fuckyoushima

    when the world over begs our creator for the right to survive, when we finally realize that human beings cannot control our collective fate, and only then, will we evolve.

    when money was made debt, and man was made god, we abdicated our humanity, and resigned ourselves to hell.

  • hellomojo

    Ann, and what power do you envision that to be? Guess anyone? There is only one who destroys and is the father of all lies.

    • There is no evil, just good intentions.

      And, the road to hell is paved with ’em.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        There is evil and many intentions are not good:
        I. America is now suffering a second and a third nuclear plant crisis!
        Japan is still reeling from her nuclear disaster.
        NEWS BRIEF: “Flooded Ft Calhoun Nuclear Plant: 4 emergency failures, 2 electric”, Examiner News, June 26, 2011
        “As an astounding 195,000 cubic feet of water per second raged past Omaha today, the public was told that the nuclear plant across the flooding river from the city, the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station, poses no danger since it is closed, albeit flooded, and as of today, operating on emergency electricity, the fourth emergency there in recent days, the second power failure emergency. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) confirmed Sunday that the plant requires electricity to avoid melting the core, even though the plant is ‘closed’.”
        Since the disaster at Three Mile Island and at Chernobyl, I have been personally convinced that the dangers inherent in nuclear power generating plants were too high and that, eventually, the world would suffer some really serious crises. Therefore, I was amazed when government officials around the world began to espouse the safety of nuclear power plants during the early 1990’s and began to build nuclear power plants by the many dozens throughout the world.
        Now, the “chickens seem to be coming home to roost” in the nuclear power industry.
        Let us return to the Ft. Calhoun power plant.
        “The Nuclear Regulatory Commission audits only about 5 percent of activities at nuclear plants each year according to the Union of Concerned Scientists. Two-thirds of US Nuclear Plants have been leaking radiation and Ft. Calhoun has been among the nation’s 14 most dangerous nuclear plants before it was flooded and operating with emergency electricity according to a Nuclear Regulatory Commission letter.”
        Does this sentence mean that Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant was simply a “disaster ready to happen”? Why can’t government regulators ever carry out their jobs reasonably and professionally? Perhaps it is time to get the incompetent government out of the business of regulating anything!
        Do you remember the disaster at New Orleans during Katrina? That hurricane came and went and the levees held. Residents began to breathe a sigh of relief. But, suddenly, in the darkness of night, residents heard what sounded like explosions in the direction of the levees; abruptly, the levees collapsed and massive quantities of water gushed to engulf the city.
        The government took the action it needed to take to damage New Orleans to the degree its leaders wanted it to be damaged. Do you remember the shocking FEMA prediction on September 10, 2001, that New Orleans would be destroyed by a hurricane? Let us stroll down this memory lane:

        “NEWS BRIEF: “12 lessons that S.C. can learn from Katrina”, The State Newspaper, September 4, 2005
        “In 2001, the Federal Emergency Management Agency ranked the most likely and deadly disasters that could befall the United States. The top three were a terrorist attack on New York, an earthquake in San Francisco and a hurricane in New Orleans. The list was announced at a conference on Sept. 10. The next day was 9/11.”
        This news is so incredible that we need to stop right here, so we can accurately understand what we have just been told. On September 10, 2001, FEMA accurately “predicted” the “three most likely and deadly disasters that could befall the United States”. These deadly disasters foretold were:
        1) Terrorist attack on New York
        2) An earthquake in San Francisco
        3) A hurricane in New Orleans
        (Quote taken from Headline News Article, NEWS2104, entitled, “Startling Revelations: Now You Know Why The Illuminati Telegraphs Its Punches”)
        On the very next day after this FEMA prediction, the attacks of 9/11 occurred — the Twin Towers and The Pentagon were attacked, precisely as the Illuminati Card Game predicted in 1995! Obviously, disasters #1 and #3 from this list have already occurred. Therefore, one has to worry that an unprecedented earthquake on the West Coast — either in Los Angeles or San Francisco — might be next on the “hit list” of the Illuminati. Remember, Scalar Wave Technology can produce both hurricanes and earthquakes in whatever magnitude is desired, and precisely at the location desired.
        It is shocking, almost beyond belief, to understand that the government knew what disaster was going to befall New York City and New Orleans; these disasters were planned in order to overthrow this Old World Order so the New World Order can be established!
        Many people believe the government deliberately sabotaged the levees protecting New Orleans. We may be facing the same situation at Ft. Calhoun!
        “Locals in the Fort Calhoun area who know workers at the plant are attributing the collapsed berm to a ‘man-made puncture’ according to reports to Dupré. The Omaha World-Herald reports that Omaha Public Power District admits the anti-flood water filled rubber berm (the ‘Aqua-dam’) failed ‘due to on-site activities’. It is unclear what type of utility ‘activities’ caused the berm’s ‘accidental failure’.”
        Does the government want the situation at Ft. Calhoun to degenerate still further, to scare residents to a higher degree than they are currently scared? Remember, Doc Marquis reveals in his new DVD, “2012 & Beyond: Paradigm Shift”, that the Illuminati plans call for a constant level of worry and concern, as a means by which they will ultimately persuade mankind to accept the New Order of the Masonic Christ.
        This level of general worry permeates the globe today. Threats to our health, to our economy and to many sectors of society on which we depend are keeping most of mankind constantly in inner turmoil.
        However, Ft. Calhoun is not the only nuclear scare in America today!

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          NEWS BRIEF: “NM blaze threatening nuclear lab, sparking fires”, Yahoo News, June 28, 2012
          “LOS ALAMOS, N.M. (AP) — Firefighters worked through the night and into Tuesday hoping to put out spot fires erupting ahead of a wildfire in the mountains above the northern New Mexico town that is home to a government nuclear laboratory … The ominous orange haze was visible at night from deserted Trinity Drive in Los Alamos, from which 12,500 residents were evacuated.”
          “The wildfire has destroyed 30 structures south and west of Los Alamos. It forced the closure of the lab … Laboratory officials said the wildfire sparked a spot fire on its property that was soon contained Monday, and no contamination was released. They also assured that radioactive materials stored in spots on the sprawling lab were safe.”
          This reassurance is a refrain we have heard before by government officials, only to learn later that the original happy news was very wrong.
          “The anti-nuclear watchdog group Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety said the fire appeared to be about 3.5 miles from a dumpsite where as many as 30,000 55-gallon drums of plutonium-contaminated waste were stored in fabric tents above ground. The group said the drums were awaiting transport to a dump site in southern New Mexico.”
          The last quote from this article is not particularly reassuring.
          “… ‘you never are safe when you have such a dry situation and you have fuel load and you have vicious winds like this’, said Sen. Tom Udall, D-N.M., who visited evacuees at the Santa Claran Hotel Casino in Espanola. ‘When you combine all of those together, (it’s) very explosive’.”

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          At this point, let us examine current news on the nuclear contamination spread from the Japanese nuclear plant, Fukushima.
          NEWS BRIEF: “Japan’s nuclear waste spreads through Pacific “, ABC Radio News, Australia, 28 June 2011
          “Japanese scientists predict that radioactive material leaking from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant will spread 4,000 kilometers through the Pacific Ocean in the next year. Japan’s Atomic Energy Agency says the caesium contamination will also reach Hawaii in three years, Then it will wash along the United States west coast in five years.”
          Now comes the official reassurance:
          “But the agency says by that time the caesium will not pose a threat to human health.”
          The Pacific Ocean contains an awful lot of water, and Japan’s scientists are calculating that this nuclear contamination will be safely diluted by the time it reaches Hawaii and the United States. We certainly hope they are right.
          The bottom line seems to be that this Illuminati Card entitled, “Nuclear Accident” may have a more planned outreach than we originally thought, as the world is now witnessing nuclear power plant crises in Japan and the United States, plus a wildfire threatening the nuclear lab at Los Alamos.

        • Sorry anne, I was being cryptic.

          I was saying: there is evil.

          (in a roundabout way)

          And, I’m not saying this just because Jesus, or Patanjali or Milarepa or Paramahansa Yogananda said it. I am able to think for myself.

          And, both you and I, have probably seen lots of it.

          In fact, some of the greatest evil ever committed, was done in the name of Christ, whether it be the massacre of indians (women and children included), the Crusades, the Inquisition, the pedophile priest epidemic and so on.

          In any case, I think we all agree:

          The Kingdom of heaven is within you.

          It’s not sitting under a rock in Tibet somewhere, and it is certainly not to be found by brandishing a black book containing the words of others in front of peoples’ faces every two minutes. (Jesus never did it, he just spoke).

          It is within you. And, once realised, one is eligible to write one’s own bible.

          But, evil, if it has to be defined, might be defined as:

          lack of empathy.

          (An inability to recognize the interconnectedness of all ‘thing’s). After all, if you’re not aware all things (including thoughts and dreams) are connected, you’re liable to think you’re an island whose existence has no effect on others.

          I’m off to the stoning ….

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      John 8:44
      You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

  • Here’s the interview between Helen Caldicott and Arnie Gundersen in case anyone missed it:

  • ocifferdave

    Everybodies prayerful comments are appropriate. This thing is getting Biblical.

  • DrNature

    Highest Risk Biological Weapons Labs (BSL-4)at Los Alamos:

  • neminis

    They keep using the phrase “safe for now” … “safe for now”. F them for this intentional deception. OF COURSE the radioactive waste is technically safe for NOW, because the fire has not touched it YET. But is it SAFE, period?! THIS is the question that is being asked, but it is not the question that is being answered. So again I say, F THEM for this intentional deception. Despicable, unethical, and immoral.

  • bfly

    why dont they put the national gaurd on this STAT?…are they all over seas?

    • risabee risabee

      A huge convoy of them got there a few days ago. Don’t know what they’re doing, though — they don’t get much mention.

  • hellomojo

    All of this taking place was written in he bible thousands of years ago. We are the ones seeing it taking place right now. I am hearing alot of fear. We are in a battle. At the end of the day who are you going to worship.bottom line

    • Well, we know that worshipping TEPCO is probably a mistake, or the U.S. government.

      I could worship my cat, but she’s getting old now.

      The Pope? Um, no.

      Actually, as a self-realisation technique I find the act of “worshipping” somewhat lacking, if not demeaning.

      I think “Seek and ye shall find” of the meditative kind might work.

    • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

      WSish I had confidence in a god that has everything under control and truly cares about creation; unfortunately I see no evidence of that…

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        If you look at the things and people that are beautiful in the world you can see God: the parents who sacrifice for their children out of love, the firefighters, policemen, soldiers, who give their lives that others may have life. If a parent can love a disabled child, how much more can God love us.

        God allows us all to have free will even those with evil intent. His promise is to support us in times of trouble, to give us peace in our hearts, and to give us the gift of eternal life and love. If you give thanks to God every day for His mercy and His goodness to you, you will see Him working in your life and will believe in Him.

        John 3:16
        “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

        • Luke 11:9
        “And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

        Matthew 7:7
        “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:”

  • crn

    Divine intervention? or what? Great comment on the situation from kevindblanch

  • tony wilson

    if i was within 200km of this test site,i take a vacation..
    that ground is contaminated beyond belief.
    the bad thing with this is breathing in the volatilized compounds from 60 years of unrestricted not giving a fuck tests.
    even if the plutonium drums survive that air is going to give you cancer.
    the people of america will soon have three different atoms fighting for domination in the american body or walking corpse.
    japanese plutonium finest quality grade
    A v american drum c grade plutonium v fort calhoun damp uranium a 3 way fight to the death.

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    + 1

    Haven’t been able to get through to the New Zealand Consulate yet this morning.

  • shaktasna999

    50 feet and the heat from the fires can burst the containers. It’ll render the protective tarps useless as the contents will be everywhere.

    • tony wilson

      normal tarps that is true but these tarps are special.

      they are made of a new space age material that is being used in japan for the fukishima tents.
      this fabulous material is waterproof and has been tested and used by the boy scout and woodland folks. also by all american cowboys
      (not the brokeback kind)but proper rustlers.
      your commander in chief barry o ,last year on a tour of los alamos,was so shocked at the thousands of barrels of plutonium being stored in concrete silos.
      that he got his friends at fema to move these barrels to safer grassland shrub area.
      instructions where given for them to be covered with this state of the art tarp tent material called canvas.
      when asked about what was so state of the art about canvas barry replied,well gee it will keep them tin plutonium barrels dry in a rainstorm.

  • shaktasna999

    The fire chief must be freaking out.

    Enough buried radioactive and chemical wastes to fill 1.4 million 55 gallon drums — plus 60,000 drums’ worth of temporarily-stored waste

    Pray for rain or no wind

    • sickputer2 sickputer2

      >Enough buried radioactive and chemical wastes to fill 1.4 million 55 gallon drums — plus 60,000 drums’ worth of temporarily-stored waste

      So this is just one of many smoking guns that may unseat America’s top cowboy and make use of the FEMA body bags. No wait… They ordered the wrong kind! They will need little cremation cans for the ashes of the folks in New Mexico and the Texas high plains toasted by the fires when all the first responders keel over from toxic fumes. Well, almost worst case scenario… I can think of some bigger scenarios easily. Like ELE.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Somewhere someone said that the winds are going north as well. Colorado used to be beautiful. They want to mine uranium near Fort Collins. Will ruin the ground water, etc.

  • shaktasna999

    Tony what will the tarps do if 55,000 tons of tin covered radioactive wastes explodes inside of them? As you said they are experimental.

    Also if they are so helpful-why did Fukushima not use them immediately? Also those tents by Tepcos own admission can do nothing about the leaks already in progress. Nor are they currently being used at the other sites that are currently being monitored.(Such as Ibaraki)

  • tony wilson

    gallows humour…
    high tech material called canvas used by cowboys and boy scouts to keep the rain off..a joke.
    in future i will use the symbol : ) : )
    to explain..
    when ever i go to albania they think i am so funny,people point at me and laugh.