Fire at nuclear testing area 65 miles NW of Las Vegas — Feds checking for radiation

Published: July 11th, 2011 at 4:32 pm ET


Wildfire at Ex-Nuclear Test Area in NV Continues, AP, July 11, 2011:

A wildfire at the government’s former nuclear testing area in southern Nevada poses no threat of kicking up radiation, federal officials said Saturday. […]

National Nuclear Security Administration spokeswoman Kelly Snyder said the lightning-caused blaze was not burning near any site where 100 above-ground tests left radiation in the soil. […]

But Snyder said ground and air crews were still trying to contain the blaze Saturday and there was no estimated containment time. […]

“This is an active fire. We have a variety of aircraft dropping water on the fire,” she said.

Lightning sparked blazes at nuclear test areas, Las Vegas Review Journal, July 9, 2011:

[…] Lightning sparked two fires Tuesday within the Nevada National Security Site, the former nuclear test site 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas. […]

One of the fires is “several miles” from the location of an above-ground test, a safe distance according to Dante Pistone, a spokesman at the test site’s operations center […]

h/t Risabee via Global Security Newswire


Published: July 11th, 2011 at 4:32 pm ET


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155 comments to Fire at nuclear testing area 65 miles NW of Las Vegas — Feds checking for radiation

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Like I said before…anyone who’s been banned at HP from here MUST GET A NEW ID. The way to do that is HUSHMAIL. We need MORE VOICES EVERYWHERE even Fluffington=HP!

    • vitruvian

      Hello all. This is quite an informative site. A lot of knowledge is to be gained from the comments here and to the links provided to articles and other related sites.

      (A wink and a tip of the Stetson to Whoopie for the hushmail info)

      It is serious indeed. Here’s something off topic – I just finished watching Fairewinds latest video and it got me wondering… There is a celestial body of some sort due to pass very close in Oct.

      They are calling it a comet, but it could turn out to be something else.

      Now I’m not suggesting we all wrap our heads with tinfoil and crawl under our beds (as if that would do any good anyway). I’m just suggesting this event could trigger more (and probably stronger) EQ’s later this year.

      Dear Mother Earth might very well have a lot more Fukushimas on her face if this scenario were to play out.

      Just a thought.

  • I suppose none of that area is downwind from any of the previous detonations !
    While I’m here can you show me some of that beach front property too !

  • I know there are maps of these sites and the fallout areas, time for some searches folks !

  • Cancer and test site
    Fallout Exposure in Rads
    A 1979 study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that:
    A significant excess of leukemia deaths occurred in children up to 14 years of age living in Utah between 1959 and 1967. This excess was concentrated in the cohort of children born between 1951 and 1958, and was most pronounced in those residing in counties receiving high fallout…

    • A childhood playmate of mine got leukemia at 16, I went to visit him before my deployment to Vietnam. My sentence was unknown and fearful, his was certain ! RIP My Childhood Friend ! Low Country S.C.

      • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

        I’m sorry about your friend, xdrfox. I lost a childhood friend in a senseless war long ago and it still hurts. I always remember him on Memorial Day. Lives so needlessly wasted. Sometimes I wonder what on earth he would make of the world we live in today! So hard to know the truth of anything when so many lie. Probably all of us doubt the truth of the headlines above.

        • I always remember many on Memorial, veterans Day’s and many day’s Lives so needlessly wasted over lies, 120,000 V.N. veterans died in the ten years following the war that are mostly not thought of ! (twice the number who fell during the war) The toll was not over at the firring of the last bullet/shell !
          It was a hard war to recover from years after the last protest was excepted by gov. and heeded the calls ! To too many the war coming home was more deadly then the war itself as the number shows !
          Know a vet from the new wars ? Get to know a vet !

          • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

            Three of my brothers were in V.N.: One was an Army helicopter pilot, flying the wounded, another was a Navy Captain of a Swiftboat, equally dangerous, and the third was an Army ground soldier at the age of 18.

            My brother in the Navy could not talk to us about that experience for almost 30 years. He had a three year old child die in his arms and it was just too painful to share for a long time.

  • Nuclear test series carried out at the Nevada Test Site

    Operation Ranger — 1951
    Operation Buster-Jangle — 1951
    Operation Tumbler-Snapper — 1952
    Operation Upshot-Knothole — 1953
    Operation Teapot — 1955
    Project 56 — 1955
    Operation Plumbbob — 1957
    Project 57, 58, 58A — 1957–1958
    Operation Hardtack II — 1958
    Operation Nougat — 1961–1962
    Operation Plowshare — 1961–1973 (sporadic, at least one test a year)
    Operation Sunbeam — 1962
    Operation Dominic II — 1962–1963
    Operation Storax — 1963
    Operation Niblick — 1963–1964
    Operation Whetstone — 1964–1965
    Operation Flintlock — 1965–1966
    Operation Latchkey — 1966–1967
    Operation Crosstie — 1967–1968
    Operation Bowline — 1968–1969
    Operation Mandrel — 1969–1970
    Operation Emery — 1970

    Operation Grommet — 1971–1972
    Operation Toggle — 1972–1973
    Operation Arbor — 1973–1974
    Operation Bedrock — 1974–1975
    Operation Anvil — 1975–1976
    Operation Fulcrum — 1976–1977
    Operation Cresset — 1977–1978
    Operation Quicksilver — 1978–1979
    Operation Tinderbox — 1979–1980
    Operation Guardian — 1980–1981
    Operation Praetorian — 1981–1982
    Operation Phalanx — 1982–1983
    Operation Fusileer — 1983–1984
    Operation Grenadier — 1984–1985
    Operation Charioteer — 1985–1986
    Operation Musketeer — 1986–1987
    Operation Touchstone — 1987–1988
    Operation Cornerstone — 1988–1989
    Operation Aqueduct — 1989–1990
    Operation Sculpin — 1990–1991
    Operation Julin — 1991–1992

    • Jebus Jebus

      A while back, I thought it was great living in these times, modern auto’s, computers, smartphones, the internet.
      I got to see all of this come about in a 50 year lifetime.
      Happened kinda fast, don’t you think?
      With that post, Now I’m not feelin so lucky…

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Just looking at one of these series, Operation Storax:
      Operation Storax[1] was a series of 48 American nuclear tests which took place in 1962 and 1963, including the Sedan blast, which was part of the Plowshare program.
      The individual blasts were:
      Name Date Size
      July 6 104 kilotons
      MERRIMAC July 13 20-200 kilotons
      WICHITA July 27 < 20 kilotons
      YORK August 24 < 20 kilotons
      BOBAC August 24 < 20 kilotons
      RARITAN September 6 < 20 kilotons
      HYRAX September 14 < 20 kilotons
      PEBA September 20 < 20 kilotons
      ALLEGHENY September 29 < 20 kilotons
      MISSISSIPPI October 5 115 kilotons
      ROANOKE October 12 < 20 kilotons
      WOLVERINE October 12 < 20 kilotons
      TIOGA October 18 < 20 kilotons
      BANDICOOT October 19 12.5 kilotons
      SANTEE October 27 < 20 kilotons
      ST.LAWRENCE November 9 < 20 kilotons
      GUNDI November 15 < 20 kilotons
      ANACOSTIA November 27 5.2 kilotons
      TAUNTON December 4 < 20 kilotons
      TENDRAC December 7 < 20 kilotons
      MADISON December 12 < 20 kilotons
      NUMBAT December 12 < 20 kilotons
      MANATEE December 14 < 20 kilotons
      CASSELMAN February 8 < 20 kilotons
      ACUSHI February 8 < 20 kilotons
      FERRET February 8 < 20 kilotons
      HATCHIE February 8 < 20 kilotons
      CHIPMUNK February 15 < 20 kilotons
      CARMEL February 21 < 20 kilotons
      KAWEAH February 21 3 kilotons
      JERBOA March 1 < 20 kilotons
      TOYAH March 15 < 20 kilotons
      GERBIL March 29 < 20 kilotons
      FERRET PRIME April 5 < 20 kilotons
      COYPU April 10 < 20 kilotons
      CUMBERLAND April 11 < 20 kilotons
      KOOTANAI April 24 < 20 kilotons
      PAISANO April 24 < 20 kilotons
      GUNDI PRIME May 9 < 20 kilotons
      HARKEE May 17 < 20 kilotons
      TEJON May 17 < 20 kilotons
      STONES May 22 20-200 kilotons
      PLEASANT May 29 < 20 kilotons
      YUBA June 5 3.1 kilotons
      HUTIA June 6 < 20 kilotons
      APSHAPA June 6 < 20 kilotons
      MATACO June 14 < 20 kilotons
      KENNEBEC June 25 < 20 kilotons

    • WindorSolarPlease

      AZ at times is higher than you would think it should be.
      It’s probably our Plants.

  • Cindy

    I think California is due for a large earthquake soon, I have that funny feeling … (Hate it !!) I’d rather not know …

  • “We have all the locations mapped and know where the contaminated areas are and this fire is not burning near them,” she told The Associated Press. “It’s further than two miles from the nearest impacted soils.”

    So 2 miles, and we know the winds have not blown in 60 years there so no contaminated soil would have moved or been pick up by any source, animals or human nor vehicles running through the area ?

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    One I missed – came through a Tweet
    The Truth of Nuclear Power Plants
    Long but riveting talk by Hiroaki Koide (U.Kyoto) Perverse laws r discussed towards the end.

  • M Curie M Curie

    Don’t feel bad, experiments with radioactive materials were going on way before you were born 50 yrs ago. And killing people, including good ole Madam Curie who died from her experiments. In the beginning researchers really didn’t know the ramifications and information moved slowly – unlike now.

    Although much more is known today, big money and politics have kept it quiet. It takes something like Fuk to awaken many – but the majority are still oblivious. Maybe the “fat, dumb and happy” will live just as long as those who are aware – they obviously suffer less stress!

    BTW Anyone notice the proposed long-term storage site, Yucca Mt, is sitting in Nellis also and the proximity to Vegas?

  • theypoisonus

    Even tho this is an older thread, I wanted to share a couple of things about the Nev. site.
    1. It is known as Area 52 ( as in area 51) Alot of nuclear testing there over the years as xdrfox shows.

    2.Those earlier years, alot of Western Cowboy and other movies were made quite close. A number of actors and actresses stated later in live they believed they got cancer because they never alerted anyone about what they were doing there.
    One actor was John Wayne.
    (I’m an old movie buff for years and years and have read countless books, articles, etc. on their lives.

  • Mark

    They made a lot of nuclear explosions in the fifties, XDr Fox’s list is huge, what about the secret experiments they don’t tell you about ( military secrecy)Seems obvious that some radiated particles are gonna burn. A couple of miles from test site? Not good. People used to drive out from Cali and sit on top of Vegas Hotels to watch the show. Innocent times.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Very NICE Tweet just came through for EX-skf
    MyFukushima Fukushima
    Need Facts on _Fukushima_ Disaster? I added a link on my blog to this: Japanese kid who…
    I love it when tweets like this come through. It shows PEOPLE CARE and validly point to GRASSROOTS type blogs.
    I’m thinking I might get a Twitter acct and post to the Fukusall Tag too. I could tweet this sight, HP and Reality Check.
    Ummmm…I’ll think that over.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    I knew it! I just KNEW this Rupert Murdoch thing was about to get bigger and BIGGER!
    NewsCorp attempted to hack phones of 9-11 victims. Now America is a player in this scandal.
    Can we hope we’ll find some LEAKS on Fukashima? On the Plants HERE? Wait for it! It will come I bet!

  • Jebus Jebus

    It just occurred to me. Are we (the regular posters here) all over 40?
    Are all the younger ones, who didn’t live through the beginning of all this, the baby boomers kids, are they the oblivious ones?

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      I don’t know Jebus. I’m fairly new so really don’t know the ages of others. It would be curious to know…ARE THERE YOUNG ONES HERE? I pray to God there is!

      • Mark

        I hope young people here. Me 50 in grade 6 we had to bring newspaper clippings in and do news presentation for class every day a different group, no calculators, I work with young people and yes they are smart but generally do not follow current events or understand Canadian parliament system etc etc. Not putting down younger generation but I truly believe public education better when I was young. Who’s young posting ( or reading ) here?

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          Did Canada Dumb Kids down like here in the US? We oldtimers have watch a STUPIDITY take over like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Sure it took decades but we’ve watched it year after year. Same problem with you up there?
          Whatever the answer is, it brings me to realization: We HAVE TO GET MORE BLOGS GOING (as discussed other thread) to Wake these frigging Sheeple up! THERE IS NO OTHER WAY. All the smart ones here should do it. I’d name them but there’s so many.
          I’m good at spreading links.
          There just HAS to be a better answer than all of sitting here going: OMG!
          (easy for ME to say, I know)

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            We ALL should probably start Tweeting too. Early on at HP I used to go to other ACTIVE threads and say: “Forget what the Repub’s are doing! Fukushima should be on everybody’s RADAR!” I’ve kinda stopped doing that – dunno why. The answer with HP is….catch a THREAD WHILE HOT! And sadly threads on Japan NEVER STAY hot. (pushed to back pages)
            I’ll start doing that again though. Its slipped my mind the last couple of weeks. 🙂 Hit the Front Top Article and GO TO TOWN.
            Remember: We are fighting a very BIG INDUSTRY and a dumbed down POPULATION.
            Bla, bla bla…talking your ears off tonight. Sorry.

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            Oh man! I just figured out what’s up with me!!
            VINO! WINE! That’s what it is. Bla, Bla, Bla IS WHY. Hope everyone has a great night! I’m hanging back for a bit to watch the FIREWORKS (tweets) then off to bed. Wine does it everytime. (it’s early TOO so SAD 🙁 )

          • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

            Whoopie, I find it’s the older ones who are “dumbed down” and the younger generation who are wiser than their years in what their country is really like. My grandchildren give me great hope for the future…if only radiation does not cut them short.

      • Still have the younge boy in me !
        : P

      • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

        Body ancient, mind younger than springtime.

    • I’m over 45 and a college professor. I can tell you that 97 percent or so of the young people I encounter are oblivious.

      However, I don’t know if my students are representative of all young people.

      My experience though is that young people DO NOT WANT TO KNOW. It is very disturbing.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      I’m 36

  • Mark

    The young people seem fairly disenfranchised older generation to blame not called the me generation for nothing.
    Original Hippies moved on to become Yuppies, a generation bought for cheap..

    • Old man take a look at my life. I’m a lot like you. I need someone to love me the whole day through. Ah, one look in my eyes …

    • milk and cheese milk and cheese

      I teach in Canada. The students make projects, many of which contain dark themes. Death is a recurring character. I am sorry for them. They know.
      When I was a young girl I never expected to live to this age. No one my age did, we all expected to die in a nuclear war. Now, it will be a nuclear ‘peace’.

      • Mark

        Sure respect what teachers do but why can’t 20 somethings do math in their head? Understand different countries political systems? Even overheard at Starbucks thirty something teachers preparing assignments compare US and Canada political systems as similar. Had to correct canada parliament system based on england US not.

        Would you agree us older people had better education?

        • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

          Not necessarily. We had more time to pursue education. Life was much simpler then. Also, not as much to learn. We were not “latchkey” kids; that helped.

          • Mark

            Yes we were not latchkey kids at least not many of us back then.

            But I don’t know about how we had more time to pursue education. Back then if you were dumb you were dumb and they kept you back a grade these days nobody wants to hurt anybodies feelings and I think they tend to push you along anyways. Apparently this goes right to sports where everyone gets “participation medal” instead of !st 2nd 3rd. But I agree with above post Kids dont want to know, more of a jaded attitude coupled with worse education, never heard about education budget shortfalls and higher education was more attainable 40 years ago with better career results

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    On my way to bed I checked the front page at HP. Get a load of this shit enenews LADIES!!

    ‘If They Want To Have A Good Time, Why Not Let Them Pay For It?’

    I DESPISE THE GOP! If…IF I could, I’d mow them down with my LAWNMOWER. Grrrrr

  • nuclearpowerisdeath

    sorry a bit off topic of the article but not of the site:

    France’s Parliament has voted to ban the controversial oil/natural gas extraction technique known as fracking, making it the first nation to do so.

    Source: Planetsave (

    As reported in the June 30 on-line edition of Le Monde, the French Parliament has voted to ban hydraulic fracturing — the natural gas extracting technique known popularly as ‘fracking’.

    The law had passed the National Assembly (France’s “lower” chamber of Parliament) nine days earlier and then moved on to the Senate, where the measure passed by a small majority of 176 (yes) to 151 (no). This makes France the first nation to ban the controversial extraction technique.

    The vote fell mostly along party or ideological lines, with most pro-business conservatives voting against the ban and most liberals voting in favor. However, several of the opposing votes came from Socialist party members of Parliament — who typically side with their Liberal colleagues on many issues — who opposed it because of alleged loopholes in the law that would still permit other forms of shale extraction. An earlier measure introduced by the Socialist party sought to ban all forms of extraction from deep shale beds.

    The new law provides a two month notification period in which companies with current oil shale drilling permits must notify the state as to which extraction technique they are using; if fracking is declared, or if the company fails to respond within that time period, the permits will be revoked.

    Meanwhile, back in the U.S., the state of New York is moving towards lifting its moratorium on the practice, despite growing concerns over the toxic brew of chemicals used in the hydraulic fluids and more recent evidence that drinking water near fracking sites (those within one kilometer radius) have been contaminated by thermogenic methane (which derives from deep, shale bed sources), making the drinking/tap water unsafe and sometimes highly flammable…”


  • ZombiePlanet ZombiePlanet

    FUKUSHIMA UPDATE: Dr. Bill Deagle tonight.

    Appears to be second hour at:

    10:00 pm til 1:00 am EDT.

  • nuclearpowerisdeath

    Even France to prioritize renewable over nuclear energy

    French ecology minister, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, has announced plans for France to step up its investments in renewable energy, throwing into doubt future nuclear power expansion in the country. France gets 80% of its electricity from its 58 reactors. “Our objective is to rebalance the energy mix in favour of renewables,” Kosciusko-Morizet told the Financial Times. Regarding the future of nuclear, she told the FT: “We are investing in [nuclear] safety, not in growth objectives as we are doing in renewables.” France is launching a bid for five new offshore wind farms.

  • ZombiePlanet ZombiePlanet

    That is, 10-O-clock Eastern Day Light time, USA.

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    Why does the subtitle, “Feds checking for radiation” …not give me any sense of security or comfort?

    • you might find this interesting–it confirms what we know

      BP, The Gulf and Amoratized Lack of Responsibility

      Put the two together, starting with this most recent article published July 9 2011

      Title “BP Pressing to Head Off Future Claims From Oil Spill” in AZ Republic page 2 July 9, 2011
      “BP is arguing that victims of last year’s Gulf oil spill should not be paid any more claims for future losses because the areas affected by the spill have recovered and the economy is improving”


      Published at Firedog Lake by Dr. Kirk J. Murphy

      Read the entire article at the link

      McCallister, vice president of Allegiance Capital Corp. in Dallas, has been trying since June 5 to offer a dozen Greek skimming vessels from a client for the cleanup.

      “By sinking and dispersing the oil [WITH COREXIT], BP can amortize the cost of the cleanup over the next 15 years or so, as tar balls continue to roll up on the beaches, rather than dealing with the issue now by removing the oil from the water with the proper equipment,” McCallister testified earlier this week before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. “As a financial adviser, I understand financial engineering and BP’s desire to stretch out its costs of remediating the oil spill in the Gulf. By managing the cleanup over a period of many years, BP is able to minimize the financial damage as opposed to a huge expenditure in a period of a few years…


      • Mark

        It just doesn’t make sense that USA wouldn’t hold BP accountable for all the hard-ship and economic loss Gulf Oil Spill caused and is still causing. Now a non issue far away over the MSM horizon. But searching children and old ladies in airports due to terrorism and national security, while spending TRILLIONS on foreign wars that seem to be replays of Vietnam (without the draft so no anti-war movement) . And now seems the pentagon is also supporting Tepco in the same way by withholding radiation measurements.

        If it doesn’t make sense I guess I’m missing something…..

        • Workers are no longer needed to extract value.

          It can be done through high frequency trading or by assaulting entire nations such as Greece and buying up firesale assets.

          Wokers not needed, workers expendable–although, I don’t believe it is planned depopulation.

          • Mark

            Yeah but these environmental disasters can’t be good for the economy, BP causes collapse of fishing and tourist trade Fukushima might trigger collapse of economy of Japan and many cancer victims will be a drag on USA. These events are like acts of war why arn’t we retaliating?

          • The corporations and hedge funds and powerful individuals that control government include GE, BP, Exxon-(whatever it is now), etc. Same scenario in Japan.

            These entities don’t care about Florida’s tourist trade or Japan’s cattle ranchers.

            These entities have no national allegiances. They will probably buy up property in uncontaminated areas, if there are any left…

          • Gotta go to bed Mark–nice chatting with you…


          • Mark

            Likewise. I like that word, Neofuedalism! What we were talking about!

      • Great find majia, Thx

  • Ariana

    yeah, sure the fucking feds are testing…however, it is most assuredly only for research purposes. We are all lab rats!

    • I totally agree. The people who do this research are completely sociopathic.

      Read Goliszek’s In the Name of Science and Welsome’s The Plutonium Files.

  • This may sound crazy but I want people’s honest viewpoints.

    I’ve lived in the same house almost 11 years. The batteries have to be changed periodically in the house fire detectors but they never all go off on the same day.

    Today all but 2 or 3 of them went off. They didn’t beep. They blared and then stopped abruptly, only to repeat several minutes or hours later.

    I finally called the fire dept and they said to replace the batteries, it could be aged detectors, and they noted that THIS HAS BEEN HAPPENING ALOT IN THE LAST 3 MONTHS.

    I live in Phoenix.

  • Mark

    Are they old?
    Your thinking that your Ionization Detector is being set off by radio-active particles?

    I’m no expert but it sounds reasonable

  • Yes the detectors are about 10 years old and I did read when I googled the problem that they do need to be changed approximately every 10 years but I wonder why so many people’s are having problems.

    I don’t think they are being set off by present radiation so much as wonder whether the radiation in the detectors might have been impacted some how by increased ionizing radiation in the air over the last 3 months period….?????

  • Mark

    Could be a demographic issue many people bought smoke detectors ten years ago in your area. Maybe insurance offered bonus for having smoke detectors installed ten years ago?

  • Mark

    Radiation is something most including me know nothing about. We all know we are being lied to and truth withheld so it is easy to start worrying. Don’t think it effects smoke detectors that way. I take iodine is that crazy? Peace

  • There is actually radiation in smoke detectors

    “Ionization chamber smoke detectors contain a small amount of radioactive material encapsulated in a metal chamber. They take advantage of the ions created by ionizing radiation to develop a low, but steady electrical current. Smoke particles entering the chamber disrupt the current and trigger the detector’s alarm. Ionization chamber detectors react more quickly to fast flaming fires that give off little smoke.”

    Still, it could very well be a demographic issue, I just don’t know enough about whether ionizing radiation could affect the radiation in the smoke detectors

  • maaa

    The question should be are smoke detectors safe since it contains radioactive material.

  • Smoke detectors contain Americium 241 with a half life of 432 years and hence remain actively dangerous for 4320 years! And with the kind of care that people take even with regard to monsters like Fuku these detectors may find themselves close to life and they will just hush it up because it will create panic(sic)! If prtions of the Am241 get into the food chain, know ye all that dose has no meaning for internal emitters. I saw to it that in the company where I was working they replaced these with photoelectric types-all of some thousands- I carried the staff with me!

  • op’s

    21 August 1945
    Harry K. Daghlian Jr. was killed during the final stages of the Manhattan Project (undertaken at Los Alamos, New Mexico to develop the first atomic bomb) from a radiation burst released when a critical assembly of fissile material was accidentally brought together by hand. This incident pre-dated remote-control assembly of such components, but the hazards of manual assembly were known at the time (the accident occurred during a procedure known as “tickling the dragon’s tail”). A similar incident, involving another fatality, occurred the following year (see next entry), after which hand-maniuplations of critical assemblies was abandoned…

    21 May 1946
    A nuclear criticality accident occured at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory in New Mexico. Eight people were exposed to radiation, and one, Louis Slotin, died nine days later later of acute radiation sickness….