Video: Fukushima debris “waist high” on Canadian island; “Catastrophic death” trapped in nets, it’s horrifying; 15-mile long lines of floating trash — Journalist: Radioactive tsunami debris found far from Fukushima plant — Global concern over spread of contamination

Published: July 29th, 2014 at 8:55 pm ET


West Coast Fishermen ‘Fukushima debris waist high’, Jozef Vass, June 15, 2014:

> Video #1 — 3:00 in

  • Fisherman 1: We saw some dolphins… lots of sea lions… and lots of junk from Japan.
  • Question: I was wondering about Fukushima, and all the stuff… You’re seeing that debris?
  • Fisherman 2: Oh yeah… southwest of Langara [Island] — waist high, full of everything. It’s incredible, piles and piles… Drift nets up there with catastrophic death in them, it’s just horrifying… If you want to see incredible stuff, southwest of Langara… the drift nets have got everything in it dead… it’s bad, real bad — that all comes across from Fukushima… The currents are big, bringing everything in. We’ll see tide lines for 10-15 miles of just rows of shit floating […]
  • Question: Were you given any warning by the government that it could be radioactive or dangerous to your health?
  • Fisherman 3: No.

> Video #2 — 6:00 in

  • Question: Other fishermen… are saying that there’s a lot of debris out in the ocean now.
  • Fisherman: A lot of debris from the tsunami… lots… everywhere — Refrigerators floating around… upside-down boats.

Stanford University fellow Brendan Jones, July 27, 2014: The opener [of salmon season in Alaska] continued… giddiness only increased. Perhaps folks were becoming a little drunk with radioactivity from all the Japanese tsunami debris — buoys, plastic stroller wheels, a bat of some sort […]

KPBS, July 3, 2014: Author Kimball Taylor… found that while there are concerns globally about contaminated water spreading, surfers in Japan have returned to the water… Taylor spoke with surfers living in the city of Sendai [100 km north of Fukushima Daiichi]Host: You’re a surfer; did you go in the water? Taylor: No, I didn’t. The whole point was to surf. We’re going along the coast…. checking all the surf spots. The water’s 40ºF… I have my Geiger counter and I’m walking along and measuring tsunami trash, and it’s pinging and ticking… I just looked at the surf and thought, ‘Nah.’ […] The event is not over, there’s and estimate of 400 tons of contaminated groundwater coming through, underneath the Fukushima Daiichi plant every day… This is not over by any means. >> Full interview here

Watch video #1 with the fishermen here and video #2 here

Published: July 29th, 2014 at 8:55 pm ET


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84 comments to Video: Fukushima debris “waist high” on Canadian island; “Catastrophic death” trapped in nets, it’s horrifying; 15-mile long lines of floating trash — Journalist: Radioactive tsunami debris found far from Fukushima plant — Global concern over spread of contamination

  • slayer454 slayer454

    Fukushima facts and how to protect yourself

  • name999 name999

    ughhh. Ugly. Tragedy.

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Pacific Ocean- Fukushima radiation, the pacific garbage patch, corexit/oil in the gulf, Fracking/Exploring the ocean floor everywhere with sonic sound equipment killing all the sea life in the process.

      Once the oceans are dead, everyone is dead.

      At 7:40 in on video 2 " But of common sense has no real role in government, as for logic that ships sailed a long time ago…"

      Yes, that ship sailed many moons ago.

  • Bay Area Guy 2

    Wonderful. Just…..wonderful. It just seems like the entire world is going to hell in a handbasket. In North America, we have the radiation, WIPP, the remnants of the crap they use to "absorb" the oil from the BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig, and we have fracking everywhere. Europe's either going to freeze this winter or have a war to get natural gas from Russia. Africa has the Ebola virus. Asia has its own war drums beating. Not to mention that the US government seems hell-bent on starting a war with someone…..anyone. The only two places I don't seem to know of any major problems are Australia and South America, although South America has some hefty economic problems.

    So, could someone please burst my cheerful outlook on Australia and South America? I'd like to be fully depressed before I go to sleep tonight.


    I wonder if Dana know these guys in Canada.

    Now this description is for atomic pay traitors of humanity. You know who you are!

    Faulty inferior atomic reactor goes fart boom, boom. Fuel rods go whoosh into the air popping all over. Sea washes all around because logic of atomic nuclear reactor designers state build reactors on unstable tectonic ground. Wishy washy into sea. As wishy, washy travels it murders life forms happily heading to where the reactors were designed. Spraying boom, boom with salt water changes the nature of the Pandorian release of atomic negligence pollution, thus making it a great travel companion with wishy, wash off.

    The moral of this parable is, playing GOD when you don't know what you're doing is bad boy stuff and can cause civilisations to no longer exists.

    I'm a good boy warning others, so I get what's called self esteem. I don't have to steal esteem that's called pride. The devil is known as the king of pride.

    Are you proud atomic murderers, traitors of humanity.

    • Homolumina Homolumina

      Another spoken from the heart of hearts – the place of truth – Thank you Eko Klap$$EbolaAlert

  • slayer454 slayer454

    I'm sure most of you reading this already know or suspect that Fukushima is a global event. We can all cover our eyes and ears but it's not going away in our lifetimes. My advice is avoid eating seafood unless you know where it's from. Avoid going out in the rain/snow. You can see the radiation levels go up on… . I've watched netc for the past year and nearly every rain/snow storm makes the sensors go up. Is it Fukushima radiation ?… Only God and Governments know.


      God's people know my friend, governments decided to work with the other guy.

      Personally if I was living in Atlantia (USA) I would buy oranges from Texas above California. Why? because the cesium contamination would be reduced in the Texas produce. Then use chelation techniques to bind atomic particles for excretion from the body. GMO abomination food actually welcome ionised atomic radiation like strawberries to a horse. Enhancing atomic binding to DNA.

      Keep up the good works my friend.

      Did you know that Atlantia (USA) is second only to China in zapping to death good foods with atomic cobalt 60 bombardment? Research your foods and buy foods not processed by food nutrient murderers. If it's on a supermarket shelf it's highly likely to have gone through a zip zapper bombarder. (for Atlantians USA)


    • 富岡_Blue_Heron 富岡_Blue_Heron

      I've been monitoring for about six months. My little GQ is set to alarm at a little over what I think is twice average ambient. The last time it alarmed was on a nice sunny day last week. I don't know if it's stuff from FD, WIPP, radon (doubtful in clear dry wx spell, no?) or something from a NPP. But I do know my detector is on the job, and I feel better knowing than not knowing. The bad news – it's in the air. How do you contain that? Seems to me, by virtue of event signature to be a gaseous transient.

  • West coast storms in these waves of appliances, boats, nets, & garbage will be a major issue this Winter, coming to a beach near you. I imagined early on, there would be soup kitchen tents feeding homeless, and volunteers who are helping to clean up the miles of beaches. No doubt there will be too much red tape, and finger pointing for such an orderly removal of the trash however.

  • jec jec

    Anyone testing this stuff for Radiation? They should….

  • The KPBS video was interesting.

    He stated that about 50% of the surfers there have returned to the water. It's cultural. They don't think about it.

    I feel the surfers there are making a horrible mistake that they will regret.

    In other words they ignore it, continue on and hope for the best.

    If the debris there is 'hot' then most likely it will be here too. 😉

  • nedlifromvermont

    on and on and on it goes … Thanks Be To GE …

    They knew the reactors were of shitty, too small design;

    They insisted on selling them anyway … on putting our country at risk for catastrophic contamination anyway … despite what troll/shills say about total size of Earth or volume of our limited atmosphere …

    Eternal shame on GE for forcing this madness on us … cutting corners to gain market share … for rushing product out the door with insufficient testing … they were scared of losing market share … they would put reactor systems up for sale while the design phase was still incomplete …. the GE Mark III pressure suppression pool blowdown surge problem is hard evidence of this phenomenon … cited in Dale Bridenbaugh's Congressional testimony …

    for shame, for shame … to put it mildly …

    peace …

  • I haven't read the actual articles yet but am hoping the amount of news regarding Fukushima now (spun or not) will raise the familiarity level and put it back in peoples' minds. How can anyone on the west coast *not* be talking about it.

    Maybe I can use my mom as sort of a barometer. I call her twice a week and she always tells me what's on the boob tube and how the news is bad, bad, bad. She even brought up chem trails on her own for the first time while we were comparing weather. (She's on the Olympic Peninsula)

  • VyseLegendaire VyseLegendaire

    Somebody get these videos out to Dana Durnford…

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Beautiful girl by Dana is here and he uses us for a lot of his stuff with full credit , he's here somewhere hi Dana !
    He will see it , are you subscribed if so post him the links too and any other you find , what to you think of his new studio ?? I love it . I have been following him for years , as well as Kb , but he attracted me unprovoked .. I'm waiting for a sorry,

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Attracted me KB

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Dan swell check attacked me

  • fragilespecies

    In the past 3 years thyroid testing has gone through the roof. I do the labs for a private physician in NE Alabama. Geriatric practice. It is my sincere belief that the numbers of thyroid issues and cancers are at least in part due to Fuku…and it will only increase as time passes. To TPTB…who will you look to when your blood values start changing?…because they surely will too. I keep thinking that we as a race/species are smarter than this…apparently not.

  • jackassrig

    …we haven't had any accidents for months now… Everything on that island is perfectly fine."
    -Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park

    • Kashiko Kashiko

      And… 'They were so busy wondering if they could, they never stopped to think if they should.'

      • earthsmith earthsmith


        Coulda,shoulda, just plain didn't….CARE!

        The innocents always bear the truth…the creatures who never asked for energy or money.

        The nukers will cry and whine…..we could never have imagined in a million years this would of happened…then they will ask for money….then they and the governments and there sweaty sack licking agencies will be flogged for eternity.

        The universe never forgets and always says yes.

  • Nick

    As folks lament the cool days of summer (I know not everywhere is experiencing such), I can't help but shake my head when I think about the toxic legacy that will span far longer than a summer, let alone a decade, or thousands of years for that matter, wasting ecosystems all across the planet.

    This event, known as 3/11/11, unleashed forces humans have no business f'ing around with. No computer models modeled 3/11. And none can at present either. Notice how the nukkies are keen on PREVENTING future fukups, disregarding the fact that Fukupshima is plenty to do the job, no need for terrons with suicide vests packed with cobalt-60.

    No, a giant dirty bomb of unimaginable consequences continues to sputter and fizzle under and into the Pacific. The floating debris is but a mere slice of the true horror.

    • Helena Handbasket Helena Handbasket

      Hi there, Nick-
      Just wanted to let you know that it was recently reported that the first six months in California have been the hottest on record. Sacramento, known for hot summers, has been especially brutal this summer. The multi-colored chem-clouds have been spectacular. I also noticed a dot-matrix style sky-advertisement for Geico Insurance the other day. The aircraft are certainly honing their toxic craft up there.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Yes, brutal, as if a Nuclear Radioactive Blow Torch has scorched/parched the land.. 🙁

        • Helena Handbasket Helena Handbasket

          Trees are dying all over my neighborhood- it's pretty scary (and sad).
          Odd looking weeds grew where the rain gutter leaks, last time it rained.
          Luckily, I was housebound, receiving radiation therapy and recovering from Chemo, during 3/11. Off for my bike ride, to commune with the wildlife along the American River. Followed by a vitamin c, spirulina, barley grass, and banana 😉 smoothie. What's a girl to do, after all?

          • Can anyone say radioactive Carbon 14?

          • Winterborn

            Getting up to the 30th floor in the downtown area, Sacramento still looks like a forest from the sheer volume of trees. It's just that the forest doesn't look as healthy and vibrantly green as it used to. There are more yellow and grey/brown tones in the visual canvas lately.

      • There hasn't been very much chem trail activity in my skies lately. (One could guess no need now)

        The pink never seems to go away in the evening horizon haze in any direction, looking WNES…doesn't matter. The clouds are two different types in the daytime. The familiar white fluffy changing shape every second with whimsical winds at work. The others are often the grey shades that have the dottled mottled appearance overall, sometimes with a darker bottom smirch. Those shapes hang together longer….it takes more wind to re-adjust their shapes. They seem to have a heavier composition, yet don't fall lower or join together as much as the fluffy white ones. Rather hard to describe properly.

  • Nick

    We will focus on the islands of death and overlook the fallout everywhere, not pausing for a second to ponder why so many people are getting lymphoma, etc.

    We will donate vast fortunes to centers of state of the art zap it industries (oops we already do that) and swallow all manner of pills to ward off our aches and ills, but few of us will stand up and say
    STOP, enough of this nuclear shit already. DU causes brain changes, not just DNA alterations.

    Fukushima is also altering the very way you think and sleep on the quantum level, as shared electrons in molecules get bumped by the wayward, forever bits of 4 failed nuclear reactors and much of their spent fuel loads.

    I know Monsanto also is poisoning the planet.

    I know that the sun causes skin cancer.

    But I refuse to drink the koolaid most folks sip.

  • dunkilo

    has anyone tested some of this ,esp debris picked up by folks who are trying to help? NO OF COURSE NOT!!People could be being dosed by who knows how much ?Has anybody heard anything about testing debris ?I think I heard that radionuclides tend to group together in the oceans,forming patches ,do you think these hot patches join some how with the debris?
    Im no rocket surgeon 😉 just sayin'

  • meanwhile, back on the pharm:

    "the radiation levels are above normal, they’re about half of the maximum considered a health concern"

    just another ex military base among thousands that are toxic and lethal forever.

    • dunkilo

      Treasure island we found it ! Arrgggghh me hearties ,there be the most unsuspected treasure buried here!!Start digging mates!! I be keeping a watch of the ship!;)
      The low levels are fine……….breathe deep …:(

      • Shiver meeee timbers, tharrssss GOOLLLLDDDD in them thar Treasure Island, in the form of free medical radioactive elements. Just dig them up, and sleep with them under your pillow for free radiation treatment. This is worth anywhere from $50,000 to $500,0000…

        You will be RICH and healthy to boot, according to the hormesis theory spouting pro nuclear apologists.. the more radiation the better says Anne Colter of Fox News..

        Rachel Maddow – Hormesis Promoting Republican Art Robinson Wants To Sprinkle Radioactive Waste From Airplanes Over Cities? via @AGreenRoad

  • Speedy

    Did anyone else think, after hearing about the lightning strikes in California, that sounds like ionized air similar to WIPP ? Or am I just suspicious about anything strange ? (Yes,I am)

  • Sol Man

    Very small, yet massively conflicted people, are wiping-out what used to be the most sacred.

  • demise demise

    Where did the surfer guy in the story hear that it was over. There is no way that this could ever be contemplated except by lying govt officials.

  • nuclear pollution nuclear pollution

    Lately pro-nukes are going out of their way to say krypton-85 doesn't need to be monitored by the EPA and has little effect…


    Look what I found:

    Krypton 85 and CLIMATE CHANGE:

    “If confirmed this would imply that a changing concentration of krypton-85 could affect to some extent the earth’s climate.”

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      I saw two comments to the EPA. They want there to be absolutely no limits to Krypton-85 because thorium reactors give off huge amounts of Krypton-85. So does reprocessing nuclear fuel. So do nuclear accidents. It not only destroys the atmosphere, it is radioactive and adds to the amount people are exposed to radiation.

      Perhaps it also destroys the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere.

      Nuclear has got to go.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Great find! 🙂

  • maybesomeday

    Update on the Alaska ice seals and walruses: Tests for toxic algae, viruses, bacteria, and industrial contaminants came up negative. Test results for Fukushima radiation to be released in July.

  • mutante mutante

    in the last 200 years, we have turned the earth into a giant, chemical-ridden cesspool. We eat, breathe, drink, and bathe in our man-made filth – 24/7 — until we die.

    It is feeble to think, at this point in mankind's history, that we can somehow magically clean up what we have destroyed over the last 200 years. Mankind has not only ruined it for himself and all of his children, but for all living species on the planet earth.

    No idealism nor any magical thinking can clean up this irreversible mess.
    Fukushima is the final nail in our coffin.

  • Haidagwaii Haida Gwaii

    First Time posting.
    I just recently returned from a fishing to trip to Langara Island. I have been going on fishing trips to this area for 15 years. I was not in the area described by the fisherman. One day we circled Langara Island and saw 1 floating fishing ball(possibly from a commercial fishing boat 2 miles off Langara) and a 4×4 foot styrofoam chunk by Langara Rocks, north side of the island. I checked all salmon when they were being processed and didn't see any tumors or growths. Fishing was very good, best actually in the 15 years I've been going there. Yes the were plenty of whales, humpbacks and orcas. I was happy to see both pods had young. Herring were present in great numbers and thankfully they appeared healthy and large. I am concerned about Fukushima destroying this paradise. It is awe inspiring.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      I am so glad the area you were in was well.. 🙂 Other areas will not fair so well..

    • Sparky Sparky

      Welcome Haida Gwaii! Thanks for your report, which is especially valuable given that you've been visiting the area for the past 15 years. It is encouraging hear that the quantity and apparent health of the sea life in the area you visited is still very good. I hope it stays that way. I wonder if some of the sea life are fleeing the tsunami debris and migrating to the area you visit?

      Thanks, and keep on postin'. 🙂

    • Thanks and keep posting when you can….boots on the ground (or docks) info helps nail down specifics, timing. Do you port out of Canada or USA? Thanks.

  • Haidagwaii Haida Gwaii

    I actually fly into Massett(NE corner of Graham Island) and catch a helicopter to the the fishing lodge which is sheltered in a cove on the southend of Langara island. The lodge provides the boat.

    My parents found some salmon in their freezer from last year and I plan on testing it versus salmon caught this year to see if there is a change in radioactivity. I just bought a radex rd1503. Any suggestions as to if this will show anything? Thanks

    RE video. I believe they are ported in Ucuelet Harbor, westside of central Vancouver Island. Around 400 miles south of Langara island.

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