Floodwater enters turbine building at Ft. Calhoun nuclear plant

Published: June 27th, 2011 at 1:23 pm ET


Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant: Flood Seeps Into Turbine Building At Nebraska Nuke Station, AP, June 27, 2011:

Missouri River floodwater seeped into the turbine building at a nuclear power plant near Omaha on Monday, but plant officials said the seepage was expected and posed no safety risk because the building contains no nuclear material. […]

Omaha Public Power District spokesman Jeff Hanson said pumps were handling the problem at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station and that “everything is secure and safe.” […]

Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman Victor Dricks described the situation as stable. […]

Published: June 27th, 2011 at 1:23 pm ET


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86 comments to Floodwater enters turbine building at Ft. Calhoun nuclear plant

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    Yeah, who needs that old turbine anyway?

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    We meant to do that. Yes.

  • SteveMT

    They always say that everything is safe, stable, and that the latest failure was expected after the fact.

    They are again preparing to reheat that nearly dead frog.

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

      If it had really been expected to fail they would have said so to begin with. The spin is enough to make you dizzy.

  • “seepage” when the berm deflated water flowed unabated I’ll bet !

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    ‘Power District spokesman Jeff Hanson said pumps were handling the problem at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station and that “everything is secure and safe” ‘.

    If Jeff faces more serious developments, he said he will call in his boss, Captain Ron.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Posted to HP. They’re gonna have to WRITE A NEW ONE every minute the way this is going.

  • ZP

    Correct me if I am wrong, but from what I have been reading, the “official” consensus it that these conditions are to last thru August before the waters recede.

    Is that correct?

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

      That is my understanding. This cliff hanger could go on for several more weeks.

    • ZP

      There is no way that this facility will survive thru August under these conditions.

      • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

        That’s why everyone is so nervous. Especially if there is plutonium stored there. So long Beale Street. So long Bourbon Street.

  • Ariana

    Yes, yes… I feel brainwashed now… *There is no danger…no nuclear materials…radiation isn’t harmful to human health…all these cancer cases are caused by cigarettes, second hand smoke, car exhaust, and being unhappy…*
    *we are looking for weapons of mass destruction…*

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Have you noticed the INCREASE in anti-smoking ads? The increase in Lawyers commercials saying they’ll take your case if you’ve had adverse affects from DRUGS? (shame on FDA) And have you noticed the increase in articles stating “such and such” NOW found to cause CANCER? I think it’s all a PLOY/lies to cover the Radiation Effects soon to happen here in this country.

      • An lots of articles about chemicles in our bodies and childrens that cause cancer !

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          Boy, if nothing else, our society is waking up that WE ARE BEING LIED TO on every front, every step of the way. Which is great…but I’m afraid too late for the world. Took Japan and now here in the U.S. to get an outcry. HOpe we survive this…but it’s highly doubtful. Fetus’s ect.
          CRIMINALS! They should all be locked up!

          • Ariana

            You know, my husband and I want to have a baby really badly, but I am so thankful that I am not pregnant right now. I would be terrified. I have some friends who are pregnant, and of course, they are completely oblivious to the dangers their babies face.

        • Radioactive fallout children

          New York, New Jersey plan for special pediatric care during nuclear disaster
          By Marcia Frellick
          Monday June 27, 2011
          With nuclear instability still threatening Japan after the earthquake and tsunami in March, many Americans are concerned about how prepared U.S. healthcare networks are to handle similar nuclear disasters. New York and New Jersey are among the states formulating their own disaster plans, including strategies for caring for the youngest victims — those most susceptible to the effects of radiation.
          Signs and symptoms

          Because children are growing, more cells are repeatedly dividing in their bodies, and there is a greater opportunity for radiation to disrupt this process. The small size of their bodies also can make them more vulnerable….
          The bigger concern for children comes later if radioactive fallout enters the food and water supply.

          Over time, exposure to radiation has been proven a risk factor for thyroid cancer,
          Children have a disproportionately higher minute ventilation, leading to greater internal exposure to…

      • Ariana

        Yes, Whoopie! My family thinks I’m crazy because I believe radiation is the cause for all the cancer in this world. I know one thing: My great grandmother smoked unfiltered Camels from the time she was 12 years old. She lived to be 95; died from “natural causes.” I think they are using tobacco as a scape-goat. I also think that all of these stupid reports of everything under the sun causing cancer is a bunch of lies just out there to keep us from realizing the truth.

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          Yeah, I noticed in the last 2 weeks, HP has headlines stating just that. New Discovery of Cancer causing agent. I call BS.
          And I’m sorry. Your family sounds like mine.

          • Ariana

            My Mom, at least, agrees with me. But everyone else just thinks I’m cracked. I’ll say this though: I have been trying very hard to enjoy my life more lately. I feel like we don’t have much time left.
            I saw a video on youtube where this scientist was talking about the increase in cancer cases since 1945, and now I can’t find it. (of course) She had a map of the U.S. displaying all of the cases, which were not so coincidentally clumped around nuclear power plants. It was pretty scary, esp considering I live within a stones throw of about 4 of them.

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            Wow…that’s interesting. I think they’ve talked about that on the HP threads. More cancers around the plants.
            As far as my life, I’m not stopping anything I do outdoors. I can’t – and survive mentally. NWest here.

        • Much was pre fallout tobacco !

          Pre nuke age of testings !

        • StPaulScout StPaulScout

          Cigarettes cause lung cancer period. Your grandmother simply beat the odds.

          • Rica E

            The woman who was the oldest in the world at 114 did not quit smoking till she was 97 . My best friends dad , another life long smoker after dying from a fatal head wound, was found to have pink lungs on autopsy. The worst part of the cancer travesty is the heaps of money and tears that go to find the cure org.s when cancer facilities that treat with wholesome foods and supplements like the gerson method, are forced to operate over the border in TJ.

        • Mark

          Cigarettes aren’t healthy but no one will know if it was the cigarettes or combination of cigarettes and nuclear fall-out and other poisons like paint fumes household cleaners gasoline fumes etc etc. that caused cancer. No catalog of cancer victims occupations that I know of.
          Met a young man who had his leg amputated due to cancer his doc told him off the record his cancer most likely caused by nuclear fall-out.

          Used to live in Toronto Canada and remember 20-30 years ago rumblings of higher cancer rates and birth defects around local Pickering Nuclear Plant. Data suppressed. Vancouver has lowest cancer rates in Canada attributed to our lifestyle but Toronto has more pollution more nukes etc etc. Vancouver less industrialized no nukes drinking water comes from mountain water not Lake Ontario (Toronto water supply source) with many nukes on shore routinely dumping low level radiated water into that Lake. Bottom line official stance is we don’t know why cancer rates have increased over latter half of 20th century and beyond. But we are working on it!

          • They dumped some nuke waste in a lake in Canada last month !

            MEDIA RELEASE
            For Immediate Release
            May 16, 2011
            Nuclear waste repository is a serious threat to the Great Lakes, warns Council of Canadians

            The Council of Canadians is warning of the risks from a proposed nuclear waste repository on Lake Huron. The Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has submitted a proposal for a deep geologic disposal facility on the Bruce Nuclear site in Kincardine, Ontario. The facility will be 680 metres underground and only one mile away from Lake Huron.

            YouTube – Canada nuclear plant accident turns drinking water …

            14 Mar 2011 … Uploaded by AFAskygoddess on Mar 17, 2011. Nuclear plant admits that 73000 litres of radioactive water was dumped into Lake Ontario, …

            YouTube – In Case You Missed It – Canada’s Nuclear ‘Accident …

            14 Mar 2011… 73000 liters of radioactive water was dumped into Lake …

            YouTube – Pickering Nuclear Plant Leak 19000 gallons of water into …
            Nuclear plant admits that 73000 litres of radioactive water was dumped into …

          • milk and cheese milk and cheese

            Well with the Fukushima radiation, Vancouver will catch up with Toronto really fast now.

          • milk and cheese milk and cheese

            xdrfox, thank you for posting that notice of the ‘accidental’ release of radiation three days after Fukushima. I noticed that at the time. What a convenient thing Fukushima was for them, distracting from any unwelcome attention. I kept thinking things would be different when I moved up here, and they are not.

      • Could be because 3/4 of all nuclear plants in the U.S. have been leaking radioactive tritium for years.

        Some in Canada too (Chalk River is one) – leaking into the Ottawa River.

        So, a regular day for most people now is tritium, Corexit, PCB’s, dioxins, background from the ’60’s, a wee scoop of Chernobyl and Fukey-flavored icing.

  • Ariana

    Possibly a stupid question, but something I’m curious about: why would they fill this berm with water? Perhaps sand would have been better? Maybe something NOT WET?!

    • Ever pack a sausage 2,000 ft. long and 6 ft high ??

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      Why didn’t they build the plant on higher ground? I mean come on, a nuclear plant in a known flood plain? That’s as stupid as putting them on a fault line or on the coast of the ocean where sunamis are common or, oh, never mind….

      • tony wilson

        read up…
        the people with the biggest amounts of money the most power believe in population control.
        no point in being rational when we are dealing with psychos that can kill anyone fron the pres on down to a security man called barry jennings.
        find ge,westinghouse,rothchilds,rockerfeller.
        bill gates,clinton,bush snr,liar blair.kissinger.
        all want the general non productive scum dead.
        it is a policy find a bad location and wait,then let nature take it’s course with water earth quake.also the 20 or 30 years you have to wait is still good cos the plant will be pumping slow cancer death into the environment.

      • Ariana

        Yeah, also, why don’t they start out with a giant wall around the thing, reaching underground in case of an accident? They spend astronomical amounts of money building these plants, but have absolutely no back-up in case of an accident.

    • Ariana

      Wow… that reminds me of the picture of that Kindergarten in Ukraine filled with gas masks. So depressing.

      • Or the one from early 70’s with the little girl and a FLASH of light,
        (helped leed to reduction of warheads both sides)
        We don’t have to be a FLASH of light, we know that now don’t we, we were deceived in believing nuclear power was safer or safe !

        • BetaFlare

          @xdrfox Here it is. Take a copy n spread… pls leave a msg u got it.


          • got, anything particular in it ?

          • BetaFlare

            Its displays how the funny circus works when 40yr ol plants are to be tuned up to 20% more power. With Plutonium mox. The reg board of N R C is a farce – just like the whole industry.

            Check specifcally on how the zero brain clown called scar bro ugh can spin the whole circus. No responsibility to anyone, plants blow up again and again, no changes. If changes are done, theyre done by TEPCO fucukids by welding more steel and causing meltdown danger. And these folks just keep talking…

            FORD: If you look at it, it’s September 2004, which is over two years since the first [disaster] occurrence. And yet they’re still talking about plans. Is there any motion or thoughts as to what the danger might be or the safety impact of just continuing to make plans and not do anything between over the last two years?

            MR. SCAR BR O UGH: Right. Well, I thinkpart of it is—is, you know, right now, you know, Quad Cities and are at the old power level. Imean, so that’s—so they have that. But, you know,there is this—and I’ve heard, and it’s interesting that blabla

            Sat for a moment at LATimes, soon disappeared.

          • And IAEA is ??
            Oh they got some dentures this week so now they have phony teeth !

    • chemfood chemfood

      it took at least 8 months to clean up the world trade center. sans rads, fukushima gonna be busy with the dust pan for a very long time

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd


      Debris from the tsunami – including this mountain of bicycles – is collected and sorted for recycling or incineration.
      There is an estimated 6 million tons of debris…

      Recycling or incineration??? Great choices for radioactive metals. Another reason to quit breathing and not to sit in restaurants with metal-legged tables!

      Paranoia runs deep!

  • Mark

    Just a couple of things I’m wondering about after reading the complete article

    “Vendor workers were at the plant Monday to determine whether the 2,000 foot berm can be repaired.” Whats a vendor worker? Glorified temp? Sorry my over-active imagination envisions Fort Calhoun operator calling up Labor Ready “try and get me some decent workers who aren’t too hung-over”.

    “The base of Cooper and its storage area for used nuclear fuel is 903 feet above sea level. The river was 900.2 feet above sea level early Monday.” That means a strong wind or the wake of a cabin cruiser would spill water into spent fuel storage area?

  • flatsville

    This article lays out (what the MSM has been told) the back-up systems and at what point in the flood level they could be triggered.


  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Don’t know if you guys follow the Fukusall Tweet thread. I only got “smart” the other day and keep it open for new info coming.
    What took me so long to get there…i haven’t a clue. duh.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Oops! That was OT. Sorry.

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Another just came through! Get a load of this:
        N_E_I NEI
        NEI has launched a NEW website today in response to the #Fukushima situation & US #nuclear industry’s response http://safetyfirst.nei.org/
        9 minutes ago
        They must be in a panic to counter the TRUTH with LIES.

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          GOOD IDEA FROM JAPAN REGULAR after reading about this ABOVE:

          We now have our work cut out for US…

          Suggest everyone save to disc any and all blogs and linked articles,
          … because it is going to get nasty from now on!

          • Mark

            I was checking out your post and started navigating web-site and got to You tube http://bit.ly/j6VPfL view only if you want to hear lies! I didn’t bother to watch whole thing
            I’m only the 167th to watch and they have comments dis-abled all ready. This is a transparent organization? Sure is telling site has picture of pre-disaster Fukushima.

            Your right they are worried no pics of flooded USA npp no pics of wrecked Fuki reactor. They are all liars! Sure Arnie had visit from shadowy men in black cause his tune sure has changed. Otherwise why has he stepped back? Not cause the situation is better. Dis-heartening but thanks for the post Whoopie, after glancing through that web-site, only thing left to do is pray. God Bless!

        • Ariana

          Oh spare me! “Safety first isn’t just…blah blah blah… ” Must brainwash… quickly. It’s too bad they are spending all of their time and money on brainwashing when they could be spending it on stopping the cloud of death.

  • dpl dpl

    what did Arnie say, the 2 words you don’t want to see being used in the same sentence
    “hip-waders” and “nuclear power plants”

    if you are waiting for the warning sign to change to level5 flee now the disaster will not be televised.

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    And keep in mind what I.F. ‘Izzy’ Stone always said:
    “Don’t believe anything until it is officially denied!”

  • Ariana

    Go get a f*cking helmet. Put on the f*cking helmet. Love Ron White.

  • Are these reactors like the Ft. Calhoun reactor ?? Why now ? Did they see the flaw in design suffering at Ft. Calhoun
    N.J. Nuclear Task Force report recommends additional backup systems at state’s nuclear plants
    Tuesday, June 28, 2011
    TRENTON — An interim report issued Monday by New Jersey’s Nuclear Review Task Force suggests a strengthening of the backup systems of the state’s nuclear power plants, including the three located in Salem County.

    Established in late March by the Christie Administration to assess operations and emergency preparedness for the state’s nuclear power plants following Japan’s nuclear tragedy, the Task Force has issued its interim report based upon early lessons learned from that ongoing nuclear emergency….