Melbourne, Florida had highest iodine-131 reading of any CTBTO monitoring station in the world from March 22-23 (CHART)

Published: April 17th, 2011 at 5:30 pm ET


Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization measurements, EURAD project via Rhenish Institute for Environmental Research at the University of Cologne, April 17, 2011:

First measurements are now available from the CTBTO. …

Based on these observations a new estimation of the emission rate was done and the transport calculations were updated.

Radionuclide Station 72 (USA Sud-Ost) in Melbourne, Florida is the light blue line with triangles:

Click chart to enlarge

Location of 72 (USA Sud-Ost):

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See also: EPA: Florida rain has third most Cs-134 and fifth most I-131 of 72 samples taken in US (h/t xdrfox)

Published: April 17th, 2011 at 5:30 pm ET


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23 comments to Melbourne, Florida had highest iodine-131 reading of any CTBTO monitoring station in the world from March 22-23 (CHART)

  • Ah ha!!

    I KNEW IT!!!

    Couldn’t breathe well for days…mistiness over the horizon…odor…i said Florida got hosed and everyone said no, no, no

    Question: if it got more iodine 131, then did it also get more cesium 137 ??

    Good work enenews!

  • Esrin

    “U.S., Japan announce joint post-crisis rebuilding effort”
    That is the title of an article recently posted on CNN’s website.

    Now just replace that title with…
    “Japan Surrenders”

    Then read between the lines. Actually, in some parts that is not even required.

  • Read This

    And yet the EPA monitors on 3/24 say Nothing Detected for Tampa.


  • alrighty then

    I had a question about getting those Florida blueberries tonight at the store. DAMN you can’t win! Florida has been taking it on the chin since the best of BP came that way!~~~

  • 67Mopar

    “…chief cabinet secretary Yukido Edano said previous radioactivity levels were misreported in microsieverts instead of millisieverts – 1,000 times stronger. Earlier he said the situation isn’t similar to Chernobyl. In fact, potentially it’s far graver, unprecedented.”

  • fireguyjeff

    A significant note to everyone.

    That graphical chart is on a logarithmic scale(vertical).
    If you enlarge it, you can see that the left edge has major divisions of approx 1cm spacing.
    That means that for every 1cm (one major division marker)in vertical rise means a 10x factor (ten times).
    The log scale is used to compress large data excursions in the science and engineering world.
    The problem is that log scales can make large data changes look/seem much smaller than they really are. Like really really smaller!

    So here is how to mentally recalibrate your interpretation of that chart…if the bottom of that chart is 1 (one) then the top of the chart is 100 Billion (one hundred BILLION).

    That chart appears to be measurements of I-131 in becquerels per cubic meter.

    • Face Masks

      I read that there can be 200,000 particles in the size of a sugar cube, so we’re inhaling a lot of stuff every breath we take. Time to wear face masks.

  • Sheeple's Xpress

    “Not a priority” for EPA to have rad monitors working.

    Just raise eliminate the max amount safely consumed and No problem!!

    Depopulation is the top priority for the One World Gov. Without it they can not rule. This is more than another environmental crisis. The NWO who constantly screeches about GREENING when it furthers their agenda, has been astronomically SILENT on this unprecedented catastrophe, the worst in mans history.

    the difference is that this scar is not like a regular flood, quake, tornado etc. Because of the radiation factors, IT IS IRREPARABLE.

    • anon

      Jay Wiedner says the green agenda, in so many words, is a fake one a to make us dependent on cheap oil, then pull the rug out from under us. So is this double standard hypocrisy? Or is it by design?

  • xdrfox

    Like the Gulf seafood was safe to sell the day after the well was supposedly capped they will declare that all the crops grown in Florida are safe to eat, just like the milk !

  • Glowing potato

    Obviously the EPA needs to pull this monitor down,its detecting something.

  • radegan

    Ah yes, Central Florida is getting it’s share. That burning sensation in your throat is probably just Live Oak allergies, it’s especially bad this year…yes, it has the same symptoms as an allergic reaction to xenon. And yes, one can make the other worse, and yes we’ve had lots of Xe133 right here in CenFlo. You may feel lots better starting on the 20th, check that US Xenon 133 distribution chart, we’re clear for a few days.

  • whimbrel

    In CA and have mistiness in air, smell, taste and burning in throat, and throat feels weird, headaches some days etc. Do masks really help??????
    Also noticed water from eyes especially in am, tired, and various gastrointestinal symptoms. I am normally very healthy and eat organic etc. Am doing all the rad protection stuff except not wearing a mask. Well I have not banned my animals from the house and I dont decon me and them before coming inside and I dont have hepa filters on my windows. so I guess…Im toast.

  • Just my luck to be in Germany during Chernobyl! How easily the clock turns back to April 1986 remembering the precautions that were taken to avoid bringing fallout into a home,

    I also remember the horrible immune system health disorders that I endured during 1987.

    What I did then, is what I’m doing now.

    * Protect the Thyroid
    * Detox specifically for heavy metals
    * Detox on a regular basis as my body requires
    * Support a robust immune system
    * Eat Super Foods and Antioxidants daily.

    And all of our animals are also included in this special care.


    First they tried to kill us with the BP OIL SPILL in the Gulf and now this!
    But somehow mankind will survive.
    For God is on our side and we are his children.
    We know they have control of the HAARP WEATHER MODIFICATION MACHINE in Alaska and caused the earthquake.