Food-safety concerns increasing after gov’t mishandles radioactive beef problem: Industry official

Published: July 14th, 2011 at 8:52 am ET


Beef Contaminated by Radiation Intensifies Food-Safety Concerns in Japan, Bloomberg by Aya Takada, July 14, 2011:

About 437 kilograms (963 pounds) of [radiation-contaminated] beef from a farm in Minami-Soma city, 30 kilometers from the stricken Fukushima Dai- Ichi nuclear station, was consumed in eight prefectures, according to the Tokyo metropolitan government […]

“The government’s mishandling of the issue is deepening food-safety concerns,” Susumu Harada, senior director at the U.S. Meat Export Federation’s Tokyo office, said in an interview. […]

Published: July 14th, 2011 at 8:52 am ET


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49 comments to Food-safety concerns increasing after gov’t mishandles radioactive beef problem: Industry official

  • No worries.

    All over the entire United States, Strontium contaminated milk is being served in the united states. Which ‘exceeds’ the radiation limits enforced by the “FDA”.

    Note to the reader…
    The New Limits….

    • Testing has revealed more highly contaminated hay at a second (and soon to be third, fourth, fifth, etc, etc) farm in Japan:

      July 14 (21:52 JST): “Cesium found in hay at another farm in Fukushima”

      Radioactive cesium far exceeding safe limits has been detected in hay fed to cattle at a second farm near the crippled nuclear power plant in Fukushima Prefecture.

      . . .

      The latest checks uncovered radioactive cesium measured up to 97,000 becquerels per kilogram — some 73 times the government-set safety limit.

    • Cindy

      Show me Taco …
      What Strontium results ?

      We drink 3 gallons a week here , of Mainland milk…$hit !!

      • There was an article on Forbes in late April about Strontium-90 already being detected in milk in Hawaii:

        April 27: “Radioactive Strontium Found in Hilo, Hawaii Milk”

        However, we all know that the EPA has done essentially no testing since late April, so what are the strontium-90 levels in the milk now??

        It is certain that plenty of strontium has travelled far and wide, based on reports such as this one:

        June 9: “Japan Survey: strontium widespread in Fukushima”

        Soil samples from around Fukushima Prefecture have revealed concentrations of radioactive strontium.

        Japan’s science ministry conducted a survey for radioactive substances at 11 locations in 10 municipalities from late March to mid-May.

        It says strontium-90 was detected in all 11 locations.

        That’s a 100% hit rate for detection of strontium-90 in samples from the Fukushima region of Japan. And we all have been told that “hot particles” (and thus, the amount of fallout altogether) in parts of the USA such as Seattle (and certainly other Pacific northwest locations) was as high as 50% that in parts of Japan such as Tokyo. So, the strontium is certainly travelling in the fallout to whatever degree (as confirmed by the article from Forbes), just as the cesium-137 is doing.

        The only way to have any idea of what is safe/unsafe any longer is for SOME organisation (seems very unlikely to be the EPA = Environmental Pollution Agency) to begin rigorous testing of all food products including milk, right across the USA. When is this going to happen (if at all)??

  • BAN-GREED from our hearts

    Actually, if one wants to reduce contamination, one should seriously consider becoming a vegetarian. This would allow the skip one important level of the bio-accumuliation phenomena.
    No joke.
    Mmm, well its true, but of course I am not talking about leafy vegetable, hey! At least not in the short term. Chernobyl contamination on sheep meat was still high in the UK around 2003, whereas the leafy veg by then were not contaminated. That’s the think with bio-accumulation.
    And that will also save a lot of CO2 emissions, etc etc.

    • Someone (maybe xdrfox?) recently posted this article about Scottish sheep farms being confirmed free of Chernobyl fallout only last year (24 years after the explosion/meltdown):

      July 7, 2010: “Scottish sheep farms finally free of Chernobyl fallout”

      It happened 24 years ago and more than 1,300 miles away from the UK. But, for the sheep farmers of Scotland,
      the effects from the fallout from Chernobyl have only just ended.

      An announcement that the industry is finally free of the radioactive material which forced many of its upland
      farms to be placed under Food Standards Agency (FSA) restrictions has been hailed as “a blessed relief”. Some
      Scottish farmers have been unable to slaughter, sell or even move their livestock without stringent testing and
      government pre-approval for the past 24 years.

      If Fukushima keeps on spewing radiation indefinitely (as it has been for four months now) then even the green leafy vegetables are going to continue being affected as well.

  • Today, after changing the hose,
    we started water injection at 11:50 am, but we found water leakage from
    injection water line and stopped water injection at 12:45 am.

    – In terms of preventive maintenance of seawater leakage from the piping of
    the outside temporary residual heat removal seawater system of
    Unit 5 (occurred on July 3), we stopped the residual heat removal system
    at 6:30 am on July 13 and stopped outside temporary seawater cooling pump
    at 6:44 am. In addition, we finished piping replacement at 10:20 am,
    started outside temporary seawater cooling pump at 10:52 am, and started
    operation of residual heat removal system at 10:58 am.

    – At 10:00 am on July 13, we started transferring low radioactive accumulate
    water in the outside temporary tanks to the Mega Float.
    – At 10:09 am on July 13, we started transferring accumulated water from
    the turbine building of Unit 2 to Centralized Radiation Waste Treatment
    Facility Process Main Building.

    – At 11:00 am on July 13, we stopped cesium adsorption instruments of the
    accumulated water treatment facility for replacement of cesium adsorption
    tower. And then we started system flushing, but at 1:34 pm on July 13,
    we stopped flushing because we found leakage near connection part of the
    chemical injection line of coagulation settling device of the facility.

    After this, we will repair the leaked part.
    Meanwhile, we have continued
    water injection to the reactor.
    – At approximately 1 pm on July 13, we found that the portable monitoring
    post measuring dose rate at the main gate indicates zero. We checked the
    equipment at the site and found no malfunction. Then we restarted the
    equipment at the main anti-earthquake building and it indicates normal
    value at approximately 2:55 pm.

    After this, we will monitor carefully.
    – We will continue to take all measures to ensure the safety and to continue
    monitoring the surrounding environment around the power station.

  • You are here
    Jersey City / Politics / Policy & Issues
    52,547 Bq/Kg Off Cesium Radiation Found In Soil Just Outside Tokyo
    52,547 Bq/Kg of of Cesium radiation measured in soil samples collected just outside of Tokyo over 135 miles south of the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

    A reader from Japan has sent me a copy of his official Lab results for nuclear radiation soil samples collected in Kashiwa, Japan, which is on the outskirts of Tokyo and over 135 miles south of the Fukushima nuclear reactor. The lab results show that 52,547 Becquerels Per Kilogram Of Cesium Radiation was found in the sample. 23,663 Bq/Kg of Cesium 134 radiation was found. 28,884 Bq/Kg of Cesium 137 was detected.

    I live in japan 135 miles / 220 Km south of Fukushima, in Kashiwa. I had the soil in Kashiwa professionally tested here are the official results for the levels of Cesium-137 and 134 and Iodine-131 only. No lab in Japan offers testing for any of the other dangerous radioactive elements like Plutonium / Strontium / Tellurium or Curium, all elements that were released in the explosion Use these results as you see fit, yes I know the results are nothing less than horrifying, what is even more terrifying is that the soil sample was taken from the side of the street where children walk everyday and not from where the elements could accumulate. This is the Cesium-137/134 and Iodine-131 levels of the soil in Kashiwa, that I had sent in and officially tested by a lab here in Japan. Jon-in-Japan

    52,547 Becquerels per kilogram of cesium radiation found in soil on outskirts of Tokyo, 135 miles south of Fukushima nuclear power plant.

    Kashiwa is shown on the map attached above as well as a partial image of the official lab results and the location of Kashiwa relative to Tokyo and the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

    Google Maps – Kashiwa Japan To Tokyo Japan

    The second image attached above shows a Google Map with driving directions from Kashiwa to Tokyo to give a perspective on how close the city is to Tokyo.

    Official Lab Results Of Kashiwa Japan Nuclear Radiation Soil Sample Showing A Total Of 52,547 Bq/Kg Cesium Radiation

    As shown in the third image attached above, the official lab result test found 23,663 Bq/Kg of Cesium 134 radiation and 28,884 Bq/Kg of radioactive Cesium 137 for a total of 52,547 Becquerels per kilogram of Cesium Radiation

    Putting the test results into context

    During Chernobyl the threshold for declaring an area a permanent dead zone and issuing a mandatory evacuation was 500,000 Bq/kg so this test, which is by far the highest result for soil yet that I am aware of outside of the area already evacuated around Fukushima, comes in about 1/10th of the permanent Chernobyl “dead zone” threshold.

    Nuclear scientists working at the University of Berkeley in California, who are doing their own radiation testing in the United States, have also pointed out radioactive substances accumulate in broad green leafy plants at a factor of 5-6 times above the surrounding soil. That would indicate the grass or other green plants growing in this soil may have radioactive contamination up to 250,000 Bq/Kg which is extremely high and approaching over half of the 500,000 kilogram permanent “dead-zone”threshold.

    This soil sample is also over 50 times higher than the 2,000 Bq/Kg threshold for international nuclear waste.

    Of course, Japan has totally disregarded that threshold to deal with the Fukushima emergency and has set an interim limit of 8,000 Bq/Kg, under which radiation contaminated substances can be buried without taking the normal precautions required to properly dispose of radioactive waste. Still, this soil sample is almost 7 times higher than that limit.

    This reading is also startling because as shown in the official nuclear fallout readings from the Government of Japan, as shown on the map on this page, show the highest levels of radiation to the northwest of the Fukushima power plant. The reason for that is most of the prevailing winds have blown to the northwest, north and to the northeast out over the pacific. So far that has spared Tokyo and central Japan as the radiation has been blowing away from these locations. This high of a reading so close to Tokyo makes the situation much more dire as we can clearly see radiation levels very close to Tokyo now building up to permanent “dead-zone” levels.

    This high of a level of contamination so close to Tokyo also directly contradicts all official government tests done in the area so far. Those tests so far have shown no “levels of concern” in anything except for sewage slag.

    It should be pointed out that independent tests continue to show much higher levels of radiation than the government admits to or reports in their tests. As the YouTube Video attached on this page shows high levels of radiation have been detected near ground levels in Tokyo orders of magnitudes above the levels just a few feet higher. The Government is doing there tests a good distance from the ground which allows them to assert the radiation levels are safe even though people in the area receive the doses of radiation at ground level.

    It is also not surprising that this soil sample contradicts government reported numbers since Japanese officials forced school children to clean radioactive dirt from swimming pools insisting it was safe from radiation, even though the officials were well aware the pools are located in areas designated as hotspots with radiation readings well above Chernobyl evacuation limits.

    It is also not surprising that this soil sample contradicts government reported numbers since Japanese officials forced school children to clean radioactive dirt from swimming pools insisting it was safe from radiation, even though the officials were well aware the pools are located in areas designated as hotspots with radiation readings well above Chernobyl evacuation limits.

    Continue reading on 52,547 Bq/Kg Off Cesium Radiation Found In Soil Just Outside Tokyo – Jersey City Civil Rights |

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Tacoma, I learned a while ago from “fromtokyo” (btw, where is she??), that is a private site which uses Tepco-released data.
      Maybe site owner also found with plastic bag over head? 🙁

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Houseofoust just TWEETED this:
    New Images

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    OT You see this?
    But documents the utility is required to submit to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission show reactor operators became distracted while manually operating cooling water flow to the Unit 1 reactor and water began boiling off faster than it was being replaced.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      “The water in the reactor boiled low enough to trigger another shutdown alarm in the control room, but Golden said boiling water still covered the reactor fuel….”

      “Browns Ferry already is under heightened scrutiny by the NRC after a cooling water valve failed to operate during a routine manual shutdown in the fall and it came to light that the valve may not have functioned for about 18 months.

      “’Brown’s Ferry is already in the NRC doghouse, so to speak,’ said Lochbaum. ‘When you keep having events like this one, it becomes harder to convince anybody that you can do better.’”

  • TEPCO urged to tighten workers’ radiation control

    Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency has urged the operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant to tighten controls on workers’ radiation exposure.

    About 3,000 workers are struggling daily at the plant to contain the nuclear crisis.

    The safety agency has been inspecting Tokyo Electric Power Company’s measures to protect them from exposure to radiation.

    The agency says it has found 8 areas of concern and ordered TEPCO on Wednesday to take appropriate measures.

    The agency said that TEPCO lacks information about subcontracting employees and ordered the company to boost the number of safety managers for such workers.

    It also urged the utility to provide more full-face protective masks and make sure that plant workers wear them properly.

    Since the nuclear crisis began in March, 6 workers have been exposed to radiation doses above the allowable emergency limit of 250 millisieverts. About 1,500 have still to receive medical checks for exposure to radiation.

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    So… if China imported tainted beef… what about USA? We too have no testing of imports and have a higher Japan import rate than last year…even with our depression… Maybe usda is importing for school lunches…

  • Tokushima Prefecture said a Fuji GRAND supermarket in the city of Anan sold all 8.8 kg of the meat it procured from a wholesaler….

    In Aichi, a barbecue restaurant in Ama whose name is being withheld sold 3.15 kg of the meat to consumers, according to the Tokyo Metropolitan and Aichi Prefectural governments….

    In Hokkaido, an “izakaya” bar and barbeque restaurant in Chitose sold customers 3 kg, the Tokyo and Hokkaido…

  • Cindy

    What the hell are they doing selling ANY foods from within the exclusion zone ?

    That is ridiculous !!

    Someone told me the Japanese Culture , Feels that food grown in their own country is better , cleaner , safer than having food brought in . There are Import restrictions ,bans and strict controls on what comes in. Their whole culture is in trouble with this thinking in light of what is happening …

    Even Doctors liscenced in other countries arriving to help just after the earthquake were forbidden from providing medical help… They really have Isolated themselves in this …

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Cindy, I heard so, too – that the Japanese are very picky with their food. Not picky enough nowadays, as it seems.

      • The people may have no other choice of the foods that are grown other then in Japan !
        Is there any foods being ship to Japan or did it stop or being horded in warehouse’s by goverment ??

  • Cindy

    Holy crap !! read this … More cows shipped to slaughter from another farm..

    • Their thinking ??
      Best bet them to market now, they will only eat & drink more receiving more radiation getting higher amounts of radiation in their systems !

    • I mean if the goverment will do this ….
      10’s of thousands told to go back to cintaminated zones !

      Fukushima Prefecture has announced it will shut down the official shelters within Fukushima, which will force them to go back to their own homes.

      Minami-Soma City has issued notice to all 32,000 city residents who have been living in the shelters, temporary housing outside Fukushima Prefecture that they must return to Minami-Soma, high radiation or not. (Mainichi Yamagata version, 7/12/2011)

      What won’t they do ???

  • moonkai

    Getting worse !

  • documenting the doom. feel free to drop by links

  • Mark

    Re:Food safety concerns Goshi Hosono who has no formal knowllege of nuclear energy or radiation, a political hack, plans on returning people to radio-active areas. He is also minister of state for consumer affairs and food safety, has BA in Faculty of Law, University of Kyoto

    Honorable Kan chose right man for job?

  • Jebus Jebus

    What is wrong with the Japanese culture!
    They just don’t perceive reality like anyone else…

    “Japan claims its hunts are for research purposes though the meat from the killed whales mostly ends up in restaurants, stores and school lunches.”

    Here kids, Don’t eat the radioactive beef, have this radioactive whale meat instead.

  • Tanuki San

    I wonder if this was just an isolated case, or if a lot of cattle throughout Japan have eaten contaminated hay. You can see videos on Youtube of cattle from Fukushima being auctioned off. I wonder if the meat would ever get tested if they’re sent to a faraway prefecture.

  • tepcowhofukyushimawho tepcowhofukyushimawho

    If you have seen the movie The Cove about the Dolphin cull then their stand on Whale hunting shouldn’t be a surprise and if you haven’t then I suggest you watch it. It will enlighten you as to what callous, selfish, self interested, unforgiving, inconsiderate, uncaring, passive aggressive, deceitful creatures the Japanese are.! Regarding the news about moving the people out of the temporary shelters. This is their indirect way, (nothing is ever done in a direct way), of telling them that the shelters are temporary and that they should find somewhere to live. Whether it is back to your radiation soaked home or not is your decision and your problem. And if anybody on this board actually thinks that the any consideration is being given to the effect the radiation flowing from Fukushima is having on the rest of the World then you are sadly mistaken. The majority think it’s not their problem. Your problem you solve it.

  • I love this one. Seems the U.S. is claiming its radiation detectors are inadequate and has to buy new ones:

    U.S. will purchase radiation detectors

    My B.S. detector is now off at 5,000 CPM.

  • maaa

    How could the Japanese Government ask these poor people to go back to fukushima?

  • moonkai

    NOOOOOOOO … this is murder !! I cannot believe it ! No fucking way !

    Now I’m loosing it ! This is not possible! I did not want to believe this govt was so hidious ! They are freaking crazy ! Murderers !!

    • arclight arclight

      and this
      1st phase of defusing nuclear crisis ‘over’
      “According to TEPCO’s timetable for settling the nuclear crisis, which was announced on April 17, the deadline for completing the first phase is Sunday. Hosono plans to reveal a new timetable on Tuesday, the sources said.

      The government plans to stipulate in the new timetable that it would make final adjustments with local governments that have areas designated as part of the emergency evacuation preparation zone to lift the designation. Territories belonging to five municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture are included in the zone. Citizens in the zone, which is located mainly in areas between 20 and 30 kilometers away from the nuclear power plant, have been asked to evacuate their children.

      On the initial timetable, TEPCO stipulated that it would cease operations of the nuclear reactors and bring them to a state of cold shutdown by mid-January in two stages. The goal of the first phase was to steadily reduce the amount of radioactive substances released from the nuclear reactors. This goal includes achieving stable cooling at the nuclear reactors and temporary storage pools for spent nuclear fuel rods, and safely storing water contaminated with radioactive substances leaking from the reactors.

      According to the sources, the government and TEPCO concluded that the amount of radioactive substances released from the nuclear reactors is steadily decreasing. The results were obtained by measuring the amount of radioactive substances on the ground surrounding the nuclear power plant and the air above the facility’s buildings.

      The government and TEPCO also concluded that the goal of stably cooling the reactors has been nearly achieved. TEPCO has set up a coolant circulation system that uses water leaking from the reactors and flowing into the reactor buildings. Although frequent troubles have kept the operating capacity of the network to decontaminate radioactive water at around 75 percent, the system itself is working well to keep the temperature inside the nuclear reactors at about 100 C. The system has also contributed to a decrease in the amount of radioactive water leaked from the reactors into the reactor buildings, the sources said.”
      From this article
      what are they saying…looks like a lot of cut and pasting from different articles
      and this qoute
      “The government plans to stipulate in the new timetable that it would make final adjustments with local governments that have areas designated as part of the emergency evacuation preparation zone to lift the designation. Territories belonging to five municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture are included in the zone. Citizens in the zone, which is located mainly in areas between 20 and 30 kilometers away from the nuclear power plant, have been asked to evacuate their children.”
      Children within 20 or 30 kilometers! Now they are being moved! Somebody in the government must have watched chernobyl heart (posted on enenews comments)? This important headline material is swamped by the other info! Also these articles are lacking in any detail like actual readings, methodology for testing, numbers of children involved and what about the adults? ….etc!! More questions than answers!

  • Looks like Kan has been taking his Gingko Biloba lately [or something else potent], he’s starting to get lucid:

    Japan Re-thinks its Energy Future. Nuclear Power Risks “too intense”

  • My guess is that when people realize how useless CNN, an offshoot of the Ministry of Truth, has been during this global disaster viewership will decline and ad revenue decrease, hopefully to nil.

    I prefer Russia Today and the Iranian PressTV-who not only present news, but offer intelligent commentary to go with it.

    And, who knows, this might be an early attempt at offsetting that effect:

    Radioactive meat circulating on Japanese market

  • Any U.S. military here?

    Just a note, they plan to nuke you all over again:

    U.S. military expected to lift ban on Japanese foods soon

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    Japanese food is already being sold, uninspected, in Canada and the USA. Why shouldn’t the military have the same benefits?
    It says something that *they* still have banned it.

    Everyone at the top knows that it doesn’t matter any more. Might as well eat the seaweed.