Footage of new giant sarcophagus at Chernobyl — Still nowhere near dealing with corium over 25 years later — Storage area for fuel debris not yet built (VIDEO)

Published: November 28th, 2012 at 10:14 am ET


Title: Giant 100-meter sarcophagus constructed at Chernobyl nuclear plant (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Source: RT
Date: Nov. 28, 2012

The milestone first stage of the new sarcophagus for Chernobyl’s nuclear power station has been completed. The unique construction to safely contain the radioactive emissions of Chernobyl for the next 100 years will be ready by October 2015.

The unprecedented new shelter will be 108m high (equivalent to a 30-story apartment building), 257m wide, and 150m long (almost two football fields). The approximate weight of the structure will be 29,000 tons. […]

“Construction of the new confinement is the very first stage to reach the main goal – stabilization of the installation inside the installation and extraction of the debris containing nuclear fuel,” Igor Gramotkin, director-general of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant said at a media briefing. […]

Dr Carlo Mancini, the chairman of the International Advisory Group (IAG), the scientific supervisor of the NSC project, says a nuclear waste site for safely stocking thousands of tonnes of the radioactive debris from Chernobyl is yet to be constructed. […]

Watch the video here

Published: November 28th, 2012 at 10:14 am ET


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21 comments to Footage of new giant sarcophagus at Chernobyl — Still nowhere near dealing with corium over 25 years later — Storage area for fuel debris not yet built (VIDEO)

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Into Eternity; A Movie About Nuclear Waste Permanent Repository Issues; via A Green Road

    NUCLEAR WASTE: OUT OF CONTROL…ON PURPOSE – Diane D'Ariggo; via A Green Road

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    There is NO SOLUTION for nuclear waste storage..

    Vitrification; the radiation breaks down the glass into powder and eventually the container fails. Back to square one.

    Tunnels? Terrorists can dig them up and use the radioactive waste to build dirty bombs. Tunnels need to be guarded for a million years. Who wants to volunteer to pay for this? Underground is full of water and groundwater, which people drink. When you combine radioactive waste and groundwater, bad things happen.

    There is no answer yet, except to shut them all down.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      AGreenRoad even if we shut them all down today it would be five years before the spent fuel could be dry casked and like you stated the casks leak, etc. Of course you know all this as your research and blog are beyond awesome. (TY) Someone has to find another viable solution and Fukushima is a worse case scenario as it is next to our bread basket, the Pacific Ocean. I do hope that a solution can be found but things look rather bleak at the moment. Maybe we should just focus on protection. I really don't know.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    So sad what nuclear plants have become.

  • ftlt

    I cannot believe, it is safe enough for the workers to be there and not wearing protective gear against rad. exposure…

    I did not even see a radiation badges on a worker in the pictures.. Perhaps they are below there outer clothing…. Yikes…

    Meanwhile, they are burning polluted debris throughout Japan and putting tents over Fukushima… We are screwed!!

    • JHewes76 JHewes76

      It's not – it can't be, but what choice does Japan have? Working there has to be a death sentence. My heart is broken thinking of the Japanese people and what they are going through.

    • bmurr bmurr

      The other three reactors continued to operate after the accident for many years.

  • notactive

    Did someone mention how cheap nuclear power is ?

    I quote: "The unique construction to safely contain the radioactive emissions of Chernobyl for the next 100 years"

    Cost's of building this Dome +- dollars

    Now the big question every 100 year a new Dome!?! How many times?

    2500 or 25000 years……. AUW.

    • JHewes76 JHewes76

      Excellent point.

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      The nuclear industry NEVER pays for their accidents, or for the cleanup after they leave town with the profits.

      That is for the sheeple to do.

      Take all of the profits, use Taxpayer money to build them.

      At the end, leave town with the money.

      Transfer all of the risks and clean up costs to the taxpayer.

      LOSE, LOSE, LOSE for taxpayers

      WIN, WIN, WIN for the 1%

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    When this construction crew is finished, we will need a larger one of these structures built over Fukushima Units1,2,&3. Unit4 can be dismantled and hauled away, after SFP4 is emptied. The Common SFP, and SFP5&6 can be put into dry cask storage at Fuku. COME UP WITH A PLAN, JAPAN!

    My real concern is that at Fuku, unlike at Chernobyl, the corium escaped from Buildings1,2,&3, and will need to be dealt with. Here is one idea:

    Fukushima Heat Sink Project:
    Map the corium, using slantwise drilling to locate the corium underneath Units1,2,&3.
    Construct a steel cofferdam completely around the corium from Units1,2,&3, to a depth Deeper than the corium.
    Inside the cofferdam, drill a series of extraction wells inside the cofferdam downhill from Units1,2,&3 to remove contaminated ground water that has contacted the corium.
    Construct cooling towers to cool the ground water. Hopefully, powered by wind/solar/tide power.
    Construct a series of injection wells inside the cofferdam to put cooled water back into the mudrock uphill from the corium from Units1,2,&3.
    This loop constitutes a Heat Sink for the 3 Rogue Nuclear Reactors in the earth beneath Fukushima.

    TEPCO is killing the Pacific Ocean, destroying the Pacific Ocean Fishery, and killing the Japanese People. TEPCO has increased the chances of having cancer to over 60% for all the people living in the Northern Hemisphere. Building the Fukushima Heat Sink is the very LEAST they can do.

    • Songie Songie

      Hi, do you happen to have a good source handy for the "TEPCO has increased the chances of having cancer to over 60% for all the people living in the Northern Hemisphere." That should get peoples' attention.

      • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

        It won't get peoples attention, because it will never be seen on the GE controlled, mass media.

        It is just you, sharing with your neighbors and friends.

        Who will believe you, when all of the 'experts' say no problem on all of the mass media news channels which deliver 'programming' direct from the 1% that also own/build all nuclear power plants?

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    The multi-national consortium that has raised $750 mil with more coming must have made the financial commitment to the gargantuan project because contamination was measured across Europe and into Scandinavia where it was first detected. The tragedy of no money at all being raised for what would need to be an even more gargantuan and expensive containment and processing facility for Nukushima must be that Japan has the Pacific Ocean downwind, instead of European populations. Ultimately remote Pacific islands, then Hawaii, then the u.s. left coast, as well as Pacific-wide fisheries, will record and acknowledge contamination levels greater than did Europe after Chernobyl, but forming a consensus and an even bigger multi-billion $ containment consortium will by then will be an idea whose time has passed.

  • homeenergyexpert homeenergyexpert

    It's all about money, who wants to live in a bunker in the Northern Hemisphere, if Arnie Gunderson of is right, & we lose the Daiichi Fukushima Earthquake Russian Roulette game bet. I went to the 9/20/12 D.C. Congressional Briefing on the GE Mark I & Mark II & Fukushima hearing and it was a bust. Set right before the session ended & everyone on the hill took the Nuke Pac mone to look the other way. A big waste of a few thousand dollars, but I did get Arnie's take. Keep a bag packed & ready if a R-6.0+ Honshu quake. Only $9.95 visa to Australia.

    • dka

      Nuclear is Russian roulette. So there can't be any question anymore about if it should go on or not. Sad but that is just sitting in front of our face when looking at Fukushima. And the barrel is now moving to its next slot…

  • Shammalammadingdong

    Maybe that's what the ancient aliens were trying to tell the Russians?

    Controlling nuclear waste is as simple as Nesting Dolls.

    Every hundred years, make a container a little bit bigger over the smaller one.

    (sarcasm off)