Nuclear Engineer: Footage shows me “it’s broken… there’s really no containment” at Fukushima Reactor 3 — I expect many different kinds of leaks will be found — Radioactive contaminants “basically floating freely” (AUDIO)

Published: January 24th, 2014 at 12:59 am ET


Chris Harris, former licensed Senior Reactor Operator and engineer, Jan. 23, 2014 (at 25:15 in):

So a robot finds a leak [while] doing work, now all of a sudden this means a lot of things. First of all, this means the water that was supposed to be, this is going to be my best guess – where is the water coming from? Tepco actually also said this water was supposed to be for the cooling of Unit 3, which means its highly radioactive after it comes out. This is what else it means — if a robot incidentally finds a leak when it’s sent into a specific area to do some work, how many other leaks haven’t they discovered yet? You have to ask that question too. I’m going to expect to find many different kinds of leaks. So that means that all the cooling that you’d expect to be getting from the cooling water system that pretty much was flimsily, hastily tossed together is not doing the complete job. […]

It also means that the containment’s broken like we thought about a long time ago, in this case Tepco believes that […] one of the main steam line penetrations, which are very durable in this case, is no longer that durable, it’s porous. The radioactive water is coming from inside the containment vessel itself. So it means a lot of things, also the water is very heavily laden with radioactive contaminants. It’s basically floating freely to wherever it’s going, probably to the basement of the reactor building, and in this case we know the reactor is porous also, so there’s really no containment at Unit 3.

Full interview available here

Watch footage of water streaming out at Unit 3 here

Published: January 24th, 2014 at 12:59 am ET


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201 comments to Nuclear Engineer: Footage shows me “it’s broken… there’s really no containment” at Fukushima Reactor 3 — I expect many different kinds of leaks will be found — Radioactive contaminants “basically floating freely” (AUDIO)

  • Noah

    And so what else is new?

    • zogerke zogerke

      and, looking at the video, aren't those fuel rod pieces on the floor?

      • usagi usagi

        I don't think those would be fuel rod pieces because they look too straight and undeformed. Also, they appear to be too large in diameter to be BWR fuel assemblies. Those are likely pieces of the support system plumbing that were broken loose when the vessel ruptured. I could be wrong, but that's my gut feeling.

        No doubt that's some corium soup, though.

      • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

        I would half adz guess that it doesn't take the zirc covering around the fuel pellets too long to decompose in a LOC event…given the quick heat buildup in the core…given the pressures…givin the steaming & scrubbing of O by zirc to free H2…givin the dryin…givin the igniting.

        Question? Would reactor heat be enough to ignite any H2? I know H2 takes just the most tiny of spark to fire up. Seems to me somethin as hot as 1000…2000…3000…4000… ya gotta just light up at some temperature…right? Hotter than match flame maybe?

        • Angela_R

          Hi pinksailmatt, my question would be "was plutonium used?"
          MOX fuel I understood to be composed of oxides., yet somewhere I thought I read that in Unit 3 around 6% straight plutonium was used WITH the MOX fuel; In fact I'm almost positive I posted the link.

          Plutonium has a much lower melting point than plutonium oxide.
          As I understand Plutonium can ignite at room temperature and could be a fire hazzard in a moist environment. Isn't it likely that if air was introduced via a crack in the containment wall the plutonium, if present, would have ignited.

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      Noah – It really does make one stop and wonder just what the hell are these 'experts' thinking? Didn't they watch the videos of the reactor bldgs. explode? They thought there was still containment? Look at the pictures. The bldgs. are completely blown apart. How can people that are supposed to know this stuff come across as being so fucking stupid? Oh well….

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        That and their little drawing shows the core still in primary and secondary containment when in fact it is somewhere beneath the plant in the ground. Can they NEVER tell the truth?

      • Angela_R

        StPaulScott, "look at the pictures" Yes, I did and my thoughts were similar to yours. Hydrogen explosions were said to have occurred. Though, as I now note, from what they could ascertain the primary containment vessel was still intact. Meltdown could have occurred and the corium could still have been confined within the primary containment vessel.

        The radiation and the heat generated made a visual inspection of the scene impossible and these conditions also interfered with robotic assistance. However, as I understand, what eventually came to light, was the crack in the primary containment vessel.

        Surely we are now witnessing man's powerlessness to confront his own folly.

  • WesternKyMan

    Fukushima… the gift that keeps on giving….literally

    • Gasser Gasser

      The Sons of thePioneers

      Cool Water

      Go here first before you drink the bitter cup down there.


      All day we've faced the barren waste
      Without the taste of water~~cool~water

      All humanity and I…with thyroids burned dry
      And souls that cry…for water~~cool~clear~water

      Keep a-movin', mah-man…don't you listen to NRC…mah-man
      Nuclear's a devil…not us…mah-man

      And he spreads the burning sand…..with Radioactive water
      Man can you see that big dead brown tree

      Where the water was once runnin' pure and free
      And now it's Actinide poisoned…killing you and me

      The nights are cool and we are all fools
      Each aquifer is now…poisoned water,…hot dangerous..Atomic brewed water

      But with the dawn…we'll wake and yawn
      And try to filter water…..into~~cool~clear~water

      The earthquakes sway and Reactors seem to say
      Tonight we better F—ing pray…for pump's water,…cooling,..water

      And way down there He'll's Corium's…beyond our prayer
      And spent fuel pools…void of water~~coooooling~~~~water

      Man's bodies are all sore's…we're yearning for
      Just one thing more…than water~~cool~water

      Like me…I guess…we'd all like to rest!
      Where there's no more quest…for unpolluted water~~cool~clear~water

      ~Gasser Classic~

    • tsfw tsfw

      A gift that we can't return or exchange.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Sudden gasp…Corium, aerosolized Plutonium, no containment oh my! Spin. This is pure spin. Watching the world die…WHY!?

    • Sol Man

      The money people didn't want to accept or portray the truth about the technology; but, just obtain access to the money flow. Now here the world is with equal opportunity of HF6 bucky balls for all.

    • Homolumina Homolumina

      Dear Ontological,

      I have been thinking a while whether or not to respond to the epic WHY question…. Because of the despair and torment I felt for so long because of what is happening at Fukushima I want to offer what I found to be true for me regarding the WHY, hoping it might inspire you too…

      For over 25 years I have been asking myself what is wrong with our males, especially those in power, who have managed to bring the whole planet to the brink of extinction. I am no feminist, we still live in a man's world, rules and structures, decisions, politics – everything is defined and made by males, and it is all dysfunctional, death oriented, exploitative, destructive when it comes to the directionality of that male dominance worldwide. I thought that there must be a fundamental wrong in this, not in synch with the cosmic, life affirming laws all other creatures live by – humans are the only species who is a nest popper, this is itself is insanely dysfunctional.

      I found out what is wrong, it is to much to lay out, but I can tell you so much that men need to be initiated into manhood, otherwise they stay disconnected from life, immature and reckless. This information is encoded in the body, it is not my personal opinion, it is biology and Joseph Campbell was already tracking this truth, but never made the conclusion. This is why we are globally wrecked. And as long as males do not get initiated again – the structure of this process is completely encoded in the body…

    • Homolumina Homolumina

      … nothing will ever change. Also, according to cosmic law/fractal law the male delivers the evolutionary impulse and the female decides where evolution goes. This too is naturally not the case in our male societies where women still are not back in their place, which is NOT becoming better males to compete in the male business world… If we would have societies with a make and female elder circle, where the males bring in impulses for progress and the females decide which ones are life affirming and beneficial for all Fukushima, nuclear energy in general, would not be in place. So, that is one aspect I see regarding the why, but I see more than that.

      When we leave our perspective and look at a bigger picture on the foundation that everything either makes sense or not – I believe all makes sense, even if we do not understand it – then there is something else unfolding: The earth has been undergoing mass extinctions frequently, involving us too, it is a natural occurrence. And this time we, as co-creators (that makes us different from animals, and I believe we are stuarts and caretakers of the earth, which is Eden for me) – so this time we have triggered the next cycle of mass extinction. The fact that males have been dominating the world at least the past 6000 years has also brought us besides other technologies like nukes… the internet, and for the first time as we know in the history of mankind we are globally connected. This is part of the evolutionary process we ….

      • humptydumpty humptydumpty

        This is a deep subject and there are valid points here. Don't have time now, but I'll just say women bear some responsibility for not controlling their men in ways that promote stewardship and concern for future generations. I'm not blaming, just observing the failings of all humans.

        I remember a women's protest campaign during the Vietnam war called "take back the night" which was quite effective. Since the sex drive is so dominant in men, I think women could use it to be more influential in our society, as they are in some others.

        • Homolumina Homolumina

          I can only agree partially here Humpty… As I see it women are confused and men are not really in their power, which would be based on them being connected to life through initiation. A man connected to life on all levels can never turn against life anymore. Solutions to problems we face as societies would be life affirming. Women think they need to be equals to men, which is bogus, we are different for a reason and when we take our rightful places as equals who are different from each other, taking on different responsibilities, the world would be paradise… Men in order to unfold their potential as co-creators MUST be initiated. Their biology requires it, and it must be done, it does not happen. After an initiation event even the biochemistry, brain structure – all of the man – has transformed. The closest you can get to an initiation nowadays is by going through a near death experience – physically or spiritually. So, instead of more power play – like women denying sex to men – let us, based on understanding our own and each others natures, recreate truth in cooperation and bring back balance to the world…

        • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

          They do, to quite good effect; perhaps better than you realize. Nobody and I mean NOBODY is innocent of anything bad that happens to people on this planet. NOBODY. Except little children. The most minuscule action you take or don't take, is amplified ad infinitum over time.

    • Homolumina Homolumina

      … are going through right now. The Hopi, Inca, Maya and other native people have prophecies that predict the end of the world as we know it and an emergence of a new paradigm, a new world and a new human being. For me this is the evolution from Homo Sapiens to Homo Luminous. Gregg Braden, Rupert Sheldrake and Bruce Lipton are some of the pioneers in this field and a worthwhile read if you want to dig deeper. So much upfront: under certain circumstances the DNA unwinds and starts accumulating photons along its structure so you start glowing from the inside, literally.

      Many of us have believed that the ascension from this dense state into a more light form of being would happen through rising awareness, meditation, cleaning up old baggage, spiritual practices and so on. I now believe that Fukushima will cause this transformation for all life on this planet. Each organic life form must mutate now in order to be able to contain and unitize the high vibration of the radioactive particles. This might take thousands of years of evolution. I am watching, heartbroken, I love this planet, all life so outrageously intense, I am witnessing in agony. And yet, we are just a grain of sand in this vast universe that is on a journey of unfolding, the evolution of spirit in matter….

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        You have some valid points although I'd disagree with any notion that 311 and the nuke-puke way of the world is NOT related to the gender of the parties involved or responsible for what "we" face now thanks to the SUB-SPECIES of humankind responsible for this filthy era we're supposed to feel grateful & remain indebted while suffering through all that's wrong with the world now spinning out of control! It was Hillary Clinton who pounded her gavel as she ordered all things negative about 311/Fukushima and the nuke industry to be stifled to avert the logical sense of panic that the truth would've surely evoked from the apathetic public,the 2 persons heading the EPA and the NRC are women and on a more personal level-it was women & mothers who responded to my Facebook posts with links to ENEnews in late March-early April 2011 with questions they posed me about whether or not there may be consequences arising from their decisions to take their kids & pets out into the rain and mud during what was thought to be the absolute worst possible time to be out in the elements and has since been confirmed to be the case and when they didn't like my replies & advice to curb their daily exposures by adjusting their lifestyles,outdoor activities & diets while keeping a closer eye on their health issues for symptoms that could arise-they got mad,demonized me & "unfriended" me on Facebook??!!(lol!)It wasn't a surprise when my wife's aggressive cancer(s) began in 2012 either :(…

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          p.s.,Even though I've had my fill of "man-hating" comments-mostly from women who chose to wed or breed with men who were wrong for them to begin with,I don't usually even bother responding to or arguing about it unless the comments that inspired me to respond struck a nerve already inflamed. Fukushima/311 IS that nerve for me as I REFUSE to be lumped into ANY category that can be blamed for 311 or anything else wrong with society that I or the guys I associate with caused or are responsible for! I personally do not care what gender a RESPONSIBLE,THINKING person nominated to lead us is as long as they're qualified for the job and have the public's best interest at heart! ~period~ I also USED to think that a female candidate,especially a mother or grandma would be more likely to make better decisions in matters of such massive concern,but my mindset has changed now and I've seen way too many "Lady Barbara Judge's" emerge and be exposed as the big parts of the problems that they are & will be for as long as nuclear continues to exist & generate enough profit$ to "buy" people like her & convince people that their poison is not only "okay",but even good for you!! 🙁 I just hope & pray that someone-ANYONE worth the person they're printed on emerges on behalf of the PEOPLE and acts accordingly,however unlikely that pipe-dream may be??!! Take Care ALL & Have a nice weekend!(if possible) 😉

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Women are nesters and they acquire things for their nests. Men please women by providing things women want. Men protect women and children from harm and/or if they too feel threatened.

        Keep it primal, since we are really only animals.. 🙂

        Women love to shop and men shop out of/for need. Big difference… 🙁

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          Not all women love to shop..obe-wan-speaks!

          The Way it Goes – Gillian Welch – Jools Holland Live 22nd Nov 2011 HQ video

          Dream swell..Enenews…lolol.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Not all men like to protect and/or provide either. 🙁

            When in a mall I see lots of women shopping…few men. Sorry!

            We are all guilty of/for creating what you/we see all around us….promoted taught educated institutionalized mainstream insanity!

            Give me more of everything! Bring it now! Bring more of everything for Bobby and all of his friends!

            Just not more "Spewing Forever Radiation Contamination" …please! 🙂

    • Ontological Ontological

      Hom, Joseph Campbell once said, "Where one would expect to find God, one finds an abomination". I say where one FINDS the Godhood/Godhead, one will find all women there are equal in all ways except for their ability to have children.
      Seem Humans forgot how to respect there woman after the Neanderthal epoch.

      Also another Human genome of 12 strand mtDNA light is HomoGalaxian.

      Nice Cesium ring refraction Sundog in your avatar image btw. Those are showing up all over the Northern Hemisphere..

      • Homolumina Homolumina

        Dear Ontological,

        I would like to add, that not only we find women to be equals once we find God/Love, we find that ALL LIFE is equal, that all life is an expression of the Divine, evolving through form. I do not dispute this. What I say is that men and women being of equal value, but also, that we are different, and that those differences are encoded into our bodies. And those differences rather define in how we do things differently rather than in what we do. To be male means to provide an evolutionary impulse, being female means to determine where evolution goes based on the choices the female makes. Women neither created the power structures that implemented all the destruction around, nor are they in positions to choose. Those few women in power positions are not bringing in their female qualities. In order to make it in the man's world a woman has to develop and execute male qualities – hence the confusion… And – women and men are different in more ways than only in their ability to bear children/create children – all I am saying here is what is encoded in our bodies, I am not stating a personal opinion. Male qualities are for example being aggressive (moving forward), goal oriented, competitive, territorial, hierarchical team builders, willingness to sacrifice themselves for a higher goal; female qualities are for example the ability to integrate, non-hierarchical, process oriented community builders, giving and holding space for a process to unfold etc.

  • Since America has many army installations in Japan can we agree us gov rep Obummer is sponsoring this lunacy? A triple melted out of containment cores. It's not just reactor three. They are advocating letting the cores melt into the pacific for economic reasons. Are you ok with that?

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Hey Mark, if you look at all this from the globalist killer's view, you can know that leaving the US military all over to be killed off slowly over 12 years, as the UN forces in the USA are built up, it will all make it easier to conquer the country from within after they crash the economy. As in the war teachings, the UN bankster mercenary armies lie hidden and continue to build up. One billion hollow point bullets!


    • atomicistheword

      Hey Mark,

      What about all those weapons of mass destruction from Syria their dumping into the sea. The steeple have been distracted!

      All hail the almighty dollar, in God we trust. well for a few more months anyway. The GFC will be like a Disney dream. Although Australia is set to become the clean food provider for the world, now that's the place to invest, as our dollar has been artificially deflated.

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      And what Republican(s) do you know of that are sounding the alarm?

      • We Not They Finally

        He doesn't. He just likes to hear himself talk. If we started calling HIM names, he'd probably get upset.

        Our problems by now are INSTITUTIONALIZED. If we finally again had a "real" Democratic President, it might help. Just not sure that can happen.

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    Video of experts gathering at Unit 3 to assess the situation (sarcasm on)

  • Socrates

    It's fissioning under the containment in unit #3 where the MOX fuel has left the vessel. Water cannot effectively cool it down. So all that Plutonium is escaping into the atmosphere and into the Pacific Ocean.

    Those particles oxidized and make aerosolized or turn into buckyballs that are nano-sized. How long before the wind and ocean currents bring it to the West Coast? Half- lives are many thousands of years.

    Do not eat Pacific Ocean fish unless you want to eat a hot particle in your sushi.

    Are they just going to allow Plutonium to escape into the atmosphere and the ocean?

    Sea foam from surf and tidal action will spread to the winds. Currents and sea life will spread it around. Then we have more Cs-134/137; maybe Iodine-131 spurts with Strontium-90 following.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      None…other than build a spaceship very quickly that holds 7 billion people.

    • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

      Well…we could always host a giant FISH FRY…with all the trimmin's…an invite all the deniers to it. See who turns up.

    • The only fission ongoing in the corium masses is via spontaneous decay in remaining fissile fuel isotopes. Those that decay via fission. That is entirely secondary to the decay heat of all the daughters on down the chains. Many of those daughters are very effective neutron absorbers, so there is no sustained chain reaction.

      These things had NO coolant for six months, TEPCO admitted some weeks ago. Having coolant now is pretty much a shrug. The corium flows went as far as they could until they encountered the water table (groundwater or sea level), and now sit there sputtering crap into that water, which takes it out to sea or back into the aquifer. It will remain thus forever, there is nothing anybody can do about it.

      Kabuki, a show of pretense that it's somehow being 'managed'. It's not. Hopefully they'll get the bulk of spent fuel out of SFP4 before they give up and all go home, but they won't be doing the same at 1, 2 and 3. The world will have to do what can be done to mitigate. Or ignore it and accept the consequences in diminished life on planet earth.

      • Arizonan Arizonan

        JoyB, somehow I missed the TEPCO memo about none of the three reactors having any coolant for six months. Do you still have the link for that? Thanks – it would be very useful.

        • I read about it here, something about the isolation valves that shunted the water (starting with seawater) into the exterior feed lines, into the turbine buildings (and accounting for inability to drain those buildings, to this day). It's been nearly 3 years since the tsunami. They're still flooded. Search function here is slow for me with limited bandwidth. Anybody got the link?

    • SoCal77 SoCal77

      The only idea that I have been able to come up with sounds a bit far fetched, but we have to try something. It involves tunneling under the reactors and the corium, building a cofferdam, pumping out the water, then building a new containment vault directly under the reactor. A large heat exchanger would be installed in the vault and the remainder of the space would be filled with ceramic granules that would also contain neutron absorbers and would be thermally conductive, forming a heat path from the corium to the heat exchanger. I'm not sure if there would be much left in the way of high energy neutrons being emitted from the corium, but they would need to be absorbed to protect the metal of the heat exchanger from damage long term. The perimeter of the site would need to be excavated below ground water and dammed off so no more cooling water could reach the corium. It would then burn thru and fall into the new vault. The top of the reactors would need to be capped with a lot of reinforced concrete. This would be a huge undertaking that would need to be under the direction of an international panel of experts and not TEPCO.

      • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

        That's what I figured too. 🙂 They're gonna do what they said they're gonna do, ice dam and all that, then walk away. Where's the power going to come from to run the massive refrigerator? Why NPP of course! TADA!

      • Arizonan Arizonan

        Yes, we have to try something….I think they need to tunnel under as far as possible (?) to catch the corium/coria? is it possible?? How about a double-walled spherical boron sandwich? The globe could be dug all the way under the plant, and all the way out under the sea where the groundwater is emerging….or at least a little way out into the bay, to completely stop the groundwater above it and below it…SOMETHING should be tried on a MASSIVE scale, paid for by all nations on earth, with no conditions. I just found out that the US is offering to financially help Japan, but only if all US companies are exempted from liability. That is hardly "help." See

        • We Not They Finally

          Hey, guys, this isn't a construction project!! Ever since the start, there are helpful engineers imagining what could be done — oh, except for the part about getting totally fried doing it….

          No one is sending the hard hats underground. Or anywhere for that matter.

    • SS4U SS4U

      Anyone here ever heard of the phrase " arctic vortex " before this unusually harsh winter the US is experiencing ?

      Since when do vortexes for in the arctic.

      Is is possible that the effects of radiation from fuk is altering the weather patterns ? If not just the radiation but the tremendous amount of heat being released into the atmosphere might be enough to create a vortex in the arctic.

      any thoughts ?

      • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

        I think it is part of the global wind patterns.

        There are bands of them on earth, and they mix together.

        I've see alot of the weather from Fuku head almost straight up there this past summer.

        My guess, is the radiation is causing alot of the flooding that we see today, by allowing the air to hold, or super saturate, beyond what would normally occur.

      • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

        I'm old and no I can't remember it being used on weather news. However, that doesn't mean I couldn't have missed it. It appears it was first described in a book The Living Age yr. 1853 Vol. 39 page 430 ch. Air Maps.

        • StPaulScout StPaulScout

          I'm also old, and live in Minnesota, and yes, we have had other damned cold winters before. This is not without precedence. I remember some colder than this, more snow too.

      • Mack Mack

        [1] Fukushima occurred in March 2011

        The radiation blanketed the U.S. —>

        [2] And here are the weather headlines thereafter:

        “April 2011 Tornadoes Break Record For Most Twisters Ever In A Day”

        “Tornadoes in 2011 Set Deadly Records”

        “Hot Summer of 2011 Rewrites Record Books”

        “NOAA: 2011 a year of climate extremes in the United States”

        “Heat Wave 2011: Records Broken Across The U.S.”

        “Record-Breaking Drought Hits U.S.”

        “Record-Breaking Warmth, Precipitation, and Drought Highlight 2011 Weather Extremes”

        [3] They have known since the atomic testing of the 1950’s that radiation affects the weather, and they also know this from studies on what would happen to the environment, etc., in the event of a nuclear war.

  • For any new comers who haven't seen this….proof using EPA data that MANY tens of tons of uranium and plutonium were aerosolized into the atmosphere, and we WERE DOSED.

    • Socrates

      If that much MOX blew into the atmosphere from the reactor core, and much of it – 7% – was Pu, and it aerosolized and was spread over North America to Europe, then Theoretically we will likely die of it. It would take four to forty years for lung cancer. Some would move in the blood stream through macrophages. Some might be excreted, but most would just sit inside an alveolar sac emitting alpha particles against adjacent tissues 24/7/365 times many years. Eventually, damages to stem cells until uncontrollable growth of abnormal daughter cells would form malignancies that would metastasize to other organs.

      In fallout, inhaled particles are the biggest danger. We all saw that detonation traveling faster than the speed of sound making it much more than a hydrogen conflagration. Chunks of Plutonium were found miles away. This sounds like a time – release death sentence. Lung biopsies and autopsies would start being positive for spiculated areas of fibrosis with nodules, some showing abnormal and malignant cells in pulmonary tissues. That would confirm the pathogenesis.

      Stock, what do you think? Meanwhile, the leak continues indefinitely.

      • I think a lot fell out in the ocean, but we were dosed.

        I am not sure if the whole core was MOX or just a percent of the core was MOX. But, agreed, cancer treatment is going to be a very lucrative field.

        The data is clear, between the cores and spent fuel pools of 1, 3, 4 we were dosed heavily as Obummer stated that nothing was coming to the USA. This is criminal at the highest levels.

        EDTA anyone? those Beagles sure didn't like Plutonium in their lungs.

        • Socrates

          EDTA – chelate at least some out. Is Uruguay a good place?

          • (Socrates … not to spread rumors, nor am i a cartologist, but i think i read somewhere if Fuku/China Syndrome are real the corium crew would travel somewhere around Argentina and the east coast of Uruguay :?)

            • zogerke zogerke

              (@chemfood, coriums can go down into earth but they cannot travel up against gravity…others said it bettern'me…)

              • Mark Wonclunker

                I think this "China Syndrome", or as it is now called "Argentina Syndrome", is just silly and detracts from real issues.

                Once a descending corium meets molten magma, it mixes and is lost from the environment, and is no longer relevant.

                In any case I doubt if one would get that far down without dispersing and gelling.

                The issue here at Fukushima is that the coriums, either gelled or still liquid, are washing little-by-little into the Pacific, and are most definitely NOT lost from the environment.

                • artika rama

                  mark wonlucker , Could you explain gelling please ? thanks 🙂

                  • Mark Wonclunker

                    When the corium solidifies. See "elephant's foot" at Chernobyl.

                    I don't know whether "gelling" is an official term. Perhaps "solidification" is more accurate.

                    • artika rama

                      mark wonlucker Thanks thats what i was wondering if its a technical word:)
                      I dont even think they would go that far to mix with magma either. They will probably pick up a lot of contamination/ dirt ,, cool daown irregularly by contact with water etc ,, loose their mass by sticking to rock surfaces ,, will spread irregularly trying to follow the way of least resisatnt spreading and loosing heat mass etc etc too many factors that will prevent them to go that deep imo but i am no expert . i just cant see how it would happen .

                    • Corium is some weird stuff, artika. There are many samples from melts deliberate and accidental over the years. Sometimes it genuinely solidifies (into a solid form of matter), sometimes it doesn't – it simply cools to the point where it's not actively melting what it's in contact with, or moving perceptibly. Like glass. That could be considered sort of a 'gel-state' of matter.

                      One of the flows at Chernobyl encountered water – set off the big steam explosion – and shattered into rock-sized pieces with the consistency of pumice. That is solid. The 'elephant's foot' flow came out the pipe it flowed through, hit the granite, and melted its way 3 meters into it before cooling so it went no further. But it is still technically molten, and that explains the 'spreading' on the surface of the granite over a quarter century+. Could be considered a 'gel'.

                      We don't know the state of any of the flows at Fuku. But they're all still hot as hell (as are Chernobyl's) radiologically speaking. Will be hot as hell for thousands of years.

                • Arizonan Arizonan

                  That is indeed THE issue of our lifetimes.

          • mairs mairs

            Uruguay is good. I have friends who were transferred there for a few years and they enjoyed it. Montevideo.

          • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

            there's been some high readings in southern brazil/uruguay

      • artika rama

        socrates Exacytly , thats why we keep saying that fuku is much worse than chernobyl ,, many people will die but not a sudden death , it will take years and they will cover it up IMO .
        Nobody will be able to prove it in the end . Its a crime against humanity .

      • Matties-Netherlands

        This seems a reasonable assessment. Don't forget the fires in the SFP. If 1% of Tsjernobyl made it to the USA then Europe also got its amount from Fukushima. For me i don't care but i've kids.

        • artika rama

          the thing is radiation has a cumulative effect ,, which means the more you get it the higher the risk of getting sick .
          Yes europe got its share from chernobyl and some are finally beginning to learn their lesson (like germany )but dont forget , radiation from chernobyl is not gone ,, not finished ,, will stay there for thousands of years ,= europe will never be less radioactvie or as radioactive as it used to be pre-chernobyl!!! thats gone forever now !!!. , and fukushima adds to that ,, AND fukushima did not even end yet ,, still spuwing huge amounts of radiation into the atmosphere / ocean .
          We have a tendency to think as if after an accident , after a while, everything turns back to normal but NOT with radiation . After chernobyl the world is a more radioactive planet than it used to be and will NEVER go back to being less radioactive . FUkushima takes it to an even higher level and every nuke accident every nuke test every nuke plant only RAISES that level ,, with ABSOLUTELY NO WAY !!!! OF BRINGING IT DOWN !!!! and THAT s what people need to understand ,, THATs the main differenece of nuclear accidents with other disasters. IT IS IRREVERSIBLE !!!
          VERY important to be able to see that ,, IMO

      • daphne daphne

        There is a finding in X-rays of lungs calle granulated glass opacity. Might this arise from inhaled particles?

        • artika rama

          daphne By whom ? or are you just talking about the phenomenon ? its not clear to me .

        • GOM GOM

          Daphne. I was under the assumption that 'granulated glass opacity' [GGO] was a 'method' of x-ray used to enhance tissues, densities, ect.."Findings in lungs? Please clarify as I am curious.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      "…and it aerosolized and was spread over North America to Europe,…"

      Don't forget, two weeks after that nuk explosion, the obama family made a sudden unexpected trip down to Brazil for about two weeks.

      We hid inside and sealed up for a month.


      • Yep, as the drone king states "let them breath yellow cake!"

      • artika rama

        The aerosolized particles are all over the northern hemisphere and they will stay there for thousands of years causing millions of deaths .
        BUT they will cover it up , just like they did with chernobyl .
        they started saying 'nobody died from fukushima ' already .
        cancer patients dont count , they are just statistics , and if someone happens to find out that cancer is on the rise ,, well than they will find another excuse for it ,, from pollution to diet to sun spots etc etc
        as long as they can keep us busy shopping and watching tv ,like half zombies fighting to get our hands on the latest gadgets , who cares about the cancer patients right ? Thats the sad reality of todays modern society .
        And as long as we are hypnotized with celebrity news and football etc they can get away with anything ,,
        besides fukushima is boring :(,, lets just watch some golden globes best dressed celebrity count down or some other shit ,,

      • Socrates

        You were smart, Brother. Stupid me. I knew in my heart they were liars. I should have followed that gut reaction. I took KI. I should have sheltered. In time, many will go to the great spirit.

        • Ah, Socrates. In time ALL will go to the great spirit. It doesn't matter so much how or when, so long as our time in time is spent doing everything we can to make the world a better place than we found it, or was given to us. There will be a future. Humanity may not get to play a part in it, was always slated by the nature of nature to evolve into whatever comes next. The problem with evolution is that it's cruel – not everybody makes it or gets to contribute. Radiation is actually one of evolution's most powerful tools. It is also among its cruelest.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          He is pretty sharp no doubt… 🙂

      • GOM GOM

        Thanks for the Obama tidbit. Maybe bush gave him the heads up on massive land/water rights purchases in this region. I will dig into it.

      • many moons

        I think the time line was more like….Monday March 15th…reactor 3 blew then by Thursday March 18th Obama was already in Brazil with 50 car loads of his associates.

        Brasil was completely taken by surprise and had no agenda scheduled for this Obama excursion.

        • GOM GOM

          many/James. One only has to watch [and I do] the sneaky behavior patterns of the Obama regime and their colleagues. What they do is a reflection on what is really happening. Case in point: Obama cut short his recent Hawaii vacation by 4 days. Why? Answer: Radiation levels drastically spiked. It IS important to know these facts here as it relates to our being vigilant in all areas.

    • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

      Stock…sorta nice not having socref bitching and complaining about the lack of his U an Pu "signature" that he couldn't find.

      It is amazing how focused his blinders were, and how he refused to turn his head even slightly.

      He must have some mighty strong reins on himself, and he dare not relax his grip for a second, else the whole reason for his profession on earth disappears.

      Must be a hell of a place to be in. I pity the poor fool.

  • Wooster

    The Wooster Scale; The ten stages of an extinction level event:

    1) Denial that the event might ever happen
    2) Denial that the event actually happened
    3) Denial of cause and effect relating to the event
    4) Denial that the event might be worse than it appears
    5) Denial of culpability for the event
    6) Acceptance that a limited event happened
    7) Acceptance the event worse than anticipated
    8) Acceptance that the event is very serious
    9) Acceptance that the event is a threat to life on Earth
    10) Acceptance of guilt for the event and for ending life on earth

    After three years of Tepco and JGOV denials I reckon that we are at about stage six on the Wooster Scale for Fukushima.

    • invisible ELEphant in the room

      I'm at stage 10. I've had a fairly fulfilling life so I'm comfortable with death on a personal level.

      In terms of humanity as a whole, I can't see any hope for the future so I'm fine with extinction.

      • artika rama

        invisible elphant We seem to disagree again invisible e. Thats a very selfish way of life . "When i die , the rest of you can go to hell "is not a philosophy to live by ,, i hope you can find some way have some empathy for the other human beings and all life on this panet . I guess you dont have kids ?

        • Donald Shimoda Donald Shimoda

          Can I chime in here with what I'm seeing? (Why even ask if I'm just going to barge ahead and post without waiting for an answer.)

          I see invisible ELEphant in the room's response being one of acceptance and not condemnation.

          The "when I die, the rest of you can go to hell" philosophy seems to belong to the "powers that be" that created this hell on Earth.

          Accepting this as an ELE is something all of us must face and perhaps wrestle with in our hearts and minds.

          Some don't see ELE as an end result of Fuku.

          Some think we should try to ask or demand that those in power do something about this.

          Some want to claw and scrape and fight until the last human takes their last breath.

          I had high hopes for humanity but it will turn out that this is what we did to ourselves.

          Most of us didn't ask for, or expect this. We are good people.

          I accept this.

          May we all enjoy all the happiness we can find. We can still do and be good to one another.

          • artika rama

            shimoda maybe its just me , but I cant comprehend the good people who are fine with the extinction of the whole human race , whoever is causing it . To me its just wrong . ANyone who cares for anyone cannot be fine with that in my opinion .

            • Donald Shimoda Donald Shimoda

              artika, I think you are not alone in your opinion(s).

              And I am not alone either.

              For me, accepting what is, is not the same as being fine with it. It will do me no good to fight against what is when it is clear I will not change the end result. The die has been cast. (A sad pun in this context.)

              That does not mean I'm just going to lay down and hope for death. I'm focusing on the things I can control and trying to make the most out of my life.

              • GOM GOM

                The Sociopath has no conscience. Therefore death, destruction, ect..has no meaning. Recently I have been reading up on this. Most of the elites fall into this category. Check out this stuff. You will be sickened by their behavior and understand better why Obama, although he has children in danger [radiation] acts as though nothing is wrong [Fukushima]. Does this make sense? I am just starting to learn this and don't know if I conveyed this properly.

                • Donald Shimoda Donald Shimoda


                  Yes, sounds true from what I am understanding.

                  The sociopaths without conscience have led us down this path while they've gained with power and money. Money and power at the expense of all of humanity.

                  • SS4U SS4U

                    and guess what ?
                    they suffer alongside everyone else.

                    the great equalizer will see to that.

                    for all their greed and reckless indifference to their fellow living creature, in the end they get the same size coffin as those they destroyed.

                    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

                      That's assuming they were exposed as we were. Don't bet on it. Didn't Obama and his entire family go to Brazil for no real good reason the week the plume was expected over the US? Also, they have the best medical care. Today, with 1% owning well over 50% of the world wealth, there is no such thing as equal. Hell they might as well be from another galaxy…. maybe they are. 😮

                  • artika rama

                    daonald well said ,, unfortunately those sociopaths seem to be in power in most countries ,, 🙁

                • artika rama

                  GOM :)) lol , you wouldnt believe this but EVEN , ON THIS SITE ,, now,,, i am even having a discussion whether its OKE to justify someone, suggesting a NUKE ATTACK !!! , and people are even defending it ;0 by saying we are emotional and we can get angry etc etc .. A NUKE ATTACK ;)))
                  No matter how REAL you get ,, how emotional you get ,, no matter how pissed off , angry ,, mad you get ,, there is NO WAY ,,NO REASON ,, NO EXCUSE to even remotely suggest that ,,PERIOD !!!
                  Come on people ,, this is lesson one, chapter one, paragraf one of the book of HUMANITY ,, You should know that ,,,

                • Horse Horse

                  Have you read Political Ponerology:

                  pdf preview of the book:

                  'snakes in suits' is another good book on the subject.

              • artika rama

                shimoda Accepting it or not accepting it is one thing ,, being fine with it is something else isnt it . If there is an extinction level event , i would have to accept it ,, doesnt mean i would be fine with it .
                Its not about how you would "act" upon it either . its a moral issue .

                Does it bother you that humanity will go extinct or not ? ,, whoever or whatever is causing it ?
                I hope the answer is YES it does bother me and i am NOT fine with it .

                otherwise something is seriously wrong IMO , isnt it ?

                • Donald Shimoda Donald Shimoda


                  I am incredibly saddenned that humanity has gone the way of exstinction and planetcide instead of an uplifting path of love and growth.

                  Perhaps this reaches the threshold of being bothered?

                  I have learned that I am not in control of how others feel. I don't like that others sit idly and/or cheer on senseless death and destruction but I can't change it. (I've learned through my own past efforts I just wind up with a bloody forehead by continually banging my head against the wall.)

                  So I have (imperfectly) learned acceptance for what is. That's what helps me.

                  I see a multitude of responses to a complex issue (Thanks ss.minnow) and I probably do judge some others by where I think their heads and hearts should be. So I think I can understand some of your frustration on this topic.

            • tsfw tsfw

              Artika I'll try to answer your question because I've had the same fleeting thoughts, but am also a good person. It might be hard to believe but it IS empathy that gets me to that point. When I start to think about the pain that man inflicts on each other, on the animals and on the planet, I think we deserve this and the planet would be better off without us. It isn't because I am unfeeling or cold or have a hatred toward fellow human beings- it's completely the opposite of that. It's moments of true depression or anger or hopelessness that my mind goes there. And then I go back to thinking about my babies, my beautiful 20 year old babies who want to have babies. One day I'll be angry, the next hopeful, the next sad. I think sometimes people also use this forum to vent, I know I have. It's understandable considering there is nobody else most of us can talk about this with and it not be met with looks of 'you're off you're rocker aren't you." I think that often times, when people say things that seem insensitive, they are really showing how upsetting this all is to them their own way in the moment. This might sound corny, but maybe the site could benefit from a forum where people can go if they're feeling volatile or edgy to talk it out. It might help this side of the site as well by keeping it focused on information. Just a thought. I hope any of that made sense to you. I can't speak for others, but that's my take on it. I'm going swimming while I'm…

              • tsfw tsfw

                ….while I'm in denial phase

              • artika rama

                tsfw Lets say i am a serial killer and i come to this forum to VENT i start telling how i chopped your daughter in pieces ,, is that oke ? because i am venting?

                • tsfw tsfw

                  No because then it would be off topic :p

                  I just saw your comment to GOM and I in no way at least knowingly was defending someone suggesting a nuke attack? No no no no I am not defending something like that! I was speaking for myself and for things I've said like " we deserve what we're getting." I didn't realize that you were speaking about one person's comment in particular, but rather comments in general similar to mine. In no way do I condone such lunacy!

              • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

                i have a 20 year old baby too and i lost a 21 year old baby. it's too painful to think about how she might not get to have babies. she is on the west coast and we've been apart 4 years. i am thinking of joining her there because i don't feel much safer where i live now and i get the feeling there's not a whole lot of time left. i don't like that feeling. my body feels the earth's toxins way before other people's.

                • artika rama

                  digitalaardvarks Most of us here feel the same digital . most of us are here because we care . I dont know if moving to another location is the correct choice. Its difficult to say how much radiation is at which location.
                  Most experts are saying this year we will start seeing obvious increases in radioactivity because they say there is a plume thats going to hit the west coast . Nobody knows when , or how much etc . i think best is to try to keep calm and follow the froum here .
                  FUkushima is not an acute disaster . meaning its not a drastical change that you would "experience "it s a slow developing , long time event .
                  For the time being i think the best option is just wait and see how it will go . Keep informed .
                  as long as you keep an eye on enenews you will be informed no doubt about it .
                  take good care

                • digital, I love the way you say "21 year old baby." They'll always be our babies, eh? I lost a son at 21. His son lives with us, is now 23 and he's still 'the baby' too.

                  At the same time, losing him at such a relatively young age made me have to evaluate life and death on planet earth more seriously than before. Some people live long in years, some don't get much time at all. How do we view their lives… a waste, or time well spent? I realized my son had seen more, done more, experienced more in his short-ish lifetime than many people see, do or experience in a hundred years. We will all die, sure as we're born. And don't often get to know when the end will come. Made me see the Most Precious Commodity isn't life itself, but the time we get to spend being alive.

                  …and only for what we might accomplish in the time we have. The dead are not sorrowful for having lived. Grief is for those of us still here. For being deprived of the one we love, though we are never really deprived. Just a temporary separation, a veil of illusion.

                  Go where your heart leads you, and keep on doing what you can do for the ones you love. And as many as can be drawn into that circle as possible. That is your gift.

                • tsfw tsfw

                  Digital I am so very sorry for your loss and pain, my heart goes out to you. You experienced every parents nightmare and I wish that had not happened to you and your family. My babies are also on the west coast, without a concern in the world about radiation and I too am on the west coast only further south. If you find a way to convince yours, please let me know how you did it! Hugs to you!

        • ss.minnow

          That is one complex issue full of emotions. I cannot come up with a merciful way for all life forms to be satisfied with their existance . Who's to bless and who's to blame? Do I feel I'm more deserving then others, Or that my pain is greater then yours. Were all just passing through,but multitudes live in misery. Empathy is my guide, yet I can be the opposite.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    People said it would happen .. I saw it on this site, a few of the smart posters told what to expect from this nuclear disaster, and they were right on the mark.

  • Thanks y'all for posting on Enenews. I laugh. I cry. It's better than the Golden Globes and happens every day and night!

    For those just new here, or frustrated in the shadows here are flyers to ALERT the People to Fukushima. Use these simple downloads, designed to be anonymous and widely distributed for maximum impact

    they were uploaded 12-21-2013.

    PDF downloads so far = 4,041
    JPEG downloads for social media = 115

    Not terrible numbers, but all who find themselves here please share more and more and more. At least the People must know.

    Fukushima is broken. Tell the People.

    • KidIcarus KidIcarus

      God bless ya, chemfood, keep doing what you're doing!

      • a pleasure, Kidlcarus. Aloha you, too.

        if this gentleman can speak in front of a crowd, surely the more shy of us can find a billboard/facebook click to share Fukushima and it's west coast arrival around the world as much as possible

        ☢ Perils of Fukushima ☢ News A Wake-up Call From Dr. Stephen Hosea

        To All, encourage each other A LOT MORE to alert the People.


    • artika rama

      chemfood Definitely more informative than the golden globes chemfood , thanks to people like yourself 😉

    • Sol Man

      Thank you! Thank you, chemfood!
      Thank you, for being here
      and doing what you can to get the word out!

      • weeman

        Chenfood thanks for being a human being, you are a inspiration.

        • just another monkey99 on duty.
          may we rise as the 100th

          Thanks to All YOU at Enenews. If it weren't for you a whole lot of People would not know dark nuclear truths.

          To All who come here, thanks for putting on your boots!!

  • weegokiburi weegokiburi

    Notwithstanding todays news/eventual admission
    Some to cheer everyone up…not
    Can you believe that TEPCo still talk about earnings of 57 billion yen in FY2013.
    That's about that's 570 million dollars
    business as usual then.

  • weegokiburi weegokiburi
    Sorry forgot link

  • Angela_R

    The plant under discussion here is Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, not to be confused with Daini which is also located at Fukushima, about 12 kilometers south of Daiichi.

    A report issued yesterday gives the latest details on DAINI. Daini has four nuclear reactors and also suffered from the tsunami, however it appears to have fared better.

    • jec jec

      Bet the paperwork was filed by TEPCO! Anyone tour the plant from the NRC, any journalist see the actual plant?Nope? GEE..wonder why?
      PSSSSS….That is the plant that webcams showed having fireworks in the distance from Daiichi (Fukushima 1) before Mr.TEPCOman moved the webcam.

      • Angela_R

        jec I did come across some photos of Daini taken in late March 2011, cannot though remember where, but the damage appeared to be nothing like Daiichi. Check out All four reactors are in cold shutdown.

        Tepco's site is very informative re Daiichi and has up to date information on the progress towards decommissioning.

        • 富岡_Blue_Heron 富岡_Blue_Heron

          Tepco's "information" has been PR spin to designed to put lipstick a pig – from "evaporating rainwater" to "dusty" extracted fuel assemblies. More power to the people attempting to mitigate the progress and effects of this disaster, but let's get real here. The rest of the world seems to believe that there is something seriously wrong with tepco (and others) Polyanna demeanor.

          • Angela_R

            BlueHeron, it is correct to refute what is wrong in their statements.

            Are you telling me that the four reactors at the Daini Nuclear Plant are not in cold shut down?

            Or that they are not in the process of decommissioning the four reactors units at Fukushima?

            There are nonsense statements out there, but are the above that I have cited, incorrect?

            If the truth is told and not believed, then the danger is that those raising truths later, are not listened to. It happens on both sides.

  • dosdos dosdos

    The word is sieve. Containment is a myth, just like decontamination.

  • Metapy

    Here is a article that was on the news this am. There is no mention of radiation or the dangers of radiation. I hope that those who surf, have been informed of the dangers of radiation. The waves will be very inviting to many.

    • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

      Surfers are a strange crew. They have overcome the fear of sharks and have little fear of anything else (except non-locals on their wave).

  • bluetick

    come on .. all I see is water, could just be some rain water story here, everything is under control, please move on..or at least this is how the govt sees it….

  • Nick


    No way to fight what you can't see.

    The world does not see Fukushima.

    Tasteless (except for that metal tang).

    The world has no taste for Fukushima.


    The world doesn't smell Fukushima.

    The planet is faced with an event on a scale unimaginable, yet we still believe terror is the evil.

    Why spend billions and trillions on phantom wars? The war on drugs. The war on terror. The war against others. Etc.

    Every dime of every country should be spent on huge domes with filtered air and water.

    We needed to start building these domes years ago.

    Soon it will be too late.

  • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

    "it’s broken… there’s really no containment” at Fukushima Reactor 3"

    Words pryed out of the mouth of a nuke engineer.

    But Hey…it only took him 3 years to utter them.

    No doubt, he is not only blind, but can't see as well.

    Most everyone here KNEW the day it blew.

    Please correct me if I am wrong. Anyone?

  • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

    So my Avatar this morning is JACK.

    Kin to Jill (and Dimples and Bumpy and Scabby)

    Product of Fukushima (I would guess)

    Quite a bit different from Jill, but still spouting a "Fukushima Nose".

    The genetics of this mutation are of a slightly different type from Jill. A bit more severe in my mind.

  • Nick

    Hydrogen explosion.

    Cold Shutdown.


    2020 Olympics.

    Only sad people get radiation sickness.

    The vast Pacific ocean will dilute the toxins, rendering them safe.

    The tsunami did it.

    All lies.

    The fantasy of nuclear is a sobering reality.

    • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt


      I was just thinking of the H2 explosion this morning.
      If I have this correct, hydrogen is sorta like acetylene, where it is flammable BUT is not explosive without being mixed with oxygen.

      Just like the welding torch…if you shut off the O2 first (like you should do)…then you only have a flame. BUT, if you try and turn off the acetylene first…the mixture will reach a certain point of % acetylene vs % oxygen and explode, or POP.

      I'll try to find the video clip of the Hindenburg Zeppelin's "explosion". That was H2, and was much more fire than explosion.

      • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

        Ahhh…here it is.

        Notice that it did not go BANG!

        All flame. No explosion.

        The explosion MUST have been something else.

        • StPaulScout StPaulScout

          Hydrogen doesn't burn explosively. Arnie ran a little experiment showing that it is when hydrogen, at a high enough purity level, contacts/mixes with oxygen, then we bet BOOM!

          • Hydrogen is always produced in abundance by melting reactors. At TMI2 there was plenty of hydrogen as dissolved (pressurized) gas in the coolant system, which got vented to atmosphere from the back end of the aux building via the vent gas headers (full-open) on the letdown lines. But a whole heckuva lot of it went out with the steam and crap gases from the open pressurizer relief valve to the containment atmosphere. Where it met and mixed with the plentiful (enough) oxygen of breathable air.

            There were three deflagrations of the containment atmosphere, each one registering as 5 or more psig in a space 'normally' kept at a negative 3 psig to contain the biggest steam explosions they cared to engineer for. The biggest, right at 16 hours into the accident, pegged the gages at 32+ psig. The chaos that occurs when you blow a hole in an airliner at 30,000 feet is 3 psig. So imagine from there.

            The containment held, the reactor and primary piping held. That's semi-miraculous, actually. Had it blown straight up from the reactor (or beneath it in the water) via corium flash-radiolysis of water, you'd have gotten a detonation (like Fuku3). The containment would not have held.

      • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

        I believe the difference is that oxygen was allowed to mix with the hydrogen for a period of time, in the wet well suppression pool and into the building via venting before ignition. The Hindenburg's skin burned and ignited the hydrogen when oxygen was also present. In effect there was no time for significant mixing before combustion.

        • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

          SykeWar…but they were venting the pressure build up out. That would also vent out any O2. What am I missing here?

          • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

            Sorry wasn't clear. Hydrogen escaped through the gap in the lid due to internal pressure and through operator controlled venting which I believe is somewhat scrubbed through internal apparatus, which may have been damaged (thus leaked), before leading outside. In any case, the hydrogen had a lot of time to mix with the oxygen in the building's air before combustion.

            • Actually, they had no vent capability, as that is entirely dependent on supplied power (grid) since the last 'upgrade' they installed to fix the last faulty venting systems. The containment 'cap' is something known to leak in high pressure situations. In fact, they could never get the Mark I's to full test pressure because the cap bolts failed every time before that level.

              The explosions happened before the SFPs could have drained enough to burn the zirc (those fires happened after). Unless the pools were completely breached, and they weren't or there would have been more fires than we saw. The hydrogen came from the containments, released via the caps (in 1 & 3) to the refueling floors. And ignited when the corium met water down below. 2 & 4 were different event sequences. All in all telling us everything we need to know about GE's BWRs. Which are even more dangerous than TMI2's shiny new PWR was. There's no good excuse for any of them to exist.

              • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

                Hell of a way to boil water.

              • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

                JoyB…thank you…that sounds totally logical. I believe they went up to some of the reactors and physically cut the vent opngs in with a PortaSaw.

                Hell of a way to modify a rector.

                • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

                  But I'm still not done with this H2 explosion issue/rant.

                  This facility is normally negitive…just like most clean room fabs.

                  Power/control outage/damage would lead to zero pressure differential, from loss of HVAC control. Reactor Steaming would increase pressure if pressure wasn't backed off manually somehow. Open big doors? This is venting out…not in. After steam stops…the pressure may drop off…if the fuel rods have not already burnt up. May back vent in by way of HVAC air intakes.

                  I get the steam…lot of it.

                  I get the H2…lots of it.

                  No doubt radiation…lots of it.

                  I get the heat…lots of it.

                  I just don't see the O2 input, that gives the H2 the explosive potential.

                  Especially the potential to do that kind of Severe Structural Damage that happened at #4.

                  Constant venting should lower the %O2.

                  I'm not sure they ever did the N2 injection that they were talking about…or figured how to inject it in the first place, but that could've helped.

                  I would expect that the suppression pool ring is filled with something other than combustable air…but then again they used the zirc cladding on the fuel, so who knows what these obvoiusly MAD scientists were doing.

                  Isn't there a clause in the Constitution about MAD Scientists? I know they have the president covered…

    • SS4U SS4U

      remember when they tried to float the " decommissioned " BS ?

  • Socrates

    The Cs-137 sticks around for 300 years before it is gone. But if the German Model is correct, we face 150 years of Strontium-90 in chalky form. Exactly how that is vectored is something to research. The particles showered us. Many were Cs-134/137. Much devotion by precipitation and onto water and food crops. Iodine-131 levels are dropping down. If your thyroid is intact, you are OK, unless you were a fetus at the time. Then there are aerosols of U and Pu which are oxides that transport. The there were clouds of Xenon and finally buckballs of Fullerines and endo-fuller endo-fuller with Uranium atoms.

    There are many bullets to dodge. Much of this will take an internal route of ingestion. Many laughter products like the Sulphur-35 you could actually taste.

    "Just like eating a banana," they say. Peak Cs-137 on West Coast in about eight years from now. Peak Srontium-90 in about ten, then continuing downward until 150 years.

    Any earthquake could suddenly cause renewed cycle. Hydro volcanic explosions or dumping of spent fuel pool contents with zirconium fires.

    Am I missing anything? It could go critical.

      • deaddolphins simonhhh

        Only to say Socrates…I will have no choice but to take my family to Uruguay it seems and get out of harms way…I try and tell as many people I know…but unless you're "switched on" you don't hear the message…normalcy bias. denial etc

  • Sol Man

    When peoples' bones dissolve how will they sign the bribe checks and write the OTC CDO deals?

  • OT – GE Nuclear division pays a paltry $2.7Million to hush regulators over the lies it made about a steam dryer in their "Economic Simplified Boiling-Water Reactor" design.
    The government alleged GE Hitachi concealed known flaws in its steam dryer analysis and falsely represented that it had properly analyzed the dryer in accordance with applicable standards.

    • humptydumpty humptydumpty

      That's all they have to pay? …and that's the only "flaw"? What a joke! Trying to make it look like the Justice Dept is holding GE accountable (for some esoteric bug), while it misses the gigantic major issues. How can it be, that the catastrophic failures of multiple units in Japan that are doing irreparable harm to all of us, somehow do not demonstrate to our government that THE ENTIRE GE MARK 1 NPP design could not possibly meet any sane person's "applicable standards." There are no words strong enough to condemn this administration for their disgusting conspiracy protecting the nuke industry.

  • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt


    To me the biggest threat is if a Carrington Effect took place that would finish off the rest of the worlds nuke plants…sorta what like happened in the 1800's when the last major one happened.

    We were lucky we had no nuke plants back then, because we would not be talking about this today if we did.

    • weeman

      For the price of one B-1 bomber the USA could resolve that particular problem, please apply the tolerability of risk to this factor and fix this senecio, immediately and while you are at it empty the SFP across the land and put the fuel assemblies in to dry caskets.

  • belle

    Galen Winsor exposes the fraud of the nuclear industry. It's about control for energy and control of our lives. Please listen to his videos.

  • plumloko

    What is the point of pouring water on these reactors?
    Is there anything left that needs to be cooled?
    Seems to me that its just making things worse.

    • artika rama

      plumloko Just to keep that "image "of cores still being in the reactors.. its a show

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      Until they get pictures, they have no choice. The corium should be contained based on assumptions but again, till they take pics, who really knows?

  • Nick


    TEPCO has no clue what else to do.

    Think Mickey Mouse and the Sorcerer's Apprentice.

    The gamma haze grows.

    Much of the cores have "dusted" into nano-particles and are drifting as we speak on the wind.

    You have breathed them in. So have I.

    Welcome to hell folks.


      it was a policy decision, plumloco, from day one. It was decided that burning reactor buildings would be far more difficult to hide, than quietly poisoning the ocean with radioactive effluents. As the science of controlling renegade reactor cores has not caught-up with the reality of real-world physics, that choice only put-off the inevitable…

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Blaming tepco is like blaming the airline pilot (in order to hide a design flaw) .. please stay mindful of this, as it only serves to keep nuclear thriving.

  • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

    This is why I say a while ago, in a way, fukushima is a distraction from all the other toxic atrocities we face (west virginia spill, etc.)

    • Fukushima's a damned good excuse to start meeting these atrocities full-front and unforgiving, as quickly as possible, and send some criminals to jail. AFTER we've confiscated all their money and used it to help their victims. That doesn't happen anymore, does it? Did it ever?

      It's all atrocious. Everybody's got to start somewhere holding 'em responsible. Fukushima isn't something we can do much about. But if it makes us aware – and angry enough – we can translate it right here at home to the rest of the cockroaches.

      • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

        Absolutely. It should be used as a "call to arms". Anger is good, but we need a plan and the determination to carry it out to the end. For this we could take a page of the Nazi Hunter book. But the plan must include that the response from the other side will be hell on earth. Because once started, there's no going back. And with each passing day we're getting weaker, physically, intellectually and economically. Quite a conundrum.

        • We are not weaker, we've less power of money. But think about that. Once they've got it all (the fantasy they invented of whole cloth – or trees – in the first place) and we have none, the numbers and the real power remain as they've always been. There are more of us than them. Our anger is the ONLY thing they're afraid of, and the true power of our being. We can insist. They won't like it, but we can do it if we choose to. I'd actually like to watch them eat all that worthless paper. Hope they choke on it.